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It's always THAT character

Have you noticed?

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Death of fictional pregnant women

Moved the thread from /d/ ( ) so that I can, perhaps, have a wider variety of results~ Gotta make it clear first just in case people can't read the subject, I'M LOOKING FOR THE SCENE OF FICTIONAL PREGNANT CHARACTER'S DEATH, IT CAN INCLUDE DRAMA SHOW SCENES BUT NO IRL CASES PLEASE. So, just like what I said in the starting post of in my thread in /d/, although it is welcomed, I'm not looking for gore scenes in particular, more just creations that includes death of pregnant female human/furry/anything (?), and extra points to the scenario that shows or hints the possibility of death caused by a difficult labor. Anything goes! Game mods, game textures, animation, illustrations and drawings, writing, koikatsu, scenes from drama shows, Pokemon, MLP, or anime stuffs, as long as it stays in the realm of fiction and not AI creation ( because it makes me salty ) I'll start off with me shamelessly plugging one of my drawing that shows a busty Aromatisse ( Pokemon ) failed to push a human baby out. Source: Looking forward!

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I'll try to get better.

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Anyone got the link to the original Tesy Birth Story? Last I remember it got lost along with the original site. Not talking about the game's remake.

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I am Heavy Weapons Guy...and this is my weapon. She weighs one hundred fifty kilograms and fires two hundred dollar, custom-tooled cartridges at ten thousand rounds per minute. It costs four hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon...for twelve seconds

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Anyways, what do you think of my Alan art? 👉👈

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Manipulating the meme market

Our sector is going strong with the growth of PLAP PLAP PLAP PLAP GET PREGNANT GET PREGNANT (NYSE:PLAP), "now draw her giving birth" (NYSE:BRTH), and Dougdoug's latest video where the entire Mushroom kingdom gets pregnant but we have yet to see any material gains With the release of immaculate and the first omen, knocked up nuns and rapid pregnancy are in the public consciousness We must take this opportunity to create a tiktok challenge where tiktokists recreate the fnial scene of the first omen If we can make this take off, we'll have hundreds of zoomettes making rapid pregnancy content for us for free likely bolstered by fox's social media marketing team

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Preggo games?

i know the usual ones like hazumi, seeds of destiny, and the animations that squark does, but what are some other games that have preg (or at least bellies) in them? pic unrelated

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Games with pregnancy mods?

Does anyone know any games with some good pregnancy mods (links appreciated) preferably player pregnancy, larger or even hyper sizes are welcome

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Basically, how much would life suck for a woman who is permanently nine months pregnant? Maybe she'd get used to it.

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Is it possible to get a permanent pregnant belly with surgery?

Just a shower thought. There's breast implants, butt lifts, etc, but nothing for a making a belly look pregnant. There's enough risks to fill a novel, but I'm still curious.

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Lost art

Seems we lost the "Lost Art" thread, and sadly, no, I'm not joking; I'm starting a new "Lost Art" thread on the Random board so that "Drawn" and "Furry" art can be put here. Last pic is spoilered because of bukkake.

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Pokemon Expectant Emerald

New site finally has a random board set up, let's get this thread going again! Pokemon Expectant Emerald is an overhaul ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald with the goal of making (almost) every trainer pregnant. It began as an attempt to just swap out all the female trainer sprites, and because I'm an ambitious idiot, grew in scope to more general changes including swapping most trainers to female variants and overhauling almost all of the dialogue in the game to relate to the central theme. The ROM can be downloaded here: The ONLY file you need is "Expectant Emerald 0.8.2.gba". Everything else is related to development, and is available for anyone who wants to look behind the scenes. I recommend playing it on VBA-M 2.1.4, available here: (It's the last link on the page, under 'Download unofficial ports'.) However, any GBA emulator should work. There are currently two versions available: Expectant Emerald 0.8.2, which includes edited content up through the end of Route 120, and Expectant Emerald Basic. The basic version is just sprite swaps, with no additional edits, and exists for those who would like to play through the game without waiting on further development. It has four variants available for download, depending on whether or not you want pregnant young trainer sprite and/or select pregnant pokemon sprites. In the main version of the game, younger trainers are referred to as "Contentious Content," are disabled by default, and can be enabled/disabled at will by speaking with an in-game NPC. I am currently in the process of editing dialogue and trainers throughout the whole game, but it's a long process and I have a day job that takes up most of my time. Further updates are in the works, but tend to vastly overrun any time estimates I give. The link above will be updated with new releases whenever they occur.

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Smaller Bellies

A thread for smaller pregnant bellies. Photos, drawings (human & furry), and A.I. art are allowed.

