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Edit Thread XXXIV: That One Guy #dDUkLF 02/10/2023 (Fri) 01:25:54 Id:261fe3 No. 10683
Not Sure I should be doing this but the other thread was full so... anyways Rules: -Basic /d/ rules as usual. Only post drawn images, nothing furry, etc. -Try to avoid spamming requests. Patience is a virtue after all. -Please be Polite to others. Have arguments elsewhere. -Remember to thank the editors for a finished request. -Please limit the amount of requests and revisions, let others have their requests done and give editors a break.
Tried to keep that tattoos, removed them in case you no like. Cause I can't do shading properly >.<
>>127 I'll bring this up from the last thread
>>10688 Message me on discord bud, I'll work you in. That One Guy#0115
Requesting a 6 month onaka, please
>>10684 Thank you!
(759.21 KB 1067x1500 FoiH4wyakAAaaiG.jpg)
could anyone do this please, remove her dress and have her naked belly, thank you
(1.75 MB 1000x1414 71087329_p0.png)
(5.15 MB 2894x4093 99583702_p0.jpg)
A fullterm onaka for them, please.
Requesting pregnant edit of maou nobu from fgo, i cant decide which one would look good to be edited so ill leave them all here so you can pick which one looks better with preg edit
Could someone make them 9 months pregnant. Cheers!.
>>10690 If it requires a discord just skip over mine
>>10718 you accept free request on discord?
(63.92 KB 960x729 1648731314032-0.jpg)
(334.75 KB 1280x1864 1648731314032-1.jpg)
(403.30 KB 600x600 UN-GO.full.842234.jpg)
(52.06 KB 728x410 images-1.jpg)
7-9 months edit for her, just one from these but if you can do it all i would greatly appreciate it
(338.46 KB 1920x1080 wallpaperflare.com_wallpaper.jpg)
>>10725 Whoops, the last image size is the wrong one, heres the larger one
>>10683 my, that's awesome edit! thank you so much man liked it.
can someone add fetal movements please
>>10718 it turned out very well thank you
>>10221 Bump
(669.25 KB 3508x2480 58.jpg)
(577.23 KB 2480x3508 60.jpg)
(691.38 KB 3508x2480 62.jpg)
Hi! Could someone give them a very good pregnant belly? Thanks!
>>10724 More of a I don't know exactly what you're looking for. Also, allows me to adjust for personal taste.
>>10761 Thanks!
>>10761 Blue Bunny ice cream mascot (shipped with the Vlasic pickles stork).
Requesting 9-months pregnant with twins on her, please.
>>10771 What a coincidence. I saw this recently and thought it would make for a nice edit.
>>10694 Had to crop the photo a bit cus' I didn't want to do the leg work... pun intended.
>>10769 Thank you for your edit
(878.50 KB 1276x1484 blood-lad-3-27.jpg)
requesting pregnant fuyumi from blood lad thank you
>>10793 forgot adding background-less render version
A full-term onaka, please
>>10834 White haired girl is a good candidate. Would be hard with that angle tho
>>10694 Need me to change it again? (add a version with clothes
>>10699 Hope you like, sorry about the bow bro. Was a sacrifice to the gods of sloth.
>>11035 Nah dude, it's ok. You are doing a great job with these edits. Thanks!
>>11039 i knew its the best one to edit out of the 3. thank you so much man!
>>10725 There you go man, enjoy!
Seems like fgo character is on fire for edits, ill try with okita alter
>>11075 Not the requester but could you try to edit the second image? >>10725
(1.02 MB 1451x1387 1675515966400089.png)
Looking for a preggo edit of this.
>>11150 Thanks!
>>10689 Omg Thank you 😭
(197.68 KB 764x1080 100345343_p0.jpg)
Request 9 months pregnant kobo kanaeru
This image was posted on the previous thread. Why Zelda doesn't look pregnant here is beyond me, but it would be very nice if she did.
Pregnant edit on this please?
(1.06 MB 3866x6118 _20210720_071826.JPG)
(1.23 MB 1200x2134 _20221218_231523.JPG)
(1.39 MB 1200x1695 1559949500081.png)
Requesting a 6 month onaka, please
(231.60 KB 760x890 emiIbarazaki.png)
(503.52 KB 774x993 emi2.png)
Could someone edit 9 month onakas on these?
(707.79 KB 785x1000 Beach Bikinis.jpg)
Full-term tummies on the front two, please
>>10683 I don't know if Loli edits are allowed here, but nine month onakas onto these two Lydia drawings, please?
>>11265 loli has its own thread. or did last i cheked.
(1.93 MB 2040x2880 105373692_p2.jpg)
Requesting a monochrome full-term onaka for her please.
>>11266 Last I remember, there was a "loli edit" thread; key word "WAS".
>>11279 Yeah, they need to do one
(381.88 KB 1125x1600 Fo6PboiaEAEQkos.jpg)
Its official from Demi-chan wa Kataritai author itself, this panel definitely would look good with preg edit
(492.96 KB 752x1062 63761657_p0.png)
(1.85 MB 1200x1700 70352633_p0.png)
(1.01 MB 990x1400 92180936_p1.png)
Requesting an onaka for them, please.
>>11265 I mean, your free to post them here , I think. I personally am not going to touch loli stuff.
>>11333 Ayo thanks a bunch!
(280.63 KB 850x766 2-15.jpg)
requesting full term / 9 months pargnet onaka
(1.52 MB 995x1260 79771672_p01.png)
(889.16 KB 3130x4096 FbiQZXDXoAAzRWP.jpg)
(645.83 KB 960x1280 1619794583914.jpg)
Requesting a 6 month onaka, please
Fullterm onakas please
Why am I getting an 'R9K' prevented at least one image from being posted?
(1.79 MB 1900x2200 request.jpg)
Can she get heavy kicks please?
(6.22 MB 800x450 ezgif-3-051917af19.gif)
I wonder if one of you is able and willing to edit this to give her a pragnent onaka? (Or, better yet, give her a rapid pregnancy.)
What is this from?
>>11429 Valentine's day 2023: Make a wish, but requires a man present (or not) - 24 hours later: Push the baby out.
>>11431 Myriad Colors Phantom World, ep. 1 Or just look up "anime limbo scene" on YT. First thing that pops up. lol
(7.49 MB 1920x1080 Mai4.gif)
>>11429 Got a bigger version too. Requesting she get rapid pregnancy please.
Requesting some full term edits for the new thread.
(1.30 MB 960x1440 00031-2143086312.png)
>>10691 Here, have my attempt using stable diffusion inpainting
>>11508 Not the op but this is impressive for ai generation, I thought it was one of dearonnus preg pics at first glance.
(1.18 MB 1286x1500 64112642_p0.png)
A fullterm onaka for them, please
(897.87 KB 2560x1920 a.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month onaka, please
(325.96 KB 2800x4000 02-1.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month, please.
(545.51 KB 666x938 KI$M`FNF$E510O]Z~E}8PEM.jpg)
>>11377 here~
>>11576 thank you!
