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(152.08 KB 600x684 vemmy_by_deztyle_dd0y5hd.gif)
Rapid Pregnancy Thread #2 belliesrlovely 02/14/2023 (Tue) 22:39:10 Id:263946 No. 1334
Looks like the first thread is gone. Time for Round 2! Furry and AI art are welcome.
>>4340 Source?
>>4328 >>4344 Can't really say it's preg definitively, but it is a really cute animation for sure.
>>4356 Check the file name.
(102.76 KB 1280x666 1609200705706-0.jpg)
(329.60 KB 1344x756 1609154322122-1.png)
(5.67 MB 5480x1085 1631532256446-0.jpg)
(1.74 MB 6750x1042 1631532256446-1.jpg)
(146.53 KB 1280x564 1638775300046-0.jpg)
(221.49 KB 4000x570 1631532256446-2.jpg)
(1.51 MB 2376x3168 1635297093743.png)
(6.67 MB 2336x1700 1869785-1.mp4)
Something I commissioned recently. I have also commissioned part 2 where she will get bigger, wake up and react to what has happened to her.
>>4468 Holy crap that's awesome.
>>4468 I was checkin this out in an Aldi parkinglot and the guy next to me may have seen this gif.
>>4469 It's pretty neat isn't it. Made in Abyss' concept of relics work really well as a prompt for rapid preg via magical artifacts trope. I totally forgot I hadn't uploaded something else I had commissioned which is a 6-page mini doujin following the same idea, because the last time I tried to post it the upload failed. I'll try again later. Made in Abyss itself does feature a kind of horror preg scenario, but it's not meant to be arousing. I doubt anybody would find it to be anyways. >>4470 Did you look him in the eye afterwards and assert your dominance?
(134.14 KB 220x114 thats-hot-hot.gif)
>>4468 Bout time we got some good content around here. lol
>>4470 >Two men of culture in the wild
>>4468 > tgis is fucking amazing holy shit what artist did you commission for this?
(9.24 MB 4299x6071 1568731-1.output.png)
Here's that other thing I commissioned recently. I'm still having trouble posting it for some reason, I might have to post each page individually.
(9.68 MB 4299x6071 1568731-2.output.png)
(9.26 MB 4299x6071 1568731-3.outputV2.png)
(9.11 MB 4299x6071 1568731-4.output.png)
(9.26 MB 4299x6071 1568731-5.output.png)
(9.53 MB 4299x6071 1568731-6.output.png)
>>4483 I'll post the second part of the animation when it gets delivered. It should be delivered within a few days.
(835.81 KB 2640x2112 4812706_WildeGems_12_13_2023.jpg)
>>4357 It's some sort of living thing growing in her womb. That's preg in my books even if it's just some weird meatball. The artist even said they wanted to make it a fetus-like thing originally but they chickened out. Hopefully they go all the way in the future.
(1.56 MB 2200x3000 12122023frieren2.png)
New Worm pic
>>4484 Fuck yeah, do you have a TL for this?
(2.77 MB 1920x1398 1883155-1.output.mp4)
>>4468 Here is part 2. It's going to be tough not being distracted by this at work today. Higher quality version is slightly too large to be posted so you can download it here if you want https://files.catbox.moe/5w7w3d.mp4 >>4499 I do not. I ran the images through google translate and that gives the basic gist of what's happening, but it might still be confusing if you don't know anything about Made in Abyss. I could try to typeset a rudimentary translation myself, but I haven't felt like it yet.
>>4502 That’s fuckin great, will it have sound also do you think they could end it with like bursting or maybe even painful birth?
>>4502 Who did this?
>>4508 No that is all for now. The focus was just on rapid pregnancy, not what comes after. But you can go ahead and assume her multiple births will be painful when the time comes for that. I may do more with this situation in the future, but it won't be birth or bursting. Maybe she'll experience one more growth spurt now that she is awake or she'll try to go about her life as normal despite barely being able to walk, that would be in-character for her. But I only have so much money to spend.
>>4468 >>4502 infinitely based people are already posting it on /a/
>>4502 We need more like this (and all the other animations)
(1.90 MB 1920x1080 stork.mp4)
>>4510 Who's the artist?
>>4502 who did you commission?
My name is electro and I am 23 years old
>>4706 ok?
>>4706 Who?
>>4364 The second image raise me a question: Are bullets made of maternity shots? O3O
(340.16 KB 1057x1500 017.jpg)
Its been drier than a desert out there this past few months. Here's a sensory deprivation pit doujin that's got some rapid preg. https://exhentai.org/g/2858697/565dc5481d/
>>5162 any other links? can't view sad panda
>>5164 Just replace the "x" with "-"
Migrating this from drawn