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Human Birth Human Birth 02/17/2023 (Fri) 07:58:08 Id:5f976d No. 11449
Couldn't find the last one so here we go Human birth only
(493.63 KB 1200x1866 GX2RcnjQjRrLJRU6YVSdjUbB.jpeg)
(492.89 KB 1200x1866 DK3H0wlWYqVj3d6ixmCU2JYC.jpeg)
(97.73 KB 720x1000 Tumblr_l_2057627550041412.jpg)
(224.24 KB 1280x1150 Tumblr_l_1723969083903524.jpg)
(250.00 KB 1200x1650 Tumblr_l_869232165580271.jpg)
Fucking finally
>>11449 Not surprising considering all the hyper specific garbage threads that push decent ones off the page.
>>11458 Yeah now that I'm looking at it, there's 14 (insert specific show/game) pregnant threads. Lmao They should really up the most active ones to the top, and why was the original 7th thread deleted anyways??
(788.98 KB 1280x1796 000.jpg)
(223.41 KB 1280x852 3.jpg)
(768.75 KB 1280x1807 0043.jpg)
(761.56 KB 1440x1191 1551266811972-0.jpg)
(933.87 KB 1440x1191 1551266811972.jpg)
(257.05 KB 1280x908 H032_034.jpg)
(1.77 MB 3500x3575 1650786561711-2.jpg)
(1.57 MB 3000x3000 1595250860280.png)
(93.58 KB 1280x720 CG16_1_3.jpg)
>>11449 sause?
(439.92 KB 1280x1808 _DAtlanta_w_y_022.jpg)
(383.61 KB 1280x1808 _DAtlanta_w_y_021.jpg)
(139.70 KB 1280x907 12.jfif.jpg)
(149.78 KB 1280x907 13.jfif.jpg)
(169.07 KB 1280x907 14.jfif.jpg)
(177.85 KB 1280x1600 5.jpg)
(94.31 KB 1280x1024 07.jpg)
(134.32 KB 1280x1600 08.jpg)
(127.87 KB 1280x1575 09.jpg)
(359.42 KB 1280x1808 01.jpg)
(431.41 KB 1280x1808 02.jpg)
(188.41 KB 1280x907 25.jpg)
(182.53 KB 1280x1811 8399415_101620321_p3.jpg)
(137.62 KB 1280x1811 8399415_102306640_p6.jpg)
>>11453 Oh, hey, I remember that first one. Artist doesn't do a lot of normal preg stuff anymore, sadly
(554.68 KB 992x1403 023.jpg)
(267.74 KB 1484x1051 1540708798629.jpg)
(297.01 KB 1280x960 1543824050928.jpg)
(133.23 KB 1200x900 1545428735432.jpg)
(332.15 KB 1200x1600 1545428865023.jpg)
>>11898 source of third image?
>>11908 I got from old picture. When old web not change in this web
Anybody got a link to the previous thread that covered this?
Probably a long shot, but does anyone at all still have a webm animation of Harley giving birth to Ivy's baby from the old site? Apparently the redirect archive is now gone, so there's no other way I can think of to recover it.
(916.51 KB 1080x1350 105836418_p2.jpg)
Artist name Is Joethestone
>>12262 Last time, the 5,6 & pure can add "mail" after the https:// to go old pregchan, but now dk why the website can't use.
Where's the previous thread?
Some stuff on pixiv Artist Mixie7
>>12358 Someone spams a lot of new thread, causing the previous thread has been deleted
(358.32 KB 1280x1811 IMG_7416.JPG)
(92.15 KB 695x1162 Tumblr_l_2567978893978523.jpg)
(196.20 KB 846x1200 Tumblr_l_507238528541310.jpg)
I wish I could give birth
>>12520 source of that second one? theres a few other images with that girl somewhere
i meant the first one excuse my retard x dyslexia brain
>>12539 I don't know, the artist seems to have deleted their pixiv unfortunately, have another one of their drawings by way of apology
>>12564 oh shit nice thank you
>>12434 Source?
