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Growth/preg stories JackOfferman 01/08/2023 (Sun) 09:44:17 Id:3d3720 No. 980
Does anyone have any recommendations for a place to publish body growth- and pregnancy-focused erotic stories, especially ones with incest as a common theme? I've just finished writing a 19.000 word story about a mom, her son and two daughters who get stranded on a remote island where their cock and breasts start growing uncontrollably, and one by one the women get knocked up and end up massively pregnant by their son/brother. I'd love to share it with the world, incase there are any like-minded people out there who would enjoy it.
>>980 I very much like what you are offering and would like to read it. Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge most story sites dedicated to preg or belly growth have fallen. The best recommendation I can make is to post it on certain sites such as The Overflowing Bra- not as popular as it use to be but is still in operation and perfect for body growth and preg stuff. Literoctica- this is also an option Ao3(Archive of our own)- this site has been picking up steam and slowly becoming more popular, it's also pretty much anything goes nothing is taboo. Deviantart- this is also an option but searching for stories on this site can be a pain, also not a dedicated adult site so there can be issues with explicit material. This is just a few of the places i can think of hopefully they work for you. Also if you do publish please leave a link here I would love to check it out
I would love to read it JackOfferman. Can you post it here?
>>992 I second archive of our own (Ao3) just make sure you are using the appropriate tags so your work is easier to find.
>>992 >>1000 Ao3 is indeed a decent place, one I've been going to as my main fiction site for a couple of years since discovering it. Just note that there is no private message system, which I think would be a pretty necessary thing to have if you want to talk with anyone anywhere but the comments of stories.
Thanks everyone, I've requested an Ao3 account and will post the story there once I get it. I will probably post a more sanitised version on literotica, where all the characters are over 18. In the mean time, here's a short excerpt from the 2nd chapter, after the main character learns he has impregnated his twin sister: “I’m doomed to end up looking like that aren’t I,” my twin sister said, looking up at the pregnant stone figure with its huge boobs and gravid belly. Nine months felt like a long time, and I wondered just how big Sara would be by then. I sat down next to her. “I think you look a lot sexier than her.” I said, smiling. “Will you still think that when I’ve got a big fat baby belly?” she asked, looking back at me. “Damn right.” I said. “Prove it.” I slowly lifted Sara’s tank top off of her, struggling a bit to get it over her breasts. They had indeed grown bigger over the past few weeks, and were now as big as Mom’s had been during my “physical” all those weeks ago. I took both two handfuls and started to knead them and play with her nipples. Sara pulled my t-shirt over my shoulders, exposing my still-pale chest. “You’ve definitely gotten more muscular.” Sara said, eyeing my body critically. I hadn’t noticed, but then again I hadn’t exactly seen myself in a mirror lately. She turned her attention to the fat bulge in my pants, and slipped her hand under my waistband. “Jesus, just how big are you now?” she asked me, struggling to get my huge dick out of my pants. In the end she just pulled my pants down instead, freeing my cock to spring upwards and almost hit her in the chin. “11 inches” I said. “Maybe slightly more, it’s getting hard to tell.” “Fucking hell.” Sara put her hand round my cock, but there was no way she could encircle its girth now. I put my hands on it too, above and below hers, and between the three of us we barely covered its full length. Sara cursed again, under her breath. “Want to fuck me again?” she asked, after a few minutes of slowly stroking my cock. “God yes.” I replied, and she lay down on her back with her legs open. I slipped her panties down her legs and put my head between her thighs, taking the opportunity to eat her out first. “At least we don’t have to worry about pulling out any more.” she said, as I tongued her clit. “It’s not like I can get more pregnant.” I sat up and looked at my sister. She lay there, legs apart and snatch on display, completely at ease at being naked in front of me. I placed the bulbous head of my cock against her slit, and marveled at the sight of my nearly-foot-long dick about to enter my own sister’s sopping wet snatch. “Now, fuck me bro. Fuck your pregnant sister.” I slipped it inside her, gently this time, giving her the chance to adjust as I slowly filled her up inch by inch. Eventually, finally, I got all 11 inches inside my sister’s cunt, my balls resting against her ass. We both took a breath, locked together with her legs wrapped round my waist. “What will Mom say when she finds out?” I wondered, out loud. Sara hushed me, guided my hands to her huge tits, and I started fucking my sister’s pregnant pussy with my massive cock.
