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I want to see a 6 Years old giving birth
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Pregnancy Stories

We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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This kink has ruined me

I was listening to a streamer I like and he mentioned the lyric from Californication, "A teenage bride with a baby inside" and I got horny. This kink is a fucking curse bros
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Russian chat on Pregchan

Русскоязычный чат на Прегчане? Почему бы и нет! Будем рады всем сообщениям на великом и могучем ;З
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Have you ever fucked a pregnant woman?

Im curious if anyone here has had the pleasure of scoring with a pregger girl. What did she look like? How far along was she? How did you meet her? What about giving a detailed report of it? I’ve been dying to fuck pregger pussy so I’m wondering what it’s like. I’d love to hear some hot stories of peoples experiences with a preg girl. I haven’t hooked up with a prego girl so I don’t have my own story to tell anyone about…..yet. But WHEN I get with one, she would be in her last months, or weeks, so her belly would be nice and big, as well as her tits. Hopefully she’ll be lactating too if possible. I would also love to do incest role play with her, where I’m the son and she’s my mother pregnant with my child, and I would end with me cumming inside her multiple times
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RP Hookup Thread Round 2

Hey, the ( >>2 ) old thread got all filled up, so might as well start a second one! Post 'em if you got 'em.
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Hello everyone.

I'm back to writing Impregnator Kings regularly, but it's occurred to me that I haven't written a sex scene in a while. I think maybe this isn't fair to all of the readers who have waited for updates for so long. I also think I could use some practice. And it might be nice to 'change things up' and write in a setting different from the medieval (ish) world of Impregnator Kings.

I've become aware that while artists have "inktober" in October and a challenge to themselves to draw every day, some erotic artists and writers call it "kinktober" and draw or write about a different fetish every day.

I thought I'd try something similar.

Of course we all share the pregnancy fetish, but I thought it might not be too unwarranted to ask if anyone had a particular request? I'll do my best to write a short-and-sweet vignette based on your idea. Any sort of prompt at all as long as there's some element of pregnancy to it. (Impregnation, the pregnancy itself, birth, etc.)

Just name a kink or any particular type of character you might be interested in reading about. You can name specific characters, but if I don't know the work I won't be able to do it. I can do much more with "write about first-time sex with a sporty, tomboyish type of girl" than "write something with Chie from Persona 4," just to use an example.
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German Thread on Pregchan

Jetzt, wo die Russen auch einen haben, frage ich mich - gibt es hier auch deutsche Fans? Ich suche schon lange nach einem deutschen Discord Server oder anderen Plattformen. Vor allem auch deshalb, um deutsche Geschichten zu lesen und meine zu teilen. Hat da irgendjemand Tipps? Finden sich hier genug Leute, um einen deutschen Server aufzumachen?
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Impregnator Kings - chat, return


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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Preg Artists You Want To Like But You Just Can’t For Whatever Reason

Titles a little long, but I can’t find another way to put it

Anyway, I’ll start off with…. sigh, ChrisGuy

His art is good, but the Neo-Nazi shit is just unbearably bad and I can’t bring myself to actually like him

TLDR: Good artist, terrible human being
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Milky Baby Japan

Has anyone here ever been to milky baby in Japan? If you don’t know what that is, it’s a place that lets you go out with a pregnant or lactating woman and sleep with them. I’m dying to go there in the future and I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences there to know what it’ll be like. I’d also like to hear about experiences with pregger prostitutes in general. And even better, does anyone know where there are a lot of pregnant prostitutes anywhere around the world?
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is there a name for this sub-kink?

a streamer i like was doing a bit about those shows where people have like 12 kids

"like, i don't want to offend anyone, but when you're on your 12th kid, is it even like…a special day anymore? Are you just like "honey, your due date is on wednesday" and they're like "Oh yeah, that totally slipped my mind!" I hope they can expedite the process, I was planning on getting my nails done at 4"

and that made me real horny? not just the idea of having a ton of kids, but the idea of pregnancy being treated that flippantly just got me feeling some kinda way
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I hate how demonized Pregnancy fetishism is.

There is a reason that we are all on here and there is a reason this site is the way it is.

A Pregnancy fetish AKA Maiseophilia is labeled as one of the 549 known ''Paraphilias''. A Paraphilia is ''a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities''.

This alone is proof that in this current day of age we are still practicing the whole ''I don't like it so it must be a mental disorder'' trend.

Basically a bunch of dudes in lab coats get to decide what is a normal sexual desire and what's not and they decided that being attracted to pregnant women is ''dangerous'' and ''extreme'' these where also the same people who believed that homosexuality was a mental disorder and electroshock therapy or lobotomy could cure masturbation.

I recently expressed my pregnancy fetish on reddit all of the replies where along the lines of ''Pregnant women are fucking disgusting'', ''anyone who jacks of to this shit needs mental help'' and a great one which went like ''If my wife ever got pregnant i'd dump her and that crotch goblin in her uterus''.

I have no idea if this is a global issue but i've noticed that Americans in general seem to view pregnancy as disgusting unless the pregnant woman is a celebrity. Pregnant women are expected to always wear heavy clothing that disguises their condition and breastfeeding is also demonized.

I believe that if men are taught to view pregnancy as nice rather than disgusting and pregnancy fetishism is encouraged, we may develop healthier sexuality. Procreation is beautiful.
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More Preg contents

Hi pregchan. Lets have a talk here as fellow preg lovers.

Long story short, I'm running out of content to enjoy and I'm looking for recommendations.

I hop from here, to places like iyp. Then search up doujins, followed by games at places like f95zones and dlsite. Browsing art at places like pixiv to watching jav and youtube belly vids.

I always find myself cycling this process and I'm running out. Is there any recommendations for getting our preggo fix? What are some of your "favorite web hangouts" that you find yourself returning to?(aside from pregchan)
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What attracts you most to Pregnancies?

I'm curious to know the reasons why other people have a fetish for pregnant related content?

I'll start first…

I see it as something truly amazing, seeing how a woman's body changes to serve the act of creating life. The curves of the round belly, the ways the breasts expand.
I see pregnancy as being at the height of womanhood.
As some of you may know I'm a fan of birth as well, the build up of pressure from the contractions, the pain of crowning followed by the relief and joy at afterwards as it finally slips out.

From a darker viewpoint I sometimes like the concept of it being against their will and how their powerless to stop it as their own body betrays them.

Curious to hear what draws others to pregnancy-related content?

Also please respect that these are people's preferences, and there is a chance some may differ to your own.
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can anyone add a link too some discord servers ?
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Random Observation

So I noticed that over on the /f/ request and edit boards, there's only like 2-3 guys doing all this stuff(like seriously, almost all the art done on the generic request board is by Soul)
But damn, they do some good shit
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Pregnancy Fetish Anime

Not including hentai, is there such a thing as a pregnancy fetish anime?

Way I see it, there's an anime for pretty much everything, so it would make sense that something like this would exist.
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Role plays for reading

Is anyone willing to document and offer their role play sessions up for reading? Of course, only if both RP partners agree to this.

I'm looking for good stuff, but pregnancy and birth only features briefly and superficially in most adult fanfiction.
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So, out of curiosity, why hasn't the stickied RP hookup thread, which has hit the bump limit ages ago, been replaced with the currently active one?
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Game I'm Making

So I'm making a game, and I'm starting to get the word about it out there! My main inspirations are the character customization aspect of "Violated Heroine", but with more of a focus on pregnancy and birth like "Tesy's Birth Story" has; I also plan on adding a few other miscellaneous elements to it as well. One such element being rogue-like dungeons, which I recently got done making a basic dungeon generator!
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Looking for some belly sound effects?

