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bbd82 No.3402[Reply]

So I've been tracking this furry online comic for a long while now since Tina's gotten pregnant, and finally she's in labor.

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938b5 No.4680



Well, according to this; https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24204348/ it looks like Colleen and Lydia are going to be pregnant at the same time, though they'll both be at different trimesters…

f1cc6 No.5004

There's already a thread for this. No need to create a new one.

e76b4 No.5006


If you're referring to >>2 I'd be a little cautious, as they seem to get pretty shirty on the subject of furry comics…

8d674 No.5007


is anybody getting this download to work? i keep unzipping the rar file, and trying to play the .avi, but everytime i do it says "server execution failure"


f1cc6 No.5008


I meant this thread >>4596

If they're going to make a new one while one already exists the mods will have to intervene.

File: 1445184088503.jpg (174.84 KB, 600x670, 1278472021_blitzava_mother….jpg)

16290 No.1305[Reply]

For one reason or another some artists will delete their pregfur work. Harassment, gallery purge, creepy comments, etc etc. Whatever their reason, this thread is so that those pieces can live on!
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179a5 No.4506

File: 1500260178363.jpg (304.22 KB, 1024x1341, IMG_4092.JPG)

f0d9b No.4508

The artist of that drawing is Dragoheart. She's still around on da.

179a5 No.4512

really? huh, can't believe I never made the connection.

b452d No.4728

Does know where to find Iveechan's old pregnant Pokemon art? Or perhaps have them all archived to upload?

5fa8d No.4921

File: 1503641396724.png (98.75 KB, 632x1026, 1503608285010-trash.png)

Not sure where I even found it and since I can't trace back, I might request a source for this.

File: 1503596329189.png (1.34 MB, 1468x1956, 1023571.png)

4f893 No.4745[Reply]

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4f893 No.4820

File: 1503598218474.png (972.37 KB, 1600x1200, 1444255.png)

4f893 No.4821

File: 1503598236483.png (970.01 KB, 1600x1200, 1518014.png)

fc095 No.4822

This art is nice and all, but you're kinda went a *bit* overboard.

dbc29 No.4906

Yeah, I like the artist too but… a link to a page or a mega dl link woulda done the job…

063b1 No.4912

Just use the front page content filter.

File: 1502097912359.png (119.87 KB, 706x600, primarina.png)

e0ef2 No.4613[Reply]

New around here, lurked a little. Decided to start posting sketches on FurAffinity and thought why not put a thread here. Mostly drawing Pokemon for now. Maybe other things later. :P Hope to start taking commissions.

Thought I'd share, see if there's any feedback, and just say hi. :)

Too embarrassed to post any old stuff, lol, so I'll just put some more recent art in this thread.
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28bfa No.4651

Oh hey, I didn't know you were here too. I saw you on FA first.

e0ef2 No.4732

File: 1503490143486.png (209.26 KB, 456x615, lycanroc birth.png)

Yeah, I'd been lurking at here and FA for a while but never posted until this.
Also, I'm back with a new commission.

aa51a No.4734

Best work yet~

bfc90 No.4737


e0ef2 No.4739

Thanks much. :)

My FA account is eggnonymous as well.

File: 1414280431393.jpg (72.18 KB, 800x863, Sandy8.jpg)

a3b12 No.313[Reply]

I noticed the furry side of things didn't have a source request thread. Figured I start things off since I have something I would like found. This is by Leokitsune and is a drawing of Rowyin's "Sandy." This was meant to be the eighth month in a series. I believe the other two pictures were of 9 months and full term? Something along those lines. They were hosted on the WISWRP board I think.
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a3b12 No.320

I bow to you in gracious thanks, good sir.

3786a No.4673

File: 1502555275072.png (463.16 KB, 800x1280, IMG_7958.PNG)

I don't remember exactly who made this one, but I think it might have been a part one in a series.

3786a No.4674

File: 1502555699809.jpg (187.67 KB, 700x487, IMG_3325.JPG)

and this one as well,for the life of me I can't remember who drew it.

6816f No.4719

this is ridiculously hot, and furries are not exactly my thing, but something about the artist's style and this scenario I guess…?

91c52 No.4720

Congrats anon you're now a goddamn furry.

File: 1484021393430.png (7.12 MB, 2100x3000, Preggy_Bunny_2_WIP..png)

b01fb No.3849[Reply]

My name is Areku. I am currently an 18 year old male, that just decided to finally publish some of his works online. I have considered pregnancy as something sexy ever since I was 13. Throughout my teenage life, I have drawn plenty of preg hentai but rarely showed anyone my drawings in fear of being shunned by others (especially my family). I have kept this a secret until now, and I am eager to finally share some of my works, and thankful to have found a community like this online where people share similar interests like me.

