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00ea4 No.6535[Reply]

Would anyone here be interested in cheap writing? I'm talking like $5 per 1,000 words cheap.

6a54a No.6536

You should provide some examples of your work to get people interested. A list of what you write and don't write is useful too.

00ea4 No.6537

I was more or less trying to figure out who would be interested and then I was gonna make an official commissions post.

50c3f No.6538

I mean, everyone writes differently. Stephen King could write a novel and it be worth $50, whereas dave down the road could write a novel and it would be worth $1. For an accurate assumption on price we would need samples.

3a9c6 No.6539

HAH I charge 0 dollars for every page

e23d8 No.6540

And that's your personal choice. They're talking COMmisions here, not SUBmissions.

9eb1b No.6502[Reply]


Plus: The actress/director was pregnant for real.
Comes across as "done with all this shit".
Minus: Cuts off someone's penis. Ow.

d5b92 No.6503

…That is incredibly messed up :|

6d3c7 No.6504

Lol, it is a horror movie. Horribly messed up is sorta the point of horror.

fcdd4 No.6518

Did anyone else get nearly beat for beat echoes from The Evil Within/Baby Blood?

61921 No.6458[Reply]

Back when bastion works was still a thing, there was a story about Pirates coming ashore to dig of treasure and finding that the Island is full of ninja that have traps and weapons that have the capability to impregnate them. Anyway I was hoping someone knows where a copy of that story is. Assuming there is a copy then please leave a link.

1e2f0 No.6459

b08a4 No.6461

You are awesome thanks

14ba3 No.6497

Grateful as I am to see this brought back to life, I have to point out that there's a problem with the formatting: all of the pictures are cropped off at the right end, cutting many of them significantly short. Maybe tweak the positioning/size of the embedded pics?

271bf No.2582[Reply]

I'm looking for stories where the woman's life revolves entirely around pregnancy and motherhood. Something where she wants/has to have as many babies as possible for one reason or another, either in constant successive pregnancies or huge multiple births, or both. Anyone know of any stories like this?
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affd8 No.2591


Wow - that's terrific!

271bf No.4402


Bumping this thread because this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for!

Closest thing off the top of my head is notabot999's "Family Reunion" if you want to look that up.

3e921 No.6471


c836b No.6474

I gotta bump this one too. these stories are few and far between.

9c94d No.6496

I'm writing something like this.


You can check it out here.

dcd4f No.6494[Reply]

I'm looking Darien-shields story called technical support. I used the way back to read the first part called technical problems But when I use the file format provided for the second part it just goes to godaddy.com if you know where I get a pdf for it or something please leave a link.

ced0f No.6495

I gotcha.
You can download it here:

>replace ?? with slashes

c3ba3 No.6476[Reply]

I am starting work on a project that revolves around many types of non-standard pregnancy and was wondering what the community here would have an interest in being involved in it so I created a poll!

If something you enjoy is not listed, feel free to comment it. :)


65c02 No.6477

I wanted to vote for a lot of things but could only pick one.

9e224 No.6478

Also. If you have more than one all you need to do is close the poll then open it again. It will allow you to cast a second vote so you can vote for all the things you like.

9e224 No.6479

If it did not let you do the second vote trick you can list the other categories that you did not vote for here and I will add them to the totals. :)

9e224 No.6480

I was wrong. This does not work. Sorry. My apologies.

8fd9e No.6435[Reply]

Hello there,
I was wondering if Pregchan has a Discord channel of some sort?
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4a65d No.6450

What community image? This is a hell-hole full of mentally ill, sick fucks who have perverted and twisted a perfectly natural fetish into something fucked up and you all enable each other to make it worse and worse.

There is no line with you freaks. If someone started posting pictures of baby shit-elementals birthing mini baby shit elementals out of their asses and nipples you'd all cheer and ask for more.

e7134 No.6451

Sure thing snowflake.

8fd9e No.6452

@Jabilo: I see your point.

3110e No.6453

Overall I don't see the point of using it to share pics. That's what this site is for.

