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Edit Thread XXXIV: That One Guy #dDUkLF 02/10/2023 (Fri) 01:25:54 Id:261fe3 No. 10683
Not Sure I should be doing this but the other thread was full so... anyways Rules: -Basic /d/ rules as usual. Only post drawn images, nothing furry, etc. -Try to avoid spamming requests. Patience is a virtue after all. -Please be Polite to others. Have arguments elsewhere. -Remember to thank the editors for a finished request. -Please limit the amount of requests and revisions, let others have their requests done and give editors a break.
>>19252 Shit, wrong post
Any one can help on nude edit on this pls ♡
(9.19 KB 168x94 hqdefault.webp)
Can anyone make the blondie in the middle a LOT ninpu? All her girl friends wanna touch her onaka bulge out of her aqua blue kimono.
>>19255 sorry for thumbnail, currently searching for bigger image, MAKE HER BIGGER PLS NAO LOLZ.
(52.41 KB 660x373 635774865596188738-live-2.webp)
>>19256 >>19255 Makes a good forum member account avatar (a few still go post on message boards like in web 1 days).
>>19252 It was cheap, and the artist said that he didn't do changes.
(109.33 KB 1280x1886 20170613_160352_Micaela.jpg)
Any chance of getting a nice pregnancy edit of this one please?
(265.11 KB 883x850 slush.png)
Can someone remove the clothes please?
(78.12 KB 1080x1528 FB_IMG_1691218573344.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month onaka pls
>>19276 I would like to see this one be done too and maybe with a bra and panties alt to go with it.
>>19307 I second that
>>18561 I second this please
Requesting an overdue onaka for her please.
Can you please animate this image with fetal hand movements and fetal leg kicks inside her tummy, Don't forget to please let me know when you are done and agree, Thank you.
>>19408 I swear there's a birth and panty birth variant of this image somewhere.
>>18912 Bump
(14.89 KB 480x240 IMG_6762.webp)
(367.34 KB 504x980 IMG_6760.jpeg)
(70.51 KB 588x687 IMG_6764.jpeg)
(213.51 KB 850x1339 IMG_6765.jpeg)
(222.66 KB 850x1527 IMG_6766.jpeg)
Requesting fullterm edits on either of these pics of Talia Al Ghul
>>19485 Love the 4th one on the right (I find it so sexxxi).
(7.49 MB 3804x2580 0.png)
Request onaka edit to 9 months
Unvore this or make it into unbirth if you'd please. Thank you.
>>19465 Can you show me where it is?
>>19520 I wish but I don't know where it is.
>>19557 It's okay, I hope someone still has it or is stored in an offline gallery, even if they don't send it back online publicly.
(1.13 MB 1143x1440 100597342_p0.jpg)
(1.18 MB 1143x1440 100597342_p1.jpg)
someone put the xray in the first image, but with real babies please
Requesting a full term onaka for them, please.
(292.94 KB 675x642 1691732193199388.png)
once again i'm asking you to babybump the tomboy
(36.84 KB 675x642 Super.jpg)
>>19637 Glorious.
>>18520 Bump plz bruv. onaka edit plox
Can someone change her head please
If possible, can I get a pergenat onaka that is somewhat larger than her head? Thanks
>>19276 Bump
(199.07 KB 1733x2467 20230815_035940.jpg)
Please, I need to see her big and round. Kicks optional.
Give her full term 10 months tum please!
(425.00 KB 2400x1500 383f2a9919070b47a8f5348b896f272c.jpg)
Can I get some to remove the censor blocks for Me Please.
>>19738 Is she a Gundam character? Looks like the Earth federation officer uniform.
>>19782 Yeah, she's from gundam
(223.98 KB 1500x2000 104376886_p0.jpg)
(446.79 KB 794x1123 106374579_p0.jpg)
(645.06 KB 936x1917 104487489_p1.png)
(1.08 MB 1378x2039 107899413_p0.png)
>>19738 Seconded, although I think a pic of her in her normal clothes would be better since they expose her midriff.
(56.78 KB 1080x1080 FB_IMG_1692180842486.jpg)
Requesting preg edit on castoria, thanks.
>>19796 >1080x1080 >FB_IMG_1692180842486 BAKA
>>19026 Bump
>>19603 Bump
>>19276 Bump
(1.20 MB 1401x1939 20230819_231113.jpg)
Requesting full term onaka and removing her shorts please, maybe make her giving birth with the baby's head crowning if you want. Thank you in advance
(2.46 MB 3200x1800 111005146_p0.jpg)
Here, Here, Come here, Please make her all 9 months pregonate, Perfectly.
(351.69 KB 687x1275 Screenshot_20230820-110514-1.jpg)
Requesting a 9 months onaka with a outie onaka button please.
id kinda like to see if someone could give goobie an onaka
>>16796 Bump
(237.21 KB 900x1440 5fYkjTjOASs.jpg)
A full-term onaka, please
>>18566 please
Hey you, Please edit, Fetal movement, Can you edit this image with fetal kicks, I'm waiting for the results.
Hi, requesting a big onaka with a outie onaka button
>>19656 Bump
What happened to the Mealtforever thread?
Please give Cynthia a beautiful baby-filled tummy.
