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(310.50 KB 961x679 Title Splash.png)
Pokemon Expectant Emerald Mr. Stan 07/13/2022 (Wed) 22:31:20 No. 40
New site finally has a random board set up, let's get this thread going again! Pokemon Expectant Emerald is an overhaul ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald with the goal of making (almost) every trainer pregnant. It began as an attempt to just swap out all the female trainer sprites, and because I'm an ambitious idiot, grew in scope to more general changes including swapping most trainers to female variants and overhauling almost all of the dialogue in the game to relate to the central theme. The ROM can be downloaded here: https://mega.nz/folder/AIgBGCaL#7cCLss5A1uQGv_1HyfLM_w The ONLY file you need is "Expectant Emerald 0.8.2.gba". Everything else is related to development, and is available for anyone who wants to look behind the scenes. I recommend playing it on VBA-M 2.1.4, available here: http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/gba/vboyadvance.html (It's the last link on the page, under 'Download unofficial ports'.) However, any GBA emulator should work. There are currently two versions available: Expectant Emerald 0.8.2, which includes edited content up through the end of Route 120, and Expectant Emerald Basic. The basic version is just sprite swaps, with no additional edits, and exists for those who would like to play through the game without waiting on further development. It has four variants available for download, depending on whether or not you want pregnant young trainer sprite and/or select pregnant pokemon sprites. In the main version of the game, younger trainers are referred to as "Contentious Content," are disabled by default, and can be enabled/disabled at will by speaking with an in-game NPC. I am currently in the process of editing dialogue and trainers throughout the whole game, but it's a long process and I have a day job that takes up most of my time. Further updates are in the works, but tend to vastly overrun any time estimates I give. The link above will be updated with new releases whenever they occur.
>>5865 And just to verify there's no plans for implementing mpreg in the hack?
>>5866 Yes and no. It's not a primary focus for sure, but there may a passing mention here and there. Different story with planned pokemon breeding stuff though. Daycare shenanigans between Brendan and a male pokemon will result in mpreg. This'll be completely optional and will either come with 1.2 or 1.1.
(705.00 B 32x32 May Test0001.png)
(704.00 B 32x32 May Test0002.png)
(694.00 B 32x32 May Test0003.png)
(681.00 B 32x32 May Test0004.png)
(672.00 B 32x32 May Test0005.png)
>>5850 Just wanted to drop a few simple images as a test to see what it is capable of! Since I am not sure about the frame rate, I haven't arranged them yet.
>>5868 Maybe a little long in the torso/belly region, but looks to be on the right track. I also don't know about the frame rate. That is going to be a whole bunch of trial and error on my end. When you compile them all into a gif for demonstration, please note down the timings for me, will you?
>>5868 >>5869 It's also worth noting that I only need unique frames to build the final animation. This isn't mandatory at all, but is more of an optimization more than anything. You'd need to label which frame is used in that case to let me know that one is being repeated. IE, 1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 5.
>>5866 If by mpreg you mean Pokemon mpreg, it's kind of easy to implement. We just need to change the pokemon gender ratios when we add in the edited pokemon sprites. If you mean trainer mpreg, that will be harder to implement as we currently don't have the sprites for it and will need someone to make them.
>>5870 Yup, can do! Part of the frame rate I was wondering about would give me the idea about the timings, how long to hold on a certain frame for impact, some aspects of the order etc. Was everything accepted with the grid and the pictures? Working on a grid can be a bit limiting with animation, being able to bend a rule or two here and there can make more interesting results. Anyway hopefully the program accepts these, they're probably as grid like as I can get.
>>5873 The only thing I can think of is length, in that if its too long, it can become annoying to see over and over. So 16 to 32 seconds would probably be the best range. From your original pitch, I think you've got the idea, so just do what looks right. I'll figure out how to get teh game to display it. Looks like everything is good. I'll probably need to do a little post editing for positioning and making sure the palette behaves.
(6.88 KB 201x125 Screenshot_17.jpg)
>>5874 Cool, sounds good. And just to clarify what did we need this overworld sprite doing, will she just be in a labor pain loop, No visible crowning or birth yet? And just since I am curious about the limitations of the software, it wouldn't accept any halving splitting of pixels like this correct? Halving would give me freedom to do a lot more if this program allows it without going to affine
>>5875 Quick labor into crowning and popping out the egg. Correct. No half-pixels. Affine might not actually be able to do half pixels either. I don't know the specifics of how exactly it does things.
>>5876 No problem! Oh okay, this isn't replacing the big egg laying cutscene maybe we can try some close up shots for is it? I don't mind doing both. Could I have the context of this scene in the game, does this happen often or?
