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(137.30 KB 894x894 J6Uu1qzPtgI.jpg)
Overdue bellies 2 Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 08/13/2022 (Sat) 16:20:28 Id:250e23 No. 3006
A thread for those stubborn kids that don't want to come out. it is recommended to indicate the age and number of children (the girl in this picture has 4 children aged 2 years) Overdue bellies: https://web.archive.org/web/20220419063631/https://pregchan.com/d/res/85113.html
>>3018 Jokes about the impossibility of "they haven't just cut her out" aside, that really went from "this isn't escalating at all" to "that escalated quickly" pretty quickly.
how do you make the images higher quality in the archive alot of them wont load
>>3016 >>3017 >>3018 God I love this comic Need more like it.
What about movies and commercials? Have a link to overdue bellies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-hP5WEcXyk
(121.26 KB 923x2048 1633749337757.jpeg)
Lady Death Whip are overdue
(536.91 KB 1500x1500 1660537123975591.png)
(811.26 KB 2120x3157 0.jpg)
(953.83 KB 2120x3157 1.jpg)
(797.43 KB 2196x3148 2.jpg)
(976.39 KB 2196x3148 3.jpg)
>>3016 I wouldn't have expected to see overdue preg art of girl und panzer, but here we are
(1.80 MB 3507x3507 96296744_p0.jpg)
(2.22 MB 3507x3507 96296744_p1.jpg)
Oops, I miss one. https://vimeo.com/230201449 And anyone out there. If you can find more short films, commercials, or anything. Please post some here please. Thank you.
(602.54 KB 1750x1000 kaijinx-609922-d.png)
(1.21 MB 1776x1925 kaijinx-682431-nejire.png)
(2.36 MB 2108x1532 noisekeeper-444408-9217-5.png)
>>3563 Ahh, Three Year Delivery fan-art.
>>3018 Is that the entire comic?
>>3599 sauce? :D
(227.60 KB 611x720 1632793222373-1.png)
(869.33 KB 1403x2205 taking_bets_by_saburox_d8n9ncs.png)
>>3819 God thats hot
>Alcina is pregnant with 3 fullgrown women & actually is over it & just wants to Pop!
I think there was a book that had something to do with the pregnant for years thing. I think it’s called The Divine Child. Would anyone be interested in doing some fanart?
Phoebe by infernal-aces on Tumblr A five year pregnancy
(147.65 KB 1448x2048 FEffOpXVIAEZ_GD.jpeg)
(97.70 KB 1448x2048 FJEYs8uakAI0eAo.jpeg)
(250.21 KB 1781x1977 FGEUjoQVEAApiHR.jpeg)
More overdue tummies :3
(232.16 KB 1280x1978 jill.jpg)
>>3942 Don't forget about that one time Jill getting knocked up by sea-men in Revelations.
>>4081 Erika by infernal-aces Seven year pregnancy
>>3818 25 months feels like it would be bigger
The drawing by Himitsu is a three year pregnancy
>>4257 Damn hot.
(5.96 MB 2051x3135 3.png)
My character Lisa Suraya octuplets 12 months. Still pregnant currently. Credit to skultulla for color.
>>4260 im sure being in there for 12 more months wouldnt hurt, right~? (except for on the way out)
>>4260 >still pregnant currently Okay, you originally posted this in 2015, so the way I look at it, she's going on 8 years pregnant. ... ... I desperately need to see such an image!
Shara by BELL-on-SUPREMACY as well as fanart of her from DemonWave2003 >>4260 >>4281 This sounds very exciting to see
>>4260 Hey yust out of curiosity is there anywhere I can follow you for your art?
>>4284 Link of the artist?
>>4300 Here's their DA, but keep in mind that there's also some vore pics there. https://www.deviantart.com/bell-on-supremacy
Noh Bahdi's OC Tiffany, a whole fifteen year pregnancy (so far) Unfortunately, there's almost next to no fan art of her which is a shame
(1.57 MB 1499x2000 preggoth4.png)
Valrea and Molina, both pregnant for at least 2 years
(1.80 MB 3507x3507 96296744_p0.jpg)
(2.22 MB 3507x3507 96296744_p1.jpg)
Artist is RubbishAppeal on Pixiv
(626.24 KB 1903x950 Untitled45_20220919230127.png)
Very overdue spooky ghost lady Artist: me
>>4771 MOAR holy fuck
>>4771 my man you can't post this and not link your pages
>>4775 Lmao sorry, I only post my stuff here so far. Basic sites are too unstable on explicit stuff
>>4771 >>4782 You are going to go far.
