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Pregnant Rubber Hose Cartoon Pitch Cheshcat2 07/12/2022 (Tue) 05:42:22 Id:20a5d2 No. 170
"The Preggy Peggy Show" Premise: Join Peggy Fleischer, a stay-at-home mother to be, through numerous wacky hi-jinks as she tries to enjoy life to the fullest despite all the "bumps" along the way. Characters: "Preggy" Peggy Fleischer - A stay-at-home mother-to-be who is always taking part in her hobbies and house projects. Happy to be pregnant with her first child, she tries to make the best of her situation and refuses to let her baby bump get in the way of her goals. Eddie Fleischer - Peggy's husband who works at a clean energy factory. He is usually baffled at her wife's insistence at doing work, but at the same time finds her take control actions very attractive and supports her hobbies nonetheless. Baby Fleischer - The unborn baby inside Peggy's belly. While not yet born, He still finds a way to cause trouble for his poor dear mother. However, despite his mischievous nature he truly cares for his mother, in his own way that is. Betty Belly - Peggy's arch-rival who dominates the Neighborhood Wives club. She has a very conservative way of doing things and views Peggy as a "knick" in her plans. She will occasionally team up with her when their goals align. Edward "Neddie" Belly - Betty's put upon husband who also works at the clean energy factory with Eddie. Unlike their spouses, Neddie and Eddie get along quite well. However, Neddie is not as confident as Eddie. Louise Linea-Nigra - Peggy's neighbor from South America who is pregnant with twins. She is always poking her head into Peggy, and occasionally Betty's, life. She loves to dance and bare her belly out; apparently unaware of her immodest appearance. Luis Linea-Nigra - Louise's husband from South America who is happy about being a father. He is always dragging Eddie and Neddie on strange misadventures while the wives stay home. He loves dancing with his wife (apparently, it is how they met). Morty Stern (The Boss) - Eddie's boss who, as his name implies, is stone faced and always in a foul mood. He has a habit of inviting himself to his employee's houses for an unexpected dinner. He is baffled by his employee's wives' pregnancies. Anita Stern - Morty's wife who, unlike her husband, is very jovial. She loves to offer advice to help the mothers-to-be, having had three children with her husband prior. She tends to give conflicting advice. Harry Stern - Morty and Anita's elder son who helps run the energy factory and tries not to look like a kiss up to his dad. Molly Stern - Morty and Anita's middle child who runs a café that the Fleischer's frequently visit. She wishes she was pregnant. Teddy Stern - Morty and Anita's youngest, who runs a series of odd jobs that land in conflict with the Fleischer's. He finds pregnancy attractive.
This what Peggy will look like. Her shirt will be blue and her hair is brown. Her shirt only reaches above her belly button.
why the fuck did you take time out of your irreplaceable life to write this
>>172 What's your problem?
Preggy Peggy in "A Well-Rounded Dinner!" Preggy Peggy must put together dinner for her husband Eddie after he tells her that the Boss and his wife are coming over. Peggy has everything under control - or at least she would if her belly didn't get in the way.
Preggy Peggy in "Lamaz-ing Things" Peggy and Eddie go to a Lamaze class for some relaxing exercising. Things get funky when the music sends Peggy's baby and the other pregnant women's babies into a dancing frenzy.
What Preggy Peggy was a Cuphead boss?
Preggy Peggy in "Great Expectations" Peggy has her own ideas on what she wants for the baby's room, but the baby has their own idea as well, causing Peggy to go to war with her own belly. Preggy Peggy in "Mother Knows Worse" Peggy's Mom decides to come over for a visit, but starts bombarding Peggy with horrible home remedies for a healthy pregnancy. Preggy Peggy in “Beach Bumps” Peggy and Eddie decide to take a trip to the beach that is overcrowded, thankfully there's only one empty space left. Unfortunately, Betty wants that spot too so Peggy and Betty settle it over a game of beach volleyball so intense even their babies get involved. Preggy Peggy in "Witch’s Womb" In this Halloween special, Peggy's a witch who has scared three kids out of their candy. After enjoying her sugar-filled feast, Baby Fleischer has a massive sugar rush. Preggy Peggy in "Stuffed Turkey" For a big Thanksgiving day feast, Peggy gorges on food, thus causing some mild discomfort for the baby who resolves to make room by doing what all babies do: kick their mommy's bladder Preggy Peggy in “Navel-tivity” Peggy and Eddie are playing Mary and Joseph in the local nativity play. The baby wants a chance to shine and will do anything to take center stage, even if it means having Peggy go off script. Preggy Peggy in "Prairie Peggy" Peggy is rustling up some cows for milking, but when one of her bovines begins to experience the throes of labor, she must hurry her to the vet with her baby belly lending a hand.
