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(140.96 KB 1280x1280 1.jpg)
Pregnant with Aliens Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 02/14/2023 (Tue) 08:51:41 Id:95b5be No. 11275
Women acting as brood mothers for horrors from beyond the stars
(59.22 KB 1280x1280 4.jpg)
(54.85 KB 1280x1280 6.jpg)
(41.35 KB 1280x1707 10.jpg)
(128.45 KB 1280x1280 11.jpg)
(90.19 KB 1280x1280 13.jpg)
Mad.scientist does an impressive job of making this theme wholesome
Wait what I though there was a thread already?
a bunch of threads have been lost recently so this one's being resurrected
(846.83 KB 1500x1500 madscientist_9-10 Not Long Now.png)
>>11275 sauce for that xray?
(84.97 KB 1200x1200 madscientist_family-2.jpg)
>>11396 madscientist
>>11396 >>11420 He has some stuff on hentai foundry, though his profile says he's on indefinite hiatus https://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/madscientist/profile
(109.93 KB 1280x1280 101.jpg)
(59.02 KB 1280x1280 99.jpg)
(66.18 KB 1280x1280 100.jpg)
(56.11 KB 1280x1280 98.jpg)
Think this is all of mad.scientist's birth/pregnancy works. if you want to see the insemination process check out his gallerys: https://imhentai.xxx/artist/mad.scientist/ (most but not all works in the latest archive)
(186.53 KB 1280x1280 114.jpg)
(219.11 KB 1280x1280 116.jpg)
(139.15 KB 1280x1280 117.jpg)
(108.64 KB 1280x1280 65.jpg)
(182.78 KB 1280x1280 66.jpg)
(91.43 KB 1280x1280 9.jpg)
(110.33 KB 1280x800 29.jpg)
(102.42 KB 800x1280 27.jpg)
(398.32 KB 800x1280 28.jpg)
(81.67 KB 1280x891 60.jpg)
(166.90 KB 1280x1280 82.jpg)
(157.19 KB 1280x1280 83.jpg)
(159.64 KB 1280x1280 84.jpg)
(179.52 KB 1280x1280 85.jpg)
(163.71 KB 1280x1280 86.jpg)
(87.52 KB 1280x978 61.jpg)
(88.13 KB 1280x1206 62.jpg)
(68.52 KB 1280x1280 49.jpg)
(72.80 KB 1280x1280 50.jpg)
(134.41 KB 1280x1280 41.jpg)
(127.35 KB 1280x1280 51.jpg)
(193.54 KB 1280x1280 52.jpg)
(198.56 KB 1280x1280 53.jpg)
(176.75 KB 1280x1280 54.jpg)
(168.16 KB 1280x1280 55.jpg)
(165.45 KB 1280x1280 43.jpg)
(147.10 KB 1280x1280 44.jpg)
(76.11 KB 1280x1280 56.jpg)
(79.62 KB 1280x1280 57.jpg)
(125.38 KB 1280x1280 8.jpg)
(124.20 KB 1280x1280 20.jpg)
(181.39 KB 1280x1280 21.jpg)
(196.60 KB 1280x1280 93.jpg)
(63.31 KB 1280x1280 29.jpg)
(140.86 KB 1280x1280 26.jpg)
(117.45 KB 1280x1280 34.jpg)
(133.78 KB 1280x1280 35.jpg)
(120.13 KB 1280x1280 96.jpg)
(2.06 MB 1275x1650 swarm_captured.png)
There was the comic with an elf girl getting impregnated by some slug creature in the previous thread. Can anyone post it again? Also, what is the artists name
>>11956 Elf and slug? are you sure it was in the "aliens" thread?
>>11958 Not really, it was perhaps in the non-human birth thread.
(1.59 MB 2786x2170 20230308_115703.jpg)
Current progress of my latest pic.
(1.89 MB 2630x2058 20230311_180207.jpg)
Here is my pic.
(968.38 KB 1500x1125 xenomorph_hive_gestating.png)
every day, I pray to Giger to thank him for coming up with xenomorphs.
