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falloutghoul 09/01/2023 (Fri) 22:37:54 Id:720377 No. 3462
Twitter Nazis are out in full force tonight. Might as well hang out here.
your fault since you look at the wrong side dumbass
>>3462 You've always been the most sensitive little prick when it's come to any opinion right of Marx.
>"Waaah! They're not censoring my social media hard enough!" >Posts on a chan board
Uh-oh. But falloutghoul, isn't Pregchan full of racist nazi chuds too? Maybe stick to Discord.
(107.09 KB 239x234 markup_1000000882.png)
>>3462 >posts screencap of pseudo-anarch freedom fighter from Zeta Gundam(AEUG), fighting against the openly fascist Titans and irredentist Neo-Zeon >complaining about Nazis I sincerely hope we're talking about the same "Nazis" here pal.
>>3468 Oh I'm wrong, my bad. The OTHER people in this thread are the chuds. Apologies. That's my read of it.
Mind is still stuck in a time from the mid-10s where the anti-sjw movement tried to use the word 'nazi' as a catch-all for things they didn't like.
>>3466 Pregnancy is just the carrot on the stick of fascism, after all.
>>3467 #CanceltheSPLC And the alphabet rainbow ppl of GLAAD, NOW, NAACP and ASA (Autism Speaks). All the PCSJWs can go f0ck the Altrightmoralfags .
>>3467 >>3469 They're not Nazis, they're commies, get it LEFT.
>>3470 They tried to revive the movement by 1960s-90s hippie yuppie (grand)/-parents had more fun & money in their 20s-30s than the current Gens Y & Z are in their 20s-30s, no living wage jobs as the issue worsened during or after Trump & COVID.
>>3473 It's all just different flavors of socialism
(597.50 KB 640x634 image_2023-09-01_221911.png)
>>3475 You mean authoritarianism
>>3477 I mean by definition all forms of socialism require authoritarianism to function.
>>3478 It's adorable when troglodytes who have absolutely no idea what any political system consists of try to pretend otherwise.
>>3479 It's funny people assume that any person would give up their property willingly to the community or that the community could redistribute wealth without a compelling force to do so.
The fog is coming.
>>3480 Naw, little babies don't get to pretend they know what the big boy words mean. The comment wasn't a defense of any aspect of socialism or authoritarianism, but simply to call you a moron for regurgitating the same red scare shit that was old 80 years ago. Every fucking form of government has some compelling force to keep order and a way to redistribute wealth. But the angry man on the radio told you those were big scary words, didn't he?
>>3478 >>3480 Totally. In a capitalist or libertarian society people will just voluntarily respect property rights, haha. >>3482 >Naw, little babies don't get to pretend they know what the big boy words mean. I want some political pregnancy artwork in which the mother or father is playfully chastising the unborn like this.
(320.65 KB 1672x1626 xylpz8yoaama1.jpg)
>>3478 Tell me you dont know what socialism is without telling me you dont know what socialism is
>>3482 A capitalist society will still function without the state, a socialist one cannot. Simple as.
>>3486 Liberal democratic/capitalist societies that were NOT nation-states that existed between1500 and now? Sources and proof that they were capitalist (group of population that owned means of production, i.e. capitalist class and non-owning classes i.e. proletatians etc.) and proof that they were NOT a nation-state (no central government, parliament, judiciary, military equivalent)
>>3488 Literally any society that used any form of Barterism to exchange goods and services with one another. These societies existed long before the advent of historic society. >hur dur that's not the same as capitalism It literally is.
(2.61 MB 854x480 1669943065787635.webm)
>>3489 What did I tell you about big words, little baby? You don't know what capitalism or socialism even are, just what someone else told you is good and bad.
>>3489 commerce=/=capitalism
>>3493 I get the feeling you constantly say this while not actually knowing what the fuck any economic system is.
>>3494 It's an integral part of capitalism and its definition as an economic system.
>>3495 And yet you're proving you don't by spouting bullshit over and over again. You've a child's understanding if you're seriously arguing commerce equates to capitalism or can't happen without it.
>>3497 Explain.
>>3496 Nested concepts. All squares are rectangles but the reverse is not true.
