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File: 1500936964365.jpg (1.28 MB, 2560x1920, 1500003736902.jpg)

0c169 No.6609[Last 50 Posts]

She has returned with "an occupied uterus".

c49ea No.6610

Probably a stupid question to ask but here goes….. Who is she?

0c169 No.6611

File: 1500937651120.gif (263.25 KB, 320x240, 1498667330140.gif)

She was a girl from bbw-chan who was pregnant with twins.

c49ea No.6612

Really? I can't see it on there….

633ca No.6624


It would've been years ago now, so wouldn't be surprised if the posts are long gone.

TheBug was pregnant, with a pregnancy fetish, posted a lot of pictures and videos of herself. Because people are dicks, there were many running arguments about pirating her stuff (with the same arguments that are bandied about WRT artists with paid content). To my mind, TheBug was good natured and gave the community more than it deserved. While her work wasn't exactly my cup of tea, I still think she's one of the stars of our little corner of the internet.

edf0c No.6627

does anyone have a collection of her videos from the past? i would like to see a good collection of them.

b97c2 No.6628

0b122 No.6636

File: 1501278040907.jpg (33.77 KB, 600x327, dis_gon_be_good.jpg)

She just confirmed she's having twins again

3e5fa No.6637

dude stop being a fucking pirate. Either that or get scurvy and get the fuck out.

b104b No.6638

shes so fertile thats she having twins AGAIN? Holy shit.

6307d No.6639

i like using c4s better now, site functions much better


so fertile it only took one cycle of no birth control to have twins again. ;)

the worst part is since i have a pregnancy fetish and I come around the usual preg forums and sites to find new models to support and drawing references I'm bound to see the links so posting links to my stolen stuff is basically damning it to be taken down.

BUT plus side, I'm going to be posting free photos this time and if my content sells well enough I'll release some belly baring vlogs and a free video or two.

SO YEAH, two sets of twins in 3 years before 25. This will be interesting.

d4f2a No.6640

You should really think about becoming a professional surrogate in a state that lets you be paid mucho dinero for it.

I mean, think about it. Four babies in your youth; you'd already doing better than the 1.5-3 of the average family. Left to your own devices you'd probably be like one of those old fashioned Little Mamas firing out a dozen by 40.

You're tried and tested and proven. Some states and locales only demand you already be proven to be able to bring your own kids to term to prove body integrity. You've done that twice over and now again.

'Professional surrogate' as a career might be fun, if only as supplementary income.

e90dd No.6641

Bug, your content is amazing.
Damn the people cheating you out of some hard-earned money, it's worth the price.

b104b No.6643

Looking forward to your third pregnancy, hopefully it'll be triplets ;)

0c169 No.6654

Bug, have you ever thought about doing SFW pregnancy vlogs on YouTube?

e5492 No.6661

File: 1501565771667.jpg (40.75 KB, 540x540, unf.jpg)

What did humanity do to deserve thebug?

Also having twins again is top unf.

6fb57 No.6663


holy shit, you have a pregnancy fetish? what is it about being pregnant that appeals to you in that way, like the size and shape, or the way other people react to you or?

6307d No.6664

File: 1501608052616.jpg (45.93 KB, 640x480, 137304992216.jpg)

surrogacy just is not my thing. too attached to my crotch fruit.

i try to keep my content off sites like youtube because i dont want my work or sex life mixing with my parenting life.


im not sure i just feel more attractive this way (sans the larger bust) and i find pregnant people really cute and attractive. Also breeding is just hot and idk why?

anyway, heres a shot of the last round so we all know what to expect!

b794c No.6666

Any chance you'll do a full bikini shot?

2592d No.6668


Are you saying you don't like the fact your breasts get bigger?

67a42 No.6670

sans = minus
as in "I'm not sure pregnancy makes me feel more attractive, excluding the larger bust"

6307d No.6671

Ofc, i have so many cute outfits now.

I hate having breasts. Not a fan.

b794c No.6672

Will you be showing them off or some at least also where might i find vids of you for free and any chance you could do a fake labor vid and make it look real

67a42 No.6673

RIP spine

f0757 No.6674

Glad to see TheBug back in the saddle. All the best and hopefully she's willing to source video ideas from this and the BBWchan thread

9b5e7 No.6675

I look forward to your next round of videos, Bug! Supporting you by paying is the least this board can do for what amazing content you put out. And hory shit, TWINS AGAIN? You are truly a legend.

9b5e7 No.6676


If you want to make more videos, of course.

b794c No.6678

Free stuff is better

550ef No.6679


Except free doesn't pay the bills.

b794c No.6687

I imagine having 4 kids isnt helping your wallet at all.

e5492 No.6688

Thebug do you think you'll go for c-section again or natural birth?

9b5e7 No.6689

It's really dangerous to have a natural birth after you've previously had a c-section.

e5492 No.6690


I heard such but I also heard women who tried it with no problem.

6307d No.6700

its not *that* dangerous as long as your doctor OKs it and you show no sign of a weak scar or what have you in the case of placenta abruption. Frankly having a bunch of repeat c-sections is also unsafe. Gunna try for a natural but if they are breech, surgery it is.

e5492 No.6701


That's my bug!

bcf09 No.6702

Sending you good vibes for when that day comes! ^_^

b794c No.6703

The babies might come out conjointed just saying shit happens

48d9c No.6704


that is not at all how it works

a953c No.6705

Grapha pls go

b794c No.6708

Who's Grapha? Dude don't assume I'm some person you know.