The problem with IRC is that is IS old. Also you can look up IPs easy.

Banning there is pretty easy.

Honestly if you're a girl who's even willing to come here you need a thick skin. You always get guys that fawn over and hit on you then you get someone that wants to chop the poppy down.

I find the being hit on worse because without that the second wouldn't start.

7f671 No.6454

Well, okay, it's not perfect, but it certainly feels safer than some of the alternatives (plus I think most IRC servers make it so you can't see other users' IP addresses)

da5a4 No.6427[Reply]

Recently my family has been doing the rounds of trying to get everyone to "friend" everyone else on Facebook. So in the process, I accepted the friend request of a cousin of mine I never really see.

Immediately my timeline has pictures of her with a big pregnant belly. I had no idea she was pregnant (or that this is actually her second kid).

It makes me feel weird. I have never had this, like, attraction to a relative before. It helps that I am not attracted to her per se but I just look at her belly for a little while each time it shows up. I don't go through her profile to find it but I have to admit I have been scrolling a bit through the timeline to see the regular belly pictures she posts.

This isn't me asking for advice or anything. Just something I had to get off my chest.

7d87d No.6428

Well, you're an adult. You'll be fine.

c9638 No.6429

it is important to remind ourselves now and then that pregnancy is not something women do for our benefit.

ffe03 No.6430

So your relative flashes you her tiddys on accident.
Do you get aroused? I mean, she's just a lady, right? And ladies arouse gents. And other ladies. But you don't lust after relatives. Both physiologically it's a bad idea and intellectually you need to brake that, fast.

Same principle. If no, good on ya. If so, well… keep it in your pants, Jebediah.

bcf80 No.6421[Reply]

This came up randomly while thinking about some story settings.

Wouldn't it be nice to watch a group of heavily pregnant idols performing on stage, mesmerizing the crowd with their alluring bellies with costumes made to show it off?

I've done some research and most of the works with pregnant idols have them quit performing once they become pregnant. I think only one game by SwanMania, Kimi dake no Botedol!, actually had the performing while pregnant part as an explicit premise.

Of course there are some problems with that concept not just in the physical sense of how someone that big can dance around in an idol get-up, but also the problems involving the media. With all the gossip already present in the regular media, what kind of problems would arise in a world with pregnant idols? Especially the concept of purity in Japanese idols which is a deep rooted thing.

Nevertheless, I think that if the world already embraces the concept of pregnant idols, they would be fine with it. It would just appear rather weird from our point of view.

Going forward with this, I think we can create an interesting setting by taking examples from all the idol anime and games in current circulation to make several interesting stories. There is also ample opportunity to indulge in aspects of our fetish with a society that sees pregnancy as glamorous.

So, any thoughts on this? Anything to add? Would like to see if we can discuss anything.

4606b No.6422

For the closing concert,I think all of the idols members should perform their last dance while going into labor and then give birth on-stage

bcf80 No.6423

That's definitely a good idea, though I also would enjoy the story of an idol trying not to give birth on stage and succumbing to her urges anyway.

Perhaps after one accidental on-stage birth they pretend it's all planned from the beginning and the rest of the industry follows up with coordinated births?

60385 No.6424

I had a story idea similar to this, but I never did write it. I say go for it. I'd like to see what happens.

bcf80 No.6425

It will be a while before I can work on the project in a way I deem fitting.

Just wanted to see whether the story concept was workable, how interested people were in it and if they had anything to discuss.

I am totally open if anyone else wanted to work on this concept to create something.

While I originally thought the concept would make for a great idol raising quest thread, I don't trust myself to run it especially since I have no experience.

Anyway, I can only work on production of my own work in about 2 months so unfortunately I don't think it'll be going anywhere anytime soon.

b8b82 No.6426


Actually, hit me up on this. This looks like a good non canon scenario for the Tesy Birth Story game. :)

This concept has potential.

c1572 No.6412[Reply]

My Girlfriend and I have been together for nearly a year and the topic came up yesterday about "sexual tastes". To be honest I was unsure how to answer, I mentioned some minor favourites but avoided my main one.

