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trans girl pregnancy 10/21/2023 (Sat) 19:25:44 Id:0054c4 No. 2169
Hello!! So, I am a trans woman, and I also have always had this fetish/interest. And I am interested to see if there are any other trans girls on here who have a similar experience. I would love to have rp or discussions. Also to people who are just curious about this.
>>2546 Kisame (or a doppleganger of him), nobody wants Trump anymore. Can u troll 4chan or SJwoke ppl? The haters scared off the OP who said she's trans. It's giving pregchan a bad name. I don't mind anyone is trans (woman or man) comes and posts here. The problem is bigots and then the SJ woke ppl act like the saviors of deciding what's offensive or not (95% of them aren't even trans).
>>2536 The 1990s PC taught us biological races were real (i.e. if u have one drop of Injun blood, u were one, and it turns out your parents lied about it, or covered up a 1860s-era Black ancestor, or DNA test finds one 4 centuries ago). And yet they were like trying to make women like men, but "we have boys who claim to be girls, can u explain it to us?" and the answer is "Don't talk about it, don't ask, don't tell and don't be Gay, cus of AIDS and Jesus".
>>2511 "I applied for Japan/Mexico/Dubai citizenship". "I'm turning Jewish". :-P "I self-identify as autistic". "and I wish to become a cat or dog, furry pride". Weak arguments to attack transgender persons.
>>2469 "My Jewish people were eradicated". "My indigenous people were colonized". "My Latinos had our lands taken away". "My Asians are still seen as foreigners". and "My Muslims are viewed as evil". More weak arguments comin, this thread is LOL.
>>2553 Gen Alpha doesn't care for the troon merch. They fucking hated Seth Rogan's TMNT. Even my Gen Alpha nephew is getting sick of his dad buying McDonald's for dinner.
>>2551 Immigrants like me, Kisame17, are the only ones who can make the hyperpreg characters in the span of a few hours. Liberal leaning pregnant women tend to be college educated and go to Boston or wear tights.
>>2557 Gen Alpha said anime is an adult normie trait. Like Gens X/Millennial didn't feel rock and roll their boomer parents loved were that great. Gen Z like the Silent Gen seem to share the same shock talk "Black people jokes LOLZ". Pregnancy isn't "oh, that's so cool>warm>hot" to anyone born in the 21st century, why so many fetishists born in the 1980s-90s, pregnancy isn't this edgy taboo-breaking based shyt anymore?
>>2558 Target snobs and Wal-mart hicks. I miss K-mart types who would have PH'Ds in human psychiatry which meant "Oh, I understand why men love my pregnant belly, it's a pleasure to meet you then". I can't stand uptight bourgies and undereducated trash. I was those weird echo boom boys who went to K-mart every weekend for the summer, and got lucky to at least talk to a pregnant lady who loves kids and her body. I don't know she counts as conservative or Liberal (teens not yet political), but a Libertarian on the level of Howard Stern who pass off morally like Maude Flanders.
>>2558 Couchy, is this Kisame? Check his location IPs. I take back the first 2 posts, if the woman I met at a K-mart circa 1995 was into pregnancy, and she was like 35. The hippie turned yippie turned yuppie wanted to normalize the natural, and she's probably in her 60s and now a grandma, I wonder if any of her sons or daughters inherited her fetish gene.
>>2560 A. 90s kids like me were into gross out humor and Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance. Pregnancy is more about civilities which is not a trait shared by 90s kid. B. I imagine Li Li would be the kind of millennial parent who would laugh at Gen Z for being spinsters or Salvation Army rejects.
>>2561 I grew up in fundies circles. Only my millennial pastor and boomer deacon cares about pregnancy. They both got Filipino trad wives. Only my current pastor is upfront about birthing eight kids and using her belly to get the church. She's one of those military Latinos.
>>2511 I can tell you're autistic because only autists put this much thought into telling ppl how to live their lives.
