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Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/06/2024 (Sat) 07:11:03 Id:ced1b6 No. 4532
>Tfw the people who share your niche fetishes are also the shittiest artists alive Or alternatively: >Tfw the actual good artists who share your niche fetishes throw their other fucked up fetishes in their art that turn you off
>>4532 this is what happen when you practice to the point of insanity. many artist go their lengths to practice their craft and lose their sanity along the way.
(69.63 KB 588x460 fetishart.jpg)
I know exactly what you're talking about. But this brings up one of the truest pieces of advice I've ever heard: You want something done right, do it yourself.
>>4535 I can vouch for this as a fan of a certain mobile game series
>>4535 See that's the funny thing: I'm somewhat decent at art but there's two big problems: a). I'm shit at drawing pregnant women/bellies. b). The times I have tried I get really uncomfortable and in general I don't want my art to be fetish material.
I know the feeling. xxxx52's old pregnancy art was (and remains) fantastic. The trouble is that he rarely ever draws it nowadays and most of his stuff has the most degenerate shit known to man.
>>4562 Same prtoblem with Madam Squiggles/Mawspaws...or whatever new name they go by nowadays when they actually draw regular preg stuff it's great but everything else is a mess
>>4578 I mean she's a mentally unstable tranny that needs to change her username as much as her medication. What were you Expecting?
>>4579 chud pregchan users continuously being transphobic even when the thread has literally zero to do with trans people challenge: Impossible
>>4580 I mean aint they trans? Kinda relevant since they were brought up
>>4581 Not even in the slightest. it would be like me randomly bringing up some artist on here and randomly blathering about how they're gay or some shit like its a negative thing. Its not at all relevant.
It's annoying that we cannot escape the gender religion, with so many artists pushing it. Dwps is an example of a skilled artist who is completely captured by that ideology. It would be nice to not deal with culture war nonsense as we admire pregnant women. Besides that, there are those artists feel the need to include ugly bastards and violent abortions (e.g. Tenseiani, Phonon).
>>4580 Madamsquiggles has changed usernames making it a metric bitch to follow her work all because she can't stand the fact she was born without a penis. It's completely warranted to being it up when it actively harms the output of art.
>>4585 Not all trans people are interested in changing their genitals or feel dysphoric about it. Some just prefer to present more masculinely or femininely and identify as such.Maybe Flittermilk wishes he had a penis, Idk I havent heard him mention anything regarding that. someone changing their name affects the output of their art? How does that logic follow?
>>4578 This. And also Worm to a certain degree. Love the pregnancy, not into the stuffing, vore, etc.
>>4586 NTA but they've unironically changed their name like 6 times and as they pointed out it makes finding a cohesive collection of their art a pain in the ass, also i could give a fuck less about their perceived gender or whatever, Narodii...or whatever they go by now is FtM and their art is nowhere near as unhinged
>>4588 Thats fair, I'm just sick and tired of people negatively shitting on trans folks constantly in here. A lot of chuds in the pregnancy kink community have this weird insane demented obsession with trans people.
Alternatively this could also be when you see a hentai with a pregnant tag on it and then very often one of these happens: >literally just one page of pregnant belly and yet it's one of the best looking ones you've seen how can they do this >it's decent but it's all slathered in cuck shit and boring ugly bastards Can't tell you how much I have to dig and dig through E-H just to find some actual decent preg-focused doujins like GOD
>>4589 Choke on a “girl” dick you fucking retard Allah willing you freaks will never be accepted by wider society
>>4593 Days Since Last Transphobe Raid: 0
I find it ironic how many pregnancy fetish artists are either childfree, absolutely disgusted by children and anything to do with them and/or they're rabid leftists who think any and all contact between men and women is rape and patriarchy and all sex is misogynistic. Seems like they'd be much more comfortable being fat/inflation/vore fetish artists. >>4586 >Not all trans people are interested in changing their genitals or feel dysphoric about it. Some just prefer to present more masculinely or femininely and identify as such. Lol the girldick is real and you will choke on it.
>>4595 At least you called it a girl dick. Your lame attempt at insulting me was affirming of trans womens identity so I guess thats something
>>4595 And the one right wing child having pregnancy artist got driven off
You know the fetish artists that are the worst for political posting with their fetish art? Americans. Literally no other country I know inserts politics into porn. American artists do because they're all brainlet chuds that want to prove a point to their coomer audience and change their opinion on politics that probably doesn't even apply to them.
>>4595 yeah because even though they are childless, they are also spineless and cater to things they hate for a dollar/shekel . Luckily, they also have an army of leftist coomers to prop up whatever shitty opinions they have and blast their parents money on commissions. >>4598 Mostly Americans but also Euro artists trying to suck up to American leftists. The only exception is Brazilians shitposting about their politicians.
>>4598 I'll take artists that wear their political viewpoints on their sleeves over the passive aggressive shits that block and shadow ban people who don't abide by their viewpoints. Easiest tell are the ones that always post about registering to vote while pretending to be "unbiased" with such a demand.
>>4584 >Remembers when Crossdressing or at least not explicitly making it clear you're crossdressing would get you ran out the Community but now you're fucked up and a bigot if you call people out on that type of thing Estrogen and Hormone blockers did to the Internet what Crack did to the Black Community
>>4597 Are you talking about the one schizo who just began turning everything into unfunny boomer political cartoons that happened to also be fetish art
We lost another one boys
>>4595 Rightoids trying to get attention:
How the fuck did my thread turn into a transphobic echo chamber? What fucking space dust are you people huffing?
love how the only reason random is active is cause of a shitshorm of arguing lol, go whack it and get on with your day my friends
(160.77 KB 680x672 1705313354499.png)
(77.86 KB 966x755 1705313355893.jpg)
(52.26 KB 512x512 1678124551510.jpg)
(293.93 KB 1880x1124 1678124551136.jpg)
Just another day on pregchan it seems.
>>4614 You can't think for yourself if you tried.
>>4598 What aren't Americans worst at?
>has no arguments left >posts wojak Damn. Who would've thought?
>>4614 I really don't care whats happening here, but please keep your biggotry to 1 image per post. You're clogging up the main page with autism.
>>4614 Hope the ban was worth it.
Is it over?
(106.60 KB 510x500 1704402391846.png)
(1.23 MB 4032x3024 1703778053389.png)
(37.48 KB 1400x1630 58725 - SoyBooru.png)
(430.11 KB 895x934 1703222420457330.png)
>>4616 >>4618 >>4619 >>4620 >>4622 Go back to whatever commiepedotroon shithole you crawled from and goon to girly dicks there. None of you will ever be real men or women, by the way.
>>4688 You're not a real man posting these meme, youre nothing more than a lowly worm
Indeed, posting hateful stuf on a porn website. Simply shows that this person has nothing batter to do than spread hatred and try to make people angry.
>>4688 Try to improve yourself moron.
>>4688 Aww, what's wrong, did you lose your tweezers for stroking your micropenis and decide that the next best thing was posting shitty wojaks? You're not getting shat on because everyone here is secretly a tranny, but because you're an unfunny retard spamming a fucking porn board with this shit. It's fucking pathetic. Get a fucking hobby or something, for fuck's sake.
(16.33 KB 600x600 no.jpg)
>>4618 To be fair what the fuck are you supposed to do when statments as basic as "Men can't be Women" and "Women can't be Men" are being argued against? The existence of Sex Chromosomes are handwaved for fuck sake.
True though. You are born a boy or a girl and nothing can change that. Everything else is a mental disorder.
(74.90 KB 1179x1351 adachi-true-v0-sp02fuakguja1.jpeg)
>>4701 Not spam a fucking porn board with it, that's what. Like it or not, these people exist, and it's fucking annoying as hell when an entire thread is completely derailed because retards can't get over that fact. They're just here to get off to preg like the rest of us, it's not that hard to understand.
(14.14 KB 390x200 images (39) (1).jpeg)
>>4703 Shut up Adachi
>>4704 >Like it or not, these people exist And like it or not these people are fundamentally wrong and insert this aspect of their lives in everything including this fetish board. Hell the only reason it's currently being discussed is because a pregnancy artist specifically made it a huge deal to discuss their mental illness and then use it as an excuse to constantly change accounts making hard to view and collect their works. It's a bit ironic that you suggest we just blatantly accept that these people exist while not expecting those same people to accept reality. Like sure get off to the thing that contradicts your entire lifestyle but stop shoving your gender nonsense into it.
>>4708 Your gripes with a single artist on the internet aren't sufficient reason to annoy the rest of us by spamming the site with wojaks. The trans people aren't nearly as annoying as you dipshits throwing a fit constantly.
>>4712 >Single Artist >MaddamSquiggles >Dwps >RiddleAugust >etc.
>>4713 >>Hell the only reason it's currently being discussed is because a pregnancy artist specifically made it a huge deal to discuss their mental illness and then use it as an excuse to constantly change accounts making hard to view and collect their works. You've been referring to MadamSquiggles specifically throughout the thread, so I think the assumption that your gripe was with them in particular was a fair one. While I don't particularly agree with your opinions, you're also not the one spamming the fucking wojaks. It's the fucking edgy hateposting that's getting ridiculous these days, and it reliably derails threads whenever it happens.
>>4714 You are making it worse by crying about folks being mean, with your projection and lack of self-awareness not helping.
>>4715 Motherfucker, I'm just sick of literally any mention of trans people being met with retards spewing verbal diarrhea. Am I feeding the trolls? Yeah, probably, but unlike those braindead shits, the trans people that occasionally stop by are usually here for smut or civil discussion. They bring something of value, while retards spamming wojaks bring absolutely nothing to the table. And how the fuck am I projecting, exactly?
>>4717 You are far worse with your crybully whinging about how anyone who refuses to accept your ideology is a hateful troll or istophobe. Your self-righteous screeching in response to basic dissent attracts the trolls looking for a mark to trigger, and you take the bait by acting like a child.
>>4717 If the trans people were here just for the smut then they wouldn't be making threads with transgenderism as the topic.
>>4718 What, pray tell, do you call >>4614 >>4688 this retardation, then? Because I'm fairly certain that it qualifies as "hateful trolling". >>4719 Smut and civil discussion. The one thread in recent memory where it was the primary topic was literally just a person asking if there were any other trans people who were into preg stuff. And it was perfectly fine and harmless until some retard came into the thread trying to start shit. If they were making a nuisance of themselves I'd just as readily tell them to fuck off too, but they're not. Like, it's as simple as not literally throwing a fit at every single mention of trans people.
While that "trans ally" malds over the one wojak poster, I figure that we should move on from the mentally ill and get back on topic. One artist who frustrates me is ShindoL. He draws pregnant women really well (to the point where he might have a thing for them), but his work is often tough to read through. I wish he would make a wholesome vanilla doujin for once (unless he already did, in which case, I would like to know the title). As for other artists, Olympic-Dames is actually quite prickly in casual conversation. I could go on about a few others, but that would derail things again.
>>4740 I'm allowed to be annoyed by retards like that, and I was hardly the only one to complain about it, but go off. That said, yes, let's please move the fuck on.
>>4718 >>4719 You guys are just looking for an excuse to get mad about other people. The freshest meat right now is transgenders, that's the long and short of it. A few years from now, it'll be Muslims again. Then, women. Then, back to transgenders probably.
>>4708 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NNnIGh9g6fA Here's a 12 year old lecture by a neuro scientist about why you are full of shit.
Can't we all just agree troons are worthless and we'd be better off if we just wiped them out?
good fucking lord y'all see the word trans once and start flipping your fucking lids. maybe you should learn to socially interact outside of porn sites, ya fuckin losers.
>>4744 So where in this hour long lecture does the professor say that men can be women and women can be men? Because just citing a lecture on biological neurology isn't winning an arguement. Hell he may actually be proving that transgender people are completely wrong with that lecture.