>>4285 You could check deviantart or pixiv under the same name Silverstar1976. I had some sketches on this lady but not very happy with them. Thinking to draw her again sometimes soon.
GoddessNinlil's Caelia Pregnant for an unknown number of years
(262.11 KB 768x1000 Untitled228_20220926194946.png)
Artist: me
>>5078 An addendum; Tumblr's allowing porn back on it's platform so may start posting stuff there
>>5079 looks like those retards finally realized that porn makes up most of their traffic there
>>5079 A further addendum; it would appear that porn is still heavily restricted. Alas. We'll see if this changes
>>5078 what is the name of the artist
>>5085 Me, I don't post anywhere besides here yet
>>5090 You tried Pixiv?
>>5091 I haven't yet, may check it out. DA seems to be pretty lax on its nsfw rules as well
>>5078 this is so wonderful and a blessing for my niche fetish
>>5105 I believe in being the change you want to be in the world, so if I can't find my niche fetishes out there then I'll make them myself ;)
What does bump mean?
(115.00 KB 800x533 vg60338_1293907957651.jpg)
>>5441 means to "bump" the thread from further down the page order to the front page after a period of no activity. Also in during >lurk moar, newfag
Oh ok.
>>3028 what’s the drawing of the preg lady with the polar bear beneath her from?
>>4971 ninlil appreciator
(628.72 KB 1024x660 yukibelly.png)
>>5891 here's the full image version of that
This one looks neat.
Is the last one ok?
>>5793 You don't see that everyday (LOL): very pregnant and leaking breasts (and proud of it).
(73.43 KB 848x1199 Ff63qTpaUAEB5HQ.jpg)
(413.97 KB 2896x4096 Ff63qTpaUAEB5H.jpg)
Does anyone else know if RubbishAppeal made anymore drawings with girls being pregnant for years?
(373.80 KB 4216x2360 stubborn.png)
lazy sketch, for fun
>>6308 Nice.
>>6308 I love that energy so much I don't even mind that the left has squidward tentacle hands. Never stop drawing, anon, you're a treasure
(537.46 KB 2809x2155 shopping.png)
>>6313 Thank you I still have a lot to learn, have another one inspired by >>5078
>>6391 I think it's the soulful expressions that grab me where more professionally crafted pics don't. Really feel the strain
(46.62 KB 600x861 20221101_200023.jpg)
(47.06 KB 600x861 20221101_200024.jpg)
New drawings ft Equilibriun from Azur Lane, just one big baby that year overdue! Twitter: https://twitter.com/RanBee20/status/1587415201141649408?t=j98sOl7MzbyCHU5vRz8g8w&s=19
(220.34 KB 1800x1800 E5ZatBHVoAE_7Wr.jpg)
(237.28 KB 1800x1800 E5ZatBnUUAAFscv.jpg)
Who knows for how long? @Popawheelie3 on twitter
9.5 years
Old 2014 art by Mookierific of Totally Spies girls indefinitely pregnant
(426.65 KB 618x741 Screenshot (108).png)
It's Rozalin from Disgaea!
(202.48 KB 2480x3507 -2407347ca5c2520a.jpg)
>>6391 Eyyyy happy to have inspired ye! It's rendered very nicely
(137.92 KB 1280x1978 hinoka_gestate.jpg)
(856.22 KB 1650x2550 selkie.pregnant.png)
(681.21 KB 2094x3299 waitress.png)
Montage I created from the works of Dogfight97.
In the movie "Modern vampires" from 98 one vampire have been pregnant for 115 years.
>>7360 Do we actually get to see her?
She appears at 12 min 35 s, 40 min 15 s, 1 hour 3 min 3 s and 1 hour 8 min and 21 s as her last scene in which she dies.
>>7429 But does she look like she’s been pregnant for years?
ordinary pregnant belly, it is just vampire logic of either slow pregnancy or paused.
(1021.65 KB 2500x2000 1470525606956.jpg)
Pregnancy edit from old pregchan. Original artwork by BIGBIG
>>7475 To be honest I look at it like this for a lot of bigbig's work Easy way to block out vore in my mind
(953.83 KB 2120x3157 100603652_p1.jpg)
(811.26 KB 2120x3157 100603652_p0.jpg)
(976.39 KB 2196x3148 100603652_p3.jpg)
(1022.78 KB 3508x2480 103279263_p1.jpg)
(797.43 KB 2196x3148 100603652_p2.jpg)
>>7648 what is the name of the artist? please
>>7659 Thanks a lot
Noh-Bahdi's Tiffany, larger than ever
>>6391 where i can find your art?
