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472d8 No.281

I just tweaked the latest posts feed on the home page to show only the latest post in a particular thread. That way, the CYOA threads aren't dominating it with "option 1" posts and the like. Opinions? I could do the same for images if there's a demand for it.

b483a No.282

My opinion is that I owe you one high five.

ded87 No.283


ded87 No.284

As for images, those get posted less so I don't think there's a need for it.

d2ced No.285

That explains a lot. Well, it was a surprising transition, but I can definitely see it being a good thing.

f8923 No.286

Ahhh. Caught me by surprise, but I'm all in favour.

a45d2 No.287

I like it good job.

b483a No.288

Until/unless the CYOA threads die down, I'm totally for it.

a45d2 No.289

i think it will be Unless rather than until

c9103 No.290

Very nice.

307fb No.291

Not sure if this is related, but it's easier than making a new thread:

I've received a message that an error is preventing some users from responding to the Impregnator Kings CYOA thread. Possibly other threads too. The message is: preg_match(): Unknown modifier ''

ba1fe No.292


I didn't run into that error, but I did run into a problem trying to use that little pop up reply box. Gave me an error trying to post from that, but everything was okay when I did it the normal way.

05c25 No.293

I observe(d) both errors. The little floating box gives me an "Undefined index: no_country" and both boxes resulted in that preg_match-error mentioned earlier which is now gone it seems. (And it made me chuckle that the function is named that way)

472d8 No.294

Both problems should be fixed now. Thanks for the reports.

bbfd4 No.309

Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, but I've noticed something. I noticed that all the names of the people who have chosen to use tags have been forced into lowercase letters, all except for one: "Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous". And what's even stranger is that this tag seems to have replaced every pregnonymous posting on every board of the site. This can't be just a coincidence, and looks extremely suspicious. Has anyone else noticed this or know what is going on?

f2190 No.310

Your name isn't in all lower case for me either, the rest is but perhaps that is how they chose their tags to be.

472d8 No.311

I thought it would be fun to change the default name. Looks like the SQL done fucked up, though. Tell me how you want your name capitalized, and I'll change it back.

472d8 No.312

Or just continue posting with your preferred capitalization.

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