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Edit Thread XXXIV: That One Guy #dDUkLF 02/10/2023 (Fri) 01:25:54 Id:261fe3 No. 10683
Not Sure I should be doing this but the other thread was full so... anyways Rules: -Basic /d/ rules as usual. Only post drawn images, nothing furry, etc. -Try to avoid spamming requests. Patience is a virtue after all. -Please be Polite to others. Have arguments elsewhere. -Remember to thank the editors for a finished request. -Please limit the amount of requests and revisions, let others have their requests done and give editors a break.
>>34039 That's what I meant, and it's perfect! Thanks!
(339.49 KB 540x646 Untitled59_20240429005908.png)
Edit this person to be a bit more feminine because the thread I found it on said it was mpreg
>>34105 Would you have thought it was mpreg if nobody ever told you? If the answer is no, it really doesn't need to be edited.
>>34106 Still would have since the face and anatomy kinda bothers me
>>34029 Hawt
Requesting a full-term onaka edit with twins on Nights, thank you.
(185.37 KB 763x1000 image (2).png)
Requesting preg edit with an outie
Requesting a bump on the first image, similar in size to the 2nd.
>>32823 Can someone edit that the onakas have movements and that the feet and more of the babies can be noticed?
(1.26 MB 2508x3541 IMG_4721.jpeg)
Requesting a 9 month bump edit
(1.48 MB 8376x1080 Edit 725.png)
Could someone edit this one.
>>34289 what artist is it?
>>34295 Looks like Axel-Rosered.
>>34321 Thank you
(473.13 KB 2916x3344 GMmjUqrXYAAEBmh.jpg)
(523.87 KB 3040x3344 GMmjUquXwAAy-zc.jpg)
(625.73 KB 3040x3344 GMmjUqtW8AAx2Mx.jpg)
Tsujiki posted a new piece today but it's unfortunately a vore commission. If anyone has the skill for it could this get edited into preg? Posted all three parts in spoilers but feel free to do whichever one is easiest to work with.
(209.97 KB 1280x1856 hx8wzn88zlca1.jpg)
Can someone give Human loona a big pregnart onaka?
Requesting Samus a full-term 9 montb onaka with twins, thank you.
(321.70 KB 401x590 1447145803944.png)
>>34376 This aint really want ya asked for but i had this edited image for years now. Dunno where i found it lol
>>34377 So hot and beautiful. 💯
(201.19 KB 935x1280 photo_2023-10-19_20-44-52.jpg)
Requesting (if possible) a baby kicking on this alredy (beautiful) pregant panel as it was shown in >>>/d/18469
>>34376 >>34377 Ohhhhh man this takes me back to when I first discovered the original Pregchan! Thanks for the nostalgia trip haha
Please requesting 9 months onaka.
Is it possible that it is a big onaka?
(7.18 MB 3024x4299 IMG_1547.png)
Anyone willing to edit this to make her prefnat?
Can anyone please edit this so that she just gave birth to a baby merfolk instead of a weird seal thing? Also if possible remove the bubbles around her pussy and nipples please.
(159.69 KB 1200x1616 lartoria.jpg)
could aanyone hear my request giving her big onaka one, thank you so much
(430.19 KB 1424x2048 GMuaAnUaIAAl5qQ.jpg)
Saw this online, a 9 month bump would be nice on it.
(961.97 KB 933x1200 Segs.png)
requesting any months of pregnancy to work with this girl
Spoilered because of mpreg. Anyone willing to edit the genitals to be a vulva and make the tits bigger (and maybe leaking milk) please? Thank you very much in advance.
(4.27 MB 2894x4093 Без названия471.png)
>>34667 Done
bump >>33151
>>34669 OR here! Thank you so much!
(599.11 KB 1518x1799 92d358728046b09306ed3276d5a471da.jpg)
can someone edit out the shlongs please?
(1.45 MB 1992x2615 118573478_p1.png)
9 month please, and if you would be kind extra halo for baby, kinda like this https://pregchan.com/d/res/15316.html#q30357
>>34728 Cool, thanks!
>>34720 thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience
(419.54 KB 928x1232 118687769_p4.jpg)
(397.21 KB 928x1232 118687769_p0.jpg)
(421.20 KB 928x1232 118687769_p2.jpg)
(553.28 KB 928x1232 118687769_p3.jpg)
(350.71 KB 928x1232 118687769_p1.jpg)
Can you make it bigger and have more prominent baby kicks? Please!
(512.55 KB 2339x3385 1693632828513.jpg)
(669.43 KB 2339x3385 1690657643162.jpg)
Can these gets bumps?
(828.44 KB 3533x3838 GETPREGNANT.jpg)
Any pregnancy month will do is all I am requesting thanks
>>34425 Please someone?
(46.03 KB 736x1030 Edna.jpeg)
Please make her nine months pregonate.
Tossing in another Kip work to hopefully get edited
They can make it an onaka of more than 9 months but the onaka is very big with movements in the onaka
(1.53 MB 1214x1944 Untitled63_20240516135602.png)
standard procedure asking for a full term onaka if possible