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I don't think that you and Clement understand how much legal trouble you are in for illegally banning me on Discord, Patreon, Picarto, and Deviant Art. I have enough evidence dating back nearly a decade to put you behind bars. I also have enough testimony from eyewitnesses in Cross, Verd, Spooky and Hyper Pregnant Community to turn over to the Feds and have you locked up in a maximum security prison for committing a white collar crime.

Either you cooperate with me, or I hand all your commissions over to the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and have them arrest you for cyber terrorism charges. There is no "abuse of power" because you violated my consumer rights and the Tenth Amendment, in addition to the First, Fifth, Fourth Amendments of the Constitution and Article 13 of the EU.

There's no legal loopholes you can exploit because they've all been closed thanks to the new laws in place as a result of the Trump Tax Cuts and EU regulation. It's either pay, confess and go to rehab, or 20 to Life for white collar crime, intimidation, contempt and sexual misconduct, and illegal surveillance. Now, you have 72 hours to unban Kisame from DA, Discord, Picarto, and other servers and failure comply will result in a fine of $5000 USD for resisting arrest over a two month period.

Grow up and stop acting like jocks, you're adults not kids! I don't have time to rein your asses in because you wanna act like bitches!

John Pifer
4:48 PM (37 minutes ago)
to me

I’ve already reported you to the authorities for attempting extortion and blackmail. You got banned because you were acting like a creeper and now you are trying to force yourself onto people whose bridges you burned with your behavior and threats. I don’t even know why you would want to return to my server at this point. And correct me if I’m wrong but you are one of the people who commissioned me to draw several of those pictures, none of which violate any laws with their content, and come on, cyber terrorism? Really? All you are doing is lying and throwing around accusations because you’re butt hurt that we no longer wish to associate with you. You’re not well, man. Get some professional therapy and make new friends, because this nonsense will not get you anywhere, and these threats are shallow and unethical at best. I have given you ample warnings to leave me alone. Just. Go. Away.

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

There's two problems:

1. I'm a trained accountant and looked up your information manually on my Paypal Address Book

2. I already showed you my IRS ID and can tesitfy against you in a court of law, and only can manually report you to the FBI CIA since they're my superiors not the state.

3. There's enough circumstantial evidence linking you to making terroristic threats of Furaffinity, Discord, and Deviant ART and knowingly submitting falsified information about a fake profile:

4. You never bothered to ask for my Social Security, or State ID, or Photo ID, meaning you've just submitted false information to the authorities, which is a serious crime! Pay up John, you are screwed if I report this to the FBI, CIA. I have jurisdiction over El Paso and can send Border Patrol to track you down.

The IRS is very accurate and can do audits to prove that you were lying. The IRS was formed in the first place to combat fraud, and taxs laws have been modernized. You violated due process by not reading me my Miranda rights. I'm gonna tell Mitch McConnel and Feinstein since this is a violation of the Tenth Amendment, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, and now another violation of the Fifth Amendment because you incriminated yourself without consulting a lawyer!
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Morph thread

Here's some OC
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Placenta / Afterbirth videos and pictures

No one really talks about this stage of labor that much but I feel like it's just as important and sometimes even hotter than the birth itself! Usually these are combined at the end of birth videos but I've found a few that are standalone placenta births.

R: 4 / I: 3

B-Movie clips: Bursting & Birthing

For WEBM clips of B-Movies, featuring Birthing / Bursting.

> Only Good Quality Stuff peeps - no 50MB GIFs or other shit, THIS MEAN YOU!

Also Requests don't go here.

Content-Warning; Its gory, and bloody.

Clip: Humanoids from the Deep (1980)
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Naked Birth

Can we have thread where the woman is giving birth naked?
Mainly videos
R: 16 / I: 5

Birth [the 2nd]

First ( >>743 ) got capped, preganons.