6307d No.6709

I've seen em. Totally separate feti.

b83fb No.6725

Hey bug! Congrats on the kiddos
Where will you be posting stuff? I wanna make sure to follow you along as you get huge

f9bd5 No.6726

Woah, nice. We have someone who's basically a pregnancy fetish celebrity here.
Thebug, hopefully everyone's reactions don't make you *too* self-conscious, but it's good to see you interacting with us during this miraculous time of your life.
Honestly, I only *wish* I could've gotten a woman that pregnant before *I* turned 25 XD
Anyway, lots of well-wishes!

294c3 No.6727

File: 1501923784970.png (76.78 KB, 1926x168, IMG_0546.PNG)

2f014 No.6728


i can understand where shes coming from, but it sucks that the internet is a double-edge sword in this scenario.

308bb No.6729


same thing but anyone who wants to charge for stuff online should realize unless they DRM it up the ass or something there is always going to be a section of people who will just pay for it once and then give it away to others.

c974d No.6730


You're not wrong. But that doesn't mean we should encourage it. And it certainly doesn't mean we shouldn't support our content creators.

e5492 No.6731

Bug are you going to be ok raising 4 babbus all by yourself?

0c169 No.6733

Assuming she's all by herself.

463fe No.6734

I mean like yeah i know its going to happen, its a reality. Doesnt mean it isnt any less annoying or the people doing it and trying to justify it aren't any less gross.

Im in a relationship with someone ive been close to for ten years, not at all alone this time.

e5492 No.6735


Oh that's really sweet!

If it's ok to ask, if your partner is a man, is he the father of these babies?

bdcba No.6736

So, you were with the "bad boy", got pregnant by him with your first set of twins, realized he was an asshole, then decided to settle for the beta. Hypergamy, much? :)

ed530 No.6737


You sound like an asshole too, except you're not going to get laid.

Were your previous reins fraternal or identical? Same for the current ones.

1f911 No.6738

File: 1502039457701.jpg (1.31 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_20170804_143119.jpg)

No i had a few casual sexual partners as art students and young people who misunderstand polyamory do, got pregnant by a nice enough kid who didnt want kids, at that point it was still in the air who the dad was and a different sexual partner decided to raise them with me. Unfortunately he was an abusive pos, but ironically he wasnt even a beta so like, lol.

And now i am with a very respectful, kind and dominate man who shares every single kink i have and who finds being a father to my existing children a privilege as he wanted to be their dad from the start but abusive pos got in the way. It all sounds very soap opera esq i know but all that matters is we are best friends and also this new litter was possibly made during a noncon scene in a filthy alley or while i was being choked and crying and i couldnt be happier ❤❤❤❤

67a42 No.6740

>>6738 And that, boys and girls, is why you always want to take the time to get to know your partners, poly or mono, before letting them move into your life in any serious capacity. It might sound sick, but there are men out there who'd promise a single mother to be a father figure purely for his own mental and financial benefit. It happened to my co-worker last December.

hope it works out with your man friend bug!

b4564 No.6741

I'm super happy for you. Good luck with raising the kids!

29767 No.6744

File: 1502085890471.gif (1.88 MB, 350x311, pregnancy_belly[1].gif)

Sounds like you got a good thing going. Hope you have a lot of fun and just a little more stability with your new boyfriend! And, I hope he supports your decision to put your pregnancy out there for the world to see.

I'm dating someone who's working on building a career as a dominatrix, and her ex was disinterested in her ambitions, to say the least. I'm just proud she's making money doing something she really wants to do. Also, cheers for kinky partners!

If it's not too much, your progress picture here has given me an idea, a little art project perhaps.

67a42 No.6760

oh shit… I just thought of something. This is her second pregnancy… after carrying multiples and having a C-section… and now she's having multiples again.

Her strong abdominal muscles from her fist pregnancy, which made her giant tummy high up and compact, have probably gone "screw this, I give up" after all that extreme treatment. Her tummy's going to be super low and pronounced. She's gonna be the biggest, sexiest women in internet preg cam history, since I somehow doubt any woman before her had the persistence and luck to carry multiples twice in a row and stay online for the second litter.

@TheBug I hope you don't hesitate to share every angle with the community, even if it's 100% behind clips4sale. Your body is about to be in a uniquely sexy situation, and I hope you let us see everything possible. (within your own personal boundaries of course)

bdcba No.6764


The one known as SpookyDice had twins and then triplets which degraded to twins back to back within less than a year of each other, so TheBug isn't the first. Sad thing is, Spooky fell off the edge of the world and never posted any of her content for the world to see, so TheBug is waaaay better than her in that regard :)

bdcba No.6765


>who finds being a father to my existing children a privilege

Any man who finds being a father to another man's children a "privilege" is a beta, lol

0c2c6 No.6766

And still probably more secure in themselves than you, AND getting laid more often. Funny how that works…

a5b9f No.6767

The reason Spooky never posted content was due to a creepy guy who spent all his time clogging her thread with demands.

7026c No.6768


Or maybe because she was trolling?




On the other hand she has a DeviantArt account where she talks about being a surrogate.

9dd49 No.6769

I mean, those videos look like they could've been made by anyone, but we'll never know for sure.

08ea3 No.6770

Those videos were trolls by the same creeper who bothered her during her first pregnancy (and, btw, HE is why we never got any content from Spooky - she was originally going to at least do pics for us, but he scared her off from doing that).

Her dA is legit (though she hasn't posted anything on it in a while). I believe her second pregnancy started as triplets, but then she lost one of them early on and finished her pregnancy with twins. She used to have a twitter, but then they got stupid and suspended her just because she didn't want to tie her phone number to the account (don't blame her, it's why I don't have a twitter account either).

She hasn't fallen off the edge of the world. She's just been really busy and social media sucks.

b81f0 No.6771

File: 1502551524124.jpg (1.4 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_20170810_201916.jpg)

Funny thing, some men want to be fathers and dont see children as pawns to get milf pussy.

b794c No.6772

Totally wrong!!!