9 months prangent onaka to this thanks
>>20220 Cute, very. But I feel like this more generic hentai style makes her more.. comprehensible, and part of the appeal is the abstraction of her body
(172.13 KB 1263x2048 FpilhgHXsAI97dw.jpg)
(167.93 KB 1080x1620 ks4298j8dbl71.webp)
Please describe eida prengan with a daemon version of a fetus that is already large but still in eida's stomach with active fetal movements that can be seen with the naked eye. And the other one, Please also make Delta bregant with IVF from Amado, and don't forget to give the conversation between Kashin Koji and Delta as follows. Delta: "How long should I wait for this thing that is always moving inside me", I can't wait to destroy Konoha with my two eyes. Koji : "Could you calm down a bit patiently for a while", "And don't forget what you brought with you when something strange inside you also wakes up".
(1.72 MB 2747x2174 ginyu special force.jpg)
Hi, Could some talented guy make them the Ginyu Pr e gg o Force, please? Thanks in advance. P.S.: Sorry for reposting, I've made some rework on my original picture. I've deleted the previous one at the same time.
requesting a cute baby bump please
(80.93 KB 926x1024 jaiden beach.jpeg)
(172.30 KB 796x824 Rebecca flash.jpeg)
(316.90 KB 970x1132 Jaiden jugs.jpeg)
I Would be very appreciative if any of these get a nice nine month onaka, maybe with some lactation
Wake up, shower, go to work, come home, go back to sleep, repeat. Holiday, Sit, Turn on computer, Busy, Open site, Ignore. New thread, Request, Reply to Comment, Be patient, Tired of waiting, Died.
>>20715 This is great! Thank you very much!
>>19189 I can only do one sry
>>18557 Bump
>>19108 Oops, forgot to un-mirror
(657.92 KB 1024x576 pixai-1656097074465411662-2.png)
>>19133 Gauntlet version
Requesting these two pictures of Edith Up be given big full-term onakas and greatly enlarged breasts, and maybe some lactation if you feel like it.
>>20764 Thank you
(232.96 KB 1658x1173 F5V7a9tb0AA-_t3.jpeg)
Requesting onakas on both of them. Keep the text on if possible, but there's no problem with removing it if it's too much work
>>19133 Another version
>>19654 Bump
can i get an onakabutton and/or some kicks for these please?
>>12439 Bump
requesting someone gets rid of all the food related stuff, thanks in advanced
(1.06 MB 850x1202 Untitled575.png)
>>20950 Thank you very much! It's great!
>>20757 Thanks you so mucb
(182.60 KB 960x540 ran.jpg)
Requesting a bump on this
>>20950 Good Lord, this is proof pregnancy can be so sexi !
(1.35 MB 3035x4299 1586778430182-1.jpg)
nice big healthy onaka please
>>20969 I’m not dead, also enjoy
(59.55 KB 720x850 DhKfWeXUwAASh9y.jpeg)
Please can you edit her being very prregnant and being given a kick in the shape of a large baby's foot, so that she can see her two children moving freely in her stomach.
>>20986 sweet jesus thanks dude
>>19060 Bumping this cutie here
A fullterm bump for her please.
>>16702 Bump
>>21033 Thanks!
A fullterm bump for her please.
Thanks ^ω^
A fullterm bump for them please.
(106.70 KB 1534x2048 20230911_214632.jpg)
Can someone put a nine month pregnart onaka on her please?
>>17345 bumping
(375.42 KB 512x800 00008-3921863007.png)
>>14896 Edited with AI. I hope you like it.
>>21100 These aren't really 9 month... and the middle and right ones look pretty bad. I'm not the OR but maybe you should attempt this by hand, it'd at least look nicer.
(1.73 MB 2893x4092 1-6 [V2].png)
Full term onaka pls
>>18956 Bumping this request with an alternate image where their panties are off. Thank you in advance to whoever decides to take this request!
(268.01 KB 1000x1422 F538AnwWQAAyOot.jpg)
Requesting a full-term onaka for her please. Gotta eat for two or more.
>>21100 OP here, I appreciate the attempt, didn't think anyone would take a jab at it. But I mostly agree with >>21104 it would probably be better if it got touched up by hand a bit.
>>21035 TYSM it looks good~
>>21104 AI user here. I apologize for the terrible quality because I'm not an artist. It's my first time using stable diffusion. I just picked this because it's one of my favorite manga and I wanted to edit it. If someone else can make a better edit, that would be great.
could anyone with xray resources send them my way please? wanna get into preg editing myself but dont have anything for xrays. I remember seeing them on the old site but didint pick them up at the time
(2.96 MB 1041x1600 Untitled586.png)
>>18293 Bump please.
>>20925 bump
>>19957 Bump
(97.26 KB 827x1170 F6BexshaoAAYxo7.jpg)
requesting 7 months onaka for 2B
(5.16 MB 4961x3189 111063084_p0.jpg)
Requesting a full term bump for her, please.
>>21361 Thanks! Good work.
>>16702 Seconding, i love her
(3.41 MB 1324x2281 103793229_p0.png)
Requesting 9 months with twins please
>>21361 Fantastic work.
(48.54 KB 675x900 F2bIWxcaAAAYQdq.webp)
(92.43 KB 500x801 Fua8aHgX0AQDRzl.jpeg)
They can make their onakas very big as if they had a big baby inside.