>>3498 Seriously? Commerce happens. It's just the trading of goods and services between people. It happened in the heart of the Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, or whatever anti-capitalist dystopia you care to name. It happened when Ug traded flint axe heads for to Og for mammoth pelts. Capitalism is just one way to organize the transfer and a system of valuation for the things being transferred.
>>3500 Alright so capitalism is private commerce So essentially any society that traded privately held good and services would be a capitalist one. Yes even Ug and Og were practicing capitalism since Ug's flint axe heads were his own property whope Og's Mammoth's pelts were his.
>>3501 Absolutely wrong. Have fun with that, tiny baby.
>>3502 Explain. What is wrong with that logic? The cavemen were trading private property for their own respective profits. How is that not capitalist?
>>3503 Cavemen had no concept of private property or respective profits for one. Trying to assign a modern understanding of those things to the actions of cavemen is equivalent to making shit up. Once again, commerce is not equivalent to capitalism.
>>3504 >Cavemen had no concept of private property or respective profits for one You've got to be joking. The concept of private property is one of the oldest concepts out there. For fuck sake you yourself made the comparison of cavemen trading goods with one another. Obviously the concept of individual ownership was something that existed even for our most primative ancestors.
Who needs private property when the fog will consume it. The fog is coming. The fog is coming.
>>3506 Stop making shit up. You're not even good at it. Who owns the mammoths? Who owns the pelts? If axes are the way mammoths are killed and skinned, is it the guy who kills the mammoths, or the guy who makes the axes? What of the meat? Does it belong to the hunter or the guy who cures and cooks it? You don't know. You can't know. Trying to fit it all into a modern framework is literally impossible, and entirely different from my implication that cavemen traded with each other. You have a child's understanding of this subject. if that, and you've repeatedly demonstrated it. I've no more time for this ignorance.
>>3490 The "don't be hatin" police tellin us not to defame anyone different, cus they's mean and not nice.
Stop making these this is a pregnancy fetish site, not /pol/ or your politicuck therapy session. There's already fucking 2 threads for this already and you retards keep making more because you're too dumb to scroll for the other threads, in addition to being dumb enough to splurge on politics on a pregnancy fetish board. Either post preggos or gtfo
>>3508 >Who owns the pelts? Og >who makes the axes? Ug You literally stated so in your post here >>3500 Kind of weird you're getting all flustered about people's childish understanding of economics when you can't even get your hypotheticals straight.
Isn't almost the entire Xshitter used by different kinds of leftists, even with Muskdolf Trumputler buying it? Also lol at lefties in this thread being unable to explain anything, even their own ideology and economy. "That wasn't real socialism, sweaty", "Down with capitalism, also commerce can stay because trading stuff between people, companies and countries isn't capitalism, because... because I say so, okay?", "I can't explain my own views, but disagreeing with me makes you a dumb child". Capitalism isn't real, it's just a made up word from commie terminology and none of you have any proof that cave dwellers practiced either of those. Also why are any of you on a pregnancy fetish website of all places, most of today's left is repulsed by anything that has to do with children, including pregnancy and sex between men and women.
>>3462 You complain about 'nazis' but I bet you're one of the pro-imperialist synthetic 'leftists' who support arming hohol Nazis in the Ukraine and oppose existing anti-imperialist countries such as the DPRK.
>>3517 Probably because North Korea is a bit of a shithole with a proven track record of abuse to its people and other countries? Though it's funny you say that, because Russia marched into Ukraine like the Nazis marched into Poland.They staged a bunch of border marches and fake invasion tests much like how the Nazis did, and then went straight in to Poland and invaded it. We acted similarly as strong back then, too. It's just the way the war looks has changed due to technology, the political sphere, and our economy. >"You complain about 'nazis' but I bet you're one of the pro-imperialist synthetic 'leftists' who support arming hohol Nazis in the Ukraine" Would anyone supporting Poland when the Nazis marched into it be considered "pro-imperialist synthetic 'leftists'"? Think with your brain.
>>3519 >Nazi Invasion of Poland Yeah but America at least had the common sense not to get invovled in armed conflict till it directly impacted us. Supporting Ukraine now is honestly no different than supporting the Vietnam War or the Iraq war. You fell for the exact same propaganda your boomer parents fell for.