One thing I like to do now and then is edit in belly grumbles and similar alien sounds to "contraction" preg videos to give the impression of something inhuman within.

I'm looking to edit sounds into one of Kinky Kristi videos but need to expand my library and would like some help find some suitable belly sounds?

As a reward for your assistance I'll post a link to both the edited and original video on my google drive on Pregchan. It's important the sounds have very little or preferably no background noises.

Thank you. :)
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Mpreg Scenario: Which side are you on?

I consider myself straight, but I've had a thing for mpreg since I discovered the story about Loki and the horse when I was a teenager.

It's funny for me to watch Preggophilia because increasingly these are dudes trying to impress and/or satisfy other dudes, and they are very insistent on not interacting with the pregnant women ultimately providing the content. One funny example for me was a guy who had a beautiful pregnant wife who started giving out his kik username for others if they wanted to get more pics from him. Why not just upload all the pics to a central location? Somehow he wanted the gratification of getting attention — from other guys.

All of this puts a bit of a spin on mpreg for me at this particular time, making me wonder: if a Preggophilia "guru" got pregnant and subsequently developed huge breasts and a sick, overdue belly, would he livestream videos of himself rubbing lotion on his belly or share pics of his "progression"? If it makes it more palatable for you, imagine he transforms into a woman and everything. Maybe it's too transgressive right now, but it seems like that's where we're headed in the next few years (except for the whole magically getting pregnant part).

This leads me to a scenario I find really hot (straight or not):

Cole is a (straight) pregnant fetishist that makes some money on Patreon writing erotic stories about pregnancy (fpreg only). One day he wakes up transformed: EE breasts, thick thighs, wide hips, a big butt, and a belly that looks like it's easily 42 weeks pregnant.

What does he make of his predicament? Among other things, he starts providing content of himself online, including videos and photos. Sucking his own tits, rubbing lotion on his belly, if it's "innocent," you name it.

Meanwhile, Cole's (straight) roommate Mike happens to also be a pregnancy fetishist. They've discussed the fetish before and Mike is a fan of Cole's stories. Mike finds himself fascinated by Cole's new body and situation.

Of course, Cole understands how Mike is feeling (after all, Cole is doing some weird stuff himself) so they arrange for Mike to meet Cole in Cole's bedroom one night for a belly rubbing session. Mike is a bit floored to find Cole sitting on his bed wearing only a bra and panties, looking a bit like a pregnant milf with such a curvy body.

One thing leads to another: not content just to rub the sexy belly, Mike asks Cole if he can get a feel of his tits and Cole obliges by taking off the top entirely. Mike is hard as hell and eventually Cole squats on the floor in front of him and gives him a solid blow job. Wanting to check out Cole's ass, Mike maneuvers him onto all fours on the bed and pulls the panties off his legs.

When Cole feels Mike's cock pressed against his hole, he says "Don't" repeatedly. Mike takes hold off Cole's big ass and starts thrusting anyway, the only thing to lube his passage the remnants of saliva on his cock.

The two eventually fall asleep, Cole sore from being so thoroughly manhandled. Early in the morning, Cole is roused by Mike's hands feeling up his tits and belly, and then he grunts as Mike's cock plunges into his ass once more. Though Cole doesn't realize it at the time, they are being filmed, and Cole's loyal fanbase is watching as the exhausted pregnant guy gets pounded by his roommate for the next few hours, moaning in discomfort.

The next day, after Mike has left for work, Cole spends five hours pushing out the overdue 12-pounder in his belly.

Now the question, for those of you that are into this, is who would you rather be in this scenario? Cole or Mike?

I would definitely appreciate taking my turn as Mike in this one. The only downside is I would miss the birth…
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New preg hentai

Is there any new pregnant hentai with birth? Or just bellies?
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Where to post original preg erotica?

So, I'm thinking of writing a fantasy series heavily centred around impregnation and pregnancy fetish themes; and I want to put it on the internet. For FREEEEEEEE!

What's the best site to share something like this on? Ideally I'd like to post to a site that doesn't have too many restrictions
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a little fiction i wrote and forgot about

“Well Sue I hope you don't mind, but mark will be home soon and i’ll need to feed him his after school snack” Catherine said grinning. Sue knew Catherine from volunteering at the public library. Both moms had husbands who paid the bills, but spent several days a week as part time librarians. Sue had always been impressed by Catherine's flirtatious confidence with men in general, and perhaps coincidentally her firm hand with her son. Mark was a high achiever in school, good grades, sports star etcetera, never in trouble.
“Catherine, I don’t know how you do it, your Mark is such a good boy, every time I come over he is mowing the lawn or doing dishes, my son is such a slob compared to him”. Catherine Gave a throaty laugh, “I just spoiled him sue. I just spoil him rotten, he knows he has to behave to keep on my good side.”
Sue thought it was strange that catharine stayed on the couch drinking tea, after she had said she would have to interrupt their social time to feed her son. Wasn’t she going to fix him a snack? Sue had always been jealous of Cathrine for her smouldering confidence and her robust figure.
Shortly Mark bounded in the front door, still wearing his soccer uniform and covered in sweat dirt and grass. “Hi Missus O'Neil” the polite teen said to his mother's friend.
the strapping lad leaned in to give hug his loving mother, Catherine kissed her boy, first pecking his checks and then a rather unmotherly lingering kiss on the lips. “Did you work up an appetite at soccer practice baby?” the middle aged domestic cooed.

Mark grinned. Sue thought his eyes would pop out of his skull the way the teenager was staring at his mother's cleavage. Sue was startled, she couldn’t imagine how awkward and strange she would feel if her son ever looked at her like that. Sue's boy Dennis was about the same age as mark.
Catherine unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her lacy bra cup up to expose her milky breast. Sue couldn’t believe her eyes, as she stared at her friends' veiny white mammary, and her puffy dark nipple. Sue was shocked at this wanton display, but also surprised at how dark and long her friends' nipples were. while one breast was exposed, the areola and nipple itself were a dark almost purple red and as big as cherries. without removing her bra catherine began massaging the top of her breasts, her long manicured nails leaving white lines along her fair skin.
“Uh, Should I leave?” Sue asked, blushing. She couldn’t help noticing the large bulge tenting up the front of Marks soccer shorts. The teenager was staring at his mother's enormous breast and licking his lips. Without averting his gaze from his mothers body, mark softly answered his mother's friend. “It’s ok Missus O'neil, I’d hate to interrupt your visit”.
Cathreine gave a throaty laugh, “sue remember you were asking how come Mark is so well behaved? So many men around here grab and stare, but these are just a treat for my sweet boy.” Mark sat down on the couch next to his mother, leaning so his head was in her lap and his legs were stretched out. His soccer uniform rolled up slightly and sue could see his athletic torso, still covered in sweat.
As Catherine massaged her breast and she leaned forward, pressing her other, still clothed bra cup into her son's face. He was leaning on her lap so her puffy tit was right on top of his forehead. Sue could not ignore the tremendous erection sticking out of the top of Marks soccer shorts. Sue's pussy was so wet it was dripping down her thighs. She was scared and shocked and she couldn’t stop imagining her own son sucking on her rubbery nipples in a similar fashion.
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Paying for porn

Do you do it? Why or why not?
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AI Dungeon

Anyone has good AI Dungeon stories?