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First time posting my own thread here. Honestly even in a site like this I feel pretty sheepish to admit anything. This thread is about posting y'all's most intricate, deep, and maybe fucked up fantasies that involve pregnancy. I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to belly stuff but I'll focus on pregnant chicks for now. My fantasy is imagining the women of my type living together in some facility. They're all lesbian (of course) and love the idea of being pregnant 24/7. I can't enjoy pregnant stuff if men are involved, so the women are either impregnated via artificial insemination, magic, scientific experiments, or aliens. I like birth but (ironically) babies aren't involved in my fantasies. While pregnant, the woman's "child" (most of the time it's their lover or someone unrelated) grows into a full grown woman (it HAS to be a woman) before getting birthed. Seeing as my fantasy is probably as degenerate as it can possibly get I'd love to hear what everyone else's are like.

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Gender Transformation + Pregnancy

Males being turned into pregnant females through various shenanigans. English tags: TSF, TG, TF, rule63, genderswap, crossgender, bodyswap. Some Japanese tags to help you search Pixiv and Twitter: TSF = sex transformation 女体化 = female-ification 入れ替わり = bodyswap 性転換 = sex change 性転換過程 = sex change process 妊娠 = pregnant woman 妊婦 = pregnancy ボテ腹 (or just ボテ) = pregnant belly 孕ませ = conception 受精 = fertilization

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Last Thread was Deleted Time to Restart this Thread

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Rapid Pregnancy Thread #2

Looks like the first thread is gone. Time for Round 2! Furry and AI art are welcome.

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How to generate all the AI smut you'll ever need