(608.31 KB 666x938 KI$M`FNF$E510O]Z~E}8PEM.jpg)
>>11577 second
Yo, do we got a colorization thread somewhere? Iʻve been looking for some lineart to color.
(5.04 MB 2894x4093 Hyper copy2.png)
(317.49 KB 1000x1500 230217kisekae.png)
Can both get kicks?
>>11581 wow, i didnt expect to get 2 version, thanks a lot!
(3.27 MB 2480x3507 Trish.Una.full.2460079.png)
5-6 months edit
would someone be willing to make Francine ready to pop?
can someone make a big onaka with the onaka button very outside but that she has two baby horses please
(128.41 KB 1048x1600 IMG_20230225_194908.jpg)
New Camry edit pls?
(378.75 KB 1151x1600 105163348_p1.jpg)
(1.20 MB 2048x2901 VAwuEH6ndDhfACfeEE0pkRf0.jpeg)
Been looking for some pergert edits for these pics.
(3.22 MB 2480x3508 001.png)
i'm requesting pergert suu around 7 or 9 months onaka edit, thank you.
(4.48 MB 2097x3327 92615829_p0.png)
(966.79 KB 800x1200 69671464_p0.png)
(3.87 MB 1842x2527 77743676_p0.jpg)
Requesting a fullterm onaka, please.
(203.47 KB 1171x1750 3b16cbcea068286413b3119ae740001a.jpg)
a full term tummy, please
>>11376 Oh thanks
>>11455 Bump
(3.35 MB 1044x1545 raven.png)
Think this works for an edit?
>>10683 Requesting a nine months edit with hands on the onaka please :)
(549.84 KB 1080x1211 20230301_170405.jpg)
Would these two girls be able to get 9 months prangnet onaka
I’d say right around third trimester onaka pls.
(117.58 KB 800x1113 440400_78386401_p0.jpg)
could someone give her a full term tum around 8 months and a pierced popped out onaka button please?
(176.58 KB 637x1000 thumb.jfif)
Apparently from the tags of the original post. this character is supposed to be prefnat. Could someone give her a bigger pgrenant onaka. Cheers!
>>12154 Seconding this one
Nice round pregernet onaka for her, pretty please. Thank you in advance.
>>12154 >>12274 I hope you two are happy about this edit, I tried really hard on this one. I can't really replicate the art style that much so sorry if it looks weird.
>>12264 bumping this
>>12314 This is adorable~ Good stuff
Big baby bump on Bunny Fio please?
>>12314 That's alright anon, I appreciate the effort :)
>>12264 Wait Matsunaga Kouyou published a Doujin?
Requesting onakakicks please.
Please make the foxgirl nurse pregat too, thank you in advance.
(152.18 KB 611x801 1677023077620085.jpg)
Requesting onaka edit for her, with a nice outie.
(1.83 MB 1252x2200 FqcxK_jakAIvHwK.jpg)
Requesting a ninpu onaka for her please.
>>12378 pregat
>>12378 Edited or not, I really like where this is going.
>>12385 Yeah it's a forced meme the site's admin imposed where p-r-e-g-n-a-n-t automatically gets turned into a mispelled variation. I find it annoying personally.
>>12385 Pregat breats.
(476.97 KB 800x1173 167.jpg)
Requesting 8 or 9 months Onaka
Requesting a full-term onaka for her please.
One 6-months onaka, please
>>12347 they've published a few now, also tfw no one's done your edit ;-;
Could this get a half bump? Like 5 months-ish?
>>12573 I think I've lost my editing edge... If someone wants to improve on this poor edit feel free.
>>12574 It looks pretty good.
>>11299 Bump.
(714.82 KB 1344x2000 lkdzlfñads.png)
hi i tried to edit this image from the previous thread
can anyone edit 2b into pregarnt?
Requesting a very big pegnat onaka, please
(87.86 KB 1080x1421 FB_IMG_1678521774012.jpg)
Can anyone edit the slime into pergenat onaka? (Bare or covered up to you)
Can someone make a big onaka with the onaka button very outside for She-Venom?
(1.42 MB 1125x2000 20230312_104812.jpg)
Requesting a full-term onaka for her please.
(682.81 KB 816x1646 1678548163081413.png)
Requesting 9 month edit
Requesting a 9 month onaka, please
(170.92 KB 2048x1656 Fq9m8ASWAAA6Izn.jpeg)
This might be a strange one, but...
(566.87 KB 1024x1114 Untitledshiz.png)
first ever edit. could be better
can someone make mori calliope prangnet with a very large horse?
>>12758 for a first time, it's pretty good
(1.20 MB 1786x2322 fortune.jpg)
Can someone give Miss Fortune from League of Legends a 9 month onaka with twins? Thank you!
(1.49 MB 1786x2322 IMG_3158.jpg)
>>12854 I’m not dead, I promise.
>>13004 Nice work!
>>11978 Bump
>>11972 Bump
>>11664 bump
(572.72 KB 850x1202 IMG_3159.jpg)
>>12764 Horse means large and low maybe?
>>13063 Exactly, by the way, thanks for the edit, it turned out very well.
Requesting a full-term onaka for her please.
I highly doubt My request will get done knowing how the other edits haven't been done, but oh well, now on to the real bit. I would like if this could get a 9 month p-r-e-g-n-a-n-c-y.
(4.74 MB 5200x3522 jalter.jpg)
pegnate edit for jalter pliz?
>>11563 Please someone?
(58.08 KB 693x958 102881962_p4.jpg)
Big baby onaka with massive outie?
(749.43 KB 2859x4096 FqGN8lxaIAIE7lr.jpg)
Outie onaka button and Some text change?
(523.75 KB 1280x427 Untitled47_20230324180003.png)
(665.61 KB 1024x1280 Untitled48_20230324191533.png)
Made 2 edits
(590.49 KB 1200x900 Hilda.jpg)
6-9 months please
A full term onaka for them, please.
could anyone add light kicks and/or an onaka button
Hi! One question, is there a web site similar to this one, pregchan, but with onaka inflation or cum inflation? I miss inflatechan. Thanks.
(1.48 MB 1466x3288 dbd_waifu2x_art_noise2_scale.png)
Low chance because the clothes are so snug, but this big boobed Pika is so cute/hot that it I had to try: If someone could give her a lil' bump
Did anyone save the edit of this one?
(269.83 KB 1280x1372 Preg Explanations (edited).jpg)
(96.47 KB 220x335 my-man-rick-and-morty.gif)
>>13519 You can tell ilikapie edited this lol
(28.84 KB 620x454 thumbs-up-rambo.jpg)
>>13519 "me" character seems especially concerned with signaling >is a girl >is not a guy >has 2 x chromosomes >is a woman >is lady >female >gurl how many ways can you say the same fucking thing
>>13525 I mean, the original image does that as well. I'm assuming they were just mimicking it
>>13519 based
(1.07 MB 1466x3288 IMG_3165.jpg)
>>13505 You’re right about the clothes, but I hope you like it anyway.
