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Mpreg Ideas Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/15/2022 (Sat) 20:23:54 Id:93e444 No. 718
Ideas for Mpreg stories, movies, episodes, comic books, manga, etc.
An idea for an Mpreg manga/anime called "The Baby's From Him!?" A typical harem series centered on Aki Yamaburo, a twenty-something manga artist. While taking out the trash, he finds a tough young woman named Rika Janashi who claims to be homeless. He finds out that Rika is actually an extraterrestrial who was trying to hide from the authorities. Later, Aki is visited by his reserved childhood friend Mizumi Momota and his eccentric and active next door neighbor Shiori Obata who both have repressed feelings for him. A clumsy extraterrestrial named Luv Gumori, arrives to arrest Rika, only to also fall for Aki. Rika brought with her a strange artifact resembling a fruit, which Aki accidentally eats. The fruit has the ability to ensure insemination in someone as long as whoever touched it has strong affection for that person. Rika, Mizumi, Shiori and Luv all touched the fruit and Aki ate it, meaning that he is pregnant with one of, if not all, four women's baby. Aki suddenly finds his home invaded by four women who want to be his baby mama.
Steven Universe Future Redux Instead of a rush through of random stories and plot lines that get dropped or hastily ended, how about a singular story involving Steven feeling that things are changing so fast and that life is passing by so fast that his problems get personified. When Steven meets with Jasper, she “links” with him during the fight which causes the two of them to awkwardly leave. At first, Steven thinks that he had a moment, but quickly discovers that he is pregnant, or performing “gem incubation”. He thankfully learns early on that he won’t die, but being a boy, he would need to have a c-section preformed on him. An important scene involves Steven revealing his pregnancy to Connie, while there will be a funny scene where he dresses up as a girl and finds nothing atypical about it.
"Delivering the Prince" In the kingdom of Farrah, King Erwin and Queen Janis are in conflict with the kingdom of Din. Their royal magic user, Yorna, informs them that an infant is to be born that will save the kingdom. The child will be of royal bloodline, but is to be barred by their own offspring. One problem, the King and Queen only have one son, Prince Dastan, a kind hearted and non-violent person. Thinking that the prophecy will not come to pass, Dastan is suddenly visited by an ethereal being named Marella who reveals that he is to carry her baby that will save their kingdom. He reluctantly accepts, which of course shocks the entire kingdom. Knowing that Din spies and mercenaries will be after him, Erwin and Janis hire the toughened warrior girl Kaya to take Dastan to the Rayan Temple so that he can give birth in peace. Dastan is kind and soft-spoken who uses words to solve problems while Kaya is wild and tough who uses her fighting skills to defeat her opponents. Their personalities are the total opposite, yet they end of forming a bond that involves equal concern for the baby.
"Child of the Boss" Kenta Hiyashi is a mild-mannered salaryman who lives a humdrum existence. One day, he rescues a tough, yet kind woman from nearly getting hit by a truck. The woman, Eri Obata, thanks him and the two date. On their third date, Kenta comes to the horrifying realization that Eri is the daughter of a notorious, yet eccentric crime boss Daichi Obata who is on his death bed, his dying wish being that he have a grandson. While Eri is willing to comply, she admits that she is afraid of having a baby because, she doesn't want to lose her physique, but also because she is scared of the pain of childbirth and believes that she has failed her father. Kenta then decides to make a drastic decision, he will be the one to carry Eri's baby to term and an agreement is settled. However, the Obata clan is revealed to have numerous enemies that want both Kenta and Eri dead.
A redo/reboot of "Junior" Alex Hesse (Patrick Schwarzenegger) and Laura Arbogast (Awkwafina) are medical practitioners looking into making a fertility drug that not only reduces the chances of a miscarriage, but also helps those conceive who otherwise can't. Their superior Noah Banes (Michael Shannon) tells them that the FDA has denied their request for human experimentation, much to their disappointment. Laura informs Alex that it would be easier to perform human trials under the radar. By chance, Alex meets Diana Reddin (Zoey Deutch), an artist who hopes to one day have children. Not looking to have a long term committed relationship, she agrees to undergo the experiment with Alex to conceive a child with both taking the formula. The drug works too well however. While Diana successfully gets pregnant, a miscalculation involving the amino acids and proteins, which was supposed to allow women who were barren to conceive, had the opposite effect and causes Alex to also become pregnant. While Laura keeps an eye on Diana's developing pregnancy, Alex tends to his own and tries to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Laura's sister Angela (Lana Condor) is pregnant from her boyfriend Robert (LaKeith Stanfield) who desperately tries to get back with her.
