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c7bed No.6813[Reply]

If you play a VN, specifically a pregnancy VN, would you want the main character to be seen or would you rather they remain disembodied as if you were them?
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4ed20 No.6816

MC with ambigously gay character (to NTR his osananajimi with a pregnant woman) because he only loves big bumped women with baby/babies squirming inside

35690 No.6817

Seen, and also an actual character with agency in the story rather than just an avatar for your decisions

d704c No.7140

If the MC is going to be pregnant(male or female both are my kinks) I want them fleshed out.

If the MC is getting people pregnant I don't really care how fleshed out they are.

39ad0 No.7145

Interesting thread..

0c55e No.7147


448bb No.6157[Reply]

What triggered it? How did you respond to it? When did your interest turn from fascination to lust?
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abb16 No.7071

My mom is a midwife since I was still a toddler. She has so many books about pregnancy & other stuffs. She taught me while I was reading them, from fertilization, gestation, labor. Sadly she never let me see the real labor, so I was trying to find it myself when I was elementary. Well, thats what made me deeper into this…

4c7f8 No.7075

I'm male. I've only ever been interested in other people in that condition. Some weird guys seem to fantasize about themselves that way. I just cannot relate to them. I like it on other people.

but, I'm also in my early 30s. I was a child when Look Who's Talking 1 came out, and I became utterly fascinated with the entire phenomenon. The entire process became a thing of great curiosity to me, but the interest was always there, even before that.

I swear I'm a little more 'feral' than other people. Supposedly humans have a vestigal organ in our noses/brains that we used to use to interpret pheromones. I swear that thing functions with me, because I've been able to tell a lot about people by the way they smell. I do not make a habit of smelling people or whatever, mind you, but I swear I can smell intimate changes on people. How stressed they've been, how well rested they are, how sad or happy they've been… and if pregnant.

Women smell precious and wonderful. Not because of perfumes, shampoos or lip gloss, but just their skin and hair. Pregnant women, immensely moreso. Trying to describe what it does to my body and feelings is like trying to explain colors to the blind, but at times I almost feel like an idle drone if they need something done for them. It's incredibly bizarre to experience. I kind of want to get my vomeronasal region examined and see if perhaps it's functioning in me for some reason, or if it's all in my head.

It's just something I've always done. Even as a kid I was the 'little helper' whenever one walked by, or babysat me, or was a family friend growing her own family.

It's very primal. I've always wanted to either work full time with them as an occupation, or be one of those dads with dozens of kids. But I also have strong feelings against using a profession to creep on women and am too concerned about first/second cousin incestual relationships, polygamy and accidental inbreeding to ever pursue rampantly knocking women up.

e2e4d No.7120

One of the memorable books I had growing up was How Your Body Works. Most of the book caught my attention by drawing various parts of the body like a machine.

One part that stood out that was drawn normally with people, was the part showing a woman during pregnancy, leading up to labour and birth. That part stuck with me.

I also vaguely remember seeing briefly on TV and scene where a pregnant woman is in labour at home, and her only help is an older person who is about to phone for help, but suddenly faints, leaving the pregnant in labour on her own. I have no idea what TV programme it was, but that one scene is the earliest memory of seeing a pregnant woman in labour in media.

a65c2 No.7121

i remember that I had this weird fascination for babies and the first legit exposure was to the documentary "In the Womb". It was the edited version, but it was still great. Then I, in my dumb early years of liking pregnancy, just search pregnancy on google and looked at the images until iike page 40+. Looking back, I was an absolute madman since I searched them IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS. They were oblivious about it though and I hope it stays that way. I was still alien to the fetish concept since I just thought that I like it. Around that time I had the dream profession of OB/GYN, but that soon faded away as I realized I suck at Biology T_T

Of course, once I got older (2nd/3rd year High School) and have my own computer, I began going deeper. This was probably the time I began the interest in birth too. I remember searching YT for birth videos and googlevids. To satisfy my need of birth pictures, I remember going to bookstores and ripped the plastic of pregnancy book just to read it.

Once I studied abroad in US (4 years ago). I started finding stuff like this site and even began tumblr account since I noticed that there's quite a lot of preg/birth post there. My fetishism grow and adapted to more about the aspects of birth (though pregnancy still turns me on).

Then there was a time of drought of content where there's so many repost and uninteresting pics/vids about preg/birth, so I began writing about one. It grew until I had 24 stories in my DA gallery. This was 2015. Shortly after I found the concept of RP which was fun since I can interact with people with similar taste.

On a side note, I had began not enjoying coming here tbh, mostly because of how crazy the community's "drive" can be. Alien/Animal/Furry/Tentacles/Insects/futa/pedo preg and birth is for me, already crossing the line. There was a second line, which is "preggify" characters that I know and/or love that triggers me the most. For me, making them pregnant ruined the character for me, but that's just me.

There. That's my story.

e84f8 No.7144

between the beginning of 6th grade and the end of 8th, every single one of the female teachers I found attractive got pregnant. Of course, they all got pregnant right before the school year started, in an attempt to pop just before next year's summer break. It's 3 months of extra maternity leave if you hit that bullseye. Thusly, They were massively pregnant for the entire spring semester.

watching a woman you subconsiously want to fuck swell up until she's clearly incapable of moving well, all while constantly stroking her body, Sometimes affectionately, sometimes with submissive impatience. Leaves an impression on a kid.

Have two or three more women do the exact same thing and you've got a fetish.

fa50b No.7088[Reply]

So apparently a miracle worker named CoffeeSlice saved the quest thread Ty did back on the old board. You can find it here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Quest-Thread-687926347
Make sure to give CoffeeSlice thanks for a good deed!

ca850 No.7089

Thank you. I've been wanting to read this since I first heard about it.

