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94b0a No.6409[Reply]

I recently came across the term "Irish Twins" and was kinda fascinated by it. It refers to siblings who are born in the same school or calendar year (e.g. first child born in January, second child born in October). The term itself seems like an offensive jab at the Irish.

I enjoy the idea of women getting pregnant in quick succession, and this has that but also a kind of 'oops' factor, since a lot of the google results on it involve people thinking they'd be unable to conceive immediately after their first pregnancy. I hadn't thought it was easily possible either, but apparently women can be *more* fertile after giving birth. Two things turned up googling it:

First, normally, breastfeeding produces a hormonal reaction that prevents ovulation. From a Darwinian point of view, if the mother has a baby to look after it's more advantageous to devote resources to it than to produce another one, so everything shuts down. If she doesn't breastfeed, however, it's as if she's lost the child, and thus it's advantageous to get another one ASAP. This is why wet nurses were a thing in the Medieval era. It was so important to produce lots of heirs fast, so noble families hired wetnurses so that the noble ladies could spend more time pumping out babies.

Second, immediately after pregnancy the womb is still prepared and receptive, so it's easier for a repeat conception.

Anyone else find this appealing? Seems a bit of a niche, but any stories in this kinda vein floating around?

cef67 No.6411

Seems like "fertile" territory for a dairy character partnered with a broodmare type character of some kind. But since pregnancy lasts nine months and some weeks, gosh, you'd need to time it just right to get Irish Twins.

And yes, it is kind of a jab at the Irish. I assume from back when the English thought the Irish were vermin that reproduced like rabbits. But don't feel too bad, though.

Any culture creates vulgar terms for competing cultures that dehumanize them or make them of lower importance. Primarily when they feel threatened by the idea of another, neighboring culture out reproducing them and either absorbing them entirely, or becoming violent and destroying them. This is why Islamic Mullahs in India keep saying they need to use the greatest weapon of Islam, the "muslim womb," to inundate India with a bigger population of muslims (it's on youtube. It's a historical technique, too.) and take it over just by annexing territory for Islam.

With that in mind, don't consider the Irish Twins label to be too big a knock at the Irish in particular. It's as good a term for not only the phenomenon, but the human ignorance behind such a label. Changing it would lose a very nice bit of historical relevance for terms like that in bigotry, and at the end of the day, it's still pretty innocent.

Might incorporate it into future stories, but no promises!

73199 No.5809[Reply]

Does anyone have a copy of the Pokemon story titled "You haven't lived" by Darien-Shields?

e2118 No.5816

c1cb9 No.5829

not the OR, but thanks for this!

29897 No.6408

re-requesting this, dead link

e2118 No.6410

eeb76 No.3226[Reply]

With the old thread somewhat out of date, I've decided to remake it. Below is the new price list, as well as a couple extra details to entice my wonderful patrons here on my favourite pregnant hangout.

I am a writer of talent and small rapport, ready to employ my typing fingers just for the good people of pregchan. For a nominal fee given over Paypal, your wildest imagination will be put to the page!

-For $3.00, USD, you will get a short story geared to whatever you can imagine. A simple play, a strange fetish, or even just a quiet conversation; for 3 dollars, you get whatever you could possibly want for a guaranteed 5 pages.

-Starting at $5.00, you can have your very own Novella written. With a 5 chapter minimum, and a $1 dollar charge for each chapter afterwards, I will spend my evenings carefully crafting a long and drawn out story which encompasses again, nearly anything you could desire. (Please be aware that I have only 3 slots for Novella, since they take so much longer to actually write. Ask for their availability when you contact me)

-For $15.00, you may have crafted for you one of my specialties; an intricate Choose Your Own Adventure. Winding paths may lead to bigger bellies or stranger transformations, all depending upon what you wish. Explore the tightly woven plot, with no less than 3 separate ends to each; neutral, bad, and best.

-Need your story fix right away? Add $2.00 to the asking price and I'll put your story on Rush Order. Your Short or CYOA will be guaranteed to get out that evening or the next, or your Rush fee will be refunded in full! Please note that you can't Rush order Novella.

(Do's and Don'ts)

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2b318 No.4501

Glad to see you're back / still around! I was worried when PC first went down that I never took advantage, haha.