Hi, I'm your resident AI schizo and I'm here to teach you how to set up your own AI, or use what's already available. A lot of AI services are now paywalled, but if you already have a subscription to one, I'll be giving you advice on how to generate smarter responses and get the most out of your monthly costs. --- FREE OPTIONS >I don't want to/can't subscribe to one of these services! What are my options! Firstly let's talk the obvious one: > ( is great, and probably one of THE best for chatbots right now. However, its shareholders have said no to any and all NSFW which may make your preggo dick sucking session difficult or frustrating. However, it's the ol' reliable. There's tonnes of bots, and if you word everything juuuust right, and learn the limits of the filter, will reward you nicely. Read Pregchan's dedicated thread here: >>1347 Pros: - Fantastic, "lifelike" interactions. - Verbose and very descriptive. - Can get seriously kinky. Cons: - Sometimes getting NSFW scenarios is akin to pulling teeth. - has a habit of deleting NSFW orientated bots, or even bots that are slightly lewd. - staff have been known to purge overly sensitive chats. (Happened to me so much I quit All in all, 6.5/10. Great if you know what you're doing. Infuriating otherwise. And no. Their premium sub service does not allow for NSFW generations. >Chai (Mobile app) Chai used to be THE go to app for NSFW chats. Their models are incredibly good, though not as good as's. However, while free, their message limits can be a very quick deal breaker, and there's a chance bot creators can actually read chats. Whether this is true or not I don't know. I just know some bot creators say that they "don't read chat logs". Pros: - Can get seriously kinky VERY fast. - At least there's a free option? - Has a free month you can try if you want to. Cons: - Their message limits suck ass, and are only there to get you to pay way too much for their app. - Bot creators can probably read your smut. - Their models are overly expensive if you do get hooked. - When bots are deleted, your entire chatlog disappears, and this can happen at random. This gets a 2/10. Shitty message limits and overly priced tiers along with privacy issues makes this one an avoidable option. Great generations though if you're willing to deal with the message limits. >Kobold Horde Kobold Horde is basically a large, user run "free gpu" system what allows you to run AI chatbot interfaces like SillyTavern without the need for a brand new GPU. Always free, but there is a system to detect if you're only leeching and never giving. Nothing horrible will happen, but you may be rate limited every now and then. Pros: - Free! No strings attached. - There's usually always someone running chat module like Pyg or Metharme, or Erebus. - There's many models you can try and choose from to pick your favourite. Cons: - The user-run nature means that sometimes you'll generate from a system running a 4090 and get a generation in 3 seconds, then the next you'll generate a message from a 3060 and get a message in 30 seconds. It all depends on what's available for generation at that moment. - These models are not going to give you quality, and will require some care and attention, or rewrites to make your ideal chat scenario. - Your text generation will briefly appear in the host system's console window. (Though no one I know, me included, keeps a log of any of it. We literally do not care. But keep this in mind.) I'll give this an 8/10. While it's more frustrating and time consuming to get your desired response, if you put the care in you'll get something amazing back. And, if you're on Android, there are a lot of front-end options for you instead of SillyTavern! I personally recommend as it can also work as a good front end. >GPT Reverse Proxy ...This one's fairly complex so I'll try my best to explain it. By using proxies, you can essentially backdoor into ChatGPT and get generations for free. However, to set it up requires some work and either download things or join discord servers to get certain info. Pros: - Free - ChatGPT is very powerful, and you can get NSFW stuff from it fairly easily. Cons: - Reverse proxies can be fishy. - Most data like your IP and generation are sent through the proxies to unknown bodies hosting their end of the proxy. Unlike Kobold Horde, these may be more malicious actors. - Reverse proxies can come and go very quickly, meaning you'll need to procure a new one fairly often. I dunno if I can recommend this one, however I'll give it a 4/10. Try at your own risk. Haven't heard anything bad happen yet so maybe I'm being a doomer. And that's it for the free options. THere are others I could go over, but they either have message limits like Chai for half the quality, or are dubious cash grabs that will try to steal your data, so I'm leaving them off the list. ___ PAID OPTIONS >I like and I want to go further in my relationship with my lamia girlfriend... what service should I pay for to get ultimate snakeussy? I've used quite a few services, however there's one I've stuck with the longest. > NovelAI is a strong story generator that can be used to create fantastically lewd and incredibly NSFW prose, and, with the right tools, even chats. NovelAI is more akin to a text predictor than anything, so it's not going to be perfect, but if you have the patience to sit down with it and work with it, you can get some amazing results. And, with the release of Clio, chatbots seem way more alive than with Krake or Euterpe. Read more about NovelAI here: Pros: - Incredibly horny, and often very good at leading to kinky or NSFW RPs. - Verbose and INCREDIBLY descriptive. - You can slap it into SillyTavern and use it like a chatbot. - Or, download OmniDaemon's ChatAI scenario ( and make one inside of NovelAI's website. - Comes with an image generator, too. - Completely encrypted, and the old NovelAI devs are AI Dungeon refugees so you know they're good people. - Mobile friendly Cons: - To get the best value, you're probably looking at $10-15 a month. - Will often require A LOT of hand-holding. - You will have to write your own bots, scenarios, and often add world details. - Not really too plug and play. I'd rate this 9/10, personally. It's incredibly versatile and always has a flavour for everyone. But then again I don't mind fussing over the smaller details or editing messages. The average user may put this at 6/10 or lower if you're looking for something more "chatbot"-like. >Chai (Mobile app) As discussed before, they have paid options. I won't be describing them again. Pros: - Very good generations. - Mobile friendly Cons: - WAY too expensive for what it's worth. - $134.99 ($13.99 a month) for Premium, or $269.99 ($29.99 a month) for Ultra. Rip off. - Again, bots messages are probably not private. - When bots are hidden or deleted, you can never access that chat again. As a paid platform it's even worse. So overpriced it hurts. 0/10. Literally go for anything else. >'s Mars Mars is Venus.chub's own model and you can subscribe for $20 a month. This is the closest to a NSFW we've gotten so far. Personally, I've never tested this but from what I've seen and heard, this model is actually very good. Not quite standards, but it can get close. It actually beats Chai's model pretty damn well. Venus.chub also comes with their own massive bot library so you will always find a character to speak to and interact with. However, its price may make this service a hard sell for most people. Read more about Mars here: Pros: - Very good generations - Huge bot library - Fast responses best developed for chatbots - Mobile friendly Cons: - Again, the $20 a month ($240 per year) may be the breaking point for a lot of people - Debatable if worth the cost Unfortunately, the price tag is the let-down here. If it were cheaper, I could recommend it more. However, if you were willing to pay for a NSFW this is probably your closest bet. 6.5/10. 8.5 if not for the price. >ChatGPT A weird one for this list, but not out of place. ChatGPT DOES have a filter which means if you want a fully NSFW experience you are going to have to look at jailbreaking ChatGPT. I've never used it for smut, but I know it does a good job. I'd put pros and cons but honestly I don't know enough about it. I'm just going to say, if you pay for it and jailbreak, then get caught, that's on you. 5/10 - Do it at your own risk. May not be worth the cost. And that's it for the paid options. There are others out there, maybe new ones I haven't heard of. But, for now, these are your best options. Again, I recommend NovelAI but I do suggest you give these all a look at and just make sure they're for you. It's your cash so spend it wisely. ___ AI GENERATION FROM HOME >I have an old GPU/my laptop is shit! What's my hope for using AI on it? Depends on the VRAM of your GPU. If your laptop is ooooooooooooooooold then ditch these thoughts now and seek a free or paid option above. If your GPU, laptop or otherwise, has over 4gb of VRAM, I can help you. Firstly download 0cc4m's Kobold ( or KoboldCPP ( These can run "quantized" models that will allow you to load better, smarter models that generate faster results at the sacrifice of some quality. >My GPU has 4GBs of VRAM: - Look into Pygmalion 2.7B, 1.3B, or 350M. These models will be SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE than Don't go in expecting quality. Don't bother with any quantized models at this point, the quality isn't worth it. >My GPU has 6GBs of VRAM: - Look into possibly Pygmalion 6B 4bit, or even Pygmalion 7B 4bit/2bit. Keep context sizes below 1024. >My GPU has 8GBs of VRAM: - Look into Pygmalion 6B 8bit and 7B 4bit, or maybe even Pygmalion/Metharme 13B SUPERHOT 2b. Not tested, but may work? Generations will be slow for 13B. Context sizes should be no higher than 1024. >My GPU has 10GBs of VRAM: - Look into Pygmalion/Metharme 13B 4bit. Context size should be no higher than 1400. >My GPU has 12GBs (or over) or VRAM: - Look into Pygmalion/Metharme 134bit (or 8bit if you want to up the quality) Depending on your VRAM, you could probably crank context sizes to 2048 or even higher. From here, any more VRAM is a bonus and will make generations faster. >Okay I've done this but it's so slow! What do? Make sure all Kobold layers are on your GPU. If your PC or laptop locks up, lower the layer number by half and increase layers by 1 until your PC/laptop starts to struggle, then go back one layer. >Alright, all the layers are assigned to my GPU, but it takes 30 seconds - 120 seconds to generate text! Try lowering your context sizes. If your context size is maxes out to 2024, lower it to 1800, then 1400, then 1250, ect ect until your speeds pick back up. Also, make sure your response length is under 300. I find 40 tokens is good for smaller chats, while 100 tokens is a good default. >I put half my layers into GPU and half into disk/cpu... why isn't it faster?? Always put as many layers as you can into your GPU. The more layers going through your VRAM the better. The moment you put a layer onto disk or CPU you will get slowdowns. If you can't help it then you've got to live with it. >My bot keeps talking for me... Why?! Sometimes the AI isn't perfect. In fact, you'll sometimes see bots do this too. It's just the nature of the game. is better at filtering it. Just erase it and move on, or if you like the sounds of it you can use it in your previous message! >My bot keeps forgetting basic stuff like who I am or where they are... Why?! That's a context size issue. Keep in mind that sometimes bots you download online have incredibly long descriptions that can make managing your context size difficult. Trim away unnecessary OC fluff to get better memory from your bots, but also add to their information stuff you'd like them to remember. You fucked the foxgirl and now she's pregnant with 16 babies and due next week? Add it like this: '{{char}} is 9 months pregnant. {{char}} is due in 1 week. {{char}}'s belly is heavy and makes her waddle. {{char}} is at the market with me looking for apples.' This way, your current area and important info is always saved. >Can I run this on mobile? Can my iPhone 15 SE Max 2022 Edition run an AI? No :) Soz ___ And that's it! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. PS: If you just skipped to the end to say "TL;DR" then type "Fuck you, TL;DR" to let me know you skipped everything. I just think it'd be funny to see a wall of "Fuck you, TL;DR".