>>5877 Alternative take on the egg laying. I can't promise I can get the big cutscene to work. I know I can get an overworld animation to work. Can't change the camera. You're fixed to that size. The 64x64 and big cutscenes will not bound by this. You'd have to zoom in everything else rendered as well. Context. May gets a egg added to her pregnancy by whatever means. After a while, it needs to come out. This animation will be it coming out. The end of the bonus eggnancy on top of her pregnancy. How often it will happen will mostly depend on the player. Eggs produced this way I intend to generate with better IVs, so there will definitely be a draw to it. It shouldn't happen that often, since the player will have to go start the process over again each time.
>>5872 A bit of column A, a bit of column 2. Pokemon was definitely the main idea and I was hoping for having a version that sets the gender ratios naturally (or even exclusively) without having to manually set them ourselves (as well as hopefully getting sprite edits of male exclusive Pokemon mpreg as well). Male trainers would be neat and having special dialogue would be too, though I imagine that's probably asking for too much as it's a fairly niche subject.
>>5885 The only male exclusive pokemon I could think of in Gen 3 are Nidoking and the Hitmons. Are there any pokemon you have in mind?
>>5914 Them and Latios are the main gen 3 male exclusives. Could also count the genderless Pokemon but I dunno if their genders can even be changed.
>>5914 Tauros and volbeat as well, I think.
>>5934 Oh yeah, those two as well. But aside from them I think that's it in terms of gen 3.
The Mauville city bard has started stealing the appearance of other overworld sprites. Apparently he was not content with being five people at once. Jokes aside, apparently he locks in his graphics ID on first spawn, so when I added in several new sprites, he suddenly shifted into a pregnant Anabel. This threw me for one hell of a loop, thinking that the dynamic sprite system failed due to too many additions, but it was simply just a matter of the index shifting.
Hi guys Im back from my vacation What's going on life Update anyone about life
Alright welp I missed a lot on here again but good to see some developments on the thread. Figure I might as well say a few things. >>5771 Good call on putting up a list of what sprites we have in stock thus far as it were. Just wanted to add a small correction real quick that you did attribute all of the Expectant Emerald original sprites I made to Fertile Red, but eh not too big of a deal anyway since pretty much all the non-Kanto Pokémon use their Emerald sprites anyway, so they can be used interchangeably between both hacks (albeit without Emerald's animations in Fertile Red's case), but yeah with that said really appreciate the work and help you've been doing for both hacks Lurk. >>5885 Well, you're in luck as I do happen to like some Pokémon mpreg too (specially Pokémon and mainly straight mpreg scenarios, I ain't too keen on human mpreg outside of a few specific exceptions), I was already considering doing a mpreg edit for Nidoking so I might get around to doing him alongside Latios at some point, not sure about the Hitmons besides maybe Hitmonchan, but eh we'll. So yeah, still need to get caught up on all the recent posts in the thread and I can't promise anything regarding me making sprites at any consistent rate, already got way too many projects I'm dividing my attention between, but who knows I might find the time to get a few sprite edits in even if it's in smaller batches then what I usually do on here.
>>6006 The list was a pretty good idea. We should probably thank Darlon for that idea though. The pokemon that share their sprites in frlg and emerald are all hoenn and johto pokemon. The kanto sprites for Firered and Leafgreen were completely redone (which, now that I think about it, makes sense). Personally, I prefer the frlg kanto sprites over the Emerald kanto sprites. They look more refined. Well, most of them anyway. While mpreg isn't my thing, I will make a specific version for Fertilered and maybe even Expectant Emerald that includes it. Still need to test out the expanded version of Expectant Emerald version 8.1 that I made.
>>6006 Nidoking and Latios were the ones I wanted to see the most so I'm absolutely good if you don't want to do them all. >>6007 This is appreciated as well.
Just a quick note: I know that there are a lot of things that people are wanting from these games But please do be aware of scope creep Putting too many things into one game can be a bit much on both the devs and the players, so it's okay to do something simpler, especially if you're just one person working on it. After all, we don't exactly have a dedicated team here, since it's just a thread. Maybe if there was a dedicated team or something rather than just a bunch of random anons in a thread, but start simple and THEN work out into the new features.
>>6127 Funny you should mention that. I just added an event legal Mew event into Altering Cave. It's weird how the remakes of the games that introduced Mew don't have the Old Sea Map or Faraway Island programmed in.
>>6127 About 99% certain that the battle frontier is going to destroy any semblance of scope on its own. I really hope I'm wrong in assuming that all the battles use the easy chat system. I really do. Apart from that, I've pushed the major features to post completion, or technical rage quit over the battle frontier, so my planned scope is somewhat rigidly designed.