>>2562 Kisame here, I dunno. Barbie was the last pregnancy and breast expansion movie I saw. Shazam II flopped because they couldn't sell Freddie and Billy getting bullied by Helen Miren and Lucy Liu as cougars.
>>2565 The internet nowadays is heavily regulated because politicians don't like their constituents browsing the chans and looking at pregnancy porn. I flat out don't know what the hell the kink preg community is. Then again an old episode of Dexter, Popeye, Billy and Mandy is considered adult by modern standards. I don't live in Commifornia so I don't understand why Patreon is considering pregnancy to be porn. I am guessing artists kept bragging they were part of the animation industry. Gavin Newsome should be clearing the homeless out of LA. Even in NY, the judges whined that Trump and his fans are threatening him. People like Kisame just want to play DooM and Trucking simulators on the PC. Libs aren't going to give up their electric Teslas just like how union aren't going to give up their Hummers, Chevy Suburbans, and Porsches earned from the BLM money.
Pizza time guys...
>>2568 I am too drunk on wine to care about your Qdrops. My Gen Alpha nephew doesn't care for the alt-right. He can watch Trolls3 with the troon actors at AMC. Millennials like Kisame aren't helicopter parents
>>2566 Barbie is a SJW LGBTQ BIPOC feminist neurodivergent Jewish movie, Kisame can't possibly watch that, unless pregnant Midge had 3 scenes for a few secs each is rule 34 material.
>>2570 I watched the Barbie movie and the Transformers movie. I did not see politics in either film. They're just two hours toy commercials. I also watched the Super Mario movie and identify more with Toad than the bland as wheat Mario or Peach. It's not like Bleach or Naruto where the protagonist went thru war, married the titcows, and is assumed to be working as a wagie. I cannot mentally picture a massive mobile team like the Espada, Akatsuki, the Death Eaters working as a political stand it
(77.95 KB 600x600 600x600.jpg)
>>2571 I rather put stock in some demon who wants to impregnate Li Li as a villain since Demons always want to breed with women and would be the natural enemy of a ninja. Demons are eternal enemy and they can respawn if they win.
I am now sober and awake. I don't see this fusion between politics, commerce, and art that the preg community is complaining about. I argue that the preg community should be more angry at Democrats for destroying the retail and pharmacy sector just to erect empty apartments that people can't afford. Riddle August and DocGyara are going to end up in urgent care or an adult day care center while their children are football gumps same with the other troons. HRT is used to treat women over 50. Most schizos like me are cobbling up enough money to get the car, house in the suburbs or major city while working retail. I only make 30k. I am trying to double that to 60k. I don't care for preg community drama
You know, maybe this schizophrenic babble is a way of gatekeeping actual politsperging at bay. Nobody wants to butt heads with spastics that can post the most delusional shit possible for hours with no timeout.
>>2575 I already have the 30 hour minimum work week with benefits and paid time off because of BLM. I only work 5-6 hours a day. All artists write in their journals is raising rates to pay off their rent which doesn't motivate me. My salary is done by modern computers. All the healthcare workers talk about getting mothers on federal government social programs to teach them to be mothers.
>>2576 Mothers in the suburbs aren't doing to give up their Jeep Wranglers, 4 Runners, Hummers cause some elderly boomer or troon wants to cram everyone onto the buses, rails to LARP as Europe
>>2577 White, blond, Anglo, Aryan, upper-income and Northeast-west coast cis-het women telling all of us to live in poverty not widely seen since the '40s.
