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File: 1518494371126.jpg (146.66 KB, 774x1032, me_and_my_huge_pregnant_be….jpg)

2e829 No.8063

Video unlisted only this link can see it .until they can make each vid 18+ ..gonna be a great channel .. big baby compilation here

fb6a4 No.8065

warning: link has nothing to do with picture. The video is a compilation of birth videos with (somewhat unsettling imo) artificial squishy sounds happening

f3379 No.8066

Metal music really suits the video BTW

2e829 No.8068

Word yeah seems pretty good. Did notice ppl add sounds on top of already squishy sounds..

2e829 No.8069

Second unlinked compilation ..seems similar in sound ..diff music at one point ..graphic with attempts at education ..hope the channel gets better with time

8acb7 No.8070

Unrelated but does anyone know the source of the image in the OP?

55e35 No.8072

look at the watermark on the picture genius.

ce1ff No.8075

I think the speeds mess with most of the sounds on the compilation .pretty good otherwise ..some scenes seem at a faster rate

2e829 No.8087

A third compilation , long educational vid , set to music .. some editing is off ..

2e829 No.8092

File: 1518822925919.bmp (4.45 MB, 1440x1080, SnapShot(170).bmp)

Big compilation 40 mins+..Pics ARE related to vid and are in there.. many birth types ..Big belly, natural , squating, pumping belly , episiotomy, forceps and a 14 pounder ..and many more

b2264 No.8098


Video is already removed.

2e829 No.8101

Maybe they took it down. Seen it quick ..was just a small section of the 40 minute vid..so u didn't miss much ..maybe it was reported .I've had booty vids reported .some ppl are whack ..I'm judgement free . I never flag or report anyone for art music or porn..or fetishes It's terrorism mang

2e829 No.8102

Good variety on that Compilation

2e829 No.8107

Found this. Def in my top 10..short video but ..one of juiciest I've seen ..real hands on 0:10- 0:14 are a good set up for what happens at 0:16 on….would be hard to do that without being a little excited ..probably a stressful job though ..lot of responsibility..

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