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Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 09/15/2023 (Fri) 17:54:05 Id:6e7740 No. 494
Can we please for the love of god move that one Cookie Run thread to /d/ and not /f/, im tired of watching people constantly bitch at each other over it, i just wanna jerk off
>>494 With all due respect the nonissue of them not technically being furries has only happened like three times, most of the bickering is folks trying to get a reaction out of fossil
>>495 What is even up with Fossil? Why does everyone and their grandma hate the man, I'd kill for a explanation
>>496 Fossil is an infamous sperg, sperged too hard, and got into arguments. Another sperg, Kamui, AKA mannequin molester, decided that he was in fact the better sperg and thus started shitting on Fossil which resulted in the great Sperg-Off. Unfortunately for Kamui, he was proven to be the dominant sperg and it forced Fossil off of Pregchan for a while. When Fossil came back, he started drawing Cookie Run characters in relative peace. But because other spergs now see him as cheat bait, they try to piss him off and it doesn't work, resulting in more Cookie Run art.
>>497 Say what you want about him, but I’m glad Fossil’s matured enough to not give them the satisfaction
>>498 You say as hes in the middle of arguing
>>499 Well at least he’s not crying like a bitch