>>13084 No fucking way, I commissioned that on a /d/ thread on 4chan years ago >>13084
(821.87 KB 2000x1500 facehugger9.png)
>>13114 well, thanks, bud you're singlehandedly carrying the tau-pregnant-with-xenomorphs community which isn't a very large community, mind you
(476.39 KB 1260x788 Alien Hive 1.jpg)
(629.69 KB 1920x1200 Alien Hive 3.jpg)
(788.15 KB 1920x1200 Alien Hive 2(dark).jpg)
(921.89 KB 1920x1200 Alien Hive 2(light).jpg)
(700.36 KB 1920x1200 Alien Hive 4.jpg)
(1015.19 KB 1366x768 Screenshot_447.png)
Some pics from a video made by Original Custard. It is of Elly giving birth to Deus,both from Xenogears. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1095033199974957086/1096580648849911928/Elly_the_Birthing.mp4?format=jpeg
>>14287 The link doesn't seem to be working. Is there any other way I could find this artist's stuff?
>>14287 Why it's format is jpeg when its mp4?
>>14294 It was sent to me like that. What do you think of the video? It is a bit rough but a WIP.
>>14295 The stills look quite good but not so much the animation
smashmasterson's Kate being a willing xeno broodmother
>>14361 Yeah. It is still a work in progress and the shape of Deus which Elly is giving birth to is causing issues with the physics. If anyone has any experience with VAM to help with this,Original_Custard6950 would appreciate the help on Discord.
Classic image by injuotoko and a new render by nixifly01
>>14376 Greetings. Do you have links to the original creator/artist? I really liked the video
(1.62 MB 1800x1029 1564279234555.png)
(1.63 MB 1800x1029 1564279286480.png)
Found this on a shitty archive and just gotta say >>13114 What the hell youre Voimond?! I thought you only did 3D stuff!
(2.51 MB 1920x1200 104-birthSub02.png)
(2.59 MB 1920x1200 104a-birthSub02.png)
>>15387 Love seeing my stuff pop up every once in a while...but why use cropped versions? Those video monitors took work...
>>15563 AH! You still exist! I know the feel, I get gitty when I see my things shared about and enjoyed. I'm curious, why did you stop producing or if you haven't were to you drop things nowadays?
>>15566 Yeah, still lurking. The short answer is life got busy. The usual. Longer answer: - Felt like I hit a wall and didn't want to keep pumping out the same stuff. - Poser development has stagnated ever since Daz Studio came out. I don't like using DS and haven't felt the desire to relearn everything and rebuild my library of material because: - Life got busy and this was always just a hobby, never monetized. I still play around with it when I've got some spare time. Always on the lookout for new ideas in the same vein, but I think I'm about at the limit of what V4.2 can do and the constantly shifting goal post that is "Genesis" sounds exhausting to keep up with.
>>15563 based love your stuff
>>15570 Thank you for replying and answering. Totally get it. Wish I had the time and focus to actually learn myself. Learning photoshop for professional use kinda took it out of me to learn any other editing type platform. Tried zbrush and blender, got a bit into them to do the basics.. and just lost interest. Anyways, never ever enough facehuggers out there. Don't care if it seems redundant if you ever want to toss something out. Besides that, looking over your works over the years in that google drive, there was quite noticeable improvements all over. small details, textures, backgrounds, environments, posing and facial expressions. All of it.
>>15377 He is just on Discord. Don't think he is anywhere else.
(190.15 KB 1107x1600 4241fe1a44aa2acf6870a631b8193790.jpg)
(9.20 MB 3840x2160 1685401102.png)
More pics from my friend.
Some of Sparrow's more ordinary work
(892.33 KB 3000x3882 160.jpg)
Sadgravy is making some xeno pregnancy but most his stuff is always behind a paywall
There was a doujin I'm trying to find again where a girl was pregnant with some weird inhuman thing and it was supposed to be an allegory for miscarriage or something, ring a bell for anyone?