So, I did have a question. Obviously you're willing to write these stories, but being this site what it is, that counts even if the story desired is more or less unabashed smut? :P

3369e No.4502

Pff. That's almost especially what I do ;p

12a80 No.5101

How do people keep up with commissions? I've been awful about updating here, but my life has also been pretty insane, especially the past few days.

Anyway, here's my usual reminder that I'm here! I hope that I still have people eager to see my work.

ce403 No.6335

Hey! I'm interested in commissioning you for a novella

09e5d No.6405

I've gotten a couple people who emailed me to ask if I am still active, and I'm replying to say that I indeed am!

A couple things, however; my Skype information is no longer relevant, (I had to get rid of it because it was choking my computer). So you'll have to contact me exclusively by email.

I also wonder if anyone would be interested in a couple of services I've been mulling in my head for awhile now;

A 'random wheel story', basically a cheaper short story that would be a total surprise when it arrives in your inbox, including the fetishes and the content represented. It's gimmicky, but I enjoy it on occasion.

I might start rping as well, if I can find people who share my interests and eloquence. Stay tuned, and I'm happy to take your business in the meantime. Cheers.


e7864 No.6389[Reply]


So yeah, this is apparently a thing that exists. I dunno, I just discovered it today, and I felt I should bring it to the attention of my fellow weirdos here on pregchan.

85e04 No.6390

Thanks for the link! :)

c392a No.6298[Reply]

I always check on this CYOA because to be it ticks all the boxes on the stuff that I like. I got on the site the other day to discover that some people have been adding sections to this. I am sure you guys will be able to find the additions as the bottom of the page tells you the date they were added. anyways here is the link for the start of the story and in another comment I will list exceptional parts that branch from it.

Charming Edith - http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/380/380365.html
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a45cc No.6307


Sorry, didn't intend to step on any toes with my writing, just figured that you weren't intending for the change to stick based on the choice you had offered, my apologies.

c392a No.6308

dont worry about it, there are other options people can write into.

c392a No.6309

Plus I was piggy backing off your additions so its fine. I shouldn't be mad lol

b7d7a No.6359

Is there a link to an episode tree for these?

547e6 No.6360

0071a No.479[Reply]

So I'm a user on the hidden-desires forum and when I tried to get into the forums today, I had to go through an adfly ad, which is unusual because the website normally doesn't do that. When the ad was done, it said that hidden-desires.fullboards.com was banned??

Please don't tell me this is true, there was way too much good stuff D:
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b0284 No.2726

please more new pic stuff

3d236 No.2849

Poor hidden desires I miss it ;n;

b1e61 No.2879

Hi, would appriciate if you can upload the translated stories from "hxxp://homepage3.nifty.com/kichiku/b/ninpu/ninputop.htm" for us somewhere (maybe Google Drive?)
Do you have other stories like those?
Would be great :-D
Thanks in advance

b153e No.5831



345d3 No.6356


Did anyone save the translations of these stories?

c746c No.6314[Reply]

While I am not Superdeformed or Call Me Lucifer, I noticed that the old thread had reached the maximum number of posts with the new 500 post limit. I thought I would go ahead and create a second thread so that it can hopefully continue. My vote as to the last option is to ask: "Who are you?"

0dec0 No.6337

I just want to ask if there's anything that we can do to support you, Lucifer? I'd really like for this story to go on.
You still have an audience if you want it :)

32a85 No.6338

I agree, if you need help or an opinion on something do ask. I would be a shame this story completely disappears.

ab066 No.6254[Reply]

I've seen usage kind of drop off, and there was a lot of work put into it so that artists could have an actual, scientifically derived reference for "how pregnant" someone should be based on how many children they are having and how far along they are.

So yeah, just reminding everyone that this is a thing and that you should share with other artist friends.

(Assuming they didn't save a copy for themselves. I've even added some detail notes recently)
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0e288 No.6288

Is this what you were talking about?

ac57c No.6289

Yeah, turns out it's not the most accurate thing in the world for modelling realistic sizes. Go figure.

That is *exceptionally* informative! Permanent hip spread was kind of a given, but the weight fluctuation was more surprising. I'm guessing it would be safe to say you started 'underweight' the first time, which contributed to the higher gain? And was that first one overly big or overdue?

