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Mpreg Furry Thread Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/21/2022 (Tue) 00:28:44 No. 1
Claiming the new furry board for our knocked up bros out there.
>>585 Does anyone happen to have the nsfw version of this gif?
(226.03 KB 500x500 1459223205.angelo-xd_rico2_.png)
>>5248 >You are able to get home early for once because you somehow managed to clock off the minute your shift ended >Coupled with the fact that the elevator is finally fixed, you have a lot of free time before curfew >You decide to go to the communal showers to wash up >Pay $70 to gain entry to the "free" showers and laundry service >Strip naked and place your clothes in a basket >Seating isn't provided, so you have to sit on the floor to remove your socks, pants, and underwear >Use the wall to climb back to your feet >Your clothes are automatically taken to the laundry via conveyor belt built into the change room >Waddle to the shower room to your assigned shower >A few heads turn to regard your swollen egg-shaped midriff >Most of them end up ignoring you, long used to seeing you >Even after all this time, you can spot some of them with boners standing straight up >You stand beneath a showerhead labelled '14' in holographic lettering >The water turns on automatically, bombarding you with ice cold water for a few seconds before switching to an uncomfortable lukewarm >The chimeras start having a tantrum, pushing and kicking your insides >You've gotten used to the overwhelming sensation for the most part, but you're forced to grimace through the pain >You pick up the single half used bar of soap from your shower and begin rubbing it all over your body >The hardest part is cleaning your massive belly, most of the underside and front escapes the reach of your arms >Do your best to rub the top and sides, the moisturizing soap preventing your belly from getting stretch marks, the one thing you're grateful for in your life >Pinch one end of the soap between your fingertips and try to cover as much surface area as you can >Predictably, the bar slips and falls to the tiled floor >Contemplate the odds of successfully reaching down and picking the bar up off the floor before silently giving up >"'Scuse me, mister." >You turn your head to see one of the other men in the shower room >"You look like you could use some help" >Though his query seemed innocent, the look on his and several others' faces paints a picture you've grown to loathe from your time as a surrogate >Before you can reply, he effortlessly bends down and snatches the soap up off the floor with no intention of giving it back to you >You have no choice but to stand still as he cleans your huge belly in slow circles, lest you topple into an embarrassing heap >He uses both hands to slather the soap, clearly taking his time as he painstakingly cleans the areas you had no chance of ever reaching >Once he gets directly under your belly, he gives it a few hefts, taking enjoyment in teasing you for the incredible weight you're stuck with >You'd never admit you enjoyed the brief moments you felt truly weightless ever since you were implanted with the neo uterus and 4 chimeras >Another man lifts you by the armpits and lowers you until your fattened rear end is touching the floor >The man continues to rub soap on your belly while you're leaning against the wall long after your belly has been thoroughly cleaned >The gentle sensations of the rubbing on your overstretched belly makes you blush an embarrassing shade of red >Your cock, which has been long out of your reach, stands up as far as it can go with your belly in the way >The man leans forward until his lips tickle your ear, and begins whispering >"You look so delicate and helpless, trapped beneath your swollen, aching, full belly. Your babies must be so, so heavy." >He smiles smugly as he pulls away, seeing your face turn beet red >When the man stops rubbing your belly and gets up, you realize you started panting at some point >He hands the depleted sliver of soap to another of the men in the small crowd that had gathered around you >He flashes a grin, a clear indicator that he was finished with you, and makes his way out of the shower room >The man he passed the soap to kneels on the floor in front and continues where the previous man left off >You are left at the mercy of the multitude of men who stood around you. They gathered all the soap they could and took it in turns rubbing slow circles on your belly while you're forced to sit there >Some of their hands are soft, some are calloused, some have meaty hands that encapsulates more area on your belly than the rest. >The non-stop slow movements of countless hands across your sensitive belly lulls the chimeras into a slumber so uncharacteristically calm that you've considered it a luxury >You lose track of time as you sit there, mind drawn to a blank haze, panting at the excess of sensations from your sensitive belly and pleasure from your bed-rocked penis pressed between it and the floor >An unknowable amount of time passes until you realize everyone had left, whether it's from a strict schedule, lack of patience from waiting too long, getting all the satisfaction they needed, or growing wary of the looming curfew >Once you finally snap back to your senses, you grab hold of the rack used to store the soap and use it to inch your way to a standing position >You angle the shower head back onto your body to wash the remaining soap off >Waddle back to your pod after you get dressed >Your eyes grow heavier as you're drawn further into sleep >To your surprise, the chimeras don't ruin your sleep with their squirming, even after propping the pillow underneath your belly so it won't touch the concave class >You dream of an endless crowd of people, each with a bar of soap, rubbing slow circles on your belly as they whisper sweet nothings into your ear
>>5289 +1 for wholesomeness
(593.00 KB 1436x2048 IMG_0186.jpeg)
Zexart/zethvalgxfurryart has a lot of good cumflation/mpreg hyper art/animation, but most is paywalled. His patreon is on kemono, however, he found a way to prevent the scrapper from getting his posts. (He literally just puts the password to a Dropbox in the comment section. That’s how easy it is.)