Alright, this "argument" of yours is starting to genuinely piss me off now. I don't think I've ever, *EVER* seen someome legitimately try to argue that someone can entirely transform their biological sex with current medical technology, because it's obviously not there yet. But you know as well as I do that the *actual* goal of transitioning is to help trans people feel more comfortable with the body they're stuck in. The largest portion of a typical transition is the social aspect. It's one thing to make a mistake regarding someone's gender; that's generally expected and understood as being a simple error. But if you know for a fact that someone is trans, and you *deliberately* go against their request and misgender them, then that's just straight-up a dick move. It's just a matter of being polite like you would in literally any other social interaction. If you want to be taken seriously regarding this shit, argue your points in good faith instead of pulling strawmen out of your ass.
(122.82 KB 1461x834 cst.brightspotcdn.gif)
>>4768 If I self identify as Napoleon then you have to call me emperor of France or it’s a ‘dick move’.
>>4768 So the basic concept of Trans ideology is that Gender represents how you identify in terms of roles provided to the sexual binary. You essentially argue that your sexual indentity is based on perceptions of what qualifies as masculine and feminine and want to act on the qualities that make you most comfortable. This is in contrast to your biological sex which is determined by your sex chromosomes, produced gametes, and genitalia. Essentially whether your are male or female as these are biological labels based on observable data. So if that is the case why exactly do Trans individuals demand that they be referred to by biological identifiers? Why aren't trans individuals simply referred to as Masculine Females and Feminine Males? By arguing that someone should refer to you by a biological identifyer it is essentially arguing that gender and biological sex are one and the same or at the very least connected. If this is the case how can trans individuals argue in honesty that gender identity and sex are seperate concepts?
>>4771 Because in the strictest sense, "man" and "woman" are not biological identifiers in the first place. "Male" and "female" arguably are, hence the existence of the terms "assigned male at birth" and "assigned female at birth". Generally speaking, most trans people are fine with just the societal/cultural terms being used; of the subset that additionally wishes to use the biological terminology, nearly all do still clarify the difference, hence the existence of cis/trans as descriptors. As for your "masculine females" and "feminine males" point...if you strip away the biological identifiers from those, you get close to something that a decent number of trans people actually use; "transmasc" or "transfem". Truthfully, it's not ideal to stick tightly to an either/or view for that in the first place, because a huge number of people under the trans umbrella don't actually lean all the way to one side or the other; there's a large overlap with genderfluid and otherwise non-binary identifications. Like, full honesty, I am hardly what most people would consider trans by most metrics. I'm fairly comfortable in my body in most regards. However, I have pretty significant dysphoria when it comes to my facial hair in particular. It's just something I wish I did not have whatsoever, and if I had more disposable income, I would likely look into more permanent removal options. Overall, the topic is hugely complex, and it varies heavily depending on the individual. Aside from dipshit politicians twisting it to their own ends in their scramble for power, there isn't any sort of agenda behind it; it's genuinely just a matter of people wanting to be able to live their lives without undue suffering. >>4770 Congratulations, you've just made perhaps one of the most ridiculous strawman arguments I've ever heard. At least the other guy is attempting to have some sort of discussion.
>>4772 >Because in the strictest sense, "man" and "woman" are not biological identifiers The very first sentence and you immediately veer into retardation of the highest degree.
(2.15 MB 640x594 tertawa-lucinta-luna.gif)
Me laugh whenever I see TroonsGender™ clashing, debating and Babbling about their validity about dysphoria and technological advancement. Just accept the fact. You CANNOT get pregnant. Period. All you can do is just pretending to be pregnant either by bloating or using silicone fake belly. Enjoy your temporary fetish roleplay fantasy.
>>4778 >obnoxious gif response >trying to bait >using tripcode kek?
>>4776 Hate to break it to you, but no, "man" and "woman" are not technical terms in the same way "male" and "female" are. Obviously they have the association, but it's not a hard scientific distinction. Filling the role of a man in society is not inherently the same thing as being biologically male. The former is a general set of expectations for an individual within society, the latter is the actual scientific distinction. That's not retardation, that's just the truth. This is literally an argument of semantics. >>4780 Yep, same dipshit was one of the retards who ruined the calm discussion in that one trans-focused thread in /c/. Obvious troll, who is also brain-dead enough to use a tripcode while trolling.
>>4784 The definition of man is a human male The definition of woman is a human female Those terms are inherently biological in nature. No they are not social constructs as their definitions have always been in relation to the biological sexes. I will repeat again you are immediately veering into legitimate retardation by arguing the opposite of basic reality.
>>4785 "The Germanic word developed into Old English mann. In Old English, the word still primarily meant "person" or "human," and was used for men, women, and children alike. The sense "adult male" was very rare, at least in the written language. That meaning is not recorded at all until about the year 1000, over a hundred years after the writings of Alfred the Great and perhaps nearly three centuries after Beowulf. Male and female gender qualifiers were used with mann in compound words." They have, in fact, NOT always been in association with them, bucko.
>>4786 >Only argument is word origins Really? Can't even argue the fact man and woman are still defined by biology? Instead you have to use a roundabout argument regarding language that could easily be used against your viewpoint.
>>4787 The whole argument has been semantics from the get-go, you're the one who's not seeing it. All trans people are asking for is to be treated according to the societal role they wish to fill. Of course gender roles and biological sex are *related*, because the majority of people follow those roles as you'd expect. But that relationship is not some fucking universal constant either. The meanings of words are entirely capable of change, and in no way does that somehow deny reality. There is no rule saying "man" and "woman" HAVE to be biological terms. You'd have better results using "male" and "female", because those ARE accepted technical terms for biological sex. Again, this argument is entirely coming down to semantics. It's not that difficult a concept; you can have one set of words solely be the technical definition for biological sex, and the other can represent the societal interpretation of gender.
(4.42 MB 640x480 9cf8tjxootdc1.gif)
Anybody who openly wishes harm on transgenders is a fucking lowlife. I bet you're glad fascist parties are regaining legitimacy in many liberal democracies around the world, Germany, Israel, France, US. You know the eugenicists also believed lobotomies and sterilization were better for preserving the 'good' races and 'good' people.
man i love pregnancy porn
>>4789 >You know the eugenicists also believed lobotomies and sterilization were better for preserving the 'good' races and 'good' people. How ironic when it’s you troon freaks that promote mutilating and sterilising healthy bodies to fulfil some delusional fantasy. >I bet you're glad fascist parties are regaining legitimacy in many liberal democracies around the world, Germany, Israel, France, US. You forgot Ukraine
(143.36 KB 763x782 1657665290373.jpg)
>>4772 A man who insists he’s a woman against all reality is like someone calling themselves Napoleon but instead of having these loony troons locked up in the funny farms where they belong we bow to their insanity. >>4788 The meanings of words can change so we can say that 2+2 = 5 and if you say differently you’re a bigot
>>4789 I wish we lived in the fantasy land liberals think we live in.
>>4788 >All trans people are asking for is to be treated according to the societal role they wish to fill. We have words for that, masculine and feminine! You can't just pretend biological terms aren't biological in nature just so people can take on particular gender roles. Hell taking on thise roles do not change your gender anyways. I'm a fucking stay at home dad, that doesn't make me a woman and never will regardless of how much that role is traditionally for women. This isn't an argument if semantics. I cannot bear children, I will never be a woman, even if I do most of the child rearing.
Ahh I like the chaos happening in here
>>4795 Yeah, discussing matters like this in a fetish forum is like drinking. When we’re sane, we talk about fetishes, hobbies, etc. And suddenly when we’re drunk, we start discussing philosophies and shit.
>>4796 >> When we’re sane ...when did that happen?
>>4793 I don't, a land run by mentally deranged troons, pedos, and jews. Fuck that.
(1.39 MB 498x278 CHAOS.gif)
>>4795 Did somebody say CHAOS?!
Kill yourselves All of you Every single one of you
>>4793 You wish you lived in fascism? I'm appalled but not shocked
>>4800 damn nigga calm down, lmao
>>4802 kys
>>4794 Semantics is literally about the meaning assigned to words and terms. You are arguing that the words "man" and "woman" are inherently biological in their meaning, I am arguing that they are just fucking words, and are not somehow REQUIRED to have that biological meaning. It is LITERALLY semantics. You want to go by masculine and feminine, sure; the problem lies in the fact that you're also attaching their biological sex to it unnecessarily when you specifically say "feminine male" or the like. Why do you feel the need to highlight that? >>4791 Fuck off, Maofag.
>>4804 Kys
>>4805 Definitions are by there nature defined as in finite as in they have specific meaning. I hate these retarded arguments that words lose meaning just because language "evolves" it's an excuse to tear down any sort of meaning because the concept of finite absolutes completely destroys the transgender argument. >Why do you feel the need to highlight that? Because as stated before being masculine doesn't make you a man and vice versa. Your biological sex is not malleable it is an absolute. Stop pushing this retardation that your lifestyle choices somehow changes your biology. It would be like saying people that like rap music are black because being black is arguably not a biological identifier.
>>4807 One, the concept of finite absolutes in general does not destroy "the transgender argument", because nobody is seriously trying to fucking claim that someone who is born biologically male can get pregnant, because obviously that is not currently fucking possible. Again, the concept is simple: we can use "male" and "female" as the strict, technical terms for biological sex, while "man" and "woman" are allowed to have a looser meaning. It's REALLY not that hard. You wouldn't use "cock" in a fucking academic description of the penis, would you? There's a difference between technical terms and more casual speech, that's not a new concept. And the problem with highlighting it like that is that you wouldn't fucking do it for anyone else; you're inherently singling out trans people for some arbitrary reason. Do you go around referring to yourself as a "masculine male" in ordinary conversation? I want to clarify a final time. *It is not about denying biology.*
>>4809 Or, we could accept that identifying as trans is a degenerate mental illness and remove those people from society, just as we should have done with the faggots. And the blacks. And the Jews. But no, we decided that they were real people too. Now look at us. It's a slippery slope that keeps getting worse. But it's not too late to change course.
>>4809 >because nobody is seriously trying to fucking claim that someone who is born biologically male can get pregnant, because obviously that is not currently fucking possible. https://www.youtube.com/live/r_uE4q4f-VI?si=ETH58yDN8Ahr9gEm&t=3327 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2HwL3Cohzg
All this shithole site is good for anymore is killing boners, jesus fuck. Just jack off and move on
>>4791 Nice facebook meme grandpa.
complaining about societal degeneracy on a porn site is like pitching a fit about how terrible the food you ordered from a restaurant is, knowing damn well it was gonna be shite. I can’t jack off because these “degenerates” are ruining my own degenerate fantasies! Fucking lol
Can't we just be happy that a majority of Trans can't procreate? Let them live their fallacy. Kay? Who cares if the mechanic missed a few parts? It's not your car, or your mechanic so fuck off.
>>4811 Yeah, people like that exist. They're hardly the fucking majority. Every single trans person I've met who at some level has wished they could get pregnant hasn't gone anywhere near that point, because, unlike what you seem to believe about every trans person on earth, they do still confront reality. They know full well that biologically they're still the sex they were born as, transitioning simply helps them ease the disconnect between their mind and body. There are a few legitimate crazies out there; that's true of every group. That does not in any way mean they're all like that. >>4810 Low-effort bait, try harder. >>4814 Exactly, it's the stupidest fucking shit. Like, I know I'm perpetuating it by even bothering to respond to them, but they're seemingly hell-bent on turning anything even remotely tangential to trans people into a shitshow. Mention an artist that's trans, it's a clusterfuck; post mpreg or futa art (both longstanding fetishes in their own right), they throw a fit. And then you've got Maofag, who adds another layer of insanity on top of it all with his tankie retardation. Honestly think that fucker is prime ban material; he doesn't contribute anything and just stirs up shit. Even I've at least shared content on the rare occasion I have something relevant to contribute on hand.
