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(216.76 KB 1276x1920 c5be61fb5addada04e3ae4ddd16f0d91.jpg)
Pregnant Asians Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 09/07/2022 (Wed) 18:39:36 Id:8d102f No. 810
I realized we didn't have one yet, so here it is. South Asian (Indian), Middle Eastern and even Russians are allowed on this thread. It is Asia after all.
(1.46 MB 1000x1333 kathy006-copy.jpg)
(1.47 MB 1000x1276 kathy009-copy.jpg)
(453.99 KB 928x1266 20220920_111955.jpg)
(451.68 KB 940x1248 20220920_112012.jpg)
(422.69 KB 914x1248 20220920_111858.jpg)
(386.81 KB 934x1246 20220920_111935.jpg)
(423.71 KB 928x1284 20220920_111916.jpg)
Love these kinds
(109.44 KB 618x618 Lakshmi 1.jpg)
(114.29 KB 618x619 Lakshmi 2.jpg)
(100.80 KB 990x636 Lakshmi 3.jpg)
(75.86 KB 990x683 Durga 1.jpg)
(90.45 KB 990x653 Durga 2.jpg)
(101.25 KB 990x688 Durga 3.jpg)
(75.78 KB 610x614 Sawaswati 1.jpg)
(82.48 KB 615x613 Sawaswati 2.jpg)
(165.65 KB 990x823 Sawaswati 3.jpg)
(123.73 KB 990x678 Sawaswati 4.jpg)
>>987 >>988 >>989 Love them. Nice find
(5.65 MB 720x1280 tumblr_rcirlhcbfN1yz3f9a.mp4)
(106.96 KB 502x750 tight (4).jpg)
(2.39 MB 2048x2731 stup1.jpg)
(2.39 MB 2048x2731 stup2.jpg)
(23.45 KB 546x728 ocr.jpg)
(55.81 KB 718x944 ocr.jpg)
(49.10 KB 1000x667 ocr.jpg)
(7.76 KB 237x320 i.png)
(51.47 KB 667x1000 538_1000.jpg)
>>1077 >"Pathetic"
>>1077 >It was like she was looking at walking garbage
(267.44 KB 480x480 Pathetic.png)
(25.25 KB 450x660 double 1.jpg)
(21.16 KB 450x670 double 2.jpg)
(20.98 KB 450x670 double 3.jpg)
(391.84 KB 900x1116 2022052481093_0.jpg)
(297.08 KB 900x1116 2022052481093_2.jpg)
(273.57 KB 900x1116 2022052481093_5.jpg)
(374.83 KB 900x1116 2022052481093_6.jpg)
(626.24 KB 900x1116 2022052481093_7.jpg)
>>1088 Lee Hanee
(73.58 KB 559x747 1653726872517310.jpg)
(56.93 KB 595x597 1653726899836945.jpg)
(99.08 KB 559x747 1653726845279925.jpg)
(105.63 KB 559x747 1653726829221110.jpg)
(84.18 KB 595x597 1653726887558567.jpg)
(38.87 KB 530x775 ocr.jpg)
(18.85 KB 650x650 ocr.jpg)
(46.65 KB 768x1024 ocr.jpg)
(10.65 KB 240x320 i2.png)
(6.20 KB 240x320 i.png)
(38.87 KB 530x775 ocr.jpg)
(18.85 KB 650x650 ocr.jpg)
(46.65 KB 768x1024 ocr.jpg)
(10.65 KB 240x320 i2.png)
(6.20 KB 240x320 i.png)
>>1096 ah fuck. sorry for the double post, i didn't mean to
(175.19 KB 720x1080 2E64Kclj9LQ (1).jpg)
(446.23 KB 1280x853 BOorcRFZONQ.jpg)
(160.27 KB 720x1080 KDnfdGv3kc0.jpg)
(128.54 KB 720x1080 qj3kVGz7_tM.jpg)
>>1077 I love the one on the far right. It looks like she's saying, "Are you going to take care of this shit? My baby needs a daddy!"