>>16789 Could someone share a link to that Sparrow guy's account where ever it is he posts. It's quite hard to find him with a simple google search given his name and Saucenao only links to hentaifoundry
(691.50 KB 632x840 110520546_p0.png)
Battlestrength does a lot of alien pregnancy work. Mostly 3d but these days some AI (taken from pixiv hence the censor)
>>19268 Why do you think it leads you to HF retard
(2.23 MB 3084x2396 20230807_151132.jpg)
(901.42 KB 3012x1970 20201115_162504.jpg)
A recent work of mine. Been wanting to re-do an old pic.
celesseshading "Specimen 83 has escaped"
(1004.12 KB 3299x2598 20230822_222533.jpg)
(1.91 MB 3431x2591 20230821_232702.jpg)
(2.13 MB 3394x2662 20230825_201852.jpg)
Some extra work of mine.
>>20259 Man do you ever do any other pose except that one
>>20262 I prefer the M-Shaped legs and would love to show most of the mother giving birth.
(2.40 MB 3308x2582 20230903_133408.jpg)
Some updates to help with the pic.
>>18762 Source?
(346.55 KB 2480x1754 xenoporn_1.jpg)
I did a favor for y'all..
(278.43 KB 295x560 icegif-305.gif)
>>21182 bless you, man; we've been having a content drought for the past while and this is great stuff
>>21182 Nice work, do you post your stuff elsewhere?
(250.82 KB 2480x1247 xenoporn 2.jpg)
(863.93 KB 2260x1693 xenoporn 3.jpg)
Thankies, y'all! Glad you guys like it. Think that means I can drop some of my other works in here.
>>21228 For this particular artworks, not publicly. I post some in Erie's discord server. My main art gallery is public friendly.
>>21234 Loving the traditional birth of these xenos, vs the other "normal" way haha adds some intimacy there~
>>21234 I hope there’s bursting
>>21182 >>21234 Love it anon, exactly what I want out of xenomorph pregnancy >>21237 Perish
>>21234 The kiss of the pred-alien was the only redeeming feature of AVP:R. We need more art of that scene! Could even end in anal birthing as the offspring are working their way through the digestive tract rather than the womb but biological logic isn't exactly a key feature
Whilst we're on the topic of redeeming features from bad media does anyone have more stuff on the pregnators and the podgirls from DNF.
>>21234 You take requests? Or how should I contact you?
(517.34 KB 2480x1754 xenoporn 3 rev.jpg)
Kinda not satisfied with the previous predalien art, so I revise it to be more proper to the eyes..
>>21348 I take suggestion. If you wanna contact me, I have a Discord. Is it safe to write the username here?
>>21508 Yeah it should be fine to share your Discord name. So like do you mainly only draw alien pregnancy stuff?
>>21510 metrosaurus#8523 I draw this fetish in my sparest of spare time, so it's actually not my norm. I mostly do furry stuff.
>>21511 Would you be willing to do some normal pregnancy stuff?
>>21513 If you're willing to pay..
>>21511 Why not draw some xeno for the furry ayy thread?
>>21511 Seems like your Discord name isn’t working when I try putting it into the “Add via username” search bar
>>21507 Who’s the artist? Do they do burst! ?
>>21517 Try again with capital M? >>21522 Me. ^^ Depends.. The next scene is up to your imagination.
>>21532 Your art is fucking amazing. Please tell me if you make the next one burst
>>21182 >>21234 >>21235 >>21507 Xeno kissing + pregnancy that doesn't end in bursting. You're the one I've been looking for!
>>21234 >>21507 I'm more of a fan with the first take than the revisit but I see why you wanted to make some revisions.
(1.33 MB 2236x1979 105348614_p0.jpg)
(1.36 MB 2471x3214 90216106_p0.jpg)
(1.60 MB 2471x3214 90216106_p1.jpg)
>>21507 Do you have a public page we can follow besides discord? You're work is really good!
(3.10 MB 3242x2108 Ilustracion3dd.jpg)
Just got this commission done.