7a9c1 No.6774

Ah yes, I see this fine gentleman knows the true state of affairs. Come, let us reminisce about our various swaths of children we have sired as tools in our glorious eternal quest for pussy.

I myself have made it a habit of impregnating a woman in every state of our glorious American nation in case I need to travel so as to have hot sex making on the go.

b97c2 No.6775

"Herp duh men don't want babies cuz they come out conjointed so don't charge for your videos cause free is better, braaap fart"

131a4 No.6776

this tbh fam

fe157 No.6777

How far along are you? You're already cute as frick, and I'm excited:)

a969a No.6778

Damn right!

085ea No.6779

it's an honor to be a father, it's a show of more power to take care of your kids then just make them. So clearly your not a real man if you can't step up, weakling

3c734 No.6784

File: 1502598477966.jpg (2.59 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20170812_130515.jpg)

12 weeks! My abdominal muscles are just wiiiicked weak from the last round

And hey, yall can debate on him being alpha beta or omega allll you like but two things (1) only whine baby fuckboy nerds who cant get unrealistically hot girlfriends and develope victim complexes because only women in their League like them and often those hate them too because they are insufferable with their woe is me and worship of toxic masculine ideal bs and brain dead jocks high on toxic masculinity truly buy into the whole "alpha, beta" bullshit.

(2) even if he is a beta, he has me, a reasonably good looking girl who will indulge his every kink and is genuinely nice to him and can hold a conversation with him.

Stop obsessing over how manly or dom or masculine you are or arent. Just be a pleasant person and keep your expectations of a potential partners looks realistic and maybe you wont end up pouting on here.

c824c No.6785

[LIKE] ← for lack of a Like button, I'll use this.

c824c No.6786

Oh, and the swimsuit is cute too.

b794c No.6787

Kids are just a means to vent ones anger towards, when they piss you off, always a good stress reliverr!!!

67a42 No.6789

and within this post you'll find the key to being attractive to women, even if it's barely legible.

If you've convinced yourself you're an alpha, you likely act in a way that is unattractive to women. If you've convinced yourself you're a beta, you likely act in a way that's not attractive to women.

If you act like a grown ass man, you are acting in a way that is attractive to women.


9b5e7 No.6790

I see a dog

b794c No.6792

In the end, aren't we all just poop shiting apes that are horny and just wanna fuck the nearst female, and breed like the goddamn rabbits we are? If so we're no different than animals.

3c734 No.6793

File: 1502635020043.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20170804_143308.jpg)

b688b No.6794

You're looking good, wish you the best of luck for the rest of the pregnancy.

b4564 No.6795

Uh, no? We aren't all like that. I mean, I'M like that sure. Maybe you are too. But your post assumes that women, gay dudes, and ace people don't exist.

Like it's cool if you're like that. You do you, embrace what makes you happy. But don't use the excuse that everybody is like you.

67a42 No.6800

*exists as a creature that is capable of going to space and comprehending the fundamental laws of the universe*

"I'ma take a shit and then get sum fuk"

It's not entirely false. Men are statistically more prone to narcissistic disorders. Long genetic story short, "overly-confident males are good at genetic variation and are terrible at sticking around to raise offspring". as consequence, the alpha/beta structure doesn't work in animals that take 12 years of childhood to reach self sufficiency. Alphas don't feed your kids for 12 years and betas don't produce offspring that will eventually be good at hunting. And so the modern male was created. Not alpha, not beta. Not a cunt or a pushover. Just a man. Women are attracted to men (edit, the above statement is not a slight on non-cis. pls no kill.)

remember kids, if you feel like you have to push people around to feel good, see a therapist. You have a narcissistic disorder. If you hate yourself for some trait you lack, see a therapist. You have self confidence problems. Regardless of gender, neither of these things are normal and you shouldn't feel bad or threatened to address them.

56294 No.6801

Didn't the Battlestar Galatica remake start with some genius scientist selling out humanity for some robot pussy?

d4f2a No.6802

Bug, I know you don't like them much, but you have amazing breasts.

You're a lovely woman and I'm so happy you've decided to have kids. ^.^

bdcba No.6805


Who said anything about pushing people around? Newsflash, you don't have to push people around to be alpha; you just have to know what you do and do not want and have enough balls to know what your options are and take them in a situation that is not beneficial to you.


And then when he does "step up", he isn't a "real man" for letting the woman walk all over him. (Not saying Bug is doing this, just saying that it happens more often than you'd think)

b4564 No.6806

"Real men" are a myth. All men are fake. This is the matrix, none of this is real.

67a42 No.6808

and yet narcissists do push people around to feel good. They're vulnerable to just about anything that gives them an inflated sense of self-worth. Thus, they're vulnerable to the notion of alpha and beta

3c734 No.6809

File: 1502986594447.jpg (1.37 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_20170816_090746.jpg)

Anywaaaaaay heres me pullin up my skin to reveal my tums true form. This pp body really puts a damper on the first trimester belly i cant wait for that shit to fill in.

84775 No.6812

File: 1503014176152.jpg (2.58 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20170817_160524.jpg)

Ok but guys. Pregnant cheerleader.

ad14f No.6813

beautiful! can we get an up-skirt?

f9383 No.6814

diffrent socks? classy xD

085ea No.6815

*drools because pregnant cheerleaders and school girls are my top behind Pregnant girls doing anal*

15921 No.6816

you have my attention

0c5f2 No.6818


This will always be HOT.

0c169 No.6819

Yes, please.

3c734 No.6827

Just so everyone knows because i have had a few people prodding into my personal social media despite me being fairly giving and open about everything except the minors in my life, stay away from my personal non kink shit please. Dont look for it, dont share it, dont even look if you happen upon it. I enjoy posting photos for you all very much but i will never post again if this becomes a trend.

