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Pornsite Without Javascript

I made a javascript-free pornsite and have to shill it somewhere, so my effort isn't wasted.
Hopefully this place is still alive.
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Pregnant Album Covers?

I didn't know where to put a topic like this, so I put it here.
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Figurines & Models

Plastic people.
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pregnancy is fucking weird when you really think about it

shit is bananas
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AI Dungeon stories

AI Dungeon is a text game where literally anything can happen. The stories are generated by an AI. You decide what are those stories about.

It can be played here: https://aidungeon.io

The basics are described here: https://pastebin.com/KD4yN2Gc

You can also try playing AI Dungeon forks made by anons from 4chan. They're modded to contain more stuff.
The most popular ones are found here: https://colab.research.google.com/github/VBPXKSMI/Open-CYOAI-Project/blob/master/Open_CYOAI.ipynb
They are harder to set up though, but follow the instructions and you should be fine.

I created this thread to share stories that you made or found. Feel free to ask questions.
I guess that since this is /b/ all stories can be allowed here (vanilla, birth, loli, furry etc.)
I think that's all.
Have a nice day!
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Guess who's fucking back

This fucking shrieking ball of madness is back, he found me on FA and has been accusing me of all kinds of shit. Again.

On the bright side, I found his FA journal page and it is a fucking acid trip.


Complete madness.

This guy has been bad touched in the brain by yog-sothoth.
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What is the name of this Hentai?
Please I search for months but I not found
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Mining content, where do you find it and what have you found?

Alright. Let's start digging.

What old/obscure clips do you have?
What movies/tv shows have you seen with content that slipped under the radar?
What video games have slipped under the radar?
How do you search for pregnancy in your native language?
What other sites/communities have you found?
What other sites/communities have you found that AREN'T pregnancy centric but might have content anyway?
Can you and will you make clips of movies/videos
And can you archive and organize things?
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Do it.
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What series did this come from? Also if you know any underrated or good gems with pregnancy in it.

I've been looking everywhere and I can't find it?
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You can have one mod for one game made. What do you ask for?

I'd request a rapid demonic impregnation spell for Blade and Sorcery.
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You are cordially invited to check out Openchan.
A new chan that focuses on open access, free speech and board creation.
Tor V3: http://opench5rqe3yqenhg6ny3korcwi7guntecjxjhcxhnkbz7vigjdjf2yd.onion/
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AI Dungeon

So, has anyone tried this yet? Looks pretty interesting. The latest info can be found by checking out threads on 4chan's /v/ and /d/ boards.
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Is this place mostly dead?

So how many of us are left? I remember lurking on here years back, and was surprised to see the site was still up. I don't know how many places focused on belly content are left but it's nice this place has perservered with how few imageboards are left these days.
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Waifu Thread

Introduce your waifu here.
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Why are Unbirth topic has been removed?

When there was a topic dedicated to unbirth, but it was deleted either by the author or by the administration, does anyone know why?
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I'm bored, what does pregchan do on their day off?
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> See more New Imageboards. Full list.

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>there are people on this site that actually use their real name and email when posting
Have they not realized they can leave everything blank? Where do these people come from?
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When are one of you 9000 IQ nerds going to code DeepImpregnation so we can make morphs with the power of AI?
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Request Loonascandi pregnant

Anyone got any videos of loonascandi when she was pregnant
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Ah shit

Seems legit
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looking for a kind of game

is there any female protag visual novel where you can be pregnant during the game, not at one of the ending

help me anons please
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E-Hentai Shutdown Imminent?

Exhentai/E-hentai is rumored to be kill VERY soon.

Now is a good time to backup your favorite stuff.
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Stardew Valley

Anyone else playing Stardew Valley? It's a pretty straight homage to Harvest Moon, but somehow manages to be better than every HM game I've ever played. Bought it on Saturday and have spent 40 out of the last 80 hours playing it.