>>4809 >nobody is seriously trying to fucking claim that someone who is born biologically male can get pregnant We live in a world where the term "birthing person" exists so as not to offend trans people with the word pregnant woman https://nichq.org/insight/exploring-nonbinary-approach-health
Ey remember u can hide threads Peace out
>I don't think I've ever, *EVER* seen someome legitimately try to argue that someone can entirely transform their biological sex with current medical technology, because it's obviously not there yet. >Yeah, people like that exist. They're hardly the fucking majority. Every single trans person I've met who at some level has wished they could get pregnant hasn't gone anywhere near that point, because, unlike what you seem to believe about every trans person on earth, they do still confront reality. They know full well that biologically they're still the sex they were born as, transitioning simply helps them ease the disconnect between their mind and body. Literally every trans person, trans rights advocate and progressive insists on that. "Sex/gender reassignment surgery works 100%, men can get pregnant now, stop being a reactionary, sweaty. If it doesn't work, it's the fault of literally everyone around me." >There are a few legitimate crazies out there; that's true of every group. That does not in any way mean they're all like that. There it is, No True Scotsman Eats Sugar. I bet if I asked you "Is everybody who isn't chanting "Trans Right are Human Rights, Fuck The Cistem, Down With Patriarchy, Punch TERFs, Die Cis Scum" a transphobic bigot?" you'd respond with "Yes, they are, and they deserve to die". >post mpreg or futa art (both longstanding fetishes in their own right), they throw a fit. Why would you post futa and mpreg outside their respective threads? >There is no rule saying "man" and "woman" HAVE to be biological terms. You'd have better results using "male" and "female", because those ARE accepted technical terms for biological sex. Again, this argument is entirely coming down to semantics. Then get ready to fine/sanction/arrest 90%+ of the world's population for being transphobic and using outdated and inaccurate words.
(14.89 KB 403x251 bruzel.jpg)
Dunno if it counts since it's not art but "Rando writes a preg story and it goes unfinished/the Writer disappears right when things start to get interesting" like all of InvictusVoxfini/Pregknightone's stories have this problem
>>4823 All of this is somehow a worse attempt at baiting than even the shitty wojaks you were posting earlier lmao
>>4826 >get btfo by multiple anons >hur dur youre all just baiting! This coming from the mouth breather claiming the words man and woman have no relation to sex.
>>4827 Go ahead, keep derailing. I just got a chuckle over the wojakposter's latest pathetic attempt to stir up shit. Post IDs are a thing. You seem to think that you're somehow "winning" some nonexistent competition. Newsflash, fuckwit, all you've done is made a nuisance of yourself and derail threads. Nobody's fucking leaving just because you vomited up the same horseshit everyone's heard a million times before and made some edgy jokes. So either learn to shut the fuck up, or go find an echo chamber to whine about trans people somewhere else.
>>4826 >>4828 Do you have an argument or will insist that everyone who disagrees with is just baiting or being edgy? Do you honestly think everyone all time is "Trans Rights! We won't use words like man and woman anymore, they're inaccurate"?
>>4830 They're clearly trying to disengage from the conversation, because even the most oblivious of autists can see you retards aren't worth talking to at this point. They're right about one thing though; trans people aren't just going to up and leave because you tried to hurt their feelings. If that's seriously your goal, you're wasting your time.
(27.67 KB 601x508 2f7.jpg)
>>4833 No, they clearly lost the argument and are now trying to cover that up by pretending to be smug and superior when really they’re seething.
>>4833 This dude made the asinine claim that man and woman are terms disassociated from biological sex and was rightly chastised for it. They then went on to claim basic viewpoints from the trans community were only subscribed to by its member's crazy fringe and once again got called out and provided evidence from multiple people proving otherwise. They absolutely lost the argument which is why they are so desperately trying to disengage from the conversation by claiming all the arguments against them are just bait from edgelords. It's fucking sad.
>>4835 Having actual close friends who are trans, no, those are in fact almost entirely fringe views. You're obviously basing your views entirely off loudmouths on the internet, because that's all you're pulling from. I actually have fucking personal first-hand experience in the matter, and your arguments are patently incorrect. Most trans people only really discuss it actively amongst themselves, the idiots you see on Twitter are often chronically online fuckheads to begin with. Like, you idiots keep bringing up "men can give birth now hurr durr", which is obviously almost entirely exclusive to FTM individuals, who, yes, in my experience, do tend to be the ones who are much more mentally ill. MTF individuals are generally legitimately just happy that they look more feminine, and studies do show that transitioning tends to be more effective for them. My entire argument regarding "man" and "woman" was that they are not technical terms, which is objectively true. "Man" and "woman" outright do not have the same strict biological meaning that "male" and "female" do. And again, you retards are doing this ON A FETISH BOARD. Not only are you not in a position to judge, *this is not the fucking forum for it*. If I "lost" the argument, it's a loss in the same sense of trying to reason with an anti-vaxxer; I made the mistake of trying to argue with someone whose head is too far up their own ass to listen. Some of us have lives to live, with better shit to do than stay wrapped up in arguments on a fucking porn board. So yeah, I'm fucking done engaging with you now. Continue squabbling amongst yourselves, I genuinely don't fucking care anymore.
>>4836 You've used that blatant anecdotal evidence in every damn trans debate on this site and it doesn't make you right. Anecdotal evidence is retarded and never actually provides broad information about a topic. Hell anytime you keep bringing this up it reveals your obvious bias and constantly makes you easy to spot out in these threads almost as easily as Maofag or the wojak poster. It's hilarious you disregard half the trans community as insane while talking about how stable the other half is too. Great way to prove your point by literally agreeing half the trans community is insane. If only those pesky MTF trans people weren't giving my personal friend who is FTM a bad name! Then you keep falling back and arguing Men and women aren't technical terms when their definitions literally use the biological terms Male and Female to describe each one respectively. You bitch about semantics then actively use it for your own arguments. And the audacity to act holier than anyone else in regards to arguing about this shit on a fetish site is irony of the highest degree. You rush to trans defense every fucking thread it is ever discussed regardless of whether it was antagonized or merely questioned. Yeah that "my trans friend" shit has made it real easy to tell who you are. And you keep fucking debating people and devolving threads because you actively lavish in debating this topic despite this "not being the appropriate forum" to do so. You're a hypocrite. Sure you say you won't engage anymore but that's an obvious lie because next time a thread merely mentions transgenderism you'll be there to white knight because you're "girlfriend" is probably trans and you don't even have the fucking balls to admit that "she" has more balls than you.
>>4838 I'm autistic and don't know when to let debates die, fucking sue me. I don't WANT to debate this shit, I really don't. I'd much rather find some good preg art and move on with my day. If the site had sufficient moderation, I wouldn't even feel the need to debate this; I'm just pissed that it keeps coming up over and over again. Also, I could maybe let it slide if some of these idiots could learn to fucking sage their posts to at least keep this shit off the front page. Seriously, that's what bothers me the most about this bullshit half the time. And with regards to Maofag...I will admit to getting some entertainment out of fucking with him, because he's a special kind of insane. Clearly you in particular are paying enough attention to all this to be able to recognize me from other discussions, so let me just put it this way. Yes, I do have a partner who is trans. All my anecdotes have been based on her and several of her trans friends. I don't deny that there are people under the trans umbrella who are absolute lunatics, because there absolutely are. But it pisses me off when people make such broad sweeping statements about the whole group when I know for a fact that it's not true for everyone. Can you blame me for being upset at what is akin to insult and wishes of death being hurled at someone I deeply care about, even if indirectly? Like, I'm genuinely tired of having this discussion. I would like nothing more than for this to stop popping up. I will HAPPILY drop it as long as long as you can do the same. Let's just all go back to jacking it to bellies, alright?
>>4838 >Anecdotal evidence is retarded and never actually provides broad information about a topic. "The plural of 'anecdote' is not 'data'."
Honestly anyone who argues on an imageboard is a mouth-breathing retard. I'm being a fucking tard for even writing this shit out. It's a god damn anonymous imageboard, I can say whatever bait I want and some stupid cunt is going to bite. If you actively fall for any of the bait then you deserve to be laughed at. There's literally no reason to try to have a moral discussion to change people's minds because no one's going to care. They want to watch you seethe and will respond with more bait that you're just going to latch onto like the carp-brained motherfuckers you are. The key to never derailing threads is to just ignore the bait. Ignore it. Don't respond to it. Don't even reply with a shitpost. Just move on. By taking the bait, you prove that you're not the bigger person and that you're an easy target, and you're going to get shit on in return. Your essays are just feeding those looking for reactions. Remember the Anne Frank poster(s)? We always used to feed into the bait, and then whole threads would become derailed because of it, and Hitler would welcome you every time you loaded the front page. Nowadays we mostly ignore them, and shit moves on completely unimpeded. However, when one of you cunts sees an obvious trans bait post, your single-celled organism brain takes the bait. Every. God. Damn. Time. You aren't going to change anyone's minds on this matter. There's no point in trying. Don't bother standing your ground. Don't be the obnoxious moral crusader. You're going to make every single trans person look like a tool with your constant bait munching, and that's not helping anyone prove that trans people are as "cool and collected" as you say they are. If you're all the bigger people like you all fucking say you all are, then you wouldn't even respond to the "troon bait" in the first place, so either admit you're all not the bigger people and keep screeching like monkeys or grow the fuck up and learn actual chan culture.
(219.53 KB 1008x600 1639216711141.jpg)
>>4839 >"I'm autistic" that explains the gigantic walls of text lmao
>>4839 >Yes, I do have a partner who is trans. So you're gay and are ashamed to admit you're a faggot so pretend that you're dating a 'woman' to hide your insecurities. If just admit you're gay and in a relationship with a gay man then there wouldn't be a problem but one of you has to cosplay as a woman and deny reality. Just admit you're gay.
>>4839 >Can you blame me for being upset at what is akin to insult and wishes of death being hurled at someone I deeply care about But you get upset at people who simply don't align with you're biased preconceived notions and go on tirades regardless. There are individuals simply stating biological truths that aren't driven by hate or fear and you still get upset and go on long rants almost as if you're not trying to convince others but convince yourself of something. I know someone else already said this as an insult but legitamately you and youe partner need to actually reconsider your sexualities because it definitely looks like you two are indeed gay and would be happier off juat admitting it and running with that weird femboy fetish shtick. I know the idea of never actually being able to experience the thing you're attracted to will be devastating but you should just rip the damn band aid of and accept you're gay and so's your boyfriend.
We never got an explanation for why "man" and "woman" are archaic, incorrect and transphobic terms, but "male" and "female" are ideal. Where's the source? The definite scientific proof? Are we supposed to use them because you personally said to?
>>4847 It's because "male" and "female" are Latinate and therefore somehow more legitimate than the supposedly lowly Germanic words "man" and "woman".
>>4854 "Legitimate because it's Latin" sound like something the Church would have said in medieval age. I'm not saying the fuckers with the trans agenda is just a dressed up modern day missionary, but...
Saying all this now not to rant or argue, but as genuine attempts to explain my viewpoints on the topic. I'm alright with genuine civil discussion of the matter if anyone gives enough of a shit to engage in that. I would greatly appreciate it if we could keep this discussion saged as to not flood the front page though, alright? >>4844 I'm bi (technically pan, but bi gets the point across well enough here) and never stated anything to the contrary. I'm fully confident in my sexuality, I refer to her as my girlfriend simply because she's far more feminine than she is masculine, and because that's what I see her as. In her case, the matter is more complicated due to the fact that she genuinely has DID, and some of her alters vary in their gender and orientation. >>4847 It's not that "man" and "woman" are inherently transphobic or somehow incorrect; the point I was trying to make is solely that, strictly speaking, the technical terms you would use in like a scientific/academic setting to denote the biological difference would be "male" and "female". "Man" and "woman" absolutely still do have the connotation of meaning biological male or female, I just personally believe that there's more wiggle room in their definitions, and that's not an entirely uncommon view when it comes to trans people. It helps to try and make the concepts of gender and biological sex distinct from one another.