Here's mine: https://play.aidungeon.io/adventure/8cd94f8c-fd58-4008-86fa-023750cb15e4
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Looking for someone to RP birth with tonight on discord.

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Birth Story

Hey fellas. Looking to play Birth Story by Arkone but I can't get a DL link. If somebody could provide one, i'd be very appreciative. Thanks!
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If you used to follow me on tumblr, I'm back on it: pregnantprayer7.tumblr.com
I hope I reach 7000 followers again. I won't delete this blog I promise. But I'm taking it easy.

Come follow :)
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Gangster/Cop RP Story

This is a story idea I've been wanting to do for a while now.

It's about a woman in a crime family wanting to succeed her father and become the head of her family, the largest in the city. Her betrothed, a man she despises, turns out to be impotent, but nevertheless she has to get pregnant. She ends up going to a sperm donor. She eventually runs into a policeman while pregnant and it is discovered he is the sperm donor and technically the father. The two begin a forbidden relationship…

If you're interested in this story, there are some requirements:
- You must play the carrier
- You must have good experience in RPs
- You must be competent at writing (no one-liners, details are a must!)

Sound interesting to you? Find me at:
KaizukoX (Kik)
KaizukoX#9879 (Discord)
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I don't know why I'm making this post here of all places or anywhere for that matter but basically I'm a lonely depressed loser guy with a pregnancy fetish, haven't been in a relationship for months, I'm also abstinent and pretty much only date virgins. I know this doesn't seem like it belongs here, but I'm basically wondering how likely I am to find a girl with the same fetish, who is also abstinent/a virgin, not necessarily here, but just in general.
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Pregnancy Roleplays

My ideas are bellow, love to hear from you
Gang member escorting pregnant girlfriend / boyfriend to safe house
Kidnapped girl / guy goes into labor, captive has to take care or them
Scientist is inpregnated with large babies / eggs
CEO tries to hide pregnancy from secretary, goes into labor during a meeting
Demon takes in a pregnant human girl, slow burn romance
Man found laboring alone in the forest (or female)
Surrogates dealing with living in a war torn land
Consort having to help a young king / queen give birrh
Rockstar struggling to hide giving birth on stage
A woman going into labor during a family vacation finds a pregnant man going through the same thing
Fox demon struggling to give birth during a storm
Witch accidently making her partner heavily pregnant with eggs

Username is milkmomma#4942
If we were roleplaying together before, feel free to message me again
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Just a another fantasy idea

(Feel free to add other ideas on scenerios involving pregnancy and birth.)

Another idea I had, a scenerio if you will. Only this one has to do with a girl who is big and pregnant and decides she wants to live stream herself giving birth while she is alone. While she's live streaming herself she manages to catch her water breaking, labors on cam, begins crowning, pushing, moaning, and giving birth while most of her viewers are guys who are wishing they could be there in person to help her give birth as she struggles for hours on cam.
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Shin Super Mahou Shoujo Wars discussion.

We hit our thread limit, guys. So to start, thank you for continuing the good times, Moe.

To middle, thanks for the well-wishes, Shadow. I'm gonna need as much luck as I can find.

To near the end, what kind of cats do you have, Lim? And good luck with your own writing. I hope you have fun.

To finished, everyone remember that Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday.
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Similar Stories

I loved Rounderize’s stories! It’s hard to find anything where anything happens to the belly—patted, smacked, squeezed, poked, bumped, pressed up against, face shoved into, and so on. Are there more stories with things like this?
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Preg-themed erotica

I'm a lurker here mostly, but recently I launched a patreon for preg-themed erotica both lgbt and het oriented. Figured I'd let folks here know and leave a little tasty tidbit for you to enjoy: https://www.patreon.com/Snekromancer

Quarantine’s easy up in the mountains. The nearest neighbor was easily a mile away, stores small, tourism, and traffic little-to-nothing. It was because of this that Dani’s usual life went uninterrupted once the virus rolled in. She could wander her square of pine forest, busy herself at the creek, and come home to a small warm house with a celestial view of the night sky above the peaks. It seemed like misfortune couldn’t climb high enough to reach her.

Between manning VOIP phones in her less-than-glamorous day job, she’d stretch her legs at the water’s edge. Collecting colorful agates smoothed by their decades-tumble down the creek was a hobby of hers. It was rare she found something new without digging, but today was different.

Glimmering on the rocky bed that lunch break was a glass-like stone, riddled with veins of bright metal. Some byproduct of the old mining operations washed down in the spring flood? Or did she have hikers wandering off-trail trying to litter on her property?
Curiosity got the better of her either way. She plucked the stone. Cool to the touch, it was remarkably heavier than it looked. Dani tossed it, enjoying the heft, and ran her thumbnail over a funny groove around its edge.

Sharp pain in her thumbpad discouraged doing it again. She sucked her finger and frowned at the rock, not sure if it had a pointed edge that she nicked. Finding nothing, she assumed it was the work of a horsefly and pocketed the stone. Time to go back to work.

Throughout the day, she rolled the rock around her palm and smoothed her fingers along it. The texture was soothing. Playing with it helped pass the time.

Her shift ran late—dragged late, really—and near bedtime, she was unenthusiastically sucking down spaghetti strands leftover from last night’s bake. When you were hungry enough, anything tasted amazing, but Dani was *ravenous* that evening. When at last she shut down her computer for the night, she finished off two apples just to appease the gnawing in her gut. Her thumb still ached.

“Probably got a splinter or something,” she griped, and no sooner than she’d cleaned up for bed, she was out cold atop the sheets.

Everything was strange from that point on.

She woke to the sound of a window shattering. Had a bat or owl flown headlong into the pane? She put on her slippers to avoid any scattered shards. The moon filtered bright through her curtains, which stirred in the now-exposed breeze. On the floor, she found not a bird or some other unfortunate animal, but a rock—in fact, a rather large rock that looked all-too like the smaller one that had served as her worry stone the whole day.

Dani pulled her bed-robe righter around her and approached.
It was no wonder the window has broken completely. This rock was larger than a bowling ball. Who could have heaved such a thing up to a second-story window? Let alone with enough force to implode it completely? Stepping over the glass, she scoured the backyard for any sign of the culprit.

No shadows or sounds. No retreating flashlight glow. Everything was quiet.

Dani cast an accusing stare at the rock, “I have not had enough sleep for your bullshit.” And she toddled off down the hall to fetch her broom and pan. She’d have to patch the window too, or her house would be a mosquito breeding-ground by dawn.

By the time she returned with the supplies, bleary-eyed and still hungry, the rock had mysteriously disappeared.

“You’re fucking kidding me,” she growled. She didn’t have the brainpower to process this—there was still a broken window to fix. Dani dropped the supplies on her bed and the broom made a loud THUNK as it hit something beneath her sheets.

Frowning, she peeled away the covers. Well, there was the rock. In her bed.

By itself?

Something in her chest pulled tight and she turned around the room.
“Hello?” she called. “This isn’t funny! This is breaking and entering!” Someone had to be behind this, trying to freak her out. The closest thing she had to a weapon was…

She glanced at the rock, which if the smaller one was any indication, was a lot heavier than a bowling ball. Dani gripped it in both hands.