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hey /b/, 29 weeks rn

ask away

R: 19 / I: 1 / P: 3

Pregnancy related audio content?

I'm looking for some pregnancy related audio content, asmr,rp,erotica readings etc. One good creator I know is Rose virage who can be found here

R: 18 / I: 16 / P: 3

The Demi Moore Pose

Post any images that recreate the famous Vanity Fair More Demi Moore photo. This is a free for all thread so female, male, live photo, artwork, pregnant and even non-pregnant images can be posted here.

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A MASSIVE idea I have

What if there was an entire music video that filled (no pun indented) to the beam of characters what were canonical impregnated? Insane idea sure I get that. I got 100 characters I found from so many sources Some girls, and some boys...I am sorry :( Here they are! I'm not sure what would be playing during the dance, I was thinking about Ace of Base's "Beautiful Life" but I'm still thinking I couldn't fit. There are videos that inspired me to get this idea out. So...c'mon you lot watch'a think? You don't have to be shy!

R: 12 / I: 9 / P: 3

Boots and high heels during pregnancy and birth

R: 35 / I: 38 / P: 3

Pregnancy in Advertisements

Post any and all kinds of advertisements relating to or featuring pregnancy. They can be a print ad, video commercial, live-action, animated, even mpreg is allowed.

R: 164 / I: 26 / P: 3

Website very similar to Character Ai but with no filter

Found this website while scrolling through 4chan and thought that the people here would like it. Feel free to share bots or conversations with the bots on here.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 3

What if there was...

What if there was an entire music video that filled (no pun indented) to the beam of characters what were canonical impregnated? Fucked up idea sure I get that. I got 100 characters I found from so many sources Some girls, and some boys...I am sorry :( Here they are! I'm sure what would be playing during the dance, I was thinking about Ace of Base's "Beautiful Life" but I'm still thinking I couldn't fit. There are videos that inspired me to get this idea out. So...c'mon you lot watch'a think? You don't have to be shy!