Unfortunately, like all Harvest Moon games, it doesn't feature pregnancy. On the bright side, it does let you be gay (all the bachelors/bachelorettes are interested in you whether you're male or female), and even have kids in a gay couple (just without pregnancy)

Anyone else playing?
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Hello from FrChan!
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Onahole Advice

Hi, i need advice from anyone with experience with Onaholes/Fleshlights

Few months ago i bought this pregnant onahole called Ninpu no Susume, i hardly used it, but i kept it powdered and cleaned
However recently, after a week of not taking it out, it started developing dark spots that are hard to wash off (i can't how clearly is it showing up in the photos, since my camera has issues focusing on it)

Can anyone advice if this is dirt or mold, and how to clean it? I want to preserve this onahole as long as possible as it is currently out-of-print everywhere.

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Thoughts About Lolicon and Grey Areas?

I have recently seen this topic be brought up by Blue Checkmarks on Twitter on how harmful drawings are and how lolicon is still sexualizing children.

That and the argument that both anime and other animated shows like Big Mouth add to the fire.

Anyone have their thoughts on this moral grey area us artists and the like have to deal with?
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Have any artists here had to deal with artist block? If so, what do you do to get over it?
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Good random anime char generators?

I’ve been looking for a good anime character generator so that maybe I can create stories based off of the characters and that get generated. Any suggestions?
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so does she get filled with space goo or what
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this is some prototype that i made for dragonball xenoverse 2 mod… i have test the mod i should dont have any issue to the game or the cutscene.. if you have the game and want to try the mods feel free to download it… just dont reupload it to another sites PLEASE
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Gyara's Weird Horny Short Stories

So I posted a couple short stories in /R/, about pregnancy involving mpreg and trans people, mostly to spite transphobic assholes, but it turned out that a few people really seemed to like it. So I decided to make my own thread.

I'll repost edited versions of the first three parts here later, and then start posting new stories as I make them.

These are gonna mostly involve mpreg and/or trans people pregnancies, cause that's what I feel like writing at this point in my life.

Let's start with a new one, though.

- - -

High school has been the best years of your life, you've always been the top of the food chain. Everyone knows that Chad rules the school. Being the best athlete your high school has ever seen is a big part of that, you're the star player of the football team and you've lead your boys to dozens and dozens of victories. You've already got college talent scouts calling your house.

Your life is perfect and you can have anything you want in the world.

You've had your way with any girl you want, except one.

Chrissy is the captain of the cheer squad. And she is so hot. She's the perfect girl, the hottest girl, just the right girl for you. Long blonde hair, perfect breasts, perfect ass. Just curvy enough without being a fatass. You've had your eye on her amazing body for a real long time.
Even thinking about her right now makes you hard. You'd do anything to get a piece.

But Chrissy never gave you the time of day…until just a couple weeks ago when she asked you to prom, can you believe it? What kind of crazy girl asks a guy to prom? Whatever. It doesn't matter. You're gonna give her the time of her life at prom, then dick her down all night long until you're satisfied.

You rented a limo to pick her up, why not? You've got the money to spend to make this night special. You're dressed up slick as fuck and when you get to her place, she looks amazing.
"Hi Chad! I've been looking forward to this for a while. Are we going to have a lot of fun tonight?"
"Oh, we'll have a night you'll never forget."

She smirks and climbs into the back of the limo.
"Oh, I promise, baby."

The prom itself is nothing too impressive, dumb music, dumb speeches, dumb dancing. You watched one of your buddies spike the punch and you had a few drinks. So you've got a good buzz going on. They finally get to the announcement of prom king and prom queen.
It's you and Chrissy. Huge suprise. You go on stage, smile for the assembled losers there to congratulate the both of you. You put on the dumb crown, but everyone claps for you, so that's cool.

When the prom eventually winds down, you lead Chrissy back to the limo. She seems pretty excited.
"I've got a hotel room already reserved for us, Chad."
"Haha, I like a girl who's prepared. Just tell the driver where to go and then we can have some real fun."
"Really? I hope you've got something special in mind."
"Oh yeah. I got big plans for us. Real big, baby."
"I promise. Totally."