>>5289 >Clock off shift and ride subway >To your surprise, the maternity seats are completely empty >The comfort of the seat and gentle rocking of the subway coupled with your exhaustion causes you to fall asleep >You wake up to find you've missed your stop >The subway isn't making any more trips for the rest of the day, and catching a different ride will circle around the city, causing your debt to go into the red from the cost of riding >After a minute and a half of rest and self beration, you decide to make it back on foot >5 minutes of walking in 110 degree weather and you are already exhausted >The only thing protecting your body from the sun's rays are your work uniform, including a button up short sleeve t-shirt, a pair of pants, and a small cap, all of which are almost entirely charcoal black >Both your arms are working overtime lugging your enormous belly so it doesn't sway >10 more minutes of waddling and you are willing to do anything to get out of this heat >You stumble across a rudimentary bus stop, with the next bus coming in 15 minutes >Seek shelter in a nearby fast food restaurant >You try to order a cup of cold water, but the employee at the front counter completely ignores you while looking past you and mumbling constantly >Give up and find a place to sit to rest your fatigued muscles >Open your t-shirt and lean back, exposing your sweaty chest which is constantly heaving from your panting, and your smooth glistening orb which rests between your spread legs >You sit there for a while, content with regaining your stamina in the air conditioned restaurant >Your peace is interrupted when a group of youths kick open the door and start yelling profanities at everything they can see >No one in the restaurant can do anything since they're all black teens, and saying anything to them would land them a fine or jail time >They make their way toward the counter before they spot you sticking out like a sore thumb >"Goddamn! Look at dis fat mothafucka!" >"Hey, watchu doin here cuz? Didya eat all the fuckin food?" >You try to ignore them, but they remain persistent on hassling you for entertainment >"Get up fat boi." >Some of them start recording on their iphone 42s so they have video proof if you try anything >One of them feints a punch to your belly >"I said get up!" >You oblige them for fear of your own safety >The insults and hassling piques while you're on full display, calling you repeated names like "fat fuck" and "fat boi" >One of them dangles your t-shirt around you, telling you to "put your shirt back on" and pulling it away when you reach for it >The customers in the restaurant pretend not to notice anything is going on while this is happening >You glance out the window and see the bus you were trying to catch depart >You try not to let your frustration show on your face, but the teens are instead drawn to the chimeras that are definitely not hiding theirs's >"Goddamn! He's smugglin midgets in there!" >The teens prod and push your sensitive belly to get the chimeras to make bigger bumps on your taut skin >You visibly grimace at the 4-way kickboxing match going on in your body, trying to angle your belly away from the prodding, but it proves to be futile >Once something distracts the teens long enough to forget about you, they leave the restaurant >After waiting until you're sure they're gone, you waddle outside to retrieve the t-shirt they discarded carelessly >You return to the restaurant after looking up when the next bus will turn up >You put your arms through the sleeves of the shirt, but pause to survey the damage to your belly >The sides, front, and top are sparsely dotted with bruises, plus a few tiny cuts where one of them with long nails poked you, but the underside is untouched >You stretch the fabric of the shirt over your belly, straining the buttons to their limit, and leaving your convex navel to poke out between two of the buttons >You wait out the bus ride with no air conditioning, combined with the enclosed space, makes it even hotter than being outside >You lick your chapped lips, remembering that you hadn't ordered that water back at the restaurant >Consequently, that's the final thought that runs through your mind before you collapse to heatstroke on the bus >You wake up surrounded by white walls, covered in a white sheet that hugs the mighty girth of your belly >You groan at the implication long before the doctor walks into the room and tells you that adding this latest hospital bill to your debt will put you in the red >If your debt reaches red, then your social credit will plummet, and you will be denied basic rights such as using public facilities or working a job >He offers you a choice to prevent that outcome from happening >Either accept the red mark on your social credit, or have a portion of the debt suspended by having another chimera implanted in your neo-uterus, like you have previously >You instantly regret your decision as soon as the doctor's pen strikes a mark on his clipboard, but you really don't have a choice >Before you know it, you are wheeled into another section of the hospital that you'd hoped you'd never see again >You leave the hospital with the latest addition to your growing 'family' >You gaze down at your distended middle, absently feeling the skin with your fingertips >The machine that implants the chimeras leaves no scar tissue, so it looks like nothing has changed, but you've gone through this enough times to know this is the smallest your belly will be in a long time
These are awesome holy shit