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Don't forget about

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 3

*Sorry if there's already a thread for this, or I'm posting on the wrong board _/\_* I wanted to start a thread for people to ask questions about the various pregnancy/belly fetishes they don't have, and therefore, don't understand. I'll go first. Navel birth lovers of the world, how does navel birth work? Like, how is the uterus connected to the navel, in the canon/context of a navel birth fiction. Belly buttons aren't actual holes in real life! Thank you in advance :). I'll also contribute a bit of my own knowledge. For people who are confused about cumflation / cum inflation, you're probably wondering why there isn't any internal leakage of semen from the inflation. IRL ovaries are not directly attached to fallopian tubes, and so the uterus can't be a closed container. Like in most fictions, this fact of anatomy is overridden usually, to let the act of cumflation be possible.

R: 4 / I: 3 / P: 3

Making video morphs using AI

Here are my findings so far Pika (watermarked tron video) pros, good quality, easy interface cons, only 30 free credits a day, videos can't be longer than 3 seconds, doesn't handle certain types of movement well Stable Diffusion+AE/Lockdown/Mocha tracking (unmarked tron clip) pros, very flexible, as powerful as your skills with AE are cons, tedious, takes a long time to make even a short clip ComfyUI video inpainting (alita clip) Currently experimenting. So far it doesn't handle longer videos very well, it looks like its trying to interpolate between random images. If I can solve that I'll have to figure out a way to isolate the image2image area so I can inpaint larger videos without sending the entire thing to stable diffusion or find a workflow that can upscale+blend the morph with the original video Has anyone else done any experiments?

R: 27 / I: 21 / P: 4

my personal collection

😆 GqALzotOqFxON9V 😆😆 d3NJ11VNfxvdDFc 😆😆 BwmQrn0oZGPNPDO 😆😆 Bp5dLo3Z2uJ1jVa 😆😆 hVs7DNBbDMee4y8 😆😆 SnxOYeMVQsuNf2A 😆 😆 kaZJbHaSQllophz 😆😆 Li2pI6v7RNhimJJ 😆😆 G3tQy56tXzSuNiD 😆 😆 ga9iqoyu6pBuaiL 😆 😆 kuiI5afGiZsgS6e 😆 😆 PTKwzENnNGvCMPf 😆 😆 QchMpFAqH1d8dHv 😆, 😆 5YapbVnKM1l7NcO 😆😆 3hT0nmDkyHzEaHL 😆,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 2 Ali1ce.z发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 g7n8kqfzDsoak8p 😆,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 48 Ali1ce.z发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 BNu4m55QTFUZ07o 😆,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 67 Ali1ce.z发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 ApxBUp02OEkKGrN 😆,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 59 常飞飞-飞飞发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 E4Ned1HFLmsj5kg 😆,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 76 L.Tyi 👑发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 q1J7KnoqTR2hB02 😆,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 4 九的妈发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 6RxM8mdOfppcTil 😆,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 20 给我哭!(二胎备孕中)发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 58MqUWX3uDvQHbH 😆,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 47 给我哭!(二胎备孕中)发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 9CEFpZ00sfmtDQX 😆,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 36 给我哭!(二胎备孕中)发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 mLIkAMa0rYhXjke 😆,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 16 给我哭!(二胎备孕中)发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 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R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 4

Which do you prefer?

Hello fellow preg enjoyers, i'm putting my 3d printer and limited skills to use. Which belly do you prefer? With or without the belly line? Non line is an older belly shape, final shape should be the one with the line, I just can't decide whether I like the line or not.

R: 5 / I: 18 / P: 4

Alita Thread

Lost all my Alita stuff :( Can we get a thread going?

R: 33 / I: 8 / P: 4

Preg fetish awakenings

As a bored and mildly curious question, what would you say was your kind of “awaking” to having a pregnancy fetish? Back when I was little there was a magazine with a pregnant woman in a white bikini, shit was full display across two pages. I took it along with a flashlight and hid in a room with the lights off and just stared at it. That definitely planted the “seed” of it, a reality show that was on for a bit of a pregnant woman in college and later access to the internet didn’t help. The photo isn’t the magazine one I mentioned, I haven’t been able to find it.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 4

Pregnancy TTRPG games and homebrews

Been having trouble finding some homebrews for this stuff. Any recommendations or original systems?

R: 28 / I: 28 / P: 4

Hyperpreg thoughts?

Just wanna start a thread discussing hyperpreg an what makes it hot (or awful). I personally love that shit, curious what others think For me, peak hyperpreg is when the details get brought into the mix. The ultrasounds with a fuckton of embryos, a belly that starts showing just a couple weeks after conception, everything growing at a ridiculously fast rate. Any other thoughts on hyperpreg?

