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(3.23 MB 2500x2100 Induction Deduction.png)
Hyperpreg thoughts? Anon 11/10/2023 (Fri) 05:47:09 Id:9ba534 No. 4203
Just wanna start a thread discussing hyperpreg an what makes it hot (or awful). I personally love that shit, curious what others think For me, peak hyperpreg is when the details get brought into the mix. The ultrasounds with a fuckton of embryos, a belly that starts showing just a couple weeks after conception, everything growing at a ridiculously fast rate. Any other thoughts on hyperpreg?
>>4203 I love it. Full breasts and childing belly are the mark of womanhood. Further down that primitive axis: more milk and babies, more woman. More doesn't equal better, but it sure helps. It's also where purity and obscenity intersect: the natural, innocent nature of a mother sacrificing her own body to bring forth new life juxtaposed with the extreme bodily changes of a woman fucked enormously round. A girl that dresses revealingly for attention doesn't do much for me, but a woman so voluptuous she tries her best for a modest appearance yet fails? Spectacular. Hugely pregnant women aren't conventionally attractive, either, so here we can find the legendary "hot girl who has no idea she's hot".
Not my cup of tea. For me bellies at that point look like oversized spheres, defying laws of gravity and simply look less like actual bellies but more like balloons attached to a body. I don't see the appeal where a woman is literally 90% belly. Quite a turnoff. I hate how popular it is. New artist pops up and suddenly they start doing hyperpreg after few regular pics. My dick simply doesn't care about hyperpreg and I won't talk shit about people who like it, but personally this ain't it.
I'm conflicted about hyperpregnancies. Preferably a woman should keep her natural curves, even if excessively pregnant. On the other hand, the appeal of becoming pregnant with aliens, monsters or large animals is lost if they can't grow dangerously huge inside her. I love the desperation/horror aspect of hyperpregnancy; hate the cartoonishness. I love the first picture above the most, middle one does nothing for me. Last pic is ridiculously excessive but strangely kinda hot.
(3.89 MB 3200x2500 Calming_Presence.png)
>>4207 >Last pic is ridiculously excessive but strangely kinda hot. Sounds like the burden is an important part for you. It is for me. When a girl has a belly bigger than herself yet stands like there's no weight on her spine, it feels like she's not even pregnant. Just inflated or something. As a litmus test, how do you feel about this pic?
To me hyper is just too excessive to enjoy. I’ll admit I do like ones that are a bit unrealistic in size, but it’s on a 4-6 maybe on that unrealistic scale, while almost all hyper to me isn’t just cranked to 11 it’s cranked to the 30s or more. It’s just being given too much of something you enjoy to where it reverts and isn’t as enjoyable. There’s also just the questions of: 1-how can she even move around? 2-how does she even get into places when her stomach is the size of a car? 3-how hasn’t she exploded my god? Everytime I see it I just think “chill out man”
>>4210 I feel nothing, simple as that as long as I don't think about it for too long. I just don't care. I see a huge sphere attached to a body. Where's the fun with hyperpreg? Like, regularly pregnant woman can do most of regular tasks and can be portrayed an way more scenarios, but this? She's bedridden, immobile. She can't do shit. It's boring, nothing exciting about this. Not to mention how ridiculous it looks.
Hyper is neat, I understand people who like realism but sometimes you want a womb so big the woman’s laying on it like a bed
>>4210 In short, I find it way too excessive. I still like that at least some effort went in to realizing the shape and curves of her body at that size. There are MAYBE things you could do w it (consider it a challenge). But at the same time, your pic is probably ten times as excessive (in terms of actual volume let alone weight gain) as the one I indicated. So she shouldn't be lying propped up in bed, that's a problem right there. And even in the "google induce labor" pic it's clear her belly exceeds anything supporting it to her frame. Her mattress would be on the floor (and it wouldn't stay flat), and she would be tied down so her own tossing/turning wouldn't rip her belly right off. And I don't think you could even be remotely round at that size; you would see the shape of it and everything it did inside of her. And she shouldn't be looking cute; she would be fretting beyond anything expressed in the first photo pic. But there's no definite rule. I even think the Mad comic "King King patient... oh, you'll KNOW when you see her," is kinda hot, though it's not sexualized at all. But it's also absurd. I also like the "goblins made her pregnant w an entire zoo" CG set someone came up with; would love to see an (authentically!) translated version just to know the poor woman's thoughts, what she feels and dreads (though I suspect it would disappoint). I'd love to see a woman/horse pregnancy with all the body horror of a hypersexualized Chronenberg movie. Pregnant for a full 13 months, abdominal tenderness/soreness even before she begins showing, "looks" normally pregnant most of first two trimesters but she can "feel" her body stretching faster than it can keep up, final trimester becomes a gruesome but still sexually erotic horror movie. And then the violent birth carries on forever (days to over a week) w never a moment's rest. It's definitely the burden and dread that I like.