(55.97 KB 720x960 E0UXNZYXMAYaSJO.jpg)
(73.17 KB 600x800 h_456md00048jp-15.jpg)
(77.49 KB 960x1312 st56ii0vzge71.jpg)
>>810 Who is she?
(2.08 MB 720x1200 tumblr_rl6mzikIRV1vjeua1.mp4)
(1.88 MB 664x1280 nfRfJK9edOQ5ba7D.webm)
https://anonfiles.com/1fh2sdp3z4/qwer7986_zip This KBJ streams hiding its pregnant belly.
>>1077 hands down my favorite set itt. 5th pic is so fuckin hot, man. jesus
(1.05 MB 720x1026 bRVtSRMrveuyLokU.mp4)
Does anyone know who she is?
>>3151 owww, she is so hot!
Looking for a vid posted before This one Chinese lady who's taking a selfie before panning down to her belly as she's walking, IIRC Does anyone still have that vid or a link to her tiktok/douyin?
(1.08 MB 576x1024 cGcJAA_5Tb42FT4Y_1.mp4)
>>3291 >>3291 in chinese tiktok(抖音douyin) her name is 热红
>>3605 >>3607 Yes it's this, thank you
>>3607 I looked through this channel but it's only rope-skipping content, doesn't seem to be her
(119.03 KB 496x800 IMG_6612.jpeg)
Some huge ching chongs
>>3667 they are all barefoot, good!
>>3668 Its an asian thing i think
>>3669 and a cute thing
So, during my travels across the internet, I inadvertently stumbled onto a Korean pregnancy fetish forum. Obviously, most of the pics in the real section are Asian, so here are some of my favorites.
>>3780 More of that girl working out plz holy damn
>>3782 Please do
>>3784 I would post more if if I could; unfortunately, the "possible source" for the image that a commenter on the post mentioned was just a link to a Japanese preg fetish Twitter account that only has the one photo of her.
>>3780 What's the forum called? Could you give us a link?
>>3787 https://arca.live/b/pregnant Here ya go. Knock yourself out.
>>3786 Zamn
>>3605 More of this lovely gal plz?! Love this shit, she's like "all the boys who think i'm cute~ still like me like this?"
>>3788 Why are so many of the pictures just a rabbit in glasses saying "¡Hola!"?
>>3792 Pretty sure that's just a placeholder for when the post doesn't include an actual image. Why *that* is the placeholder is anyone's guess.
This site is Need VPN
Does anyone have more pregnant Indian women?
(3.12 MB 1920x1079 微信截图_20230721223449.png)
>>3984 what's the source?
Probably one of the oldest and most famous YouTube videos to feature a preggo Asian woman. The video is called "給倆個天使寶寶的一段話~*", which translates to "A Word to Two Angel Babies~*" and the user is named zoeyqueen.
>>4006 What is she saying?
(4.66 MB 854x480 mov6_1.mp4)
(79.03 KB 1007x1526 F39LM7qbAAA1GYX.jpg)
(146.13 KB 1280x853 GSgTeCTYWBM.jpg)
(178.89 KB 720x1080 rhbku1r0RJQ.jpg)
(162.71 KB 720x1080 KfOcmJAp1nA.jpg)
(230.52 KB 720x1080 aCr83pxXDLg.jpg)
(108.93 KB 720x1080 GKjVv6sfHO0.jpg)
https://youtu.be/JEJ6Q3k730w it's a birth video(maybe) dunno if it's rp
>>4062 I think it's a video message to her unborn kids.
>>4062 Basically a pregnant mom wanting to make a video to her children while she's still pregnant She's 34 weeks and supposed to be giving birth next month, she talks about how big her stomach is and jokes about how well behaved they are inside her.
(5.20 MB 1280x720 HqvrZpJ4QaJNX9--.mp4)
>>4232 sauce?
(4.60 MB 592x444 1694813315468.mp4)
>>4560 So is that the entire video or does the preggo get ploughed?
>>4561 Its a spycam in a Japanese public bath, so no
>>4581 It's obviously staged. But, it would break the immersion, so, no. Maybe massage videos.
Bro drop the sauce you got anymore of her mega, drive, links >>4397