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Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/20/2023 (Tue) 14:51:34 Id:82fff3 No. 17083
Can someone tell what the password is?
>>17083 What where? That looks like something I'd pay to see more of.
>>17083 I've always wanted to see the drawings of an artist but it's impossible and you can't see it in kemono either
>>17088 his fanbox is fau0102, he makes nice arts but its all in japanese (i think its japanese, correct me if im wrong)
Unfortunately, the artist put passwords on his works even in kemono, I hope there was someone who could have them since from what I understand you have to subscribe as a fan in his pixivFAMBOX and thus be able to have the passwords or at least from what I understand
base64 NTc2MmI=
>>17105 you're a god tysm
One question, how can I find the artist in kemono and another question, where can I put that password? >>17105
>>17116 his name is fau0101 and you gotta download his zip files that asks for passwords
>>17105 not the password, I Try this password eror :(
>>17119 >Roll for insight >1 I'm sorry, I have no idea why that dude put it that way but that is the password, technically.
>>17117 Ok I found it but does anyone else have the complete missing images of it?
>>17131 how do you spell it?
>>17131 cause it keep saying wrong password
I tried but it also tells me an error and that the password is invalid or which work is the author, is it the one above, right? or which is it because I already tried with that password and it also tells me the same thing is this right? NTc2MmI=
(guys use base64 to decode it)
>>17144 what?
>>17149 It's a common practice people online use to encode links and stuff. Basically go to: https://www.base64decode.org/ And paste in the text and press decode
>>17152 ok which one?
>>17154 Put "NTc2MmI=" into the first textbox and decode it.
It already worked for me but for the other works they don't have the passwords?
>>17180 the most recent one, the others don't have the zip file
can anyone just past his name in Japanese so it can be easy to find him?
>>17182 It's fau0101 in kemono
>>17105 Absolutely based, thanks anon
>>17198 >fau0101 i just lookied and there is no one with that name on kemono
>>17204 if you can't find it in search their user id is 50610582
Can anyone have any luck with the full image?
>>17245 Yeah but not for you idiots that can't read the thread aren't getting it
>>17105 Thanks man, this is awesome, you don't happen to have a copy of this do you? it seems like it was scrubbed from fanbox and it's not on kemono, it's called 人妻と獣姦 第三話出産編
>>17105 If you haven't downloaded it, do it sooner than later as it looks like this person has some rats
>>17490 link doesn’t work
>>17490 The name of the artist does not appear nor does an image appear in that link
>>17490 if they're using e-hentai I doubt they know about pregnchan
>>17105 i punched that in to no avail, it did extract it but all the images are corrupted
>>17083 all the works of this guy can be seen here https://exhentai.org/g/2587517/5e0c975611/ I don't understand how you make passing a damn password so far-fetched
>>17564 >exhentai
>>17564 its been removed anyway
>>17580 what are you talking about? it works
>>17490 fuck this anon i aint paying for bestiality porn Gallery is visible but you go to use Exhentai
>>17603 no it doesn’t
>>17605 It was removed from E-hentai but it still works in exhentai
>>17564 It appears that the page is blank, it may be that it is no longer there If someone has the full images, can they make a mega folder to see it easier?
>>17475 it's called 人妻と獣姦 第三話馬編
>>17710 The file that comes out are the images?
>>17710 I said that only the images
This guy is a legend. I hope he does more like this. Superfetation is soo rare.
>>17718 >>17719 No its nuclear missiles codes, what exactly do you think they are after people request the collection as a mega link cause they cant see the exhentai gallery
Can upload pictures for me to see
>>17747 Are they just nuclear codes? It seems strange to me that they weigh more than 1 GB
(893.32 KB 1366x1024 illust_109756372_20230709_145253.png)
So yeah there's this now
>>18000 it updated?!
>>18000 Password is the same it was posted on this thread
>>18006 I also forgot to mention it, the new pics have vore on it
>>18006 hasn't updated on kemono yet so, can't download it
>>18007 Is there really vore in the new chapter? this artist is my favorite
>>18015 It's in kemono, I downloaded the file with the images but it came out that they are blank, I don't know if it's because I see it on the phone
>>18006 is it missing a page? he usually ends with a black or faded page and this one doesn't and the last page seems like a really weird way to end.