Morph birth for attention. Drop pics and vid links right away!
R: 124 / I: 250

Older Pregnant Women

Post pics of older women, I know they might be a little rarer but there's a few of surrogate grandma's. Ladies at or over 40 years old would do nicely as well.
R: 118 / I: 37

Request Thread

Requests for names/sources/files/torrents go here. Individual request threads will be deleted.

Previous thread: >>3728
R: 31 / I: 117

Professional Photography

Too much tasteless shit clogging up /r/.

Let's have a thread for professional photography.
R: 42 / I: 26

Candid Photos

I know it's pretty creepy, but why doesn't a candid photos thread already exist? Post unsuspecting preggos.
R: 161 / I: 144

Pregnant Camgirls

Didn't see a thread for this yet. Also, making this because Awesomekate may or may not have gone into labor on stream. I hope someone else caught the stream and recorded it and/or got an official recording from kate.
R: 62 / I: 85

Pregnant selfies

Pregnant selfies
R: 25 / I: 1

This website is destroying my brain.

I was at Denny's last night, and a friend asked me how I like my eggs, and without even thinking I immediately said "fertilized".

I am very, very fixated on pregnancy, and this website is not helping.
R: 269 / I: 385

Pregnant Teens Part 3

Since the 450 limit cap has been reached again, let's move on to part 3. :)
R: 34 / I: 2

Looking for..

Anyone know any videos where the pregnant girl is making dirty comments about being fucked with a babe in her or mentions the brat in her stomach while she gets off?
R: 19 / I: 0


Serah4Pregnant was a youtube channel that uploaded pregnancy scenes from movies and TV shows with stomach sounds over them. It was a super cool channel that got shut down due to copyright infringement.

Does anybody else have one or more videos from the channel or at least now about it ?
R: 15 / I: 47

Hands on Back

I love seeing a pregnant woman walk around with her hands on her back.
R: 9 / I: 11

hyper pregnancy

More than 4 twins and prolonged pregnancy
Without image modding
R: 122 / I: 25

Mpreg/Trans Thread

If you're into trans pregnancies or fake mpreg, post what you got here.
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Princess Kristi Fake Labor

Anyone have any videos of princess kristi in labor?
R: 208 / I: 127

Bring them back

We definitely need to bring back these birth morphs
R: 13 / I: 3

IRL acquaintance thread?

Well, why don't we get to know each other? Totally voluntarily. The form is simple: contact, country, age, gender.
Mine are
1) telegram @Lizard567
2) Russia
3) 30
4) male with bad transgender aspirations lol :)

Come on, people, jump onboard!
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Jail birth

apparently, there this woman who gave birth in a jail. Anyone have the full vid of her giving birth?
R: 224 / I: 117

Ready to Pop

As the title says, post your pics of the hugest non-morph bellies you can find!
R: 24 / I: 36


Not birth, just labor.
R: 4 / I: 15

Twin belly progression

Belly progression for the last 15 weeks.
R: 65 / I: 164

Asian thread? 2

Asian pregnant women are quite lovely, aren't they?
Perhaps a thread is in order?

(Previous thread: >>162)
R: 203 / I: 63

Fake bellies

Not sure if /r/ is the right place for this, but I just got one of these guys: http://www.bellysquare.com/store and I swear to God, I have never come so hard before. Sorry for the potato quality, but I got overexcited.

Anyways, any of you guys also do fake bellies? Post your best shit, yo
R: 11 / I: 26

Amazing Facebook Preggo

My favourite find to date
R: 345 / I: 131

How about some gifs?

How about a gif thread?
Starting with one of my fav gals (I know nothing about her)
R: 5 / I: 1
I love seeing woman rubbing her belly and playing with her baby. Can we have some more of this ?
R: 2 / I: 1

Water Broke

any water broke thread yet?

also I need the source of this video
I remember watch the full version somewhere…
R: 97 / I: 61

Pregnant Cosplay

I'm just going to leave this here…

R: 29 / I: 3

Best of Youtube

Best ~relevant~ youtubes I've seen in a while.

