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Describing Hyperpregnancy in Stories Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 08/02/2023 (Wed) 04:41:27 Id:6de8bc No. 1948
Hello, I've reached a bit of a wall when it comes to writing stories involving hyperpregnancy. When describing it I've found myself just defaulting to describing it as just "really big" or "as big as x" which just feels weak to me. Does anyone here have any good tips or ways to describe hyperpregnancy in writing?
Try using more tactile descriptions. IE "the bottom of her belly hung below her knees and stuck so far forward that even when she stuck her arms straight ahead, her fingertips were still closer to her than the front of her belly."
I'm a fan of burst-teasing, so describing those details somewhat keep things interesting to me. Things like how taught the skin of her belly is, the babies "fighting" for space, things kike that. Of course, dosen't matter if you're not into that stuff. I feel it does give some more routes to go and other ways to describe the growth/progression
Don't flat out describe things, let readers fill in the blank. For example: Instead of "I feel like my wife knew I was spending time with other girls but hadn't brought herself to say anything as of yet." Try "Each morning after a late night out, I could feel my wife's cold stare from across the table. The food once lovingly heaped on my plate is often sparse and reheated from days before." Probably not the best example but it gets the idea across. Also if you are writing from the girls perspective, I assume you are, I have never once looked in a mirror and had a 20 minute mental monologue describing myself. Boobs are heavy, in the way, and certainly not going to be the focus of my description when I'm telling readers about myself. Let me reverse that for you. If guys were described the same way guys describe girls: Colin jumped out of bed feeling his balls bounce enthusiastically, he stopped in front of the mirror to admire the way they moved when he walked. He did a couple of test jumps to makes sure his dick bounced perfectly in his trouser cleavage." Sounds awkward and clunky right? I'm sure after having a penis your entire life you kind of just ignore it's presence every morning and don't spend much thought on it. Try using the environment to describe your character or another character to do so. Like a good friend comes over and asks what the character's belly is measuring, or if she catches a guy staring at her boobs while tying her shoe and gets really embarrassed when realizing that she was unintentionally putting on a show. There's lots of ways to do it without making it clunky.
It all comes down to not being afraid of getting deep into the detail. A lot of writers seem to be too afraid of spending time on the belly, and making it just as much a character, as the one bearing it and everyone else. They leave it with, "as big as X," with X not being a useful descriptor, then leap towards "the plot." Which is weird cause a massively swollen gravid belly IS the plot - or at least a major driving force. "As big as X," is a start, but how far does it stick out? Can she wrap her arms around it? Does it plummet down to her knees, or past them even? Does she have to really arch her back just to stand straight, and walks around with a wide gait - thighs always bumping into the underside of the pregnancy? Make it active! It's hyper pregnancy; there's a lot of babies cramped in a tautly stretched womb. Describe how the bearer glides her hand across the curved surface, feeling how strained it is. Hard bulges rise and fall. She can feel the limbs of her too many young stirring beneath. An elbow pushes against the side of her belly, a head pushes against her left breast. I know many don't but I also love describing stretchmarks. Bodily strain is a big part of the appeal for me. It doesn't need to be dark, and painful - personally, I prefer my hyper preggos enjoying it and taking pride. But a sprinkle can go a long in making hyper feel HYPER. And, you really don't want blow all your description in one bloated paragraph. No one wants to read about "Kayla who has long black hair, and n angelic face, and DD cup boobs, and a pregnant belly the size of a yoga ball." Mix it throughout the story.