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find this video

please help find the video link..
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Fake bellies.

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you: if we can have a morph thread, then why not a prosthetic thread? Post good fake bellies from movies, tv shows, etc; pic related, it' Kirsten Dunst in "Fifteen and Pregnant."
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Morph thread

Here's some OC
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edits/morphs etc

i don't know how to delete my other thread.
anyway, i just wanted to give her some huge nipples.
i might make another edit with milk spraying out of them.
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I need someone to tell me wheres the full video of this gif.

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Belly Rubbing/Massaging

Self explanatory. Woman getting their bellies rubbed/rubbing them themselves.

Additionally if anyone has the sauce on this video I'd appreciate more.
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Belly GIFS and Webm

Seems like the old GIF and WEBM threads vanished, so here's a new one - also if anyone knows where to find it, I remember seeing a gif from a movie, probably a horror, that showed a pregnant woman's stomach moving with the baby's face clearly pushing out and moving across it, if anyone has that one? Also I remember there was a link to a site that had gifs from different movies, shows, cartoons and whatnot of pregnant bellies, and the thread that had that seems to have vanished as well.

No pedo shit
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Hey Unbirth Fans

Found something you’ll love
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Giving Birth in Asian Shows

So if anyone likes asian women giving birth from asian movies, here is some videos I downloaded from youku.com and other sites. Apparently its an artform in asian cinema to act out childbirth, and some are done really well and other are…pretty fake. Hope you guys like this!

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Maternity Mannequins

There doesn’t seem to be a thread with those models you see in the maternity section at Target, Macy’s etc, so here’s one with the pregnant dolls we all live to fondle and undress!
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Request Thread

New thread for source requests on anything from names, pictures, videos, films, what have you, since the old one hit 500. Please contain all requests within this thread.

Previous thread >>10920
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Ebony Thread

Last one got buried by dead on arrival thread, lets bring it back
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Birth [the 2nd]

First ( >>743 ) got capped, preganons.

Morph birth for attention. Drop pics and vid links right away!
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my pregnant jav collection


currently uploading ~2.2TB worth of pregnant JAV and some webcam collection.
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Pregnant Teens Part 5

Other thread was full! Let's keep this train going!
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Obscure and lost pregnancy theater play.

There's this theater play called Una cosa enorme that has interested me for while now. As you can see the woman in it is extremely large. Unfortunely there is barely any footage this play on online, I'm wondering if there's a way to find much more footage of this thing because it seems very interesting. It seems to have originally came out in 2020 but some sources say it will shown in a 2021 festival. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjeuMo_Nz5M
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Anyone has been catching up on preggohero's new patreon? The videos are same quality as they were on his channel and barebellylover's but unfortunately they're now behind a paywall.

Here's the link is someone is willing to delight us with those:


Plus his only leaked video so far:

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Preg porn streaming movies

stream and download free full movies

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pregnant girl with a big belly

She big
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knockedup/sarai thread

sarai1996 on insta and @knockedup on manyvids
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Does anyone know where these pictures come from.
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Mature Preggos

Pregnant women 35 and older.
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Pantybirth IRL/Morphs?

I know it's not common, but has there been any documented births into clothes IRL? Would appreciate any morphs too.

That's a kink I'm REALLY loving now.

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Birth in AV, porn videos

I've seen one AV that has actual birth scene, until now.
Wonder if there are other porns/AV that has birth scene.

I would also like to know the name of the porn this image came from…couldn't find it.
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Perfectly Round Bellies

Just a thread for sexy baby mamas with round, full tummies! Found a couple gold nuggets on r/PreggoPorn that I’ll be posting first;
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Marissa frost thread

Anybody got a MEGA link for Marissa frost?
Tried to find one but to no avail.
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Ready to Pop

As the title says, post your pics of the hugest non-morph bellies you can find!
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Stretch Marks and/or Postpartum Thread

Obviously both is preferable, but I noticed a distinct lack of either on this site
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large belly buttons

protruding, massive pregnant navels 👅
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Asian Thread? IV

Asian pregnant women are quite lovely, aren't they?
Perhaps a thread is in order?

