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Apparently, Marrazan has been suspended from DA.

No idea what happened to cause this. Mods may be known for their relative strictness, but the existence of his gallery seemed to be perfectly fine. Up 'till now.

d96a1 No.5647

It's not just his dA page, his FA page is also down (though there it says it was 'voluntarily disabled')

f60f6 No.5650

Quoth Marrazan; some butt-hurt anti-preg puritan falsely reported his page as breaching DA content, so he got automatically locked. The mods have been made aware that the claims were spurious and are working to hopefully restore him to full functionality before the mandated month for such an auto-ban takes place.

3b41c No.5663

You can't get locked for being reported. A mod has to do it manually. So if it was because of reporting some moderator thought his content deserved a block.

I'm sure he can appeal though.

Source: I've asked mods how the system works because I wanted an easier way to report people what only posted stolen content.

42257 No.5716

Man! The day Marrazan gets suspended by DA, you know that DA has sunk to new lows. They've been super weird lately with the whole pregnancy thing, yet allow some REALLY crude stuff on there from other things. Makes no sense he didn't have anything that was hurting women at all. Worshipping them if anything.

c1706 No.5651[Reply]

A collection of all the birth scenes.
What a heaven it will be.

b737a No.5638[Reply]

It's so hard to trade with all these freeloaders.

b49ff No.5611[Reply]

After Belliusmaximus went down, there wasn't really a good story archive focused on Pregnancy Fetish literature.

Then Lovepreg showed up and it did a pretty good job for a while, then went away, itself.

So, I got to thinking, what if we got together and made an archive of all the stories we had lying around/could find?

Preggophilia has a pretty good thing going with their armada of Google Drives, so why not use that model?

Or, we could consolidate everything to a single drive (text files don't use much space), and maybe work out a system of tagging things so people could search by topic or author.

Mostly, I'm just frustrated with how hard it is to find pregnancy stories (new and old) nowadays.


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b49ff No.5637


Belliusmaximus' deviantart is only stuff he's written, not aggregated stories from different authors.

97244 No.5631[Reply]

did anyone else here use the "endless e-hentai" greasemonkey script? It seems that they updated the site and it doesn't work anymore. Do any of you know if there's an update out there that fixes it, or if there's a good alternative?

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379f4 No.5605[Reply]

Well, while it's been dead for a really long time, looks like the site Pregfur is officially gone from the internet. Now, I know a lot of you don't really care about furries (I'm neutral on the subject), but I think some of the content on /f/ might have originated there and, well, it was a preg site.

…Kinda makes my suggestion in /q/ seem a little more important now. We should always have somewhere where we can get together and do stuff…

4012f No.5627

It was pretty much dead for years anyway.

The spam was crazy.

f0e16 No.2564[Reply]

I've been writing fetish fiction for some time, and for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom, people like what I do. And a lot of times I get a lot of questions along the lines of "When are you going to write more XYZ?" Well, now that's up to you. So, if you want a work of short fetish fiction written and lack the time, inclination or ability to write it, then hey, here I am.

The price will be $5.00 USD per 500 words, rounded down. An average short work length is 2000-3000 words, give or take. If you're interested, email me at doombeez(at)gmail(dot)com, or send me a note on Deviantart or Furaffinity. Send me a brief description of what you'd like to happen in it (character descriptions, basic plot outline, kinks you want incuded, etc). If I accept, I'll send you a small sample of the story, and if it meets your approval, send me your payment and I'll complete it and send it to you. You may post it on your own page. It will only be posted on mine with your explicit permission.

At this time, I'm only accepting payments via Google Wallet, due to some difficulties with paypal. Commissions will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, and [b]I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason[/b].

-Pregnancy, labor/birth and any such related kinks
-Including mpreg or trans characters!
-Any sort of anthro or species
-Sex of any sort between any parties of any genders
-Oviposition and similar
-Expansion (though preferably not hyper)

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19876 No.4285

Hey, since I'm no longer a mod here, the current staff may unsticky this thread at their leisure. :)

19876 No.4430

Bumping this, because I could use the work. :3

82f56 No.5600

Yet another bump. It's been a few months, I'm allowed! :D

6f751 No.5612

Dude no one cares

e072d No.5614

That kind of harsh

20bb1 No.5610[Reply]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrwXLNC6_CQ Worthy of sharing here. I just wish the camera was at a better angle ;P

e4c5d No.5570[Reply]

Yall should visit this tumblr. It is prime fap fuel


70673 No.5609

It's basically devolved into mpreg and rapid pregnancy or weird alien furry smut.

Not that great tbh

1509e No.5545[Reply]

That statement I made about my next and last story? The voices in my head had something to say about that. Some of it wasn't very nice. None of it was negotiable.

So while this is my next story, it isn't the last. I guess we should think of it as a buffer while I try to finish the other one. I hope you enjoy it.


Denver, the far future:

With the rise of robotics and other technology had come a profound change in sexual relations. Carlos Hartford had taken advantage of that by programming a VR sex simulator that was completely customisable and felt utterly real. Users could log into the official site and enjoy different levels of membership: free meant full forum access, and an hour of fun three times a week before automatically getting logged out. Paid membership meant full forum access, and fun for two hours a day, five days a week. The Platinum membership was the most expensive, but by far the most popular: forum membership and unlimited access to pleasure twenty-four/seven.