#1 (The Miracle of Life) French short film where all women wake up 8 months pregnant and don't know why.

R: 19 / I: 68


She just give birth so Just her posting her pics
R: 3 / I: 4

Huge belly full of multuples

Looking for images of multuples, Ideally twins or more. The bigger the belly the better.
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Any Japanese speakers here? Need help with some porn translation.

So, I've been browsing porn the other day and stumbled upon this scene, which kinda looks like it's from a movie. Sadly, I cannot understand a thing they say, but the look on the girl's face suggest there's a some kind of drama involved and it got me interested.

I know it sounds weird, but can anyone help me with translation of the first dialogue and the voiceover monologue near the end? I'd be really grateful.

Disclaimer: it's a PORN scene alright.

R: 39 / I: 20


Asian girl twitter
But it is look like fake.
R: 3 / I: 11

IDGAF Photos

Photos of preggos, ignoring or uninterested in the belly, usually watching something like a phone or busy doing something else. Dumping all my pics, post more if found.
R: 2 / I: 0

Xvsesss pregnant videos?

I've only been able to find a few of her videos, which is a shame since I find her absolutely perfect. Does anyone have non-shady links to some of her other pregnant videos?

I'd especially appreciate a full version of this with sound: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b5ea0dd543ae
R: 12 / I: 13

Celebrity Birthing Fakes

There used to be a website called extremenudefakes.com, which had nude birthing fakes of celebrities. Unfortunately, that website got shut down, but I managed to save some Emma Watson nude birthing fakes from that website.
R: 166 / I: 144

Time Lapse

Or Before/During.
R: 9 / I: 0

any porn videos with birth?

I've been looking around the web and while the preggo porn is good, is there any videos of like a birth after sex? or right after? or dildos after? I know there are post birth videos, but I mean like fresh out
meanwhile have lesbians
R: 37 / I: 55
What r u thankful 4
R: 26 / I: 62

Trans girl morph thread

Thought this was kinky enough to Gardner it own thread. I’d like to see more of these. These images aren’t morphs per say but she has a huge dildo up her ass and she looks super hot
R: 10 / I: 2

Wholesome Teen Preg Story

Does anyone have any wholesome stories involving teen pregnancy.

The media demonizes it so much and portrays teen parents as inherently trashy burdens on society.

I'm looking for any wholesome stories involving users here on this topic or people they know / knew or perhaps heard of.
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Eva Lovia

Next 8 months should be spicy boys, looks like Eva Lovia got preg.
Her snap is lovialongtime
R: 3 / I: 0


pregnancy massage
R: 17 / I: 2

Do you happen to have save some of those ytb kid super hero pregnant show?

Do you remember things like Spiderman, Elsa, maleficent etc… Pregnant video

Most of them were deleted but I think that some guys here might have some of them
R: 5 / I: 4

Pregnant nudists

I love the beach… and more when there is a preggo showing her swollen tits or shaved pussy!!!
R: 0 / I: 0

Found some good shots on Netflix

I was watching a show on Netflix (Inside the Criminal Mind if anyone's interested) and they had these two good belly shots, one is from the episode on kidnappers and the other on cult leaders.
There's definitely something hot to me about both of those contexts for pregnancy, though I'm not sure if it's ethical for me to jerk off to them, especially the former. Regardless, thought I might as well back these up for anyone interested.
R: 500 / I: 158


Can we have a birth thread?
R: 18 / I: 21

favs/finds thread?

post your favorite image!
R: 2 / I: 0

Looking for the original

This is obvi an edit but I'm frantically searching for the original. Any one have it?
R: 130 / I: 126

Nonhuman Pregnancy

I love live-action non-human pregnancy … But it is very rare to see it.
If it's not there, I should make it myself!
I hope to share what i made with people with similar hobbies.