You get back to the hotel room, it's real fancy and there's a big bed just waiting to get used all night.
Chrissy is already stripping. Damn, this girl must be hornier than you thought. This is gonna be fun.
You quickly take off your tux. She's laying back on the bed, wearing absolutely nothing.

She is so fucking hot, even more gorgeous with her clothes off. This is gonna be the best night of your life. You get on the bed and go to kiss her, but she stops you.
"Wait, Chad. Did you bring any protection?"
"We don't need that, Chrissy baby. We're just gonna have a good time."
"I don't know. I always heard that kids get pregnant the first time they do it."
"Don't worry about that, I won't knock you up."
"So…you think that I won't get knocked up?"
"No way. Let's just focus on having fun together."
"So you promise that I won't get pregnant?"
"I promise, baby girl."
"If you say so…now get over here and fuck me."

The sex is amazing, the best you ever had. It feels so good to finnaly fuck Chrissy, this hot bitch that you've wanted to get a piece of for years. Who the fuck cares if she gets knocked up? She'd make a hot-ass milf, and she'd probably let you fuck her even more then. You two fuck, hard. You dick her down good and she's really into it, she loves your cock and you make her cum a few times, you totally get off hearing her scream and her tight pussy drains you for all your worth.

She wants to cuddle after, but you're feeling tired. Whatever, you'll let her spoon you until you pass out, you're feeling kinda weird, though. Maybe had too much spiked punch. Doesn't matter.
Chrissy snuggles up close to you.
"How do you feel after finally getting to fuck me, Chad? I know you've been wanting to for years."
"The sex was totally awesome, but I feel weird. Uh, bloated like gas? A little sick to my stomach."
"That's totally normal for someone in your condition."

That's a weird thing to say. You look back at her and say the only thing that comes to mind.
"Don't worry too much about it, mister star quarterback."

You're confused, but quickly distracted. The bloated feeling gets worse, pressure is starting to build.
You look down at your stomach and it's swollen out a bit.
"What the fuck? That's weird…"
As you're looking at your stomach, it starts to swell out a bit more as the pressure builds.
"What the fuck is happening?! My stomach is growing?"

You sit up and put your hands on your belly, which is still growing out and getting bigger and bigger, you look back to Chrissy.
"Did you do something to me? Am I getting fat or something?"
"Wellllll….Baby fat maybe."
"You've got a baby in there. You're pregnant, Chad!"
"Are you fucking with me?"
"We had sex without protection, and now you're pregnant with my baby."

She reaches over and starts to rub your belly. Your skin is stretched tight and her gentle hand feels kinda nice.
"Oooh, you look really cute with a baby bump, Chad."
"Oh god, there's no way this is happening…I miss my perfect abs!"
She smirks deviously.
"I like you this way, you're my own big pregnant quarterback!"

Your belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger. There's no way this is real.
You don't believe it, it's some kind of a trick or a prank, maybe a dream?
Suddenly, your thoughts are interrupted as something starts moving inside your belly.
"Oh god, I can feel something moving! Is that a baby…I really AM pregnant, aren't I?!"
"Absolutely! I knocked you up with my baby, now you're a pregnant daddy-to-be, Chad. And I get to just sit back and watch the whole thing."
"I always heard about pregnant teens, but I never knew I'd be one!"

Your belly keeps getting bigger and bigger, is it ever going to stop swelling?
"How am I gonna play in the big game with a giant pregnant belly?!"
"Don't worry about that, you're gonna give birth before that happens. Tonight, probably."
"Oh god! I'm gonna have to give birth to a baby? Oh god I'm gonna have a prom night baby!"
"We've still got some time before that happens, though. I'm gonna enjoy looking at your cute pregnant belly a while longer."
"Shit, are you getting off on this? This giant belly turns you on?"
"Well, I think it's pretty exciting. You wanted to fuck me for so long, thinking you're the big, strong alpha male, but you ended up being MY pregnant bitch."
She smirks devilishly.