The trouble began as her injured thumb closed around the ball. A fierce light emanated from its core, originating from nothing but the glass that made it. She dropped it for the need to cover her eyes. When it hit the floor, smoke poured out from no perceivable openings, clouding the room in an instant.
The only remaining light was the open window. Dani struggled toward it, heedless of the glass she’d yet to sweep up. Just as her fingers hit the pane and she leaned forward to draw a desperate breath, something dashed into her side, sending her skidding along the wall and into a heap with her nightstand.

Clutching her shoulder, the only clear thing in the haze was a black snake-like limb that whipped around her leg, anchoring above her knee. She screamed and struck at it with her fist, but a second black limb emerged, and then a third, and with a rough yank, they bound and dragged her back into the gloom with the same strength that sent her flying a moment before.

The light from the window went black.
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i want to found tesy birth story 1.1.3

i can only found 1.1.2
dose anyone have it
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The Unending BE Adventure Preg Based Story Spelunking

Hello all, as you may very well be aware, there is a massive archive of Choose Your Own Adventure stories on the BEArchive website, users contribute their stories from hundreds of different spawning paths usually finishing off with a set of options for any other user to pick up and continue adding.

While largely focused on Breast Expansion, it still caters to all various types of fetishes, and one tag of particular interest to us here is Pregnancy. Theres a large subset of stories that have been tagged and untagged which contain massive amounts of pregnancy focused dialogue options. What I want to do with this thread is dive deep into the adventure archive and find and account parent threads that start with a Pregnancy focus for its story.

There's a couple of criteria for posting in this thread, you post the link, and as well as the title of the story as displayed on the header of the story.

For Example:

Charming Edith: Pregnancy? Oh Dear… - http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/380/380365.html

What I might suggest is what kind of pregnancy it is in parenthesis like if it is Mpreg of Fpreg after the link if you feel it needs a distinction.

Please try to find the Parent Thread and post it, rather than a few steps into the pregnancy chain.
But its not really a strict rule, because if there's a specific area in the chain that changes focus (such as changing characters, or the method of pregnancy changes) you can indicate it with its own link and title.

THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO MAKE REQUESTS, this is only for sharing our finding and putting them where others can find them. Who knows, maybe someone here will feel the desire to pick up where someone else left off.

Provided Below is a link to every episode listed by number. Theres other methods to finding Pregnancy stories but this one provides all stories as chronologically added.

The Tag for Pregnancy is "pr" I usually use ctrl + f and try to match case and whole word for "pr " with the space so that it doesn't try to tag every word that has pr in it.


Good luck and happy spelunking! Share your findings!
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The appeal of impregnation/forced pregnancies fetishes

I’m looking to understand the appeal of the “impregnated fetish”?

See I'm going to be writing a story about a girl with a impregnation/pregnant fetish using an alien ovipositor dildo while imagining being attacked, only for the eggs to turn out to be the real deal.

I'm brainstorming ideas. Mainly the motivation and mindset of the character?

So if you don't mind me asking; what attracts you to impregnation and forced pregnancies? Especially those female preg fans out there.
And if you were in the character's shoes what would be your mindset for buying such a toy?
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Forced Impregnation and Pregnancy fantasies?

I’ve always found pregnancy sexy, the act of one’s body changing to create life is beautiful.

But I also have a bit of a dark fantasy of being forcefully impregnated often by something inhuman and give birth of lay eggs.
It’s hard to describe why I find it so appealing, maybe because it’s so dominating to be used in such a way.
Never been able to talk to anyone about it as it’s hard to confess that while some girls wanted to be carried away by some handsome guy, you want to be kidnapped and bred by something inhuman lol.

So I was wondering it anyone else has such fantasies and why they find it appealing?
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Newest Search (+free ideas)

Discord is Eve#4942
rp style: Around 2 paragraphs per post or shorter
favorite genres: fine with any genre
mature or non: either or
activeness: every day
My ideas are bellow, love to hear from you
Gang member escorting pregnant girlfriend / boyfriend to safe house
Kidnapped girl / guy goes into labor, captive has to take care or them
Scientist is inpregnated with large babies / eggs
CEO tries to hide pregnancy from secretary, goes into labor during a meeting
Demon takes in a pregnant human girl, slow burn romance
Man found laboring alone in the forest (or female)
Surrogates dealing with living in a war torn land
Consort having to help a young king / queen give birrh
Rockstar struggling to hide giving birth on stage
A woman going into labor during a family vacation finds a pregnant man going through the same thing
Fox demon struggling to give birth during a storm
Witch accidently making her partner heavily pregnant with eggs

My email and kik is also open was well
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How do I simulate a preg belly?

Just discovered fake Realistic-Silicone-Pregnancy bellies on Ebay.
Look awesome but a prices are in the hundreds so I doubt I'll be buying one! Oo

Still I'd love to try and imagine I'm pregnant with a big belly maybe even have fun with a partner.

But it's hard to find something that feels "right" and not just a rolled up pillow or balloon.

Has anyone else done this or have any suggestions on what the best item to use to simulate a preg belly is?
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Looking for an RP partner

Hiya! Figured I should throw my hat in the ring. I'm fine with playing either male or female, and here's a quick list of likes/limits, that sort of thing.

Mpreg/fpreg (Hoping to do a co-ed rp at some point)
Hyper pregnancy
Inflation (Breast, butt, belly, womb, with just about any material)
Permanent pregnancy
rapid pregnancy
Smut that isn't overbearing
Large bellies
Stretch marks
Outie belly buttons
Belly play/worship (Love get that belly loved on!)
Settings that are a bit "out there" like fantasy, sci-fi, etc.
Pleasurable birth

The normal bathroom stuff, no scat/watersports
No guro
No furry/anthro
No noncon/dubcon

I've got a pretty busy schedule, so please don't take it the wrong way if I take a while to respond!

Discord is MasterCactus#7691
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Hyperpreg breeder stories

Just looking for some new stuff to read. Anything welcome generally
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Discord Partners

Looking for some new roleplay partners. I mostly do rps on discord. I have an f list as well
1. Gang member girlfriend giving birth during a car chase
2. Dragon struggling to give birth to live babies
3. Celebrity about to give birth before an award ceremony
4. Midwife

Prefer long-term rps and can do around a paragraph
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Hello searching around for partners again.
Basic information about myself
1. Been roleplaying for around 10 years now
2. Been doing birth stories for five years
3. Can do both male and female character and can both carry and not carry
4. Loves romance, and generalized comfort during the labor and birth process

Discord is Eve#4942
Kik is evenikumi

1. Gang member escorting pregnant girlfriend / boyfriend to safe house
2. Kidnapped girl / guy goes into labor, captive has to take care or them
3. Scientist is inpregnated with large babies / eggs
4. CEO tries to hide pregnancy from secretary, goes into labor during a meeting
5. Demon takes in a pregnant human girl, slow burn romance
6. Man found laboring alone in the forest (or female)
7.Surrogates dealing with living in a war torn land
8. Consort having to help a young king / queen give birrh
9. Rockstar struggling to hide giving birth on stage

Also I'm thinking about opening a server dedicated to pregnancy and birth
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Long Term Rp Search

Ello, name's Valentine and I'm currently searching for long term roleplay partners for pregnancy and birth rps, Nezholic is actually a really good friend of mine and we've been roleplaying together for at least 3 years now. but I guess I should get my chance too right?

