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aristocrat 01/14/2024 (Sun) 12:47:12 Id:c22001 No. 595
Is it possible to increase the amount of posts that are shown under "Latest Posts"? In older iterations of pregchan, it was thirty posts shown. In the new one, it is ten. With how fast AI art is being posted, it feels like older notifications drop off the board immediately. I admit, I have a bias. If the list is increased, it's more likely people will realize a Impregnator Kings update has been added and potentially be enticed to read it and use their one vote. With the sporadic nature of my updates the past few months (which I am improving for the new year), it would make casual users more likely to see the story is active. At any rate, it's just a request. Thank you.
The volume of AI is a bit concerning, but in the case of Impregnator Kings, I assume everyone following it already has it bookmarked.
>>596 At the risk of sounding a little contrarian, Impregnator Kings does acquire new readers. At least, there is no gate keeping people away from reading only recent chapter and voting, or even voting based on what they see at that moment. Only that people use one vote. At any rate, I do my best to consistently state when there's an update and to check the thread with a status report on my DA. artistocrat-mae. That detail's been hidden before, so I'll list it again.