She starts to rub your belly again, it's so swollen and sensetive, it feels really good when she rubs it.
You kinda like the extra attention she's giving you. Without even realizing it, your dick is rock hard.
Oh god, you've got a boner from being the cheer captain's knocked up bitch!

Chrissy, the prom queen, is still rubbing your big pregnant belly, but she moves her other hand to your hard cock and starts to jerk you off. It feels so fucking good to get some relief.
"We've got some time before you go into labor, how about we have some fun?"
"You really want to fuck me like this? A pregnant guy?"
"Seeing the star quarterback, pregnant with my baby? It gets me hot. Especially that big bump."
"Oh god this whole thing is making me so horny too and I don't even know why, I need to get off!"
"A big, strong man like you, knocked up with my baby. It's so sexy."
"Just tell me what you want me to do, Chrissy, and I'll do it!"
"As of right now, you're my personal pregnant bitch, Chad. I'm the prom queen, so why don't you call me queen? I'm gonna fuck you so hard and you better not dissapoint !"
"I wont, Queen Chrissy! I'll do anything you want! I'm so horny, I just need some relief!"

She grins
"I promise!"
"Now, lay back and I'll do all the work."

You lay back on the bed, your huge, swollen pregnant belly and erect dick exposed for anyone to see. Chrissy gets on top of you, straddling you and sliding down onto your cock. She rides your pregnant cock cowgirl style, she's riding you so hard, the sex is even better than before, you never imagined it before but it feels amazing to fuck while pregnant.

She screams in pleasure, climaxing first, but that doesn't even slow her down, she goes at you even harder, you cum in her almost immediately after, but she still wants more.
Queen Chrissy isn't going to let you go until she's finally satisfied.

Eventually, after what seems like forever, she stops and lets you rest, you're totally exhausted and more than a bit sore. You don't even know how many times you came.
Queen Chrissy wraps herself around you, well, the best that she can with your huge belly in the way.

What else could even happen tonight. You got to have sex with the woman of your dreams, but you're the one that got pregnant, and then she fucked your brains out again. You went from being the star quarterback and prom king to being the prom queen's pregnant bitch all in one night.

She's rubbing your belly again, and it's so tight and sensetive that her soft hands feel amazing as they caress your big swollen baby bump. You can feel the baby that the cheer captain put in you moving inside you.
"Chrissy, I gotta say…I think I'm starting to like this."
"That's good, I've been having the time of my life tonight. And you kept all your promises to me."
"Uh, I'm glad I guess?"
"Oh, you should be glad. But you need to be ready for what's coming next."
"What? What's coming next?"

Suddenly, you start to feel some pain and pressure from inside your belly.
"Shit! What's happening?!"
"Every pregnancy has to end, eventually."
The pain increases.
"FUCK! Tell me!"
"You're going to deliver our baby. Right now."
"Ohhhh fuck! You mean I'm going into labor?!"

You feel warm liquid between your legs and hear a splash of water.
"Oh god, my water broke. It's happening right now!"

More contractions keep happening. The pressure and pain are getting worse, the contractions get closer and closer together. You're dripping with sweat. Your breathing is heavy and pained, it turns from panting to gasping, and then from gasping to screaming, this is the hardest pain you've ever felt. You never imagined you'd be giving birth, but it's just as intense as you've ever heard it was.

You can feel the instinct telling your body to push, Chrissy is doing whatever she can, she's ready to help you deliver the baby.
"Hnnn…hnnn…Oh GOD it feels like I'm pushing out a whole football! A BIG one!"
"Don't worry, Chad. Soon you'll deliver our baby and you can rest."
"OH GOD IT HURTS! Do you promise it'll be okay?!"
"I Promise."

Oh fuck this too much, you thought you were sore when Chrissy rode your pregnant cock until it was raw, but this is so much more intense. The contractions keep coming, and all you can go is gasp for air and scream as you feel the baby coming.
"I can't do this! It hurts too much!"
"I'm dissapointed, Chad. You're a big, strong man. You can give birth to a little baby, can't you?"
"You're…hnnnn…right! I can do this! If I can win the big game, I can deal with giving birth!"