3c734 No.6832

File: 1503292180961.jpg (1.06 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_20170818_101829.jpg)

Rainbow undies, on a more positive note.

0c2c6 No.6834

Gay girl here. Love the underwear. Cute picture. Happy to see you post

9b5e7 No.6839


That freaking sucks. I like your content very much and it's upsetting that people are so selfish and prying.

3c734 No.6840

File: 1503437031839.jpg (1.18 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_20170822_084407.jpg)

14 weeks today

9be54 No.6841

How adorable is this? :-D

a33ef No.6842

oohh loving the blonde hair, tho i miss your bubble gum hair-do haha

4a8d8 No.6843

How many? Mind wearing this every week see how tight it gets
Cute btw!

a3221 No.6844


You have so many cute swimsuits! Mind if I ask where you got the Hello Kitty one?

Hope you and your kiddies are all feeling good!

0c169 No.6845

Just curious, Bug: do you have overalls you could wear?

35eda No.6846

File: 1503538668040.jpg (1.49 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_20170823_111916.jpg)

Hot topic around 2010 lol i dont change much in size so i still have clothing from my early teens. Aside from my pregnancy stretch marks im the same as then lol


Ayyye im wearing them today

66289 No.6847

Is there gonna be more pregnancy content as, you get bigger? Like the livestreams and pre-recorded videos? I tried buying some of your older stuff, but its a bit difficult to track down.

0c169 No.6848

File: 1503549127281.gif (477.69 KB, 256x200, 200.gif)

35eda No.6849

ironically despite my love of attention, im really shy so idk about live streaming BUT pre recorded yes. You can contact me directly to purchase content too my email is misandryfairy@gmail.com (thinking of changing it but for now go with that)

35eda No.6850

File: 1503553037087.jpg (4.79 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5368.JPG)

Also! My first video for this pregnancy is up and running!


d4f2a No.6851

My god these *amazing* breasts…

52e1e No.6852

I'm a huge fan of short librarian types with huge bellies and you are an all-time fave.

Would like to send u some things to wear when u get bigger. Is it cool to email about that?

901bd No.6853

That looks awesome! Really hope you come back to this idea when your belly is even bigger.

52e1e No.6866

Hi, hope i didn't offend you earlier.

I'm sure you're very busy and don't have time to post everyday, though we enjoy your entries when you do.

5e5ec No.6867

Sorry i totally pregged out and didnt actually read the second paragraph? Weird. Anyway, yeah feel free to email me.

a969a No.6868

Short women with huge bellies is my jam.

1e602 No.6869

Is there a possibility of some pregnant cosplay in the future? I was discussing with a person in a picarto chat some time ago how glorious it would have been to see Bug cosplaying Velma Dinkley. Especially during the largest of times :D

0d0dc No.6870

If someone wanted to pay for the supplies yes of course. Although i do have long hair now. I am wanting a rose cosplay from steven universe and also one of the harem chicks from fury road

52e1e No.6871

Hugely preggo harem chick sounds like an incredibly hot idea

4835b No.6872

i loved that movie, you should post your amazon wishlist for us to look at :D

907cc No.6873

Most guys want a hand in making the kids they take care of.

c974d No.6874


Family is about more than blood. Family is the people who you love and who love you back.

0d0dc No.6875

File: 1503969303004.jpg (21.86 KB, 540x383, FB_IMG_1501915083517.jpg)

Sum1 is l8 to the party. Take a nap and stop being so worried about how other dudes choose to exist.

b23b0 No.6876

I don't know how I've missed this thread for so long, but it's amazing to see you active here, Bug!
I've loved your content for a while now. It always pops up now and again and is a lot of fun to see!
Have you got any more cute 'n clean images like your dungaree one, and do you mind posting one? If it's not a hassle.

9b5e7 No.6877

You realize that adoption exists, right? What exactly are you trying to prove?

b85de No.6878

The Clan usually doesn't take sides (besides our own) but damn, are ya'll really looking a gift horse in the mouth? Well, more appropriately, you're trying to break that gift horse's legs and turn it into glue after you shoot it. Bug, for what it's worth, you're a valued member of the community and a content contributor par excellence. Keep on doing you, and ignore the idiots who are trying to discourage you. As long as you're willing to contribute content, some of us will gladly and thankfully accept it, without critiques or qualms or posturing. Peace. Word life.

0c169 No.6879

File: 1504079418101.jpg (1.27 MB, 2560x1920, 1503983218090.jpg)

Bug, do you have any more pics of you in this dress?

0d0dc No.6880

File: 1504106948788.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20170830_082601.jpg)

Busy week ill respond to all the comments later but check it out i still have this top

0d0dc No.6881

Im making a "clothing try on" compilation for my preg fetish collection, i plan on doing one for each trimester. For each trimester ill be wearing several categories of outfits, lingerie, pants, tops, panties, bras, swim suits and ageplay outfits. Maybe overkill idk lol. But should i group them as 3 videos by trimester orrrrr should i hold on to them until ive got all three and group them into a video per category, so it shows me in each stage of pregnancy wearing the same lingerie in one video?

877b5 No.6882

File: 1504116575184.gif (1.21 MB, 300x189, bth.gif)

0d0dc No.6883

>>6876 lots just have to look for em sorry i have a lot going on lol


of course gifts are not expected, things for free are very welcome but if you send me something with your email and a kink i will send you a surprise or you can buy the specific outfit to make the video come true.

3abff No.6884

File: 1504136722374.gif (134.28 KB, 500x419, 1449760884186.gif)


Ive always found this kind of thing odd. Id imagine telling some one of my preggo fetish would wierd them out or find me disgusting, yet here you are posting pics of yourself on the net for men (or women) to fap (or schlick) to.

