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My Wife is Pregnant :) Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 11/01/2023 (Wed) 14:13:17 Id:48f6e2 No. 2253
We found out a few days ago and we are over the moon. We've been together 15 years (highschool sweethearts) but only started trying since August. Can't tell friends or family yet so I figured I'd tell you degens. My wife knows about my kink but only slightly indulged it up until now. However since going off the pill her labido skyrocketed and is turned on by my being all over her. I'm so excited. I'll be at every ultrasound, lamaz classes, the whole deal. I'm going to enjoy the next 8 months so much, and I can finally be a daddy!
Congratulations on living the dream.
>>2253 You have one of the rarest opportunity to live the dream, make sure to shower her with love before during and after her pregnancy and you'll be the happiest in the process. Good luck to you two!
You've made so many of us jealous! But seriously, congrats to you both! I hope the pregnancy & birth are both healthy.
Great, congrats. Word of advice, take LOTS of pictures and videos of her while you can, because you'll miss it when she's not pregnant (assuming she's comfortable with that)