(81.03 KB 512x512 Untitled.jpg)
>>13445 Easy enough enjoy
>>13558 you are a GOD! thank you so much!!
>>13557 Thank you man!
would someone be willing to add a outie onto tohru?
(2.85 MB 1536x2048 rc3ffr7gxkt91.png)
>>10683 Fuuka from Rune Factory 5 (I think). Cute bikini girl need a cute bump. (Beach one is fanart, white bg official art)
Saburox did a dragongirl but non-preg unfortunately, anyone wanna try adding an onaka to it?
(64.77 KB 655x680 FrW4riGacAEPuW9.jpeg)
Can they make the onaka pregonate? please
(158.69 KB 848x1200 nami.jpg)
Pardon me, but if it's not too much to ask, I would like a 9 month onaka for Nami the mermaid along with some plump fish eggs as well.
Hi, can someone change the egg for a baby head please?
(638.10 KB 900x772 20230403_003451.jpg)
A nice pergnut onaka pls
(721.68 KB 2048x1800 pchaneditOG.png)
(706.22 KB 2048x1800 pchanedit2.png)
(769.88 KB 2048x1800 pchanedit.png)
>>12726 We like 'em a little strange around here. Also one with hair cause i think it looks better.
Would anyone be willing to give this an 8/9 month onaka? Thanks for your consideration.
>>13808 Thank you!
>>13168 bump
(269.04 KB 1513x2047 IMG_6235.jpeg)
This could be good for a edit! size whatever the editor prefers
(99.03 KB 1080x1685 FB_IMG_1678408231742.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month, please.
(659.68 KB 1200x900 Edit 1.jpg)
>>11972 Bump
(347.50 KB 1232x990 RdXjRLK7nqBhY7HqowcstnlL.png)
i'll pay for a good edit of this with a fairly large stomach with an outie
(1.63 MB 1963x2037 Picsart_23-03-15_06-40-06-218.png)
>>13420 Bump.
(4.10 MB 1717x2956 FtPdHFuakAEq7Mj.png)
Requesting a preg edit
(483.79 KB 1913x2475 FsvwGlvacAAXSDc.jpeg)
Can she get a nine month twin onaka with kicks?
>>13876 hunfun
>>13994 Thank you so much
(2.11 MB 2480x3323 Edit 2.jpg)
>>11972 Suu for the extremely patient. Seems like your still looking for it after 2 months so. Enjoy buddy.
(1.37 MB 1971x3043 Edit 3.jpg)
>>14035 I am, thank a lot! I really like it.
>>14012 Oh my cum! Thanks bro!
>>14045 Hell yeah! Thank you so much
(77.48 KB 512x724 Srn1.jpg)
requesting serenity
I get the sense that making this look at all good would be a huge pain in the ass, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Using her as an RP character and she recently got pretnet. Would be nice to have a pregananant version of her art to use for the duration.
I request a ninpu edit please...
>>14078 message me bud I'll see what I can do for ya. That One Guy#0115
>>13168 bump
7 months preg edit on her please, thabk you
>>13629 Sorry my guy looking at this there is just... So much boob... I'd have to change the ways she's sitting... Redo the busy background... Shame though cause I'm a huge fan of saburox' work.
>>13665 You asking for a bigger bust? Assignment is unclear.
>>13703 First one of these I’ve done. Think it turned out alright, hope your still around and enjoy. Sorry for the wait
>>14183 Wow, is amazing, thank you so much, you are incredible
if possible please give her big onaka. thank you
>>13247 Bump
>>14214 Message me to talk about text. That One Guy#0115
>>14216 Don't have a discord, even just the outie navel will do if that's alright
(3.10 MB 2859x4096 IMG_3220.jpg)
>>14214 >>14218 >>13247 Quick and dirty lunch special, enjoy.
>>14221 Thanks man, very grateful for this
(2.55 MB 3000x4000 16802056697683791.jpg)
(2.18 MB 3000x4000 16802056697683792.jpg)
I want to request that someone remove the sunburn.
(1.45 MB 1500x1650 FtlqA8HaAAMaaTC.png)
A bump on the elf could look good but it's up to people if they wanna try it.
>>14286 "elf" Um...
>>14288 Dat's da joke.
Requesting fetal movement please
(1.07 MB 1200x1600 81781685_p0.png)
Requesting a full term onaka for them, please.
Anybody have those Bigbig edits?
(231.97 KB 792x1056 84266858_p0.jpg)
Requesting removal of futa and replaced with vaginas.
I'd simply like to make her onaka bigger, at least double the size.
(3.97 MB 2048x1536 9m.png)
>>14307 Better with the full resolution please.
Requesting a 9 month my beautiful mother, please.
>>14481 first time please take easy
>>11153 bump pls
(1.06 MB 1445x1024 IMG_3227.jpg)
(1.06 MB 1445x1024 IMG_3227.jpg)
>>14518 Thank you very much.
Would anyone be so kind to make both Sonia and Nessa prefnat? At the very least please make Sonia pergnut if her right arm is too difficult to edit to accomodate Nessa's gregnant onaka, please.
>>14525 Picture didn't upload for some reason.
(1.04 MB 1200x1600 lmao.png)
>>11153 >>14505 not a word more
>>14314 Bump.
(699.87 KB 768x768 spider.png)
i was wondering if someone could give her an onaka on the larger side, as well as make her spider abdomen bigger thanks in advanced
(100.56 KB 980x1307 0002-faf6c35a-sis2oux8.jpg)
Big onaka and outie onaka button please
(566.95 KB 3140x4096 20230422_212245.jpg)
Could someone edit this image of Yor so she looks nine months prognant with some visible kicks?
(840.68 KB 1288x1802 IMG_20230423_181851.jpg)
Not enough preg fujiwara and nobara art. If someone can edit these pics it would be so awesome ;^;
(196.49 KB 900x1350 exusai.jpg)
Damn is Rosaria at that angle is just BEGGING to be embiggened with a 9 month onaka! That is, if anyone is willing up for a challenge.
>>13168 bump
>>14064 >>11664 bumping these 2
>>14723 ICANNOT GET HARD SO/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~
>>14482 Fella that's literally MS Paint
>>14752 It's ok. Don't push your self.
(170.83 KB 896x1344 FunCX-lWIAIgfAq.jpg)
(186.36 KB 896x1344 FuHX88IXgAMlI1u.jpg)
Requesting a full-term onaka for her please.
>>14768 fuck, I wish that were me
(3.37 MB 2081x3203 86500305_p0.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month onaka, please
Someone should replace that huge cat with a huge onaka.
(290.94 KB 1080x1159 Morph 770.png)
>>14834 Very nice.