Carlos had made a fortune. Not enough to quit his software programming job entirely, but he didn’t really want to. He enjoyed the work. But now he was making enough to cut his hours to part time and still work from home, get a different insurance plan with health, home, hovercar, and weather protection all bundled together, and indulge in a luxury.

Or rather, a complicated masturbation aid.

Where Carlos had gone for VR, others had gone for robotics. That work had spawned Dolls, androids and gynoids meant for servitude and sex. But they were more than that: they were tailor-made works of art that could move, and think, and make love like humans. Carlos had wanted one ever since he was fourteen, but even if he wrote the software for the personality on his own, what he had in mind had been very costly.
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1509e No.5546

Twenty days after he had made his order, another drone delivered a different box to his balcony on a Saturday afternoon, while he was making lunch. This was the moment Carlos had been waiting for. Abandoning all thoughts of food, he bolted for the box, dragging it inside and nearly forgetting to close the door and curtains. His hands shook in anticipation as he pried open the wood panels and set them aside to be recycled, and delicately pulled apart the packaging.

And there she was. His beauty. His treasure. His lifelong companion. His dearest fantasy, right in front of him. He had seen a preview of what she would look like before his order had been completed, but the reality was so much better. Carlos lost his breath as he lifted her from the packaging to gently lay her on the bed, staring in admiration. Oh, but the creators of his Doll had outdone themselves!

She was very fair-skinned, to contrast with the complexion gained from his half-Latino heritage, and petite, so he could tuck her under his chin when he hugged her. Her features were fine and exquisite, framed by rippling, floor-length hair so dark a purple it was nearly black. Her hands were elegant, legs long and slim, hips and shoulders beautifully proportioned, and her breasts- oh, her breasts were perfect, rounded D-cups with just the right amount of realistic droop, and nipples and areolae a duskier shade of purple. Her lips and eyeshadow were a jewel-toned purple, matching her fingernails and toenails.

But her crowning glory was her stomach. It bore a tilted egg shape, like a woman who was due to deliver any day now, stretching out over the implanted fetal robot that filled the Doll’s artificial uterus. Carlos could have chosen as many fetal-bots as physics would allow (up to four) of various weights, but he had opted for just one in the heaviest weight offered by the site, that being fifteen pounds. Once his Doll was activated, random movements from the implanted robot would make for realistic-looking “fetal movements.”

Carlos swallowed hard and ran a hand through the Doll’s hair, marveling at the silky texture, then cupped her left cheek in his palm. Her skin was cool, but so soft, like real skin. He trailed his fingers along her jawline, down her slender neck and over the purple niobium collar she wore, and circled under her left breast, lifting slightly. It felt so heavy and firm, as if the Doll was ready to nurse a child. Carlos laid both trembling Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1509e No.5547

Galatea was delighted by the available options, and chose one of the maternity dresses; a white, short-sleeved, knee-length number patterned with blue roses. Once she was covered up (not well, admittedly; her belly protruded so far the hem was closer to the middle of her thighs in the front, and her stiffened nipples poked out as well), Carlos showed her his apartment. Judging by her expression, she appreciated the small, cozy place, but what she liked most was the view from the balcony. It was his favorite feature too, he explained.

After the tour came a virtual one. Carlos let her sit at his laptop and showed her various attractions Denver had to offer: Theaters, malls, the zoo, the museum, theme parks, luxurious hotels, parks, and more. “I can take you to any of them nearly any time you like,” he stated, closing the browser once they were done.

“But- But I’m a Doll,” Galatea said a little anxiously. “Wouldn’t that be strange?”

Carlos shook his head, touching her cheek. “People take their Dolls out in public all the time. They say it’s a lot of fun. I’d love to share my home city with you.”

Galatea nibbled her lip with straight, pearly teeth. “And y-you won’t be ashamed to be seen with me so- so pregnant?” Her hands rested atop her stomach, fingers shaking.

Carlos put a hand over hers. “Not at all,” he said sincerely. “I had you made this way for a reason. I don’t care who sees.”

The Doll’s lips quivered, and her eyes looked suspiciously moist. “Thank you, Carlos,” she breathed, and pushed herself from the chair, placing her hands on his cheeks and tilting her chin up. Clearly she wanted to kiss him, and Carlos gladly let her, pulling her as close as her gravid body would allow. For many long moments, they simply kissed, the unborn writhing between them. Galatea’s simulated breaths sped up as Carlos’ grew heavier, and the Doll clung to the human as she kissed him with deepening passion. The programmer moved his hands to unlace the back of her dress, and the Doll stopped kissing him long enough to let it fall to the floor. Her inner thighs were damp, and she was squirming again, making small whimpering noises. “Honey, I- I want you to- to make love to me,” she squeaked. “Please, I n-need you inside me. It- It’s like pain.”

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d490c No.5575

You don't know shit do u

ec156 No.5576

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