"Growth Spurts" Peggy and Eddie go furniture shopping, and Peggy tries sitting down in a very small antique chair. When she tries to stand up, her hips are too wide to get out of the chair, and hijinks ensue to get her free. "Craving Control" Peggy and Eddie dine out at a restaurant, and Peggy and Baby can't agree on what to order, causing Baby to try and use cravings to get Peggy to order what he wants. "Long-Distance Kicks" Baby discovers how to create Morse Code by kicking in his mother's belly, and uses it to communicate with the baby in Betty's belly like a short-wave radio, creating confusion for their mothers. "Naughty Navels" Peggy struggles with Baby over her own belly button- she wants it to stay as an innie, but Baby keeps pushing it out. "Morning Mayhem" It's Mother's Day and Peggy suffers from an unexpected bout of morning sickness. Baby tries to help ease her discomfort, but accidentally causes mischief in doing so, and at the same time Eddie's mother (Peggy's mother-in-law) comes to visit. Preggy Peggy in "Bazaar Belly" At a bazaar in Istanbul, Peggy decides to wow the crowd by showing off her belly dancing skills. However her dancing starts stealing customers causing her to get in trouble with the shopkeepers
Preggy Peggy in "Belly Bloom" It's the first day of Spring and Farmer Peggy is getting ready to harvest the year's plentiful harvest only to draw the attention of a pesky rabbit. Eddie Fleischer in “Love Thy Belly” It's Valentine's Day and Eddie has forgotten, now he needs to find the perfect last minute gift before Peggy finds out. Preggy Peggy in "Belly Bedtime" After a long and productive day, Peggy is ready for bed for some hard earned rest, but it looks like Baby isn't tired just yet. Preggy Peggy in "Forest Bump" Peggy and her husband Eddie decide to go out camping the old-fashioned way; their plans are threatened when Betty shows up in a state-of-the-art RV. Preggy Peggy in "Preggo Pranks" After Betty Belly plays a mean prank on Peggy, she decides to prank her back leading into a prank war. Preggy Peggy in "The Future is Pregnant!" Peggy and Eddie live in a futuristic society and go about their usual day. When Peggy goes to get a check up, Baby once again pulls her towards distractions. Preggy Peggy in "Beatnik Belly" When Peggy discovers that her belly makes bongo noises by patting it, Betty Belly entices Peggy to pursue a life of fame. Preggy Peggy in "Polarity Preggo" Peggy decides to get a navel ring and is in love with it, but then she finds out that the ring was made from some powerful magnets.
Preggy Peggy in "Poolside Preggo" Peggy and Louise head to the public pool to beat the summer heat but upon arriving they find out that Betty has rented to whole place to herself,
>>172 It's a preggo with toon physics, there's so much you can do with that.
Preggy Peggy in "Hic Hic Hooray" When Baby gets the worst case of the hiccups, it causes Peggy to bounce around wherever she goes making it impossible for Peggy to complete her tasks.
“Christmas Cravings” In this Christmas special, Peggy portrays a Christmas elf who is tasked by Santa Clause (portrayed by Morty Stern) to watch over a Christmas feast, but Baby keeps making her cravings go haywire.
Louise in Linea-Nigra in “Tummy Tussle” When space inside Louise’s belly becomes scarce, her unborn twins start to have a physical dispute leading to a prenatal sibling rivalry.