(3.71 MB 1920x1080 mp42.mp4)
Got permission from the artist to share in here
(484.63 KB 1080x1333 Bad mom.png)
(192.45 KB 1000x1300 Teen bathroom baby.jpg)
(162.38 KB 881x748 Underskirt.png)
(75.44 KB 1024x675 Focused.jpg)
(101.66 KB 1024x654 skirt and thigh undies.jpeg)
>>11495 What's the 3rd one's source?
(2.77 MB 2339x2894 12121vc1.jpg)
(2.75 MB 2339x2894 12v121b1.jpg)
(172.46 KB 1280x785 18 (13).jpg)
(172.68 KB 1280x785 19 (19).jpg)
(231.70 KB 1587x2048 Fqj-rcoWAAMXD0Z.jpeg)
(2.97 MB 3000x2121 rr10.png)
(301.31 KB 1280x720 b1.jpg)
(1.80 MB 1280x720 bg1.gif)
(1.89 MB 1280x720 bg2.gif)
(495.74 KB 3780x2126 IMG_20230401_104056.jpg)
"Gap Moe" "Body Type for Easy Childbearing vs. Difficult Delivery" By @fremyman on Twitter. A female Chinese artist who loves pregnancy and birth.
>>13574 who can tell me its source
>>13699 edit from amairo islenauts
(259.14 KB 1733x2048 Fsvpr4wXwAAEnw9.jpeg)
(259.88 KB 1733x2048 FsvptvnWYAEg_0L.jpeg)
(266.03 KB 1733x2048 FsvpwEYWAAYYBPR.jpeg)
(272.04 KB 1733x2048 FsvpxBnXsAAb0n5.jpeg)
(268.91 KB 1733x2048 Fsvp2UgWAAANuVA.jpeg)
(800.47 KB 2892x4096 20230407_032712.jpg)
(2.10 MB 1689x2578 20230407_032654.jpg)
(2.01 MB 1717x2460 23-04-07_23-16-06-153.jpg)
Looking for a picture someone drew in a request thread, it was a pink sketch of Galko giving birth. Please post it if you have it!
>>13976 +1 Internet points for meme + pun use.
I'm looking for an image that Arkone deleted off their pixiv. It's of a lady filming herself giving birth and getting off to it instead of pushing.
(1.73 MB 2312x2886 cam.png)
>>13979 this one?
>>14000 idk why arkone deleted that one, such a good piece of artwork
(567.00 KB 1080x1080 AlthemiaBirth1_1.mp4)
>>14006 @LewdRather on Twitter.
>>14000 You nailed it. Thank you very much!
(22.66 KB 256x192 9.jpg)
>12564 www.pixiv.net/en/users/51630689 found the pixiv. Taiwan user called Ichino.
hello everyone. i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find arkone's "pregnant ichigo birth". it isn't on pixiv anymore can someone please tell me where i can find it?
>>14375 dunno if its the one I posted before but I have a few so I can try to find it if you describe it
>>14380 yes of course... let's see: it's ichigo from darling in the franx (excuse me if it's not well spelled) giving birth in laying position. she have short and dark blue hairs.
>>14382 never watched it so I do apologize but I didnt find it in my archive. I did find something similar but not by the same character. Sorry chief
>>14383 no problem thank you for replying i'll to look where i can find it.
>>14315 whos author? also if it is you plz show me your other works
>>14423 Woof.
>>14406 not the author but here is their twitter https://twitter.com/MaiKatz14
(2.10 MB 500x361 pinup_giving-birth.gif)
(819.48 KB 1843x1686 102782002_p7.png)
>>14375 I have only the last image of the sequence
>>14471 wow! thank you this is a start! i take what i can get thank you so much!
(855.55 KB 1843x1686 1.png)
(871.82 KB 1843x1686 2.png)
(890.72 KB 1843x1686 4.png)
(876.48 KB 1843x1686 3.png)
(897.14 KB 1843x1686 5.png)
>>14471 I actually constantly save as many pictures as possible after the loss of IdleHQ. So here is the rest of the pics. It kinda helped that the png number was there otherwise it would've been impossible for me to find in my archive.
(846.07 KB 1843x1686 0.png)
(865.78 KB 1843x1686 6.png)
>>14486 Sorry the thing glitched and didn't post all of them
>>14471 >>14486 >>14487 Thanx 4 posting this sexy beau mama, behold the wonder of pregnancy and then childbirth.