>>21234 Based on these memorable sequences https://pregchan.com/.media/0074bdc50deb1b528ee49674d47e3d4a027e5b6480478d0b313d69dd50bc9026.webm (from the real: bursting horror thread)
>>23124 SHE DEAD!
(483.56 KB 1754x2433 Xenopregging 1-5.jpg)
The offsprings grow healthy and protected inside the mother's warm womb. Under the breast crowns they're fed and lullabied by her heartbeat.
(464.78 KB 1754x2433 Xenopregging 2.jpg)
Sometimes, recessive genes will be passed down unfortunately. Creating spawns unfit for the hive. These were soon disposed quickly and fed back to the breeders.
(466.40 KB 1754x2433 Xenopregging 3.jpg)
However, Xenos' savagery doesn't mean lack of intelligence. They see an opportunity to also breed the breeder. At first, the two were mixed to the core.
(458.11 KB 1754x2433 Xenopregging 5.jpg)
(469.42 KB 1754x2433 Xenopregging 4.jpg)
As each mutation goes, the mate could scale down enough genes for a human fetus to formed. However, they're still imperfect resulting in conjoined twins. Only the xeno survived.
(464.85 KB 1754x2433 Xenopregging 6.jpg)
But eventually, human and xeno can be split and thus a future breeder is born to the hive.
Hey, Y'all! I'm back with some stuffs I've been put in backburner. I tried to envision how >>21182 would look like from the inside. Then I kinda have this idea after reading Alien: Labyrinth. (Also cameo from that comic and Alien 4.) So this is how the Hive self sustaining itself I guess.
>>22767 Thanks. I don't publicly post this kind of stuff so I guess this is as far as official release goes. You can hit me up in DC if you wanna char some stuffs.
(456.46 KB 1754x2433 Xenopregging bonus.jpg)
Bonus! I wanna see if I could draw an infant Hydralisk. I guess it failed. Haven't actually play Starcraft, just seeing some alien arts from it. Would y'all interested in the blank womb for template?
>>23207 Yes please! Your art is Chefkiss.
(301.56 KB 1754x2433 Xenopregging blank.jpg)
>>23210 There you go. Fill her up as you please.
(8.51 MB 2457x3508 PW140.png)
>>23211 Can you fill her up with this as the baby?
>>23233 Can you? The blank is given for something. -_-
>>23237 I can't,actually.
(2.26 MB 1280x720 alien_5_leaked_footage.webm)
Surprised people haven't post DirtyHorror's stuffs yet...
>>24302 Where do you find DirtyHorror's Stuff?
Lara Croft about to become a Duke Nukem pod-girl by juxtasuperposition
>>24697 Furaffinity mainly. I know. That's odd.
Technically alien pregnancy, albeit with small furry otter-like aliens.
>>21235 what's the link/name for that discord server?
(378.89 KB 1754x1240 xenoporn 4a.jpg)
(387.21 KB 1754x1240 xenoporn 4b.jpg)
I've returned with more sightings of the hive's repopulation.
(375.58 KB 1754x1240 xenoporn 4c.jpg)
(384.08 KB 1754x1240 xenoporn 4d.jpg)
(388.49 KB 1754x1240 xenoporn 4e.jpg)
(396.82 KB 1754x1240 xenoporn 4f.jpg)
Some more variants from my previous theory..
>>25704 > human+alien birth fuck, why is that shit so hot?
>>25703 I wish it was stomach bursting.
(1.11 MB 2006x1311 Ilustracion2-1-1.jpg)
Latest pic.
>>25705 It really hammers the concept of interspecies pregnancy. Having a human fetus accentuates the alien of the xenos. Growing and sharing the same womb with a inconceivable being. The baby also not just the child to the mother but to the alien father as well..
(629.44 KB 640x480 LEAVE.gif)
(378.77 KB 800x1000 1517455896303.jpg)
>>26910 Classic. I would love to see more SFM works of women giving birth to aliens/mutants.
