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The New R9K Functionality Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 04/26/2023 (Wed) 05:19:54 Id:23b831 No. 440
How long do I need to wait before I can post the same message and files again? The JS dropped me into another thread, didn't let me return to the proper thread, and I had to delete my post because it was in the wrong thread. Now I can't remake the post even if I change the message, because the files are the same, and I can't change them. So, how long do I need to wait?
I'll have to try again later, I guess.
I still can't make the post. I understand why the filter was put in place, but this is still very inconvenient and perhaps unreasonable.
>>442 >very inconvenient Kind of I suppose. >perhaps unreasonable. Nah not really. Idk man just... change the file names and add/remove a pixel of the image(s) in paint and try again.
So, I've done some sleuthing, and the images are still under the /.media/ path. If Couchy needs the paths, I can give them to him, but this really shouldn't be necessary.
I just checked again and I still can't post it. Please, Couchy. I just want to share my latest commission here.
>>444 Please do post the links. This board has a "trash bin" feature where deleted posts aren't actually deleted immediately, so that might be the issue.
Nevermind, pretty sure I found it. Try posting again. "Here's a nice commission I got from Stacktite for the nice price of $60. Unfortunately, he's told me he's uninterested in drawing more true ponies, but he likes drawing humans and anthro, for those of you who like that. I gave him the idea of a first-person perspective with the human viewer having sex with Rarity, and a mirror to show another pose I wanted to see but not without self-inserting, and he gave a great initial sketch on the first try. After that were some minor refinements before he finished it. I like how he had the idea to add sparkles to Rarity here. I don't know if I'd rather think of them as something all unicorns or ponies have, or simply something Rarity would wear, but both interpretations are pleasant."
>>447 Yes, that's my post. So, that worked, but when I made the post again, only one file was uploaded, instead of five, which I didn't know could even happen, and so I deleted it again. Please dump the trash bin again and I'll try later in a few hours, since I now have something else I need to do. Regardless, thanks Couchy. I appreciate what you do for us.
Alright. I checked, and of the five only this path remains: https://pregchan.com/.media/505da00454978fb09619ee00f7da657b3181bcb374ca99ee4cf380219af895c6.jpg So I'll just wait for you to dump the trash bin again and then try again. If the post gets botched again, somehow, I'll just make two posts this time.
So, it was more than a few hours, but I tried again just now and the post got through. Thanks Couchy.
Would you clear the filter again? I tried to make a post, but only one file was uploaded, and whenever I try to make it again, it’s caught in the filter.
>>470 I understand what happened now. Consider making a note that posts in /c/ may only have one attached file.