Chrissy squeezes your hand, at least you have someone here and don't have to do this alone.
"It's almost here! I can see it crowning!"
"You can do it, Chad!"

You keep pushing, and keep pushing for what seems like forever. All you can do is scream your lungs out from the pain. But finally, the pain is over, and everything is quiet as you catch your breath. The silence is suddenly broken as you hear a baby start crying.
"It's a boy, Chad! You gave birth to our son! He looks so healthy and strong, just like his daddy!"
"A son? Huff…wow. That's so cool…I…huff…I just hope he likes football."

You're totally spent. You thought the championship game would be the most memorable night of your life, but this was all so fucking wild. A bunch of sex with the cheer captain, a whole pregnancy, even more sex and then giving birth to her baby all in one night.
You're more tired and sore than after any football game you've ever played in your whole life.
Right now, you just want to sleep for like a whole fucking week.

You're trying to relax so you can rest. Your newborn son is sleeping peacefully nearby. Chrissy cuddles up with you in bed, wrapping her arms around you and making you the little spoon again.
"So Chad…what have you got planned for our second date?"
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Nibiru Bullshit

According to the methhead down the street from my house, the planet Nibiru is going to crash into Earth this Saturday.

I promptly shot him in the face putting him out of his misery
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What if Duke Nukem was from the alien's perspective?
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Hello please come check out
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Any hyperpregnancy games ?

OK… So recently I've been playing "seeds of fates" by saburox and…
I wondered if any other hyperpregnancy based game existed?

Nothing specific except that since I don't understand English well I would like not to have a text game
But I will accept


Visual novel


Or platform

If you had any of these please share them here
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Pregnant Woman Scent


R: 3 / I: 1

I found this.

Fun ideas.
R: 11 / I: 10
Patience Johnson nude pregnant bbw
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So Once Upon A Time in Hollywood just came out on DVD...

Do we have any brave Tarantino aficionados willing to defy copyright tyrants and make a compilation of pregnancy scenes with Sharon Tate and the other chick waddling around Manson's ranch?
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12/12 shut down

4chan is down and other sister sites as well, this one at least survived. What the hell happened?
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Did anyone here ever use AlltheFallen.Ninja ?

It seems like it's been shut down for the past week.
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Vault69: The Ultimate Animated Porn Tube

Behold Vault69 https://vault69.net/
Vault69 - The Ultimate Animated Porn Tube
The up and rising Porn tube site dedicated to all kinds of animated porn
Check it out
and share it with your friends
You can discuss and talk about what you would like to watch and i will add it
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ITT: Things that make you die a little inside

Pregnant geriatrics…
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The "Consume Product" Fallout Shelter

This thread is for those distraught by the fact that Google News is now almost entirely comprised of "Top 10 Amazon Black Friday Deals" "articles". While the shillstorm rages, I invite you to make yourself cozy in here while indulging in the simple pleasures of curvy midsections on a website free of advertising and affiliate links.
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R: 30 / I: 5
I am looking for young female volunteers to participate in a study and campaigns. If you are interested contact me at gyncenters@secmail.pro
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Preg Themed Game in Development

My friend is a real big fan of RPGs, and he's a real big fan of pregs. He's doing everything he can to make this happen.

So basically, he wants a full-on RPG with pregs, and not just a simulation. He's been taking some art classes, and I'd say it's getting better, so don't expect it to release soon.

He listed out his ideas here:

Currently, he needs ideas and tips and is open to any kind of help as of now.

(Note: He's got a little low self esteem. That's why I'm advertising for him.)

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R: 5 / I: 1

wetmeets thread

adult dating thread
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Idol Manager Mod

So this is a game that's in beta right now but released the tool for people to start doing basic modding. They've said full mod support will be secondary in priority to getting the game done, but I think it would be cool if we could get a pregnancy mod up and going. It looks super easy to do.