>>3520 >"Yeah but America at least had the common sense not to get invovled in armed conflict till it directly impacted us." You DO know that the US supported Europe during WW2 before actually entering the war, right? They gave Europe arms and supplies to help in the war a year after the war started. That included helping train new recruits. What are the US doing now? Giving supplies and arms to Ukraine and helping train new recruits. Do some research into WW2, it'll benefit you.
>>3521 They gave France and Britain supplies, Not Poland. We supported our affirmed allies. We didn't just support every fucker that got invaded. Finland didn't get Jack shit when it was invaded by The Nazis and Soviet Union, or did we forget about that conflict?
You're all fucking retards. WE HAVE CONTAINMENT THREADS FOR THIS SHIT ALREADY. Until you manage to fill them, stop starting new threads for political shit. If a thread derails into political shit, either fucking disengage or take it to a containment thread. Couchy, seriously, if you need a janny to help deal with this bullshit or something, I'd be happy to help. I'm rarely in a position where I'm completely unable to check the site.
(43.99 KB 600x603 download.jpg)
>>3523 >he does it for free
(104.35 KB 708x800 image_2023-09-03_122058280.png)
>>3524 >RAKE IT UP JANNY!!!!!!
>>3523 There's no such thing as containment. Once you allow political shit on your board you're admitting people that treat their politics as a lifestyle and are incapable of compartmentalizing it. The second you let /pol/ in it's over.
>>3526 Agreed. "Containment" threads are a myth. They become recruitment grounds for extremists.
>>3528 This is rich coming from the dumbfuck that started this thread. Falloutghoul you are just as extreme and unhinged as the people you shit on. You didn't need to make a retarded political thread but what did you do? You made one anyway. Then you have the nerve to act like you're the victim despite welcoming political discussion in the first place. Piss off. You're a fucking stain on this retarded community which is saying a lot given how fucking stupid it is. If Couchy should be banning anyone for political bullshit it's you.
>>3526 Believe me, I wish there wasn't any fucking political discussion. This is a fucking fetish board. Containment threads just serve as a distraction for the fucking morons who are going to do it anyway so the rest of the site isn't fucking flooded with it whenever it's not possible to just immediately nuke it as soon as it pops up. Either stop fucking discussing it altogether, or keep it in the threads that have specifically been set aside to keep it from dominating the fucking board. Everyone here is (I hope) a full grown adult. Fucking act like it, you goddamn troglodytes. Exercise some fucking self-control. It's not hard.
(264.08 KB 655x800 1650135003541.jpg)
>>3519 >Probably because North Korea is a bit of a shithole Woke ‘leftists’ again showing nation chauvinism and imperialist arrogance >with a proven track record of abuse to its people and other countries? The U$ Empire and it’s synthetic ‘leftist’ lackeys has no right to complain human rights abuses when the U$ Empire is the biggest warmonger on the planet and aligned with countries like Saudi Arabia. Even richer when talking about abuses to other countries when the DPRK has not invaded a single country but the U$ Empire has invaded almost every country on the planet. >Though it's funny you say that, because Russia marched into Ukraine like the Nazis marched into Poland. The Nazis in Ukraine broke the terms of the Minsk agreement several times, shelled the breakaway regions for eight years killing thousands, the NATO puppet government in Kiev was propped up back a American backed coup, the hohol Nazis have open talked about exterminating Russians, openly perform nazi parades, tear down WWII monuments, celebrate Nazi collaborators and erect statues to them. Plus, Ukraine is being used to balkanise Russia because it is one of the biggest threats to the U$ Empire. Once again you have proven just how aligned the synthetic woke ‘left’ are to U$ imperialism and regime change. You larp as a leftist as much as you want by making everything about identity politics but this is jus a cover for how much of a lackey for the American empire you are.
>>3529 I wonder if Falloutghoul is actually MysteryMachineX the notorious Fallout modder who injects constant political sperging into his mods. He is also obsessed with killing Nazis and authoritarians to the point where there is a list of fascist, slavers and authoritarians that you can kill in Fallout 3 and NV so the boot seems to fit. I won't mention much more details but just look up his profile and you get a picture of the kind of mods complete antifa loonies make.
>>3532 I bet Falloutghoul always simps for the NCR when playing New Vegas because he can't see how openly imperialistic it is. Degenerates like him belong on a cross.
