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(885.12 KB 1032x1105 pregcow.jpg)
PregCow Thread belliesrlovely 01/19/2024 (Fri) 22:50:59 Id:568cee No. 2730
If there are any lolcows in the Pregnancy Fetish Community™ or other lolcows with a pregnancy fetish, discuss them here.
Bringing up Fossil cause he's always enemy number one, minute he's mentioned people claim he's ran off artists and deserves to be banned
>>2730 Obvious answer would be Kisame, since he literally filled his lolcow thread almost single-handedly.
>>2731 Cause he has, the minute I see him posting outside of the ms paint hellhole that his containment thread is, I'm doxxing him
>>2736 Ooooh an empty threat, that'll scare him off I'm sure
>>2738 Go back to your containment and draw more shitty Gook Cookies fag
>>2740 Bruv “Gookie” was right there
>>2731 He literally just scared off the source of all the CR preg art on DA, she claims its a mental health break but let's be real, Fossil’s the reason
>>2742 I'm OOTL. More details?
>>2744 >Fossil ran off another artist >Source: dude trust me Look Im not a big fan of him either, but claiming he's responsible for an artist going on hiatus is just stupid
>>2745 >>>/f/5603 >Look Im not a big fan of him either Someone keeps using this phrasing. I wonder if it's Fossil.
I swear to god this is just Kamui and fossil being retards at each other
>>2746 I was referring to the DA artist that >>2742 brought up, not the folks on /f/'s cesspool of desperation and begging
So nobody brought up MuchBirth
>>2752 I made that banner. That was a fun thread, especially when Couchy showed his false flag attempt.
Still shocked nobody has found that pedo and put him out of his misery yet.
Stupid question though. I know he's talentless trash that the world would be better off without. But for the sake of the thread, does he really count as a lolcow? Or did he just do one thing here and now everyone accuses one another of being secretly him whenever anyone says stupid leftoid shit?
>>2755 I'd say that "infamous user" counts as a lolcow in some respects
>>2755 I remember him making weird comments in the teen thread on Preggophilia. Stuff like "Oh, it'll be so hard pushing that huge baby out of her tiny body!" He's a creep, and he's got the nerve to act like an SJW? Sounds like a lolcow to me.
>>2757 It was more like "it'll be so hard pushing that little life ruiner out of her body". Dude seemed to get off on pregnancy as "punishment".
>>2755 I'm not one to judge interests, but his entire story catalogue is pregnancy as a result of rape and getting off to how much the mothers life has been ruined by it. It's really worse than it sounds, you just have to read it to know how bad it is. A lot of the characters are teenagers, and in fact he's got a whole Google drive of "forbidden" stories which are the same except it happens to actual children. Lot of burst preg (something I like I admit) in addition to his usual, but he also shoves it in to the stories of kids. I know, it's not real children but there's just something wrong about the intensity to which he fantasies about it. He's gone off on tangents about how he was definitely a rape victim and that's totally why he fetishizes it as some form of therapy - but that sounds like absolute bullshit. There's no way someone feels better about rape by jerking off to it 24/7, and even if it was true thats a terrible way to get past it. On TOP of that he's a moral busybody who will, at the same time, come into the teen pregnancy threads and lecture people on how wrong they are to be attracted to it. It reeks of insecurity because he knows he's far worse, classic projection. His extreme leftism just seems to me to be a cope because he knows how twisted his desires are and he's guilty.
>>2759 Hmm, seems pretty accurate. I remember reading his stories and recalling just how repetitive they became. It’s pretty much always the same slog of “I got raped, nobody likes me, I give birth, I be sad” THE END Pretty sure I could count on my hands the number of times someone had a happy ending