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Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 09/18/2023 (Mon) 00:30:51 Id:d33d89 No. 3761
Boots and high heels during pregnancy and birth
>>3763 source? looks hot
>>3814 Xalynne and friends image set 2018
>>3833 Xd begging for money
>>3761 May I know the source? Thx
Pregnant Jan Burton
>>3837 ...given that that link is down, any context you remember on why that bag is designed that way? because birth into a bag is really hot to begin with but if there's some particular lore reason, that could really elevate it even further
>>5661 There are some gore and gaping comics from this artist named JM on e-hentai. A few also have pregnant and birth content. Unfortunately, the English translated gallery has been removed. But the Chinese one still exists. https://e-hentai.org/g/1936476/2dff91fbbc/
(109.96 KB 1094x707 Screenshot 2024-06-03 183829.png)
(106.87 KB 1129x758 Screenshot 2024-06-03 191230.png)
(299.51 KB 1280x1032 28.jpg)
>>5665 thanks. i'm having a... hard time ocring chinese to mtl, but mtling the korean tl you linked, it seems that the bag isn't directly explained, but it's presumably part of some kind of corporate standard for efficient birth--working women only get three hours of maternity leave, so the baby probably gets packed up and shipped somewhere. shame the english tl is down because the previous page about "fetus blockers" (and obtaining permission to give birth from the father, and some kind of corset that minimizes the preg belly at the expense of the mother's internal organs) seems really interesting but comes out as 80% gibberish