It boggles the mind in a way. Is just some sort of misaimed fap altruism or do you get off on the idea of being fapped to on the internet

3abff No.6885

And for that matter, i noticed you posted pics and videos with your face in them.

You ever think like, shit, what happens if my son/daughter finds these one day? Like if theres no face who cares, all theyre fapping to is disembodied baby bumps with no face to attach them to, just random women on the internet, but with your face on them you run the risk of them basically seeing you in a suggestive situation and being humiliated/shamed for it if their friends find out, or worse, your own family

979e3 No.6886

…because i have a pregnancy fetish and also im a sex worker?

Im an artist, sex worker and stahm no job risk, my friends are all kinky, my siblings know and dont care, my parents probably know and while they would probably rather not discuss it or admit it, they will leave it alone. And i dont care what they think anyway. My partners parents know and think what i do is fine.

And my kids will be fine. They will be adults and can live their lives as they choose and will know well enough to understand and move from it. If they have friends that would pull that shit, well they are better off without them.

But im not going to walk around in a full body cover and have only missionary sex for my whole life because im a mom. And i need a way to provide for my family while keeping the kids out of the cesspool that is cheap daycare and public school.

979e3 No.6887

It sounds like you've internalized a lot of shame around sex and your kink tho that rly sucks man.

0d0dc No.6888

0d0dc No.6889

File: 1504150858379.jpg (4.42 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5559.JPG)

photo from the video… <3

2f014 No.6893

File: 1504163767912.png (92.75 KB, 324x324, dc9.png)


85ce8 No.6894

File: 1504175098239.jpg (8.13 KB, 225x225, FB_IMG_1496305503652.jpg)

3abff No.6895


Im actually

REALLY desensitized to it all honestly. I generally see others as being more prudish and conservative about sex so it strikes me as odd when some one just flaunts themselves like this.

Well to each their own then, I'm not judging you in anyway, I guess its just weird seeing the status quo broken in a way

0c5f2 No.6900


Hellloooo Nurse!

0d0dc No.6907

File: 1504501064536.gif (6.76 MB, 658x716, G_20170828_1628211.gif)

I'm not sure if anyone here is into that sorta thing but bad dragon is having a sale till monday evening and I would very much like to a get a toy or (two :o) for my pregnancy videos. So if anyone would like to buy my content directly from me or pre order videos with bad dragon use, feel free to email me at misandryfairy@gmail.com I'll be running a sale for 25$ in bad dragon giftcards for 40$ of content, 25$ for a pre order of two bad dragon videos or pregnancy specific videos if you would rather or just donations because you love seeing pregnant girls do sick shit ^.^

ad14f No.6908


0d0dc No.6909

At one point i was trying my hand at being a mean domme for sissies i havent had the time to switch emails lol

9b5e7 No.6910

You look fantastic!

7fd06 No.6913

oooooh you guys i just bought a mermaid costumeeeeeeeeeee

52e1e No.6915

i like the cat ears too ;)

f8142 No.6920

i have been doing ok on sales so i posted a tiiiiny freebie <3 please don't repost it anywhere, just share the link!

61b37 No.6921

You look amazing!
Thank you for the lovely view. :D

a3221 No.6922


What a wonderful surprise at the end of a workday. :D Thank you so much for sharing!

0c169 No.6923

You're too good to us, Bug. :)

338f7 No.6925

As a big fan like many of the others, I thank you as well. However, as for not posting else where, I think the porn network bots may find the link and then link it. So you may want to change it from a clickable link to just plain text. Not sure if its too late already or not, or if it will even help at all.

f8142 No.6926

File: 1504797110013.jpg (4.09 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5419.JPG)

f8142 No.6927

ehhhh it is what it is

84775 No.6928

File: 1504805260679.jpg (1.44 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_20170907_084410.jpg)

84775 No.6929

File: 1504807387179.jpg (2.67 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20170907_105625.jpg)

Mermaid wig is here!

84775 No.6930

File: 1504813818353.jpg (1.21 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_20170906_105348.jpg)

Im not sure if i mentioned it here or not but i have a tumblr where i post the usual pics and links and sales


f9e83 No.6942

Bug, do you think you'll be doing any diary vids?

f8142 No.6948

dbe76 No.6949

Not the original poster, but I think they meant something along the lines of the pregnancy vlogs you see on YouTube. The ones where the mother-to-be posts every week or two to talk about how pregnancy is treating them, and usually to show off their belly.

f8142 No.6967

File: 1505095084571.jpg (1.26 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_20170906_105022[1].jpg)

new video up! Im really working this time lol

f8142 No.6968

and buying from me direct is appreciated because c4s is merciless with its cut

cbe0d No.6969

oh my god you're getting big!

8f03d No.6992

I think she is going to be a little bigger than the last one.
Yes, we find this exciting, but I hope she is ok . . .

70430 No.6993

>>6992 ive always been curious why does this happen…not that i have a problem with it she's a beautiful woman im just curious.

dbe76 No.6994

I think it has to do with a weakening/stretching of the abdominal wall during the first pregnancy, which means the mother tends to show earlier and get bigger with the second child.

0e791 No.6995

cool thank you for info.

f8142 No.6996

Yep basically my body knows the drill now and doesnt fight it as hard. :3

52e1e No.6997


Thats' right you candy-ass muscles and ligaments, it time to get out there and GIVE UP!