>You are an amateur hiker >You decide to travel halfway across the world to one of the largest and most isolated forests in the world >This particular forest is infamous for causing professinal hikers to get lost, with almost supernatural frequency >You've already conquered some of the most trecherous paths in your home country, so you're feeling confident that you can beat this one as well >Organise your hiking gear, including a tent, a month's worth of food, sleeping bag, fire starting tools, hatchet, animal and bug sprays, and an emergency flare gun and radio >You cache in a month's worth of vacation days from work before leaving in such a rush that you forget to tell your friends and family >Your first week in the forest is spent uneventfully trekking the beaten path, but the feeling of being out in the wild thrills you >When night falls, you unpack your heavy backpack with practiced precision, and within 15 minutes, everything is set up for you to cook dinner and sleep off the night >After kicking some dirt on the fire to smother it, you notice something odd floating floating near your right hip >You couldn't tell what it was besides it being white and translucent before your eyes lost track of it, so you dismiss it as a hallucination and sleep for the night >You wake up in the middle of the night to some strange movement in the tent >Despite the indomitable darkness around you, you could see more of those white things floating in your tent >You attempt to get up so you can shoo them out of the tent, but you can't move your body like you're under sleep paralysis >The white things are drawn together, forming a single shape and elongating from all angles until it appears humanoid >Its features gain definition until you can identify it as a woman >The woman puts her ethereal hand through the sleeping bag until you can feel her fingers on your chest >"Well. It has been some time since the last gallant soul tresspassed on my forest" >Even if you could only move your eyes, the woman knows to answer your burning question >"I am the guardian of this forest. I am the reason why this forest has remained pure since its inception" she says, speaking in a sagely tone, but moving slowly and steadily like someone who is youthful >The guardian moves her fingers from your chest and places them around your waist, grasping both sides with hand each >"Your tresspass demands a 'heavy' price, tresspasser" >Before you can question too long, you notice something light up in your abdomen, not literally, but it's like you felt something being placed there >"You are now under the mercy of my curse. For every step you take in this forest, a life will grow inside you little by little. Once it has grown to sufficient size, another will begin growing until that too reaches sufficient size. The more time you spend sullying my forest, you will continue to be weighed down by their presence until you take your final step. By then, you will become trapped here." >You blink, and suddenly it's morning >When you pack up to continue your hike, you've all but dismissed the guardian as a strange dream, but as you continue walking, your mind is continuously drawn to the space just below your navel >You can almost feel something is there, and with every step you take, you feel a pulse of awareness rippling outward from the spot that lit up last night >By the time you stop to have dinner, you can feel something pressing against your belt. When you step away from your camp to relieve yourself, you have a slight bit of trouble putting your belt back on, settling for a looser belt loop >You continue to feel the pulses when you continue your hike the next morning. And again, you are forced to readjust your belt >It isn't until a few days later when you reach the end of your belt that you unbutton your t-shirt to see what's wrong with you >You press your fingers against the flesh of your belly, feeling a slight bloat with a hardness underneath it. You look like you ate too much, but if anything, you've been struggling not to eat more rations than you need >After some more travelling, you wear your pants lower, the outward growth of your belly making it beyond uncomfortable if you tried wearing it normally >A day later, you don't cover as much ground as you wish due to a growing exhaustion. That night, you sleep without your belt >Soon, you're forced to walk with a wider gait, the weight and expanding surface area settling into your pelvis >That night, you place your hands on your belly, and find that you cannot hide it underneath your palms. You feel something bump against one of your hands >Getting out of bed the next morning, your centre of balance was slightly off, which caused you to stumble a few times when you were packing up >You finally caved in to your growing hunger, eating two rations for breakfast >The next morning, your midsection doesn't bend nearly as far as it should've, making it difficult to stand up >Your button-up camo t-shirt is beginning to strain against your growing belly. You've had to pull it back over your belly continuously >You find yourself eating two rations for each meal without thinking about it >Sleeping on your back is now too uncomfortable to bear, to get any sleep, you lay on your side >The amount of ground you can cover in a day has grown smaller and smaller. You decide to rest for the full day tomorrow >You spend most of the day sitting on a log, lamenting your growing midsection. You can regularly feel bumps from whatever is inside, and spend most of the day feeling the taut skin. When you take a few steps away from camp to empty your bladder, you feel a sudden release of pressure, looking down, your navel has turned into an outie >Tomorrow, you travel a pitiable distance from your previous camp. You've given up trying to cover your belly with your t-shirt, leaving the heavy dome exposed to the elements 24/7 >You had trouble squeezing into your sleeping bag that night, the soft material of the inside pressing into your belly. You get back out and unzip the side so the tip of your belly is poking out of the covers >After taking a day of rest, you resume your hike throught the forest. The pulses you feel from your abdomen now ripple throughout your whole body, whereas before they stopped in a short radius >Another cycle of rest and continuation, and the weight of your belly is almost too much to bear. You've had to hold your belly with at least one hand while you travel, and your wide gait had transformed into a waddle over the past few days. You're leaning back to account for the weight of your midsection, counterbalancing