>>18032 forced vore, forced cannibalism, double vore, screaming for mercy. it's pretty dark
>>18039 >screaming for mercy Thats just her burping dude
>>18040 if you could read it, you'd know that the lamia isn't pregnant, she recently ate a family. In her tail is a mother and father, in her stomach is their daughter and a random man she ate in the forest who she overheard talking about Sophia. Secondly page 36, those sfx around her belly, those are the people inside the lamia screaming and begging for mercy since they can apparently hear what's happening and the lamia herself is also screaming inside of Sophia. As far as the burping goes, the dude ends it by saying that disaster has befallen Sophia once again, the lamia gave her indigestion and now she can't stop burping which is a really weird way to end this thing as there more than likely won't be a part 7 according to the comments. The story is really loose, goblins show up in the nick of time and cast a new spell on Sophia so she can eat the lamia and they force it down her throat cuz she ran out of bugs. No mention of the pregnancy at all, no mention of how long it's been or what she's been up to, nothing. The only thing that gets said about it is that the babies respond to her voice so she quiets down to get them to stop moving.
>>17574 but will there be another part or is this the last?
(147.96 KB 1080x967 20230710_063605.jpg)
There appears to be a vote going on what his next story is going to be about The options are (very badly translated sorry, if you can translate it better please save me) -Married Woman and Beast -Young Wife and Beast -NTR (Please don't vote for this one) - Sister x shota and then pregnancy https://twitter.com/fau85159478/status/1678003890086891520
>>18045 Too late, already voted for NTR
>>18045 here's what is says The revised version of the married beast. (this is the missing part 3 of the lady impregnated with a horse) The revised version of the young wife beast. (this is the lady impregnated with pigs) Office lady married woman NTR Sister x Shota, later pregnant And just so you know, they're all NTR with animals, the stories are always some married lady doesn't like her marriage and ends up fucking and getting knocked up by some animal. Except Sophia, she was raped and her husband left her
>>18041 So the new chapter deals with Sofia's vore and the laminate where at the end Sofia (the one who is pregnant) inside her her babies have already grown so much that they have not yet come out due to a spell that the goblins did and there is an image of x-ray new about that?
>>18050 Unfortunately no X-ray this time
>>18052 Hopefully in the next one it will come because I want to know what it looks like inside again And also that I go to see more chapters
>>18000 of the new image what is the password?
>>18055 it's over, there are no more chapters
>>17574 So Sofia's story ended?
https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/909838/post/6000001 anyone have the password for this?
(105.74 KB 1080x838 20230720_061546.jpg)
>>18061 Not yet brother
>>17083 Soooo is this CP (Yuck) or what? Why not post the images themselves? I dont really want to download some zip only to be bambozled
>>18526 what makes you think that's cp? it's literally a grandma
(29.57 KB 653x766 FB_IMG_1683517431635.jpg)
>>18526 It's a drawing schizo. Go outside and touch grass.
>>18523 Yes the story still stands
>>17490 Damn even this site is monitored closely by them. I shouldn't share anything at all
(49.26 KB 449x425 1453436376051.jpg)
>>18523 No... please... It's too much
(166.18 KB 1080x900 20230725_161443.jpg)
>>18528 >>18559 >>18748 IT HAS ARRIVED
>>18767 Its pretty disappointing literally nothing happens and its short as fuck
>>18777 can you give us a tl;dr of it, please?
>>18789 like 3 days have gone by since she ate the lamia which she hasnt fully digested so she cant stand up and because of that she hasnt gone to the bathroom in a while, then a goblin climbs up her ass to clean it i guess and thats it he says he might to a birth chapter
>>17574 In the end no one found this story, right? 人妻と獣姦 第三話出産編
>>18792 i have it downloaded but idk how to upload stuff
She ends up with the lamia in her stomach then births a goblin. I think the previous were better. I don't know, for some reason artists shape stomachs oddly trying to outline every form of what's inside. Very few artists seem to understand how to draw that stuff.
>>18796 I can't believe it
>>17574 Can't upload to Drive as PDF and share?
Is it just me or are people taking too long to submit it to Kemono?
Isn't there someone who has this story 人妻と獣姦 第三話出産編 in pdf form or someone who downloaded it there?
>>18795 download 7zip, right click the folder hit add to archive, upload the archive which is now a 7zip file to mega or wetransfer
>>18791 that sorta fits the description on pixiv, he says unbirth but it isn't tagged as such. If it gets posted I can translate it.