(86.70 KB 1280x720 SRatPoP_S4_E4_0372.jpg)
(96.97 KB 1280x720 SRatPoP_S4_E4_0496.jpg)
(86.07 KB 1280x720 SRatPoP_S4_E4_0373.jpg)
(113.86 KB 1280x720 SRatPoP_S4_E4_0487.jpg)
(86.70 KB 1280x720 SRatPoP_S4_E4_0374.jpg)
Can someone do some pgrenant edits of Spinnerella from "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" via give her a really big onaka please? Thank you.
(477.97 KB 1115x1600 1638311112802.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month onaka edit for the girl on the left side
>>14149 bump
(122.95 KB 768x1024 73030897_p75.jpg)
(311.87 KB 800x1319 73030897_p33.jpg)
(249.35 KB 664x1024 73030897_p5.jpg)
I am gonna just leave these here and try remembering to come back and check, I think these would be good, full term and as big as the person editing wants.
>>15016 I second this
Requesting a nice third semester bump, please.
>>15036 'third semester'
please make a pregarnt rem
Cute onaka for her please!
(175.66 KB 667x1000 101581031_p1.jpg)
request for her please, bigger better. thank you so much for editor here
(239.73 KB 1280x2048 9ea8250c33c223ce4d2e5853a759e8f9.jpg)
(92.92 KB 1280x925 Akame_hedit.jpg)
9 month praganant onaka onto Akame, please?
>>12439 Bump
(113.60 KB 829x1000 1575752776518.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month, please. maybe twin as well
(292.84 KB 1471x2203 FvW6SBNXgAY439-.jpg)
Requesting pregification
(1.55 MB 1170x1444 IMG_2693.jpeg)
Can someone make it to where her bare onaka shows? Would greatly appreciate it
(80.71 KB 720x872 V81vWMXBL.jpg)
Can you make it a baby bump please
(2.19 MB 2475x3000 Patreon_Akeno_April21_Preg.png)
>>15266 There's already the pregonate variant.
>>15268 Thank you very much my respects
(589.78 KB 2896x4096 IMG_20230508_030512.jpg)
She needs a big bump. I hope someone can pls edit the pic ♡
How about these two from castlevania with big pragnan onakas!
9 month onaka on the bottom girl would be fantastic
requesting an 8 month onaka with a popped outie on this dashing gal
(587.96 KB 850x1141 edit_1.png)
>>14117 bumping
>>13519 Based
Can somebody turn Palutena's onaka into a full term, please? Thank you.
Anyone here willing to give her a nice big ninpu onaka?
(589.86 KB 2507x3541 97623496_p0.jpg)
Requesting mpreg edit with full term 10 month tum with an outie navel
can anyone draw an outie button and some light kicks for this?
Hey folks, first time editor here. How’d I do? Any way to make this easier in GIMP?
I made another.
Someone can draw her in lingerie? Please?
>>14314 Bump
(182.78 KB 2056x3740 image.jpeg)
You know what to do
Baby bump please?
(6.04 MB 2350x3500 104679076_p1.png)
Requesting 8 months Onaka edit
(1.85 MB 2137x820 Untitled892_20230517185852.png)
Please give these girls different size onakas starting with giving Misty with orange hair on the right the smallest, and Serena with honey blond hair on the left the biggest,
Since the new Zelda game that released a week ago, may I request a 9 month edit of her?
>>11664 Bump
(687.01 KB 1250x1500 Zelda 1.jpg)
(678.31 KB 1250x1500 Zelda 2.jpg)
>>15710 2x version special for those that like a little bigger bump
>>11076 Bumping
(2.21 MB 2480x3507 11664.1.jpg)
>>15722 For the persistence, Let me know if you’d like her bigger.
>>15731 Thats a nice edit, Thanks! And yes i want to see it if you dont mind.
(170.17 KB 479x804 Azusa.png)
(168.51 KB 479x804 Kirara.png)
(174.68 KB 500x800 Sakuma.png)
(182.26 KB 580x800 Shiren.png)
Would any of these CGs be possible to edit?
(2.16 MB 2480x3507 11664.2.jpg)
>>15731 Slightly bigger for ya
>>15723 Ooh nice, I really like both of them. Thank you very much!
>>13168 Bump
>>15633 Bump plz :-D
(511.22 KB 767x1000 LRPT}~GW(Z`QNS)GMP5(()E.png)
>>15122 too difficult so hope enjoy~
>>13168 onaka no space/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~
>>15776 you have my deepest thanks,i dont expect someone to do it since she wears clothes but you did it. also it is great
(544.44 KB 850x1292 Img3353.1.jpg)
>>15772 Being intentionally messy was interesting.
>>15780 >Being intentionally messy was interesting. OMG thanks bro, I love your edit :-D
>>14128 Big onaka edit plz?, I miss the old pregchan :,-(
Requesting a simple onaka button edit and maybe some tiny changes to make it slightly more convincing as preg
>>15793 File corrupt bud
Requesting an onaka edit to 9 months pegnat
(105.98 KB 706x1024 IMG_7961.JPG)
This image is begging to be edited
(3.19 MB 2598x2968 Ilustración2.png)
>>15821 something like this?
Like that 🤔🤔
A full-term onaka for them, please.
>>15970 >>15969 >>15971 you're welcome ^^
(1.82 MB 1920x1080 l4elc3.png)
Requesting her a large onaka please.
(107.84 KB 848x1199 FxDeOFuakAItK33.jpeg)
Can you edit it and convert the pregnancy onaka from can you make the onaka uncovered please
(175.86 KB 700x1122 -7e1039c9cb26e3a0.jpg)
(174.83 KB 700x1122 -7fc1b1d9768c008d.jpg)
just enjoy it~
Can someone do some edits of Osono from "Kiki's Delivery Service" via make her onaka bigger or huge please? Thank you.
>>16056 Here are a few screenshots of her to consider for the request.
>>16056 >>16057 I would love to see her onaka bare.
Can someone please give her kicks?
>>15961 Yup that's pretty much perfect, thank you for filling my request!
I am a simple man with simple requests. Could I have a cute onaka on Princess Peach here, please? Thank you in advance.
(432.91 KB 850x1322 nero edit.jpg)
(431.86 KB 850x1322 nero edit.jpg)
>>15972 whoops forgot a final touch up
(492.97 KB 848x1200 personal 19.jpg)
(278.33 KB 550x800 personal 22.jpg)
(165.00 KB 720x563 personal 20.jpg)
(898.04 KB 1481x2048 personal 18.jpg)
(984.58 KB 850x1182 personal 16.jpg)
Got sick of the lack of pregnancy content from Shuumatsu no Harem so put some onakas on!
>>11076 Bump
(670.59 KB 778x1100 edit 1.jpg)
(4.17 MB 4717x3933 107401839_p0.png)
Could someone edit it to make it human please?
(160.10 KB 958x1402 FpHytglagAAqZsf.jpg)
requesting full term preg edit of her
(282.27 KB 640x960 Spider1.jpg)
>>15783 Didn’t want to do an edit that was to involved. Apologies, hope it suits your fancy.