>>2574 Not at Republicans who don't believe in teaching sex ed, encouraging macho men to force women to be pregnant without abortion rights, and no social welfare net for babies born in broken homes. Democrats today are obsessed with words, gestures and body language may be triggering, offensive and hate crimes. DEI training in the workplace is said to caused more tension among coworkers. Calvin Harris "it was so acceptable only in the 80s" or whatever: male and female coworkers able to date, no accusations of sexual harassment or false claims against a suspect based on word alone. The woke moralists today claim all cis het men are "predatory" against all women and girls, similar to the religious right hyping the issue, but no references to NAMBLA this time. While feminists are known to backstab trans women and Lesbians who used to be men (Caitlyn Jenner, Chris Chan and Jessica Yaniv, but the first one isn't a convicted sex predator), they stopped saying pregnancy is a woman's issue to be inclusive of all genders when the person is capable of being pregnant (I'm all for it), but feminism is very sex-negative, misandrist and a bunch of hypocritical rich corporate calvinist scum. If you can afford life as a millennial or early gen Zer (even late gen Xer affected by the 2008-11 great recession), you have to already have an amount of money from parental inheritance to get by. I say GTFO of Cal. or the USA, apply for Canada or Mexico citizenship, except the SJWs accuse you of appropriating, colonizing, gentrifying and occupying. I live where Mexican/Latino/Hispanic people are the majority of local population and a huge wave of Canadians become half where I live during the winter season (Palm springs area, it's already plurality Jewish and now, LGBTQ majority ) , and Indian reservations of the Cahuilla "making money" from casinos, yet they aren't a "model minority" East/South Asians and Middle Eastern groups dislike being referred to - 1980s Asian immigrant professionals obtained H1B visas data used against Black/African Americans to make it appear Japanese Americans never lost every thing in WW2 internment or Blacks can't make it on their own after 4 centuries in the US.
>>2576 Used to be churches or places of worship and the Natl Org of Women, SPLC and ADL empowering crap: making women work harder while men are doing hardly anything in their soon to divorce "sex egalitarian" marriage. This country (USA) is failing all thanks to Biden, as well dumbass Trump the GOP has abandoned, Obama "had to be elected" and the PC SJW worship of messiahs Hillary and Bill Clinton, Kamala Harris. And the religious right neocons erected the Bush family and Reagan as second comings of Christ. We wanna go back to the 90s or maybe the 50s. Boomers rebelled against their parents by civil rights activism, gave Vietnam away to commies they still hated, supported the troops in Iraq that made the war on terror worse, and they tell us to not hate Saudis, Israel, China, Mexico, Blacks and our colonized Natives. I sense we're becoming a Nazbol country where the (((new riche))) will be exterminated and all the neos uniparty congress is replaced by an all full blood white, all manly men, atheist and socialist regime. Happy 250th birthday, USA: time to put the 95%/3rd estate/genetically or chromosomally diverse (LOL) to sleep.
We're not schizos, we're just angry at the political and moral BS, we tend to be not normies who like or love pregnant women or men, and everyone is like "put us in the gas chambers first and fastest to protect women, girls, boys, kids or families". And I don't wanna hear a pregnant single MILF slut (hey, they claim these terms, it's alright) complain about not able to find a man to date, live with or f*ck before the baby's born, but the tiktok trollling they're acting drives potential lovers away , and there will be less marriages or children in society. Race relations is bad, gender relations is bad, LGBT accepted but still marginalized and there's no middle class anymore in a recession the rich feel it's 1929 again - did the PPP loans helped?
>>2570 >>2571 "Don't mansplain, appropriate, be a savior, center yourself/other everyone else and esp. sexualize women". - Barbie movie had these messages sporadically found to preach how to behave for everyone to be involved or participate in allyship, SJwoke capitalism or corporatism passing off as activism.
Jesus fucking Christ. I don't think a person could possibly try harder in proclaiming that they get all their political views from TikTok than the people in this thread.
>>2583 The recent absolute flooding of it is almost entirely down to a single known schizo who has been doing this for years, and basically singlehandedly filled his entire containment thread on lolcow. This has long since moved beyond serious political discussion lmao. That said, could we maybe get this autosaged so it stays off the front page, Couchy? Especially since Kisame has made it his personal schizo soapbox.