(1.79 MB 1180x1672 69679760_p6.png)
>>21343 how about this then?
Requesting a 9 month tummy on the gorgeous Cynthia, please. (Bonus points if you can "extend" the picture so her pussy is visible and her baby is crowning).
(730.53 KB 2481x3508 111416670_p0.jpg)
Requesting a fullterm onaka for her, please.
(440.05 KB 840x1489 cynthia_Preg.jpg)
>>21528 Here you go anon, enjoy
(908.03 KB 1600x1100 49526235_p0.jpg)
Requesting first trimester or even just a little bump.
>>21542 Brilliant! And done so quick too! Thank you!
Requesting a 9 months onaka for this two girls please
>>19969 Bump.
>>21409 Original requester; holy shit that's awesome. I wasn't actually sure it was possible with the hand in the way but you got it exactly as I imagined.
Would Love to see Ilulu with a nice pegrent onaka!
>>21542 Do you have a Pixiv or Twitter or something like that?
Can anybody edit this to be carrying multiples for example triplets, with a bigger and fuller onaka? Please don't forget the halos thanks.
>>21057 Bump
>>19572 What the fuck does she have inside his onaka?
A 9 months onaka for her, please
>>21503 2B NO CLOTHES /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~
I would like some decent bellow for these pics. Please and thank you.
>>21718 How many variations of this scenario do you have ffs
>>21728 Clearly not enough if you try and search up Rain Mikamura. You hardly get shit regarding fanart and porn.
(325.45 KB 1607x1920 1695490129249.jpg)
(1.05 MB 1332x1080 1695490242049.png)
(1.03 MB 1080x1980 1679753579202.png)
(1.66 MB 1728x3168 1677833708722.png)
>>21728 Like I have seen folks in Japan crank out various edits or some shit way before AI became a thing it is now. And that is like maybe once a month.
Requesting her with a cute baby bump please.
(2.07 MB 1384x2088 cy338a5179qb1.png)
Could she get a full/twin sized onaka please.
(87.91 KB 1072x1463 img_1_1629089647285.jpg)
>>21769 Not many requests for the Xeno Franchise. I am hoping this would be fixed. Pic related.
>>21770 Here another. Full term onaka for her, please.
(6.47 MB 2104x2835 PWPoster.png)
Yeah. Here is a better pic.
Could someone please edit the Lappy mask to be her exposed onaka?
(755.45 KB 1125x2000 0_0_2a6f242b9a1fc33e_592121.jpg)
>>12703 seconding this request with a different version of the image please with same onaka size
(337.63 KB 1125x2000 b.jpg)
>>21850 There have been more deliveries here in the past 3 days than /f/ edits got in a month, take what you can get.
>>21851 You seem like a respectable person, you get one free edit. BTW, what was in the deleted post you replied to?
>>21853 The post said "The world's giant search engine is celebrating its birthday today. Thousands of requests have still not been resolved until now. Is there only 1 person working here? Seriously ask!" My request was >>21769 , thank you in advance.
Requesting 9 months pregat please.
>>21858 It's the same one isn't it? No need to post more. >>11563
>>21688 Bump
(145.60 KB 1024x1536 IMG_20230923_210309.jpg)
(177.36 KB 1024x1536 IMG_20230923_210320.jpg)
(2.93 MB 3880x2156 IMG_20230923_205845.jpg)
Anyone thing they can edit these pls, not enough preg art of orihime out there in the world
>>21870 Lmao I hadn't seen that comment on the same image.
>>21855 Really just kinda stopped trying to fulfill edits here as of late. So yeah, it basically is only one person working on it, and honestly they're killing it. So, cut them a break maybe?
>>21881 3 months ago, So you are the one instead, It's too late, Meanwhile in the manga it has already reached the two blue vortex. >>19969 So, are you willing to edit it?
>>21882 The drawthread has already warned you about your behavior, please do not repeat that.
>>21883 Okay, I got it.
>>21882 You're asking for 10 edits in the same image, I presume most editors would skip over because of the work required for it
>>21886 Yes I know it. I also need to work and catch up with the time that has been determined according to the schedule. But that's not what I'm discussing about negative mentalities. What I really want is to wait for the results of your hard work for a very long time to be received very well or get a good appreciation. very extraordinary from your big fans, yes, even though you still hate it.
>>21869 Thank you again, she's perfect!
>>21877 Seconding this, I'm really mad that they cut/skip that scene from anime
>>21886 I mean if you are able to do it, please be happy, I will give you a cup of warm coffee with milk to help you work and a piece of donut bread with vanilla jam, please accept it well, as a thank you from me.
ik someone will call me lazy but idc can someone just add a outie to osno here
Would anyone be willing to edit down to a more reasonable onaka, around 8 or 9 months? The breasts as well, if that isn't too much trouble. Many thanks for consideration in advance.
(229.80 KB 1767x1671 F7H9zGVaUAAUb0x.jpg)
someone please could make visible the birth? something like the baby crowning, thank you in advance
>>21991 Cute!
(337.64 KB 1075x1518 103408461_p17.jpg)
Requesting a large overdue onaka for her please.
(773.26 KB 1061x1500 1081.jpg)
Requesting 9 months please.
(161.75 KB 970x1500 20231002_045412.jpg)
Request 9 months plz
Do we have any instructions on how to do editing using photoshop? (Without knowing how to draw) that will be great help!