Cave, Tank, Fold-like-a-cheap suit! The last
litter stretched you five ways to Sunday, so be proud and stretch like the Hindenburg!

f8142 No.7002

File: 1505766532200.jpg (2.39 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20170917_155120.jpg)

Im so big x.x

67a42 No.7003

give it a minute 💜

0d6a2 No.7004

And not even in your third trimester.

ad14f No.7005

How does one fuck a pregnant chick other than the obvious solution of being in a relationship. Like, if you saw a pregnant chick at the store, what do you say? They're most likely going to be in a relationship themselves, is there some sort of meet and fuck website for pregnant girls?

fce9c No.7006

You are SO adorable:3

f8142 No.7007


Not a clue, when i was single and pregnant i didnt want to have casual sex anyway and risk an std or assault.

f8142 No.7008

Thanks guys x.x

f272f No.7009

When my wife was pregnant, you wouldn't believe how many guys online were blowing up her phone with kik messages. i wouldnt have minded but yeah like bug said… stds and creepy stalkers 4 life

Heres hoping you at least making it to 37 weeks, if your alien-like uterus can hold it much longer xD

52e1e No.7011

don't wanna sound lame, but what is kik message?

55990 No.7012

Short answer, something that nobody cares about anymore. It's a free instant messaging app that doesn't tie itself to any phone number or social media account, so you can basically be anonymous. Which also means it's been ruined by people begging for nude pics from teens.

f8142 No.7013

lol yeah obviously i also hope for that

idk, i use it.

45107 No.7014

Curios bug ur having twins again??

f8142 No.7015

Ya i mention it no more than a million times on all my social media and threads… Including this one.

8b20b No.7016

wait youre having twins?

f8142 No.7017


2f014 No.7018

you know i was being sarcastic xD

also you should totally update your tumblr :D

4a8d8 No.7024

Curios whats her thumblr?

And u should update it bug XD

c4256 No.7025


76e9b No.7031

if it helps I never contacted your wifey on more than skype, Mess1! And it was only like.. once. To say hi.

f8142 No.7035

File: 1506097714047.jpg (3.19 MB, 2912x5184, IMG_5766.JPG)

18 weeks <3

f8142 No.7036

File: 1506098271093.jpg (4.97 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5734.JPG)

3423c No.7037

Bug, I appreciate all of your video or picture.
Do you mind if I ask you how think about recording labor video?

67a42 No.7038

well that was fast. Twin pregnancies really do look 10 weeks bigger. At this rate, you'll have a full term body by Halloween. Also, nice butt. petite, plump AND light reflective.

f8142 No.7039

i don't find those ethical for porn consumption, also i probably won't have a vaginal given my compromised uterine tissue around my scar from the last c-section.

lol honestly in person i pretty much look full term for someone my size.

046c0 No.7040

Your man is a lucky guy.

When my wife was preg with twins she would barely let me touch her knowing full well I am into this kind of thing.

52e1e No.7041

love the underbelly shot. my fave angle.

love legs though wish you'd get a few from right under the huge womb, the cam distortion from the closer belly would make u look massively fertile ;)

f8142 No.7042

Some people are so physically uncomfortable or hormonal messed up during pregnancy, especially with multiples that being touched esp sexually is torture. I know it sucks to not be able to indulge in your kink but i dont blame her if she needed space.

0c5f2 No.7043


This is a fantastic angle. I hope all continues to go well, you look great. :)

c84c5 No.7044

Fucking breast milk, how does it work? I'm guessing you dried up since your previous pregnancy? Did it start up faster this time?

f8142 No.7046

I weaned a year ago and dried up immediately. My ducts and nipples are really perfect producers. No supply issues and no unwanted leaking. Last time i got a drop or two around this time but its coming easier this time

1adfb No.7047

File: 1506154282451.gif (281.54 KB, 320x240, generated_18260102.gif)

The way you own you body is hot as fuuuuck!

This video was sooo fucking worth the dollars I dropped on it:

Thank you sooo fucking much for sharing the way you do! Motherfucking legendary

dfbd2 No.7048


Would you still be up to do a labour RP?

f8142 No.7070

I am so glad you enjoyed it, you guys can order directly from my email too.

idk, im just really shy and awkward and a bad actor. And i've never been in labor so i dunno how to fake it.

Im 19 weeks today, i took photos ill upload later

f8142 No.7085

File: 1506535836728.jpg (5.95 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5803.JPG)

19 weeks

f8142 No.7086

File: 1506536223703.jpg (4.56 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5807.JPG)

i just rly want that bottom bit of skin to fill in already

29767 No.7087

For what one rando's opinion is worth, I think it's cute.

76e9b No.7089

to people like us, it's just a waterline of how big you get! Be proud! Who knows how many more times it might get big enough to go taut!

13da0 No.7100


This whole alpha/beta thing when not talking about dogs or canines is bullshit. It also doesn't make any sense. Its not supported by science. Its internet trolling

If it where true why would someone "more submissive" be more abusive?

64a70 No.7101


Also, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense when talking about canines either. The man who originally posited the "alpha wolf" theory eventually realized it was flawed and went back on it.

f8142 No.7102

File: 1506611464719.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20170927_104306.jpg)

Has anyone stopped consider maybe IM fucking alpha. Hm?

Also someone bought me this shirt off my wishlist and its fuckin gr8

4a8d8 No.7103

Damn thats nice camt wait to see next comming weeks

3d62d No.7104


I guess people missed the memo xD

52e1e No.7105

how does your wish list work?

fb92b No.7106

That tank top is adorable, and the belly is adorable. Thank you for sharing the pic.

ad14f No.7107

can you take more pictures in panties, please?

7150c No.7111

Normally if you want to change a subject it's not wise to keep talking about the thing you want to move the conversation away from.

f8142 No.7112

well, just to buy things, you add them to your cart and then select the option to send them to me (it wont give away my address) You can also email me directly and set up an exchange if you want something in return.

dude, man, just have fun, roll with it and crack some jokes. its ok. Its preggo porn dont take it so srsly.

