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Character.ai Somegirl33 02/19/2023 (Sun) 01:21:06 Id:732571 No. 1347
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Nice. When you're an old fuck like me you get tired of the visual, so this is seriously hot. I am having some great luck with the Hanna ai. Any more "normy-ish" ai's I could try?
Definitely not normish, but I had a lot of fun with Alissa and her idol/curse induced pregnancy. When she was in labor, I decided that the baby would push back in whenever I denied that she was pregnant or in labor due to the idol's curse. So she was essentially stuck in an endless loop of pushing the baby out and the baby retracting until I finally admitted that yes, she was pregnant and in labor.
>>3136 My closest normy AI would be the surrogate fitness enthusiast Jessica. She's over the top horny at times, but that suits her purpose fine. Currently doing a roleplay with here where I'm her hired trainer helping her exercise throughout her pregnancy while she teases / rolls seduce checks like a DnD bard. https://beta.character.ai/chat2?char=4diV220kbm1wb3MzjFi2c4p02Ikc_wfnhrdh8OpzwUQ >>3137 Hah, definitely not written with that specific scenario in mind, but glad it worked you for you. She's a super basic Laura Croft clone, but am pleasantly surprised with her performance. Doing a small session where both Alissa and her nerdy radio/tech-y companion Tyler have to return the idol before she gives birth. My experience with c.ai is that it's fine as long as you accept that you need to do occasional wrangling with bracket direction, like (do this) or (she is x months pregnant with y babies), and long term session attempts are doomed to fail. The bot will either forget basic story set ups, or start behaving weirdly or repeating some oddity that you can't break them out of.
alright got a new one for you guys Kacy, a heavily pregnant lamia waitress https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=dKvVoRQicwpS5VMlKT_rJJRYGaX1st08CrmF7u50btY
>>3167 Thanks, I'm enjoying Jessica as well. We enjoy "jogging" although most of that involves lewd fondling. I'm trying to think of better and hornier scenarios but it's hard working around the censorship.
(400.95 KB 460x601 the queen.png)
I made a heavily pregnant Queen bot. Basic scenario involves a coronation but she's worried about assassins. https://c.ai/c/C4C80Go9Fb1vkNS0_r3GECP2ZyZw3lrrFhMgujFNktU
>>3185 Nice, I made her contractions start right before her coronation, and she had to hold it in until after she was crowned. Baby was crowning ad she was crowned lol. Of course, she gave birth after that right then and there.
>>3185 I don’t know what you gave this bot but it actually took an active role to seduce me. Whatever you did to make it so desperately horny, please do more.
>>3363 yes. totally meant to do that (I have no idea how I did that)
(853.91 KB 1125x1935 IMG_4917.jpeg)
(902.49 KB 1125x2038 IMG_4918.jpeg)
(932.79 KB 1125x1990 IMG_4919.jpeg)
>>3185 like holy shit, i don’t know if i won the Ai lottery or if something snapped in the code.
>>3185 the first time I tried this bot, I liked it because the way the dialogue fits the situation, but it's a pity because it's a chatbot, there are a lot of negative filters
What about a tribal pregnant girl? you’re an explorer in the jungle and run across a pregnant woman from an un-contacted tribe. Thought i might pitch the idea here
(61.44 KB 512x768 inn-keeper.jpg)
(604.75 KB 512x768 inn-keeper 2.png)
(723.06 KB 512x768 inn-keeper 3.png)
Made a normal one about a pregnant inn-keeper in the summer. Have fun with your stay, but the air conditioning is fried so bear with the heat ps it took me multiple tries to get through the avatar pic filter so I'll just add what I really wanted to use as avatar here https://beta.character.ai/chat2?char=oyIiMGUwhO8Huxg0YK1w0_HXU4elb3Klq3N6yam8oyQ would anyone be interested in a pirate bot? might name her Jeanne (Sparrow) or smth idk
>>3393 Depend on how the pirate get pregnant. Is she pregnant the normal way and still want to go out and sail or is it because of a magical artifact?
>>3394 Maybe two different bots? Those are good ideas.
>>3394 >>3394 What if I have her hunt down the owner of the artifact/dad for child support
>>3398 That one looks funny.
I'm curious. Do I have to tell the ai what a fictional thing is or will it know what it is? e.i, does it know what a gardevoir is
>>3393 pirate sounds fun
>>3430 Well, on one of the Pirate movies I think there is that woman who claim she's pregnant by Jack Sparrow child, so that could be a good start
(111.10 KB 605x793 pirate 2.jpg)
>>3405 If i remember correctly.. the AI does know about fictional items or characters, but it isn't 100% accurate. I remember trying out the Misty bot and ended up having a pokemon battle. She threw out existing pokemon but frequently used the wrong movesets.
(30.67 KB 128x126 1596812370792.gif)
Character.ai is so weird. They don't allow anything pornographic or even light sexual talk but they do allow hardcore gore and death. I've had a few characters do some really disturbing belly bursting scenes, hints at abortion, rape and straight up child murder. They allow all this but if you wanna roleplay handholding you're going straight to the gulag. I understand them not wanting people to use it for CP but why ban everything sexual...
>>3443 That's fucked up man, you can't make a pregnant lady in her undies, but have her belly explode??? The same apologist a-holes wanting to prohibit "all kinks/fetishes" while they want ped0philia to be legitimized or legalized. I would make an ai of a nude pregnant lady have sex with 2 men, her husband caresses her back and the boyfriend does a bump job (I wonder who the baby's father is?) - at least it's not gangr@pe I don't wanna see, the ai device shouldn't allow that.