Requesting full-term on her, please.
Request 9 month onaka for Navia please
(1.27 MB 1202x1700 70066368_p1.png)
Fullterm onaka for her, please.
Has anyone ever created a new thread specifically for anime on pregchan with the board /a/ - Anime?
>>19738 Bump
>>22074 Bumping this, please.
>>22297 It's been 4 days, at least wait a bit longer before bumping.
>>21903 Here, I kinda got lazy too.
>>22323 well thanks anyway its better than nothing
>>22329 Thank you bro!
>>16702 Bump
Please give her a nice tummy!
>>22336 Thanks!
>>22371 Thank you!
Please give her a single full-term big onaka. Thanks!^ω^
and this ^ω^ >>12707
>>21688 Bump
(879.10 KB 2076x1430 main_back (1).jpg)
Requesting full term / 9 months embiggened (Rinko and Yukikaze) Thank you.
(440.69 KB 1280x2165 2056601_4487875B_12.jpg)
Requesting 9 months please.
>>22459 Oh and I need to see her onaka fetal movement optional please.
>>19026 Bump
(6.92 MB 2089x3408 112338233_p0.png)
any editor here kindly edit this please? bigger is better and thank you
(228.63 KB 800x1138 01.jpg)
(122.93 KB 800x1138 31 (1).jpg)
7 months pregonate onaka for them, thanks
>>22443 Not OP but great job, these are nice edits.
would someone be willing to re color sunset to her proper self and maybe add a kick bump?
(809.63 KB 512x768 IMG_4238.png)
(796.79 KB 512x768 IMG_4242.png)
(806.04 KB 512x768 IMG_4236.png)
(855.46 KB 512x768 IMG_4246.png)
(862.26 KB 512x768 IMG_4247.png)
Stopping by to drop off that dank contents and be on my way. Love you guys!
(156.00 KB 390x552 special_pic_03s.jpg)
(1016.64 KB 2076x1430 main_back.jpg)
(244.57 KB 1200x1200 main_pic_tb.webp)
>>22463 Thank you! Can you help Requesting full term / 9 months pragnent
(155.15 KB 1536x2048 F63_7nFXEAAzak-.jpg)
Fullterm onaka for Clorinde, please.
(1.22 MB 1413x2000 F735lQCbEAE-zxv.jpeg)
This one please :)
(494.32 KB 850x1252 Edit 321.png)
(1.11 MB 5196x3924 Edit 318.png)
(212.92 KB 369x599 Edit 295.png)
(1.36 MB 1200x1800 Edit 297.png)
edits i've done for other people and myself
>>22590 Hell yeah dude
For the power girl guy
>>22590 Draco Centauros looks so cute!
(232.28 KB 1280x905 65 air jun.jpg)
Requesting ing an edit if possible for pic rel: Transferring the cock from ass to pussy and giving the woman a preg onaka
>>22590 Glad to see some command grab
Edit o’ passion
(411.01 KB 833x1200 Image00002.jpg)
Could someone give her an onaka? Not really worried about the size as long as it looks appropriate I guess.
Immediately edit this with 9 months pragnet, With kicks, Bump please.
(459.81 KB 1600x1600 img17.png)
It's been a while since I pitched a request, so here we go. With Oktoberfest on the horizon, I'd like to see this thicc German lass with a big third-trimester tum to go with those big milkers. Thanks in advance!
Hey guys, I’m out! Unfortunately, I’ve come to the realization I don’t have autonomy over the work I’ve done here. Nor the respect of the people who’ve shared it. So, if you’ve been with me since I began doing edits or enjoyed my edits along the way I’m glad to have brought you some joy. Either way… Love ya’ all!! o7
>>22713 >I don’t have autonomy over the work I’ve done here ??? >Nor the respect of the people who’ve shared it I haven't seen people disparaging you, so what are you looking for?
>>22740 I'm not looking for anything really. I've received only positive reception and feed back from this (The Pregchan) community. In some circles what I do has been categorized as plagiarism, disingenuous, or flat out AI fabrication. As such, I asked that the content I had/would have produced for this thread be removed. I no longer have the means to monitor the compliance of this request, and I don't care for the idea of my content being shared with/by these individuals. So... I'm going to play some starfield and enjoy a good rp or two instead.
(80.16 KB 1080x1026 1627131867348.jpeg)
>>22746 The basic rules of edit thread (and draw thread too i guess) is anyone cant ask for specific anon/user to do their edit request and anyone can choose which one they want to edit (even outside anyone request) freely, so I don't think you felt forced to edit. You can comeback anytime you felt like want to edit again. And yea, you are one of the many great editors in this site, thabk you for all of your services.
(190.20 KB 1165x2048 IMG_0964.jpeg)
Anyone willing to try editing her full term?
So if someone creates a new thread and there are too many requests, will you all accept it? If you are lazy about doing it and then you ignore it, it means you didn't accept it kindly! Or don't worry, you are actually lazy in responding. That means you are not a professional person. Thank you.
>>22797 If I made a commitment to do an edit for you message me. Otherwise, free editors allowed to be lazy?
