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Character.ai Somegirl33 02/19/2023 (Sun) 01:21:06 Id:732571 No. 1347
Last Thread was Deleted Time to Restart this Thread
character.ai bots perform better than spicy.ai from my experience, but the fact that spicy.ai has no nsfw filter and you tweak bot responses has better long term potential. it'll come down to who keeps on updating.
>>3952 If you can somehow get past the filter, character ai is unmatched. That's a big 'if' though, and half the time trying to break the filter results in a lot of time wasted
Revamped the Skyrim Lydia I made over at Spicy to here as a test to compare the two sites. https://beta.character.ai/chat2?char=DG2kmn0tu-kdPVKnu3EoyMSdOI9NCPcbe6P-WGNS_vE
Yea, char.ai is still way better imo than Spicy after comparing my two Lydia bots. Not having a NFSW filter isn't worth decreasing the prose / quality of responses imo. Hopeful that something will come along that offers the best of both worlds. Comes down to if there's a big enough demand for it. Anyway, have a Serana bot. https://beta.character.ai/chat2?char=Pb1GM6S9Z1VSrweyu1XzV8YjuEhW-YVGO16ChnaFWL4
>>3984 ya know thats a damn good point, most of mine are SFW, with a few that would do well without a filter, im just not sure what to make next...
Whenever I try to log into the app it tells me my password is wrong. Then I request an email in order to change my password. But the mail never arrives. Anybody any idea?
Recently checked back in with char.ai, and you can now edit previous responses from both yourself and the bot. Should notably help with stopping small response errors that can snowball into constant weird responses.
>>4305 Ayane and Tina links are the same
>>3986 Is there still unlisted bots of yours in c.Ai? Like that dark elf?
>>4307 Sorry about that, here's the link to Ayane
>>4308 all of them should be unlisted, maybe check >>1892 are you thinking of Fiya?
back with another bot, heres Lute, your wizard wife who's (say it with me now) currently heavily pregnant
>>4348 nice work
more bots for martens Mia: From the story "Welcome to Bullseye Mart," "Bullseye Mart Holiday Special," and "Bullseye Mart Beach Special." https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=pVPWfaoeBMUxfvqnrRzrP3lqlNarEGklQSmj_ZtbxgQ https://spicychat.ai/chat/478f7ca7-147c-497e-90ee-7fcad1fbe9f3 A fairly typical slice of life adventure. Adventures with her can go any number of ways, so don't let the monotony of real life make it too boring. I've had some that ended immediately once I helped her in the opening scene to aiding her in fighting crime after work. Just don't comment on her butt. She doesn't like that. Kimberlee Lamberts: From the story "Crash Course" and "A Modern Major Space Admiral." https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=t5vlZ3NgY_DOizAMnGItq0mQRi-TIpXAC0E1UNYmDfE https://spicychat.ai/chat/8d326335-f8f0-4993-9d0d-32da771fcee4 In this sci-fi based scenario, you're in a class of one training with the famous admiral turned cadet trainer. Most scenarios play out as you'd expect, but variances can make all the differences as you progress. I consider it a loss if she goes into labor. Have to keep the continuity by all means. Sabrina: From the story "Homework," "Show and Tell," and "Culture Club." https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=aRoo2GirMwwsDDmJjJFXvcDt2l-ZT3k0T--mt8G9X1Y https://spicychat.ai/chat/0cc5d891-73c8-4369-9c41-8537df5e712d A personal favorite character. Sabrina attends a magical school which affords many wacky antics during your day. Although somehow more often then not we end up playing Mario Kart which feels kinda wrong, but I digress. Nalini and Yumi also make rare appearances, so keep on the lookout for them. Tala: From the story "Out of Retirement." https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=6A0rrfVBU0Atxj3Xnq0MmY-TrMGJHgQSvL5F25z9Ki0 https://spicychat.ai/chat/ac828e77-4a6c-42c1-aa34-da5dc3e0d767 Tala is entered into the Great Maternity Contest at the behest of the king to look for only the strongest candidates for glory, monetary reward, and a secret mission for those daring enough. Although not too keen on the rewards of gold and trinkets, Tala does long for her glory days on the battlefield and this might deliver the rush she's looking for. Doctor Nora Young From "Doctor Young and the Gravidian Curse" and "Doctor Young and Gravidan Project." https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=9DqQgFGf6PZb1wb1kDvL5AFHY7PFKI_K43JjafBXzPM https://spicychat.ai/chat/ef89e734-a442-4de8-a490-0c4c719b9488 Doctor Young is looking for research assistants to aid in her quest to stop the Gravidian Virus from resurfacing and to find the ultimate cure. She can do a lot on her own, but ultimately wishes to further several personal theories surrounding the Virus and