With TheGirlfriend's input now, I might be able to program something… but I'd again only be speculating for 'Tess'. For any person/character higher or lower than the "generic average" weight set for her, there's an inversely proportionate modifier…. and those SUCK.

51ef7 No.6290

It wasn't quite that one, the one I saw had alien stuff in it.

de934 No.6296

No, she wasn't terribly late, maybe a week or so, and rather tiny. 6 pounds, 6 ounces. My boys and my youngest girl all rang in between 8/2 and 8/8 and were 2 days over due for the boys (all three of them) and 11 days extra for the baby girl, who was NOT the heaviest, like you might expect.

Yes I started out underweight for my first. Gained pretty much exactly 50 pounds. I've put on an average of 40 each subsequent time, give or take a few. The post partum loss seems to be exactly 30 pounds in 3 to 4 months. After that…. its been a wild variance. I've breastfed all three boys and I'm still nursing the baby (she's 4 months). My band size is still stable, but my poor breasts can be pretty confused. At any given time either of them can range from my usual B cup to a solid D, and will not be the same size. And I do mean solid. They feel noticeably firmer when a baby doesn't eat well. It's sort of painful. But that firmness can also alter their shape slightly. An "empty" breast is… wel… floppier. The top sort of flattens out a little. A full breast is, as expected, rounder and plumper. Having breastfed throughout a full pregnancy, I can also tell you these changes occur concurrently with the growing belly. Around week 25 or so (for me) the milk switches to colostrum. If I'm not lactating while pregnant, colostrum production begins around then. Usually only a couple of drops if I look for them in my bra. In case the info is relevant.

Somewhere there is a breakdown on what weight gain goes where. If the average gain is 35 pounds… like 8 is a baby, a pound or two for placenta, a couple of pounds for fluids, a pound for boobs, etc. It was nifty.

ac57c No.6315

Well that was upsetting, somebody managed t break it for a bit. I thought I protected those ranges. :/

Either way, it has since been reverted to how it was on January 3rd.

33e3d No.6245[Reply]

I wrote this One Piece fan fic a while ago and had nowhere to post it. Enjoy! It's set in the Saboady arc just after the timeskip when everyone's meeting up again.

Usopp walked the streets of Saboady, a grin stretching from ear to ear. It had been two long years, but he was finally back, ready to meet his friends. He stroked his chin with one hand, admiring the thin beard he had grown, while his other hand squeezed the long staff-like weapon it carried. Yes, his friends were in for some surprises. In their long, grueling time apart he had transformed. He was not a boy anymore, but a man, ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the strongest of his crew and strike down their enemies. It would be a shocking development for them, he knew, but one they would have to deal with.
… just as soon as he could find them.
He scanned the streets for some sign of the other pirates. People thronged the streets, moving between buildings and the towering moss covered tree roots that rose up past ground level. The crowds were a mix of humans, fishmen, even minks. Some had the unmistakeable look of pirates about them, but none were quite as bombastic as his crewmembers. As he watched, a patrol of men in crisp white uniforms moved through, rifles knocked against their shoulders. Marines.
Usopp turned down an alleyway, dipping his head. Not that he couldn’t handle a little attention from the marines, not now after all his training, but there was no reason to pick a fight he could avoid. He followed the alleyway round a corner, out of sight of the marines, and into the backwash of a pub. Voices leaked out from inside, rippling in laughter and conversation. Familiar voices.
“Nami! Robin!”
Usopp all but jumped on the spot. He jumped to the tavern door and reached for the knob. His hand froze. This was their first meeting after two years. In other words, it was as if they were meeting for the first time all over again. They knew the old him, Usopp the coward, Usopp the weakling. It was time to set a new impression upon them. He straightened up, leaned his kabuto over his shoulder and set a cool, aloof expression on his face. He had to stop himself from chuckling. They might not even recognise him at first now! He couldn’t wait to see their faces when they realised he had changed. He opened the door and strolled inside.
Then he froze.
Nami and Robin were there alright, leaning against the bar, chatting together just like old times. Only not likPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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b8f80 No.6267

Literally not the worst fanfic I've ever read award. yay.