>>4856 Again, why should "male/female" be used instead of "man/woman"? No reason except "I feel like it and everybody should comply". >It helps to try and make the concepts of gender and biological sex distinct from one another Aren't they the same thing? Haven't been following this shit for years, it changes so often. "Gender is the same as sex and it's a spectrum, no, wait, they aren't, but both are a spectrum" etc.
>>4857 "Male" and "female" would be used exactly the same way you'd use them already: if for whatever reason you need to refer specifically to biological sex. Meanwhile, the only change to the usage of "man" and "woman" is just allowing it to include trans people. If the situation requires you to specify whether someone is trans or not for one reason or another, that's where you apply the whole "cis" and "trans" thing as modifiers. Realistically speaking, it honestly doesn't change much about how they're functionally used on a daily basis. In all likelihood, unless you're directly interacting with a trans person, literally nothing will be different than normal. For the second part, a brief explanation based on how I understand it: Gender and sex, while often linked, are not the same. Gender is much more of a spectrum, since it's a part of your identity mentally. As for sex, it's less that it's a spectrum, and more that science is starting to understand that the process of sexual development gets messy more often than we initially thought. It's basically just a matter of saying "hey, maybe if a kid is born with both bits, we shouldn't arbitrarily lop one set off before they're able to tell us which one is the right one". I'm fairly certain this has more or less been the primary view for quite some time now, although I know some particularly loud fringe groups have definitely claimed WAY crazier shit.
>>4858 >the only change to the usage of "man" and "woman" is just allowing it to include trans people >it honestly doesn't change much about how they're functionally used That is still requesting a huge definitional change to the use of those words by society that runs counter to their standard meanings. Once again Masculinity and Femininity both cover the percieved definitions you are looking to utilize in such a scenario. >Gender and sex, while often linked, are not the same. This argument falls apart because as first mentioned trans people are using biological identifiers to describe themselves. Identifiers that are binary and actively stomp on the notion of a spectrum. You can't use the terms man and woman to describe a spectrum as they are actively describing a dichotomy. Even more damning to this argument is the active encroachment of trans individuals in spaces designed specifically for one biology or the other. If gender is seperate from sex then no transgender person would be demanding to use the men's bathroom as a biological woman and no one would be demanding to compete in women's sports as a biological man. The idea that gender is a multifaceted spectrum seperate from one's biology is ironically being ignored by the vast majority of Trans people. >science is starting to understand that the process of sexual development gets messy more often than we initially thought Aw yes the intersex argument. One that ignores that intersex individuals are suffering from a genetic abnormality, are rare, and most importantly do not validate transgender people who were born with perfectly healthy sets of genitals. Using intersex people to justify the trans community is akin to pretending to need a wheelchair because paraplegics exist. It makes a mockery of people suffering from a legitimate health issue that comes with a large set of health concerns.
>>4858 So it has to be used because you personally want it to? >Realistically speaking, it honestly doesn't change much about how they're functionally used on a daily basis. In all likelihood, unless you're directly interacting with a trans person, literally nothing will be different than normal. So why should the use of words change?
>>4839 Your pedo faggot partner would stop getting death threats if he did the right thing for everybody and killed himself.
This thread just cracked my egg. My transphobic egg!
>>4859 Honestly the funniest thing is just how insanely sexist a lot of trans rhetoric is. You’re not stereotypically masculine/feminine? You must be trans!
>>4872 Just as a heads up for future reference, to sage properly, you type sage in the email field. I do genuinely appreciate the attempt, though.
>>4893 There is no email field, just the name, subject and text.
>>4896 Click on the little "extra" button below the reply section to access it; it's kinda annoying like that.
Ironically, 90% of people here (and pregnancy fetishists in general) are people who don't want children (because they're too poor, too disease ridden, too mentally ill, care about the planet too much), people who can't have children (because they're faggots, they're tranny pederasts who've been sterilised as part of transitioning, they're eunuchs) or leftoids (who are universally faggots, eunuchs or retards who think every pregnancy is a result of incestual rape) and have an aversion to real life pregnancy. What a shitty gay website. Also you're all pedophiles, judging by the existence of teen, loli and shota threads.
>>4940 Nice rage bait, where'd you get it?
(357.58 KB 600x1079 5f0.png)
>>4940 Schizophrenia
>>4940 Hold on. Let him cook.
>>4941 It's old bait, the leftoid part is new but it's popular to blame everything on the left these days regardless if they've done anything or not
Christ, people, I'm usually the one falling for this bait, and even I know the fucker isn't worth acknowledging at this point. Don't give the retard more attention.
>>4941 >>4943 >>4944 >>4945 >>4948 You niggas literally believe that men can get pregnant, penises can be feminine and vaginas can be masculine and that using terms "male" and "female" is akin to killing trans people, and I'M the retarded one? Simply unreal 💀
>>4949 You're the one who came over here, are you bored because your wife left you and took the kids?
>>4949 bro is trying so hard, gotta respect the bait grind frfr
>>4950 Big talk from the virgin
>>4949 The thread's been dead for weeks, and suddenly you come along and start slinging shit. Even my autistic ass can spot bait that obvious. So yes, if you think we're going to fall for it, you are in fact a retard. Try harder, numbnuts.
He's right, you know? The vast majority of you are retarded commiefaggots who most likely aren't even attracted to women.
Yeah there's also AxelRosered. Guys draws good, i'll give him that, but the fucking morbidly obese girls just throw me off
>>4532 To get back on topic, I can't stand this retarded shit that Riddle has been doing for a few years now, putting partially transparent text of political propaganda over all their pregnancy art available on their Deviantart
>>6268 The funniest ones are those that have "Reproductive justice!" over a hyper furry futa. Jitnum legitimately believes he's fighting fascism with that, geg.
i have the opposite problem--the creators i love the most also get the most hate, which leads to them curtailing their efforts or ceasing entirely >artist/writer creates something erotic yet darkly psychological or even morbid >they treat the story seriously, no unwarranted humor or cop-outs, often resulting in unhappy endings >coomers get upset because "my dick is sad" (actual words) >they start harassing the creator, downvoting and reporting all their work >"this is just wrong, i can't jerk off to this" >"wtf why did she abort the baby!?" >"dude this is evil, just let the characters be happy omg" >"ffs cant you just give them a happy ending?" >"not cool bro, not wholesome at all" i think the western pregcommunity's sensitivity is why so many creators layer their work with such a thick glaze of cheesey irony, which is a tremendous shame because a lot of these creators have genuine talent and could easily make serious works with interesting stories
>>6270 Or maybe Riddle gets a pass because this "political propaganda" is just basic empathy to human beings regardless of their origin.
>>6328 >Baby Murder >Chemical Castration >Burning Down Black neighborhoods >Empathetic Yeah sure, once again Riddle only gets a pass because you share his politics you hypocritical douche.
>>6329 The only politics I share with Riddle is "let me live my life, not yours" But go on.
>>6330 Weird because Riddle is actively shoving his lifestyle in your face with his retarded watermarks. For someone that wants to live and let live you sure are okay with people shoving things in your face against your will.
>>6331 Because he shouldn't have to in the first place but a certain group began politicizing reality for its own sake.
>>6332 It still doesn't need to be said. For fuck sake the only reason you would believe that a fetishist should be using his platform to spout political propaganda is because you agree with it. The cognitive dissonance on display here is obvious.
>>6333 It SHOULDN'T needed to be said, but a certain group is hellbent on shoving their own brand of reality down everyone's throats. But you won't dare think they're the baddies because you agree with them.
>>6334 >But you won't dare think they're the baddies because you agree with them. How do you not see the irony in this statement?
>>6335 Because there is none. If you're upset Riddle has been driven to watermark his art with common sense I suggest you take a long look in the mirror about your own beliefs. Or keep whining, I think we know which one you'll do.
>>6336 Jesus Christ, you're so politically diluted that the mere suggestion that someone should keep their political agenda to themselves is seen as a personal attack against "rights" as a concept. It is clear your political biases have left you completely incapable of having any sort of discussion on this topic. Grow up and realize that your biases make you just as capable of "evil" as your political adversaries.
>>6338 Ah yes such "evils" like human beings having equal rights regardless of one's origin, I shoudl just roll over and accept the straight white male as the genetically superior organism.
Any retard that includes politics in fetish art deserves to be shit on. We're here to jack off over pregnancy, not to focus on politics. Why even care about politics on a pregnancy fetish chan anyway? The only retards I see screeching about "MUH POLITICS" are Americans with nothing better to do with their time. I rarely ever see non-Americans go on about politics.
(137.87 KB 800x820 7KbU3fF.jpg)
>>6339 >Ah yes
>>6341 This meme needs trump to be about 2 feet wider and leaning forward to be realistic
>>6343 Not this shit again
>>4770 Try identifying as someone with more than one joke.
Jesus fucking christ, who dragged this thread out of the grave?
>>6339 Oh shut the fuck up. No one has less rights than anyone else and thinking otherwise is fucking delusional.
>>4614 >>4688 All gems BTW. >>6328 >>6330 >>6332 >>6334 >>6336 >>6339 Kill yourself, Reddit nigger. Cut yourself and bleed out.
>>6360 Pol retard can't deal with his tiny worldview being threatened by other people existence
>>6361 Kind of like Trans people feeling threatened by the fact they can't have drag shows in front of children anymore.
>>6367 You must hate Shakespeare and classical theatre.
>>6368 Children weren’t going to Shakespeare plays, and there was nothing sexual about the cross dressing in them. Don’t try to compare the ugly degenerates of today to actual talented actors.
>>6369 You know that there was actual sexual content with some of the crossdressers in Shakespeare plays, right? And it was always the butt of the joke. Also children very much DID go to Shakespeare plays, as it was encouraged for richer children to indulge in mature hobbies. I'm not even trying to defend the trans chuds here, just do some fact checking first because children laughing at crossdressers in Shakespeare plays is a known and documented thing.
(32.91 KB 315x466 184.jpg)
This thread is perfect example of this concept... You are all on a channer fetish board for pregnancy content - you're ALL degenerate scum
>>6371 Including you, Anon. Come here and get your helmet with the rest of us.
>>6368 >>6370 Are we really at a point where we're actually comparing Shakespearean Plays to Drag Shows? Like do we need to make such an unfair comparison just to make your opposition look bad? To be clear you're trying to legitamizw adult men performing sexual acts in front of kids. Like you might as well be arguing that kids should be allowed in strip clubs at this point. Like holy shit you want to compare actors playing parts in a romance play to sexually charged burlesque shows where people actively fetishize themselves in scant clothing? Like you are doing this without a bit of irony. All because you can't accept the fact that your political viewpoint may actually go too far and harm people.
>>6373 You're assuming all drag performances are sexual.
I can't believe I'm actually debating in this thread again, but here we go I guess. Y'all do realize that drag shows are fucking 18+, right? The whole argument is a massive pile of nothing because, much like the strip club example, *they aren't meant for kids in the first place*. And no, having someone in drag sit down in a library and just read a book is not the same thing as a drag show. >>6373 >All because you can't accept the fact that your political viewpoint may actually go too far and harm people. The problem with making this argument is that all the reactionary anti-LGBTQ legislation that is being pushed as a response has the exact same problem. Look, as someone who was raised under heavy exposure to right-leaning media, I used to fall into the camp of "I don't want to hear or see this shit". But once I learned more about it and actually met trans people in person, I realized what should have been obvious: they're just fucking people. The vast majority of them prefer to keep to themselves, and have entirely reasonable political views. Almost every single talking point commonly tossed around regarding trans people is, in reality, more manufactured culture war bullshit. It's literally just the fuckheads at the top pulling shit out of their ass to distract you from the fact that they're the *actual* problem, and people are eating it up like a toddler having keys jingled in front of their face. You all need to sit down and have a long conversation with yourself about where the problems in this country TRULY originate.