your backpack >Your belly is too heavy to lean over, requiring you to sit down to light your campfire. You struggle for 20 seconds to stand up after you light it >Your hands need to be cupping the tip of your belly while you sleep, otherwise the cold air will leach warmth from your belly, which is poking further out of your sleeping bag >You're waddling back to your camp when you feel something. It wasn't the bumps that you've grown used to, but a change in the way your belly pulsed. Hesitantly, you take a step, and you feel it again. It feels different, like it's skewed, uneven. You focus on the pulse as you take a few more steps around the camp. There's the big pulse, which you've felt for what seems like forever, and a pinprick next to it. When you take your next step, the big pulse is gone, leaving the pinprick. >Your mind goes back to the guardian's words, pieces of the details remain in your mind. You suddenly comprehend the link between the two pulses, and "becoming trapped here." >Your blood runs cold, rushing to your emergency radio - nearly toppling due to the displaced centre of gravity - you kneel beside your backpack and tear it out of its pocket. No matter how many times you flick the switch on or off, the static never graces your ears. Turning it around, the cover is gone along with the batteries. You flip the bag over and grab at empty space where the flare gun should've been tied to, in its place, snapped and frayed cords remain. >You look to the road behind you. The path through this forest is one of the longest hikes in the world, and you passed the halfway mark days ago. Even though the distance between here and where you met the guardian is considerably greater than to the end, the gross length of this path is several times greater than the ones ranked beneath it. Your only choice is to keep going forward. >Every step you take from then on gradually increases the pulse radius of the second one. The steady climb of the weight of your belly drains your stamina at an incredible pace. Your resolve is all that's keeping you from eating 3 sets of rations every meal >When the pulses reach your shins, you need both hands to brace the weight of your enormous belly at all times >The path becomes rocky and steep at the 3/4 mark. You climb the path at a snail's pace, each step sending large ripples of energy that reaches from the soles of your feet, to the scalp of your head. The path evens out and begins its descent before long. >Soon after, your foot slips on something you couldn't see past your belly, and you grab a tree branch to stop yourself from tumbling off the side. Your grip can't hold all the extra weight, and you land on your backpack a few metres below the path. >After the ordeal of righting yourself is taken care of, you survey where you ended up. The rocky face is impossible to scale in your state, and the only clear way forward is perpendicular from the original path. Pulling out your map of the forest reveals a rudimentary depiction of the path, there are routes planned out to get back on the path if one ever got lost, but it doesn't account for the one you're on at the moment. >Sighing heavily, and heaving your heavy load, you venture into the unknown. >To your dismay, the second pulse stops sending ripples, and a third begins. >Days pass. The ripples keep getting stronger. Your belly gets even heavier. The path is only now turning in a different direction. >You constantly stop to rest. You pass the time by exploring the endless surface of your belly. The things inside move constantly, distorting the skin and sending wild sensations through your body. >Your penis is eclipsed by your belly, so you have to rely on using the waistband of your pants to angle it away when you urinate. >Pooping is a monumentous task on its own. You have to find ample leverage so you can crouch down to do your business, legs spread, belly resting on your pants that you've taken down to your ankles. You kneel forward and reach back to clean yourself, then you find increasingly creative ways to get yourself back on your feet. >You ate your last 3 rations, and are now relying on fruits and mushrooms for sustinence. Hand and knees, belly scraping the ground as you forage greedily. >A third set of rhythmic bumps joins the first two before long. You have to stop yourself from bouncing your knees while you rest because anytime your foot lifts off the ground and touches it again, it makes a pulse. >Your back has never felt so strained before now. The small of your back angles forward perpetually, further exaggerating the length of your egg shaped belly. >A fourth pulse starts rippling to your distain, but the sound of rushing water reaches your ears before you can lement for long. >You perch your rear on a rock just as you come up to the river. The weight of your incredible belly settles perfectly between your legs as you feel its surface. >You examine the size. The navel reaches out past your knees, and the belly itself is so large that you can't support your weight from underneath, instead forced to grip your belly from both sides like a pincer. Three sets of limbs kick and push beneath the surface. A dark verticle line follows the outward bend of your belly, going from the top and touching the navel before continuing underneath, where the sun casts a shadow. >You've been travelling for over 3 months now. At your normal pace, you would have completed the path in just over 4 weeks. It took you far longer to reach the 3/4 point, and it took from then to now to reach this river, travelling in the opposite direction. Up until now, you've been travelling blind, but this river will certainly lead to civilisation. >You prepare to get up, adjusting your feet sends 2 pulses through your body, then more follow as you follow the river. >You don't know how long it will take to get out of this forest, or even if you could bear the increasing weight over that distance. >What you do know, is this can end in two ways, and you certainly wouldn't let the guardian win if you have anything to say about it.
