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a153c No.8693

Serah4Pregnant was a youtube channel that uploaded pregnancy scenes from movies and TV shows with stomach sounds over them. It was a super cool channel that got shut down due to copyright infringement.

Does anybody else have one or more videos from the channel or at least now about it ?

67e58 No.8694

do you remember any of the names of the videos or the movies/shows in them? if they make a new account or upload things elsewhere it should be possible to find them.

a153c No.8696

That picture was from a video called Pregnant Japan which is the only one I have downloaded.

dedb4 No.10732

Well come on, are you gonna mirror it for us or not? That thumbnail really has me interested.

dedb4 No.11069

bump. i gotta see this

55448 No.11484

i need this

2851b No.11543

How to upload a video to here ?

6fd70 No.11569

Video upload is not supported directly
Most people use mega and post the link, it's free

2851b No.11588

I haven't used Mega before so I hope this is good.

This should be a download link to the video.


0f209 No.11676

I don't want to risk downloading it or anything like that. Could anyone download it and upload it to YT? Even if it has to be unlisted.

b41bf No.11678

Works, thanks so much!

2851b No.11700

Mega is safe.

I already uploaded it to my youtube but the video was taken down in 25 mins.

9d0d0 No.11837

Just watched it. Great stuff, but I have to ask, this is clearly edited and has the dialogue and stuff edited out. Does anyone know what the original was, with dialogue and everything?

2851b No.11873


That's what i've been looking for, for a long time.

I decided to upload the video to my youtube channel in hopes that it would get a copyright strike so I could see who the creators where.

Creators of the video or at least the copyright claimants are ''GaGa Studios'', their list of productions is on their website but I can't find anything relating to a pregnancy documentary.

d8b4b No.12682

4a39c No.12683

It'd be cool if that bus broke down outside my house.

e3941 No.12806

I would be way more into this if I had any idea what was going on. If only there were captions, hell I'd even take a synopsis somewhere.

e5030 No.12807

The name of the film is the virgin psychics. Uh, a bunch of masturbating virgins get psychic powers and get horny a lot. The main dude and the chick that kicks him in the face both have telepathy. It's based on a fucking horrible manga. Have fun/

2851b No.12814


Huh….. so that's the full movie?

2851b No.12815


It does seem that the edited version was better.

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