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Film Ideas? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/02/2023 (Mon) 23:13:46 Id:b9e319 No. 2124
You are given $500 million to fund your dream fetish film. What's the plot, if any? What niche belly stuff do you include? What do the actors look like? Any specific actors you have in mind? Me personally, a lot of unbirth, like an unhealthy amount. You don't get to see too much of it in media which is kinda sad.
>>2124 The truth is, I would make a superhero genre film, but it would be inspired by Japanese superheroes like Kamen Rider or UltraMan. But the plot would be that the heroine would be pregnant, when I have more details I will tell you.
I'd love to see something like Half A Dozen Babies/Life's Little Struggles, but with a full dozen babies. I'd imagine it to be sort of like a mockumentary to see what it would take to carry 12 babies to term, if not overdue. I'm thinking it'd be edging more towards realistic, but obviously keeping fantastical elements, namely the size of the mother's belly. The main scenes would be: -Getting the ultrasound -A visible growth spurt (think Enorme) -A gradual progression of complications (polyhydramnios, macrosomia etc) -Getting admitted to hospital after almost going into labor too early Could be a natural birth at the end, but I've had this weird idea of giving the mother a C-section to take some of the babies out for her own safety. Another idea would be a movie like one of BoB-BabyonBoard's stories, of a woman trying to naturally give birth to an abnormally large baby. Relatively graphic, but no bad end.
It would be me in the film, because I'm a gravidophile. I'd be on heavy, powerful fertility meds, and there'd be a short sequence of my body changing over the month I take them. Hips getting wider, breasts growing, extreme horniness, etc. There's be a close up of my pussy being fucked and filled with a truckload of cum. There was a Spike Lee movie about a guy knocking up lesbians, and often there'd be a scene of the sperm meeting the egg. I'd have that only there'd be endless sperm almost completely filling my tubes and piling into my eggs. My pregnancy would look almost excruciating. Each baby (at LEAST 3) would be huge, above any singleton in weight. The doctors would tell me I have some condition that makes their bones denser which is why their kicks are so hard and painful. My belly skin would be crazy stretched and stretch marked, and contorting wildly all the time. Limbs would drag across shiny tight skin, kicks would be so hard you can hear them. My belly button would progress from innie, to filled up, to outie. And I like gnarly shapes for belly buttons. It's hard to explain, but I like it "dimpled." Like there's a dip in it, think of the letter M, but more rounded, less dramatic. There'd be ultrasounds with a doctor enjoying pressing the wand hard into me, and medically ordering me to eat and grow the babies as big as possible. Of course my tits would be perpetually leaking and occasionally squirting, when not being milked like a cow. I would be a mess of moans and groans, always rubbing whatever I could reach, a mix of pain and pleasure, my face always pink and visibly strained, my whole body covered in sweat. I'd have a shower scene with me sitting on a ledge in the shower, my eyes closed as the water cascaded off my torpedoing, fucking ridiculous jumbo watermelon pregnant belly. Then I'd open my eyes and look down, and there'd be a long shot looking down, water hitting my belly as the babies kick. Of course there'd be a long labor sequence. Extreme groaning and gyrating of the hips. Trying different positions on a birthing ball, or bent over a desk, my belly pointing straight down to the floor from behind. And a huge water breaking, one huge splash for each baby, in a sequence with me screaming from the harsh contraction that caused it. When I finally gave birth, the doctor would be standing over my ravaged body with another fertility injection. It would be called, "My name the Baby Factory," or something like that. The premise is that every year of my 18 year old and on life I'm going to be insanely, brutally pregnant and give birth to until amounts of babies. The pregnancies will be so intense that I can't do anything because the sensations are too strong and force my full attention. I just exist to soak up semen and swell like a blimp.
>>2257 Sorry some spelling errors, Pov shot in the shower, and birth to untold amounts of babies.
Mine would be like Look Who's Talking but the mother can hear the baby speaking while nobody else can.