>>14486 thank you sooo much! you're a true hero!!
(129.13 KB 1366x768 20230420_213814.jpg)
(825.02 KB 1575x2013 100693673_p0.png)
>>14000 here's the other one
(345.90 KB 1756x2048 FuGU-vVWYAA1-y7.jpeg)
I want to find arkone's d.va birth picture she was on the labor table
(511.59 KB 2468x2132 6361373.jpg)
>>14657 I gotcha chief
(1.37 MB 1600x900 LilliexMallow (61).png)
(1.02 MB 1600x900 LilliexMallow (62).png)
>>14747 thank you kind sir
https://twitter.com/Mi_xie7/status/1651669554089840640 Does anyone have the full version of this artist's post?
(5.76 MB 4660x4000 107689931_p0.png)
>>14997 About damn time we got some stuff of Ai. It’s frustrating seeing her everywhere and the only thing I get to be reminded of is “hey, this cute chick was brutally murdered.” I just want to see a cute canon baby filled waifu having babies.
>>15022 True when I'm somewhere she's always there but I'll never forget what happened to her
I found the alternate to the Ai pic with the second twin coming out.
(437.31 KB 1200x1697 1642332529382-1.jpeg)
(190.24 KB 1200x848 1643463428302-1.jpeg)
(473.15 KB 1200x1697 1642332529382-2.jpeg)
(355.63 KB 1200x1697 1643463428302-0.jpeg)
Artist: Sisigami Kansiro
(3.49 MB 3541x3581 107686790_p4.jpg)
(387.41 KB 1200x1214 AYlJL1LiNs2FptUBixhmjhoq.jpeg)
Artist Mixie7
(57.42 KB 220x220 sad-crying.gif)
>>15231 When I see her it makes me very sad
>>15232 me too, didn't deserve all that :(
>>15232 What happened??
>>15239 They killed her.
(1.52 MB 634x640 ltg-gmod.gif)
>>15240 I hate murderers. If you can't respect your idol/object of affection's life decisions please,
>>15231 that some good pircture! do you happen to have the complete thing, please?
>>15265 sorry I found it on discord without the full series, even I'm looking for the full version.
>>15265 I found some of the others, not all of them though.
>>15308 wow thank you! that is already lot!
(1.22 MB 2000x1470 FvoGXgxaUAAkW8Z (1).jpeg)
There's a new image will coming out of that artist you can check on his twitter
(59.57 KB 680x481 FkQmb0HUoAEurRg.jpg)
Some rare Mabeelz birth artwork
(522.98 KB 2308x3274 莎朗1.jpg)
(509.12 KB 2308x3274 莎朗2.jpg)
(517.73 KB 2308x3274 莎朗3.jpg)
(538.07 KB 2308x3274 莎朗4.jpg)
(656.17 KB 1111x1572 aB9J86wnvHMuhL3XS4XTcqYs.jpeg)
(661.04 KB 1111x1572 I2N2rb8D675zTLX8jCMPAlln.jpeg)
Anybody still got the Harley Quinn labor animation by dimpixelanimations - with sound - please?
(6.99 MB 1280x720 birth.webm)
>>15933 This one?
>>16114 >Thumbs Up<
(662.76 KB 1200x987 galkorequest.jpg)
>>13965 Oh hey, I drew that. Here you go.
>>16275 Amazing artwork! You got an artist page? ^^
>>16277 >16275 I don't post very often but my pixiv is users/22433342 and sometimes i post content on roundrabbit at tumblr
>>15445 Source?
>>16275 Holy shit, thank you so much! <3 I've missed seeing this... <3 I've been looking all over, love your art man!
>>16403 Source for 3rd one?
>>16391 aw, thanks! I really appreciate the love. here's a thing from my pixiv as thanks (and to stay on topic)
Ada Indonesia cuy
>>16504 perasaan dari kemaren gw sering nemu orang indo yang fetish brojolan. emang kita ditakdirkan gini ya?
>>16504 Bjir
>>16505 Nggak tahu juga sih. Kalau ada, pastinya banyak yang nggak puas lihat brojolan meski sekali tayang.