(204.35 KB 2048x2048 c56abcee5536e54dad368a23042d1dcf.jpg)
>>5312 No idea it was that easy, but kemono has its share of issues.
Decided to merge two variants of this image together and make the belly slightly larger
>>5129 Unicorn is very cute but are you sure that's a man?
>>5509 Not really proof but I'll take your word for it.
Artist is mysticmango3 on twitter. Lots of mpreg monsters but most of it's cuntboy unfortunately
(65.96 KB 850x834 IMG_4089.jpeg)
Love this damn cat.
(79.46 KB 984x1080 FwJ1IsxagAEsFSQ.jpg)
I want to keep him pregnant bros.
>One day during your days in high school, all the students in your class were called to the gym for assembly >There were two rows of chairs, one row blue and the other pink >Lose a coin toss with your friend and end up missing your chance to sit on the last blue chair >Your classmates heckle you from their chairs while you're forced to sit on a pink chair >A mysterious man announces that your class has been chosen for a social experiment >He snaps his fingers and every student sitting on the chairs lets out groans of pain or yelps of surprise >You feel the area where your penis and balls should be, only to feel nothing >You jam a hand down your pants and quickly pull it out when a sudden bolt of pleasure graces your groin >Your fingers are covered in a fluid you can't identify >The girl in the blue chair across from you shrieks in surprise as the fabric of her pants forms the shape of a tent >She squirms in her seat as looks across to you pleadingly >You heart beats uncontrollably as your eyes are drawn to her tent >The girl's breathing quickens in pace as she tentatively touches the end of the tent, then meets her eyes with yours >You're not thinking clearly as you slide your hand back into your pants and begin stroking whatever is down there >The other students squirm and writhe as their libido skyrockets, all the girls who sat in blue chairs now have cocks while the guys who sat in pink chairs now have vaginas >The mysterious man snaps his fingers again, and you and most of the other students leap out of your seats >You tackle the girl to the floor and rip open her pants, revealing a penis that easily clears 8 inches >You don't have time to wonder what you're doing before you take your own pants off and swallow the girl's cock with your new vagina >You cannot control your moans as the girthy penis stretches your insides over and over as you slam your pelvis on the girl's hips >Lustful moans fill the air of the gym as the boys and girls who sat in the blue chairs relentlessly fuck the brains out of the boys and girls who sat in the pink chairs >Suddenly, the girl throws you off with a burst of strength, picks you up from your legs and rams her cock deep into your pussy >All the strength leaves your muscles as your body is overtaken by a pleasure unlike anything you've ever experienced >The girl ejaculates, painting your new womb with semen before rolling you over and continuing to pound you as cum leaks out of your pussy >You wake up hours later face down in a puddle of cum, the girl who fucked you resting on your back >Your belly swells with the fruits of pregnancy in the following months. All the students who were impregnated were called to the sick bay regularly to measured and checked up >An ultrasound reveals that you have a boy growing inside you >One unlucky student was revealed to have triplets >The boys who sat in blue chairs bragged about their huge cocks while the girls who did the same lamented the prominent bulge that poked through most of their clothing options >Those who sat in the pink chairs tried to hide their growing bellies until they were simply too large to be concealed by their uniform. Soon after, it wasn't rare to see students with humungous bellies, attire riding up to reveal outie navels and taut skin reflecting the sunlight >You were ripe and sore in the closing days of your pregnancy, waddling to and fro around the campus, tiny limbs kicking and pressing against the walls of your womb. >You were huge, coupled with your widened hips and vagina, if someone took a picture of you naked below your waist, no one could tell the difference between you and a woman >By the 40th week you get regular Braxton Hicks, and by the 41st week, your belly drops and your Braxton Hicks turn into full blown contractions >All the pregnant students were taken to the same gym where they were impregnated and were laid down on tarps >The girl who's responsible for your current state holds your hand as the contractions hit you faster and faster until a rush of steaming fluid soaks your groin >The next few hours were absolute hell. The screams and woes of childbirth bounce off the walls and high ceiling of the gym like opera as the crowd of sweaty domes are hit with wave after wave of frightful contractions >You're left at the mercy of mother nature as the contractions rip your body apart. >You take as many lungful's of air as you can between each contorting cramp before biting down and suffering through the next >The baby slowly makes its way out of your womb and through your cervix until the head stretches your entrance as far as it can go >With a final heave, the shoulders of the wailing new-born escapes your folds >Doctors begin taking away the babies as they're born, wheeling them off to the side to another team of doctors before rushing back to assist the other patients >You suck in shuddering breaths as you take a much needed rest from the labour >Over time, fewer and fewer voices are heard screaming in the gym until it's just the unlucky sap who ended up with triplets >Later, while you're recuperating at home, you receive a cheque in the mail for $100,000
(160.25 KB 1000x1000 Fw_3kUrWwAApj7N.jpeg)
>>5585 Forgot image 三三ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
(140.98 KB 1240x1240 1672904504325.jpg)
>>3100 It was a leaf anon that wrote the original. He posted some variations on it semi-recently as a copypasta but I don't know if there's anything more. He has excellent taste to always use mpreg frumples though.