Previous: Thread 3 >>14756 | Thread 2 >>11442
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Rapid Preg in New Movie

Watched an ad yesterday for the upcoming horror movie "Old"

Looked interesting, some families visiting a private beach and then everyone starts rapidly aging including the kids.

Then there was a clip of a rapid pregnancy scene.

So keep you eye out for that one.
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Extended Crowning/Birth Loops

Videos/gifs/webms of crowning that takes a long, long time, or loops showing the baby coming out partway and going back in.
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Here is some pics of her from her videos.
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From films,serials, morphs, trans etc… try to be correct
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Looking for..

Anyone know any videos where the pregnant girl is making dirty comments about being fucked with a babe in her or mentions the brat in her stomach while she gets off?
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New Request Thread

Other thread hit its limit so starting a new one.

Anyone got Leilas two videos?
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Pregnant Camgirls

Didn't see a thread for this yet. Also, making this because Awesomekate may or may not have gone into labor on stream. I hope someone else caught the stream and recorded it and/or got an official recording from kate.
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I found this video on another thread here, no one seemed to know anything about this video.

It's fucking amazing, those fake fetal movements are a product of exceptional editing that I didn't even know was possible.

Searching pregnography on google did not give any related content however I did find several sites that contained pics of pregnant women who I assume are filipino, they looked similar to the woman in this video.

So does anyone know where this video comes from ? I would kill to see similar edits.

Btw I have the video, but pregchan won't let me post it for some reason. Guess the site can't attach mp4 files ?
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Baby Imprints

Imprints on the belly of hands, feet, faces, whatever - showing just what's in there.
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Can we get a prego POV thread going?
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Bring them back

We definitely need to bring back these birth morphs
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pregnancy progression videos

I found this video on PH, Are there any more like this out there?

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Belly Movement

Big bellies full of kicking and squirming - gifs and webms preferably.
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B-Movie clips: Bursting & Birthing

For WEBM clips of B-Movies, featuring Birthing / Bursting.

> Only Good Quality Stuff peeps - no 50MB GIFs or other shit, THIS MEAN YOU!

Also Requests don't go here.

Content-Warning; Its gory, and bloody.

Clip: Humanoids from the Deep (1980)
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Coaching videos/audios

There are a bunch of labour/pushing audios or videos out there of varying quality, but very few coaching ones from what I've found. As someone who enjoys the idea of carrying and seeding, I feel this is kind of a shame. There was one decent audio I found on Tumblr a while back that I haven't been able to find again since, and a couple ASMR roleplays on youtube that are super short on the actual pushing part. The only other place I've found them is this curious niche with a sissy spin to it, which I'm not entirely opposed to. They're all behind paywalls though, and from the one that I managed to snag, they're not worth the price, pic related.
If anyone happens to have any more they could share, or is willing to crack these: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/47396/21620387/sissy-breeders-first-birth, https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/47396/23996677/midwife-kendi-assists-sissy-birth, https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/47396/20673511/sissyboy-gives-birth-pov
It would be highly appreciated.
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Only Fans Model Plans to Live-Stream her Birth


I haven't seen this anywhere on here, but this model is planning to sell tickets to the birth of her child, which she will Live-Stream. The catch? The tickets are going for 12,000 USD because some simp in her subscriber fee offered her 10,000 Pounds to witness her live-stream the birth.
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Candid Photos

I know it's pretty creepy, but why doesn't a candid photos thread already exist? Post unsuspecting preggos.
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Time Lapse

Or Before/During.
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Good social media pages and groups

Thought I would make a thread for sharing good social media pages worth following. We all have our sources!
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Nonhuman Pregnancy

I love live-action non-human pregnancy … But it is very rare to see it.
If it's not there, I should make it myself!
I hope to share what i made with people with similar hobbies.