Okay, so here is a kinky but maybe kinda fucked-up idea for something I would really love to see but have actually never seen in any art as of yet Basically, the premise would be that we have 2 girls, one of them really wants a baby but hasn't been able to herself yet, maybe her womb is working fine but her eggs are picky, that part is not the important thing. The important thing is she would not just like to have a child but desires to carry it herself I imagine this woman would be into her milf years with a thicker and very child-bearing-ready body Her friend on the other hand has an extremely fertile body and sex drive. She is all about going all out, raw and bareback, and loves getting her womb filled up with potent cum as often as she can get away with. In short, she has a big breeding kink, and she would honestly just really love to go all the way with that fantasy with the full risk of getting knocked up. Getting to experience her own body changing, her belly growing huge and round, and feeling the life within her as it begins to move and kick within her. Feeling her tits swelling and growing heavy and leaky with milk from her darkened expanded areolae. HOWEVER, While she really enjoyed the breeding and pregnancy aspect of the fantasy, she actually isn't too interested in becoming a mother at this point in her life. I imagine this girl being maybe in her early twenties, with a more petite body than the first lady This is where the two girls come up with an idea wherein the younger one with the breeding kink gets to actually get herself impregnated and get to live out her fantasy over the next 8 months. During that time, the older woman would be taking fertility drugs and hormones to get it up to speed, believing itself to be pregnant and prepared or a baby And here comes the kinky (fucked up part maybe) As the younger girl gets closer to the end of her pregnancy, with the little one inside getting a little cramped in her tight belly they would then both take to the bedroom for the night, undressing and maybe getting it on with each other, setting the mood and letting them getting a little intimate with each other before the younger girl suddenly grabs onto her belly as her water breaks while she is sitting on top of the older lady, letting her know that "The time has come" The older woman would then spread her legs wide, exposing her very wet and ready pussy as the young girl makes her way down to scissor up to her, pressing her own pussy up to hers, panting and moaning out in a mix between pain and bliss. She'd be grabbing onto her own belly, stroking it bittersweetly with a smile on her lips "Don't worry, my little ones. You're going to your new mommy. And I've really loved our time together" Before then reaching out for the older woman's hand, dragging it down to feel her massive round belly, taking in the kicking and movement going on inside of her friend. "Promise you'll take good care of them" The young girl would plead as the older one nods determined. They would then grab each other's hand, squeezing them tightly as the young girl screams out as the birth finally begins. As she pushes the best she can, spurts of milk would be leaking in long streams from her tits onto the older woman, covering her belly in warm milk as the baby makes its way down her birth canal After having almost made it all the way down, the young woman would look over to the other with teary eyes "Here it comes" Before closing her eyes and biting her teeth as she lets out a loud deep scream and pushes with all her might for the baby to slide all the way out of her pussy, only to enter the other lady's birth canal, exchanging the baby with their pussies being pressed up against each other. The older woman would in response start to moan out as well as she felt the little yet fully developed child slide within to become a part of her, feeling it squirm vigorously as more of its body passed from the younger girl until it's now fully within her own birth canal, making it's way up to her cervix that is stretching to receive the new life that it has been anticipating for so long. Her moaning and screaming being a mix of pain but just as much immense joy and happiness as her body is finally able to fulfill it's ultimate purpose that she has always dreamt about. As the baby slowly but surely makes its way through her cervix to enter her womb, both of the girls would be looking down at the woman's belly that has gone from an attractively thick shape to now already looking 9 months pregnant in the span of just a few minutes as it had to rapidly adjust and accommodate for her new little passenger that is about to take residence in her womb. Every subtle move from the baby could be seen as outlines and bulges on her skin as both girls lay their hands on top of her abdomen to feel their child making its way to its new home. The older woman throwing her head back and moaning out as she feel the body of her new child finally slipping past her cervix to fully emerge in her womb as HER baby to carry. Her dream finally realized. She would stroke her belly in loving contentment, pregnant with her very own child that she would be able to carry to term herself as a mother. Just as the woman is about to lay down again to catch her breath though, the younger girl would suddenly squeeze her hand again, letting out a deep cry in pain. The older woman looked over to the girl with a concerned look on her face "What's happening?" she would ask "I.... I think there is one more baby in there" The younger girl would cry out. "W-What are we going to do?" The young girl would ask, growing that her friend's belly and body were already at it's limit, The older woman gulped and looked down at her friend's belly which was contracting and tightening up, trying to push the second baby out of her womb. She then looked back down at her own now very round belly, where she could already feel the little new life within her, trying to get comfortable. Many thoughts were racing through her head. This had already been a long shot from the beginning, both the girls painfully aware of how risky it would be for the new mother to attempt to receive a full set of twins while her belly and womb had already gone through such a rapid transformation