>>5597 I love this website.
(1.06 MB 1920x1080 King-In-Exile.png)
(672.81 KB 1273x888 King-In-Exile 2.png)
(1.13 MB 1919x1080 King-In-Exile 3.png)
(1.13 MB 1920x1080 King-In-Exile 4.png)
Found some nice stuff from a short VN that was recently released. First pic is the best I could capture outside dismantling the files for assets, the other 3 is a conversational proof he is expecting. Sadly it steers the conversation immediately after the third part.
>>5682 Looks good, name of the vn?
>>5685 Ill do you one better and drop a link: https://millerdark.itch.io/under-one-sky Its called Under One Sky.
>>5576 Same here.
>>5686 You're a saint anon; thanks!
(648.50 KB 1280x1153 image_2023-10-18_171343067.png)
(807.94 KB 1280x720 image_2023-10-18_171349954.png)
>You are a single father living with your 6 year old daughter >Your daughter asks why everyone at school has brothers and sisters and she doesn't >You tell her that her mother left 5 years ago, and you can't give her a sibling because you're a boy >She says she wishes you could give her a sibling like her mother >That night, unbeknownst to you, a spirit enters your bedroom and grants your daughter her wish >In the following weeks, your pants don't fit as tightly as they did before >A few months later, your daughter points out that your belly is getting bigger, and asks if her brother is in there >You tell her that you're just getting fat, but a small niggling part of your mind doubts that >Every morning you watch yourself in the mirror as you get dressed, you can't shake the feeling that you are pregnant whenever you spot the rounded curve >You may be able to pass it off to your co-workers, but there's no hiding your growing belly from your daughter >She begs you to let her touch your tummy whenever she gets the chance >Oftentimes you're sitting on the sofa watching television while she's next to you palming your midsection >She keeps telling you its getting bigger, the lack of nuance in how she says it doesn't help the growing doubt in your mind >One day, she exclaims that she felt a bump. You rush to dismiss it, but she puts your hand on your belly next to her's and tells you to wait >A few seconds later, you feel something push against your thumb, and after that, between your pinkie and her hand >She runs around the room, shouting in excitement that she's going to have a brother or sister >Meanwhile, you're bewildered, you have both hands on your belly feeling for the bumps, silently hoping against it, but you feel more kicks coming from whatever is inside >You look up to see your only daughter doing laps around the living room, happy as can be that she's going to have a sibling to play with >You accept that even though you have no idea how you could've gotten pregnant, you'd still do it just to preserve the smile on you're daughter's face >Time passes, and your daughter's excitement grows to match the width of your waistline >She makes you stand with your shoulder to the wall so she can mark your belly's growth with a pencil, the ripple marks on the wall charting your progression >She also helps with chores around the house. She often spots you struggling to bend down or lift something, which is when she asserts herself, taking over whatever task you were doing at the moment, though not without some guidance from you >When you play with her, she bases her toys' adventures around your giant belly >Among other things, her toys have climbed your belly like a mountain, hid behind it in a game of hide and seek, used it as a slide, and a trampoline >Thankfully, you work an office job, meaning little to no physical labour, but you catch people staring at your distended midsection every day >There's no article of clothing that could possibly conceal your pregnancy, but you retain your dignity by wearing bigger clothes to hide your stomach from the elements >Somehow, you manage to convince a doctor to give you an ultrasound in your third trimester. The bemused doctor tells you that you're having a boy and he's in perfect health >You're daughter is ecstatic that she's getting a baby brother >She starts thinking of names for the baby while you're resting on the sofa >You mindlessly caress the orb in your lap that contains new life, feeling the kicks coming from inside >In a hundred lifetimes, you would never predict the new chapter that's unfolding before you, but here you are, swollen with child, belly button poking through your shirt, expecting a baby boy in a few weeks
>>5746 fucking adorable
>>5746 After reading the dystopia pastas...dystopiastas...in this thread, I reflexively ignore other greentexts now. Not a reflection of poor quality, just of personal preference, because they did a good job...of depressing the hell out of me. This, however... Well, it was a shot of positivity when I really needed it.