>>6391 It's pretty good, do you have a da or a twitter account ?
>>4782 I've hear Itaku is really good.
(1.63 MB 2598x3661 104466774_p12.jpg)
RJ01010559 is up
>>9378 I’m going to need some context of what’s going on.
>>9382 Knowing the creator, it's another extreme pregnancy that may or may not end up in a manner unpalatable for the general masses. You can look the artist/group up as kintsunekopandanuki or just pandanuki to find more of the works to get what I'm talking about, but if memory serves right the only one translated is the one where a guy watches a recording of his wife cucking him with a futanari that then gets the life drained into her balls, cums gigasperms into her and impregnates her with an adult that makes her go kaput.
I wish it exploded
A dragon that's been pregnant for a few years by Maternal-reads
(1.43 MB 3508x2480 104683633_p0.jpg)
(1.38 MB 3508x2480 104683633_p1.jpg)
(1.20 MB 3508x2480 104683633_p2.jpg)
(1.18 MB 3508x2480 104683633_p3.jpg)
(99.69 KB 860x1214 Fm4zij_aUAEhDDQ.jpg)
(124.71 KB 860x1214 Fm4zjcVaUAAuXHQ.jpg)
(1.27 MB 3357x3742 FoqW8xaaUAArDr0.jpg)
@DemiDegen1 on twitter
>>11996 what is the name of the artist?
(48.60 KB 750x900 36_weeks_by_solios-d5ix2qy.jpg)
(50.43 KB 750x900 48_weeks_by_solios-d5ix2rm.jpg)
(50.71 KB 750x900 60_weeks_by_solios-d5jqtp9.jpg)
(48.99 KB 750x900 72_weeks_by_solios-d5l9gy6.jpg)
(47.72 KB 900x750 84_weeks_by_solios-d5o3nlu.jpg)
>>3457 Full
In the 1997 film Spice World One character comes in around 11:15 and says she is 1 week overdue.
the movie Between Heaven and Earth from 1992 is about unborn refusing to be born so women become overdue and the main protagonist becomes over 3 weeks overdue
(38.57 KB 625x486 Tumblr_l_5944877848524643.jpg)
Infernal aces. A very overdue lyla
A maid who carries the children of the unfaithful husbands that she serves
12 mo
>>14419 Who is the artist and where its from
I’m the artist for the last couple I just don’t know how to use this site yet 😭
>>14432 This is the only site I put my drawings on rn I’m just trying to learn how this site works lolololol
>>14429 Thank youuu
>>14618 OMG, stretchincredible! What happened to them?
1yr triplets
>>14628 nice art
This is a new one its from here【ボテ腹】延产综合征-4 | 祸源甲 #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/107669382
(591.68 KB 2000x2000 rGFykdOGVpY.jpg)
>>15219 Oooo! Where is this from?
>>15314 HimitsuDragon
How come no one post this yet
Five years pregnant
(1017.50 KB 2504x1867 101239031_p0.jpg)
Did everyone forget this thread exist
(1.37 MB 1785x1592 bellytap.png)
Edited Asabo5's work a lil bit
>>15835 Super preg Yor is the best
>>15835 How much do I pay for the super large fetal movement version?
>>15835 I love that the belly is that big
>>15835 Family gathering to watch a home birth feels.
>>15981 Nice. The similarity in style and subject matter makes me wonder if he's >>6391
>>15982 it is almost the same but it's different, different artist, different topic, but althought she look the same as >>6391 but their different character
>>16119 can you like make their belly bigger
>>16119 can you do more like this
by dragonwave2003
>>16847 Oops, it's DEMONwave2003
(102.60 KB 674x900 FyDhSxqXwAA2v-e.jpeg)
In a universe this happened
(2.14 MB 1256x1383 nzg_gKvo.png)
>>16933 how many years is this
>>16936 maybe 18?
>>16936 Probably more than 20?
(1.55 MB 2676x2048 20230617213226.PNG)
(1.39 MB 2676x2048 20230617213546.PNG)
(957.29 KB 2676x2048 20230617223320.PNG)
(1.03 MB 2676x2048 20230617223826.PNG)
Two months overdue, I'll pretend it's much longer.
>>17215 Lordy.
>>17215 it gets that big at a 2 months overdue when all your babies aren't human lol
>>17227 You're right, they aren't!
>>17215 go on pls for later pciture
>>17215 Not quite, in the 2 latter 2 more months have passed so It’s a total of 4
Kitsune, nine years.
