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Golden account? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 11/30/2023 (Thu) 04:05:03 Id:8f9159 No. 554
So i get this pop-up saying that VPN users can't make a post/thread/reply due to "abuse" (thought i haven't been in this site for a few weeks) then there's this pregchan gold account user can bypass this, so what is this account?
>>554 Probably a reference to the old 4chan gold account meme, before it became a real thing.
I hope Couchy or any admin/mods lift the VPN ban soon, some users can't access this site without VPN cuz it's blocked in the place they live (some can't even bypassed with DNS). I'm relying this reply through a friend who can access this site without VPN.
>>556 You can read the site with a VPN you just can't post on it while one is active you mong. I turned my VPN off to reply to you now I'm going to turn it back on and continue reading
>>556 >>574 You just need a verified password to post with VPN, no need to turn if off, admins are doing it to stop the pedo spam
>>575 I should say specifically in the gold thread, it doesnt have the VPN rule