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Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 09/15/2023 (Fri) 22:33:18 Id:680a80 No. 501
yo there's a cp bot at it again
Wow, this one is fucking persistent
its back
I guess this is the reason why i see captcha section before posting or replying.
I thought it was a bot, but some piece of shit is actually manually posting it.
>>506 This website's captcha is well-known and trivially defeated by machine.
What if.. a captcha but its just some shit like "How Old was George Washington when he died?" or "When did WW2 start?" simple stuff everyone will know, but a CP bot probably cant solve
some thing worst just got put here please get it down
i finally get back to lurking on the site for the first time in months and that type of shit is what i see plastered on the site. these images are going to be burned in my brain forever. im on major copium rn trying to convince myself that the pics are either photoshopped or ai generated. i hate these scums of the earth so much man
>>514 Relatable, I’m a mod on another site and seeing that kind of shit was fucking dreadful >>502 The same cp bot used to post on the website I moderate but we managed to get a new captcha system to get rid of it If the mods here are willing I can ask the guy who made the captcha if he can give it over to this site considering he’s done it for a few others
There is now two, I repeat, TWO cp posts up. We need new/better mods.
These shitty fucking cp bots always use posts that contain an unusual amount of underscores. Just create a post filter that looks for a large about of clustered underscores and filter the post. Not many people use underscores so this shouldn't affect anyone.
ffs, can the mods do something about these bots, there's 2 of them now
>>517 Seems like the newest one took this as a fucking challenge. That said, I've only seen them use the one image lately. If there's any way to automatically block a certain image, that might keep it at bay a bit longer.
There's another one, can someone take it down? Fucking disgusting...
>>520 Its gone... but they are like fuckin cockroaches....
Fuckin bot posted child torture images. for fuck sakes. improve the captcha.
Fuck the captcha, I'd be cool with a required signup to get rid of this shit. Must have a verified account to post, but can still choose to post anonymously.
>>534 It's not the same site at that point.
>>535 And? Better than losing the site to a million CP bots like Inflatechan and BBW-Chan.
I'm starting to think this might genuinely be some shithead using a bot to deliberately target the site or something at this point. Like, it keeps fucking escalating in shock value, from CP, to *torture* CP, and now to women eating dog shit out of the dog's ass. It's fucking insane. It feels intentional.
>>536 No, it's not. Besides, do you actually think that would be effective? >>538 >I'm starting to think this might genuinely be some shithead using a bot to deliberately target the site or something at this point. It is. If you browse more than one small imageboard, you'll see how this spam hits all of them at the same time. It's federal agents automating this shit.
>>539 >No, it's not. "I'd rather look at CP all fucking day, right up until we lose the site, than use a P A S S W O R D." You're either a retard or a pedo. Either way, fuck off.
Captcha is only available on furry board, why not on other boards? We don't get CP on furry board.