I'm a writer so I am more than happy to make events and take suggestions for said events. But this tool also allows for the replacement of the main images of the idols and the photos that go with the events! I don't think we'll be able to edit the spritework that shows up in the little rooms in the game but we can make all the full body cgs pregnant for sure.

I'm no artist though. If there are people who would be willing to either make some art for this or edit the current art of the game to get some bellies going, this could be really fun!
R: 19 / I: 3
The last game you played now includes pregnancy content, what changes?
Bonus for actual mechanics.
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My mom is carrying my child. Part of me says walk in front of a train, part of me is turned on.

Guess I should give a little context. Im in my late teens, shes very early forties. Shes slightly chubby but still attractive, pic included is pretty close to how she looks. Grew up without a dad, he left my mom when she was pregnant with me, no other family either as they cut her off when they found out she was pregnant out of wedlock. We live in rural mid west in a pretty secluded area so i guess it's safe to share some of this, cant really be doxed from it.

We always had a kind of… complicated relationship. Long as I can remember she would drink and shout alot, the only times she didnt was when she wanted something, she was angry all the time. The times when she was nice would be when it was bath time when I was like six and she would get in with me and make me sponge her down. As a kid i didnt quite get it but now i do. As I got older she would sometimes invite me to sleep in her bed and give me some "fizzy juice" that would make me fall asleep quickly. Id wake up in the morning and feel sticky and have no clue what happened.

She eventually stopped all this when I hit eleven but something weird got into me. Think it must of been puberty as I got obsessed with her, like id lick her dirty bras or jerk off onto her clean panties. Thing is she caught me once when I was twelve and her being a psycho I expected to be shouted at but instead she just said put them back when I was finished and leave them in the drawer.

As I became a full on teen things got a bit darker. Some nights when she would pass out id go in and touch her. I had this weird urge to pull off her clothes a little then suckle at her breasts while I jerked off over her belly, it makes sense to me now but back then it was just primal I guess. Id rub my cum over her while suckling, rubbing it right down to her crotch yet she never said a single thing to me, she'd wake up the next day and keep on the clothes she wore the night before even though they had cum on. It was soon after this I started getting weird thoughts about pregnancy, making her pregnant, I kind of fended it off by lurking porn sites and eventually here trying to satiate it for a while. There were other things that happened between us during this time but this isnt a porn story, ill share if asked but not right now.

This shit continued until it all came to a head nine months ago. Her mental state had been kind of getting more and more frantic and she had been drinking lot more so one night I just lost my shit and confronted her about what she did to me as a kid and why she never stopped me doing the shit ive been doing. She went full on mental breakdown, crying and yanking at her top and rocking back and forth on her bed. Dont know if shes bipolar or something but she went full on scary crazy. She calmed down eventually and we "talked" although it was more her sobbing out confessions as she kept rocking.

Fuck it ill just post what she said. When she was pregnant with me she constantly got turned on by the thought of having me growing in her womb. Like it became a fixation, me inside her. She told me when the contractions came she wanted to masturbate until the ambulance arrived, she told me how she had to hide the orgasms as she pushed me out. She knew it was wrong to think about me this way but she had this constant urge so she began drinking to try and block it out but apparently it didnt. Thats why the only times she was nice was when she made me do certain things as a little kid. Apparently when I passed out from the "fizzy juice" she would masturbate using me, I dont know the details and I didnt ask.
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The deviantart artist pregnantdream is currently developing a 3d 2d game about pregnancy the battle is nice and the graphism but the English is kinda broke in this but overall it's pretty enjoyable

Download link

R: 4 / I: 3

New girl making content

I have a girl who wants to make content is anyone interested
R: 6 / I: 2

Pregnancy Horror Movies

It's October, Halloween is coming, and there are lots of great movies dealing with impregnation, pregnancy, birth, and related subjects, sometimes with great effects. From ROSEMARY'S BABY to INSIDE, let's post about great (and not-so-great) pregnancy horror movies.