Nothing gets me more excited better then pregnant women, everything about it to the belly, expansion of both the belly and breasts, lactation, even contractions.

But unfortunately it's a very limited fetish that can only really be satisfied through porn, there's nothing she can do (short of the obvious, which isn't an option) to bring that fetish to the bedroom. Fake belly maybe but I feel that would be weird.

So I would to hear how some of you told your partners about your fetish and what advice you can give me?

60993 No.6413

Dude, She asked, you should have just been honest. Tell her, and admit you are kind of embarrassed by it, so you hesitated to tell her when she asked.

1d42c No.6414

i told my girlfriend about it and it was really hard.
Some things that are important:

- Stress that it is just a fantasy/taste and has nothing to do how much you love/care for her or how she satisfies you sexually.

- You said that it's very limited and can only be satisfied through porn, DON'T EVER SAY THAT TO HER, unless you want her to feel like shit.
Tell her what you enjoy that she CAN do for you, like talking about it, telling you to imagine her pregnant or getting her pregnant and so on. Be creative but include her.

- Let her ask questions, but always be aware of how your answer would make her feel.

- Ask her if she is okay with it, stress point 1 again, and if she has any questions. Say that you don't have to incorporate it in your relationship if it makes her feel uncomfortable.

of course if thats not true, then don't say that, but be aware of possible consequences.
When I told my GF, she was very accepting, she asked me some details what I find attractive about it, what exactly I fantasize about, etc. She used that to tease me here and there, but recently she doesn't do it because it takes her own mood. She did some CS catering to my tastes with me though. :D I'm very lucky.

dd09d No.6415

With my now wife it came up it conversation. She was asking if I had any sexual kinks and I just told her. She was cool about it. I had hoped telling her about it would make things more fun when she was pregnant, but hormones can be a real bitch. She had zero sexual desire during the pregnancy.

a74f0 No.6416

It's important to remember that it's a sensitive subject for many people. And unlike other kinks, this one is so supremely sexually dimorphic. It's as different as Mars from Venus, and the reasons a partner may find it bad are different.

If you're female, the risk is the male partner, if they're a judgemental idiot or insecure, or perhaps just jaded, may be concerned that a woman with a pregnancy fetish may be interested in using reproduction to entrap them. I mean, it's only tangentially related to a pregnancy fetish, but related. In general a woman with interest in pregnancy is considered a prize, because in this politically charged world, emphasizing the genders for breeding can be seen as distasteful or shameful and sexist. It's not like a woman can run around sharing pregnancy with other people, they just act baby-feverish. Society considers that harmless at worst and adorable at best.

If you're male, the risk is you. A female partner may be concerned you'll try and get her pregnant, or run around on her wily nily impregnating anyone with their legs spread and uterus available. Or that you may creep on her friends. Or people in public. You'll need to bear in mind that they'll question your ethics or sanity and the depths of your perversion. So the trick is to defuse possible accusations and worst case logical conclusions before someone can even reach them.

In both cases, you run the risk of someone assuming you're a pervert with no self-awareness or self control. It's not a given, but it's a possibility, sooo.. tread lightly, and always remember that, worst case scenario, they may come to those judgemental and hostile conclusions, repeat them to your peer group and suddenly you're the odd-man out.

Some things to casually slip into conversation; you don't go 'hunting' to gawk at pregnant people in public (photography, other) you don't have any interest in kids at the moment, you're not a whatever-ethnic-background-you-are supremacist (that can be a source for some peoples interest in it, terrible as that is) and that the only real avenue for you to enjoy it is pornography, art, games, comics and erotica. Anything else unless you're interested in actually starting a family is not to your interests.

But the trick is not to overload the partner with all these checklist like things, but to reassure them if they have questions about the severity of your interest and the basis for it, what you like about it, whatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1d42c No.6419

yes to this, very good points and good advice.

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