(89.62 KB 600x832 skub-1309255297.jpg)
>>6375 >And no, having someone in drag sit down in a library and just read a book is not the same thing as a drag show. I try to differentiate between drag shows and general drag performances because of this. It's like when parents claim all anime is porn.
(116.59 KB 1024x1024 1686397904696690.jpg)
>>6378 Can you tell me exactly what is sexual about that image, then? Because if I had experienced that as a kid, I would have just thought it was someone in a weird costume. And while I get that people can be uncomfortable about it, is it *truly* the end of the world to basically tell kids, "hey, some people have two moms or two dads, and that's okay"? Because that's essentially all this amounts to.
>>6377 And some people are fine with kids beng along with priests despite that there have been several cases of priests molesting children and adults
>>6379 I would tought they were filming a Power Rangers episode
>>6370 And there is also crossdressing in kids cartoons and I always found them funny
>>6375 Yes trans people are people. Mentally ill people. I don't have anything against trans people for being trans, my problem is with the people who try to claim their kids are trans and push them into it, and with the medical butchers who affirm mental illness. When a healthy body has a sick mind, you try to heal the sick mind, not butcher the healthy body so it can be as sick as the mind. Trans is not "normal" or "healthy", it is illness that needs therapy.
>>6383 Have you heard about Starseeds? Starseeds are stupid ass people who claim to be aliens, those are people who are mentally ill because they claim to have seen aliens and to have superpowers. I did not made up this thing, just search them on Internet. In my opinion people who claim to be aliens are stupid mentally ill people who deserve torture, in reality there is no real evidence of aliens visiting the earth.
>>6384 Beliving that you are an alien is not healthy, I played Star Wars video games and I do not believe that I am a Jedi
>>6383 Those people decide what they do with they body, most of those surgeries are consentual, ironically there are people who let children at a very short age to be circumcised and infant circumcision can cause death (yes really just watch CanadianGirl Talks' videos and search about tribal circumcision)
>>6386 This even reminded me of Die Antwoord's song named Evil Boy whoch criticizes circumcision done by african tribes
>>6383 And that is precisely why they don't do any of the surgeries on minors. The absolute most a child will recieve are extremely carefully monitored medication regimens. Of the trans people I've met, most knew when they were kids, including one who was fucking raised Mormon.
>>6386 I'm not a fan of circumcision either, you won't hear me coming to its defense. I understand the procedures are consensual, that's why my issue is with the doctors and propagandists who encourage mentally ill people to recieve harmful surgeries in an attempt to make reality conform to their delusions (a man cannot become a woman, therefore their delusions can never truly be fulfilled).
>>6388 Hormone replacement therapy/puberty blockers aren't any better, it's sheer hubris to think these things won't have permanent repercussions. And the activists campaign for these surgeries to be available at younger and younger ages.
>>6388 And you don't know jack shit when you're a kid, anyone who says that is either lying, was gaslit into thinking so, or legitimately has the mental illness of gender dysphoria and should have recieved treatment to heal it rather than affirm it.
>>6389 I actually get where you're coming from with this, I really do. However, particularly for MtF individuals, the evidence does seem to show that transitioning provides a significant mental benefit to those who undergo it. (From my research, the data isn't quite as strong in regards to FtM) You also have to remember, not everyone transitions in the same way. Some people only transition socially, others undergo HRT without the surgery, and others go all in. It depends on the severity and focus of the dysphoria. As for the activists part...you have to remember that just like every other group, trans people have loud idiots that don't necessarily represent the majority viewpoint. Very few people believe it's necessary to allow surgeries earlier than what's currently allowed.
>>6391 Yes, they have genuine gender dysphoria, and transitioning has just as genuinely helped them. I get that anecdotes alone don't make evidence, but the actual data supports that as well.
>>6392 I've also seen evidence to the contrary, that suicide rates don't decrease after transition (I don't buy for a second that it's because society isn't inclusive enough, rainbow flags fly at the fucking White House). And it's not like people studying the harms of transitioning or therapies to remedy gender dysphoria are getting research grants. That would be offensive, and trans people and allies can be manipulated into reliable spenders on pride merchandise and voters for pandering candidates.
>>6393 Look, if they're happy and not killing themselves, that's great. I think the same results could be achieved without indulging in delusions and forcing others to deny reality as well. If half the money that goes into researching transitioning went into therapies for gender dysphoria, we could have far gentler and more effective options than dumbass shit like electroshock, though there are already some medications that show promise.
>>6383 No-one's being pushed into anything. You're retarded if you genuinely believe kids aren't autonomous beings.
>>6396 Ironically religious nut-jobs love to force their religion into everyone and later they accuse queer people into forcing their lifestyle into everyone. Teaching people to respect other people is not forcing their lifestyle, I respect black people and asian people depsite that I do not belong to neither ethnic groups.
>>6396 What a fucking joke. I'm not even going to dignify this with a response, anyone with half a braincell should understand how inane this is.
>>6390 Anesthesia has hallucinations as a side effects and nobody bats an eye (The Dark Knight reference), I don't want to say that I saw Michael Jackson alive working as a candy salesman (I say this since some people claim that Michael Jackson is still alive)
>>6378 This is functionally no different from a clown reading to kids.
>>6399 I know the danger of anesthesia better than most, a family friend had like half her life's memories wiped out, and they remain gone to this day. I try to avoid it as much as I can even though I know the risk is extremely low. Anesthesia is kind of a necessity for actual life saving surgeries though, instead of indulging in mental illness. The side effects of hormone replacers/puberty blockers have far more severe long term consequences than hallucinating for a few hours after, and they're not directly lifesaving drugs.
>>6401 any proof of the side effects of puberty blockers?
>>6394 The data on it is a bit muddy, I will grant you that. That said, part of why it's so muddied is that statistically, trans people often have higher-than-average rates of other mental illnesses, as well as chronic physical conditions. Hell, of the trans people I've met, several of them suffer from DID, and at least one is schizophrenic. About half of them also suffer from Elhers-Danlos, with one being diagnosed with Marfan specifically. Trust me, as someone who, while not officially diagnosed with EDS, has fairly severe joint hypermobility issues, some of the pain from that shit ALONE has made me contemplate suicide. Basically, much like any other mental illness, gender dysphoria rarely occurs in isolation. As for the thing about funding transition research... I would like to point out that, even if absolutely nothing else positive came out of the process, the research that has gone into gender-affirming surgery has improved our ability to repair damage done to the genitalia immensely. Like, there are soldiers who got half their cock blown off by IEDs who have functional equipment again thanks to advancements made in the pursuit of helping trans people.
>>6402 The UK banned them 4 months ago, they seemed to think there were. Go read their decision and see what they said. I'm not gonna troll the web for medical studies, I don't trust the impartiality of search engines and even if I found something I could easily just get a "wElL tHeY'rE bIaSeD!" in response. I could easily say the same for studies that say they have no side effects. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>6403 Yeah I buy that gender dysphoria is rarely in isolation. So why don't we try to heal it like we try to heal the others? Plenty of helpful research came out of the holocaust and Unit 731 as well. I'll take what objective good comes out of it, sure as hell not going to win over my support though lol.
>>6405 It mostly comes down to the fact that dysphorias in general are extremely difficult to treat without removing or otherwise mitigating the subject of the dysphoria. Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, commonly associated with (and likely tied to the brain wiring of) ADHD, can be somewhat improved by ADHD medications, for instance, but it's a unique case as the condition is linked to the atypical functioning of a brain with ADHD, and thus correcting that function with medication also treats the dysphoria. But as someone with ADHD, it is not a wholesale fix by any means. I may be able to recognize that a spiral is occurring, but I'm more or less entirely powerless to stop it until the trigger has outright been forgotten or otherwise pushed out of my mind. Gender dysphoria treatment in particular is complicated by the fact that the subject of the person's dysphoria is their own body. You can't exactly remove the stressor in such a situation, but you CAN mitigate it somewhat. Some people with gender dysphoria do go the therapy-only route; transitioning is basically the potential option for those who don't respond well to therapy alone. Ideally, transitioning is done after careful consideration of the individual situation and their needs, just like any other mental health treatment. Are there significant underlying problems in the system, and are people who arguably shouldn't be transitioning potentially being pressured into doing so? Sadly, yes. However, the issue there isn't in gender-affirming care itself, it's that the system that administers it is horrendously broken.
Seeing this makes me remember how much I hate Starseeds, those people are delusional people who claim to make other people better but in reality they are delusional motherfuckers who brainwash people into believing they are actually aliens. Those motherfuckers deserve no respect.
>>6407 Someone may say that they are harmless but no, making people believe that they are aliens is not okay.
But you know what artist fell off the most(or basically quit the worst but you get the idea)? Bencosmo. Dude becmae an asshole to the community when he quit just because he got a girlfriend or smth. If I remember correctly, he got roped into that shit as a minor
Trannies are fugly, disgusting and repulsive, why would anyone defend them, yet alone on a site dedicated to pregnancy and breeding fetishism? Go to a shemale porn site and stay there, retarded leftistpedofaggots.
>>6415 Not all of them are ugly, there are also some cis women that are ugly as well like some I've net on real life, also not all leftists are pedos and not all those people who support them are queer.
> "Trannies are fugly, disgusting and repulsive, why would anyone defend them" Looks like you got something in common then, bucko
>>6416 >>6417 So why do you defend troons on a pregnancy fetish site?
>>6420 Because he's literally fucking one. See >>4839
>>6420 >>6422 I'm not either of those posters, dude. Yes, I obviously have that reason to defend them, if you want to be that crude about it, but again, they're also just people. There are people out there that actually arguably deserve hate, and trans people aren't on that list.
>>6423 Just because you can't get a real woman doesn't mean you should play on the mental illness of other men just to get your rocks off.
>>6424 I'm bi, for one thing, and two, it's not all about sex, for fuck's sake. She's the person I love and want to spend my life with, just like any other relationship.
>>6420 I am just spreading facts
>>6423 Starseeds and any other retards with New Age beliefs deserve that kind of hate, just read >>6384 I did not made this up, search it on Google and go to any of those fuckers' videos to criticize them.
>>6425 If you actually loved this man you wouldn't be feeding into his delusions. You're no better than people that tell their anorexic friends that they're fat and need to lose weight.
>>6428 Look, dude, I really don't like debating this from such a personal angle, which is why I initially left the conversation in the first place months back. But I will say this: in her case, I can definitively say transitioning has legitimately improved her mental health. She's not living in denial like you seem to suggest; she knows what the state of things are, transitioning has just helped her become more comfortable in her own body.
>>6429 I'm sure drug addicts feel better in their own bodies when they take more Drugs and don't have to go through withdrawal too. You're an enabler bro, that's pretty fucked up.
>>6430 If I thought she was doing more harm than good to herself by transitioning, then I'd have told her as much. It has very much been a net positive for her, which you can't say for the drug or anorexia examples. Be more like the guy in >>6395 who at least acknowledges that if it helps, then it's better than nothing, even though he doesn't agree with it. He's not stooping to personal attacks and insults.
>>6431 I now self identify as Napoleon and demand to be called emperor of France you have to give into to this because it’s good my health and if you don’t I’ll threaten to neck myself.
>>6433 Don't you have anything better to do with your life? There are valid criticisms with the current treatments for gender dysphoria, but at least try to learn what it actually is. The nonbinary "gender is a social construct" thing is different.