>>5746 >>5767 But now I have to go there and wonder, sooo how's that baby coming out...?
>>5898 C-Section for sure lol
>>5898 Butthole
>You win a bet that involves you successfully fucking the emo chick at your college >The taste of victory lasts a few days before you throw up one morning >You think nothing of it until you have trouble buttoning up your jeans >You look in the mirror to reveal a lump below your navel, poking through your perfect cut abs >You shrug it off as weight gain and devote more time to exercise >You start wearing sweat pants as the lump turns into a bump >Despite watching every calorie that enters your mouth, the bump keeps getting bigger >You witness your hard gained abs slowly disappear in the wake of the growing bump, which is spreading across your midsection like used chewing gum being squished on top of a lego brick >You think back to the emo. There were persistent rumours of her being a witch who once turned a potential pro athlete into a femboy >You confront her after the bump begins lifting your sweater >She invites you inside her room and explains that she used a spell that swapped your virility with fertility; instead of her becoming pregnant that night, it was you >You pace towards her aggressively to intimidate her, but as you walk up to her, her hands shoot out to your belly and an icy cold sensation fills your body, causing you to fall over >You feel something inside your body shift as you flee back to your room >As your belly swells, you lock yourself inside your room except for when you have classes >Soon enough, not even your sweater is enough to hide your growing belly >You stubbornly stick to your low carb diet in spite of your ravenous hunger until you can't take it anymore >You race down to the supermarket and come back with six bags of junk food, and before you know it, you're lying on the floor, navel pointing at the ceiling, and surrounded by countless food wrappers like the rim of a crater >Despite your feelings of disgust, this becomes a weekly occurrence. The extra fat your body stockpiles and lack of exercise adds girth to your legs and rear >You have to buy pants one or two sizes above the rest of your clothes to contain your widening hips and ass >You misjudged the size of the button-up shirts when you bought those as well. The buttons become strained when your belly grows larger, until the button around your navel popped off one day during class, creating a perfect diamond shaped frame around your belly button >Soon after, your sweater rides up your gigantic belly like an eyelid, making your treks around the campus even more embarrassing as people turn and stare. >The constant kicking inside your belly is equally as distracting, and makes it harder to focus during lectures >You wake up just in time to hear your door opening >You roll onto your back, but your belly completely obscures your sight of the door >The emo chick walks around your belly so you can see her. She tells you you're about to give birth >Before you can fully process what that means, a contraction rips through your body, causing you to hunch forward in pain >Your growing panic does nothing to stall fate, you can only wait as the time between contractions grows shorter >When your water breaks, the emo chick tells you when to push. >You can't handle it. You beg for the pain to go away, but you're forced to bite down and push with each contraction >The baby crowns after an eternity of pushing. A couple more and the shoulders make it out >When the emo pulls the baby out, you breathe a sigh of relief >Another contraction catches you off guard. It's not over >You scream until your throat feels like you swallowed razor blades, and you could taste blood with every breath >Your head swims as you become drunk on adrenaline as you push the second child through endless tides of flesh >You don't even realise the second baby made it out until the contractions stopped grating against your body >In the emo chick's arms there are two babies, both of them lulled into a serene calmness unnatural for newborns >You smile as you let your head rest on the wall behind you. You don't care that your once perfect core now resembles a deflated balloon, or that your muscles are no longer cut like stone, you're just glad you lived through it >Exhaustion takes you before the emo absconds to her dorm room, where she finishes cataloguing the results of her latest experiment
>You are so fucked >You're an explorer that got lost in a tomb after setting off a trap >Now you've been stuck here for days trying to find your way out, but all the rooms and corridors look the same >You slide your back down one of the walls when fatigue threatens to put you off balance >After catching your breath you look down to the source of your plight >You groan as the thing inside your belly has another growth spurt, stretching your taut skin even further >There are several undocumented species of insect in this tomb, one of them planted a parasitic embryo into your abdomen after you set off the trap. When you came to, your belly looked to be in its second trimester while the remains of your pants offered little to protect your dignity >Your belly would continue to expand rapidly in the next 20 hours while you attempted to find a way out of the tomb, until you gave birth like you're doing now >The parasitic embryo of this insect can somehow trigger a contraction reflex in your abdominal muscles, aiding in its own birthing process >It excretes itself from your system in a fraction of the time it would take for a mother to give birth to a baby. The explorer side of you would be sketching the newborn insect as soon as you could, but its too dark to make out any details, and you're left too exhausted to care >As it