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Pregnant Music Videos belliesrlovely 09/21/2023 (Thu) 18:42:46 Id:8ca3a3 No. 4597
Post music videos that feature pregnant women. Pics: Juveniles - "Love Me For Ever (Yuksek Mix)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJe4Cu2XJ-k
Travis - "Flowers In The Window" https://youtu.be/AFvfX3Mfd9E
Robbie Williams - "Sin Sin Sin" https://vimeo.com/66938780
>>4603 true man of culture <3
>>4604 Why isn't there a third part?
>>4608 I know right?
>>4608 If she gets pregnant again, maybe there will be. lol
>>4600 Not to be confused with Robin Williams.
>>4646 You can't convince that this guy does not have a pregnancy fetish.
>>4646 Why does he rap in front of an abortion clinic at some parts?
>>4650 >why does he beat up random dudes at a barn >why does he and his 'gang' break a bunch of computers and office supplies >why does he rap with pregnant women at all >why does he drink and drive with said pregnant women >why does he show off disabled women randomly >why does he film at a kids birthday party after doing all that Because 99.99% of modern music videos are made while people are either high on lsd or made by some social reject
Love Jerks - "Out Of Body" https://youtu.be/I-NGitt8dJ4?si=0slSF0lFZf8aTvVG Apparently this holds the world record for most pregnant women in a music video.
(4.45 MB 489x546 ezgif-4-5148727593.gif)
>>4646 Have a GIF.
>>4654 "I'm irresponsible and not to be taken seriously as a role model... but y'all are idiots who are gonna do it anyway."
(438.79 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20230928-214924.png)
(715.55 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20230928-215057.png)
(637.54 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20230928-215312.png)
(602.45 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20230928-215043.png)
(641.82 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20230928-215718.png)
Rob Pearlstein - "She Gotta Bump" A song about having sex with pregnant women. It's a must watch.
>>4689 This one's a classic!
(604.90 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20230928-220023.png)
(1004.26 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20230928-215710.png)
(925.29 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20230928-215947.png)
(420.39 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20230928-215852.png)
(779.57 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20230928-215725.png)
Rob Pearlstein - "She Gotta Bump" https://youtu.be/xiPxXU02xOQ?si=EeCsolLFybU6wBR4
I can't remember the name, the artist, or the decade it the video debuted. It was a foreign music video (German maybe) featuring a very pregnant woman, wearing a shirt that only covered the top half of her belly.
Ciara - "How We Roll (Remix)": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loS0HKch6Rc Ciara clearly enjoys being pregnant. :)
(75.76 KB 716x960 B35jFCQIUAEgt6n.jpg)
Cyndi Lauper - Ballad Of Cleo & Joe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybx6x8EiP4o
James Blake - "My Willing Heart" (ft. a pregnant Natalie Portman) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otYHF8jaLjw
>>5141 Ohh Yes this one. Once was just uploaded as "Pregnant Angel in Red" on Youtube, circa late '08. It's nice, real nice, and formative for my kink. I just want to know when it was made. There's not much information on it.
>>5143 Well, the video was uploaded in February 2008, so probably mid-to-late 2007?
>>5143 Holy shit, someone else actually remembers that title. I've spent years looking for the actual song, and all I've ever had to go on was "Pregnant Angel in Red".