>>2584 I am barely on this site to be a super villain and Kiwi farms is old news.
>>2583 I live in small town suburbs of NY. I don't know what TikTok is. Biden is losing to Gen Z because he's an elderly Silent Generation boomer. The beat generation and hippie generation were about reclaiming the slums and fucking raw. Biden is the grandson of an oil exec and car salesman. He's not a genuine Christian like the Trump's who were Presbyterian and accomplished engineers.
>>2578 Everyone I interact with is Latino, Korean, Sikh, Muslim, Asian. None of us look like the fucking Cosby kids or Captain Planet. Nobody told the Jew to build their temple off a five lane highway.
(32.92 KB 625x626 936.jpg)
(138.04 KB 900x675 Moshiach.jpg)
>>2581 The far right cares about Mosiach. >>2588 I've been upfront that Jews should just embrace Power Girl with Mosiach rack instead of rebbe. They should embrace Sephiroth.
>>2586 Most of Gen Z hates Biden, but they hate Trump even more retard.
>>2586 this is the most retard shit I read today. Gen Z dislikes Biden but they fucking despise Trump and will go out of their way to vote for Biden just to spite Trump
>>2590 Kisame here. Trump is not dominating the news cycle as the narrative has gotten repetitive. Gen Z hates Biden because the current president believes in the liberal world order. The counter culture movement like hippies and beat generation never liked establishment. The counter culture movement was about reclaiming the ghetto from the squares. Nixon made Amtrak, Eisenhower made the Interstate, Reagan had commercialism. Gen Z doesn't care for Woodrow Wilson, FDR, or Johnson.
(380.74 KB 1078x902 wbvi6nvnw5v51.jpg)
>>2591 Gen Z hates Kamala Harris and Joe Biden because they're suburban liberals who owns the police force, hospitals, transportation and military. Student debt is like 100k for lawyers cause Notre Dame, Ivy Leagues are expensive. They're not going to show up because CNN and MSNBC airs Trump stories. African Americans and Latinos have said they support Trump because they want cheap goods and medical bills. Trooning is just a stupid attempt at making cyborg boomers and super soldiers who will die in the trenches of Ukraine and Gaza to save Biden's reelection. Trump is already banned from traditional media. Dems forgot that they need wall to wall coverage of him since Biden is losing 4 points to Trump in six states
>>2588 >>2590 >>2591 Don't argue with him, you three; Sir Schizo-Shitlips here is living in his own deluded world. If you want to taunt him for the laughs, go right ahead, but just like...sage it, and don't waste any actual energy on trying to genuinely engage with him. Fucker has been this deluded for years, he's not going to stop now.
>>2592 Liberals are more right wing than Progressives and Conservatives who lean Left prefer to be called Libertarians.
>>2595 Progressive was a turn of the 20th century term of movements that produced fascism, racism and communism, and promoted eugenics, sexual repression and cultural conformity.