(202.12 KB 1550x1205 thumb.jpg)
Sticking with the Samus theme
(428.01 KB 2426x1128 IMG_3102.jpeg)
(353.09 KB 1280x879 IMG_5643.jpeg)
(879.85 KB 4250x1169 IMG_3104.jpeg)
(1004.45 KB 5394x1169 IMG_3105.jpeg)
(849.13 KB 4918x1210 135304896117.jpg)
>>28192 >shadowxm1 what a blast from the past
(2.72 MB 720x480 fertile_prawn_birth3.mp4)
Here's a personal favorite of mine. And if anyone else happens to know who made this and where I can find more, please give info, thanks.
>>28421 Where did you find this?
>>28506 Somewhere on TubeSafari I think? Or maybe Xvideos.
End of a comic by shia
>>29200 Chestburster doesn't kick. Unless........... It's a hybrid!
(209.97 KB 1240x1754 xenoporn 5.jpg)
Quick sketch "A Healthy Mother"
>>29299 Given the difference in width, xenos should be less painful to birth than humans (except for all the sharp edges)
>>29304 well they seemed to all have came out at the same moment so it must hurt even more in her case (at least the aliens were nice enough to spare the kid)
(1.54 MB 2160x3840 xenoporn 6b.jpg)
(1.57 MB 2160x3840 xenoporn 6a.jpg)
Being part of the hive is...
>>29584 Think of it as the continuation of those birth scenes. The restart of the cycle.
Artist is hentai rat Also posted here: https://pregchan.com/d/res/27842.html Link to sample gallery: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/109346070 Internet-translated description: Xia Peng, the pregnant knight of the seventh pregnant woman heterogeneous town riot team, was arrested after a failed mission, and was extraordinarily stuffed with a different fetus in her body and then thrown into the pregnant women's competition arena, can she survive this catastrophe safely?
That's it. I apologize for the large file size, which meant I can only upload one image at a time. If the author has a problem with me posting his works, he can request their removal. I hope you guys enjoy this content.
(5.16 MB 6528x4896 85281928_p2.png)
Duke Nukem drawings by Lynncorp
(5.02 MB 6528x4896 85281928_p3.png)
Uploading 1 by 1 due to size
(1.11 MB 3007x4041 84535788_p0.png)
(2.64 MB 4540x3260 85019325_p0.png)
(4.82 MB 4392x6087 96791855_p0.png)
(8.82 MB 5787x4092 96932689_p0.png)
(2.12 MB 4041x3007 84535746_p0.png)
(8.68 MB 7275x4092 102670830_p1.png)
That's pretty much all the preggo ones Other art and pre-pregnancy on his pixiv (there's a lot) https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/51744052
(91.64 KB 759x1000 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_07.jpg)
(99.34 KB 1000x753 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_08.jpg)
(95.93 KB 763x1000 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_09.jpg)
(92.64 KB 765x1000 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_10.jpg)
(85.56 KB 746x992 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_11.jpg)
Alienz by depuceleur
(78.70 KB 738x1000 Dpuceleur_Alienz_Page_01.jpg)
(289.90 KB 1754x1754 xenoporn 7.jpg)
"A display of sex will be seen as offering of mate by the xenos, and this male seems to accept the offer." Just an idea if the AVPR hospital scene has this type of bed instead. The Predalien variant will soon come.
>>31525 Reminds me of that CG porn video on a spaceship with Aliens getting out and impregnating female members of the crew. Earlier on, one heavily-pregnant blonde woman lies missionary on a cot in an isolab being purposely mated (over and over again) by one of the aliens. It's assumed that she's pregnant with an alien, and even that she volunteered her body towards being impregnated - although maybe she was forced into it instead?? It's never answered... the movie just moves on to the aliens raping/impregnating the female command staff.