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 4

Game recs?

Steam farming fest is here Do you have game recommendations where you could marry and get pregnant/impregnate your wife? Bonus point for childbirth scene

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 4

Finding Old video and old pictures

If anyone have old contents of preg belly 123 456 like old youtube videos, would someone give me a link ? Only have a picture of her

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 4

Does anyone have this video from MrMrsNomad on onlyfans? If you do, I can trade some stuff in exchange or we can pool in some cash to get it.

R: 11 / I: 0 / P: 4

Business Staffed By Pregnant Women

Imagine like a strip club, restaurant, hostess club, etc. staffed exclusively by pregnant women or women with fake bellies. Like bunny girls with fake bellies under their outfits at a bar full of horny men with a pregnancy fetish. It would be too niche to be profitable, sadly.

R: 14 / I: 1 / P: 5

Does anyone know where to get a enormous fake pregnant belly like in this pic?

As title says. I've been looking for one of a similar size but the largest i could find was twin sized. Any ideas on where to get one?

R: 175 / I: 224 / P: 5

Misc. Pregs

For pregs that don't have enough content to warrant their own thread. Furry and AI art is also welcome.

R: 580 / I: 314 / P: 5

Pregnancy in Films/Shows

Time to resurrect this old thread from old /b/: Post scenes/clips featuring pregnancy! Webms especially welcome. If you want to share larger files, use: Anyway, post your finds!

R: 19 / I: 7 / P: 5

Rapid Preg Videos

Figured I'd post this in /b/, but if anyone has any sort of rapid preg videos, especially with sound, and want to share them - irl, animated, furry, etc. - here's a thread to do it! Not sure if this already exists, but this one is a catch-all.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5


Does anyone have thisvid account and don't use it much? I want to post a video

R: 93 / I: 360 / P: 5

ai preggo art here? dont know where else to post it.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5

Hi! I'm looking for the full version of this comic. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks in advance!

R: 24 / I: 25 / P: 5

YouTube clickbait/Elsagate thumbnails

This should be... interesting.

R: 8 / I: 5 / P: 5

Does anyone have any of this artist's art?

R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 5

Gumroad Purge

Gumroad will remove every NSFW posts from their site in 1 day. archive anything you can get.

R: 36 / I: 6 / P: 6

There is literally no arguing with this

R: 12 / I: 2 / P: 6



R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 6


anyone know how to download gallery from e-hentai using gallery-dl? i'm keep getting SSL certificate verify failed, hostname mismatch etc

R: 1 / I: 2 / P: 6


Note: only pregnant ai art of any type DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING RELEATED TO MINORS

R: 151 / I: 28 / P: 6

>Tfw the people who share your niche fetishes are also the shittiest artists alive Or alternatively: >Tfw the actual good artists who share your niche fetishes throw their other fucked up fetishes in their art that turn you off

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 6

Anyone else here use Preggophilia?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 6

Pregnancy Sound Effects Thread #1

We're looking for some pregnancy sound effects.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 6

pregnant avatar makers

Post any avatar makers that include pregnancy you find, and post your results!

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 6

I'm sort of surprised and worried that there hasn't been a thread on Taylor Made Clips; surprised because I'd imagine they'd be more popular in the community and worried because I fear copyright problems from sharing full videos. This thread is a discussion of their output and (hopefully) sharing some videos. For now I won't link any but I have the following videos: A Normal Accelerated Pregnancy and a Not So Normal One A Quick Accelerated Pregnancy Bubblegum Bubbles Belly Expansion I Want A Baby Accelerated Pregnancy Jillian: An Accelerated Pregnancy (Personal favorite) Oh No I Can't Be Pregnant OMG My Water Broke and my Belly Keeps Growing Oversized Accelerated Pregnancy School Girl Accelerated Pregnancy The Fertility Drum: Two Accelerated Pregnancies Triple Bombshell Accelerated Pregnancy If this thread goes on longer I also encourage requests, as I have many. I also have extra videos from Breezy Wright, Camryn And Steve, Ludella Hahn, Seductuve Studios, and more. If I'm doing anything wrong let me know.

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 6

Burning Library of Nhentai

I heard there's a purge going on in Nhentai, a lot of stuffs is gone there including the infamous 177013. Is e-hentai, sadpanda and etc still safe?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 7


The time has come folks, BlueSky is public, bye bye TwitX

R: 50 / I: 6 / P: 7

A Tale Of Two Anons: Where Fossil and Kamuisaurus Are Now

It's been a good bit since people have thought about these two and I decided to see what they were up to now Fossil: drawing characters from some dumb mobile game about cookies, has a decent following on DA and has a thread here he mostly posts to, side note, I'm definitely going to accused of being him cause ig a simple anon like me can't have an interest in this kinda thing Kamui: Posting art under Fetishmation, I had my suspicions about that artist for a while but never said anything, got to the point where I thought I was just making the whole thing up, until I looked them up on Twitter and saw art of Kamui's Moira Hart character, so yeah suspicions proven right By the way, this thread isn't meant to reignite a long dead fire, just wanted to share thoughts about these two and say I'm proud of them not attacking each other anymore

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 7

Does this happen to anyone else?