Name Valentine or Valli
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: Valentine's day
Discord: ValentinesEve#5882
Rp interest: pregnancy and birth

long / hard labouring
long term roleplays
hard pushes interupted by either pain or pleasure
more then one liners (I'll warn you a couple times)
third person
communication between partners
public / home / transportation births
lots of noises and grunting
sex during labor or before inital pregnancy
drama between family members or mates
belly worship/ multiples/ large babies / eggs

Violence / Abortion
pregnancy just for the sake of a fetish (Ii'm looking for rps not to be drooled over)
scat, water inflation

demonic brothers with multiple mates(lots of dominant mature themes and some sexy times)
pregnancy demoness and her young mate
elven queen traveling with her knight to a new location before the baby is born
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online chat

is there a place where i can chat with preggos?
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when did you find out?

hello mateys

when did you first discover that you had a fetish for pregnancies/when did you find out that it wasn't normal to find pregnant women attractive?

for me, I have had a fascination with pregnant women from a young age. Growing up, I have always been into biology and I have a naturally curious mind. From an early age, my parents had provided me with books on the nature of pregnancy and how babies are made n dat and since I started reading them at around the same time I started being aware of sex (since my parents never bothered to give me "the talk", I read it in the book), my brain naturally assosciated the two with eachother. The sex part of the book turned me on, and the following chapters where about pregnancy and then birth. my brain naturally took these to concepts and mashed em together.

So thats why I'M stuck with this weird ass fetish.

the good thing about this website is that I know that there are others.

how did you guys find out, how did you guys get into all a dis?
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I used to be a popular tumblr called pregnantprayer. I made a lot of notes on pregnant hentai posts and was happy! I ended up deleting it because I'm christian and had this doubt that I didn't have a good relationship with God. Anyway, I'm longing for something like pregnantprayer again but don't know what to do. Tumblr is dead too so not going back to that.

Do any of you remember me?

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Roleplay ideas


So, we have an RP hookup thread, but I figured a good source if ideas/prompts would help out quite a bit. So, any pregnancy RP idea you have, Try and dump here.
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Hi guys. I’m looking for someone to write an incest plot with. Either mother and daughter or father and daughter where the daughter has children for them.
Add my discord if interested
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Alien Rapid Impregnation and Birth

I came up with a scenerio involving myself being rapidly impregnated by an alien, so rapid that my water breaks right away and I end up being forced to birth standing up where I am at because it's coming out. I'm birthing a large alien creature and I end up in labor, crowning, and birthing for 3 days before I manage to get the head out and then I have to try to lie down to finish birthing.

(Feel free to chat.) :)
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Lost alien M/M pregnancy story

So the story was about a male being possibly caught and courted by two alien "males" (who may or may not had humanoid, curvy bodies) who spoke by sense of smell / releasing scent. One of aliens would start kissing protagonist, sucking the air out of his lungs and blocking his throat with their long tongue, making human nearly suffocate, after which they'd breathe in him some air with something that would ultimately transform human body for being ready to nurture alien eggs in them, after which the impregnation occurs.

Does anyone have a link? Tried to look it up with no success.
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RP Partner Search. (REPOST)

Hey all. My name is Riss and I’m female. I’ve posted here before seeking RP partners and got ditched by the only literate person I was writing with. Literacy is a must. A few lines are okay though I do write paragraphs at times. I also prefer female partners writing males or females. Here’s some things I’m into and I’m always open to trying new things:

Multiples pregnancy
Overdue pregnancy
Belly play
RPs where both partners are pregnant
Monster pregnancy(Werewolf/Vampire x human)
Magic pregnancy
Difficult labour
Sex while labouring
Sex while pregnant
Forced pregnancy
Teen pregnancy
Sub-Dom pregnancy

One thing I won’t do is anything to do with eggs. Sorry. If you think we would work well together and you won’t ditch you can add me on Discord.
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Rp search

Looking for some new roleplay partners. I mostly do rps on discord. I have an f list as well

Contact is: valentineevenightmare#4300
Please don't be creepy and id prefer long term rps and at least a paragraph; also no godmodding and can we not skip to the birth
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tentacles and witches game

so i played the tentacles and witches game with the Yuko path and it's a little different than the hentai. The hentai is better but the game came first - which is what the hentai's based off of.

Game was fun!
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are there any discords that are for pregnant hentai?
R: 2 / I: 0

discord server




R: 29 / I: 0

Interactive Stories

Are there any especially good interactive stories out there? I was looking for one involving a magic ring gained by a school boy on writing.com, but I think I have lost it.
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Proposal: How to edit thread

I'm thinking of starting a thread to teach people how to edit. Will probably focus on simple edits done using GIMP and mouse.

The current plan is to go via a case-by-case basis. Post the original pic and your attempt at editing it. From there we will refine the edit via advice in either text or picture form.
(I wish to make the edit attempt a requirement to demonstrate that the poster is willing to put effort into learning. No attempt = referral to the edit thread.)

Please give some feedback if interested. Here are some questions you can consider:
Any particular style/type of image you are interested in learning how to edit?
Any specifics which you want to edit in like hyperpreg, lactation, black nipples, kicks?
Anyone want to lend some of their expertise in doing edits/art? The more people contribute, the more aspects we can cover.
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RP Partner Search

Hey all. My name is Riss and I’m female. I’ve posted here before seeking RP partners and got ditched by the only literate person I was writing with. Literacy is a must. A few lines are okay though I do write paragraphs at times. I also prefer female partners writing males or females. Here’s some things I’m into and I’m always open to trying new things:

Multiples pregnancy(Quints are my speciality)
Overdue pregnancy
Belly play
RPs where both partners are pregnant
Monster pregnancy(Werewolf/Vampire x human)
Magic pregnancy
Difficult labour
Sex while labouring
Sex while pregnant
Forced pregnancy
Teen pregnancy
Sub-Dom pregnancy

One thing I won’t do is anything to do with eggs. Sorry. If you think we would work well together and you won’t ditch you can add me on Discord.
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Photoshop Guides?

Anyone know any good resources on how to make good convincing pregnant bellies in photoshop. Both Real and Hentai images. I've been trying to make some of my own but they aren't looking too hot and I want to improve but I feel like I've hit a brick wall.
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Proposing New Pregnant Subgenres & Search Tags at Hentai & Porn Sites

It's 2020 now, and I believe many people began accepting pregnancy as a general sex fetish now. And I saw increasing amount of pregnancy content at several Hentai & Porn sites/image boards. So if someone typed in “pregnancy” in the search boxes, a lot of results will surely appear.

But now I want to propose to expand the use of “pregnant/pregnancy” search to more sub-genres. If regularly there were “bdsm”,”paizuri (tit fuck)”, “creampie” and such, for pregnancy there would be also more new subgenres/subcategories search tag to be used (since being pregnant would mean women to have more additional sexual features/gimmickry), combined with imaginative fantasies on pregnant women ever drawn by hentai artists or performed by porn actors out there even they are unrealistic in real life.

The following are the search terms/tags (along with existing terms, with my own descriptions) which I could suggest after a long time browsing pregchan and fapping to various pregnancy contents:

“abortion” – The fetus(es) are aborted (i.e. killed) at one point in the content, either by internal (e.g. penis were thrusted into the fetus by force, sudden bleeding) or external (e.g. pregnant belly being punched or injected to cause abortion) procedures/reasons.

“alternative birth” – [Fantasy] Compare with “birth”, the fetus are born through other body parts of its mother instead. Not necessarily related to “alternative pregnancy” (the womb is in the mother’s other body parts and the fetus are born from the same womb). External medical procedures are optional.