>>16503 I love it, what's your Pixiv?
>>16649 I don't know the rules on posting socials so I'll just say that it's user_dmav8832 or users / 22433342 . should have my name as Luca, if you've gotten to the right page. my phone's IP got banned after posting that the first time so i have no idea if it's against the rules but if sharing my art sites here is cluttering the thread up at all I'll make a post just for artists to share their work or something and apologize ahead of time. (I legit just cannot find the rules for this board)
>>16766 No rules against sharing your own profiles. It was probably a coincidence, and your IP range lined up with someone else's (probably a spammer).
(1.14 MB 1600x1031 FzTpORtaUAMBjaA.jpg)
(1.15 MB 1600x1031 FzTpORlaYAIb_wo.jpg)
(883.67 KB 1152x864 128205878731.png)
No clue if this the right place to start with, welp might ask anyone know the sauce of this one thou? Thanks n' sorry in advance!
(8.25 MB 1500x1062 test 6.mp4)
When is there a hentai anime that actually has shots of birthin human babies?
Artist is nimu00 | ニム@Fantiaskeb開設 https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/183825
>>17235 I have never seen this fetus before. What mod are you using?
>>17634 >I have never seen this fetus before. Pregchan quote of the year.
(283.93 KB 1280x2254 18 (9)_optimized.jpg)
(347.31 KB 1280x2254 19 (11)_optimized.jpg)
(276.00 KB 2048x2048 F0TdsgaWAAE4dkZ.jpeg)
(282.54 KB 2048x2048 F0TdtrZXwAQ8GnC.jpeg)
(293.29 KB 2048x2048 F0Tduk_XwAMkv6M.jpeg)
(296.32 KB 2048x2048 F0TdvqUWIAUs_fg.jpeg)
(317.46 KB 2048x2048 F0Td47xWcAIJON8.jpeg)
(303.54 KB 2048x2048 F0Td6MVWYAAXdxH.jpeg)
(165.58 KB 1300x1000 image-web.jpg)
>>17954 Source?
>>17720 can someone make a mega with this artist's work kemono party dosent work for me for some reason
>>17257 Is this anime or just fanart ?
>>18167 do you really think an anime would show that?
(3.41 MB 770x1080 shenhe shared twit.mp4)
(196.80 KB 1091x1200 F1QLoJ8XsAMX6-F.png)
(256.74 KB 828x1200 F076dZqWIAQd_h3.png)
(689.63 KB 1280x1987 16.jpg)
(697.47 KB 1280x1983 17.jpg)
>>18582 E-hentai has a file search function my brother in christ https://e-hentai.org/g/2610160/4b43a2484d/
(121.15 KB 1280x800 20230723_222230.jpg)
>>17244 bump
>>17634 https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/76109445 Probably created a small character.That's what this game can do.
(400.52 KB 1920x1080 P20.jpg)
>>18719 damn this shit fire, sauce pls?
(151.03 KB 2048x1463 F2u9EuAbMAABq1s.jpeg)
Artist: me
Man this thread could use more art on topic... welp. I can't draw worth a cuss so we'll have to wait for people to find stuff I guess
Does anyone know if this birth image was edited? ( https://pregchan.com/.media/6cf0483f68e7a65c947e82a23e75a32b826703de629e9284670d0eef1eacdcab.jpg ) I found the origin of this image ( https://e-hentai.org/g/1855547/673ac25905/?p=4 ), but it does not appear to have birth content in it
>>19712 holy shit i cant read
Does anyone know who the creator of these videos were?
>>19869 Looks like PregnantVirtuel https://www.youtube.com/@pregnantvirtuel/videos They deleted a lot of their old videos so it could be one of those.
Anyone seen this video before? https://youtu.be/JEJ6Q3k730w
(85.74 KB 1365x2048 F4HcIAqbQAAKAoH.jpeg)
>>20063 sir this is /d/, bring it to /r/ will ya?