(I am Japanese, I am sorry if the sentence was strange because I am using translation.)
R: 10 / I: 2

Good fake labor videos

As in the title. What best videos of fake labor do you know?

My example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFUBKXssDv8
R: 189 / I: 103

Fake bellies.

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you: if we can have a morph thread, then why not a prosthetic thread? Post good fake bellies from movies, tv shows, etc; pic related, it' Kirsten Dunst in "Fifteen and Pregnant."
R: 2 / I: 1

Belly casts

Saw a thread in /b/ that inspired me. Any good pics of belly casts?
R: 8 / I: 5

Asian preggo

You like more?
R: 70 / I: 48


anybody got good videos, or gifs of visible movement in bellies?
R: 18 / I: 36


korean preggo girl
pic, video, other
R: 0 / I: 0

Can anybody morph my friend preggo

Can anybody help me out and morph my friend preggo. It be awesome if someone can.
R: 241 / I: 27

Horny birth moans, screams, postures, etc. from any videos

Had to make a new thread…sorry. Last one was without subject.

Okay as I said last time, I mean every video. Movies, dramas, documentaries, real birth videos, anything.





Oh and here is another one someone else contributed to this thread. hxxps://vimeo.com/129512332
R: 91 / I: 61
>webm support enabled
>still no webm thread

Anyone got some mini vids they wanna share?

I'll dump what i have
R: 6 / I: 5

So I found this on 4chan.

Any one got a name or more?
R: 217 / I: 183

Pregnant Celebrities

Seems all the stars are reproducing these days.
R: 6 / I: 5


emily is so fucking hot pregnant
R: 199 / I: 9

Birth in AV, porn videos

I've seen one AV that has actual birth scene, until now.
Wonder if there are other porns/AV that has birth scene.

I would also like to know the name of the porn this image came from…couldn't find it.
R: 7 / I: 3

Belly Pumping

So, I became aware of this pre- and postnatal fitness program called the "Bloom Method." On it's own, there's a lot of pregnant ladies exercising, which is cool and all, but they seem to have this technique called the "Belly Pump."

As you can see, the results are kind of… dramatic. Apparently the womb is drawn partially into the lower ribcage with the diaphragm and muscles in the pelvic floor.

www DOT huffingtonpost DOT co DOT uk/entry/pregnant-belly-pumping-videos_uk_591ab742e4b07d5f6ba5ad6c

www DOT instagram DOT com/thebloommethod/
R: 6 / I: 0

Huge Pregnant Belly In The Bathroom

R: 5 / I: 2
It’s more rare happening to animals than it happens to humans!
R: 13 / I: 27

Shortstack/little person thread

lets get even niche-er
R: 500 / I: 165

Request Thread

Since the original request thread disappeared… Requests for names/sources/files/torrents go here. Individual request threads will be deleted.
R: 0 / I: 0

Malena Morgan Pregnancy?

So the former adult star Malena Morgan was pregnant. Does the internet have any pictures of her belly?
R: 500 / I: 449

Asian thread?

Asian pregnant women are quite lovely, aren't they? Perhaps a thread is in order?
R: 5 / I: 1
Belly expansion scenes from media
R: 7 / I: 1

Details on DVD

So… saw this on Red Letter Media's wheel of the worst episode. Anybody got any… uh, details on this? You know, just what is it really about? Not that I want anyone to post it, or anything…
R: 4 / I: 0

pregnant fursuiters

any pregnant fursuiters? I'd love to see some
R: 9 / I: 1

Morph request

Can some one please morph me 9 months pregnant
R: 0 / I: 0

Pregnant pole dancing

Pretty hard to find such things on the net.
R: 7 / I: 2
saw a pregnant webm thread, so why not have a birth webm thread?

anyone want to share their webms?
R: 0 / I: 0

Invite to mad stores

R: 3 / I: 2
Preggo Yoga anyone?
R: 14 / I: 0

Delivery room scene in porn film

Hi everyone,

A few years back I remember seeing a pregnant porn flick that had very brief scene of the delivery room at the end where one of the actresses was giving birth.