>>18826 it's been a day, at least let the guy sell his story
>>18840 works perfectly, thank you so much man, I really appreciate it, order seems a little weird but that can be fixed.
Thanks friend, I've been looking for a long time, but how is the order going to put everything as it goes
>>18843 yea the order is in modified from first to last i think
How long does it take for me to be in kemono?
>>18840 I've been looking for that story.
Does anyone have their pregnant Fioryane series? First few parts of it are on their kemono but not the rest. Only thing of theirs I’m really interested in.
>>18848 I don't think that ever completed
What's the nuclear launch code lads
(153.72 KB 1600x2025 F14dUxjacAI4Wiw.jpg)
In the meantime, here's a chibi.
>>18882 It's very adorable just like the original
>>18882 in kemono the artist said that the next chapter will already give birth but it will take days to make the chapter
>>18947 not what he says at all, he says Thank you for your support! I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but the next story is finally going to be the last! If the delivery drags on, I might add another episode!
>>18962 So if everything goes well, will there be another chapter?
Does anyone know where I can watch the episode? the new
Does anyone know what the code is? the one who is here won't let me in
(62.77 KB 2048x590 F3unSc5a0AAGFcO.jpg)
>>19845 Yeeesss
>>19845 where did he post that?
As a thanks for anon who uploaded this >>18840 here is english translated text of 人妻と獣姦 第三話出産編 https://mega.nz/file/wGIFwbpb#YXrUzahPOBh1E3BekT0Y-4RzRM7v2CfLqodeaagU7Ns
>>19886 is that the right order? she goes out first before getting fucked?
>>19882 that link is dead..
>>19886 which set is this from? idk them by name
>>19888 I just sort it out based on date of modification. >>19915 it's from the artist's old series that's unrelated to the current series. the series name is 人妻と獣姦.
Can someone send the newest file
There's gonna be two more
Is it the last episode of Sofia?
>>19926 oh, I tried to figure it out based on her size and where these things would fit into the story, I guess we can wait and see when the revision comes out. >>19927 someone has to update kemono
Kemono updated, same pass. Pretty disappointing set tbh, its basicly 1 pic (2 if you're generous) with slight variations.
>>19966 yeah also says 2 more episodes, really milking it without anything interesting happening
>>19966 wait that password being...
[fau0101] Married Woman and Bestiality - Episode 3: Childbirth https://imhentai.xxx/gallery/1109863/
>>20035 Thank you very much for putting it
>>20035 On that page I have seen the other chapters where Sofia appears but the previous chapter has not appeared nor has the last one
>>20092 I was saying chapter 7 and 8 of the story of sofia the one with a small belly zoo
I am also waiting for chapters 7 and 8 of Sofia to come out I want to see if she gave birth to all the babies including the snake woman
obviously in imhentai
Bad news guys The pass has changed for any new posts from jim
>>20265 **him
>>20265 hopefully someone will post the new password, seems like a weird time to change it.
>>20275 How can you find decode pass?
>>20278 >seems like a weird time to change it. It's the second time they changed it this month, but I guess they finally got to the encoding now
>>20275 I tried to put that password and it did not enter me
So if they changed the password?
>>20306 oh, weird, well hopefully he doesn't do a new password for each new release that'd be unbelievably annoying.
Does anyone here know when they will put the other chapters on imhentai? I always watch all the episodes there
(20.25 KB 180x120 1326614464469.gif)
>mfw someone uploaded the fancards to kimono
>>20638 diddnt work for the latest post for me, strange
>>20638 I could never enter with the password that they put here
>>20638 I've looked everywhere for the password but haven't found it at all. Please help anyone who knows or has the password, give it to me.
>>20882 thanks
>>20882 Many thanks!
why does this dude always go radio silent for like a month with no progress updates or anything?
>>21480 maybe to avoid spoilers I think
>>21483 most artists at least put out an "I'm not dead" post or a sketch or a blog post
>>21480 Making stuff like this takes time.
(72.67 KB 1199x813 20230923_105537.jpg)
There's a new one, but nobody has post it yet on kemono
>>21691 it can't show up on kemono since it hasn't been posted to his fanbox yet, the tag on twitter just says survival report, so it's an I'm not dead post. Which is nice
>>21691 In kemono it always takes time for the images to arrive
>>21691 The post isn't out yet even on their fanbox. Usually they'll do like an update post on X/twitter to show they're still alive basically.