"Aidoru no Akachan" (アイドルの赤ちゃん) Ayami Ashimoto is the biggest pop star in Japan who is adored by everyone. During an interview, she reveals that she wishes to be a mother one day, but shyly admits that she is afraid of becoming pregnant due to the things that happen to her body as well as the pain of childbirth. Ayami is soon reunited with her childhood friend, now a tech advisor, Kotaro Saito who openly wishes to marry her. Ayami agrees on the condition that he carry her baby. Kotaro is reluctant, but ultimately decides to go through the surgery to allow it to happen. The series continues to follow Kotaro and Ayami trying to balance work, fame, and their upcoming parenthood. Ayami deals with obsessive fans while Kotaro is hounded by the science community, leading to a series of outlandish, yet humorous situations.
A graphic novel idea called "Nine Months of Home Ec", a teen mpreg story Molly O'Loughlin is the toughest meanest red-head in high school who runs her own gang and constantly gets in trouble. She lives at home with her older sister as her mother died and her father ran away. Molly has an equally mean boyfriend nicknamed Shank who also loves causing trouble. Molly's biggest target is Mark Maytern, a mild-mannered and kind boy who despite getting picked on by Molly, keeps a positive head and is surrounded by good friends. One day, Molly discovers that she is pregnant, having gotten knocked up by Shank. When her older sister, Erin, refuses her to get an abortion due to the medical costs (she has a habit of getting a bill), Molly goes to Shank who responds by dumping her and taking up her rival Betsy. Molly encounters goth wiccan, and local weirdo, Talia who seems to empathize with her plight. She reveals that she can transfer the baby to someone else. Molly considers Betsy, but believes that she would rally the school behind her. She decides to transfer the baby to her favorite punching bag Mark and Talia reluctantly confers. Mark suddenly experiences morning sickness, cravings, and mood swings, not knowing what is happening to him. It isn't until three months in that Molly reveals what she has done, spreading the news all over the school and faculty. To her surprise, Mark decides to commit to having the baby after he talks with the home economics teacher, and starts to become popular to the point that Molly starts to get pushed out by everyone, except Talia. Molly decides to head to Mark's house to confront him about the pregnancy and discovers that Mark spends most of his time helping people around town. She also learns that his home life is no different from hers as Mark lives with his single hardworking mom, Penny, whose husband died before Mark was even born. Molly starts to empathize with Mark and even tries to get Talia to transfer the baby back to her, but she tells her that it cannot be done because the baby has "chosen to settle". Molly tries to spend more time with Mark when Shank returns asking her back. When she refuses, he threatens Mark, but the whole school lead by Molly stand up to him and he is suspended. Mark and Molly start hanging out together she becomes close with his friends. They also start to fall in love with the well experienced Molly taking Mark's virginity. Following graduation, Mark and Molly decide to spend the rest of the pregnancy together at Mark's father's cabin. The two admit that they liked each other long before high school and that the pregnancy only brought them together. Mark suddenly goes into labor and Molly drives him back into town to the hospital, refusing to leave his side the whole time. Via c-section, Mark gives birth to a baby boy whom they name Andrew, after Mark's father. They learn that the baby genetically belongs to both of them and none from Shank, which Talia implies is the result of her magic.. Mark and Molly decide to start off at Community College together so that they can stay close to home and raise their baby together with Penny and Erin's help.