>>22800 If you work for 6 hours and sleep for 6 hours, does your time at home take 12 hours? And at that time whether you are very busy for holidays or family, Tell me where is your freedom to take time to entertain yourself without feeling tired! Yes, I did comment harshly and forcefully here, but I don't know whether there are actually people who carry out paid commission transactions to hire pro editor artists to tell you to do something you like and don't like.
But what if you really like to tease other people, including me, if I tell you to make 10 edits in 1 image like my previous request below. Do you just say "Yes I agree to illustrate it for you for free", Or "If you insist and keep doing it you are really impatient, Hire any artist to get it done faster", That makes me disappointed not because of you but because of the problems that always caused by others to me.
I saw her onaka dancing and couldn't help but imagine how much better she'd look with a baby hanging out from her while she does it.
(194.37 KB 1000x1250 req59_2_o1.jpg)
Give a Louise pragnent onaka please
I would love to see her with a big bump to be proud of.
(1018.29 KB 1205x1600 94160695_p0.png)
Requesting a 9 month onaka
Can someone please change this to pregnancy? If possible, remove/change the text, and possibly add baby kicks. Thank you in advance
(69.98 KB 800x600 294.jpg)
Might be tricky given her position but could somebody edit this unfortunate nun to have a well developed prefnat onaka and lactating breasts please?
>>22968 *Sighs* Fina Pirate Princess deserved a lot more than 12 episodes.
(934.65 KB 1205x1600 edit.png)
(260.50 KB 1388x2000 108644310_p0.jpg)
requesting a big onaka with a outie onaka button please, thanks in advance
>>23002 Nice job, first day delivery.
>>22567 Bump
>>23002 Great work!
>>23004 Seconding onaka.
(1.67 MB 1388x2000 edit.png)
(2.76 MB 1870x2201 stiched.png)
9 months edit
(57.94 KB 680x680 F8qA8xTbQAQRns0.jpeg)
Can you make the onaka pregananant and also make the onaka unclothed please?
>>23039 Original requester here, what an amazing work, thank you so much.
>>22688 Bump.
>>21247 Original requester here, thank you so much
>>22567 Bump.
>>18293 Bump Please.
Requesting a big onaka with a outie onaka button please, thanks you in advance.
(322.20 KB 1280x1865 061.jpg)
Requesting a pargnet onaka for juvia.
>>23376 You're saying Navia like people here have any idea which is which
(550.27 KB 1200x1080 main.png)
(503.40 KB 1200x1080 main.png)
Requesting full term / 9 months pragnent THANK YOU
Can anyone make a 9 month onaka on her. Cheers.
(5.48 MB 2480x3508 99254705_p0.jpg)
request for her having big one please
>>23640 Someone already did this one. Here's what they did:
>>23641 ohh thanks for digging it
(368.50 KB 1558x2692 Erasa edit.png)
Requesting 2 edits of Erasa from DBZ, one of which is a simple outie onaka button, and the other is to add some kicks on top of that.
Requesting a fullterm onaka for Himeko, please.
Just looking if I can get a coloring edit for this
(261.28 KB 1467x1275 debbie_final150.jpg)
Can you edit the big onaka so that there is a very big kick under his palm when she is holding his stomach (baby's feet)?
(155.21 KB 1400x1454 FlM19mPWYAM5MgS.jpg)
I got a two pronged request in mind if any of y'all wanna. I'd like this mpreg guy drawn by dwps to be colored (apparently she said its supposed to be a pokemon trainer so idk give it Nate colors or smth) in the first picture, and the second picture is just a simple edit for an extremely big onaka with twins for her, thanks!
>>19656 Bump
would someone be kind enough to give rally a full term onaka with twins? thanks!
>>23706 Bump for the Black Rock Shooter plz.
(2.89 MB 3333x5000 post-image-34717198.jpeg)
Please requesting 9 months onaka.
Requesting some kicking on her hyper bregant bump, please.
>>22322 Bump
(2.32 MB 1386x2048 F9HNRrybsAAezNI.png)
Can someone make a big pragnet onaka the size of triplets?
(416.03 KB 833x2500 thalia.jpeg)
Make this bob cat even stronger by giving her a huge 9 month onaka please. thank you!
Can someone please remove the xray and bugs from this one? Thanks in advance.
(297.63 KB 1180x1920 Image_1699304985677.jpg)
(178.05 KB 1280x904 Image_1699304983331.jpg)
(141.83 KB 1280x1706 Image_1699304972203.jpg)
new work enjoy
>>24183 holy shit for a minute I thought the first pic was a "wow_girly" pic, she kinda dropped off around 3 years back
(1.45 MB 1536x2048 editt.png)
I'm extra rusty, but anyways here's my attempt
>>24206 Maybe try to do the onaka more round
>>23663 one is you two is new enjoy
>>19136 difficult
>>24183 holy... nice.
morph please she need an onaka
(385.18 KB 648x1000 rayn.png)
Requesting make her pargnet please...
(327.79 KB 383x1333 nagi.png)
requesting make her pregananant please... reference on right...
(1.48 MB 1536x2048 editt.png)
>>24207 there
>>24315 Maybe fix the ilumination of the onaka, but that aside it's pretty good.
(1.50 MB 1536x2048 editt.png)
>>24319 hmmm like this?
>>24323 That looks a bit better now.
>>24325 thanks
>>24327 No problem.