just for the first one. However, after a moment, the older woman would grab onto the younger girl's other hand, holding onto both of them and looking her int her eyes "Don't worry, dear. we made a deal and I'm not backing out. I will take both of them for you" She said with confidence, trying to hide how nervous she actually was The younger girl would then nod, happy and relieved as both of the girls grabbed onto each other's wrists, pulling closer to each other, pushing both their cervixes all the way down to kiss as the baby's head started to stretch out the young girl's cervix and immediately pressing against the other cervix, not even needing to go through either of their birth canal as the young girl would give birth directly into the older woman's womb, the baby sliding out much more effortless on her end while the older woman where panting an crying out as she would feel her skin stretching to it's limit as her womb was going from being completely vacant to housing not just one but 2 fully grown babies. With one last push and a deep roar, the young girl would make one last intense push, sending her baby all the way into its new mother, while intense jets of milk would be spurting from the younger girl and onto the now very pregnant belly of her babies new mommy as both of their cervixes snapping shut afterward, followed by both the girls immediately letting go of either other's wrists to fall back onto the bed, panting and fighting to catch their breath. The younger girl lying in a puddle of her own milk that had been constantly leaking from all the excitement and would continue to do so as she laid there, numb and unable to move a muscle The younger girl reached down to feel her now very deflated belly where she had just delivered 2 babies from that she had carried in her for so many months. While this was how she wanted things, it was hard not to feel at least a little sad and lonely without the company that she had gotten so used to. She would then cast her eyes onto her friend who was lying in front of her, with her legs still spread widely but now with a full-on massive belly where her 2 children were now inside. She could not even see her friend's head because of the belly that she had left her with. The young girl would try and get onto her knees and make her way over to her friend, lying down next to her. The older woman was still holding onto her newly acquired spherical belly, taking deep breaths, and not making any sudden movements as her body was still very much trying to accommodate for the sudden late-term pregnancy. She could feel quite a lot of commotion from within as the two siblings were tumbling around within their poor new mommy, causing quite a ruckus. The younger girl would smile over to her friend, even though she was having her eyes closed She would then reach down her hand to place it on top of the older woman's belly, caressing it carefully. It was such a weird though, that the babies that she had been growing and taking care of for so long were now nestled up within her friend who would deliver them after having fun being pregnant with them for some time herself. As she stroked her belly, she would suddenly feel something poke out against her palm, first expecting it to be a kick from one of their babies, but it turned out to actually be her friend's belly button that finally popped out, followed by a sigh of slight relief from the woman. The older woman would finally open her eyes, looking contently at her marvelous and beautiful belly that was now brimming with life that could be felt throughout her whole body. She then turned her attention to her friend who where also staring at the massive belly with deep fascination. "I guess I can now finally call myself an actual milf" The older woman would declare to break the silence and get the attention of her friend who would turn her head to her before leaning down to meet her in a kiss "Thank you so much for this gift, dear. You can't imagine what this means for me" The older woman would say "You're going to be an amazing and loving mother. I just know it" The younger one would say, with teary eyes The older woman would then take her friend's hand and guide it onto her own heavily pregnant belly and say "You know, if you wish to stay around... I'd be delighted to have a partner like you. Besides... These twins I'm carrying right in my womb right now... We are both gonna be their mommies" The older woman would say with a warm and loving smile on her face as she would wipe away one of the young girl's tears with her thumb. The young girl would smile back, sniffling a bit "That does sound delightful, doesn't it... Maybe... Maybe I'll give it a shot... Besides, you'll need someone there for when you eventually give birth to our little family" They would both chuckle before embracing each other in a loving tight hug, the young girl giggling as she could feel the kicking of their babies from with their new mommy.
>>2257 First, I think that Spike Lee joint was "She Hate Me," but it's been a minute. Second, any chance you'd want to write something based on what you just detailed?
(Sorry I don't know how to reply directly). I don't know if I'll write pregnancy related anything anymore. Honestly I got carried away with that description and there was ten times more I wanted to say. I have 2 deviantarts with a lot of literature but I'm not active partly because I don't like anything I've written even though one has several hundred watchers. I've really been trying not to give into my fetish because it causes me depression but lately I can't resist, like with my film thing. Also a huge part is guilt because I've explicitly described some characters as physically mature 15-16 year olds. I would live vicariously through them in my writing because I desperately wanted to be pregnant as a teenager. I was legit jealous as fuck of the one pregnant girl in my high school. And see, here I go again with my pregnancy obsessed prattle.
Sci Fi/ horror film about a teen visiting relatives in an isolated town and discovering that all the women of childbearing age are pregnant. However, he and two other girls are the only people in town aware of the pregnancies. They join forces to uncover the secret behind the pregnancy pandemic.