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32de8 No.660

Does anyone remember this old black and white birth video of a hippy in a hammock, used to have it downloaded then was lost in a purge. Now it seems it's not on YT anymore (only the pre-birth interview bit is findable). Gutted, me and this video go way back, can anyone find a mirror / dl link for it. It's for the good of a birth video classic!

db001 No.661

Definitely a shame that YouTube took it down. I have the video downloaded and I also have it on DVD.

You can purchase the DVD yourself here: http://www.documentaryworld.com/givingbirth.html

If anyone else has it and is more tech-savvy than I am please upload it as I agree it's a classic!

db001 No.678


I attempted to do just that except it said that the file exceeded the file size limit. The file is only 13.8MB and is an .flv file.

4a53c No.679

4a53c No.680

34c7f No.682

That site was giving malware. >:(

1dfa6 No.683

I didn't even know. Why are you not using adblock?

57b80 No.735

Is this the video you were looking for?

ddc3c No.6508

sorry to necrobump this, but this video has been terminated throughout youtube and it cannot be found.

any reuploads?

5fbc9 No.6603

I think this is it. Found it on accident.


e6c85 No.6608


youve been blessed! :D Thanks!

5fbc9 No.6632


You're welcome!

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