I don't remember well who the actress was, I'm thinking it may have been Kelly O'dell or Krista Leigh or some other famous actress, and think it was in one of the "Ready to drop" movies.

I've tried looking for it but haven't been able to. Does anyone know where that scene was from and where it could be found?

Thanks in advance.
R: 63 / I: 2

Giving Birth in Asian Shows

So if anyone likes asian women giving birth from asian movies, here is some videos I downloaded from youku.com and other sites. Apparently its an artform in asian cinema to act out childbirth, and some are done really well and other are…pretty fake. Hope you guys like this!

R: 10 / I: 10

Straining Bellies

Can we get a thread going for huge bellies that look like they're about to pop?
Flushed skin, stretch marks, visible veins, etc. :)
R: 37 / I: 27


chinese girl cam
R: 34 / I: 25

Pregnancy Fitness

Never seen Pregchan with this thread. Let's fix that.
R: 3 / I: 0

MissAlexaPearl - long wait time?


So I've gone and decided to spill my wallet for this bundle. I followed the $200 Amazon E-gift card instructions and everything and it's been over 1 day and I haven't heard back at all from this site.

Guys: Did I just severely fuck up by following the instructions for an off-the-record purchase that could easily be ignored and not honored? Or is MissAlexaPearl just slow in replying to this stuff?

I'm tempted to ask Amazon to divert the $200 back to me, assuming it hasn't been used yet.
R: 0 / I: 0

Fear of Getting Pregnant

Here's a unique request; Sex scenes of girls with a fear of getting pregnant?

This can be rape, during sex when the girl starts moaning or screaming for them not to cum inside, or after they've received a creampie and freak out.

Bonus points if they actually say they don't want to get pregnant or if the girl tries to stop intercourse upon realising the danger.

Loose points if the acting shit, trust me I've found quite a lot of accidental creampie videos when the acting is god awful. :)

The picture is photoshopped, so not the real dialog.
R: 27 / I: 15

Flowy Dresses

I love the sight of a loose, flowy dress draping over a big, pregnant belly…
R: 75 / I: 87

Breeder Captions

I really like transformation captions, especially transgender ones. Recently I started finding some breeder captions, which really got me turned on. I still haven't found any good transgender breeder captions, but I just found this board, and I thought I'd share some of the better straight breeder ones with you guys.
R: 500 / I: 379

Pregnant teens part 2

Time to add more
R: 1 / I: 1

Emme White

R: 5 / I: 1

Preggo shoots ar15

So there was this video of this one preggo chick firing an ar15 a while back. The link to the video is now dead but was wondering if anyone had a saved version
R: 6 / I: 2

Hungry pregnant women

I don't know why but it turns me on when women who are pregnant and eat a ton I'm not talking about on sandwich I'm talking about eating 10 fucking burgers than still there hungry if there's vids like that put them on them on the table boys
R: 3 / I: 0

Big booty preggos

Looking for the names of these hot booty preggos in the videos
R: 3 / I: 2

Tight dress thread

also looking for more of this girl
R: 0 / I: 0
Does anyone have more of her? I recall there being more to this set (and maybe even a second pregnancy) but I can't seem to find it.
R: 12 / I: 10


artist who does rather interesting morphs featuring hyper-pregnancy, lactation, and pussy growth. his deviantart has been deactivated but still posts to tumblr.
R: 1 / I: 0

IRL Mommy


She's a pregnant woman who makes SFW and NSFW videos for people.

1) Does anyone have any of her videos?

2) What are your thoughts on her and her channel?
R: 14 / I: 6

TG Caption EditThread: Preg Edition

Welcome to TG Caption Editing Thread!
To simply put, this is a surprisingly popular kink niche that speculates what if/how you (or random character) in a bizarre scenario gets turned into a heavily pregnant woman? Feel free to request a scenario like this for an image or help others by editing their requests.