skitters away, you attempt to crawl away from the scene to avoid the repeating pattern of the last 3 days >Futilely, you pass out from the exertion, but not before feeling something prod at your opening >You jolt awake, but the deed is already done. Your belly is bloated from the fresh parasite >You stop counting the days after you run out of fingers, so you tried to keep track of how many times you were impregnated, but even those times blur together as you gave up counting >You haven't eaten or drank anything in that time, so it seems the insect does something during the reproduction process to ensure you won't die of malnutrition >That does explain why it feels like your rear is gaining mass every time a new embryo is placed inside you, and you know your hips aren't meant to be this wide, so your body could be absorbing a growth hormone as well >Every time a new embryo is put in your body, you notice it takes more effort to rise to your feet each time. You focus on finding an exit instead of finishing that train of thought >Thankfully, the scenery changes, and when you walk into the room you see what looks to be a crawlspace >There is something carved in an extinct language into the stone above the entrance. Your notes would help you translate it, but your luggage was discarded somewhere in the labyrinth >It doesn't matter to you because it's clear the crawlspace holds some significance, hopefully an exit >You go prone to test the size of the opening, but your latest passenger is too large to make it in >You wait in the room impatiently as the embryo finally matures, and as soon as it's out, you use every ounce of strength in your body to crawl into the hole >The skin and muscle protecting your sensitive abdomen have been practically obliterated, making crawling on your back the most feasible option >You manage to make some distance through the tunnel, but the echoing sound of your grunts makes it impossible to hear the coming danger >You don't even register its presence until it starts implanting its newest embryo >Thanks to the cramped space, you can't bend your legs or reach with your arms to stop it >Fatigue overwhelms you as the insect finishes, and when you wake up, the new embryo is already filling your insides >You double time it down the crawlspace. You ignore the niggling thought about what could happen if it reaches maturity before you're out >You scoot a considerable distance while the skin of your belly tightens around the growing shape of the embryo >You grit your teeth as precious space is taken up by your expanding belly >Your progress comes to a complete stop as all your strength is being used to make space for your belly >Feeling through the darkness, your fingers curve around a right angle >You wave your hand around the newfound empty space in the ceiling >With a rush of determination, you scrape against the stone walls, making it just in time for a growth spurt to expand into the new space, which is just the right size to accommodate your belly as it reaches maturity >You spread your legs as far as they go to expel the parasite >Once your belly is flat again, you waste no time crawling through the tunnel >You pass out when your adrenaline runs out, only to become pregnant again after waking up >Soon enough, you manage to see light at the end of the crawlspace. You barely manage to squeeze out as you finally escape the tomb >You take a seat on the ground, looking at the forest around you as you wait for this last embryo to reach maturity
So i found This dude on Twitter X
>>6151 sauce?
(133.43 KB 1500x1000 F-JzC0LXUAAJ-sw.jpg)
Normal reaction to kicking.
>>6160 Well all that extra pressure on the prostate is gonna have some funny side effects.
I think (according from demyxanthony) King K. Rool has been bred by DK in these image. Any submissions of King K. Rool Mpreg?
gotta love furry mpreg fembois
(560.43 KB 1843x2048 F7yQyO7bMAA4vAF.jpeg)
Just a few babies
>>6227 WAD is a decent enough artist but, acts like a psychward patient at times
I haven't seen all Mpreg Wish Dragon in a long time. Do you guys have any of the Wish Dragon Mpreg pics?
Not enough preggo lizard dads
>>6268 If you cancelled it why announce it?
>>6269 Because I re-edited my dragonsona by removing his part and his Mpreg belly. I got tired of seeing him Mpreg. So I'll make him male with a big round belly. However, I won't upload my dragonsona here. So that's why I canceled it.
>you are a treasure hunter who found an abandoned tomb >you take the small golden statue and make your way out >along the way your belly swells the longer you hold onto it >soon it becomes full term and beyond as you stubbornly hold onto it >the weight adds time to your trip back as you walk slower >your belly has quadruplets by the time you make it outside >you barely manage to fit in your car after it became sextuplets >your belly becomes even larger as the statue rolls around the passenger seat and nudges you every so often >when your car breaks down, you squeeze out and continue your journey while carrying the statue >you tire out after the babies number in the double digits >you continue to hold onto it as your greed overwhelms your common sense >you become worried only after your belly doubles in size >you let go without thinking and the statue rolls out of your reach >someone walks around your belly until you can see them >your rival picks up the statue and taunts you with it as his own belly swells to full term >he places the statue on the ground touching the front of your belly >he laughs as you continue swelling out of control >you can't shift your weight to break contact with it >he gloats about how "the real treasure is its gift" as he leans back and rubs his belly >he leaves you to your fate as he walks away