"The baby in his belly is mine!" (彼のお腹の中の赤ちゃんは私のものです!) In the future, Japan somehow becomes drastically underpopulated. In order to bring the population up, the government has employed a procreation system. Anyone who is willing to carry a child to term will be paid a handsome amount. This not only extends to women, but men as well, though very few men decide to undergo the procedure. The main series starts with high school student Akiko Kawabata, the student class president who insists on efficiency and punctuality and has no plans to slow down. She was once childhood friends with Kaito Shimazu who went on to become a fairly popular boy with many insinuating that the two were once a couple. Nevertheless, Akiko has tried to keep her distance from Kaito. This all changes when Kaito shows up to school to announce that he is the first teenage boy to undergo the procreation treatment and is now pregnant, shocking the entire school. While Kaito seems very happy with his decision, Akiko finds the whole thing repugnant. Through Akiko's own investigation she discovers that the lab number for the embryo used to impregnate Kaito came from her, having donated one of her eggs a year ago as part of a school project. Being the only person aware that the baby is hers, besides her friend Makoto, Akiko decides to keep a close eye on Katio as she slowly begins to fall back in love with him while trying to learn why he chose to undergo the procedure to begin with. Akiko Kawabata (川端あきこ) - The 17-year-old class president of the school and a stereotypical tsundere. While she displays tomboy like behavior, she is very insistent on displaying a feminine appearance. She starts off platonically liking Kaito, but slowly begins to fall in love with him, especially when she learns that he is pregnant with her baby. Kaito Shimazu (島津海人) - A 17-year-old boy and Akiko's childhood friend. He is a kind and caring person who lives with his single mother. He was considered something of a golden child at the school whose pregnancy ends up making him even more popular. He is unaware that the baby he is pregnant with belongs to Akiko and simply thinks she is trying to reaffirm their friendship. Makoto Mitsunari (三成誠) - Akiko's best friend and the only other person who knows that Kaito is pregnant with her baby. She is excitable and talkative and times displays a ditzy personality. However, she is very supportive and even tries to push Akiko and Kaito back into being a couple in the hopes that she can be an "auntie" to the baby. Eri Shimazu (島津絵里) - Kaito's young and very pretty mother. She cares a great deal for her son and does not seem to mind his decision to become pregnant despite him still being in school. She reveals that she nearly died when she gave birth to Kaito and suspects that he has a strong respect for pregnant women as a result. She is comically well endowed. Goro Kizami (風見五郎) - A school delinquent who, despite his gruff exterior, is actually a nice person who is trying to do right by his sister. He becomes a big supporter of Kaito and slowly starts to accept Akiko as well. He later deduces that Akiko is the mother of Kaito's baby and tries to protect them from any kind of bad word of mouth from the other students. Nobu Iguchi (井口ノブ) - A nerdy student who secretly harbors a crush on Makoto. He too becomes a supporter in Kaito's pregnancy and even offers help on how to take care of his body. He also figures out that Akiko is the mother of Kaito's baby and tries to help the two.
>>2809 Have to say, this idea it's really good and cute.
(112.09 KB 1024x1024 GEVyOwaW8AEfYnG.jpg)
Dreamworks Animation and Netflix presents "Father of the Pride" Art by Gerplexan In a world inhabited by talking animals, Rory, a lion, gets by in life with his good looks and quick witted tongue. Happy to have no responsibilities, Rory maintains a surprising amount of wealth and style. All that changes when he finds himself having to pay off a literal loan shark. Desperate for money, he answers an ad to take part in an elaborate experiment. The catch? He has to become pregnant. What starts off as a get rich quick scheme, turns into a life changing event for Rory. Timothée Chalamet as Rory, a lion who agrees to undergo an experiment to become pregnant so that he can get paid. Maya Hawke as Mina, a kind, yet sarcastic lamb who runs the experiment and slowly begins to fall for Rory. Awkwafina as Ilsa, a vixen who is also pregnant who becomes friends with Rory and Mina. Winston Duke as Howard, an ox and Eva's husband who runs a gym and is one of Rory's reluctant friends. Jodie Turner-Smith as Eva, a gazelle and Howard's wife who is pregnant and runs yoga for moms-to-be. Rob Riggle as Angus, a literal loan shark that is trying to get money out of Rory.
>>2841 Isn't there a film like this already?
>>2842 Not in talking cartoon animated form.
>>2843 talking "animal" cartoon form, I meant.
>>2841 Jesus.
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