>>3531 Lots of fancy words you're probably copying and pasting from /pol/. >DPRK has not invaded a single country They invaded South Korea in the 1950s. >U$ Empire has invaded almost every country on the planet. ...you really don't know how many countries there are, do you? I could go on, but I'm not going to be able to talk reason to you. You're too far gone into your conspiracy theories. Go back to /pol/ you fucking tourist.
Don't engage Maofag, people; retard genuinely believes Mao saved China. He's beyond help.
(157.19 KB 800x800 1649135272783.jpg)
>>3534 Nope I’m writing this out myself >They invaded South Korea in the 1950s. south ‘korea’ practically invaded them first and south ‘korea’ is occupied territory an illegitimate colonial state much like south ‘vietnam’ so even if it was the DPRK that started it they would simply be attempting to liberate occupied territory. > ...you really don't know how many countries there are, do you? Look at the chart (see picture) > I could go on, but I'm not going to be able to talk reason to you. You're too far gone into your conspiracy theories No conspiracy theories but Marxist-Leninist analyses from an actual left wing perspective and not a fake woke one. Then again conspiracy theory is a term to silence any form of criticism of western systems or anything that’s not mainstream thought. Ratwiki even thinks that Marxist class analysis is a conspiracy theory. >Go back to /pol/ you fucking tourist. They think the synthetic woke ‘left’ are a communists a lot of people on 4chan are rather ignorant of political theory like that.
>>3536 It's reassuring to know that >not real socialism Applies to both tankies and woketards
>>3536 A good chunk of countries listed there were aggressors, taken over by extremists or attempted to genocide ethnic minorities. For someone who proclaims to stand against imperialism, racism and fascism you surely love defending those policies, lol.
>>3533 left wing commies all deserve to be executed disagree, you are one fuck head
>>3579 The Abu Ghraib prison scandal in 2004 Iraq under the US Army when guards tortured those who are known to did the same thing towards political prisoners during the Saddam Hussein regime.
>>3637 What does this has to do with US bombing or not bombing different countries?
I was wrong about the Twitter Nazis, they changed my mind. They're pretty great and extremely based. Sorry for all the trouble guys.
>>3748 Now you're impersonating me? For shame.
>>3749 I'm a Stupid Moron With an Ugly Face and A Big Butt and my Butt Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Butt
(18.14 KB 464x485 dafuq.png)
>>3776 >>literally elementary school-level insults What the actual fuck even is this shit?
>>3587 And you deserve to live a happy life free from worry. But, you didn't get that because the leftists who could deliver it to you were executed in your scenario.
>>3780 Emotionally immature people who can't handle the fact that they were called Nazis.
(41.38 KB 672x788 CqEzr5NXEAE1oWF.jpg)
>>3780 >>3790 >people on this board are too young to even get a basic simpsons reference
>>3781 >But, you didn't get that because the leftists who could deliver it to you were executed in your scenario. I didn't realize life in the gulags was such a happy event. Makes you wonder why people were so desperate to leave the soviet union.
>>3794 Allow me to clarify: libertarian leftists will give you a better life. Auth left will kill you in famines and camps. But I'm sure your rebuttal to anarchism is something-something muh law and order
>>3795 Bit of an oxymoro innit? You can't be libertarian while also demanding more government regulations.
>>3793 I mean, I'm just not hugely into the Simpsons tbh. Given the nature of the thread, forgive me for assuming it was just someone going full retard.
>>3790 How can you call people emotionally immature,when seeing a hashtag you don't like causes you to cry about Nazis? >>3781 >>3795 For the past few decades it's anarchists/libertarian socialists/democratic socialists who had bigger sway on the left than auth left and they're the ones screeching 24/7 that everyone who isn't 100% in agreement with them and who doesn't consider Leo Trotsky the greatest man ever is a Nazi. Also their ideology boils down to "Fuck you, Mom and Dad, imma go burn shit down, loot everything and abolish police and prisons, then the world magically becomes a literal utopia." Anarchism is another ideology for teens who want to be edgy, but Nazism/Fascism and old-fashioned Communism/Marxism don't bring them hits of dopamine.
>>3809 >Thinking farm tools will ever take over the world What a grand and intoxicating innocence.
>>3800 I mean, look at Ben Shapiro. And the modern Republican Party as a whole. It's all just a fascist insurgency to turn the USA into a theocratic oligarchy.