“alternative impregnation” – [Fantasy] A woman fertilized through other means instead of through normal vaginal “impregnation”. Not necessarily related to “alternative pregnancy” (the fertilization happened in the mother’s other body parts). External medical procedures are optional.

“alternative pregnancy” – [Fantasy] Pregnant by non-realistic means (i.e. the womb is in other parts of a woman’s body instead in the abdomen). Examples including breast pregnancy and buttock pregnancy. External medical procedures are optional.

“beastiality pregnancy” or “non-humanoid pregnancy” – [Fantasy] A woman is pregnant with other creatures’ offspring, usually non-humanoid.

“birth(ing)” or “labour” – The process of bearing or bringing forth the offspring from the womb, normally vaginal. “Contractions”, “water breaking” and “crowning” might be related to this process.

“botezuri” – Belly fuck. Rubbing penis on one’s pregnant belly. Not to be confused with “navel fuck (pregnant)” (inserting/rubbing penis through the belly button).

“contractions” – The initiation of “birth” process in which the pregnant women suffered sudden pain.
“cum on belly” – The semen to be poured on pregnant belly upon male’s ejaculation. May be used together with “botezuri”.

“crowning” – During “birth” process, the fetus’ head is visible and held at the vagina.

“fetal extension” – [Fantasy] At least the limb or any body parts of the fetus being visible outside of the womb, logically through the mother’s vagina. In extensive fantasy setting, the fetus would voluntarily revealed one of its body parts (“fetal response”). Not necessary would cause “birth” or “reverse fuck”, not to be confused with “partial birth” either (in which the extension or reveal happened during “birth” process).

“fetal masturbation” – [Fantasy] The fetus is masturbating inside the womb.

“fetal movement”, “belly bumps/kicks” or “fetal bumps/kicks” – Fetal movement is visible on pregnant belly (Quotes by pregnant women such as “Ah, it kicked” might be accepted, but I wish the fetal movement could also be seen at least).

“fetal response” – [Fantasy] Technically a part of “fetal movement” in which the fetus would respond to its mother (commonly after “pregnancy bonding”). In extensive fantasy setting, the fetus not only responded by movement (can also be used with “fetal extension” tag if any of the fetus’ body parts protruding outside from the womb) but also able to reply verbally.

“fetus dildo” – [Fantasy] The fetus was used to make its mother cum, in which the fetus’ body (repeatedly) rubbed itself at the mother’s vagina until the mother reaches climax. Not necessarily related to “partial birth” (if the setting occurred during “birth”) or related to “reverse fuck” (if the fetus is voluntarily causing its mother to cum) either.

“fetus fuck” – [Fantasy] During pregnant sex, the male’s penis penetrated the cervix in which the penis might reach the fetus inside the uterus. Not to be confused with “fetus sex” (the penis penetrated the fetus’ vagina as well), but might not to cause “abortion” (if the penis would kill the fetus) either.

“fetus sex” – [Fantasy] Indirect sexual intercourse between a male and a fetus. The male’s penis not only went through the mother’s vagina (as in normal “pregnant sex”) but also penetrated the (female) fetus’ vagina.

“fisting (pregnant)” – Compare with normal “fisting” tag, someone/something inserted his hand (at least) or limb within a pregnant women’s vagina. In extensive fantasy setting, his hand/limb would reach or grab the fetus.

“fucking fetus” – [Fantasy] The fetus is having sex inside the womb, either with its twin(s) or with someone/something else which went into the same womb to have sex with it. Not to be confused with “reverse fuck” (The fetus fuck its mother from inside).

“humanoid pregnancy” – [Fantasy] A female character is pregnant with fantasy humanoid beings (e.g. demon spawn, baby elves) in which the fetus still had humanoid characteristics. Compare with normal “pregnant” (pregnant with human fetus) and “beastiality pregnancy” (pregnant with non-humanoid creatures).

“immobilized pregnancy” – [Fantasy] A pregnant woman experienced difficulties to move itself, usually because of “oversized pregnancy”.

“impenetrable fetal movement” – [Fantasy] In extensive fantasy setting, the “fetal movement” could stretch further so the fetus is almost visible/recognizable from outside (e.g. visible fetus’ face, toes and/or fingers seen through pregnant belly’s skin), almost like the pregnant belly’s skin was thin but still impenetrable by the fetus.

“impregnation”, “fertilization” or “insemination” – The process of making a woman to become pregnant. Not necessarily caused by sex or at least happened inside the womb. External medical procedures are optional.

“induced labour” or “forced birth” – The fetus is forced to be expelled from the womb by any means, usually by breaking the amniotic sac to initiate “contraction”, normally because of “overdue pregnancy”. In extensive fantasy setting, this might be performed instantly.

“multiple botezuri” – A variant of “botezuri”. The penis is squished between (at least) two or more pregnant bellies.

“multiple pregnancy” – A woman is carrying (at least) two or more fetuses (e.g. twins, triplets, etc.).

“navel fuck (pregnant)” – [Fantasy] Compare with regular “navel fuck”, the penis penetrated through the belly button of a pregnant woman. In extensive fantasy setting, the penis would also penetrate into the womb.

“overdue pregnancy” – A woman is pregnant exceeding (normal) three trimesters. Date or time must be mentioned.

“oversized fetus” – The fetus (Normally, at least one) is larger and beyond normal pregnant women’s capability to carry it. May be used together with “oversized pregnancy” and/or “overdue pregnancy”.

“oversized pregnancy”, “expansion pregnancy” or “hyper pregnancy”– [Fantasy] One might confuse this with “inflation” or “expansion”, but this tag indicate the pregnant woman’s belly size is beyond the capabilities of normal pregnant women. The inclusion of fetus(es) within the womb must at least mentioned or suggested. May be used together with “overdue pregnancy”, “oversized fetus” and/or “multiple pregnancy”.

“oviposition” – [Fantasy] Egg-laying. A pregnant woman carries or pregnant with at least one egg (i.e. organic vessel which containing a fetus) in her womb. Hence, she will lay eggs instead of giving birth.

“partial birth”, “midway birth” or “birth phase” – The birth process happened midway, normally after “crowning”. Any of the fetus’ body parts shown protruding outside of the vagina but the fetus itself still attached to the mother. Not to be confused with “fetal extension” (The fetus voluntarily protruding any of its body parts from the womb).

“pregnancy bonding” – A pregnant woman bonds with her fetus by talking to the fetus and/or caressing her pregnant belly.

“pregnancy experience” – The description of how a pregnant woman feels when she is experiencing pregnancy.

“pregnancy progression” – The whole pregnant belly growth within all three trimesters were shown within one content. Date or time must be mentioned.

“pregnancy transformation” or “pregnancy gender bending” – [Fantasy] The process of one male to become a pregnant woman.

“pregnant” or “pregnancy” – The general term of this fetish, but I wish this tag is used to describe “a pregnant women was shown/appeared at least in the content”. Not necessarily to involve “pregnant sex” (or any other tags mentioned here), not to be confused with “pregnant reveal” either.

“pregnant belly listening” – Compare with “pregnancy belly rub”, someone/something else tried to listen the fetus’ heartbeat, at least by putting its ear closer to the belly.

“pregnant belly rub” – Compare with “pregnancy bonding” and “pregnant belly listening”, someone/something else is holding or feeling a pregnant woman’s belly, at least by stroking its hand on the belly.