>>6132 Nice to hear on that progress. I'd actually be surprised if anyone would do battle frontier in this mod, but I wouldn't past peeps to at least want to see Lucy or Anabel pregnant.
>>6138 I think you misunderstood, I've pushed back the features to be done after completion. So no progress on them, in other words. The facility heads behave normally, so shouldn't be a problem at all. It's the facility trainers that are going to be the problem.
>>6139 Don't bother with the facility trainers. As someone who used to grind the battle dome when I was little, I can confirm that the regular trainers use the easy chat system. Best you'll get is some biker saying, "I'm having a child." Yes that's actually in the unedited game.
>>6140 But can you edit the chat sayings to be completely preg related then? That way it can also be used for the popular phrase in Dewford and at least that is more easily accessible. Also I can't actually look at gen 3 Pokemon sprites and not see them in any way but pregnant anymore so thanks for that.
(217.86 KB 1919x730 Frontier example.JPG)
>>6141 They are editable if you have know the address for each word. How the battle frontier handles trainers is it uses basic trainer stats like trainer class, name, and team, and a list of word addresses to determine the message. Also I know how you feel. Every time I see normal Gen 3 roselia, it just feels off.
>>6143 Hm, it may seem easy at a glace but there's a good chance that if a word is shared amongst both male and female trainers, it's possible accidentally give males pregnancy related statements. On top of that, it can also lead to potentially having CC related sentences pop up even if you have that option disabled.
I am going to charge headlong into that wall and no one can stop me. I'm pretty certain they aren't random, so in theory they should be editable. Since I am not hex editing, it is far more workable to change them. In addition, there likely is little that will be able to stop me from adding a bevy of new words to the dictionary. CC/NCC is a concern though. That'll depend entirely on how trainer selection is handled. But getting ahead of myself, there is a reason this is the last thing that will be done.
Everyone in this thread gets a Lava Cookie
How is everyones day How is FertileReds progress
>>6251 Sorry, I didn't get a chance to work on it. I was too busy trying to archive bumplocked threads in the Drawn board. Speaking of bumplocked, it seems this thread has reached the reply limit so it might be a good idea to move to a new thread soon. I'll get everything ready for migration.
Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July responsibly and didn't lose any fingers. Unexpected pregnancies are welcome, though. Jokes aside, hope things are going well and development is going smoothly!
Ok I made a miscalculation. Now we're bumplocked. What this means is that you can still reply and post on the thread but it will no longer move to the front of the board. The /b/ board moves so slowly though that I'm reconsidering making a new thread for now. I'd suggest bookmarking/favoriting the thread in your browser though so you don't have to scroll through multiple pages to find it when it eventually gets to that point. >>6320 Yep just found a new problem when giving the national dex out at the beginning of the game. Apparently you can't enter the elite four. I will find a way to fix this.
>>6321 What exactly do you mean? The guards won't move?
>>6322 Well, no. You just have to do the entire sevii islands post game to challenge the elite four.
>>6324 Was thinking of the wrong game. That makes more sense.
>>6324 I mean, that might be fun. Just adjust the levels and there you go. Got a reason to go do the Sevii Islands and all that. More content, more bellies, etc.
>>6353 I guess but the postgame would end up becoming the main game and then there would be no postgame. Also it might require a bit of a narrative rewrite as the sevii isles storyline takes place between after the events of kanto and before the events of johto. Definitely something to consider down the line.
If you're already going the decompilation route, you don't really need to reinvent the wheel to re-add things like the national dex. Just use one of the many decomp expansions which add updated battle mechanics as well as Pokemon from the latest gens as well. FRLG - https://github.com/Skeli789/Complete-Fire-Red-Upgrade Additional FRLG tool for adding pokemon - https://github.com/Skeli789/Dynamic-Pokemon-Expansion Emerald - https://github.com/rh-hideout/pokeemerald-expansion Just use that as your base rather than the raw decompiled ROM and you'll have all the features you want and more already added so you can focus on just changing dialogue and whatnot.
>>6356 Not everything I wanted to add was in that by default. Also worth noting that the build requirements are different between vanilla decomp and emerald expansion. Now that said, I do plan on porting to it once I'm done. Plus, not every tweak can be cleanly applied to expansion, so the experience of adding them myself holds quite a bit of value.
I cast instant Pokemon pregnancy!
Yeah, we should probably get a new thread up
>>6446 Alright I'll gather the links and make a new thread when whatever the fuck is going on in /b/ dies down.
>>6495 I've gathered the links. I'll be away for the day but I'll make a new thread tonight when I get back.
>>6623 Every time I try to make a new thread it says connection failed.
New Thread is up: >>6627