>>6435 He's pointing out a valid flaw in people's logic in regards to treating gender dysphoria. By actively playing into the delusions of people that legitamately believe they are the opposite gender of what they are born than you might as well support the delusions of any other individual. Treating someone with Gender Dysphoria by punping them full of hormones is no different than giving a Schizophrenic matches and encouraging them to burn whatever the voices in their head are telling them to burn.
Is there a reason we're talking about this on a PREGNANCY-related forum? IMO, the only people who are desperate to drag this topic up over and over again everywhere on the internet, derailing other topics in order to do so, are just paid trolls and opinion manipulators. And their words aren't worth the screen space they're printed on.
>>6437 Good point. Also why do y'all belive that trannies are worse than Hitler? I mean at this point, we're no better than the folks at Twitter or Tumblr.
>>6440 The same thing people said about Justin Bieber and any other person or thing they hate. Fuck, never I go too far.
>>6436 Nobody believes you can change your chromosome, and it is ironic how nobody has got mad at a person with down syndrome calling themself a man or a woman (I say this since people with that syndrome are born with an extra chromosome, look up at wikipedia I did not made this up). Not all anomalies are visible.
(69.72 KB 1917x810 rah3of6xp3531.jpg)
>>6430 If you call HRT drug addiction then using medicine daily also counts as drug addiction? Sorry but I find this ironic.
>>6433 And I'm a ninja, yo My life is like a video game I maintain when I'm in the zone One player, one life on the mic limited time (Yo Ninja, go!) No fucking around I'm cutting down anyone in my path Trying to fuck with my game with razor sharp lyrical throw stars Here my flow's hot Hosstyle Wild, out of control Ninja skop befokte rof taal Rough rhymes, tough times Met fokol kos, skraal Till I hit triple seven at the ATM Straight famine or feast When you living on the razor edge Stay sharp sharp Rolling with the $0$ High energy You never seen Zef so fresh Uh! When we mic check Hi-Tek flows flex Yo we optimistic, not fuckin' depressed We not like the rest My style is UFO Totally unknown You can't fuck with my new Zef flow I'm hard to miss "You can't do this, you can't do that" Yo, fuckin' who said so? I do what I like Too hot to handle Too cold to hold You can't fuck with the chosen one I-I-I-I-I want the knife Yo I'm a Ninja https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cegdR0GiJl4
>>6445 This made me remember how much I hate people and organizations that promote alternative medicine, that kind of shit is just stuff that does not do anything really useful and the best thing is to use real medicine instead.
>>6447 (This comment is obviosly a joke)
(11.17 KB 202x250 012395854345678987654345678.jpg)
>>6437 >If you’re against troonism you’re either a troll or a Russian bot.
(65.41 KB 416x385 1649414998929.jpg)
>>6444 Their sex chromosomes are no different you dumbass and even if we could change chromosomes it wouldn’t mean would could change a man into a woman or a woman into a man there is just too much that separates men and women.
(111.85 KB 1024x1024 1698102934779181.jpg)
>>6445 Medicine isn’t polluting your body with alien hormones to accomplish something that is completely impossible
(81.32 KB 1024x554 1617768084124.jpg)
>>6448 Even the worse alternative medicine looks sane when compared to transgenderism and worse that profit based big pharmacy dismisses a lot of traditional techniques such qingong as ‘pseudoscience’ while pushing absolute madness such as troonism.
(224.51 KB 742x723 456yu6ye5w4t.png)
>>6440 Transgenderism has hijacked every nerd community out there and invaded women’s spaces while ensuring that any criticism of them is shut down as hate speech. Troons are a cancer worse than Hitler at this point.
@Couchy is there a way to manually turn off image uploading on certain threads / boards? Please for the love of god rob these reprobates in /b/ the ability to post images. If for no moral reason, then for the shared migraines of normal users who'd like to use the home page without trans wojacks all over it
(410.55 KB 1024x976 1693887364790152.png)
>>4580 Blah blah blah troons are attention seeking faggots. Got it.
>>6459 At least they didn't caused any mass murders or genocides like Hitler did.
>>6455 But some pills can kill you if you take them in high doses, that is something called Overdose. I am not against "real" medicine, using real medicine without reeaching an overdose is okay but there are some cases of people who have died of overdose like Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson.
>>6451 Who fucking cares? Some people are born with non-functional reproductive organs and some men get female sexual characteristics and nobody bats an eye (this is a reference to The Dark Knight, R.I.P. Heath Ledger)
>>6457 At least most transgender people doesn't believe that they are aliens, I would never befriend someone who calls themself a "starseed". Plus HRT does actually work not like Reiki or magnet therapy and any other form of alternative medicine.
>>6458 They DO actually see themselves as women
Starseeds are a small group but they deserve more mockery they are ridiculous as fuck, they are also like Homelander from The Boys, they claim to protect earth but they actually cause harm to humanity as they promote pseudoscience and claim that aliens visit earth when there is no zero evidence that aliens visit the earth. The real world is not a sci-fi movie or book and those fuckers deserve to recieve death penalty since it is more effective than educate them, in real lfe nobody can be resurrected.
>>6451 Also, trans people (at least those I know) do not deny they were born with the gender they do not identify with, please learn more about it.
>>6459 The irony of a chud rightoid saying this lmao
(785.25 KB 741x891 rentfree.png)
>>6465 Transgenderism has groomed so many nerds and autists into become troons that it might as well be called autistic nerd genocide.
>>6467 Troon treatment destroys the body without overdosing.
(173.31 KB 500x500 1578689903230.png)
>>6468 Using intersex mutations as justification of troon delusions typical troon argument also a man with moobs isn’t the same as a woman.
(228.45 KB 1271x613 1452321625060.jpg)
>>6469 They’re just as delusional a man can become a woman as much as he can become an alien from another planet aka both are impossible and HRT doesn’t work you only create ghoulish mutants whose bodies have been twisted by alien hormones to create literal abominations. Lordkat isn’t a woman nor is Jim Sterling or William Nicolas Parrot or John Walker Flint despite how much they inject alien hormones into themselves they will always be men.
(20.44 KB 460x227 a9nob-B0-460s.jpg)
>>6470 And that’s why their completely deranged.
(1.15 MB 686x1734 1691704736621361.png)
>>6471 I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about but they sound just as deranged as troons.
>>6474 But how is that comparable to the murders of millions of minorities just because some braindead austrian considered them inferior?
>>6478 Then I wonder what you would think about starseeds, search them on YouTube and go to their videos to insult them.
(138.31 KB 719x800 1649196919986.jpg)
>>6472 That’s the gender they have and thus they should just live with it, saying you don’t identify with biological reality is like someone not wanting to live with the banality of life so trying to live as a fox or cat instead. It’s all denial of reality we shouldn’t encourage this shit and get them to make peace with the fact that they will NEVER be the opposite gender or live as that gender. It’s really much better than enabling their delusions.
(113.50 KB 720x699 12378906543456789987654.jpg)
>>6473 Being against transgenderism = far right lmao you realise that China, Laos, Vietnam and DPRK are against this shit as well right?
>>6483 They are also braindead as fuck
If I had a Death Note I would write the names of every starseed that exists and I would make those motherfuckers that betrayed me die of AIDS.
I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in Death Note warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words.
(3.61 MB 1920x1200 153245-1199773990.png)
>>6479 I would like to see someone harassing starseeds on Internet and sending them death threats, we can erase those bastards from internet!
(104.34 KB 278x224 markup_1000008935.png)
chud pregchan users: "trannies are ruining everything" *highlights problems brougt about by dehumanizing the 'other'* The lack of self awareness is shocking. But this is a world where 70+ million people think trump is a god-emperor and rightist parties win in former-soviet countries when "le western wokism" is threatening their authoritarian rule This culture war stuff is all a psyop and if you fall for it, I wish you a better existence someday after your ticket is called.
>>6477 Why do you call them alien hormones? Is ironic how you call them like that even if you admit nobody can become an alien
>>6475 And you don't give a fuck if someone gets their life ruined by cocaine and alcohol like Charlie Sheen
(34.75 KB 1170x980 ཀ-v0-7ds7p67eu8bd1.jpeg)
>>6459 >>6474 >chuds and other individuals who pay for Twitter.com call out criticism by transgenders of their hate as "shutting down debate" plus tack on the ole "reductio ad Hitlerium" for good measure Ok, junior, so what shall we do about it? >proposes genociding transgenders in retaliation for all they've "ruined" the lack of self awareness is monumental
I would like to see a Starseed dying then I would pee on their grave
>>6471 There is a website naimed Gaia.com that promotes that bullshit and has a YouTube channel that deserves to be banned, those fuckers do not deserve repsec, nor accounts on social media just psychiatric treatment.
(32.55 KB 350x519 lf.jpg)
>>6484 China is becoming a superpower far greater than America, Vietnam and Laos overcame American imperialism in the Second Indo China war, and the DPRK has resisted regime change efforts and survived hardships that would have destroyed any other country their far from braindead. Meanwhile the west id destroying itself through degeneracy, in fighting and cults such as troonism.
Jesus fucking christ, I leave the thread for a few hours to go to work and Maofag shows his ugly mug lmao
(236.27 KB 924x800 1648383028926.jpg)
>>6488 Troons dehumanise themselves by mutilating themselves and destroying their own bodies. “Authoritarian” is a term created to justify imperialism against countries that are resisting the American Empire and wokeness is part of it being created by Wall Street to destroy the actual left in the west and justify imperialism. It was the woke left the started the culture war with their insane corporate created synthetic leftism that serves the interests of the elite.
(120.61 KB 647x507 1555898641798.jpg)
>>6489 Because female hormones are alien to the male body and introducing them is harmful. >>6490 Drug abuse rightfully seen as harmfully and illegal whereas transgenderist grooming isn’t plus cocaine parities haven’t destroyed nerdom troonism has.
(99.59 KB 1077x774 1672213055217518.jpg)
>>6491 The comparison to Hitler was brought up before I mentioned it I was merely answering what they had said. No I was comparing the mass grooming of nerds and autists to transgenderism to genocide which is an apt comparison.
>>6497 >>6498 Source? >deranged fascist discords and slur filled telegrams Cute infograph, definitely more appealing (on the surface) than the retarded deluge of wojaks you morons usually cook up. But it's still laden with half-truths and racist shit and trickle-down, "le america was better b4" backwash.
>>6481 >>6485 >>6486 >>6487 >>6492 What is your autistic obsession with some stupid new age cult that doesn’t nearly have the influence, push or corporate money behind it that the likes troonism or scientology has? UFO cults have existed for decades and also aren’t the ones taking over nerd spaces or being pushed by almost every western institution on the planet.
>>6500 Don't engage with the tankie. Retard genuinely thinks Mao saved China. Just point and laugh at him.
(71.17 KB 828x809 llcmwrtif76d1.jpeg)
>>6500 Breatube has pretty much been exposed as being backed by the CIA and such tactics are straight out of the book of COINTELPRO. This has been exposed by the writings of modern day activists not discords or telegrams hell Caleb Maupin wrote an entire book on this.
I find it hilarious that Maofag has such profuse mental diarrhea on the site that the soyjak raiders thought we were all commies lmao
>>6504 And the so called "face" of Breadtube, Hbomberguy, publically denounced saying "I don't even know what it is" [full of] a lot of boring people". What point are you trying to make? That a loose collection of liberals and pseudo-anarchists have more resources and organizing power than the fucking CIA? CIA has it's hands in everything. Even lib-rights like you who mostly lean auth-right. They know your number and how you tick
>>6506 Buddy, again, he's a full-on tankie who would kill for a chance to slobber all over Kim Jong Un's micropenis. Don't actually try to debate with him lmao
(506.99 KB 1080x2400 Screenshot_20240710-181630.png)
>>6504 This guy is also a scab btw.