I collect a lot of pregnant fan art, so naturally I've been exposed to a lot of franchises, and there's very little I actively don't get aroused to. Even on rare occasions I can get pretty tworked to art from favorite franchises. But whenever I see any preg art for Hazbin Hotel, I just don't feel it. In fact I get actively turned off whenever I see preg art for it. It's not like it's because I don't like the show, there's plenty of franchises I don't like where some preg art of it gets me aroused. What the hell is my deal? Does something similar happen to anyone else?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7


I found this new website for Chatbox that does better than other chatbots in my opinion Here check out what I made It's about an island girl who wants to have a baby~

R: 14 / I: 1 / P: 7

> Tfw the people who share your niche fetishes are also the shittiest artists alive Or alternatively: >Tfw the actual good artists who share your niche fetishes throw their other fucked up fetishes in their art that turn you off Alternatively alternatively > When someone says the “T” word on this god forsaken hellhole

R: 7 / I: 32 / P: 7

Purification Thread

A thread to cleanse this site of sin and depravity.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7

There was at one point a thread for this but i can’t find it anymore, so i decided to make another one. To my knowledge it’s a pain in the ass to find half-decent erotic pregnancy audios and i’d like to see if anyone else has had better luck in finding them. General lewd audios centered around pregnancy, sex with a pregnant woman, and erotic pregnancy topics are all fair game. No vore/weight stuff please.

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can this generate big desent swollen bellies? and if so, what prompts do you enter?

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I need some help

Im playing Child Making Farm on Android and I can't equip my hoe. Ive tried going into my inventory and pressing A on it but it wont work. The Android version seems to have buttons missing. How do I fix this?

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mushroom is the latest fashion

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Pregnancy Mods

Mods that put preg content into non-preg games.

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Outing Incidents/ Outing Plans?

So this is one of my biggest fears, and I'm sure it's many others' as well: family and loved ones finding out about your fetish(es). If it's ok, I'm curious to hear yall's stories about when you were found out. Did anything ever come of it? Was it a big deal? Did people cut you off? Second question for those who haven't been caught yet: what's your plan if you do? Delete everything? Pass it off as a joke? Be unashamedly honest? Again if you feel uncomfortable you don't need to tell, I just wanna know what other people went through.

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Hi, long time user of the site but mostly a lurker because I can't figure out how to properly make an account, and the account section only lets you log in or recover an account, any help on creating one?

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Hidden Maiesophiles?

Who are some celebrities, directors, writers, etc. who you think have a secret pregnancy fetish? Vernon Chatman is my personal pick. One of his shows, Xavier Renegade Angel, has a whole episode about a strip club that exclusively hires pregnant women as dancers. Wonder Showzen has a whole episode about birth, as well as the D.O.G.O.B.G.Y.N. segment where a dog helps women give birth. The Shivering Truth damn near features pregnancy and birth in every episode. It just makes sense to me.

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New Artist Spotlight Thread

Simple enough concept, post art of your favorite new artists(folks who’ve been drawing for 5 years and under)

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Anyone know any text games like Skycorp The Underworld?

I know that Skycorp Underworld is a transformation text game but it has multiple pregnancy and pregnancy adjacent chapters in it What I ask of ya'll are text games similar to Skycorp but more pregnancy focused I'll take some transformation sprinkled in aswell, but I'm not picky Here's the link to the website with the demo for The Underworld for those wondering, the full game is pay to play

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cookie run kingdom

1girl,brown hat, brown eyes, short skirt, pregnant , sexy

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Sensory Deprevation Pitfalls

A very brief trend that exploded a few months ago, but that no one in English agreed upon a name for. Can find a bunch of stuff by Japanese artists by searching 感覚遮断落とし穴 on Pixiv (or kannkakushadann otoshiana) a.k.a. "Sensory Deprivation Pitfalls (that breed their victims) Hard to find a lot of the english stuff, despite how much of it there was circulating not that long ago. Posting in /b/ for the anarchy. furry, mpreg, loli, whatever - all allowed here. just put em half way into a seedbed.

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drawthread - 4chan is down

4chan is down so I'm making this thread How's it going anons?