What the title of the story Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous?
Imagine you're pregnant on tumblr is also a good place
Can you tell us the link when you post it on Ao3 Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous please & thank you.
>>1013 Any luck getting an Ao3 account set up, or a post on literotica?
Sorry about the delay, it's taking longer than I expected to get an account set up. Here's another excerpt to make up for it. Mel pulled hard at her dress, trying to lift it over her head but it got stuck on her tits, dragging them upwards. Suddenly the two melons came free from their containment, two fat round breasts jiggling and quaking right in front of me like a pair of wobbly water balloons. They looked simply gigantic against Mel’s petite frame, the sheer amount of tit-flesh simply filled the space in front of her, several inches wider than her shoulders and obscuring the top half of her tummy. On the front of each tit was a beautiful nipple, fat and short, surrounded by a pale pink areola a good three or four inches wide. I salivated at the sight of them, and reached out to grab one. She slapped my hand away and grabbed my cock again, stroking the shaft aggressively. “Uh uh, not yet. Not until you agree to take my virginity.” she said, looking at me straight in the eye. I hesitated and pulled my hand back. “Uh Mel. Firstly, have you seen the size of this thing? I’d break you in two.” “I can take it, let me try.” she replied immediately, still furiously working my dick. “Just please, fuck me!” “I can’t Mel. Look, I’m sorry. But if I put this inside you there’s a good chance you’ll get pregnant, and I can’t have two pregnant sisters on my -“ “Hah!” Mel said triumphantly. “I knew something was up between you two!” “But can’t you see-“ I tried. “If you can get Sara pregnant, why not me too? Don’t you want to take my virginity? Don’t you want to knock me up?” I groaned, Mel was still beating my dick in both hands and the fact she was begging me to impregnate her was too much. “Just think how big my tits will get if you put a baby in me, Jack.” she said, seductively. “So big and fat and full of milk. My pussy is so hungry, I need you to breed me. I need it so bad I can’t stand it.” “Mel… We can’t…” I managed to say, my head lolling back. I could feel my orgasm fast approaching. “Just think how big I’ll be if you knock me up with twins. Or triplets!” she said. That was too much for me to hear, my cock started violently erupting with a thick white stream of jizz. The first shot went over Mel’s shoulder, four or five feet long. The second shot splattered all over her face and hair as I took hold of her head, forcing the head of my cock into her mouth. I started pumping sperm down her throat. My little sister tried her best to chug my incestuous jizz as fast as she could, but with each throb of my cock I filled her mouth again and then some. She coughed and sperm snorted from her nose, but she kept going. By the time I pulled my twitching cock from her mouth, she had swallowed at least half a pint of my spunk, her lips, chin and nose were covered in it too.
First four chapters are now up on AO3! I'll upload the rest once I've done some editing. https://archiveofourown.org/works/44852005 If people like this story I might try and write some more like it.
I loved your story. I'm hoping for another chapter that include hyper pregnancy and extended pregnancy
Uploaded the last three chapters, hope people enjoy it. I may end up writing more about Jack and his pregnant family as they adjust to life back home, but this is it for now.
I love the final part. I just realize that every time Jack impregnate another women they get more pregnant. Are you planning on making that every women from now on Jack knock up more pregnant than the last one?
I've been writing a new story about a girl who discovers she is a Breeder, growing to full term almost immediately after sex, and able to get impregnated multiple times. She uses this power to end up pregnant with several kids at once, each from a different family member. I've really tried to emphasize the rapid belly growth in the story, which takes place over a few days. Find it here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/46168321
>>1443 Nice one Jack. Any plans for chapter 6? Her cousins come to town or a family reunion?
>>1533 I took inspiration from your suggestion and have finished Betty's story, which shifts into hyper-preg territory. Hope you enjoy!
>>1572 Very nice Jack, good ending!
Anything new in the works JackOfferman?
Looks like Jackofferman orphaned the account on Archive of Our Own. I guess they just disappeared?
He also altered the ages up before orphaning story. I guess he got ashamed of it all? Unfortunate, it was hot.
>>2059 Probably got targeted harassment since every time this happens its a result of anonymous threats by some jerks. AO3 gets attacked a lot by zealot groups since AO3 has no restrictions on what fictional writings can be uploaded.