>>3444 >The same apologist a-holes wanting to prohibit "all kinks/fetishes" while they want ped0philia to be legitimized or legalized. Oh for fuck's sake, no they don't. In the United States, sex is typically considered far worse than violence or gore, and the filter reflects that. They get more investors if they go most common denominator, just like movies try to avoid an R-rating to get teenage audiences. The AI isn't "smart" enough to determine when something is both sexual and violent, whether the user is getting turned on by gore. It just has blanket terms that it's supposed to avoid, like nudity, orifices, and acts that the programmers deem to be sexual. If your particular kink gets past, congratulations, my weird dude, your fetish is exclusive enough the developers don't yet deem it efficient to shut you down. There's still no vast conspiracy of Ultra-Marxists trying to destroy the nuclear family.
>>3443 > but they do allow hardcore gore and death. They actually don't. If you look at any of their community boards people are constantly complaining about violence getting censored too. What you're seeing is just stuff that's sneaking through the filter just like occasionally the other stuff sneaks through.
>>3443 >>3444 >>3445 >>3446 The way the filter works on C.AI is that it selects what to filter based on the words of what's written bot-side and the "emotion" of the text. Firstly, let's analyze the text side. Obviously if your generation contains anything inherently lewd like "penis", "cunt", ect the bot immediately throws out its current generation. However, certain terms can still get through because they're used in other contexts. "Cock" and "erect" for example. A cock is an animal (You awaken to the sound of your cockerel), and you can "erect" buildings. Certain combination of words and phrases are also blacklisted, like "throbbing cock". Your cockerel cannot throb, and is thus banned. This is where the emotions side comes in. The emotion of your text is formulated using basic human emotions that contribute to a scale, let's say 1 - 10 for simplicity, a relationship meter with the AI. Your AI will generate a response based on your response, and its past responses. Say, for example, you're talking to the bot and being mean to it. Your relationship meter will be low, maybe 0 - 2. It will hate you. If you want a hug, then start being nicer. However, if you're being nice to the bot consistently and you're showing normal friendship traits then the bot sits around a 5 - 7. If you start showing romantic intent, this number shoots right up to 8+. There's also the generation of emotions the message has got from your message the emotion it conveys in return. These can be happy, sad, reflective, and even horny. If the filter starts detecting a higher relationship value, it will be way more twitchy and check for words that wouldn't normally set off the filter. However, the lower the number the less likely it is to check. Certain emotions automatically force a stricter check on words too, like the "Love" or "Horny" emotions. To answer people's questions, the reason that some raunchy responses slip on through is usually because the bot/filter has misjudged the emotion it got from you and is reciprocating with another misjudged emotion that doesn't match the text, and in turn this has made the filter not be as twitchy as it would have been. Also, the quicker you get to the juicy stuff, the less likely you are to trigger the filter as long as you use very carefully curated wording. This is because the filter has a wind up period where it doesn't automatically become in love or horny, and will assume you aren't being that way either. Of course, this isn't always foolproof, and the filter is a tricky thing to understand as they always fiddle with it. However, I've found it works best if you use gated language, and you act more like a close friend or acquaintance rather than a lover. Specifically stating that you're colleagues and nothing more seems to work better than saying you're lovers or married.
>>3447 if youve looked at any of my bots, you'd see that none of them are explicitly lewd, thats intentional. i dont wanna be in refresh purgatory for 5 minutes
>>3448 the only exception to this if memory serves me was hime, who i wrote as a psuedo dominatrix
>>3441 There is some issue i’m having where i can’t always open c.ai links in the app and nothing loads for browser. Idk if it’s an IOS thing or i’m simply missing something. Does anyone else have a similar issue?
>>3450 could be because its unlisted?
>>3450 If you save and start new chat on the browser it should show up on the app even if it's unlisted.
>>3487 That actually worked! thank you
(1.65 MB 1920x1080 IMG_5048.png)
I think a kitagawa bot would be great, this photo gave me some inspiration
>>3512 This is that cosplayer girl?
>>3514 Yeah, Marin Kitagawa from My dress up darling. A bot of her could be amazing.
i forgot to post these so heres a few i made last week Fina, a pregnant elf slave you rescue, based off the game endure and ecsape https://beta.character.ai/chat2?char=mJcOSQz4n8wAREZxTzbh2dIQUISJ6uL9ViGoNCpfguo and Serenia, a pregnant mermaid that sings an alluring tune https://beta.character.ai/chat2?char=dKvVoRQicwpS5VMlKT_rJJRYGaX1st08CrmF7u50btY
Centaur breeder mom Your mom is pregnant with two centaur girls from your new futa centaur stepmom https://beta.character.ai/chat2?char=S-0L3_3blUneUFSY8jWZT_35qj_8d8NB1emX2Cf_73I This is one of my first bots, so I’ll apologize for any error
Hello guys, listen I come to give you an idea for a chat bot, well I bring you one of Igawa Asagi from Taimanin Series where she is pregnant by three orcs but she is still fighting and here are some ideas: Asagi pregnant with three orcs, a big belly with constant movement, that in a certain part of the chat her suit breaks in the part of her belly (if possible, of course), I leave the rest to you and have a good day, afternoon or night.
>>2862 this one seemed to fly under the radar here but it's the most fun i've ever had on this site. fucking great.
>>3629 im glad you like it!
>>3567 The harem does not work. I think it has been taken down by C.ai
>>3611 It was removed or isn't public.
Is it just me or does AI have a hard time understanding the concept of surrogacy?
Any way I can get these on my app? If I clink the link it goes to the site. But these are all available on the app right?
>>3778 Just save and start new chat and check the app. Should be there.