>>3811 Jesus Christ you have to be a full on fucking retard to accuse a fucking Jew of being a Nazi.
>>3812 They said facist, not Nazi.
>>3813 Same difference.
(1.51 MB 480x480 1691259354907913.webm)
>>3462 its ok were here too
>>3812 Shapiro is in a really weird spot to be honest. He's conservative as all fucking hell, but he does seem to genuinely believe that it's not the government's place to enforce conservative views. I still don't like the guy whatsoever, but I don't think he's *quite* into fascist territory. Problem is, he doesn't speak out nearly enough against the actual fascists that claim to share his views.
(15.72 KB 225x225 16942343304360.jpg)
Lmao, 21st century leftists are literal 70 IQ drooling retards. >It's all just a fascist insurgency to turn the USA into a theocratic oligarchy. The fuck is this word diarrhea? None of this makes sense, you troglodytes have been screeching that everyone not on board with communism/anarchism/whatever is a big no-no evil fascist bully who wants a religious dictatorship for almost 100 years now and neither the world nor the USA is any close to that. >They said facist, not Nazi. You tards can't even spell fascist correctly yet claim to be Antifa freedom fighters who know that the way to go is anarchism and everybody who doesn't agree is an uneducated peasant. I thought it was just MuchBirth being this retarded, but turns out his entire side of the political aisle is made of imbeciles and spazzes. >I still don't like the guy whatsoever, but I don't think he's *quite* into fascist territory. >Problem is, he doesn't speak out nearly enough against the actual fascists that claim to share his views. "You breath air? So did Hitler" energy. A shitload of postmodernist thinkers and New Left ideologues insisted that there's nothing wrong with incest and pedophilia, you need to have sex with children or at least show them porn or else they become fascist and a number of them did touch and fuck kids. When will you denounce pedos on your side, lefties? My guess is never, and you'll wheel out "but le Catholic clergy and conservative politicians diddle kids too, that means my side can diddle them too, it's not a problem". Why are left-wingers such retards and lunatics?
(23.10 KB 720x624 IMG_20190206_185452.jpg)
>>3838 I know this is almost definitely fucking bait, but screw it. What kind of absolute fucking retard sees someone say "he honestly should probably tell the people misappropriating his views to push literal insanity that, no, that's not what he actually means" and thinks to themselves, "gee, this person must support fucking pedophiles"? How the fuck have you managed to shove your head so far up your ass that you genuinely believe pedophilia is somehow a fucking partisan issue? The absolute furthest the debate goes is regarding whether it's a fucking treatable mental illness and the like. Anybody who genuinely tries to claim that it's perfectly fine to fuck children is equally reviled by both sides. The only reason anyone on the left brings up the priest bullshit is because it's a legitimate widely-known problem that has actively been covered up and swept under the rug by the church for fucking AGES, and yet the right, rather than actually fucking take a stand and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, goes and throws a fit about the gays or trans people.
(124.83 KB 828x1329 20221206_151049.jpg)
>>3843 >The only reason anyone on the left brings up the priest bullshit is because it's a legitimate widely-known problem It's literally less of a problem then the amount of teachers that tounch kids. Hell even if you take in consideration per capita rates Teachers are twice as likley to touch kids than priests yet it never gets brought up as a concern when it equally was covered up for years.
>>3838 >shoutingwithhimself
>>3800 only someone who's politically illiterate actually thinks its an oxymoron. Who do you think even coined the term "libertarianism" in the first place? Ill give you a hint, it wasn't someone on the right
>>3844 >>implying that highlighting a specific case means you suddenly don't give a shit about every other case While it doesn't generally make national news except in very rare cases, when a teacher gets caught diddling kids, it's a huge fucking deal at least at the local level. The problem people have with the church shit is that they'll somehow fucking turn it all around on the fucking victim, because it makes SO much sense that the little altar boy fucking seduced some decrepit old bastard. These are people that claim to be the messengers of God. By all accounts, the particularly religious should be even more furious that someone would do something so horrible while acting as a holy man. But instead, you resort to what-about-ism and try to make fucking pedophilia a fucking partisan issue. It's absolute insanity.