>>6507 Yeah you're right. I hate tankies and fashies so they all blend together in my eyes.
>>6505 The right in the opposition to wokeness in the west are unfortunately very ignorant of political theory and think that wokeness and transgenderism are some kind of communist conspiracy when all the evidence shows them to be the complete opposite. Though wouldn’t my views be more evidence of communists being against this stuff than those that support it being communist?
(708.75 KB 1776x2124 1701858682244690.jpg)
>>6508 Troon dominated wikis slandering actual anti-imperialists shouldn’t be quoted as authority. >>6509 So you support imperialism but justify that by giving your all to backing fake leftist identity politics.
>>6511 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Project_HOPE Hmm they removed that mention from the Wikipedia page. Guess Wikipedia is run by the CIA!
>>6483 Tankies are just fascists with slightly better political takes. In the end your camp is no different than Nazi's however and will ultimately lead to the same outcome. Also most Marxist lenninists and probably even Maoists are pro lgbt. Might wanna take that up with your fellow ML's
(193.12 KB 617x680 Azov-Nazi.jpg)
>>6513 Again proving that wokeness serves imperialism attack the actual anti-imperialists as Nazis whilst supporting the Nazi Ukrainian government but that’s ok because you follow the liberal woke view on social issues so supporting imperialism is aok. Most Marxist-Leninist and Maoists in Western liberal collage campuses that actual serious anti-imperialist movements in other countries takes a very different line as well as existing communist countries such as the DPRK, Vietnam, Laos and China.
>>6512 >Guess Wikipedia is run by the CIA! It is! The lists of accepted news sources are all Western pro-imperialist media and one of the co-founders of Wikipedia Larry Sanger has even come out saying that Wikipedia is propaganda.
>>6514 Fucking hell, go move to the DPRK already then, you absolute fuckwit lmao
>>6514 King Jong Un Isnt gona suck ur dic bro lAMO :)
>>6514 Im an anarchist. You cant compete with me as far as being an anti-imperialist as Im against all nation state's period. You fucks dont actually give a fuck about being anti-imperialist, you just care about being anti western powers, which dont get me wrong I am against western colonialism and imperialism as well but the difference fundamentally between you and me is that Im against ALL forms of imperialism where as you dont give a fuck when the people you support go out and commit imperialism. So dont fuckin call me a liberal when its your ilk that are closer to liberals. Im as far left as you can possibly get.
(81.31 KB 1013x1025 v58t1tollld81.jpg)
>>6518 LMAO anarchkiddies are very much wreckers and imperialist lackeys the Spanish Civil War proved this and so has the actions of anarchists throughout history. Being against both sides by default puts you on the side of the imperialists because by doing so you support efforts to undermine the anti-imperialist bloc. The west are the only imperialists to speak of the resistance to said imperialism are not imperialists claiming so is ridiculous.
>>6501 Those motherfuckers deserve to be hated because they are not very well known and brainwash people into believe they live in a sci-fi world, I feel bad for people who believe in their shit, they deserve to get killed!.
>>6519 Tibet says otherwise, fuckwit.
(29.71 KB 250x321 ezgif-5-94613e997d.jpg)
>>6521 How dare China liberate people from a brutal feudal slavery and reclaim a region that was always part of China and then try to prevent CIA backed movements from tearing apart their country.
>>6522 dont you know? china was sunshine and unicorns farting rainbows before mean old mao came and forced the peasants to hate their landlords
>>6522 Whatever you say, Mr. West Taiwan :)
>>6524 Taiwan is an illegitimate puppet much like south vietnam was and south korea still is.
>>6520 I wonder what would the moderatorsof Pregchan think about those comments, if I commented this in another website I would get banned quickly.
I lovve to point the hypocrrisy of some people
For the love of god Couchy, please. I am on my knees. I just want to use the site as intended.
>>6497 If you call that mutilation, then other surgeries could be also called mutilations, like those done to save people from throat and breast cancer, that makes me say that there are worse things than death.
>>6498 Cocaine addiction has killed people and has ruined lives
>>6525 Newsflash, Maofag: nobody gives a single flying fuck what you think or say. It's hilarious that you go on and on about trans people being delusional when your insanity puts their issues to shame. Every single time you show up, the board more or less unifies against you because you are that fucking retarded. >>6529 Yeah, it was bad before, but Maofag took it to a whole new level.
I always wanted to be like Kira, I think this world is rotten.
>>6531 Imagine telling someone with cancer who hasn't gone under surgery that dying by cancer is good
(532.53 KB 880x930 vaginoplasty.png)
>>6531 Imagine comparing surgeries that save lives to mutilations that only exist to enforce mental delusions and don’t actually work. It’s impossible to give a man a vagina you only create a foul smelling stink ditch and it’s impossible to give a woman a penis you only create a piece of moulded flesh attached to her body.
>>6536 Prove it! Where did you took the information? I learned to not believe everything that is on internet after learning more about conspiracy theories and fake news.
(157.19 KB 800x800 1649135272783-Copy.jpg)
>>6533 >Anti-imperialism is more deluded that people who think they’re the opposite sex and force the world to play to their game of let’s pretend. What nonsense you can’t say that defending nations from US invasion and regime change is on the level of troonism. Fighting against the greatest war mongering on the planet is the sanest position one can take and has been the goal of great figures and movements throughout history Ho Chi-Minh, Kim Il-Sung, Fidel Castro, Black Panthers, AIFB and countless anti-imperialist organisations throughout history and the world can’t be compared to troons. Also where has everyone ganged up against me? There has few who have debated me but hardly everyone some have even agreed with me but the way you phrase it is like even trans sceptics have attacked me which simply isn’t the case.
>>6471 At least Homelander makes me laugh since he is a fictional character, Starseeds make me feel bad.
>>6526 I still wait to see those comments getting deleted.
(34.98 KB 500x224 joker-batman.gif)
>>6539 Gonna need cited sources for this image. Every source. Link them, back up the claims of the image. If you say "look them up" then you lose by default. You make the claim, you back it up with evidence. Do it, faggot.
>>6525 Taiwan is the legitimate Chinese government you communist fucktard
>>6519 Tankies are fash. Anarchism is the only way to be. The allegedly "leftist" China and (former) Russia are both sitting atop the gains of Qing and Tsarist imperialism. Go fuck yourself r/GenZeDong
>>6544 https://maurer.ca/USBombing.html https://en.interaffairs.ru/article/a-complete-list-of-wars-and-armed-conflicts-ever-unleashed-by-the-us/ https://www.vox.com/2015/8/3/9089913/north-korea-us-war-crime https://archive.org/details/PatriotsTraitorsAndEmpires https://thepanoptic.co.uk/2016/11/19/american-intervention-guatemala/ https://ratical.org/ratville/JFK/Indo58.html https://www.foreignaffairs.com/democratic-republic-congo/what-happened-congo-lumumba-mobutu https://www.marxists.org/history/cuba/subject/bay-of-pigs/index.htm https://thecollector.vercel.app/war-in-laos-most-heavily-bombed-country-in-history/ https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/essays/39354/the-worlds-most-bombed-country https://theintercept.com/2023/05/23/henry-kissinger-cambodia-bombing-survivors/ https://rtdocumentary.online/tags/vietnam-documentaries/ https://mronline.org/2020/03/04/a-little-help-from-their-friends-how-vietnam-withstood-largest-bombing-campaign-in-human-history/ https://www.thecollector.com/us-invasion-of-grenada/ https://historyguy.com/american_syrian_conflict_in_lebanon.htm https://www.britannica.com/topic/Libya-bombings-of-1986 https://case.edu/law/sites/default/files/2020-10/Planting%20CLE.pdf https://mid.ru/en/foreign_policy/historical_materials/1920437/ https://www.wearethemighty.com/history/operation-praying-mantis/ https://theworld.org/stories/2023/12/20/panamanians-remember-1989-us-invasion-and-continue-demand-justice-and https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL1812/S00010/united-states-war-crimes-during-the-first-persian-gulf-war.htm https://newleftreview.org/issues/i230/articles/alex-de-waal-us-war-crimes-in-somalia.pdf https://www.sott.net/article/386949-The-Real-Butcher-of-the-Balkans-was-NATO https://www.globalissues.org/article/122/the-strikes-against-afghanistan-and-sudan https://archive.org/details/UsAndNatoWarCrimesInAfghanistan https://global-politics.eu/nato-war-crimes-natos-humanitarian-bombings-the-balance-sheet-of-destruction-in-yugoslavia-1999/ https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/american-officials-could-be-prosecuted-for-war-crimes-in-yemen/ https://archive.globalpolicy.org/security/issues/iraq/atrocitindex.htm https://counterinformation.wordpress.com/2020/11/27/the-war-crimes-of-bush-and-blair-afghanistan-and-iraq/ https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/iraq_warcrimes_3627jsp/ https://consortiumnews.com/2018/04/03/how-many-people-has-the-u-s-killed-in-its-post-9-11-wars-part-2-afghanistan-and-pakistan/ https://www.juancole.com/2014/10/strikes-pakistan-militants.html https://www.veteranstodayarchives.com/2011/06/07/going-rogue-natos-war-crimes-in-libya/ https://global-politics.eu/washingtons-war-crimes-syria/ https://www.mintpressnews.com/us-support-isis/245868/ https://counterinformation.wordpress.com/2015/06/03/the-us-arming-of-isis/
>>6545 No it’s an American puppet state
(32.16 KB 639x692 1649890054132.jpg)
>>6546 This is why anarchists are happy to support the neo-nazi hohol government and you also forget that it was ‘tankies’ that beat fascism in WWII. China and Russia have done more to help liberate the people of the world and fight US imperialism than any other countries with the exception of Laos, Vietnam, Cuba, Albania, Yugoslavia and DPR Korea. Also how dare you accuse me of using r*ddit!
(3.82 KB 150x150 18wk44.jpg)
>>6547 >One half is deleted propaganda archived and viruses inducing websites, the other half is temporary russian/iranian propaganda You could at least try.
>>6547 >Links sources, lists several Russian websites. Several are only available on archive.org The only source you have on here that's reputable is Britannica. Try again, link better sources with footnotes linking to the proper documents, paperwork, and cited accounts.
(12.17 KB 208x242 feafse.jpg)
>>6550 There archives of written books uploaded in PDF form and alternative news sources. Also did you just pull the everything that is criticises us is enemy propaganda line? I thought that’s why my side was always accused of doing.
(79.23 KB 764x665 524.jpg)
>>6548 Palestine is an Iranian puppet state, in that logic it's then good that the true motherland of Israel retake their rightful claim they held on the land since the arab defeat in 1948,1967 and 1973 ☝✡︎🇮🇱🕯
(189.54 KB 632x796 1650833409772.png)
>>6551 I just did! But let’s face it you didn’t read a single one of the those link and just said “well that’s not CNN, BBC or other western news source” so it's illegitimate.
(66.76 KB 680x762 48147 - SoyBooru.png)
>>6552 >"Written books means it's true and not paid shill propaganda or madman ramblings!" Also >"alternative news sources" Topkek
>>6554 "I linked it, I did! I really did!" Links 1 - 14 and 16 - 36 do not cite proper, relevant sources. They do not include links to external documents backing up their claims. The book in link 4 is conjecture, and also fails to footnote any important documents. Link 1 lacks any form of documentation other than "trust me, I have a blank website design". Links 2 and 17 are hosted on Russian websites, and in todays climate cannot be trusted or used as reputable sources of information. Links 3, 20, 22, 28, 30, 32, 33, and 34 are journalism websites built on telling sensation rather than accuracy, and can be discounted. They also do not link any relevant documentations or trace and cite their sources. I once again ask you to try again - cite your sources PROPERLY. Historical documents, tellings, and cited sources ONLY. Try again and try harder.