>>24253 hoooo thank you for took my request, great
Requesting fullterm onaka for the girl on the right please...
>>24445 Oops...
(465.14 KB 888x1084 97842831_p0.jpg)
Requesting for a full-term onaka and some darkened nipples.
requesting full term onaka please...
Fill her up with a full term onaka please!
>>11265 Not loli so I don't know why you even bothered to spoiler these.
(1.47 MB 990x1400 113248243_p0.png)
This one would look really good with a 9 month bump
heres a blank canvas someone can use for bumping
>>24531 Amazing work!
(2.82 MB 1600x4800 Untitled185_20231114032232.png)
Made a edit didn't know we're else to post
>>24659 This could be posted in the lewdlemage thread and I don't think anyone would notice, the artstyle is honestly a near carbon copy of that artist's style.
Requesting a 9 month onaka
>>24660 Nah, they'd notice even without N's watermark on it. Honestly, it still amazes me how many rivet counters there are on this site.
>>24659 Name of the artist?? :o
>>24669 nKAIRObi.
Btw the original drawing
Well here's an other one of his edits I made a while back
(3.54 MB 1500x2427 100185993_p0.png)
(333.41 KB 1448x2048 106734865_p0.jpg)
(2.59 MB 1984x2806 109018584_p0.jpg)
Requesting a fullterm onaka for them, please.
>>15464, >>16703, >>17191 requesting these onakas, please.
(2.05 MB 1000x1500 20231110_155924_112868460_p2.png)
new work enjoy
>>24747 Nice!
(582.95 KB 1195x671 Pay me.PNG)
Requesting Tig from the music video "Uno Reverse" nine months pragnet
(990.79 KB 2668x4478 1631657541160.png)
>>10683 Not sure if this really counts since she's already ninpu but if one of you could add pair of nipples protruding out from under her shirt, that would be appreciated
(112.83 KB 1080x1800 FB_IMG_1700258044440.jpg)
Pls request 9 months prego
>>24095 thats the best part
>>24070 bump
(3.20 MB 1920x1080 personal 1.jpg)
The swimsuit was too enticing to go without an onaka.
>>24945 i'm waiting for broken/dress break version
Please take this picture and take a cute facial expression (from an other picture I will post below) and transplant it on the image where she is prangent. Then please edit her pussy so it's stretching and crowning with her baby's head. Thank you in advance!
>>25041 The expression in question.
(78.83 KB 765x1280 k9k97t1qa51c1.jpg)
(562.75 KB 2827x4096 7t951axd151c1.jpg)
(200.20 KB 2396x1838 ofda4zfzs40c1.jpg)
(909.92 KB 2061x3225 3_808wua0uwazb1.png)
(127.40 KB 918x1280 r0d2anuhnb1c1.jpg)
Now, don't want to be a bother, but reckon it'd be pure genius if you could tweak a little somethin' somethin' in there. Like, maybe throw in a bit more pop, you know? Spice it up a tad.
(416.86 KB 1200x857 F_Y2GFCWwAEfY9o.jpg)
Requesting a full-term onaka for them please.
If anyone could edit an 8/9 month onaka on this, that'd be great and greatly appreciated. Thanks for your consideration.
(442.85 KB 536x1639 Oriana_Thomson.png)
request give her fullterm onaka please
(980.70 KB 1520x2000 1683513971708851.jpg)
request give them leg please... make her full body portrait and transparent background...
(205.01 KB 1310x2048 fern.jpg)
is it possible to give her big onaka? thank you
Request 9 months prego.
>>23781 Please someome?
can a homie make these 2 girls give birth together? 9 months if you need a timeframe
(8.44 MB 3333x5000 Illustraaation.png)
>>25205 something like this?
(567.79 KB 900x1510 F_n9rz_awAAYw-k.jpg)
Requesting a very large onaka for her please.
>>25223 im not who made request but could you make the onaka bigger? if possible near her genital area
(8.32 MB 3333x5000 11Illustration.png)
>>25244 ask, and you'll receive
>>24683 Bump
>>19957 Bump
Add a full-term onaka and possible a topless edit?
>>25263 much appreciated(⁠◕⁠ᴗ⁠◕⁠✿⁠)
>>25305 you're welcome!
>>25263 Thanks so much! She is beautiful with that onaka.
>>25263 Beautiful onaka
bump >>25215
>>25369 >>25370 glad of reading that ^^
>>23775 Bump
Does anyone know how to add baby foot-shaped kicks to the front of the stomach skin?
anyone willing try and edit that ball into a huge onaka?
(1.70 MB 1280x1784 Cache_917410c5b51729d..png)
(1.77 MB 1100x1650 Cache_-20d7710075899e6a..png)
new work enjoy~
...onaka please...?
(1.63 MB 2061x3225 Untitled688.jpg)
>>25047 Enjoy.
(925.28 KB 1234x1813 104841166_p0.png)
Nanashi Mumei as a goth/e-girl. She would look even tastier with a full onaka.
(3.38 MB 5098x3624 1697526527177624.jpg)
requesting onakas for all of them
>>21564 Not my request, but I would love to see them pregonate too.
(6.72 MB 2900x4096 orihime.png)
request for orihime having big onaka please, rarely her pergert art
(849.29 KB 1049x900 1701811342789040.png)
Please requesting 8 or 9 months onaka.