(I am Japanese, I am sorry if the sentence was strange because I am using translation.)
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edited gif

edited a gif. nothing amazing. if you dont focus your eyes it looks ok lol.
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Pregnant Celebrities

Seems all the stars are reproducing these days.
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Shiny belly thread
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Val Malloy

She's "@thevalestgal" on manyvids, and she has many pregnancy videos. Anyone have some to share?
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Pregnant Cosplay

I'm just going to leave this here…

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Pregnant Captions

Doesn't have to be TG, any sort of pregnancy caps like this will work. This one is pretty cringe and shit, but I couldn't find any better ones (that's why I'm making this thread).
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Help finding video

There was this one video of this lady. she was in a hospital and her belly was going berserk like the baby was kicking alot and really hard. i wanna say she was indian but idk a darker skin maybe tanned?
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34 weeks pregnant with twins.
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Vids Where She Talks About Getting Impregnated

Looking for videos where the girl or guy (or guys) talk about wanted to get impregnated or are worried about getting impregnated. If it's a breeding party, all the better.
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DWI-01 translation

Hello, does anyone have any translation or would be able to translate DWI-01 jav? I found this video with chinese subtitles, if anyone can read chinese. Thanks for any help.
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Short Hair

Preferably bob cuts, but feel free to post anything from buzz cuts to shoulder length hair.
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hyper pregnancy

More than 4 twins and prolonged pregnancy
Without image modding
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Princess Kristi Fake Labor

Anyone have any videos of princess kristi in labor?
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Where was she from?

I remember seeing photos of her somewhere around here. She was really big.

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How about some gifs?

How about a gif thread?
Starting with one of my fav gals (I know nothing about her)
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Birth Video Collection - Ass (HD volume 1)

Finally it's time to present you the first category of the PreggoByte Birth Video Collection! Real woman birth video's in HD quality, collected and sorted by category.

This very first release is about the "Ass" category. And there are many more categories to come, so stay tuned!

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Does anyone have a proper (without the repetitive jumping between angles) rio of NHDT-165 featuring Kaede Sakai?

Every one I've seen will show a couple of seconds, then switch angles to show the same time period, then switch back to continue from the original angle.

I think this is a poor rip of a multi angle DVD, as it's pretty hard to fap to this way.
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Orgasmic birth docu's (full length)

- The Birth Reborn 1 (O Renascimento do Parto 1, 2013)
- The Birth Reborn 2 (O Renascimento do Parto 2, 2018)
- The Birth Reborn 3 (O Renascimento do Parto 3, 2018)
- BIRTH (docu by Zack Hemsey)
- Orgasmic Birth Movie (docu by Debra Pascali Bonaro)

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Real Milky Tiddys

Anyone have Real lactation Pics?
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Pregnant single mothers

General thread for preggo ladies looking for love.

Bonus points if they'really looking for a stepdaddy.
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Jasmine Mendez pregnancy videos

Looking for some vidoes of her. I haven't been able to find any for some time.
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Fake Labor Video

Does anyone have this video? I’m willing to trade what I have.
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swimsuit, preferably one piece.

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Hummina hummina………
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Best of Youtube

Best ~relevant~ youtubes I've seen in a while.

#1 (The Miracle of Life) French short film where all women wake up 8 months pregnant and don't know why.

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Masturbating to Birth videos (Edits!)

I'm looking for more edits similar to this:


Essentially, editing together a clip of a woman masturbating and putting it next to a birth video to simulate that she's getting off to the video.
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My next story is live!

Hello pregchan!

Last month I stopped by to plug my first ever novel, a 240-page behemoth devoted entirely to women getting massively pregnant and loving every moment of it. Since the reception was so good ($500 in sales and counting!) I decided to come up with a new story. Let's just say if you like rapid pregnancy, enormous tits, and/or mind control, this is going to be right up your alley.

Here's the link:


And here's an excerpt:

It all became clear as soon as she flipped on the lights and stepped into the full length mirror near the closet. The reason why Jessica felt so heavy was because she’d put on easily 20 pounds. Her breasts, which had been 32A since her teenage years dropped heavily with extra weight. Cupping them in her hands, Jessica guessed that by the way they now overflowed her palms that she was at least a D-cup. Not only that, but they seemed swollen, and denser somehow. Her nipples were stubbornly erect, and Jessica couldn’t help but moan when she rubbed a finger over one.

But there was more. Her hair was longer and also thicker, no longer a short and professional bob but rather an unkempt longer style that trailed down her shoulders. Turning around, she saw from the reflection of her backside that her hips had flared and her rear had widened slightly, giving her a lovely heart shape. Every part of her just felt a little thicker, her learn frame just filling out a bit with some extra feminine softness.

