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Is saging broken? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/05/2022 (Wed) 21:52:01 Id:70d184 No. 281
I've noticed that saged posts still seem to show up on the front page. Is something not working right, or did the method somehow change?
(15.83 KB 636x364 025.jpg)
Sage and onion soup?
>>281 Yeah, unless I'm being a retard and doing it wrong it looks like sage is broken.
>>284 Saging essentially involves posting to a thread without it bumping the thread. It's called as such because you put "sage" in the email field at the very least. The problem here is that saged posts are still being displayed on the front page, which means they're not working as intended.
No it's working.
>>286 It's not, though. If you think your message was saged then check the front page
Yeah sage broke
Bringing this back up because certain discussions have made it more relevant lately. I don't mean any offense, Couchy, but it'd be pretty nice to be able to post in response to something without the discussion inherently fucking flooding the front page. It would be nice to at least get some sort of info as to why it's not working.