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NNN wandering

My dick has taken me places I’m not proud of, I think it’s the nnn brain idk. Y’know those types of channels where the titles are “I caught *insert popular media* doing wacky thing (REAL LIFE)”. There’s a handful I found with those object head ladies from that skibidi toilet series on my alt yt account and they’re wearing fake pregnant bellies. They’re weirdly doing it for me with the mix of me liking those sorta object head designs and having a pregnancy fetish. I don’t think not having beat it silly for the past week is helping me. The videos themselves are what you’d expect. Just kinda weird, occasional exhaling air through your nose at parts, with honestly not too bad costumes. Although in one they were in like an empty part of a hospital and I was wondering how tf they got that. Lengths of the videos sorta impress me they go on with that shit for like half an hour. (I thought one was an hour long but it turned out to be a two vids in one) There’s two diff dudes that upload them and they have the same people. Haven’t beat it yet, sorta don’t wanna. Alright that’s the end of using Random as a confessional both.

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/b/roskis I have a question. I took a shit earlier and it was a battle where many a deep and painful gurgle from the depths shook me to my core. During this troubled time I did what I usually do and gradually undress until I am nothing more than a pink mass perched upon my porcelain throne. Dear friends, is this a normal human instinct when shitting? Does one need to undress to poop at maximum velocity? Or am I just autistic.

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Since r/sensualpregnantbirth was banned I created a community on for pregnancy and birth: Burggit also allows loli/shota for all you degenerates who like that.

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Pregnant imagen 11 - 15

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Bundle Joy

Bundle Joy

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Twitter Nazis are out in full force tonight. Might as well hang out here.

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You Become The Girl Below (With A Twist!)

So Anons it's a classic become the girl below but the twist is, you write for lack of a better word "lore" about the person above you. Things such as: > How far along are they? > What kind of girl were they before getting knocked up? > What kind of guy knocked them up? (How descriptive you wanna be is up to you the better) > Did they get pregnant intentionally or accidentally (feel free to expand on that.) > Is the dad still in the picture? > Has the pregnancy been changing them at all mentally? > What kind of birth are they gonna have? > Etc. Feel free to add your own questions or ideas as we play along as this is the first thread of this type I've ever made. So anons, get ready to be transported into the body of a chick who is just about to see the plus sign on her pregnancy test, enjoy the next 9 months ;).

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Why do nude artists always use the worst possible shades of pink?

I don't know if this is just down to me being completely turned off by nudity, but I swear it feels like every other goddamn bare breast with nipples or the occasional cock pic tries their absolute hardest to find the most horrid, unfitting or just downright eye hurting colors to color in the "sexy" parts with. This goes for more than just pink too that's just the most common example I tend to see. Someone please explain to me how the fuck anons can get one off when the nipples' pink is brighter than the surface of the fucking sun or when they're some color that completely clashes with the character's skin tone? I think it's at its worst when it's a character that's hardly ever shown skin in their home media or especially when it's some OC with "quirky" colors for their privates, because that just makes the terrible color choice all the more noticeable and distracting. Just needed to vent post about this real quick, it's been bothering me for a while now.

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Arbrianarchy tracing

Don’t mean this as some high and might call out but there’s this one artist on DA who’s gallery is like half traced art I swear. A few that I know but there’s a few that I feel like are tracing drawings but I’m not sure exactly the original image. Closest to a callout I’ve seen is them getting told they traced and deleting that drawing. I think some of their stuff is original but im not sure.

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Ghost Town Status

Is it just me or is activity here slower than usual, front page has been the same all day

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Is there any places or events for pregnancy fetishists?

Just seeing if there's any events in the world that would interest us...

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Chinese chat on Pregchan

泵人恋孕小萌新,想和各位聊聊天 如果已经有中文帖了踢我一脚

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Pregnancy Touch

This is when someone touches a woman's belly and she gets pregnant as a result. I only know of a couple examples of this, and I want to see if any of you know anymore. Also, if there's fan art of this concept, feel free to share. Example #1: Dogma

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Anyone Got Bluesky Codes?

Elon is based for buying Twitter only to kill it, but seriously people need a good alternative so I’m sure folks will appreciate the new digs

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Belly fetish overlaps

Another bored question. How many are into other belly related fetishes since they overlap with pregnancy in the “big round tum” sense? I fuck with belly stuffing sorta, not really weight gain but depends how it’s drawn. Just good big tum like with pregnancy. Vore I can understand as an overlap since it and pregnancy is borderline yin and yang which I think is funny. Same shit different directions. Not really into vore though it’s basically cannibalism but people can chew their food. Inflation is around there somewhere but eeeehhhh.

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I want to make a pregnancy mod using chatgpt

and I think the easiest mod would be an NPC for gmod that uses a model with a pregnancy morph that randomly gives birth to more of itself you're thots?

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SillyTavern Cards

wondering if anyone had any good SillyTavern Cards, here are some I made/modified

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And Randomly there was a Random Post...

But what was that random post about? (Continue this thought)