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Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/20/2023 (Tue) 14:51:34 Id:82fff3 No. 17083
Can someone tell what the password is?
>>33913 Blue Archive
>>33947 oh is that what those characters are from?
>>33999 neat, never heard of it before
>>33793 importers working again
this thread almost died
>>34932 I don't think so
>>34932 It is not
guess I'll bump this from page 9
>>34932 It's not dead... It just in this thread no one want to translate the works of Fau anymore
>>35418 because there's nothing to translate rn
>>35426 And how about the newest work from Fau?? It has 2 chapter already
>>35427 is it up on kemono?
>>35427 it's not worth it at the moment, essentially it just says her sons friend came home wet from the rain and she saw his huge dick so she fucked him. That's all, there's really nothing else to it right now. In chapter 2 she makes an excuse to fuck him. If/when a Chapter 3 pops up and something actually noteworthy happens then it'll be worth localizing it
>>35474 Oh, i see
>>35429 Yeah
(46.98 KB 584x398 ss.jpg)
new chapter...
new chapter's up
>>36155 We just need waiting in this thread or in kemono site for the upload
>>36155 description says it's short but should have at least two posts this month
>>36215 Maybe just 5 or 7 pages.. i don't know.. i still hasn't looking the newest chapter.
Are there X-ray images in new episode?
>>36331 I don't know... It's not yet upload at kemono sites
>>36366 How do you know?? The kemono site is not update yet
>>36379 he's probably paying for it
>>36379 I'm the same user who used to share the stories/chapters so they could be translated. Current chapter that came out is 8 images and involves some time skips
>>36390 if it's only 8 images I'm fine waiting for the next update, as an aside I'm nearly finished translating the previous set in case you were wondering
>>36483 I see.. you're the hero
(3.02 MB 2048x3304 02.png)
(269.99 KB 1280x1298 2.jpg)
(2.23 MB 2048x3116 translated-1.PNG)
Just finish compiling all translated content in here... aaand there you go... Suffering Of Sophia - https://mega.nz/file/0rBh3DqL#hznI-vA_XVIv41FXeqNCc8Hlq4lajbRgYPyJ-OiFyKc Married Woman Bestiality Chap 3 - before The translation and the gallery is seperate in this thread so i just edit the sub on the pic, sorry if it looks bad. https://mega.nz/file/An43CLIa#WmGlr632d-DCvuMgiJPa3er6vAFibBPrHUK-4s_GB0U Married Woman Bestiality New Chapter https://mega.nz/file/57hz2Q5D#7c6-_MZ9HdOSUajPuPQbYWH4129LON3Oh9F0ywIHSRo
>>36487 Wow.. thank you very much, bro.
>>36487 Many thanks!
>>36487 You're a great person
(83.35 KB 1200x630 pVhB8ILePW2AEdxNUFrZGYr4.jpeg)
New Chapter is out
>>36802 Chapter 3 was basically a few time skips and lead up to pregnancy content thats usual of their works while this is where we start to get into it
(515.32 KB 554x560 juno.gif)
Does anyone have the full animation of this by SayronManresa?
>>36815 Wrong thread bro.
>>36814 Now i'm curious
>>36814 Do you perchance have the last two chapters and are willing to share?
>>36826 I do and I was gonna share them once the person who has been kind enough to translate them was wanting/willing to translate this story.
>>36829 I'm still working on the last one but if you want me to do the one that's 8 pages it should be pretty easy to bang out in a day or so
(886.82 KB 100x100 icon_20.gif)
I hope someone share latest 2 episodes even it is untranslated one yet...
Could anyone please translate or send a translated version of the Fiona weeks 0-22 beneath this comment?
>>36982 which one is Fiona?
>>36988 I believe it's Fiorayne from Monster Hunter
>>36995 oh the Sleeptoad girl yeah so she was impregnated by Khezu after getting put to sleep by Sleeptoads