>>2586 Many Latinos/as don't like the Left for 3 reasons: 1. The term Latinx is the 6-letter word, the X word and even insulting to feminists, non-binary and LGBTQ, Jewish and BIPOC, and allies in the social justice movement, it's not a real word in standard Spanish whether in Spain and Latin America, and the small subset who used Latinx (4chan admittedly tricked them in the late 2010s) now want to adopt "Latine" as a new non-malecentric, gender neutral and less machismo style way of a collective term of 25 nationalities of Spanish and Portuguese origin in the Americas and western hemisphere plus former Spanish or Mexican ruled border states TX, NM, AZ and CA. 2. actually, lumping Hispanic/Latino persons in the people of color category isn't fully received, and they blamed that issue on liberal racists LBJ, Nixon and Goldwater, their affirmative action policy is very racial and based on biological race theory, even though the category isn't racial at all, it's ethn linguistic, and liberals argue conservative SCOTUS judges are practicing color blindness, there should be repatriations for pre-21st century immigration Hispanics (also a not so liked term, ask Cheech Marin who popularized the term Chicano for himself) we know as a country there are conservative Latins and many like the anti-Castro Cuban community concentrated in south FL are the most registered Republican ethnic groups, are quite Americanized, its some of their (grand) parents obsessed with remaining Cuban without actually setting foot in the home island 100 miles away still never learning any English. and 3. 2nd generation born to Central and South American immigrants aren't the same like US-born Mexicans like Tejanos, Hispanos and Chicanos...or Puerto Ricans in the 50s. I know the earlier generation Mexican Americans and stateside Puerto Ricans are said to emulate urban Black culture, but earlier immigrants and the first Spanish Americans in the southwest US were labeled white before the 1930s when they were lumped as a Mexican race, Indians (or the "Asiatic-Mongoloid-Oriental"race) or coloreds (the lumping with Blacks came in), even comparing Spaniards who are Caucasians from Europe with Jews, Arabs, Roma people and Asian Indians as if they are "brown" or "mulato" type of Europeans, noticed the 1930s Mexican immigrants were into intermarrying white ethnic catholics (Italians are compatible until the war Italians became white like French Canadians, Poles, Germans and Irish), Chinese or Japanese (and many Filipinos), Armenians, Asian Indians, Pacific Islanders and of course, California tribes, but until WW2, they couldn't marry Blacks other than they may cohabit with them (which was a taboo anyway). In Coachella Valley CA where I live: its perfectly OK for a person with a mustache wear a dress (esp indigenous Mexicans, the majority of immigrants, came with legal permission with, and had amnesty for overstaying their work visas have that concept of gender identity diversity), just don't assume all will refer to themselves as Latinx (or Hispanic or even Mexican), and be in mind there are Black, mixed with Anglo (northern Mexico had many 1800s-era Germans), Chinese / Japanese/ Korean (Mexicali-calexico), and even (mostly Christian) Arab Mexicans and Latinos.
>>2593 Since Bill-ary Clinton, Liberal became corporate and the split in the Democrats/Left movement after the end of the cold war developed the neo progressive, because neoLiberal is another way of a neoconservative, and PC activism in the 90s was white men infantilizing women and BIPOC to avoid their corporations getting sued or litigation issues.
>>2587 In the area I lived in (I hope I won't get doxxed), there are white Anglo kids who say they are of Irish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Ukrainian and ex-Yugoslav descent, even Canadians, Texans and Mormons - The term white is becoming like the term Nordic after the Nazis ruined it, as well the KKK: Nobody wants to be white anymore, the 1940s-60s cold war propaganda of whitening any one who has not a single drop of "negro" blood, which I'm sure was common in Northeastern and Midwestern working class whites: "black Irish, black Dutch, black Germans and black Swedes" and the "okies" in 1930s CA during the dust bowl magnified the great depression and segregation) - Gen Z is like "we aren't colorblind, but do we must have racial castes, and forced people to be the same culture, and many of us are half or 1/4 or 1/8 whatever, including Native Americans and Hawaiians, boomers need to stop playing the race card, esp white conservatives and black liberals , we're progressive Libertarians who want equality AND equity, just prove you need help in your life without branding ourselves like dogs and cattle".
This thread had so much potential and got killed ugh
>>2603 Mentioning anything trans on a chan board is like chumming the waters. If you want to discuss anything trans related, go to Twitter or Tumblr instead. Like seriously, never expect a rational discussion on an anonymous messaging board unless it comes to tits or asses. Or in our case, bellies and pregnancy.
>>2604 >Like seriously, never expect a rational discussion FTFY
>>2604 Thread would've been kino if the phobes just ignored it like rational people
To be fair, there were nuggets of rational discussion mixed in amongst the bullshit, which is kind of surprising in itself. With any luck, the VPN block system will hopefully at least cram a sock in Kisame's mouth, if not Maofag as well.