“pregnant reveal” – The end of a content’s plot revealed the female character to be pregnant (at least after successful impregnation). Not necessarily to involve “pregnant sex”.

“pregnant sex” – Self-explanatory: A sexual intercourse happened between a male with (at least one) pregnant woman. To avoid confusion with other search tags, normally, the male’s penis would penetrate a pregnant woman’s vagina and the tip of the penis would reach the tip of the cervix, which is sealed with mucus plug and amniotic sac to protect the developing fetus inside the uterus, so during ejaculation, the semen would fill the area within the vagina only.

“recursive pregnancy” – [Fantasy] One pregnant woman’s womb containing a pregnant fetus. In extensive fantasy setting, the pregnant fetus might also contain another pregnant fetus and so on.

“rapid pregnancy” – [Fantasy] The pregnant progression (beginning from “impregnantion until the final term of pregnancy) happened in short period. Compare with “pregnant progression” (normal pregnancy).

“reverse cum” or “fetal ejaculation” – [Fantasy] To be used with “reverse fuck”. The fetus released its semen outside of its mother, logically through the cervix at least.

“reverse fuck” or “fetal fuck” – [Fantasy] The (male) fetus is voluntarily performing sexual intercourse with its mother by penetrating its penis from the inside so the penis would thrust outward from the womb, logically through the cervix. But if the penis could erect further, the tip of the penis would be seen from outside of the vagina at least (“fetal extension”). Moadetei Anaterou introduced this in one of his works.

“trimester” – A period of three months, especially as a division of the duration of pregnancy. Since there are three trimesters/nine months known, the content must be tagged with either “first trimester”, “second trimester”, “third trimester” or any two of the trimesters. If the overall trimester process were shown, consider using “pregnancy progression” instead.

“triplefuck” – Not sure what is the suitable (Japanese) term for this, but I believe Tensei-ani introduced this in one of his works. The penis is rubbed between breasts and belly of a pregnant woman. Compare with “paizuri” and “botezuri”.

“ultrasound” – A medical procedural using ultrasound imaging to produce pictures of the inside of the body. Generally, it is used to describe the ultrasound examination performed on pregnant women. Optionally, the fetal ultrasound image to be shown as well.

“unbirth” or “reverse birth” – [Fantasy] Compare with “birth”. Someone/something going into a woman’s womb and continue to stay inside. Not necessarily the same fetus which was born from the same womb.

“virgin pregnancy” – A woman being fertilized but her hymen remains intact even she is visibly/known pregnant. Usually through external medical procedures but rarely a women remained virgin even after performing (vaginal) sexual intercourse.

“water breaking” – During the initial stages of “birth”, the amniotic sac which protected the fetus would break, and the amniotic fluid would drip out from the vagina. “Contractions” might occur during this phase.

“x-ray (impregnation)” – To avoid confusion with other “x-ray” tags, this specific tag is to show the process of a sperm fertilizing the egg. Not necessarily happen inside the womb. May be used together with “impregnation”.

“x-ray (fetus)” or “cross-section (fetus)” – Cross-section view of the fetus(es) inside the womb. Compare with regular “x-ray” tag (cross-section sex view), not necessarily to use with “pregnant sex” if sex didn’t happened.

Please correct me if I used wrong terms or you have better descriptions. I am also open to any suggestions or new search terms to be added here. I ask for no credit but I hope you guys who had access to hentai/porn sites/image boards could help me out by introducing these search tags at those sites which might be helpful to us when browsing any pregnancy-fetish content.

Thank You
R: 4 / I: 0

Long term

I'm kind of tired of getting those short term rps with people who only post a few sentences

Basic Info about me
23 years old
Can post around 3 paragraphs
Uses images

Favorite pregnant stuff
Long/Hard Labor
Rapid Preg
Clothing/Delay Birth
Huge Eggs
Forced Birth
Sexual content during birth (sex to induce labor, masturbation during pushing, nipple suction)
Midwife for different creatures

Partners Required
Long term rp (no skipping to birth)
No one liners
No godmodding

nezholic #4300
R: 1 / I: 0


hey, looking for smbd to help with my game. Actually looking for a person to write a script on quite specific subject
R: 0 / I: 0
Sex with me !? My Hangouts: inflatemybelly2019@gmail.com
My KIK: InflateMyBelly2019
R: 0 / I: 0


Looking to RP tonight. Please be 21+ and no creepy males either because I will block you. Feel free to KIK me @ disneyaddicted4life.
R: 2 / I: 0


So it's a well known fact that Pregorama was an awesome but briefly lived website that shut down in 2011 and it will never come back.

I would like to know if anyone has details on the site itself.

Who was the photographer ? any info about them ? why was it shut down ?

All of the pics use the name ''Alejandro'' with a outdated christmas island domain address. ''Alejandro'' seems to have taken all of there pictures in South America in unknown villages or slums which I would really like to locate if the means to do so was avaliable.

So yeah, just wondering if anyone had any extra details about the site or it's creator.
R: 3 / I: 0

In Search of RP partner

Hi I’m Lilly. I’m a 22 year old female looking for some people who would be willing to RP pregnancy and birth with me. I’m more comfortable with females than males but either is fine. We can discuss our dos and don’ts upon talking. My Kik is: disneyaddicted4life
R: 2 / I: 0

Sex Toy Advice

What sex toys do you use for birthplay? For a long time I've used chicken eggs, but they're so small. I want to feel stretched. I am sitting here typing with a dildo up to my cervix to make my cervix throb a little, but it doesn't disappear inside me the way I want. I once saw a Tumblr video of a girl with a fetus doll that she could insert, walk around with, and birth. Are those actually sold anywhere? Are there toys that can really stretch you and birth slowly? I like to time my orgasm to videos of others giving birth and it would be great if it was a shape that wouldn't be out in a single push.
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For artists - how do you advertise your services?

Hi, everyone!

I make 3-D pregnancy/belly art in Sims 4 and have started being active on Patreon. I some times do belly expansion/birth and the likes. I'm shy and do not know how to advertise my work well. One of my patrons pointed me to this board. For current artists, do you have any advice for me on how to advertise my Patreon page or my commission services?

Is it okay for me post some of my artwork on the 'drawn - 3d' thread with a link to my page attached? Thank you and have a great Christmas! =)
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Pregnant Perspective

I apologize in advance if its the wrong place to ask.

Hi dear maiesophiliacs. A short brief intro: I'm looking into writing short stories related to pregnancy. More specifically, genres I'm looking at are your average fluff and late teens. No over the top tentacles and rapid births….so I'm looking for the females out there who have been pregnant before.

With that clear, I'd like to know how exactly does being pregnant feel? Is there any difference with pregnancy cravings/nausea as compared with normal cravings/nausea? How did it feel just before a nausea comes? Around how many weeks before it begins to feel heavy? And how did it feel when a water break?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my extensive word wall
R: 2 / I: 0

Best pregnancy movies?

Juno might not have been shot through a very erotic lens but I've always had such a crush on Ellen Page and the pregnancy dialogue is very fun.

In sexual terms, the german movie Off Beat from 2004 has imo the holy grail- a sex scene with a pregnant woman with a man whom she has met while pregnant! I just love pregnancy romance, and it's hard to find later in the pregnancy, and she is so big and lovely.
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Does anyone have shots of pregnant Padme?

Saw a meme about Padme and now I'm horny, does anyone have any shots of Padme from Revenge of the Sith where she's visibly pregnant?
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What if pregnancies were 90 weeks instead of 40?