(299.62 KB 1468x2048 sakuyab1.jpg)
(301.25 KB 1468x2048 sakuyab2.jpg)
(306.06 KB 1468x2048 sakuyab3.jpg)
(305.66 KB 1468x2048 sakuyab4.jpg)
>>20518 Nice, but the baby's gonna suffocate in her skin-tight suit. Lmao
>>20520 Agreed and the baby will be fine as long as you don't cut the umbilical cord or she pushes out the placenta
>>20518 If you repeat the pushing parts, she sounds like she's pretending to be a race car.
>>20523 now i can't unhear it lmao
(355.34 KB 1122x758 crown.png)
>>20560 Source?
>>20572 thanks
>>20770 Where it come from?
(88.39 KB 433x632 IMG_7927.jpeg)
Unfortunately I couldn’t find a uncensored version
(166.78 KB 950x713 45.jpg)
(75.26 KB 592x632 20230909_183401.jpg)
Someone probably posted this but it's great sooo
(2.97 MB 2894x4093 19.png)
(4.88 MB 4093x2894 20.png)
(4.28 MB 2894x4093 23.png)
(4.13 MB 2894x4093 27.png)
(4.66 MB 4093x3856 32.png)
(3.18 MB 2894x4093 37.png)
>>21099 more pls
>>20518 Anyone happen to have the full animation?
>>18584 so wait like is he enjoying it or...?
(1.08 MB 692x1042 6a7.png)
(1.59 MB 998x1627 8e.png)
(1.67 MB 1000x1666 8g.png)
Farah edits
>>21098 The birth of multiple species, amazing. Got the source?
Can you give me the full vid of that, now there's a new version and colored I think it's full vid
The lewd rather birth there is a full video, can somebody sent the full vid with color now
(464.66 KB 1000x1412 112344533_p2.jpg)
(164.23 KB 1350x1080 IMG_8229.jpeg)
(282.38 KB 1080x1350 IMG_8227.jpeg)
(361.88 KB 1620x1681 IMG_8228.jpeg)
My attempts on drawing births
>>22652 nice work.
(204.14 KB 2048x1039 F2Sn1-vb0AEfEnn.jpeg)
(205.47 KB 2048x1039 F2Sn2J9bUAAkv7f.jpeg)
(221.84 KB 2048x1039 F2Sn2WhbAAAugdS.jpeg)
(246.75 KB 2048x1039 F2Sn2jIaQAAnjMP.jpeg)
>>22652 This is nice
>>18581 >mpreg Fuck off.
>>23005 Look, I get that you've never been with a woman, but I would think you've seen enough porn to recognize a pussy when you see it.
>>23007 Tbf, most women don't have penises.
>>23014 none of them do
>>23005 >>23014 >>23015 I see the problem Thats not a penis, thats just slightly swollen clitoris. Yeah some artists draw it like its erected nipples and I dont like it
>cuntboys = women fuck off back to normalchan with your shit
Please put on the Youtube video of pregnant Lee Mingwei called When Men Are Pregnant.
>>21804 These are great. Got any more?
>>23007 >>23019 It's literally tagged as mpreg in the exhentai gallery.
(964.82 KB 692x1156 5a1.png)
>>23226 Amazing. Thank you.
>>21817 >>14811 Lewdrather really made a whole animation and then dipped I was hoping he'd make more
>>23005 agreed
>>23015 you are correct sir!
(6.01 MB 1280x720 ASDASDSAD.mp4)
I cant find any pics of her giving birth and only some of her prego. It would be cool to see her have sex with her infernape, machop or lucardio then give birth to a pokemon.
The AI folks found themselves a birth lora - is AI birth stuff allowed in this thread?
>>24625 imo, go ahead. it still falls under the theme.
(904.50 KB 2133x1725 1540163779038.png)
(8.01 MB 1920x1080 sam twitter shared 1.mp4)
>>25478 Holy shit, is 262an back?
>>25694 holy shit i dreamt of this when i was a kid. i hope we get a clover version though, and naked
(165.87 KB 1800x1783 20221231_202840.jpg)
>>16504 Awokawokawok
>>25727 Nah, it’s someone else.
(505.95 KB 1252x623 birth of a hex.png)
The artist is "YUKI KUJIRA" in Pixiv.