(309.99 KB 706x1024 Scout 1.jpg)
>>15872 Took a swing at er’ torso is a little weird though
>>13168 bump
(509.48 KB 1866x1689 Shut up.jpg)
>>16215 Ah, the classic circle tool and bucket fill.
>>16216 Thats what the requester deserves with all those bumps fuckin hell
>>13168 >>16215 I mean, I actually kind of like it. Little shading and 🤌 I highly doubted the request was going to be filled. There are just so many other edits us editors haven't got too. Keep in mind some of have serious struggles finding time among work and family to produce free niche fetish content.
>>16218 noted, i'll always keep that in mind. you have been doing great work.
>>16197 This Is a biggest peaces of grate job, I love It, and thank you to hear and read my request ♡⁠(⁠>⁠ ⁠ਊ⁠ ⁠<⁠)⁠♡
>>12642 Bump ⊙⁠﹏⁠⊙
>>16188 I was expecting the string would be removed for the editing but tou somehow manage to also include it. Thanks
>>13809 0 x0
>>16274 Thank you! She looks great!
(179.39 KB 1091x2048 Fxn0_FsXwAIEMtJ.jpeg)
Requesting round demon
Can you make a big onaka of 10 month old quadruplets please
(210.93 KB 850x905 personal 106.jpg)
(507.74 KB 850x1204 personal 100.jpg)
(484.00 KB 552x900 personal 101.jpg)
(301.53 KB 1000x1414 personal 102.jpg)
Made some jaina edits I think turned out nice!
(3.30 MB 1415x2000 ezgif.com-webp-to-png.png)
(1.37 MB 2948x4096 FPn-HZmVsAM1FM5.jpg)
Anybody can give Rimuru a nice pregegnant onaka ? I can't find a lot of screeshots from the animes so sorry here only these two pics.
>>16336 Thank you
(342.88 KB 1478x2048 FxxYppTaAAEvW2N.jpg)
It would probably be difficult to do but this would look pretty great as one of those onaka squish images.
>>16377 Wow, that's great. Thanks!
>>16337 >Made some jaina edits I think turned out nice! I hope you can share origin edit
>>16375 Noice, thanks!
>>15741 bumping
>>16110 Bumping
>>16445 Dk who this is but I am a fan of the fit
>>16445 Thank you!
requesting uncensor and prregnant, if possible semen spilling out too
(1.22 MB 1500x1900 70504483_p0.jpg)
Requesting an overdue onaka on this Nowi.
>>16514 Read that as an LTG pasta (read Nowi as "Now!")
>>16201 Excellent work
(317.58 KB 1594x2500 20230604_145745.jpg)
Request onaka edit to 9 months
(2.27 MB 600x450 IMG_6340.gif)
Looking for the preg edit of this gif. Saw it a few times but I didn't bother to save it. Regrets.
>>16533 Lamaze class. I wanna help her as a partner (is she my wife? GF? any friend in need?) I give a 10.
>>16581 Looks awesome!
>>16581 Sick edit, you made an X-ray too, good job!
(1.09 MB 1280x1820 oct.png)
Requesting a big bump on this, roughly the same size as >>15776
(254.25 KB 950x1500 FyQsONqaQAEkkS5.jpg)
Requesting a full-term onaka for her please.
>>15645 Please bump
9 month onaka for the top panel?
(945.42 KB 2137x820 Pokegirls.jpg)
>>15645 >>16629 Feel free to message me on the discords if it isn’t exactly what you were looking for. That One Guy#0115
Request for embiggened edit for Tearju
(110.22 KB 798x1165 FfTbt5dWQB8-eH0.jpeg)
I'm still requesting an edit of Milf Female Robin from Fire Emblem with a full term onaka, please.
(1.07 MB 1920x1080 njabwb2ktbv91.png)
(1.85 MB 1920x1080 image.png)
Requesting an onaka for them please. Or just two girls on left picture is okay.
(1.58 MB 1800x2400 108784446_p0.png)
I'll just leave this here.
(362.93 KB 1280x1820 Goo girl1.jpg)
>>16590 Hope it’s suits your fancy
>>16736 Not the original requester, but can i also request to make her onaka a little bit smaller ( around this size >>14035)?
(342.84 KB 1280x1820 Goo girl2.jpg)
>>16739 Say no more
Hi, someone please can impregnate her? Thanks
>>16740 Yes that's perfect, thanks! (Despite I'm not the original requester)
>>16736 it's perfect, thank you
(348.00 KB 1900x2700 wam.jpg)
hey, just a nice round tum if possible, thanks.
(2.27 MB 3384x3560 summertime.png)
Wasn’t sure if I should post it here or in the furry one but I’d like for her to have a full term prangent onaka with twins or triplets please
>>16796 Cat ears and cat tails on otherwise human looking body doesn't make a character a furry, rather a kemonomimi. People that think otherwise are retarded.
(281.43 KB 950x1500 Girl1.jpg)
>>16616 There ya go Buddy. Discord: That One Guy#0115
(398.28 KB 793x1100 FyDzyJ2XsAE73lE.jpeg)
Baby bump on Black Cat plz
Lily Pale’s kids haven’t even reached the multicellular stage yet and already they’re very lucky to have the world’s most popular vtuber as their mom! How about welcoming these white strands of life into their new home by giving Lily here a giant 9 month onaka with triplets?
>>16798 Thank you so much!
(241.98 KB 1438x976 F.Alastor2.jpg)
(1003.96 KB 1438x976 99999998.png)
Just sharing edits with the peeps.
>>16798 Is it possible to make her bigger? Just curious but thanks in advance.
(279.46 KB 950x1500 Girl2.jpg)
>>16820 Sure.
>>16821 Oh my...thank you very much!
>>13168 Hay That One Guy do you think you could do My picture, If you don't want to that is completely fine and I won't hound you at all about it but if you want to do it just let Me know an I will leave you to it. also If you want to talk about it in more detail here is My discord name. Kaiba MANN#9943 also kaibamann
>>16839 Your not accepting friend requests you'll have to add me. Discord: That One Guy#0115
I changed the friend request thing so you should be able to do it now.
Requesting a big onaka please.
this is begging for an edit
(72.05 KB 1000x1000 Fyr6ZfuX0A8FsqU.jpeg)
This example of peak character design should be pregged
>>16938 Source? Looks like a Telepurte character.
(173.06 KB 1176x1000 Morph 969.png)
>>16937 Edit or not, I feel that feel bro. >>16938 >>16945 The figure? Yes. Butterface? ...I can imagine much worse.
>>16950 ...Oookay, and it DID in fact get better.
>>16951 *winks*
>>16802 I agree black cat did need a couple of kittens in er’
Requesting an onaka for them, please.
(1.71 MB 3080x3424 chillin_in_the_water.png)
Requesting a full term onaka with twins or even triplets
Can someone give them outies?
>>16700 Could you possibly increase the size of their onakas to be pergnut with twins?