>>16851 This is why gay sex should be illegal, lesbo babies are more violent and even more LAZY, they never come out of the womb! Gimme a break!
>>17215 sauce? like holy shit and also saucenao gave me nothing
>>17423 its from fau0101
>>17469 Source?
>>17520 Wrong post.
Reposting here because the image is so beautiful and the concept is so fantastic
Thread got stalled for some reason
Is this one ok or not? Cause in the title it said 30 years overdue
Based on a story about a teacher pregnant with her daughter who also eventually gets pregnant https://www.deviantart.com/dr-are/art/The-Teacher-is-Going-to-Give-Birth-971035463
>>18799 The art is great but damn this watermark...
>>18894 for real, so that's why I decided to put their stuff on kemono lmao. Here's the image without the watermark and the Lingerie alt https://kemono.party/patreon/user/10423083
(2.79 MB 1842x2604 110502038_p0.jpg)
>>18259 Does anyone know who draw this? And if there’s more?
>>19805 The artist is dunci0
>>19812 Thanks! Is that artist in DA, or some other place?
>>19812 That’s a reposter tho? Original artist was Clone66
>>19816 Oh cool again! Thank you so much.
(187.34 KB 500x489 E2foptN.png)
Shintaro Kago's The Fetus Collection The ending is the protagonist ending up pregnant with the messiah himself and he is a stubborn brat. Only panel like this in it though.
>>20558 Wasn't this where they use abortions in order to "Create art" and she couldn't do the abortion because the baby was "immortal" due to being the "Messiah" and you can pretty much infer she is just cursed?
>>20558 Not gonna lie, that is really hot.
https://www.deviantart.com/trishasoda1111/art/Priyanka-981456995 This is a new one from trishasoda1111 on deviantart
>>21047 I think in the picture here she is pregnant with teen or adult connie
(361.07 KB 4193x3289 dragonALT2.png)
(818.65 KB 2000x997 polt_1_6_by_marrazan_daqitry.jpg)
(583.88 KB 2000x1067 polt_2_6_by_marrazan_daqitrc.jpg)
(580.93 KB 2000x773 pol_3_6_by_marrazan_daqitqs.jpg)
(746.83 KB 2000x1137 polt_4_6_by_marrazan_daqitqi.jpg)
(545.42 KB 2000x718 polt_5_6_by_marrazan_daqitq5.jpg)
(556.69 KB 2000x847 polt_6_6_by_marrazan_daqitpw.jpg)
I love the concept of years overdue pregnancy so much
(254.78 KB 1200x1200 Pregnancy_Prophecy_Problems.png)
(439.50 KB 2000x2000 Grumpy Overdue Elf.png)
>>21329 Isn't it the best?
>>21416 Source?
>>21425 himitsudragon i think
>>21680 She's not even overdue bro
(3.81 MB 4705x3940 overtext.png)
>>21742 Should be a decade i think hehe
(367.18 KB 800x752 ClH-tvM1L.png)
(285.01 KB 2048x1750 Doomcrystal-939070-Alpha_1.jpg)
(300.11 KB 2048x1750 Doomcrystal-939073-Alpha_2.jpg)
16 years pregnant with quadruplets By Zeruxu
>>22300 Visiting a pregnant sister in her home when she's kicking back in her undies, she allows you to feel your nieces or nephews inside her, and she loved the way her sister (or brother? IDK, she's getting too...loving) rubbed the belly, a hug and a kiss to the baby. This also applies to sister-in-laws.0:-)
>>22031 Bump
so many bumps lmao
(2.41 MB 1754x1240 107071166_p0.png)
Shuuko Komi won't give birth.
Embarazada y desnuda
(221.82 KB 946x1273 87695888_p11.jpg)
Desnuda y embarazada
(614.81 KB 2913x3100 20231117_231911.jpg)
(693.02 KB 2913x3100 20231117_231913.jpg)
(126.37 KB 1280x905 202.jpg)
(116.93 KB 1280x905 201.jpg)
(133.71 KB 1280x905 203.jpg)
>>25470 Does anyone know what does the one in japanese say?
>>25640 That's an unbirth image where Konata shoves herself up Kagami's pussy and then asks if she can bring her PC as well.
idk where else to put this maybe there secretly trying to make there water break?
(1.99 MB 2877x2480 113710261_p0.jpg)
(2.17 MB 2877x2480 113710261_p1.jpg)
>>25809 Damn, I want a whole comic/manga about this.