99406 No.6268

Fairly good story really.

a94e3 No.6269

Interesting idea. I rather like how you made the fruit actually quite effective despite the pregnancy theme :p Though Nico's final words are what made me smile most :D

91c3d No.6276

The last scene with the alleyway really made this for me. I love when the belly is put into a squeeze and this kind of content is almost non-existent.

edb00 No.6284

I only had time to skim through it, but I love it. Love the concept, love the thought put into the power (it's super cool), and I love the ending with Robin.

4002d No.5641[Reply]

Okay, I suppose I should probably first apologize for the pretentious title. With that said, let me explain myself.

I have a deep and long-abiding love for non-human humanoid females - and, in more recent years, futanari of both the hermaphrodite and the shemale type. However, as my presence on this board indicates, I also have a particularly long-lasting and deep love of pregnancy.

However, I've been made to confront that my pregnancy fetishism does encompass some of the more /d/ aspects of the fetish. Unbirthing, hyper-gestation, hyper-pregnancy, male pregnancy (when the male is suitably effeminate, at least), recursive pregnancy, breast pregnancy and testicle pregnancy.

I was actually browsing the "breast pregnancy" topic over on the Drawn board and contemplating their expressed desire for more such content, when I began to think about how to provide such content and… well, long story short, I think I have in my head the seeds of a "dark hentai fantasy" setting, the basis for a world full of monstergirls & monsterfutas with a basis in pregnancy & impregnation related fetishism.

I wanted to know if I would be allowed to post my work on building such a setting here? And if folks would be interested in critiquing, commenting upon, or otherwise offering input/advice/opinions to help the setting grow?

I am interested in making such a setting work, but I wanted to be certain I wouldn't be breaking any rules of Pregchan by showing it off here.
18 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

4002d No.5742

Thank you for the opinion. Hmm… if anyone's still reading this, I'll go ahead on the Kobold and Sphinx, but I could use input on the Gnolls; they're basically going to borrow sexual physiognomy from the spotted hyena mixed with futanari, but I can't make up my mind if they should have an abdominal uterus or if they should engage in ball-preg when they conceive. Anyone got any preferences?

48e28 No.5743

When it comes to dick girls of any kind my preference is to focus on the balls and leave the belly flat. I prefer girls with bellies to not have dicks, so that's my vote. But I also believe in variety, so just for the sake of this race I vote ball preg.

a39e7 No.5770

I looking for the stories!

Are they coming yet?

e0ce8 No.5813

Alright, so you wanted some ideas, right?

Perhaps there could be a very proud, pride ridden, judgemental species, that consider it a competition to not only mate, but to see who can gestate more babies at once, and in more areas? So a hermaphroditic member of that group that was pregnant in the womb, breasts, balls, and rear, with, say, 15 young per womb, would be considered to be pretty much the champion breeder? Could be a really competitive species. Don't have anything on the mind for them, though.

Also, what about a larger species of more draconic appearance, maybe with individuals varying from 15-25 feet tall? Rather hermitic in that they're scarce, and tend to live in far away, hard to reach places? They could be more gentle giants, that usually just keep to themselves, and tend to keep hoards of valuable materials (not essentially treasure: Some subspecies or certain individuals could be drawn to other valuable things: Weapons, electronic devices, machinery, magic relics, fossils, even collections of living creatures that they don't do anything but take care of (like an aquarium, for example)? Of course, like ordinary dragons, a hoard size is respect for you. Elemental abilities, subspecial dimorphism, sizes, and age can be decided, but I'd imagine that these things can live for centuries, if not millennia, and that generally, the bigger they are, the older.

Now, for the part about them that you'd want to know more about: Their breeding. It'd be a strictly male race, but they have one problem: They're all sterile… …But they're immensely fertile. The only way they can reproduce is by getting their balls knocked up. They can either kidnap some people, or persuade them to join (through love, since these guys are actually really kind and tolerable for the most part), or any other methods possible (including buying people). They usually either promise a good amount of their loot, a good place to live, or the ability to be their lover for those that stay and help to tend to the ever growing collections (and they'd even have people out to hunt for items for them). They'd gestate VERY slowly (taking 5-10 years to gestate), BUT are incredibly stretchy, and have no upper limit to how pregnant they can get. They'd also have the ability to control if and when they give birth, usually only deciding to do it if they have to, or they feel like having their young. Even a practically barren human male can put at least twins iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6bc2b No.6261

Does this need a bump?

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