>>16957 It's beautiful, I love It THAK YOU MY FRIEND (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)
(2.21 MB 2562x3492 MisuzuComic Page.png)
(2.29 MB 2562x3492 MisuzuComic Page burp alt.png)
Can these stuffing pics get edits into preg onakas? Text change isn't necessary but if you care enough to do it it'd be appreciated.
(2.94 MB 4094x3581 rmsx1.jpg)
I request a baby bump on Ryuko please...
>>13583 Here is the picture. I am going to be honest and say that this took Me like two minutes to do, I think you should have given it a try before requesting the edit.
https://www.deviantart.com/jueg/gallery This user on Deviantart has tons of edits on their profile. I stumbled upon them recently, and recall seeing them a few years back, they've been making/compiling edits for a while.
(2.53 MB 2500x3000 edi1.png)
Hi, this is my first edit, hopefully you like it
>>16796 Bump
>>17151 I like it. Pregnancy figure + office lady fashion is a big win for me.
>>17151 Really cute I have to say. prengt + office lady +vampire =erection embiggening
would someone be willing to try giving parappa here a full term onaka?
(164.46 KB 1365x2048 FzM7Fl6akAQaR0X.jpg)
Requesting an overdue onaka for her please.
>>17168 Not ready for fem parappa
would someone be willing to somehow edit this to pregnancy?
>>16703 >>17191 Seconding these, please.
Can anyone give her a cute gregnant onaka please?
(2.98 MB 2634x4036 101070421_p0.jpg)
editor please, can she have big onaka? thanks and very appreciate it
(123.76 KB 1000x750 FyqGjY8aUAAvTpi.jpeg)
(152.08 KB 1000x750 Fy88FvCaMAA2GbY.jpeg)
May we enlarge the bump a bunch? I love this art as it is but it'd be nice.
>>15016 I'm sorry for being a bother, but I'd like to bump this again, it's a character I really like, anyway, sorry if it's unpolite.
>>16962 Bump
(82.32 KB 924x1927 FB_IMG_1687685438934.jpg)
Request Pls Edit Prego 9 month twins
>>16188 >>16252 >>11076 Normally don’t do what someone else has touched, but someone asked for my take on it. So, thought I’d share it with the team.
>>17318 Superior version
>>17320 If I posted some of my first stuff you'd have judged it just as harsh. Don't put people down man. He's learning the most important skill, making his own fet art
Main character from Kowloon's Gate, Xiaohei. Always loved her outfit, would love if she could get a 7,8 month onaka
>>17336 bump'd
>>16958 Bump
(445.61 KB 536x1075 9.png)
(442.66 KB 720x1119 90036502_p2.jpg)
(3.06 MB 1920x1940 83617943_p4.png)
Can any of these Nagatoros be edited?
>>17345 Ever since this Vanabette drawing of Nagatoro was made, I realized just what a gorgeous babe she is Therefor, I second some of these getting edits.
>>17015 Pls bump
(229.06 KB 1458x2048 Fw2LYtcWYAQ-R40.jpeg.jpg)
Preg bump please
would someone be willing to give jenny here a full term onaka with an outie?
>>17160 Please bump
(329.62 KB 1356x1937 Fy7CgY9akAEDuVR.jpeg)
I think this one could look good full term.
>>16946 Thank you so much! That onaka size is perfect and so cute.
I am here requesting some if possible full term on this Ookami Mio
(685.55 KB 905x1200 Rushia.jpg)
(527.08 KB 550x825 Rushia3.png)
(488.55 KB 849x1200 Rushia2.jpg)
Can someone edit these and give her a big pegnate onaka, any months is fine
>>17613 Can you make her a bit bigger? If you don't mind. Thank you!
Baby bump on Spider-Girl plz.
(130.07 KB 1280x1656 11_chel.jpg)
can you edit this image?
Can you make a very big quad onaka with a big onaka button please
Please give her a gorgeous onaka, thank you.
>>17771 Bump
(446.88 KB 2048x1448 Fz_4MG_WcAI0bST.jpeg)
If someone could just expend the onaka size to reach/almost reaching the floor.
>>17345 bumping
(525.86 KB 1000x1400 109594267_p1.png)
requesting the onaka bigger and a outie onaka button please.
>>16784 bump, thanks
please give baby bump to this sweet tomboy version of Lois Lane
>>17690 pretty sure this art specifically has a preg variant from the original artist it's from already. do you want an edit of that variant but bigger?
>>17980 A man of quality and taste.
>>17980 I like that this Superman is friends with Luz Noceda-Lois and Gus Porter-Jimmy
A fullterm onaka, please.
>>17982 Yes I want a variant but bigger Please
>>17812 Seconding these!
Could someone possibly remove the blorp text, change the dialogue slightly to make it more pregnancy related or change it to not imply stuffing, and give both of them outie onaka buttons?
(1.72 MB 2300x2295 20230711_154948.jpg)
>>17980 Seen this edit on Twitter
(1.40 MB 1920x1080 lois.png)
(1.40 MB 1920x1080 small.png)
>>17988 >>17980 >>17982 >>17983 >>18089 >>18098 >>18102 Since everyone is touching it…
>>18136 Bravisimo!
>>17642 prangent onaka edit plz.
(3.70 MB 3116x5359 Hugs.jpg)
Could I get an onaka on this?
please give these SAO cuties overdue onakas the loli on the left with the biggest
>>18183 She’s hot
(141.01 KB 853x1200 3rkosbxnwug31.jpg)
(258.40 KB 1589x1930 9734jcxdoa041.jpg)
requesting 6 months pregnancy please
>>16806 bump
(1.90 MB 1488x2105 82235859_p0.png)
requesting a tummy that stretches the blouse with outie onaka button please.
>>16702 bump
Requesting a full term onaka for any of these two, thank you.
(93.20 KB 600x850 IMG_8654.jpeg)
I offer this as tribute, give her a massive baby onaka plz and thank you. Extra points if you can keep the thong straps.
>>18025 Bump
(332.55 KB 1956x2770 F1P_neMX0AIdV9s.jpg)
requesting a big onaka with fetal movement please.
Requesting a cute fregnant tummy on her please.
(58.43 KB 600x913 FvnHLTJdhsg.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month, please.
Give these angels some babies; perhaps twins or triplets each.
>>17642 Didn’t really match the style cause… well I liked the onaka better my way. Hope ya enjoy
>>18452 Find me on discord for
>>18512 …full resolution
>>18513 Excellent work
>>18512 Damn this is awsum
>>18507 Amazing, excellent post and work, thank you bruv. (:-D )
Requesting a big and round bregant tummy on Scream please.
>>17015 Big onaka plz. ༼⁠ ⁠つ⁠ ⁠◕⁠‿⁠◕⁠ ⁠༽⁠つ
>>18512 original requester here, your work is awesome, thanks you. and what is your discord?
>>18522 That One Guy#0115
>>18193 Not sure what’s going on with with the cleavage light if you can figure it out let me know
>>18551 At a Fetlife party it's possible there's a pragnent woman wanting to be touched, hugged, kissed or if things go well, you're going to a hotel room w/ her.