Be as creative as you want to be with your caption scenarios. Whether it be spontaneous mind swap, scientific experiment gone wrong, strange product, chemical, spell, curse, a bet, revenge, blackmail, forced bimbofication, incest, body possession, etc. The sky is the limit.

-Please be polite to others/topic in general. Don't spam same request. Patience is key.
-Requests require an image with at least one pregnant woman. No Herm morphs or mpreg.
-If requester doesn't specify caption or visual edits to image, feel free to add your own.
-Protagonist can be in 2nd person pov (as in "You"), or 3rd person pov (as in "Mark").
-If an image you wish to caption is not requested, request it yourself prior captioning it.

Hope you give this a try and have fun!
R: 27 / I: 15
Can we get a prego POV thread going?
R: 4 / I: 4


Veins visible
R: 7 / I: 1

pregnant or fat?

R: 2 / I: 2

Early pregnant

A little grown belly
R: 2 / I: 2

Working Women

Hory shit. I think I might have a slip and fall accident today.


Also, can we have a thread with women at work like nurses, teachers, office ladies or whatever?
R: 14 / I: 5

I love this woman

I fap to her pictures all the time.

Wish I could impregnate a woman like this
R: 8 / I: 4

Pregnant bellies from clothing websites

All this time and no pregnant outfit demonstration thread?
R: 134 / I: 126

Generic pics thread

Just preg beauty shots collected, instead of a bunch of small threads of one chicks images
R: 12 / I: 2

Belly worship

Share pics and videos of people nuzzling, rubbing, kissing and generally loving on pregnant bellies. Bonus points for belly-centric dirty talk. :)

Here's a couple, but it's a bit tricky to come by, so I'd appreciate whatever y'all have got to add.

R: 0 / I: 0

Playful Bunny fakelabor

Hey all!
Only wondering whether someone has any of the two fakelabor clips from Playful Bunny:
Looking for them for a long time, have many things to trade (2 or 3 vid for each one of them).
Or at least someone could tell me whether it's worth to buy or not.
Thanks a lot.
R: 2 / I: 0

Nadine Jansen Morph Series

I'm currently working on a Nadine Jansen pregnancy progression series that takes place over the course of 10 years. updates will be posted at arkstorm99.tumblr.com if anyone is interested
R: 2 / I: 0
Who is this?
R: 54 / I: 28

Labour Morphs

What if they were having more than just one?
R: 6 / I: 0

Eli Marie Pregnant vids

Has anyone Noticed that Eli Marie is pregnant? does anyone have her videos at all?
R: 8 / I: 2


Pregnant Auroras First BG
R: 155 / I: 11

Pregnant Playpen Treasure Cove

This is Cindi, after discovering some of her videos on various sites she's quickly become my favourite.

Fake contractions, inflation, belly movement, vore, she does it all.

So I was excited to find her official page…

However while I'd be alright throwing down money for her stuff I'm unsure how secure this site is?
R: 76 / I: 31

Real Animal Pregnancies and Births

Let me just say, this is NOT made to promote beastiality, just to showcase weird and fascinating animal pregnancy and birth pics

Because I’m lazy, have a seahorse, the only Mpreg you’ll ever see from me
R: 51 / I: 7

Labor and birth in porn!

So, does anyone know of any videos on the internet that contains sex while giving birth or sex while in (real) labor?
R: 0 / I: 0
Lelu Love
R: 18 / I: 12

Pregnant Celebrity Fakes/Morphs

Since no one had made a topic for this. I thought i would.
R: 8 / I: 0
I found this video on another thread here, no one seemed to know anything about this video.

It's fucking amazing, those fake fetal movements are a product of exceptional editing that I didn't even know was possible.