(318.10 KB 2021x2048 GCElHyxWgAAcDOG.jpeg)
(217.51 KB 1254x1771 GCJcpzvasAAgClx.jpeg)
(206.76 KB 1254x1771 GCJctJgaQAAYiwR.jpeg)
bump save whatever you can save, preganons
https://www.pixiv.net/users/794188 Is there anyone who has saved the deleted drawings of childbirth drawn by this person?
(493.87 KB 1151x863 __vitaq2 5.png)
>>27190 Why? Is something about to happen to this website? Damn it, now you've got me all anxious.
(1.62 MB 1252x1475 Img4.png)
(1001.54 KB 1203x656 Img5.png)
>>27304 current thread's getting weaker, thats why.
(789.40 KB 1191x1684 0_0_b41101ec6c3470ee_3eae0c.jpg)
oldie but a goodie https://nijie.info/view.php?id=279465 also go on nijie to find good preggo art, it's a goldmine there
https://nijie.info/view.php?id=274890 WARNING: LAST IMAGE WHOLESOME
Is there someone here have the full or all animation of Mixie7?
(3.85 MB 3240x2160 GoodMorning P2 (122).png)
(134.93 KB 1080x1600 GCmTha7a0AArGNW.jpeg)
(53.28 KB 700x977 cover (2).jpg)
(339.57 KB 1280x1787 42 (1).jpg)
431029 great sauce just wish there was an English translation
How about putting up the ending of The Terminator where Sarah Connor is pregnant with her son John?
(63.10 KB 498x279 cat-skeptical-cat.png)
>>29319 This is the last place I expected to see Mr. Fresh but here we go I guess.
Mr. Fresh will only eat the cat food that has just dropped. Because before that he ate bird poop in the cat food. so he only eats fresh cat food.
>>29369 Trauma momento
>>29301 Sauce?
(794.39 KB 4000x2800 ng.png)
Hi, i started drawing recently, i just was playing Stardew and then i have this idea, i hope you like it.
>>30637 Great work! Simple yet exquisite considering its SV,and a birth artwork at that.
>>30637 More please!
>>14058 Doesn't work anymore :(
>>31103 Yep.. i really want to wait it. Because the animations which is made by Mixie7 make me speechless because the animations is really nice and good to watch it
>>31269 Well thank you, ik that mixie7 is a good animator but in this thread no one has the 5 dollar or the other member for mixie7, I think we need to have a thread or something about mixie7. Kemono party has updated but only adding vote part 10, not animation, and who uploaded that post needs to update more frequently not posting one by one. Or you can ask the one from my link and if lucky upload it here too. The newer animation sometimes got uploaded mixie7 well mixie7's official channel. We can see the birth animations but usually mixie7 upload it like the free version but adding 1 second only to have a last cut. I guess what to do is lurk the whole internet if your lucky finding these on some web.
>>31103 Please dont do this :(
>>31103 A very quick and easy way to ruin it for the rest of us.
Ain't my fault tho, the users from the link uploaded them, I just lurk the internet
(17.88 KB 1280x884 received_1920568251469196.webp)
Someone have the complete picture?
>>32227 Dude just delete your post that's not cool the artist himself is very active on this website
>>32227 So some held a gun to your head and made you repost said links?
(9.72 MB 2600x3200 000 (368).png)
>>32230 By the way , the artist is yumuyumu(幽夢(ゆうむ))
>>32234 Probably just "yuumu". ゆうむ is how to read 幽夢.
>>32232 Ok, so yeah i don't know the password to delete so can you report?, I'm still new to pregchan.
>>32233 I just thought that posting will help because people in here post mixie7 animation but not full, I posted them because I just want to make people's curiosity now gone, but ig I make a big mistake here, im very sorry to ya'll in this thread, can you forgive me, if no it's okay I see why
>>32187 oh yeah btw mixie7 I'm greatly sorry for my mistake, I just want to watch your animation but ig I can't so I must deal with it and just dont force myself. I'm terribly sorry for my mistake, because of that I promise to myself that I will stop talking stuff like this on pregchan, can you forgive me?
>>32234 Thank you so much, i'm going to follow the artist too
>>14056 Seems like They don't update their Mega link anymore for a while. Did they already give up?