07fe2 No.7115

Hi bug!

Do you have any shots from your first pregnancy you could compare? As in photos with the same pose and same number of weeks along side by side. It'd be really interesting seeing how the two pregnanciesides compare as things progress…

9b5e7 No.7116

I second this idea, sounds like fun.

44543 No.7125

File: 1507223946087.jpg (6.19 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5857.JPG)

it does but my archive is HUGE and i rly dont have the time to do that unfortunately.

44543 No.7126

File: 1507225480162.gif (222.75 KB, 320x240, generated_18437424_1507225….gif)


New video is up btw, the video quality is way higher than this gif but im hard pressed to find a gif maker i can use so thisll do.

5badc No.7127


Is that archive gonna be up for sale or anything?

44543 No.7129

I mean its all public in regards to preg content. I lost a lot a few years after my last pregnancy with a hard drive death but i can put up what i have

00556 No.7130

Hey, so, I know this may be against the spirit of the thread, but…

Hey, Bug, I'm glad you're feeling so good about your condition! Being pregnant is no small thing, and the fact you're so excited about it is incredible, as is the fact you're willing to share that excitement with us! I've seen this thread bouncing up and down the thread list, and I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I think it's beautiful and amazing that you've begun the process of creating an entire human being inside your lovely body.

That and that the fact you've got enough confidence in your body (something a lot of mommy-to-be's struggle with, tragically…) to show yourself off like this and enough faith in this particular group of people to share it is beautiful in its own right. I hope you're doing well, and hopefully, it all gets better from here!

fb92b No.7133

[LIKE] ← (we don't have a Like button, so I'll use that)

32ea4 No.7134

Yeah this.

You're awesome people Bug, more than any of us deserve. Thank you.

c04d6 No.7147

I would think celebrating pregnancy is what this thread is all about XD
But yeah, if I haven't said so before, congrats Bug. Keep up the good work :)

52e1e No.7149

File: 1507419067228.png (920.53 KB, 1024x576, TheBug by Saravore.png)

i asked Bug if i could mention to a few DA artists she was knocked again and was ok with hyperpreg fanpics, this is one by one of da's better known belly artists, I like it! enjoy

5eb30 No.7150


52e1e No.7153

cute eh? ;)

06208 No.7176

File: 1507829619396.jpg (2.53 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20171012_090316.jpg)

Getting round at 21 weeks :p

Also im doing a moving sale, the next 4 people to hit me up via email (madelinebugsales@gmail.com) will get all my new pregnancy content posted so far(so like 80ish$) for 50$ :3

ad14f No.7180

what is your favorite sex position while pregnant? do you use egg toys than you can lay? there's a dildo you can get that can push eggs into you called the ovipositor. if you were to lays some eggs into your panties i'd definitely buy that

c492d No.7182

.. bug are you sitting on the sink? lol.
Girl that's cute but dangerous. sink not meant to hold the weight of a grown person! Even a wee girl!

06208 No.7185

>>7182 I'm fine, I'm not the weight of a grown person lol also i've been doing that for years with no issue. its the only way i can see my face properly without glasses on.

whatever doesnt feel like im being smothered man. And eggs and ovipositors are serious $$$$ i dont have

c492d No.7187

maybe you could help her buy an ovipositor?

1adfb No.7199

Ever considered being a paid surrogate if this pregnancy goes well?

c492d No.7208

she has.
She's not big into surrogacy. We asked. :X

13da0 No.7210


Bug is based af.

Do you know what happened to the nerd scene?

We adopted standards on sex, dating and socialization from hollywood, and the mainstream media.

Yeah, those bunch of creeps, pedos, rapists, and predators. this happened around the time major comic book movies started going mainstream, and "nerd" culture became more shit hollywood was selling you.

Its time to kick this shit back out of our community, and start treating not just women with respect, but ourselves. We're better than this.

06208 No.7230

File: 1508517276882.jpg (5.18 MB, 2912x5184, IMG_6555.JPG)

filming the second trimester try on video this week !

4a533 No.7231

You keep finding the cutest freakin' things to wear. :-)

0c5f2 No.7235

Helllloooo nurse!

296ca No.7314

Bug might go boom this time.

319be No.7318

She's posted some pics on bbw-Chan that she hasnt posted here, so be sure to check both sites for all her pics.

f10fc No.7319

Wait… BBW-Chan is still a thing?

5d635 No.7326



0aa54 No.7331

Hey can you post birth videos this time? I'd pay for that.

9b5e7 No.7332


She already said no.

18ec0 No.7335

yeah see man it rly doesnt matter how much money you give me, im not going to sell images, still or moving, with pornographic intent, with a minor directly involved and/or visible.

18ec0 No.7336

also, they will probably be cut out of me like a tumor so you are better off watching saw, frankly.

18ec0 No.7337

File: 1509721288825.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20171023_141422.jpg)

also, sorry guys i have way too much social media its rly hard to keep up with it all

67a42 No.7338

all good Miss Bug. This thread links to the bbw chan's thread. So long as this thread gets….. bumped occasionally (I'm sorry), you can just keep growing big, do what you like, post where you like, and the people who're interested here will figure it out.

on a side note, dayum. Just dayum.

5d994 No.7339


Besides this bbwchan, and the clipsite, are there other social media things we can check out?

18ec0 No.7340


and thats linked to my personal kink tumblr :)

9b5e7 No.7343

Do you have a Patreon or something?

18ec0 No.7346

File: 1509818269521.jpg (5.01 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_6965.JPG)

no thats one of those things i dont rly get and they recently changed their terms to no porn.