>>3843 Half of Shitter thinks age of consent laws were created by homophobic Nazis. The half who's bios say "ACAB|BLM|Socialism now|Death to Nazis". And for past 30 years at least, whenever news about pedos pop up, everyone says "Must be the Catholics again" even if it's a random criminal diddler off the street. >>3845 So where's your argument to vote for libertarian left? >>3848 Teachers diddling kids don't make the news often because liberals in all the newspapers, networks and blogs ignore it, downplay it or scream "Muh Christian pedos". There are more than enough news about teachers facing zero to no punishment after abusing kids and just quietly transfering to another school. And the right is doing something to put a stop to it. The pedo clergy aren't covered for like they used to be just 20-30 years ago. Meanwhile, the left does nothing about sexual abuse of kids in schools or gay community. Except, again, ignoring, downplaying it, shifting the blame or bringing "But muh Church does it too and no-one gets mad, why are you mad at teachers/gays doing it?"
>>3871 Your entire fucking argument literally boils down to "b-buh my side doesn't do it as much as the libtards". Stop trying to make it a partisan issue, everyone hates fucking pedophiles. And actually listening to the retards on Twitter as if they legitimately represent anybody is your own damn fault. Also, learn to sage, you fucking mongoloid.
>>3882 The lefties in this thread are the ones insisting that their side is clean and whenever somebody rapes kids it must be clergy. Also if both sides hated pedos the internet wouldn't be chock full of leftists claiming that age of consent laws are homophobic and racist. And you're very optimistic if you think this type of retards is only prevalent on Twitter.
>>3883 >thinks that lunatics on the internet actually represent the views of the majority of left-leaning people Another mark for you on the retard checklist, good job! Also, again, learn to fucking sage, shit-for-brains.
(213.06 KB 1170x1287 20221019_064209.jpg)
>>3884 California pushed a bill through to make it so individuals that engaged in anal sex with minors weren't immediately put onto the sex offenders registry. The reason literally because they believed the current registry targeted Homosexuals. Let that sink in, a liberal ran government not just some random discord pedos, cared more about not offending a group of people than it did the children they raped.
>young adults >within 10 years of their age Considering the existence of so-called "Romeo and Juliet" laws in MANY states, no, this actually does do exactly what they set out to do in making sure it doesn't unfairly target gay people. The law prior left it up to a judge in cases where it *wasn't* anal. This literally just puts them on the same footing. The fact that you genuinely think "oh, this means gay people can rape kids without repercussions" shows just how much of a retard you are. This is basically only relevant to cases where an 18 year-old fucks their 17 year-old girlfriend or boyfriend and the like. The judge still has full power to put them on the registry if they so choose, it's just not an automatic placement. It took literally 5 minutes of research and basic reading comprehension to figure that out, so where does that leave you, fuckhead? Also, sage your fucking retardation already.
>>3887 >Unironically defending a law that makes it legal for an 18 year old to fuck a 10 year old without any repercussions Holy shit and you're the one calling people retarded. Way to fucking play the stereotype of a pedo defending liberal without any sort of question.
>>3888 That bill didn't make it legal, and it only applies to minors aged 14 through 17 years old. It gave judges discretion on whether to order the convicted to register as a sex offender. Stop trolling with bad faith arguments and actually read what you post.
>>3889 Precisely what this anon said; it's still illegal, and there are repercussions. They're just no longer automatically placing someone on the registry for doing the exact same thing in a different hole. Seriously, takes like 5 minutes of research. Not calling you a retard without a reason here; you've been providing plenty of evidence to prove that status.
>>3885 I see you kept this screencap from over three years ago, probably toss it in frequently to "spruce up" your vacuous arguments.
>>3889 >>3890 >Still ignoring that 10 year age gap It's really telling how defensive you guys are of a law that is fine with 17 year olds fucking 7 year olds. Like are we really going to ignore that a 10 year gap is unnecessarily large for the purposes of this law or are we still gonna gaslight like this isn't an issue?
>>3892 It literally does not work that way. The youngest it applies to is a 14 year old. So, 24 year-old and 14 year-old. It doesn't go younger than that. I personally agree that 10 years is probably a bit excessive, but the fact is that previously, you would automatically end up on the registry if you got a handjob, blowjob, or did anal, but that wasn't true for vaginal. Now, none of them automatically put you on the registry. It was a fucking bizarre distinction that made no sense and happened to disproportionately affect people who weren't straight.