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(470.03 KB 919x557 Screenshot 2022-06-26 022542.png)
Childbirth Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/26/2022 (Sun) 07:28:45 Id:a6a0ce No. 45
Let's start a new childbirth thread, shall we? First off, Waterbirth in the sea (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFeetgSn3eI / https://www.mako.co.il/AjaxPage?jspName=embedHTML5video.jsp&galleryChannelId=15d5ea9a1d7c6410VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD&videoChannelId=f8c54f3e3a42e210VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD&vcmid=6a5a288bda7c6410VgnVCM2000002a0c10acRCRD) and Underwater Waterbirth beneath the sea towards the end (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDCy-JFZtlA / https://vimeo.com/223119876). I hope you guys will enjoy without any problems. Anybody else want to contribute to this thread? Topic picture is from Sarah Schmid's latest video.
Exactly yeah I forgot to tag the previous post but your right. One of the links in my previous post is a book released by Carol de Bowe.
>>6118 She could be part of a cult! Even she lives in a farm that reminds me of the one were the Waco siege happened.
>>6195 but she may be trying to protect humanity
>>6258 AngelBusty69
Does anyone have a video of a Japanese woman giving birth recorded in 1992? I remember watching it on YouTube but now I can't find it. Can you help me guys?
(260.59 KB 100x56 b.webp)
>>4456 Is this the same video?
>>6435 Source?
Ritualistic tribal labor and birth scene from "Africa Uncensored (1971)" https://youtu.be/O-Rk4Xc8sRI
Anyone happen to save Michaela Scull's videos before youtube removed them? Think one of her kids was named Thor.
(598.71 KB 1080x1972 Screenshot_20240508-162338.png)
Weird how there's no asian or black birth vids.
>>6633 They definitely are out there.
>>3249 Not sure if anyone's replied yet (I'm just learning my way around this site) but here you go. https://youtu.be/UFONCpy65pc?si=2i7_Sp-yPshgOrh1
(4.29 MB 640x480 swim.mp4)
>>6050 turns out one of the other oceanbirths from this thread is almost there. damn that man's hand, but i love the sort of bored tired way the mother looks over her shoulder, and how he kinda pushes it against her butt/thighs a bit
Does anyone have good videos of forceps/vacuum assisted births? Preferably with the original audio
>>6822 Ngl I highly appreciate the dude being naked alongside the birthing mother. I wish there were more vids and pics of that nature. Though preferably with the birth itself unobscured.
(73.72 KB 1334x750 GP8dB1ua4AAInSw.jpeg)
Does anyone have full video of this
Sarah has given birth to her 10th child
>>6935 yeah i do love how he kind of caresses her back earlier
>>6935 me too it's wonderful and interesting to see the partners being nude as well during birth
There’s a specific breech birth video I’m looking for where the baby’s butt comes out first and is squeezed by the vagina so tightly that it shits meconium. Would any of you anons happen to know of a video like this? I don’t remember much else, besides the camera focusing on the mother’s ass and vagina from the back and the name of the video having the baby’s name in it. If anyone can help me find it, that’d be great.
>>7025 breechbirth.org.uk/2016/06/03/the-birth-of-leliana/ I'm pretty sure it's this one unless I'm mistaken!
>>7029 That’s the one! Thanks anon
>>7030 Glad to help, one of the best breech births out there (:
>>6938 Bump
>>7057 Video removed. You can also find the video here: https://odysee.com/@SarahSchmid:1/unser-10.-kind-freie-geburt-im:2\
>>7095 always wonderful seeing her give birth
Does anyone have her birth video?
I can't wait t
I think Sarah Schmid has a childbirth addiction that,s why she keeps having babies she just had her 10th child.
>>7142 Is that someone from reddit?
there was a video i think it was in japanese but maybe chinese of a close up of a waterbirth i cant find it
(7.07 MB 600x338 Tumblr_l_188813081127330.gif)
Does anybody have the full video of this gif?
>>7144 Or a birth fetish :) She might even lurk on here, or post under an anonymous name. Who knows?
(782.41 KB 2592x1944 Caeser_baby_extraction.jpg)
(332.93 KB 1600x1215 Caesarian_section_-_Pull_out.jpg)
Does anyone have any C-section videos? I imagine the medical gore can be a bit of a turn-off for some people, and it's overall not nearly as sexually charged as vaginal delivery... but I can't be the only one who finds it just scratches a unique itch sometimes. It puts the pregnant belly itself front and center, sometimes you get a direct peek at the uterus, and there's even a certain charm to the usual parental affection and care being replaced by the practiced and practical attentions of a surgical team.
>>7209 I'd be amazed if there are many. It's not something that really happens in a home setting (unless something has gone very, very sideways) and hospitals don't always allow filming of that sort of thing.
(1.82 MB 3472x2604 Childbirth_labor.jpg)
>>7210 Yeah, I doubt there were any filmed by the parents... But some were presumably filmed for more-or-less educational purposes, which leaves the question of where they'd actually be accessible to the general non-medical-student public. There are a handful that washed up here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Caesarean_section Also, it's funny it never occurred to me that hospital policies might have something to do with why vaginal hospital births are also so underrepresented in video. I assumed it was mostly just because the kind of person to *publish* a birth video is typically the kind of person to do home/outdoor birth, but it makes a lot of sense that people who might be tempted to take a private video for their own sentimental whims might unfortunately face obstacles not worth overcoming.
>>7202 I wonder if she believes to be some kind of goddess or to be part of some kind of prophecy. Wait, that sounds like something that the leader of a cult like Jim Jones would say.
(74.75 KB 445x441 Addicted to Giving Birth.jpg)
(135.17 KB 439x285 image-4.png)
>>7245 >>7250 not to get too un-/r/ but you can't just post gold like that without a source
>>7202 >>7255 If anyone has one, I'd love to know, too. I try not to think about it and I don't mention it when I post it but I'm told mine has something to do with tentacle monsters.