Right now, I am very busy with college classes, however, I will try to keep you guys updated with my WIP Sketches or Complete Digital Works.

At the moment, I enjoy drawing pregnancies involving Sonic The Hedgehog female characters (in exception to Cream), but I am also trying to expand my catalog by drawing other fandoms (interested in getting into some Animal Crossing characters).
-Sex During Pregnancy
-Multiples (no more than 3)

Tentacles-I cant find myself to like this, even if try.
Futa-I don't like drawing this. Sorry if you enjoy this.
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b01fb No.4022

File: 1490003771170.jpg (1.39 MB, 1576x2260, Page_2.jpg)

5fd7f No.4031

You shouldn't feel bad about your father finding out about your art work. No matter what its going to be awkward but as long as drawing this make you happy it shouldn't matter. Also as it your father it most likely the shock of seeing the sweet kid he raise and seeing they aren't innocent as all parents hope they are is what he really is upsetting him. Face it hentai isn't something you can shout out loud about and having everyone feel okay about it. We are all ashamed about on some levels.

b01fb No.4430

File: 1498811770620.png (748.46 KB, 1200x1600, Rosie.png)

b01fb No.4431

File: 1498811857736.png (1.55 MB, 1200x1600, Page_20_Generic.png)

d4a33 No.4711

Wow love this comic can you send me the rest of the pages? Cause I'm curious about this comic.

File: 1435268951760.jpg (159.71 KB, 1200x1299, Oro_and_Plata.jpg)

9f57f No.1201[Reply]

Dunno if there's already a thread for this, but can we get a little love going for werewolves? =D
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def83 No.3714

File: 1480869027770.png (177.07 KB, 1280x1146, 1476997288.gyro-furry_were….png)

def83 No.3715

File: 1480869036566.jpg (259.79 KB, 800x1280, 1477926710.wuffy32_sketch3….jpg)

6f76d No.4643

File: 1502298394426.jpg (433.75 KB, 2340x1723, wolf_pregnant_transformati….jpg)

6f76d No.4644

File: 1502298410977.jpg (384.91 KB, 2340x1723, wolf_pregnant_transformati….jpg)

aaf16 No.4645

This is a really obscure character from an anime and I'm blown away that I recognize her.

File: 1492367002379.jpg (167.44 KB, 1280x853, DQJTWQAvTgVW88B-BAQc9r_zmE….jpg)

a58d5 No.4107[Reply]

A pregnant fur at tff 2017
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d0d2c No.4149

Does anyone know who she is? Like, FA account or anything?

2ddeb No.4635

File: 1502268129337.jpg (184.26 KB, 1200x900, IMG_20170809_031421.jpg)

06143 No.4636

It says bojopigeon, so…. that the fur's username?

06143 No.4637

Wait a minute, I think bojopigeon is just a photographer actually.

bdf0f No.4638

Now I wanna see what she looks like, dang

File: 1501249881218.png (7.55 MB, 2416x2157, safer_spot_live_birth.png)

085f3 No.4560[Reply]

I hate making edits, but since tchaikovsky refuses to do any live birthing - ever, I decided this deserved to exist.

Original pic is available on IB and I support the artist on Patreon.

Anyone else have any egg births they'd like to see made live birthing?
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085f3 No.4576

This isn't already live birth? What do you want done to it?

e031e No.4577

It's an egg, trust me. She pushes it out.
Just, like, the hair texture like the other ones. Also, can you do a walkthrough so others can do that with 3d art?

2d98e No.4579


Dang, I didn't expect you to go above and beyond by enlarging the head! Nice job!

f161f No.4580

Can't link directly to image files on Pixiv.
Gets annoying with everyone on Gel/Danbooru does that when I'm trying to track down the source.

Have to make a link to the page with that image on it instead.

e031e No.4581

The image is >>4575

File: 1478170231378.jpg (90.08 KB, 800x1000, anari__s_capacity_by_riddl….jpg)

bb679 No.3588[Reply]

The thread for foxes and fox-related activities.
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7ce6b No.4414

File: 1498569487202.png (527.73 KB, 1274x1448, Untitled.png)

7ce6b No.4415

File: 1498569507743.png (95.65 KB, 764x1118, Kurama.png)

7ce6b No.4416

File: 1498569528576.png (91.2 KB, 764x1118, Kurama2.png)

9baa3 No.4447

File: 1498907395442.png (5.86 MB, 8438x6384, Untitled.png)

bb679 No.4482

File: 1499483961267.jpg (158.78 KB, 1044x1280, 1499001561.dansharkman_149….jpg)

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