(237.38 KB 1003x1500 47ec395206aed6f8334a5fba762c9aaf.jpg)
Saw this and thought it might be worth a shot. Could even do eggs or tentacles given the Lovecraftian octopus theming.
>>18552 Good ol fetlife…
(43.33 KB 640x960 FB_IMG_1689811034712.jpg)
Requesting preg edit
>>18194 Don’t touch Loli, will crop out if desired
Im requesting Trish again, thank you
>>18217 Kinda like the smaller onakas if I’m being honest
(115.77 KB 1039x2048 FB_IMG_1663236622928.jpg)
7 months pregonate edit please.
>>16806 When your edit looks out of place due to over shading because you have a thing for round things… hope someone understands… P.S. may fix/finish this later.
(110.85 KB 523x391 Untitled385_20210420201758.png)
Can anyone here please edit this art of ena to look like shes 9 months preg thanks
(229.84 KB 826x790 1689606218802972.png)
>>18565 You did not post the correct resolution one, so heres an noncropped verison
>>16806 Enjoy boss 2 variants for those of different tastes
(3.84 MB 889x500 grateful-thank-you-.gif)
>>18576 Itadakimasu!
>>18551 Thanks!
>>18293 Bump.
heres an odd request could someone re do anti wanda abd cosmo to look like the regular versions?
(140.61 KB 1203x1500 Fq5rSklXgAI84Pi.jpeg)
give her an onaka please
(1.60 MB 1660x1917 Screenshot 2023-07-23 070051.png)
Can someone give her lots of kicks please?
>>17345 bump
Requesting cute onakas on both these girls (or at least the girl on the left if it's too hard to give one to the girl on the right) please.
>>10683 multiple sizes if possible
>>17314 Bump
(818.67 KB 1400x2150 105836831_p0.png)
(1.24 MB 1400x2150 105836831_p1.png)
I think it will be difficult, but can someone undress her or give her more procative clothes and give her a big onaka please?
(298.17 KB 1018x1754 1689862323620886.jpg)
(3.97 MB 2894x3757 99937436_p0.jpg)
>>10683 requesting pregnancy edit of the 1st picture hopefully something between 5-7 month of pregnancy the same two characters already pegnat for comparison
(337.74 KB 1620x2160 Setareh_Sketches_.jpeg)
Made a character a while ago
>>12272 Bump.
Can someone round her out please?
(633.03 KB 1179x1487 IMG_8138.jpeg)
Can somebody unvore this??
You know the drill, cute pragnan tummies on both these girls, please.
Does anyone know of any good discords or other communities for requesting/commissioning edits, aside from this thread? There was one discord I used to use, but it's long gone now
>>18952 Why to unvore it if you can make her a pregpred. The baby needs proteins to grow healthy
>>18952 Could be treated as unbirth, so technically...
(1.91 MB 1272x2250 20230730_145659.jpg)
Requesting an overdue onaka for her please. ninpu ride a bike sound cool.
Simple one, Croissant Cookie from Cookie Run hyperpreg and giving birth. You can never have enough squatting births
(874.58 KB 1500x2551 3345 - BJS6P75.png)
(1.24 MB 2000x2600 3929 - xPgs1R4.png)
Requesting a full-term onaka for these please, thank you in advance!
(70.32 KB 670x900 F2S0WSaa4AAEmHy.webp)
Would someone by any chance add a 9 month onaka to this lady in a bikini
Requesting a 9 month onaka with outie onaka button please.
Please give Serena a beautiful onaka with Quadruplets.😎
(227.09 KB 1355x1984 Ft1MmrYaYAMvqw1.jpeg)
request for her please, never find any prangnet art of her. and thank you for editor that edit my request
re posting it because my auto correct went funny could someone give rebeca a full term onaka?
>>19140 Seconding this one
>>19140 Here, I gave it a shot.
>>18912 Bump
>>19181 not bad
(432.70 KB 380x1217 1598331380736-1.png)
(4.73 MB 1600x5120 girl (21).png)
Requesting a recreation of the edit on the left with the much higher resolution original on the right.
please edit 9th her onaka.
>>16796 Bump
(435.76 KB 2214x4096 20230804_070828.jpg)
Could someone make her ass and thighs bigger?
>>19242 Did you commission this?
>>19243 Yeah
>>19243 Why didn't you ask the artist then?
>>19252 Shit, wrong post
Any one can help on nude edit on this pls ♡
(9.19 KB 168x94 hqdefault.webp)
Can anyone make the blondie in the middle a LOT ninpu? All her girl friends wanna touch her onaka bulge out of her aqua blue kimono.
>>19255 sorry for thumbnail, currently searching for bigger image, MAKE HER BIGGER PLS NAO LOLZ.
(52.41 KB 660x373 635774865596188738-live-2.webp)
>>19256 >>19255 Makes a good forum member account avatar (a few still go post on message boards like in web 1 days).
>>19252 It was cheap, and the artist said that he didn't do changes.
(109.33 KB 1280x1886 20170613_160352_Micaela.jpg)
Any chance of getting a nice pregnancy edit of this one please?
(265.11 KB 883x850 slush.png)
Can someone remove the clothes please?
(78.12 KB 1080x1528 FB_IMG_1691218573344.jpg)
Requesting a 9 month onaka pls
>>19276 I would like to see this one be done too and maybe with a bra and panties alt to go with it.
>>19307 I second that
>>18561 I second this please
Requesting an overdue onaka for her please.
Can you please animate this image with fetal hand movements and fetal leg kicks inside her tummy, Don't forget to please let me know when you are done and agree, Thank you.
>>19408 I swear there's a birth and panty birth variant of this image somewhere.
>>18912 Bump
(14.89 KB 480x240 IMG_6762.webp)
(367.34 KB 504x980 IMG_6760.jpeg)
(70.51 KB 588x687 IMG_6764.jpeg)
(213.51 KB 850x1339 IMG_6765.jpeg)
(222.66 KB 850x1527 IMG_6766.jpeg)
Requesting fullterm edits on either of these pics of Talia Al Ghul
>>19485 Love the 4th one on the right (I find it so sexxxi).
(7.49 MB 3804x2580 0.png)
Request onaka edit to 9 months
Unvore this or make it into unbirth if you'd please. Thank you.
>>19465 Can you show me where it is?
>>19520 I wish but I don't know where it is.
>>19557 It's okay, I hope someone still has it or is stored in an offline gallery, even if they don't send it back online publicly.
(1.13 MB 1143x1440 100597342_p0.jpg)
(1.18 MB 1143x1440 100597342_p1.jpg)
someone put the xray in the first image, but with real babies please
Requesting a full term onaka for them, please.
(292.94 KB 675x642 1691732193199388.png)
once again i'm asking you to babybump the tomboy
(36.84 KB 675x642 Super.jpg)
>>19637 Glorious.