Basically, you can buy me gifts (http://a.co/h3BVdOi) in exchange for content, or just to be nice, you can buy content off clips4sale (https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/82403/the-bug) or you can buy whats up on c4s directly from me via email (madelinebugsales@gmail.com).

And then I just post freebie photos on here, bbwchan, fetlife and tumblr when i have the time and remember

Also, https://www.pornhub.com/users/madelinebug i occasionally post free videos here, i would appreciate people viewing it sans adblock so i get ad revenue.

also hey heres me in a cheer uniform

901bd No.7398

Can't wait to see how big you get

d1788 No.7399

File: 1510717660348.jpg (6.57 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_7146.JPG)

i entered a contest on c4s, if anyone buys stuff off this link i get more revenue than usual.

also 26 weeks

86efe No.7401

You are going to need a wheelchair to support that belly at the 8th month.
Incredible. Marvelous.

2517e No.7402

Love that picture! Will 1000% be buying as much of your late pregnancy content as I can. Love the clothing videos! Any thoughts on a cosplay vid?

10081 No.7403

im kinda shy about actual roleplaying BUT I have a rose quartz and harley quinn outfit…

10081 No.7404

Everyone vote yes for cosplay!

173ee No.7405

Suicide Squad Harley or classic Harley?

0206d No.7406

File: 1510930840804.jpg (48.68 KB, 620x470, f1zzyrygpru8ywb4dhse.jpg)

this one.

2517e No.7407

Yes Please. I would certainly die happy. You wouldnt even have to act like ether character, just spilling forth from the outfits is enough. Haha

0206d No.7430

File: 1511368652935.jpg (61.07 KB, 960x960, 23844854_716634385199483_1….jpg)

measuring in at 34 weeks at 27weeks <3

Also, my try on videos are for sale


9a896 No.7431

Looking lovely, Bug.

86efe No.7514


86efe No.7554

woah just readed your last post. Are you okay? :(

bee26 No.7555

wow,bug you look great.

f9d75 No.7572

82492 No.7601

I read on her tumblr that she's scheduled for a c-section on Jan 22nd. TTTF doesn't fuck around.

bb502 No.7613

wish her good luck, as well merry christmas, a happy new year & a good weekend, plus 1/21-23 is an Aquarius.

82492 No.7840

According to bbwchan, but gave birth

76317 No.7845

Confirm on tumblr

a762d No.8180

File: 1520540364891.jpg (5.08 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_7508.JPG)

i have all my content available for sale the prices and stuff are up on my tumblr bugs-big-belly

also harley quin cosplay!

7980a No.8181

Holy shit, is there a video for that cosplay?

ef6fc No.8182

According to her tumblr yes there is
34 week Harley quinn 10:02 25$

5dc3b No.8183

Time for you to break the octomom record!

36c82 No.8184

This might be due to me not allowing all kinds of scripts to run in my browser, but is there really no other way to get rid of Tumblr's safe mode other than to register and log in?

cf3f9 No.8185

I think you can use an extension to change your user agent to googlebot's to bypass that.

65ab6 No.8194

can we get some more detail on this, sounds useful?

a9973 No.8226

File: 1521039716155.png (196.08 KB, 900x368, tumblr_ponies_logo___deal_….png)

you can either use an chrome extension to modify the useragent to googlebot https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/useragent?hl=de
or you can use my chrome extension that i coded for the brony fandom https://www.reddit.com/r/ClopClop/comments/7wuekl/tumblr_unblocker_has_now_its_own_page/

ee907 No.8236

File: 1521076079814.png (272.4 KB, 588x1120, 184fb9a242aae79210205a6486….png)

Got a solution for those of us who don’t use Chrome?

f67a5 No.8238

Hey, yeah, I lost my tinfoil hat. Can I borrow yours? Thnx.

ee907 No.8239

File: 1521103809099.jpg (2.41 MB, 3504x2336, rms-warned.jpg)

I really hope (((they))) are paying you for this, m’kay.

a9973 No.8240

firefox useragent switcher
also my own extension is also available for firefox, i written "chrome extension" but it is also available for firefox on my website.

a9973 No.8241

if you use one of the many useragent switchers you must setup one of this useragents.
if you use my plugin you don't have to setup anything, it just works out of the box.

ed530 No.8242


Who is (((they))) and why are you worried/scared of (((them)))?

949d4 No.8243

Anon is refering to Jews. That's what the the three parentheses mean.

a3a1b No.8250

((( ))) is the symbol of right-wing neoNazis, something RMS most certainly is not (his family is Jewish), although his "warning" mainly applies to cell phones, which he calls "portable surveillance and tracking devices"

65ab6 No.8285

i don't think that's all that stands for…

65ab6 No.8286

There's a music artist that uses that in their name, and they're definitely not affiliated with them.

ef67a No.8863

Youre literally making the argument that there are not "tops" or "bottoms".
Even in gay relationships they know who is the Alpha partner, and who is the beta.
Because you dont comprehend this fact you think the Alpha and Beta dynamic is bullshit. Alpha just means an Alpha partner. One who leads, not one who is led. The dynamic of males and females has always been an Alpha (dominant male) and beta (submissive female). Thats how its always been in dominance hierarchies.

33137 No.8865

You're confusing the alpha male concept with dom/sub relationships between sexual partners. Alpha males exist in strict social hierarchies, and attain their position through strength. This involves defeating the current alpha in combat, or successfully courting his female partners. There's no scientific evidence that alpha males exist in humans. Since humans aren't limited to living in a single rigid social group, or have highly visible estrous cycles, this wouldn't work anyways. I think this bullshit got popular because of the rise of self-help gurus over the last 50 years.

74cdc No.8882

>no scientific evidence
worse than the wikipedia jews

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