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(4.27 MB 2542x1822 PAqncJF.png)
My Little Pony Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/26/2022 (Sun) 21:42:32 Id:4f44b8 No. 100
Use this thread for discussing pregnancy in equines and related ungulates, particularly ponies of short stature. Here are our previous threads: https://web.archive.org/web/20211104233933/https://pregchan.com/f/res/100.html https://web.archive.org/web/20220611172822/https://pregchan.com/f/res/14888.html Here are some questions to stimulate activity while waiting for the next birth: How would you feed and otherwise care for your gravid dam? Which aspects of magical pony pregnancy excite you most? To be or not to be hyper pregnant? Shoving bellies aside, which anatomical change do you most appreciate? What's something rarely covered in art or stories you'd like to see focussed on? Who are your favourite artists and writers; which pieces of theirs are your favourites? For the relevant species, such as pegasi, do you prefer eggs or live birth?
>>5299 As far as I know there are supposed to be two endings, the horrible death one and the one they don't.
>>5299 There's 2 endings, I remember when it got posted on /mlp/ a couple years ago
but do you have the full comic? to pass the link
>>5300 wtf why did they die??
>>5320 Honestly? Idk, I just don't see the appeal in the bursting part either, but I'm interested on the belly part and the good ending of the comic tho.
>>5297 now i'm intrigued to know more about this.
Can't say how many of the images will even still work in these links but here's some of the comic, if you look for posts from the same date you might be able to find the rest https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/28896862/#28896862
>>5368 Good find my friend, but sadly clicking on any image leads to a 404 error and can only be downloaded very small and in very low quality
>>5369 Well unfortuantely I think that might've been the only time the whole thing got posted anywhere.
so there is no way to download the full comic or view it?
>>5374 There actually is, but is behind a paywall, the author is jupiter_jyothi on furaffinity and I guess they have a link for it somewhere
>>5376 Of course there is a link, and the price is small. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available in my country, so I am one of those who have been waiting for years for this comic to be leaked. Another anon
(134.15 KB 1756x2048 media_F6KRyTSbsAExqgM.jpg)
>>2891 RacerSplat uploaded this today. I like his MLP works, and how he chose against an unnatural skin tone for her here. I'd like to get some Dazzling stuff soon.
best mlp oc
(117.87 KB 1324x1668 media_F6bpmffWcAEu2kl.jpg)
Funble released this remake today. What do you think? I believe he's improved, but I'd still like to see him finish another piece like this.
>>5468 Just glad he's doing EQ again. Love his non-eq art though. Hope he does both at the same time
>>5468 He just finished this remake hours ago. I wonder what he'll do for Adagio, if he does her, since he completely finished the piece he made of her at four months in a swimsuit like this. It's interesting to see the details he intended, but which I never noticed the first time around. The emblem in her swimsuit is visible, but just barely, and I only found it when I knew to look for it. It's much more apparent in this remake. Personally, I'm most interested in his six months beach series, but it's nice to see him revisit these characters at all.
>>5482 He decided to remake the original piece. I like the slightly different angle he used here. It's interesting to note the differences: her arms are thinner and her belly bigger. Her belly attaches to her body a bit better; I'd say it flows better overall. While I liked when he drew bigger noses, I can't claim they don't look good here. I also have better versions of the other two, so here are those as well.
(99.65 KB 2048x1756 media_F7IE41AaQAAdvYG.jpg)
>>5430 Here's his Queen Chrysalis, but she's not really doing anything for me. He put her head on a giant belly and bosom, completely ignoring all of her interesting anatomy. This could've easily been any other character, really.
>>5528 This man gets it
(508.28 KB 1070x1182 bundle joy preg comm wip 2.png)
(511.43 KB 1070x1182 bundle joy preg comm wip 3.png)
I've paid PurpsYoshi to draw Bundle Joy. Here are the initial sketches, and I wanted the second completed. The first didn't emphasize her maternity enough.
Bring you some oldies (i believe these are pregnancy related)
Now that BBWchan is dying do you think Pregchan would take them?
>>5688 What?
>>5689 BBWchan is going to be closed. They had a very inactive preg board.
(185.33 KB 738x906 prev.jpg)
I've paid Carnifex to draw a Queen Chrysalis piece influenced by that old 0particle piece, since it's clear to me if I don't pay for something like it then it will never be made otherwise. I intend to use it as the cover art for my Nightmare Night story this year. I planned to write about something different, continuing from my story last year, but that got sidetracked and I had to change plans.
>>5756 I made a request related to this kind of thing in the drawthread, and it was fulfilled two hours ago here: >>5785
(1.03 MB 1857x2218 preggalis.jpg)
>>5804 Ahh, yes. Bugg!
>>5789 This is the same deal, but with Bundle Joy: >>5831
CowsRTasty released this joke a few months back, so when his commissions opened I paid him to draw this continuation.
(185.14 KB 1277x759 image 2.png)
(260.22 KB 1261x717 krita_5ZsCwpZGBD.png)
(321.20 KB 1274x715 krita_abal1rMe6f.png)
(293.23 KB 1279x717 krita_1prRU2PuOl.png)
(333.64 KB 1273x711 krita_jG1IzCMURH.png)
>>5915 I have a better version of this, and one without the running mascara, but their file sizes are too large for me to upload here. I'll have to upload them somewhere else later. Meanwhile, here are the sketches and intermediate pieces.
(912.68 KB 480x270 idon'tgetit.gif)
>>5915 Maybe it's because work has been burning me out for weeks at a time, but...
(5.33 MB 3183x1080 Kassaz Rarity Comm 2 panel.png)
>>5916 For now, here's the combined version he made. Due to different resolutions, he downscaled mine to make it look good. >>5918 The first is an infertility analogy. My commission takes the analogy and makes it literal to subvert it. Get it now?
>>5919 Ohhhhh.
Here's my Nightmare Night story for this year: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/545041/from-love-to-changelings Unfortunately, changes to my computer setup make it inconvenient for me to produce PDFs anymore. I'll release them later, but only if anyone actually wants them. Anyway, let me know what you think.
>>5919 I've uploaded them somewhere else now. Kassaz Rarity Comm.png: https://files.catbox.moe/4aewtp.png Kassaz Rarity Comm (No Mascara).png: https://files.catbox.moe/v2wmxy.png
(342.79 KB 891x1065 preggalis 2.jpg)
Do any of you guys use subscribestar.adult and want to help pregnancy win an art poll? Basically, I'm in an EqG artist's highest tier, so I can suggest topics for the monthly poll, but I'm outnumbered. If, I think, two of you joined the second highest tier, pregnancy could probably win. I don't see this as rigging, per se, because I'm encouraging others to pay him, so everyone wins, figuratively, so long as no one votes and then gets a refund or something shitty like that.
(369.32 KB 891x1065 preggalis 3.jpg)
(40.51 KB 850x512 gilda001.jpg)
(44.32 KB 850x512 gilda002.jpg)
Gilda needs some love~
(296.64 KB 891x1065 preggalis 4.jpg)
(9.59 MB 2644x2420 Kassaz Dash Comm.png)
I've finished my first commission, for Explodium: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/546560/down-through-the-clouds-and-into-the-rainbow I used part of the payment to commission another piece by CowsRTasty to serve as the cover art.
(305.43 KB 928x649 rd image.png)
(267.85 KB 908x641 rd image 2.png)
(194.87 KB 683x466 rd image 3.png)
(135.00 KB 860x777 rd image 5.png)
(150.26 KB 880x790 rd image 6.png)
>>6238 Here are the intermediate pieces.