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67bb5 No.8988[Reply]

So apparently ATF was wiped from the internet thanks to the EU and this is super dissapointing as that site was a very good community that was very important to me. According to the temp site, former ATF users should try to connect with eachother on discord but I don't know anyone outside of ATF for this purpose.

Can anyone help ?

36944 No.8977[Reply]

Not sure how popular this will be here but i figure I'll give this a shot. Simply put I want to RP a boy that is unknowingly able to get pregnant from humans or animals. Find me on Discord as Timothy Usagi#9629

ad2ab No.8932[Reply]

Can someone send me that edit pic of the pregnant stick figures from Chick Figures/Dick Figures edit?

694f1 No.8914[Reply]

Is there any good art/fic of pregnant futas fucking people? I've seen/read plenty of futas fucking pregnant people, but never the futa as the pregnant one.

a874b No.8915

We used to have a real good futa thread but it got deleted…somehow.

cbde9 No.8879[Reply]

I want to take a moment to talk about Patreon, now I think being able to support your favourite artist and writers is fantastic! I currently support several animators and writers ranging from $2 a month to $5.

But here's the thing; do you feel some Patreon tiers punish more than reward you?

Here's two examples for 2 writer style tiers.

Writer 1
$2 = Access to their stories.
$5 = Each month you can vote to decide on the next story from 5 options and chip in with ideas.
$10 = Now and then you can vote to decide what happens in the next chapter.
$25 = You get to submit a story idea to be put in the monthly poll.

Writer 2
$2 = Access to their stories.
$5 = Access to their stories 2 Months in advance + alternative stories
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3c8bf No.8898

Lewdlemage is pretty good. He doesn't always do pregnancy content, but he does enough drawings that it's never too long between preg. drawings. I'm always excited whenever he updates!


2782c No.8899

I do Lusty, Marrazan and SuperLlama.

I'm not sure about Lewdlemage, I don't like vore.

cbde9 No.8900


Are they writters, artists or animators?

Must admit it's been hard to find writers to match the stories of Muchbirth and Kompera.

2782c No.8901

SuperLlama is all art, Marrazan is mostly art with some animation and Lusty is all animation.

968d6 No.8905

So what's a good erotica patreon like Kompera? I tried reading Muchbirth but just like the title he focuses too much on birth for my liking

dcc69 No.8874[Reply]

im looking to start a CYOA
Plot: a strange light apeared one night and tge next day there wer bug like aliens spoted all over the world. Its everyone for themself in this world but the aliens dont want your life… But they want you for yoyr ability to give birth

First we need the characters.

Name: Can be anything
Species: Human by default, but anything is viable.
Hair Color: The color of their hair
Trait: your characters personality.
Fetish: will make chance of pregnancy higher

The max is 5 characters but characters may die so dont get to atached

The rules are simple and you will learn more(mechanics and plot wise) as you go along
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fcedb No.8883

Name: Beatrice

Species: Human/Succubus Hybrid

Hair Color: Purple

Trait: Despite being part succubus, she actually despises sex and rejects her bloodline. She's a very introverted lesbian that tends to play her electric guitar alone on a rooftop whenever she's sad. She likes poems, puns and horror movies. She also tends to use movie references in her sentences. She's very reserved but when horror movies come up in conversations, she gets really enthusiastic but when she catches herself being overly enthusiastic, she gets flustered and apologises.

Fetish: Orgasm Denial, Bursting Pregnancy, Rapid Pregnancy

(you don't have to write about bursting, you could replace it with extreme fetal movements. Her burst fetish came from horror movies)

"If you burst like a blister, I would definitely lose my mind"

4898b No.8884

Nice very unique

dcc69 No.8889

Beatrice and josie wake up. "Were am i" said josie as she rubbed her head. They didnt remember anything. Sudently they hear a growl from the dark corner of the room. A strange dog like creature lunges at them!

1. Attack the monster
2. run from it

Vote 1 or 2

14f01 No.8890

1, attack

fcedb No.8892


1. Attack

7dd81 No.8595[Reply]

Hi all,

Can people point me to any and all discord servers tailored to pregnancy and/or roleplay? Would be greatly appreciated!
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86994 No.8698

I know of three discord servers that could be to your interest.

First, there's Chounyuu, which is great if you like hyperpreg (as well as huge breasts and other such things)


Then there's 'The Nation', which is based of the site impreg-nation. More focused on pregnancy in particular.


Finally, if Furry Pregnancy is your thing, there's the WISWRP discord server run by the site's original owner.


86994 No.8700

Just realized I did Chounyuu twice. Here's a link for The Nation


1706b No.8750

RP you say?
Here's my growing server: https://discord.gg/RJg2AzA

There's not really a theme to my RP server other than pregnancy being the tie of it all, so come on in and get comfy :3

4e457 No.8871

Another Furry one if thats your thing

4e457 No.8872

Another furry one if thats what youre into

9aed4 No.8797[Reply]

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but is there anyone here who takes writing commissions?

b4159 No.8867

I'm currently taking literature commissions. You can view more information here:

3e35a No.8868

What about Anne Frank pregnancy erotica?

b4159 No.8869

>>8868 If you're serious, please send me a note on Deviant Art.

df243 No.8855[Reply]

Hello everyone, female gravidophile here. Does anyone have any advice for making a realistic feeling, huge, heavy pregnant belly? Also, if anyone has any ideas on how to simulate fetal movement, I would love yo hear them. I'm looking to be practically pinned down by the weight of it, and hopefully get some intense, or at least present, fetal movement feeling. Thank you in advance, and sorry if this post is stupid, but I'm ovulating right now and my horniness/pregnancy desire is through the roof. I've never had cravings this bad!

61dc2 No.8856

Cheap way, your best bet is to get a beachball, filling it for half with water and use something like a leotard or a one-piece swimsuit to keep it tight to your belly. As you move you could feel the water doing the same, giving you a feedback.

On a more expensive way… it's a bit longer, but it could involve robotics to give something like a real feeling.

0711d No.8861

a beach ball would almost certainly pop. I'd buy a sitting workout ball, but one made a shorter person. something like this size:


make a bunch of (only mildly filled) water balloons and put them in the medicine ball, along with a bit of sand and a lighter material to max out the ball without breaking your spine. maybe an old, poofy coat that still has all the waterproof nylon intact. and some way to cut open/ reseal the ball (dunno how to go about this. A lot of duct tape would probably work though)

cut it open, put the sand on the bottom, layer on the balloons, put the fluffy material in the center, fill the rest with balloons. reseal. maybe add a bit of air to make it regain the round shape.

then just buy some pregnancy support garments (and yeah, probably a xxl leotard) and you're golden.

note: I have never done this before, but I've read a metric tonne of forum posts about the making of fake bellies, and this is a combination of all the posts that said their fake bellies worked amazingly.

0711d No.8862


also, stumbled on this. I feel like this would be a good way to simulate inward kicking. certainly the most compact way, considering the only other alternative I can think of is robotics, hydraulics, or pneumatics. all of which are massive and complex.

they also seem to range around the $10 mark, so cheap too.


75f94 No.8863

I found somthing that can do exactly what you want to do.
It simulates pregnancy and fetal movement.
It was possible to purchase it online here, but I live in korea, so it may not be available.
I'll put in a few links. Don't know if they would work tho




Everything I could find.
I am not sure if these sites are safe, so be careful

2f3b6 No.8846[Reply]

Are there any other sites like this for other kinks? I'm into a lot of specific kinks and I've started using this site more than any other because of how specific the threads get. Are there any other sites like this that consolidate tons of specific threads about the same general kink?

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