To start us off: UNBORN BUT NOT FORGOTTEN (2005), a Korean film about a website that kills women who visit it…by rapid pregnancy. A female investigative reporter starts looking into things, with the expected results.

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searching for this girl

I remember that there used to be a lot of videos of this girl in a currently shut down page,does anyone knows her name?
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irl news being hot af


>pregnant at 38 weeks without noticing

this hot af
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I can't have kids and I want to kill myself...

I'm mostly just bored, so I just wanted to see how much shit I could get. But yea impreg/pregnancy fetish is pretty depressing when you're neutered.
R: 6 / I: 1

Celebrities that have the kink

Alison Brie, she's been fake pregnant at least three times now
R: 5 / I: 0

Go on.

Would you?
R: 1 / I: 0

Weird Music

R: 0 / I: 0
Pregnant model thread
R: 3 / I: 3
Would you?
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A MAGNIFICENT way to hide some content!

So, I've seen certain people angry because of certain content on this website so I found a MAGNIFICENT, MIRACULOUS and GAMECHANGING way to hide that content. It's an extension named Spoiler Protection 2.0. You can configure it so it hides things you don't want to see.
R: 79 / I: 22

Elevion: A Fertile DnD 5e Campaign

So I don't know if this is a great idea or a terrible idea, but I've been on a big DnD kick recently, and I've had this idea for a while now to start up a 5e DnD campaign with pregnancy as a central focus. As such, I'd like to see how much interest there would be by people on Pregchan for trying a campaign that has a lot of pregnancy elements.

The campaign would of course not be all-pregnancy all the time, as I want to have some general DnD fun as well. That said, pregnancy would still be a common occurrence, whether it be players who wanted to play a pregnant character, important NPCs that are expecting, or even quests based around fertility. I'd fully be open to adult themes and moments in the story, but they can also be private should the players wish for that as well. It might be a little experimental, but I think it could be fun if we could get it to work.

The game would likely be played on Roll20 as that would be the easiest free way to play with all the rolling and player sheets available, though it'd be nice to include recaps here on Pregchan so that non-players could see what we've been up to and drum up interest. If interest grew to a certain size, we'd likely pull a Dungeons and Randomness and create multiple different adventuring parties so that people can enjoy the world but not have a single campaign bogged down by a crazy amount of people. We can try to talk logistics out with the people interested in trying things out. New and veteran players are welcome, and I'm more than happy to help people who are new that might have questions on how this all works.

So yes, if people are intrigued, please let me know. I'll likely create a Discord channel for people interested so we can more freely chat. I'm excited to see what might come from this, however!
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Joe Biden has zero chance of being president.

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Give me something to masturbate to

I'm bored.
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Vorefags have their own arena shooter, why don't we?

Also, how the fuck would we make that work?
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3333 GET
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Found on r/Cringetopia
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Continuation of Fertile Valley

Like many fans of Jim Davis’ erotica I’ve been waiting for a continuation of Fertile Valley for, admittedly, far too long. Davis wrote 12 chapters, and unfortunately never returned to the story. For years I’ve toyed with the idea of continuing the erotica, postponing it until now. I haven’t made a complete outline yet, but I’m thinking of adding seven/eight chapters, giving the story a proper end.

Note that - like the original - the story will have pregnancy, incest, pre-teen (consensual) sex, breast/penis expansion and cum inflation. If any of these are not to your liking, perhaps this work is not for you. This is a work of fiction and is by no means a justification of pedophilia.

Davis' original: http://www.asstr.org/~Kristen/fv/
My continuation:

Please let me know what you think, and share any ideas/comments you have. I hope you enjoy the story.
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8chan is kill

Can we get an F in the chat lads?

Also, requesting pregnant hentai of Tarrant-chan doing her part to ensure the survival of the white race.
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Pregnant greetings from https://spacechan.xyz/b/
Come and join the fun, with or without a bun.
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A pokemon rom hack

I am setting forth to do a rom hack of pokemon firered and leafgreen with pregnant trainer sprites and some replaced dialouge (Not everything but for major trainers such as misty and some other trainers along the routes.) that would have trainers talking about being pregnant.