And finally, there was something else. Something major that she could no longer ignore. Jessica turned to her side, an in profile it became very clear. Her stomach was no longer flat; instead a small, but noticeable bump now curved out from her midsection. This was actually something Jessica had been aware of since Friday evening, from mere moments after her first fling with Ethan had ended. There had been a fluttering in her lower body, a gentle pressure that had never quite gone away. Even during her sex frenzy on Saturday and Sunday she’d still detected that sensation, but she’d chosen to ignore it.

However, there was no mistaking what this was now. Despite the impossibility, Jessica knew intrinsically that she was pregnant. For a long moment she just stood there, quietly reflecting on the changing version of herself that she saw in the mirror. And then she turned and went into her closet, looking for something baggy or stretchy that would fit over her bigger frame.
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Erotic birth videos

If u have any erotic birth video, gif or picture post it here! Erotic birth is a mix of sex and birth, videos where the woman that is giving birth is talking dirty, masturbating or enjoying herself are allowed too
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This pussies let my cum explode!

nothing got me cum so hard like this
R: 3 / I: 4
I just found out that black pants makes an 8 month pregnant belly even sexier! I say 8 months because that’s far along i’ve seen pregnant in women in public. Are pregnancies becoming a month shorter every 20 years now?
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Not birth, just labor.
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favs/finds thread?

post your favorite image!
R: 16 / I: 21

View from underneath

Pictures similar to this
R: 9 / I: 17

Cute Preggos I talk to on kik

Here's the first cutie
R: 0 / I: 0


who has more of this busty beauty
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New Pregnant Fetish Novel

Hey pregchan, long-time lurker here. For the past few years I've been writing captions and posting before/after photos over at makeyoumilky.tumblr.com. I'm excited to say that I've finished a full-length, 240 fucking page, pregnant fetish novel and it's up for sale on Amazon here:


I know one of the major reasons for this site is to avoid paying for porn, but as someone who has read pretty much every preggo fetish story out there on the internet, I can honestly tell you that this is better than 95% of it and thus totally worth the $2.99.
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Dropping what I have
R: 8 / I: 2


Anybody got a mega file of her?
Here's her OnlyFans if someone's willing to take one for the team and make one
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Movies/Skits/Episodes with overdue women

'member this? If not, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mfd61WgByk

There should be more scenes in media like this: a SEVERELY overdue woman going through the motions until her baby/babies eventually arrive.

Anyone know of any existing shows, films etc. involving this?
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camille black

anyone have the video of camille black getting her belly licked? she was doing it with a black woman and the third woman licking her belly was named akira iirc. i’ve looked for it everywhere but can’t find it
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Pregnant dildo riding

I can't find any good pictures/videos of pregnant women riding dildos. Can I get some help?
R: 23 / I: 2

Share videos of pregnant labor

Hi, can we trade some videos of pregnant labor or roleplay labor?
I have some
R: 33 / I: 43


korean preggo girl
pic, video, other
R: 1 / I: 0
Anyone have any of Jordyn Khaled’s vids? Specifically the JOI ones, though any would be appreciated!


^here’s the link to the trailer of the vid, but again any videos you may have of her while she’s pregnant are welcome.
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Celebrity Birthing Fakes

(To replace the old thread that was deleted)

There used to be a website called extremenudefakes.com, which had nude birthing fakes of celebrities. Unfortunately, that website got shut down, but I managed to save some nude birthing fakes from that website. None of these fakes are mine.

Here's my full gallery of celebrity birthing fakes: https://imgbox.com/g/oyUocz8xt3
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Request Thread

Requests for names/sources/files/torrents go here. Individual request threads will be deleted.

Previous thread: >>3728
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Wreck22's Treasure Trove

In April 2020, I started my own thread on Preggophilia known as Wreck22's Treasure Trove. This link is a Mega Cloud Drive containing videos that are UNIQUE, meaning that no streaming websites have the majority of these videos available online which makes them the more special.Inside the drive, you will also find purchased stories that i have purchased over time. I do update the drive with new content monthly so there's always fresh new videos and stories to view each month. On Preggophilia, it's turned into a success and so I thought it's about time to share here with you all who might not have found and discovered this yet. Please if you haven't already, take a look.