"Cave Mama Peggy" In this prehistoric short, Peggy finds herself in the Stone Age as a pregnant cavewoman, navigating her way through the challenges of primitive life with the help of her unborn baby and a group of friendly dinosaurs. "Peggy and the Twelve Labors" In this Greek mythology-inspired short, Peggy finds herself in Ancient Greece, tasked with reenacting the famous Twelve Labors of Hercules, with the help of her pregnant belly and a healthy dose of wit. "Amazonian Adventure" In this tropical short, intrepid explorer Peggy finds herself navigating the lush Amazon Rainforest, where she encounters an all-female tribe of expectant natives, called the 'Bump Bearers'. "Pirate Peggy's Plunder" In this seafaring adventure, Pirate Peggy follows a treasure map on a high-seas quest for a legendary treasure called "The Mother's Bounty."
>>1750 "Moon Mama" Peggy is an astronaut trying to survey the moon, only to encounter an alien that wants her off.
>>1750 Peggy's Twelve Labors: Nemean Lion: Instead of slaying a lion, Peggy convinces a large, fearsome feline to play with a ball of yarn. Lernaean Hydra: Peggy, instead of beheading the Hydra, belly-bumps each head, making them dizzy and confused enough to stop causing trouble. Golden Hind of Artemis: Peggy chases down a fast, golden rabbit, eventually tiring it out with her persistent waddling. Erymanthian Boar: Peggy, instead of capturing a boar, organizes a game of tag where she cleverly traps the boar inside a pen. Augean Stables: Peggy cleans a giant, filthy barn by diverting a stream with her belly, washing away the filth. Stymphalian Birds: Peggy belly-bounces rocks into the sky, scaring away the noisy birds from a quiet village. Cretan Bull: Peggy tames a large, rampaging bull by singing a lullaby, making it fall asleep. Mares of Diomedes: Instead of slaying the mares, Peggy outsmarts them by dangling a carrot on a stick, leading them back into their stable. Belt of Hippolyta: Instead of fighting the Amazon queen, Peggy engages in a dance-off, winning the queen's respect and her belt. Cattle of Geryon: Peggy herds the unruly cattle by playing a soothing melody on a pan flute, leading them safely back home. Apples of Hesperides: Instead of stealing golden apples, Peggy belly-bumps a tree, shaking loose the ripe apples. Cerberus: Instead of capturing the three-headed dog, Peggy simply rubs its belly, and the once fierce creature rolls over and falls asleep.
"Pharaoh Peggy" In this short but exciting adventure, Peggy is depicted as an enthusiastic archaeologist, exploring the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Her baby bump does not deter her, in fact, it assists her in many surprising ways. "Belly Dancer Peggy" In this vibrant and fun-filled short, Peggy finds herself in the heart of India, the land of colors and cultural festivities. Adorned in traditional Indian attire, her pregnant belly beautifully decorated with henna, she is set to join a local belly dance festival. "Peggy's Soul Wave" In this sun-soaked and tropical short, Peggy journeys to the island paradise of Hawaii, where she embarks on a quest to catch her elusive "soul wave", a spiritual surf experience that, according to local lore, comes only to those truly in tune with the ocean. "Viking Venture" In this playful short, Peggy finds herself as a feisty Viking leader, leading her crew on daring adventures and unexpected quests using her pregnant belly as her secret weapon. "Knightly Nobility" In a charming twist on classic fairy tales, Peggy assumes the role of a gallant knight, tasked with saving her beloved Prince (Eddie) in the playful short using her belly as a weapon.
"Van Peggy: Belly of the Night" In a delightfully spooky episode, Peggy steps into the shoes of a renowned monster hunter in a parody of the classic Van Helsing tale. Our pregnant hero uses her wits, bravery, and her baby bump to protect her town from a menacing creature.
"Pregzilla" In a thrilling episode full of action and fun, "Pregzilla" takes us to a world where giant monsters, or Kaiju, rule. This time, Peggy assumes the role of "Pregzilla", a super-sized pregnant kaiju.
I know this is gonna be weird to ask but, how tall should I make Peggy. The reason I'm asking is that most characters in these types of cartoons are either 3 feet tall or human-sized.
Make her halfway between 5 & 6 feet.