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(436.64 KB 1600x1137 predictor-hed-2017.jpg)
Pregnancy in Advertisements Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 08/25/2023 (Fri) 03:49:18 Id:203249 No. 3337
Post any and all kinds of advertisements relating to or featuring pregnancy. They can be a print ad, video commercial, live-action, animated, even mpreg is allowed.
(5.15 MB 960x540 awomansbody.mp4)
An ad for One a Day vitamins
>>3338 Where'd you find that?
>>3342 Vimeo. The video is called A Woman’s Body.
>>3343 Thanks!
Many, many years ago there was a commercial for some kind of service, I think insurance, where the premise was a woman had received a fertility idol in the mail and was repeatedly pregnant over the course of years. It was such an obvious fetish bait scenario that it had to be written by one of us and I wish I could remember what it was an ad for because even typing it now it sounds unbelievable.
(129.17 KB 1297x599 nova-schin-non-alcoholic.jpg)
Advert for non-alcoholic beer
There's an ad for HOTmilk Lingerie. If only they showed her belly knocking things over. And a screenshot from a commercial that is impossible to find.
(472.00 KB 787x379 UNRPLFQSN2RBLX4XNOM3SLWZAQ.png)
(118.94 KB 720x972 rs5hbawcuaskc6zahm4ayqw7elf1.jpg)
(116.53 KB 720x972 g3xkgcscur1vpir2shrrsh2vtehh.jpg)
(114.58 KB 720x972 bgclw4dsn38p2y8xcqu7om203vrv.jpg)
(2.21 MB 640x360 Own Your Pregnancy.mp4)
>>3373 spoiler pls
>>3373 lmao how was this supposed to raise awareness
>>3377 This particular thread openly allows both.
If they needed a test to confirm that girl was pregnant then I fear for the child
>>3379 A NSFW artist stated that teens are dumb AF and only see sex as the best thing ever-teenagers know sex feels awesome, but they don't know what happens nest. In short, it's a lack of education, not ignoring the preaches of church.
>>3386 >lack of education >male pregnancy
(1.64 MB 352x288 Primor - Pregnant Women.mp4)
Pregnant Utopia
(7.68 MB 960x540 Dumb Blonde.mp4)
Ad for Oslo Public Transport
>>3538 That's hilarious. lol