>>31527 Sounds like you're describing "Icarus" by The Nest Labs https://rule34video.com/video/3071604/icarus-episode-one/ Been a while since I've seen any updates from them unfortunatly
(1.53 MB 1800x1800 CbgHjLM1tVI37TQaW7DZHYK6.png)
(2.43 MB 1800x1800 2JR2NrwxCH2OnKiMSTNyNXpa.png)
>>29299 "After months of gestation, she finally delivers. She has brought the hive a batch of healthy children. Unexpectedly, she also delivers her own kind. The infant is crammed and entangled with her slithering brothers. The brother's spasm tightening his grip on her neck, a reaction of being born. She lets out a faint cry that the mother hear in regret for bringing a familiar life into the hive. The breeder's mammaries are being prepared by her inseminator. As her breath and heartbeat fasten, she sweats. From her spilled womb fluid, the male senses a nutritious female, and she lactates as expected. As the male stimulate her lactation, he feels her heart pulse as well. Grateful for the fitness of the breeder, a sign of vigorous gestation, a well distributed nutrition to their children, and so is the milk she spurts, the groom continues to incite the feast for the infants. The pain of childbirth strikes her like a lightning, but the arousal sensation sends another primal reaction. In the moment, they are a family. When she finally pushes the last one, she has reproduce the future member of the hive and the future breeder of the hive."
>>32807 gloombone i think
>>32807 yup. thats gloombone alright.
>>32810 >>32818 Thank you
>>24302 >>24303 >can impregnate any living thing they fuck I love their OC species so much
(185.09 KB 1024x1024 xenoporn 8 a.jpg)
(198.84 KB 1024x1024 xenoporn 8 b.jpg)
The husband returns home after his service to be engulfed in his mate's presence. Liquids exchanged and breath and pulse were harmonized. In the brief moment, the bride, the groom, and the offspring are one. Despite already inseminated, the internal seed release is to mark this breeder as his. Likewise, her odor from her sweat. milk, and womb mark him as hers.
(197.05 KB 1024x1024 xenoporn 8 c.jpg)
(197.32 KB 1024x1024 xenoporn 8 d.jpg)
Alternate X-Ray of the fetus
(371.99 KB 1341x1240 xenoporn 9.jpg)
She still has a fight in her, but her spouse reminds her to reserve it for something much more productive... or reproductive.
(11.81 KB 1152x697 preview.webp)
Does anyone have a full video of this? I saw this off of a different site
(479.18 KB 2552x1690 Xenopregdoggyedit.jpg)
Found this pregnant pic and decided to add a xeno fetus. Well, I draw the xeno so it's technically drawn category, right?
>>35357 There should be a thread dedicated to drawing alien/hunan fetus x-rays on real women. You should do more of these but with images of women in labor.
>>35391 I remember we used to have X-Ray edit threads. I forgot if it was in /d/ or /r/.
Expanding Xeno Breeding by Killboo
(693.67 KB 1240x1754 xenoporn xry a.png)
To her surprise, her womb also nurtures another male's seed.
Hope we get something out of Alien: Romulus, but I won't hold my breath.
>>35900 Definitely chestburster, I feel like they are going to get that but I don’t know alien pregnancy. I sure hope so
>>35907 I really wanted a resolution to the final scene from Covenant. David pukes up some alien embryos and stores them in a dish alongside some human embryos. Was automation going to unwittingly cause a couple female colonists to wake up pregnant with aliens in their bellies?
>>35911 Even if they have more obvious bellies, it will almost certainly still be bursting/c-section. I would be surprised if they did normal birth.
>>36164 the third one aint showing up (the other two are great otherwise!)
(66.40 KB 925x771 alien3.png)
(84.85 KB 925x771 alien2.png)
(86.50 KB 925x771 alien.png)
(332.23 KB 3840x2789 alien4.png)
(306.82 KB 3840x2789 alien5.png)
some drawings and alts from maternalreads (kinda wish their patreon was updated)
>>36169 kemono*
>>35357 Oh my god do you take requests??
(66.35 KB 509x493 6.jpg)
(73.51 KB 470x500 7.jpg)
(53.44 KB 448x477 8.jpg)
(56.92 KB 473x543 9.jpg)
(67.52 KB 473x543 10.jpg)
>>38136 source of second picture?
>>38139 TheAbstractLily