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Stories in a non modern setting? 09/03/2023 (Sun) 14:36:03 Id:d3a437 No. 2053
I'm looking for Fpreg stories of any sort as long as it's not in a modern setting. I don't enjoy stuff set in modern settings be it with or without fantasy elements.
A primitive woman with dark skin and hair gave birth to her first baby, and later started hunting again. and two weeks later while she was sleeping she was strangely abducted by an alien spaceship, in the spaceship there were all male humanoid aliens naked that decided to undress her, one decided to have vaginal sex with the woman and put his penis into her vagina, then the woman woke up and saw everything while starting to moan but it was to late as the alien finished and she had a big orgasm, then the woman went angry and started to punch aggresively the alien that raped her and then one alien decided to bring her back to her homeworld. The spaceship returned to earth and she drew in a rock what happened to her. As the days progressed she started showing more pregnancy syntoms she said to her father that she was pregnant again, and that it was because of rape and then she went to think about doing something to stop her pregnancy or not.
>>2053 I've got a humanized My Little Pony story, but T-shirts are probably too modern for you, right?