>>24683 Bump.
(818.67 KB 1400x2150 105836831_p0.png)
hi requesting a cute round tummy please. thank you in advance.
>>22322 Bump
>>25968 My guy, if you have to bump it this many times take that as a hint it's not getting done and try something else.
>>25972 There is no need to be rude.
(622.03 KB 2495x4081 1702182394741430.jpg)
Requesting a peegnant onaka, whatever size fits best in the frame.
thank you so much for making alternative edit >>26022
(1.50 MB 3224x4104 sexy_christmas.png)
Can someone give her a big round onaka please?
>>25990 uh oh love this, thank you so much
>>25897 I don't understand.
(853.19 KB 894x1460 1642786866878-1.png)
(468.05 KB 1918x1722 GA_yTOnWMAAWle0.jpg)
(1.21 MB 1413x2500 FYzaIhPVsAEHAkC.jpg)
(59.40 KB 736x897 F-Vv_JlaUAAHQf9.jpg)
>>10683 Pitching a batch of requests, feel free to work on these if you want to, thank you in advance!
>>18293 Bump!
Got the Nagatoro one by Vanabette. I used my phone's magic eraser to 'remove' senpai's hand, and accidentally made it look like her baby is moving.! At the expense of her other arm lol Looks pretty hot ngl, if messy. If anybody is confident in their skills, it could benefit from a touch-up. I'll upload a low and upscaled res ver
Anyone able to do something with this one?
>>26362 hoho thank you so much for hearing my request
(4.32 MB 3560x6061 113176397_p0.png)
(1.30 MB 1650x2550 92975958_p0.jpg)
(3.18 MB 1890x2238 109398508_p1.png)
Wondering if I can get an edit for these images as close to the size of the reference image I included, Thanks in advance
would anyone be willing to give mumei a full term onaka?
(791.64 KB 1080x1664 1000005135.jpg)
Requesting full term onaka pleas
(96.74 KB 760x1028 altria.jpg)
is it possible to enlarge the onaka? hope editor here does my request. thank you
(299.33 KB 800x1590 20231223_093055.jpg)
Please requesting 9 months onaka.
(2.74 MB 2958x4510 Matoi bonus.jpg)
Requesting a baby bump on Ryuko plz
(495.65 KB 800x1590 Project (20231223112042).png)
>>26700 Merry christmas, hope you like. Slinks back off into shadows cause fuck people.
>>21291 bump
>>25967 Bump before christmas
Requesting a full pregnart onaka.
reposting Tearju 8 months edit request
>>26701 Pli bump
>>26702 Thanks so much!
>>18194 Please bump
Please give her an onaka with quadruplets.
Preg edit please
(731.73 KB 1448x2048 1703419320486 kora.jpg)
>>26761 holy that's really good
(600.01 KB 1158x1619 1703420229496 kora.jpg)
(614.16 KB 1158x1619 1703420229496 kora2.jpg)
(601.31 KB 1158x1619 1703420229496 kuro.jpg)
(614.20 KB 1158x1619 1703420229496 kuro2.jpg)
Merry Christmas!!!
>>26771 Likewise average citizen
(273.15 KB 1280x2188 Image_1703607450911.jpg)
>>25891 Please someome?
(211.17 KB 1520x720 az_recorder_20231226_230428.jpg)
Can someone make the onaka bigger than the size of quadruplets with the navel completely visible and the ultrasound screen making them also quadruplets? and finally another version of the onaka, still very large, the size of a horse, and the horse would be seen on the ultrasound screen.
>>26100 bump
(518.74 KB 850x630 image_2023-12-28_051155498.png)
Is it possible to make them prangent here? or does the skirt get in the way?
gonna put this here so people wont have a fit in said thread can someone give cassie here some breast preg baby kick bumps?
>>23701 Thank you for ignoring me a year ago.
>>26499 Bump
(158.06 KB 2200x2300 stop_by_taladruss_dg32xzi.png)
(266.26 KB 2200x2300 stop_by_taladruss_dg32xzi2.png)
Quick and simple edit I made of an onaka stuffing art by Taladruss on dA. I plan to do some more if that don't bother the artist.
>>27173 That's lovely. The one on the left is fun to look at.
>>25967 New year bump
(316.62 KB 1440x1295 IMG_4372.jpeg)
Think y’all could edit this to be more like a baby bump and maybe the text as well?
>>27305 Knowing this artist, there is (or will be) one.
(272.09 KB 1707x1709 GC6d1V0acAA89g7.jpg)
Full term Onaka pls Removing the carrier as well And a bust up to match. Maybe torn clothes too
>>26100 Bumping again
>>26022 Where do i hook you up. wanna chat with ya
(2.46 MB 1920x2560 413_1 (1).jpg)
Can anyone make her onaka a bit bigger? Like a size of full term human baby? Coz this one was from an artist I know and thats not a human baby
>>10683 Requesting an edit with an outie
(2.35 MB 1191x1684 83564003_p0.png)
(2.35 MB 1191x1684 84280880_p0.png)
Could someone replace the beach ball with an onaka please? If you only want to do one, please do the non-sunset.
>>27305 >>27308 Y’all probably seen it already but it did infact happen so I’ll drop it
>>27601 How pokemon should be bred.
