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Can we have a birth thread?
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Noo you flooded the front page you shoulda put sage in the email

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I hate doing that and I hate when others do that.


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it's been months and still no trace for this birth

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Does anyone know where to find the uncensored version of this gem? (GRANDMA BELIEVERS BABY - Mommietalk)


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>covering the spot

that's some japanese shit right there

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God that was hot. Some of the best moans I’ve ever heard.

9b041 No.9874

Does anyone have the uncensored version of this before they replaced it with this version?

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Anyone know where the full video of this is? The person who's instagram is credited is private…it was on a google drive somewhere but that set ended up getting deleted as far as I'm aware.


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What a moan and look at dat big belly. Too bad she has no video showing her big belly during the pregnancy. Might be one of the only few quality Asian birth video out there.

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e48f2 No.10177

hii all. any body have manuel placenta extraction video. Thanks

41ce0 No.10243

Anyone got the sauce for this one? It must be old.

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Is there any other places to find this? I know it’s pretty old.

7546f No.10396

Anyone save these?

e427c No.10397

those are uploaded on youtube right now here are the links

and she is pregnant again so may o not upload another birth video

2a553 No.10403

Nice vid… and gaping ass while crowning! Is semen what is leeking out of her anus!!!??

f6da9 No.10404


Holy crap that baby pooped alot.

7a4d7 No.10406

This mom is the fertility goddess we able to see this time

a1318 No.10418

I'm happy for the answer to be yes.

abad8 No.10612

bumping this one up, stockpile up, people. this thread is going full!

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File: 1555470212197.png (628.98 KB, 841x615, birth in teaching hospital.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Does anyone know where someone can find the whole video of this? It's a birth in a teaching hospital but every video I find abruptly cuts off before anything really happens just as she starts pushing.

6ad85 No.10850

Are there ever any plus size birth videos?

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Looking for a particular twin birth, it is filmed in black and white at home. Think it had Mikhail in the title too..

a20eb No.10879

are you talking about this one ? https://hooktube.com/watch?v=IX7bVQZWlYg

653ad No.10882

Nope,newer and it takes place at home.

7f40b No.10884

Anyone have Rhea and mkai twin birth?

97a03 No.10948

anyone have p&b4 google dirve?

24968 No.10951

my god, the preggo goddess has done it again

5e594 No.10952

Anyone have a video it containg a European girl giving birth on a table? It’s in a movie and she gives birth with her skirt on.

28ae9 No.11010

Any one have the link to this??

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File: 1558051373598-0.png (497.87 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20190516-195708….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1558051373598-1.png (325.48 KB, 797x590, Screenshot_20190516-200109….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

cc78d No.11036

Arent these just labor videos and not birth videos?

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