The whole idea being that it is a pokemon world where it is common for trainers to either be pregnant with pokemon or to incubate eggs in their wombs.

The problem is that I am not good at sprite making or editing. The attached photo is something that I did in paint from the old sprite and I don't think it's great. What I am looking for are people to help me out with editing sprites or making new ones. Is there anyone who is willing?
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Astrid Jade

Does anyone know youtube-user Astrid Jade? She does awesome roleplay videos of pregnancy and birth. She appears once in a while, only to disappear within a week. Does anyone have old videos of hers? Especially the birth roleplay videos are my favorites (with pushing sounds). Thanks!!!
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Vote Pro-Life

Friendly reminder to make your voice heard this Tuesday. Find your pro-life candidates here, and God bless!

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Belly Casts

I stumbled across and was intrigued by these belly casting kits. So I seek your expert opinions…

Has anyone made one of these before?
Where would you put it?
Do you think there's a market for selling them on etsy or something?

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Perpetual Pregnancy

Been having this dream recently where a girl has testis attached to her uterus and whenever an egg is released, sperm would also be released essentially impregnating herself instead of having a period. They can't remove the testis because they are attached directly to the uterus so they would have to remove her entire Uterus to get the pregnancies to stop.
She would carry the baby, which would essentially be a clone of herself to term then one month later get pregnant again (essentially on a 10 month cycle).
Birth control is not powerful enough, and aborting the fetus would do nothing since she would just get pregnant again. She can only give natural birth as a C-section would not heal by the time she got pregnant again.
Her hymen regrows itself after it has been ripped and her vagina can reset itself it prepubescent state making it always tight and clean.
Her Uterus is much more elastic allowing it to easily grow and shrink as needed.
Of course her sex drive is through the roof as her hormones are always in overdrive.

If I was a better artist I would totally make this into a comic or something. Fill free to play with this as you will. My mind is going crazy with all the possible implications of such an occurrence.
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Good ways to simulate an alien pregnancy ?

So i'm trying to find out if there are decent ways to simulate a flat but moving pregnant belly with an alien inside. Kinda like this scene in Prometheus:

Would the best tool be a dildo of some sort ? If so what kind ?
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It was just a prank, bro!
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How y'all mfs looks when you...

Use a Japanese to look cool while it just mean stomach wich is not where babies wich made you just look like pathetic weaboos
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Is preggophilia.com down or did I just get banned?
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>front view
>side view
>carrying high
>carrying low
>carrying big
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Today is Anne Frank's birthday...

Say something nice for the poor girl
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Are there big brain coders here that could turn the CSV/Json output from posenet into a plugin for photoshop that assists with morphs?
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which one of you made this definition?
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On a scale of one to Gary Busey how bad is it that I want to get this pregnant
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Touhou Pregs!

Any and all 2hu's. Maybe this thread exists elsewhere and I missed it. Anyway.
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It's about time we ask about the (((VQ)))

I'm talking about the vorephile question, of course.
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help me pchan

found this on dankmemes

could someone tell me where i can find this game ?

also the preg human fluttershy is from marrazan
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Pregnancy Meme Thread

ancient, stale, or fresh, i don't care, memes themed around pregnancy just get me off
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So i have an idea

So I want to make good pregnant content not just porn I have a pregnant woman to work with tell me what you want to see
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Looking for original video

Hi, I'm looking for an original video from the image. Only what I can find, is a fake news programme with ultra low res. I know that there was an original video with much higher res, but I can't find it anymore.
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Does anyone have this coin? I want one…
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It's time to go back to the Past!

Hello, guys. It's-a-me! AnalSauce420qUHD. So I know this site around 2016 (On age 16). So, This time I'm wondering How pregchan looks in the past. I used WayBack Machine, so I can go to the past of pregchan, even not much. Now, Let's see the past of pregchan. This first one is the Front page of Pregchan on January 29, 2012. Looks okay to me, tbh.