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politics Chud 08/09/2023 (Wed) 17:54:53 Id:7e9caf No. 471
ban political agendaposts on unrelated threads too many threads devolve into an argument there's also a good chance that some troglodyte will reply with some unfunny reaction meme next to them tard raging at whatever it is (usually mpreg)
Honestly, hard agree. Like, I'll admit that I've occasionally contributed to the problem by being autistic enough to actually attempt to respond seriously to the shit-stirring idiots, but I'd much prefer that any political discussion outside the containment threads get nuked ASAP. This is a fucking fetish imageboard, go literally anywhere else if you want to spew your political opinions.
>Asking a chan to stop posting about politics Yeah I'd like this, but you take away people's freedom to bitch about x/y/z you'll get people bitching about "muh 1984" and shit. It's best just to ignore it and not contribute to these threads, no matter how funny it is to post your insanely dank and based take. Honestly half of this chan's problems would be solved if we ignored the schizos posting constantly. We give them the floor too much.
>>471 >>473 Tranny hands typed these posts
>>475 hilarious, I wonder what insightful, thoughtful and inspiring post we'll get to witness next.
>>474 "2023" is worse than the year when Americans tend to be more racist, sexist, homophobic and joking about "polacks", "retards" and "trannies", today you can't say "old", "fat", "poor", "cripple", "woman" and "immigrant" without pissing anyone off.
>>475 Sounds like you're closeted yourself
Yeah I very much agree. Even though I myself am a member of a political party and an active one at that. I don’t think this site should have anything political on it outside of containment threads. It’s counter productive and should get nuked ASAP.
(4.44 MB 640x640 ltg-low-tier-god.gif)
>>474 You're not wrong, but on the other hand, we have schizos like Kisame who will literally singlehandedly fill an entire thread with deranged nonsense if given the chance. And people are still welcome to bitch about whatever, as long as they're doing in in the threads literally set aside for it. Everywhere else, it has no reason to be there, and should be nuked on sight. >>475 Being sick of this fucking garbage filling the site doesn't make someone trans lmao It does, however, make you even more of a retard. Get hung, you mongoloid.
Perhaps another moderator would help. There's no way to apply, however.
>>475 Yes, Mr. Sherman. Everything's trannys
>>477 You can be a neo-Nazi, ped0, satanist or anarchist in today's very tolerant culture and social climate. Personally, we need more free speech than restrict it, this is how society learns to reject garbage like the KKK and Communist Party USA.
should also apply to ragebait because some people can't understand that they shouldn't feed the trolls
(17.56 KB 521x349 1509077034189.jpg)
>trannies trying to make themselves out to be the victims again