Any artist willing, please give her a cute round tummy, thank you.
Can someone make a very big onaka? it's for a friend
(1.07 MB 768x1152 Project (20240110094356).png)
>>27795 Attempts made, efforts low. *Drop off sketch, Goes back to drinking.*
>>27814 Many thanks!
>>27814 Thank you so much
>>22074 Please someome?
(5.75 MB 2298x3000 112612234_p0.png)
Requesting a 9 month tummy on this
>>25967 Bump of new year
>>26701 Bump plox
>>27993 Hey man, I finished this but still have people who frequent the forum I don't care to do edits for. So... drop me a line in discord I guess? thatoneguy0746
>>28033 Which forum is that?
>>28041 This forum. They know who they are. Hope they contract chlamydia from a pair of rusty piers.
(158.89 KB 1270x1441 1661270479526343.jpg)
Please give nice pregananant onaka.
Requesting a full term bump that nearly reaches the bottom of the image. If possible it would be nice if the bump was copy pasted to the second image too.
Can someone get rid of hands and oil please
Please requesting 9 months onaka. And is it possible to put a text that says Baby Factory and Cum Here?
>>18912 Bump
Anybody can do a proper ninpu on this one please ?
>>28594 Already have one.
>>28596 Oh cool,thanks
how about this?
(2.24 MB 1141x1600 110656645_p0.png)
This one would look really good with a swollen tummy
>>28682 Artist?
>>28712 there is little🤏
(458.28 KB 2480x3508 77a.jpg)
Digimon girl need a big tummy
>>28774 I tried typing 'tummy' instead of 'b*lly' because it seems like that word always gets 'corrected' to onaka.
>>28775 onaka
>>28783 Huh, alrighty then
>>28775 >>28784 It's a dumb filter that was added to these specific threads years ago, I really wish it was removed. Pr*gnant also filtered.
Can somebody make her pegnat ?
would someone be willing to give elma a full term onaka with twins?
>>26100 Bump
Hi there. Can someone make Shenhe and Stell prangent nine months is possible?
Is it possible to remove the guy behind her?
>>28805 I keep thinking I should bring up the issue of how annoying this filter is on /q/ but with my luck the site's admins would probably double down on filtering words just for fun.
(192.07 KB 1080x1372 IMG_20240112_085034.jpg)
Requesting 9 months please.
just new work
>>21503 bump
Can someone give these girls some nice round and cute tummies, please?
>>29046 bro is that edp445 XD
>>29321 Fake. No cupcakes.
(439.00 KB 2364x3546 subaru-sway-v0-5lzm1gy5txfc1.jpeg)
Subaru needs a big onaka to with her submissive and breedable long-hair style.
>>29321 no, the artist just has BBC in all of there works... kinda the whole reason i came here to have it removed
(162.14 KB 1315x2048 389 (1).jpeg)
(268.21 KB 1082x1731 de5 (1).jpeg)
Perrin's midriff is driving me insane.
>>29375 Personally for me Perrin's hips and figure are what appealing to me.
>>29375 Deja bu
Requesting full term onakas for both girls rubing against each other like their breasts.
I'd like to see these two full term.
(430.84 KB 1540x2054 FxnQHjYaEAEVdNt.jpg)
(758.11 KB 960x960 1692534243704.png)
(284.38 KB 1000x1453 1707272559458.jpg)
(100.03 KB 1004x996 FG71pmraMAEGAj6.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month onaka
Can she get a 9 month onaka please, with kicks if possible?
(2.06 MB 4094x5934 1639440978992.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month onaka
Requesting a full-term 10 month onaka with twins on her, thank you.
(185.27 KB 1170x1146 2gthl7dx5ric1.jpeg)
both please
>>29704 Both of these girls are cute, but personally, I get really excited to see petite girls get a giant onaka to contrast their small frame.
>>29375 Bump
>>29614 enjoy
Full term with larger breasts and large brown areola please!
Please put up gifs and videos of births of babies resulting from surrogacy egg donations and sperm donations.
would someone be willing to give jenny here a sudden full term onaka?
(345.35 KB 1510x2040 116156556_p0.jpg)
I think this would look better pergenat, boobs are a bit too big to look normal otherwise
>>22688 >>29493 >>29806 This edits is done
(4.94 MB 4093x2894 Без названия349.png)
(703.47 KB 676x1000 20240219_014126_0000.png)
Same without the Patreon logo. requesting a full-term 10 month onaka with twins, thank you.
>>29740 Sweet, She's beautiful.
(761.43 KB 2668x4478 knocked up Annie.png)
Could I get a pair of nipples protruding from under her shirt?
This may be a tall order, but, could anyone just remove the guy? Spoiler for egg laying
(120.71 KB 810x1600 q5zed2bkc8871.jpg)
(496.05 KB 1536x2048 FI26UHIVgAAq6pe.jpg)
>>30005 >remove the guy >not fix their feet They're suppose to be digitigrade Pics for reference
>>30007 >First pic has covered feet and can't be viewed. Disregarded. >Second image is from an angle. Disregarded. >Third pic clearly shows the character with 4 toes. >Other images online show that it's not gender dependant as both male and female Wyvernians have 4 toes. >The image in >>30005 shows them with 4 toes. >Count the toes. Brain-dead anon malds over nothing in an attempt to sound superior kek