Searching pregnography on google did not give any related content however I did find several sites that contained pics of pregnant women who I assume are filipino, they looked similar to the woman in this video.

So does anyone know where this video comes from ? I would kill to see similar edits.

Btw I have the video, but pregchan won't let me post it for some reason. Guess the site can't attach mp4 files ?
R: 0 / I: 0
This has to be one of the funniest videos shot in quite some time. It cracks me up watching porn actors taking the acting part as seriously as they can, while the other is having to remind him that is it a smut film. Enjoy. Share your favorite laugh/baby factories.

R: 18 / I: 8

Chestburster/Bellyburster edit thread!

Send me the photos you want me to edit and than alien is growing inside!
R: 39 / I: 10

Alien Pregnancy

Alien pregnancy is a lot more common in drawn threads. So, what about some /r/ alien pregnancy?
R: 6 / I: 3
Just a few shots from the childbirthwoman Tumblr.
R: 8 / I: 3

Film Source Request Thread

A thread dedicated to linking pics and clips of movies that you may not know so they can be identified, if anyone recognizes it.

From the screencap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBOvG6WBUIc
R: 153 / I: 85

Preggers with glasses

Pregnant girls? Cute. Girls with glasses? Cute. Pregnant girls WITH glasses? Fuck yes.
R: 27 / I: 23
Random Black girl I found
R: 0 / I: 0


R: 1 / I: 0

Kristina Milan Pregnant

R: 5 / I: 0

Sam Lily & Kata

R: 0 / I: 0

Pregnant Shower

R: 0 / I: 0
https://mobile.twitter.com/sssezyc japan
R: 1 / I: 0


I think this models name was Sasha and I was wondering if anyone had more of her or longer clips
R: 21 / I: 13

Stretch Marks

Yay or nay?
R: 27 / I: 24

Amy, Sarah, Nikki, Selfiecpl, Funxs

Share what you've got.
R: 10 / I: 0

Clip from a compilation video

I've been trying to find the full clip with this girl for years. I've never asked anyone for help. She is so hot. In one part of the video she squats down with her massive belly and huge tits. We could all enjoy the full video.

She's in 1:58 in the video and in 2:46

R: 295 / I: 52

TheBug is Pregnant Again

She has returned with "an occupied uterus".
R: 0 / I: 0

Nice Vids on YouTube

I found some nice vids on YouTube.

R: 190 / I: 140

Pregnant Teens

Bringing it back
R: 34 / I: 10


I found this picture on 4chan and it brings up no sources online, If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to believe this girl is romani and the place she is in is somewhere in romania or moldova, But that's just a guess.
R: 53 / I: 45
Don't share their accounts, you'll just scare them off.
R: 130 / I: 120

Ebony thread

Bringin' it back, because pregnant black girls are fine.
R: 0 / I: 0

anyone pregnant jav

anyone likes this kind of things?
R: 5 / I: 0
So these are two different shows that have interesting moments and I want to know if anyone can identify them since they are I think Chinese period dramas.

The first is about an evil sorceress who takes refuge in a girl like a parasite. There is another scene where she reveals herself to the bitchy mother and sister-in laws and is probably extorting them into secrecy.


This shows the bitchy mother and sister-in-law pregnant and in the next scene they are cured which means it was some curse and hopefully there is probably a moment where the curse happens and they swell up, but we would need to find the show and episode in question.


The next is a woman that has been pregnant for eight years and is shown absorbing spirits only to start going into labor and gives birth to a god child. I want to know if there is a build up to this scene so I need to know the name of it. The red faced god is very iconic and might help identifying the show.

R: 25 / I: 1
Video unlisted only this link can see it .until they can make each vid 18+ ..gonna be a great channel .. big baby compilation here
R: 11 / I: 0

Pregnant Themed Music Videos

Just was going through my list of pregnant themed music videos and thought I'd share some. Feel free to share any you know of too, I know there's more than this one.

When the Night Falls - by Chromeo