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(827.99 KB 4000x2500 180809.jpg)
I personally prefer the lower tiers of hyperpreg, sizes well beyond unrealistic but still feasibly mobile. Once the womb-to-woman ratio starts climbing over 50-55 percent, it starts needing a little something extra for me to enjoy it. (Spoilers for birth)
>>4203 >The Struggle™ >shock factor >especially shock factor >belly noises >fetal movement >water breaking >liability for wardrobe malfunction >ill-fitting "everything" None of these are particularly exclusive to hyperpreg, but I guess turning these all up to 11 with no sense of subtlety is where the appeal lies with me. Hyperpreg also isn't much fun if it isn't juxtaposed with otherwise normative behavior and/or setting.
>>4217 This but also ridiculously overdue pregnancy, hypergestation I believe it is called Just such a nice concept, so niche though
I don't like it as much as I used to although I sometimes dabble in those ridiculous house sized bellies, especially with an xray or drawn in a way you can really tell how stuffed the uterus is. I'm more into moderate hyperpreg, pregnancy well beyond what a woman could safely carry to term. Like oversized multiples to the point she can technically still stand but only for a minute. And I absolutely hate standing, unencumbered hyperpreg. If she has a belly like that she needs to be pinned by it, and it needs to have at least some kind of blemish, although I dislike smooth skinned unburdened pregnancies in general. The perfectly smooth bellies, especially hyperpreg, so not read as stretched or taut at all.
>>4214 I’m sorry, but what is “goblins made her pregnant with an entire zoo CG set” referring to?
do you have any sources for good content like that?
(5.13 MB 2676x2048 366.png)
>>4230 Example of a hyperpregnancy (and later vore) that's well beyond ridiculous but strangely hot.
(110.11 KB 500x649 hyperpreg.jpg)
>>4214 I feel you, once it hits the point of looking like a cartoon your brain no longer sees "pregnant woman" it sees "woman" and "round object". I like hyper but it still must feel like its the woman's own body, that it is coming from within. Part of a pregnant fetish is the control and manipulation of her body and the vulnerability that arises from it. Hyper van be great because of the immobility, and pain. As though theyre a victim of what's occurring. There's a lot you can run with it while staying in the realm of physically possible, but too many artists take hyper past that point. Give me a woman with a belly so large she can hardly breath, or reach her belly button. A girl with a foal, a calf or puppies that have matured to dogs over the 9 months, who is laying on her belly, knees barely touching the ground. A womb that juts out from her sternum horizontal to the floor when she sits on her ass, making a perfect seat for any man who wants to pin her down while he titty-fucks her, or makes her give him oral.
(52.29 KB 679x693 11(1).jpg)
(114.64 KB 1280x905 200.jpg)
>>4241 >>4241 Stuff like this
>>4241 To this point, another point of contention would be the idea of bursting/near bursting in hyperpreg. Fucked up as it is, I love burst teasing/ near bursting because it adds some vague realism. A pregnancy can only get so big before the body can't keep up. Plus the strain, the worry, the mom-to-be making comments on how close to exploding she feels all add to the appeal for me. I lean more towards just burst teasing but the occasional bursting keeps things hot to me. Curious what others think about that if at all
>>4241 I'm not a huge fan of hyper but I love slightly bigger than realistic. Think Garylin art or Clone66 art. Theyre massive but they kinda have a hot realistic look to them. The example with the entire zoo inside is also hot but beyond that its not that interesting to me.