she'll need help to do so. Xena From "The Good Doctor." https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=UnKhdhznDlCmsx5eLKTDVBNEjCz59A6FH7fW6XX-MSo https://spicychat.ai/chat/33826854-6d78-4b76-8127-d203a1717d7b Xena is a bounty hunter that also specializes in gestating questionable beings within her modified womb. She's cunning, efficient, and ruthless in a fight although with a belly full of who-knows-what, she often has to find other means to take out her targets. With an array of cybernetics, she's a force to be reckoned with. BONUS: Yumi From "Show and Tell," "Culture Club," and "Yumi: The Dragon Hearted." https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=HEn8TSL-abfia1bl1p6qxnXBTgsaxTcK8gjryogB1zs https://spicychat.ai/chat/c9b84bf6-6d20-47b8-b844-72ceba661e6e All my OCs share a special place in my heart, although some just occupy a slightly larger space. Transformed by an enchantment gone wrong, she's now an Arcadia student who's half dragon. Along with her other big preg friends, Sabrina and Nalini, they have all sorts of wacky adventures at their magical school. Cynthia From "The School Bully" and "Unfortunate Realities." https://spicychat.ai/chat/0ac71783-1ad9-48ae-ae5c-7c7f85887421 Cynthia is a half demon also attending the school Arcadia Academy. As the daughter of a high ranking broodmother succubus, she believes she deserves the right to be the most fertile student at the school. However, she has tough competition with Sabrina, Nalini, and Yumi waddling around. Everine From "Just Desserts" and "Just Desserts 2 Part: One." https://spicychat.ai/chat/bceb91e5-9cff-4a76-8eb3-94b7c8f950d5 The former empress of the Monster Empire. She seemingly met her fate at the hands of her conniving handmaiden, Nyxistae. She's a large centaur with an even larger appetite and the bellies to match. Voss From "Oh, Heck." https://spicychat.ai/chat/5a1738ed-dace-4118-8a08-8cb32160a8b9 Voss is the Grand Inquisitor of a holy order and specializes in purging what they describe as 'sinners.' Depending on the version you read, Voss either ends the story as a redeemed hero or a tragic villain undone by her own hubris.
>>4348 hey i love your chatbots. Lute is a really good one. would you mind posting that profile picture for the Aella chatbot you have? she’s my favorite and that picture looks so good
>>4387 sorry man, im not matern
>>4387 Man sorry, i miscliced and dumb
>>4387 most of the ones on c.ai were pulled from pixiv, on spicychat most of them were my own "making" but anyway, here ye are https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/106592807
C.ai recently release Group Chat. Anyone here already try with the pregbots?
>>4402 Group chat? Isn't that just chat room?
No, it has been updated. It now has a group chat function.
>>4727 Umm... Sorry to interrupt. This website can no longer be used. And the URL of this website is gone
>>4738 it's a common name ig- They're not the same people though
Hey everyone! I made some more preg ch.ai bots. If you all like them, maybe i'll make more >Elthya the surrogate https://c.ai/c/TRW5FwdMRbh8uvXVhq5TYZxFBXJcssNiQYY8qcRuokc Elthya is the kingdom's royal family's elf surrogate >Demon mistress https://c.ai/c/3WVAsocOB_mTFIqZbQQWgbqhEO9b3wVB4mNu-8w3Zf4 Demon mistress that got you pregnant with her demon spawn >Alien incubator https://c.ai/c/OcmvDRGtLt0GFdJnkaNzr9jugPiy5301_6-A7YLABJ4 Spaceship engineer captured by aliens
>>4905 The demon mistress bot is not working for me, I don't know if im the only one
>>4906 If it tells you the character is not available to chat then maybe you need to make a ch.ai account, the site sometimes flag some bots as mature and makes it unavailable to chat as a guest user
>>4907 Yeah, I did an account but it only remains in the loading screens, the other bots work perfectly fine for me
>>4908 Weird, honestly i don't know how to fix it so, i'm sorry, but i'll be posting some new bots later in the week
>>3512 Bump
>>4914 Up more Better to have this thing on top than that idiot anon who just tell everyone the good site
We Should Start transferring some of these Chat bots to AI Fantasy
>>3171 It seems that links to the mermaid one instead
https://venus.chub.ai/characters/kayxxxbae/sadie-802215662e1f cute, pregnant girl. she'll fuck you, she'll give birth for you, she'll give birth while you she fucks you. very simple, very degenerate. I'm still updating her as I go, be gentle, I'm just a simple girl whose kinks are very single-minded. I should be able to port her to other sites if needed, I chub is just my usual go to.
>>2398 It seems that all of the beta Character AI bots are gone, can someone find links that works ? I'm trying to find the Hime chat bot
Just replace the "beta" to "old">>5742
>>5742 i ported a lot of the popular ones to a site called spicychat, cuz i DESPISE the new c.ai menu