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Doki Doki Literature Club Thread Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/29/2023 (Sun) 12:58:24 Id:6b57d9 No. 23572
We had a thread like this before on the old Pregchan, plus I haven't seen anyone made a thread like this before
(775.04 KB 1988x2863 Yuri.png)
Out of all the girls, Yuri has the most potential for pregnancy.
(441.26 KB 1500x1500 Sayori thing5.png)
(4.33 MB 6000x6000 Natsuki - DDLC kicky.png)
Just Monika.
>>23572 What a cute thread, so mild yet it is turning me on . Dontcha wanna hug and kiss em? Congrats to u all.
Done by UndeadPreggo (Alternate version of the Natsuki one included)
I remember Yuri said she wants to crawl inside me and wear my skin because she loves me so much. Canonically, in the game. Wish there was a secret ending where you confess you want to be unbirthed by her and she does that
https://www.kemono.su/patreon/user/10518270/post/46387687 For anyone looking for Lusty's "Monika's Self-Aware Pregnancy" file.
(38.51 KB 620x877 20221029_025320.jpg)
(156.56 KB 1363x1000 1626415817396-4.jpg)
(606.61 KB 707x1000 1626415817396-0.png)
just monika
(196.05 KB 1200x860 20220725_105344.jpg)
There isn't a lot of DDLC pregnant art, every time someone makes a DDLC thread, it doesn't get active for long. It's sad. Spoiler for non-human birth.
>>23669 I like to imagine Monika implemented the update without realizing WHAT it entailed.
(399.83 KB 854x617 1551502527365-0.png)
(511.41 KB 574x923 1541892132246.png)
(1.69 MB 1350x1800 1550676819684.png)
Trying to keep this thread alive as long as possible. Also, something about pregnant women in tight winter pants or yoga pants makes my pp go diamond hard
(2.33 MB 2550x3300 Natsuki.png)
(760.69 KB 1500x1500 20220411_112156.jpg)
Bumping with a tired Monika
>>24653 Laying on all those puzzle pieces is going to destroy her back.
(231.84 KB 2048x1430 20230226_144236.jpg)
(243.98 KB 2048x1430 20230226_144241.jpg)
Putting a bun in the Bun's oven
(348.83 KB 660x600 90919659_p11.png)
(561.44 KB 630x700 90919659_p12.png)
Wholesome pregnant Sayori
Bumping with Sayori
Yes indeed.
A cute Sayori from the Drawthread Trying to keep this thread alive
I looked for a minute for this. Yeah there's not a ton of DDLC preg art, but suppose the year was 2015 and the game came out in 2009? There'd be almost none, if a single piece. I feel blessed honestly with how much more preg smut there is on the web in recent years. There can always be more, especially for more niche games/copyrights, but it's certainly better than it ever was before.
What happened here?
>>30888 I can't see what was uploaded here. Is it broken?
(306.19 KB 2168x4096 20220925_021705.jpg)
Bumping with a cute cupcake
(184.80 KB 1583x2048 20220817_232108.jpg)
>>35111 Where did you find this? SauceNao is not finding anything.
>>35171 made by "Spaz.Matanium" on pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/65903906
>>35195 Thank you! :D