>>12879 Mary chan wa kaerenai part 2
(30.89 KB 529x633 1411223455739.jpg)
(28.82 KB 521x641 1411223596103.jpg)
(209.69 KB 1006x597 1411223316991.jpg)
(268.80 KB 775x959 1411223309038.jpg)
does anyone know the artist for the last two images?
>>32943 hmm, judging by the artstyle, maybe 420screaming on dA?
>>14058 Hey I can't get the other ones from pixiv
>>33108 The second image was literally posted to the draw thread today, how did you mess that up
(74.78 KB 220x255 1640198212920-1.png)
(600.56 KB 860x999 1644672983263-1.png)
(600.46 KB 861x995 1644672983263-0.png)
artist name?
>>33535 Slitherydemon. Used to post a bunch of preg and stuffing art on tumbler, then disappeared. They were pretty consistent with how round and taut the bellies were drawn, the stuffing images could be mistaken for preg if it wasn't for the text that usually accompanied it. Your best bet of finding any art from this artist would be Deviantart reuploads or tumbler archives.
Can somebody upload the lewdrather birth animation full version?
(3.09 MB 720x720 SPOILER_Ea9cNgAXxClZykaI.mp4)
>>34063 Hi, A Rather Lewd Kinda Dude here. Had to private my lewd Twitter cause some goobers were harassing me. Here's the HD one! Enjoy!
>>33535 I messaged them years ago when they first disappeared asking if they still had any preg art saved and they confirmed that they didn't - they had deleted it all. From what I recall, they got a lot of very creepy guys in their DMs constantly as they revealed they were a female artist, and that (combined with I believe irl people finding out about their art) made them go nuclear with all their preggo content. Shame really, they were great. Did some fantastic slime egg content.
>>34163 damn, love that one
>>34163 omg thx
>>34176 Thank you! I have more, so next time I unprivate and post a new drawing, feel free to save, share, etc Or just DM me there and I'll let ya follow lol
>>34242 >>34163 This is really well done. Thanks for posting this.
>>34288 What do you need help with?
>>34163 This is excellent 🥴🤩 You should definitely share it on e621 as well if you haven't already
(5.21 MB 4304x900 08072018ab.png)
(5.19 MB 4304x900 08072018cb2.png)
>>20521 This has always been one of my favorite fetish scenarios that i've never really seen any material for. Birthing a baby into an environment where it can't breathe, then just leaving it there to survive off the umbilical cord for an extended period of time... Maybe the mom's wearing a skin-tight jumpsuit like this, maybe it's a water birth and she's too tired to pick it up (or, oops! surprise twins), maybe it's a bad time for crying so she takes her chances with a plastic bag (or a condom? bahaha), maybe there's a high-tech storage device that cuts the umbilical cord and oxygenates the blood artificially, maybe the dad's out of town so she puts it in a special tank until he can hear its first cry, or maybe she just vacuum-wraps it for years to save on baby food... The possibilities are endless!! Some artist or writer needs to get on this ASAP
>>34957 jumpsuit is def the best.... imagine twins or triplets just sliding around and wiggling against her body. maybe one falls down her leg and the other starts making its way to her breasts
>>16640 >>34950 I love this artist... shame they don't do preg/birth stuff more often
(188.29 KB 1780x1780 20240222_230704.jpg)
(181.94 KB 1780x1780 20240222_230705.jpg)
(195.80 KB 1780x1780 20240222_230707.jpg)
(195.19 KB 1945x2094 20240214_222413.jpg)
(148.32 KB 992x1200 GE6uQaibAAAxDi_.jpg)
(110.89 KB 1158x816 FyAgL04aYAACc-w.jpg)
(255.97 KB 1049x1600 GNXisEta8AARu2z.jpg)
Give birth crowning
(170.02 KB 850x769 ade408f2fa5e52e8556fc604c1.jpg)
>>25835 Do you happen to have the Zendrid drawing where Rosalina's giving birth?
>>36073 >Birth
>>11449 they look edited together from stuff from multiple artists. my gut tells me the pregnant women and the babies are mostly taken from ponchi, but i have no idea about the faces, the dicks, the backgrounds, or the non-pregnant crotch closeups in the third one
>>35200 Sauce?
(510.44 KB 1523x1080 19-29-01-585.jpg)
>>36942 Source?