Found this post on reddit, but there wasn't much discussion so I thought I'd bring it here. I think it sounds both interesting and beneficial to people like us.

>Okay I know this sounds random and weird, but I read a while back that the reason human babies are so useless compared to, say, foals or pups, is because (due to the sizes of their heads) they are born early, and they only reach the usual development level when they're a year old. Regardless of this is true, it at least interested me, so what if somehow, humans were, and had always been, able to carry their offspring for that year and then* give birth? How would this effect societal development or, for a question more up this sub's alley, how would those later parts of the pregnancy function? What effects would that have on newborn/infantile development, or on human biology as a whole (or I guess moreso female biology, I doubt males would be terribly effected).
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Rp Thread

So yea I'm looking for partners for pregnancy and birth rps and the last one shut down because it reached maxiumin posts

you can find me @Nezzie#1826 on Discord.
R: 4 / I: 0

danganronpa preg?

Danganronpa is my current hyperfix and I can't find much if any pregnancy content for it so. Would anyone know of anything, and/or be interested in seeing my stuff/talking about it?
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Are there any coders here willing to Do It For Free™?

I have an idea to speed up the morph process for photos, but can't code.

The post is here https://pregchan.com/r/res/7976.html#13393

Anyone willing to help an ideas guy out?
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Writing Prompts

Like the subreddit, but with pregnancy.
Got an idea? Throw it out there, see what people come up with!

1. Must have pregnancy as a prominent theme.
2. This isn't a request thread, contribute SOMETHING.
3. Does not have to be sexual at all
R: 1 / I: 0


I want to make a website for birth hentai, pregnant hentai, etc. I want it to be like Tumblr and Facebook and Pregchan and maybe even Pregfur. How can I do this? HALP
R: 0 / I: 0


Shameless plug of my Patreon.


Enjoy…or don't. :)
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Does anybody here live in Virginia?
I'd like to meet up with peeps or at least chat here?
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Does anybody have and pictures of birthing while you can see the pussy bottom of feet and tits at the same time? I need a reference for a Pixiv commission.
R: 34 / I: 0

Preggo Artists on DA

So I'm looking for a list of preggo artists on DA who create really high quality stuff.
Not really looking for amateurish stuff but more the high end quality.
Any suggestions?
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All Websites for Pregnant and Birth Hentai

Can we make a list of all the websites form pregnant and birth hentai?


Where can i go for images and community?

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Outside Eden's stories

Here is new link for the drive.
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Flight Rising Human/Dragon Birthing Porn

Kinda specific but I have this kink where people give birth to dragons and I was wondering if anyone else here would be interested in reading something like that? If yes I might post it here.
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Any Movie/TV/Web Fantasies?

Is there anything that you would like to see a pregnant woman (or pregnant character) do in a movie, TV show, or on a webcam? I have several, but they are strange and non-pornographic (erotic, maybe)…
>A pregnant woman squishes somebody's face with her big belly.
>Somebody's face is sandwiched between two very pregnant women with their huge bumps smushing his/her cheeks from both sides.
>A heavily pregnant woman "accidentally" bumps her belly into people, things, or another pregnant woman's belly.
>A very pregnant woman pressing her huge belly up against another very pregnant woman's belly (belly-to-belly) for fun, size comparison, or "bump intimidation" (Jessica Biel and Sara Rue in "New Year's Eve").
>A sex scene between a man (bottom) and a very pregnant woman (top) with her belly either pressing into his chest or smothering his face.
>A heavily pregnant woman sits on somebody. Not on his/her face, but while he/she is sitting in a chair as "punishment" for a comment or something.
>A pregnant woman pins somebody with her big belly.
>Somebody accidentally bumps into a pregnant woman's belly (non-lethal airbag).
>A very pregnant woman tries to do things like a non-pregnant person would, only to either not fit into anything or gets stuck.
>Somebody is squeezed into a tight place with a pregnant woman with her big belly pressing up against him/her.
>A heavily pregnant woman wears a very tight button-up shirt and one or more buttons pop off.
>A very pregnant woman patting her belly with a timpani drum sound effect.
>A heavily pregnant woman is so big and heavy that she needs one or more people to help her up.
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Word filter bypass

Fuck this word filter! I’m getting tired of this weaboo shit messing me up. This isn’t funny like 4chan filtering soy or cumbrains.
Is there a setting to turn it off?
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Danganronpa Preg Chat

I've been thinking about making a discord for danganronpa pregnancy/pregnant character shenanigans. If you'd like to join it, the link is here: https://discord.gg/macvas9
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how i can reply an image? :v
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Older Sibling question time!

So serious answers only please!

A question for the oldest siblings, how did you feel or act when a close family member got pregnant?
How did you control your 'urges' around them?
Did you avoid them if you could?
Was it your mother, auntie or sister who was pregnant and how did it make you feel?

And no, I'm not trying to go down the road of incest here just your stories about how you dealt with it!

Again, serious answers only please!
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Pregnant Loli/Teen Stories

I already know of some but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

I’m more interested in the disproportionate growth than anything else really because I’m just one of those people I guess.

Loli or teen stories, it really doesn’t matter. Can be from anywhere. Thanks ;)
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Getting more new members without newfags

Despite being dedicated to a mainstream fetish, we're an extremely niche board, meaning if we don't get new users we risk stagnation.

The problem however, is new members typically arrive from pregnancy fetish sites that don't understand or respect #chan culture, and I believe the solution is to focus on creating OC specifically for places like 4chan. This includes the obvious boards (/d/, /aco/, and /s/) but also places like /v/, /tv/, /t/, /gif/, and /wsg/.

/tv/, /gif/ and /wsg/ are the easiest boards, just start ripping clips and making webms then dumping them in /webm/ threads. /v/ will be slightly harder, but there should be enough opportunity in Skyrim and the Sims with modding/screenshots alone along with any artwork we can make for other games.

/t/ will be the simplest job, just compile and organize as much preggo porn torrents as possible.

Dump the content where appropriate, count the (yous) then mention pregchan to anyone interested there.
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Making Money

Sooo… on the subject of making money, I've decided I'm gonna try the site called WritScrib (currently has crowdfunding going on, gonna take the gamble and see how it goes during beta, etc) because getting little tips for drawing artwork will be nice. They also plan to police harassment much more thoroughly than tumblr staff does, which means I won't get chased off with harassment like I was on tumblr (someone ended up finding out who I was and called my boss trying to get me fired for being a "dangerous sexist abuser" and a "pedophile").

I've also considered opening a Patreon. I'm curious what you all currently do to make money off of your kink art, if you guys do anything at all? Tell me your experiences with trying to make money online. I could use any and all advice or personal experiences you all have to offer.
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Is this THE website for pregnant hentai? Or is there a better one. I like this one a lot. I also use google images but theres not community.
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Tesy Birth Story 2 Contributor Recruitment

So,as some of you already know, Arkone's back from his long hiatus.But due to personal reasons he's decided that he cannot fully devote his time to the game.
However, he did state that should the time come that someone decides to bring it back, he's willing to fill in the role of the artist.

Guess what, I think we're back(somewhat)

Now that we have Arkone's greenlight for a return, that only means we just need to find people who can fill the specific roles for making up the game.

We are currently looking for:

SFX/Music editors
Game programming(renpy)
Artists(for backup in case Arkone gets busy)

You can contact me on my email or post on this read if there are any of you interested in joining to help the project.