>>18520 Bump plz bruv. onaka edit plox
Can someone change her head please
If possible, can I get a pergenat onaka that is somewhat larger than her head? Thanks
>>19276 Bump
(199.07 KB 1733x2467 20230815_035940.jpg)
Please, I need to see her big and round. Kicks optional.
Give her full term 10 months tum please!
(425.00 KB 2400x1500 383f2a9919070b47a8f5348b896f272c.jpg)
Can I get some to remove the censor blocks for Me Please.
>>19738 Is she a Gundam character? Looks like the Earth federation officer uniform.
>>19782 Yeah, she's from gundam
(223.98 KB 1500x2000 104376886_p0.jpg)
(446.79 KB 794x1123 106374579_p0.jpg)
(645.06 KB 936x1917 104487489_p1.png)
(1.08 MB 1378x2039 107899413_p0.png)
>>19738 Seconded, although I think a pic of her in her normal clothes would be better since they expose her midriff.
(56.78 KB 1080x1080 FB_IMG_1692180842486.jpg)
Requesting preg edit on castoria, thanks.
>>19796 >1080x1080 >FB_IMG_1692180842486 BAKA
>>19026 Bump
>>19603 Bump
>>19276 Bump
(1.20 MB 1401x1939 20230819_231113.jpg)
Requesting full term onaka and removing her shorts please, maybe make her giving birth with the baby's head crowning if you want. Thank you in advance
(2.46 MB 3200x1800 111005146_p0.jpg)
Here, Here, Come here, Please make her all 9 months pregonate, Perfectly.
(351.69 KB 687x1275 Screenshot_20230820-110514-1.jpg)
Requesting a 9 months onaka with a outie onaka button please.
id kinda like to see if someone could give goobie an onaka
>>16796 Bump
(237.21 KB 900x1440 5fYkjTjOASs.jpg)
A full-term onaka, please
>>18566 please
Hey you, Please edit, Fetal movement, Can you edit this image with fetal kicks, I'm waiting for the results.
Hi, requesting a big onaka with a outie onaka button
>>19656 Bump
What happened to the Mealtforever thread?
Please give Cynthia a beautiful baby-filled tummy.
9 months prangent onaka to this thanks
>>20220 Cute, very. But I feel like this more generic hentai style makes her more.. comprehensible, and part of the appeal is the abstraction of her body
(172.13 KB 1263x2048 FpilhgHXsAI97dw.jpg)
(167.93 KB 1080x1620 ks4298j8dbl71.webp)
Please describe eida prengan with a daemon version of a fetus that is already large but still in eida's stomach with active fetal movements that can be seen with the naked eye. And the other one, Please also make Delta bregant with IVF from Amado, and don't forget to give the conversation between Kashin Koji and Delta as follows. Delta: "How long should I wait for this thing that is always moving inside me", I can't wait to destroy Konoha with my two eyes. Koji : "Could you calm down a bit patiently for a while", "And don't forget what you brought with you when something strange inside you also wakes up".
(1.72 MB 2747x2174 ginyu special force.jpg)
Hi, Could some talented guy make them the Ginyu Pr e gg o Force, please? Thanks in advance. P.S.: Sorry for reposting, I've made some rework on my original picture. I've deleted the previous one at the same time.
requesting a cute baby bump please
(80.93 KB 926x1024 jaiden beach.jpeg)
(172.30 KB 796x824 Rebecca flash.jpeg)
(316.90 KB 970x1132 Jaiden jugs.jpeg)
I Would be very appreciative if any of these get a nice nine month onaka, maybe with some lactation
Wake up, shower, go to work, come home, go back to sleep, repeat. Holiday, Sit, Turn on computer, Busy, Open site, Ignore. New thread, Request, Reply to Comment, Be patient, Tired of waiting, Died.
>>20715 This is great! Thank you very much!
>>19189 I can only do one sry
>>18557 Bump
>>19108 Oops, forgot to un-mirror
(657.92 KB 1024x576 pixai-1656097074465411662-2.png)
>>19133 Gauntlet version
Requesting these two pictures of Edith Up be given big full-term onakas and greatly enlarged breasts, and maybe some lactation if you feel like it.
>>20764 Thank you
(232.96 KB 1658x1173 F5V7a9tb0AA-_t3.jpeg)
Requesting onakas on both of them. Keep the text on if possible, but there's no problem with removing it if it's too much work
>>19133 Another version
>>19654 Bump
can i get an onakabutton and/or some kicks for these please?
>>12439 Bump
requesting someone gets rid of all the food related stuff, thanks in advanced
(1.06 MB 850x1202 Untitled575.png)
>>20950 Thank you very much! It's great!
>>20757 Thanks you so mucb
(182.60 KB 960x540 ran.jpg)
Requesting a bump on this
>>20950 Good Lord, this is proof pregnancy can be so sexi !
(1.35 MB 3035x4299 1586778430182-1.jpg)
nice big healthy onaka please
>>20969 I’m not dead, also enjoy
(59.55 KB 720x850 DhKfWeXUwAASh9y.jpeg)
Please can you edit her being very prregnant and being given a kick in the shape of a large baby's foot, so that she can see her two children moving freely in her stomach.
>>20986 sweet jesus thanks dude
>>19060 Bumping this cutie here
A fullterm bump for her please.
>>16702 Bump
>>21033 Thanks!
A fullterm bump for her please.
Thanks ^ω^
A fullterm bump for them please.
(106.70 KB 1534x2048 20230911_214632.jpg)
Can someone put a nine month pregnart onaka on her please?
>>17345 bumping
(375.42 KB 512x800 00008-3921863007.png)
>>14896 Edited with AI. I hope you like it.
>>21100 These aren't really 9 month... and the middle and right ones look pretty bad. I'm not the OR but maybe you should attempt this by hand, it'd at least look nicer.
(1.73 MB 2893x4092 1-6 [V2].png)
Full term onaka pls
>>18956 Bumping this request with an alternate image where their panties are off. Thank you in advance to whoever decides to take this request!
(268.01 KB 1000x1422 F538AnwWQAAyOot.jpg)
Requesting a full-term onaka for her please. Gotta eat for two or more.
>>21100 OP here, I appreciate the attempt, didn't think anyone would take a jab at it. But I mostly agree with >>21104 it would probably be better if it got touched up by hand a bit.
>>21035 TYSM it looks good~
>>21104 AI user here. I apologize for the terrible quality because I'm not an artist. It's my first time using stable diffusion. I just picked this because it's one of my favorite manga and I wanted to edit it. If someone else can make a better edit, that would be great.
could anyone with xray resources send them my way please? wanna get into preg editing myself but dont have anything for xrays. I remember seeing them on the old site but didint pick them up at the time
(2.96 MB 1041x1600 Untitled586.png)
>>18293 Bump please.
>>20925 bump
>>19957 Bump
(97.26 KB 827x1170 F6BexshaoAAYxo7.jpg)
requesting 7 months onaka for 2B
(5.16 MB 4961x3189 111063084_p0.jpg)
Requesting a full term bump for her, please.