(373.75 KB 680x1552 1f3.png)
>>6555 You retard I am opposed to wokeness and transgenderism which are creations of the American empire, Wall Street and pharmaceutical corporations. Also you really sound like one of those soyboy woke deboooonker types saying “I need a source” and then when given one “I don’t like that source give me one from mainstream media who’ve I’ve been programmed by”. The woke types also like to say that anything against their view point are shill, propaganda or madman ravings you really are two sides of the same coin.
(36.17 KB 136x102 full (13).png)
>>6554 Let's see then : https://global-politics.eu/nato-war-crimes-natos-humanitarian-bombings-the-balance-sheet-of-destruction-in-yugoslavia-1999/ among the sources cited in this articles, are : -A Quoteparrots image (lel) with a "quote" next to it without sources. -A Michel Chossudovsky article, who according to wikipedia is often linked with conspiracy theories. -Quote Paul sullivan on Yugoslavia without any sources from where his quote came from, and searching on the interenet lead to nothing but marxist sites -Claim that ample evidence of Nato usage of forbidden bombs when the U.N tribunal for former yugoslavia claims : "Cluster bombs were used by NATO forces during the bombing campaign. There is no specific treaty provision" :https://www.icty.org/en/press/final-report-prosecutor-committee-established-review-nato-bombing-campaign-against-federal Do i continue dissecting this slop or do i take other articles ?
>>6557 It's not because your sources aren't mainstream but because they are incoherent made up slop that contradict what the fucking U.N (on wich China and Russia are permanent members) claim.
>>6558 I asked for NON-JOURNALISM sources, and you link another journalist source like a fucking mouth breather. Are you retarded? These sources do not lead anywhere. Try again and try harder.
>>6560 The first link was one you sent, the second is from the U.N website and so isn't journalism. also nowhere did you said to not provide journalist sources you shizo
(36.10 KB 680x658 4eb.jpg)
>>6558 >-A Michel Chossudovsky article, who according to wikipedia is often linked with conspiracy theories. Holy shit you trust Wikipedia?
>>6562 You stupid cunt, I'd trust Wikipedia over a conspiracy theory nutcase. You're gonna have to do better dawg.
(414.99 KB 600x800 f5e.png)
>>6556 You sound like you edit rationalwiki >Links 2 and 17 are hosted on Russian websites, and in todays climate cannot be trusted or used as reputable sources of information. Russian news actually tells the truth unlike American propaganda news which spends it’s time spreading regime change and LGBT propaganda. >Links 3, 20, 22, 28, 30, 32, 33, and 34 are journalism websites built on telling sensation rather than accuracy, and can be discounted. You mean like CNN, BBC or any other western media? They are far more trust worthy than those mainstream propaganda.
>>6565 This guy is a lost cause, he doesn't even realize how often his sources come from the same american imperialist transgender promoters he hate so much, like when he quote and article from "The Nation"
>>6566 >Russian news actually tells the truth! Putin's never gonna notice you lil bro 😭
(65.38 KB 680x774 300.jpg)
>>6567 Conspiracy theorist is an elitist term used to dismiss any criticism of the ruling classes when you call someone that you might as well be saying “shut up peasant and learn your place” and the co-founder of Wikipedia now says it is propaganda https://nypost.com/2021/07/16/wikipedia-co-founder-says-site-is-now-propaganda-for-left-leaning-establishment/
>>6569 I think you quoted the wrong post, bot
>>6567 It’s worth linking to western media when to point out cases when even they can’t deny their crimes.
(128.57 KB 700x833 amD1Y134_700w_0.jpg)
>>6570 I clicked on the wrong post by mistake it was meant for >>6565 but that doesn’t make me a bot. Still you are one of the types that think that anyone who is against Western propaganda is a Russian bot. Go back to Rational wiki
(154.71 KB 610x606 ce5.png)
>>6571 >"Western sources bad unless they agree with me" I think it's useless to keep this debate since it's not gonna go anywhere with this mindset, it's not about confronting worldview and sources and interpretation of actuality but just forcing bad faith sophism desperatly trying to find one that'll stick like Sysyphus climbing with his boulder. I'm out. Peace.
>>6572 >"Wah, I don't like being called out! Go back to rational wicky!" Mad cus bad? kek
(10.20 KB 290x174 images.jpg)
>>6574 You didn’t call anything out troon
>>6576 Now you've resorted to calling me a troon because it's all you got left TOPKEK Bro is malding so hard
(548.95 KB 500x208 89c.gif)
>>6577 It’s a reasonable assertion rational wiki deboonker types do tend more often than not be troons. Don’t cry that I called you out troon.
>>6575 I think you don't even realize how funny it is from you since you're the only in this conversation that tried so hard to find le win ultimate argument refusing to see any contradiction to win "le epic updoot" or "le epic gold". You're quantified reddit tankie behavior.
>>6580 But I hate Reddit and what it's done to the internet
>>6579 The only one crying here is you dawg, I just pointed shit out and you got mad lmao Seethe more
>>6583 >Projecting
>my reaction to fashies and tankies bitching at each other
>>6584 >"Haha you're projecting, look at you project so hard. I'm not losing, you're losing!" Reddit wants you back, they miss you.
(88.21 KB 1360x868 sfdbfgdfn.jpg)
Oh, thanks for the auto-sage by the way Couchy :)
>>6569 No it is not just a term for that kind of people, at least wikipedia isn't moderated by idiots who claim to have seen aliens or to be aliens.
Here I can say that Starseeds deserve to get killed because killing them is easier than teach them that they are actual humans, sometimes is hard to detect lies and lie detectors do not really work, they are classified as pseeudoscience. If I said all of this in another website I would be banned.
>>6591 Would the moderators of this site ban me for wanting Starseeds to be killed? To me banning someone of it is like wishing death on Dylann Roof or any mass murderer that is still alive.
>>6588 Praise the lord. Yes thank you Couchy. The unhinged arguments are an inherent part of this site, but big ones with image spam breaks the home page like a toothpick.
>>6569 Conspiracy theorist are also people who claim that the world is controlled by aliens, that mass shootings are staged even if there are several people who died in those events, people who claim that aliens visit the earth or even claim that people like Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson faked their deaths. And all of them are totally false.
I am in favor of death penalty because nobody can be resurrected, if a serial killer gets excecuted that killer will not resurrect like Jason Voorhees or Chucky because movie sequels can make a lot of money and a serial killer being free doesn't benefit anyone.
>>6595 This is also because of me watching Death Note
Seeing this wanted to me see what you think about Starseeds becaues those motherfuckers only deserve scorn, and I can say whatever the fuck I want about them.
>Leftoids are so retarded they accuse eachother of being Nazi or lib chuds for picking up slightly different versions of the same retarded ideology Why are there so many of you commie- and anarchiefaggots anyway? Your very ideologies are against the family unit, today they have a heavy antinatalist tint and most modern far-leftoids are faggots with no interest in pregnancy, childfrees or retards who think the world is being killed through "le reckless breeding". Shouldn't you be on some tranny and faggot porn site instead?
(22.69 KB 550x455 thonk.jpg)
>>6588 You know, short of an outright rangeban on the idiots present, there's nothing stopping another thread being made and having this continue there.
>>6598 No retard communist countries have had very pro-natalist policies for example Stalin, Hoxha and Ceaușescu banned abortion. Fertility increased greatly under Mao, Kim Il Sung supported the family unit in the DPRK and Castro put limits on abortion. Only pro world economic forum leftist think reckless breeding is killing the planet and communist countries have been against faggotry and transgenderism. Why are so many on the right so politically illiterate ignorant and think that every communist and communist country is exactly the same as college campus liberals?
>>6594 Because every conspiracy theorist and everyone accused of being a conspiracy theorist think exactly alike and have the exact same views with no variation. The term conspiracy theorist is an elitist one because it's used to group genuine criticism of American imperialism and actions of the CIA with insanity about aliens it's a way of dismissing descent.
>>6575 To be fair I actually like reddit since it is the closest thing to Google+ thaat exists now, there is some cringy content but there is plenty of good stuff on it.
>>6601 >>6602 Practically every far-left ideology is against family and marriage institutions and by extent is against having more than 1-2 children or any children at all. Take a look at the internet far-leftoids and almost every single one of them will be whining about "muh overpopulation crisis which is responsible for climate change" or "why won't cishet breeder chuds become gay, antinatalist or incelibate, their spawn is horrible and ruinous for the environment, fucking stop popping out crotchfruits heckin NOW!". All the pro-natalist far-leftists died 30+ years ago. So this is why people like you shouldn't be on a site dedicated to pregnancy fetishism. Almost forgot that it's "heckin sexismerino and male gazerino and probably forced birtherino to fetishize women".
First off, thanks for the autosage, Couchy. Now we can all mock Maofag in peace. >>6604 You ever stop to think that, just maybe, not everyone who leans left on the political spectrum thinks like that? What is so hard to comprehend about "chronically online dipshits do not necessarily represent the views of actual people with functioning brains"?
>>6604 >Practically every far-left ideology is against family and marriage institutions and by extent is against having more than 1-2 children or any children at all. Wrong, Hoxha encouraged population growth and banned abortion same with Stalin and Ceausescu. Kim Il-Sung put importance on the family and it still valued today with in DPR Korea. Plus the Sandinistas in Nicaragua have some of the strongest anti-abortion laws in the world and their far-left. >Take a look at the internet far-leftoids and almost every single one of them will be whining about "muh overpopulation crisis which is responsible for climate change" They’re no far-leftists at all they’re the synthetic left who side with imperialism, support the neo-nazis in Ukraine, oppose the DPRK, oppose China, supported regime change against Syria and always side with the interests of Wall Street Bankers. >or "why won't cishet breeder chuds become gay, antinatalist or incelibate, their spawn is horrible and ruinous for the environment, fucking stop popping out crotchfruits heckin NOW!". Actual communist governments oppose faggotry and troonism there are no troons in the DPRK, China or Vietnam yet seem to thrive in the west. Plus no actual communist gives a shit about climate change it’s exaggerated fear mongering to push through World Economic Forum’s agenda of de-growth >All the pro-natalist far-leftists died 30+ years ago. You ignore Caleb Maupin who is pro-growth, pro-natalist and optimistic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMKpzskfXaY >So this is why people like you shouldn't be on a site dedicated to pregnancy fetishism. Almost forgot that it's "heckin sexismerino and male gazerino and probably forced birtherino to fetishize women". No it’s why you’re a politically ignorant retard that thinks all communists are like collage campus liberals and doesn’t understand a single thing about political theory outside of talking heads on YouTube who repeat the “woke is communism” line with out any idea of what they’re talking about or based on sterotypes that don’t exist outside of memes.
>>6606 Hey, Maofag. I notice you never seem to address this point: if in your mind, the countries you mention are such paradises...*Why the fuck don't you move there?* Give us one reason to believe you're not just a delusional shitbag talking out of your ass and actually put your money where your mouth is.
>>6605 >>6606 >>6607 Leftoids are all retarded, doesn't matter if it's an ESL commienigger, a white Maoist Chinaboo or a libleft tranny. Kill yourselves, trooned-out commiepedotroons.
Why do so many pregnancy fetish artists troon out? Has anyone noticed this? Do they want to live out their fpreg/mpreg fantasies so much?
>>6618 Go back to the fucking sharty you obsessed retard
>>6621 Stop confusing me with your boogymen, fag.
>>6622 >uses the exact same phrasing as the raid thread did >mentions ESL It's obvious that you're from the sharty, meaning you're either a retard jakker or you're fucking Kisame lmao
>>6624 Take your meds now, tard.
>>6631 An accurate observation isn't schizo talk lmao