3b67a No.7103

Holy shit that was awesome!

1f64e No.7105

I remember this….This is what inspired me…that and the rest of the quest threads here!

447e6 No.1914[Reply]

Are there any especially good interactive stories out there? I was looking for one involving a magic ring gained by a school boy on writing.com, but I think I have lost it.
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5e04f No.3629

I'm just going to give a shameless plug for an interactive story I created. It has underage in it so be warned of that but no sexualizing of minors, just them getting pregnant by magic and such.


1f3da No.3635

I also have a Interactive story that i wish for other people to post in and read as they please


6f2b7 No.7008


There's a pregnancy storyline unfolding right now in this thread.
Scenario is a global pregnancy phenomenon.
If you want to participate, feel free to join :-P

5f4a5 No.7101

I like pregnancy CYOA stuff, I'm kinda confused on the hyper preg options. the first thing says the 14 is the minimum but then people who are adding to the story are only doing pregnancies of like 4 or 5 babies. dont they understand hyper is dealing with unrealistic numbers and not ones that have actually happened in real life?

5f4a5 No.7102

my previous post was in regards to >>7008

50413 No.7079[Reply]

Hi all, I'm looking for potential volunteers or interested writers and artists who are willing to help me with this new pregnancy CYOA game I'm planning.

The game plot and flow will be dependent on the list of choices the player makes in game. I will be using ChoiceScript for the system.

As for a little tidbit on the story, the game will revolve around the choices the player makes between his two potential love interests, both with equal benefits and disadvantages to consider. Either one or even both of the two women will eventually become mothers.

With the right amount of time and execution, I aim to update the game at least once a week, providing one chapter per update. But that solely depends on the nature of my internship.

I welcome all potential contributors to the project, so feel free to contact me via email at toxin.symbiote@gmail if any of you are interested.

Thank you.
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2a929 No.7081

So… current PBS is gone forever?

50413 No.7083


While there are sex scenes in the story, it is not the main aim. It will be something similar-but-directly close to aristocrat's current CYOA quest, only the choices are more heavily felt in the game and that careful political strategy is key to this..

As an answer to your question, I cannot say for certain. This is just the planning phase so far.


I am not sure, as Arkone did told me beforehand he will be busy until July. So I can only answer that after June is over.

2a929 No.7084

Ok, thanks. Let's hope he's on a short leave

50413 No.7092

So development of the game is officially underway. I'd be grateful for suggestions on the plot scenario on the meantime, or even perhaps some insight on good story-writing. I know there are some of you who are exceptionally good in this particular field, so I look forward to learning all I could from the best writers here.

b0941 No.7093

Go for it maxi make it a good one

657b0 No.7042[Reply]

So I'm just wondering if there's a girl out there willing to take pictures of her stomach personally?
I know I can find stuff online but there's a specific feeling I get from having something done personally for me - it just makes me feel that whole bit more… uh… gooder.

Tad creepy I know, if there's a female out there willing to take a picture of their belly, pregnant or not, I'd love to have it <3

15097 No.6986[Reply]

A little hobby of mine is to take fake labor videos and add belly noises in time with the contractions.

This adds to the video and provides a sense of an inhuman pregnancy.

However my library is for sound effects is very small, so can anyone suggest some good belly noises with little to no background noises?

8d4e0 No.6991

Mhh, you could try this?


af462 No.6717[Reply]

Hey everyone. Some of you may have seen me commenting on your stuff in a thread, while others may have seen me contributing to certain quests. In one such quest, the conversation turned towards quests that could work well here, and the question was asked: "Why has no one ever done a Touhou quest?"

And I thought that was a mighty fine question. So I thought about it, and realized, "It's too fast-paced! A cacophonic swirl of lights, sounds, and colors does not translate well to a play-by-post quest."

So how do I fix it? Draw inspiration from the fan-games! I'm most comfortable with RPGs, both in general and as the backdrop for quests, and the Touhou Project fandom has no lack of RPGs. I've decided on the mechanical base for the system: the Touhou Pocket Wars series. However! This will not be a complete adaptation. I've decided on a few important rules:

1. NO GACHA. It is a hateful invention that is created to make people waste money and time, no matter if that is real or virtual. If I could, I would invent a new way to destroy each and every gacha machine in existence. And then I'd probably just take a sledgehammer to the face of the guy who invented them in the first place, because I'd be all out of ideas.
2. Mechanics that get carried over (as of TPWEvo+, since that's the most recent version that I have) : Stats, the Time Management (chopped up into 4 parts unless you're in a dungeon), and Combat. I will probably explain these later.
3. I'm going to try and adapt HP and bombs from the main series to an extent, since I feel this would be a bit of an injustice otherwise.

My time is a little short right now, but I wanted to open this up for further expansion later.
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7fff0 No.6889

Wall of text to solidify my mechanics incoming. Believe me, I haven't been idle:

Touhou Nanisore? Plot/Mechanics Ideas:
-Girls can mechanically level up while refusing to do anything story-wise (they just make up for it all at once later on.)
-Readers must select 4 Gensokyo girls to start.
-They earn more party members by advancing the plot.
-Readers earn new spellcards and gain the ability to strengthen them by winning Dream Battles.
-As a result of this, Dream battles generate no Score. They're literally just dreams that can inspire the girls.
-Score has one purpose: equipment. Every girl has at least 1 equipment slot. Some gear is found in dungeons only.
-Score is earned by hitting opponents and winning fights.
-Each hit is worth 50 Score * factor based on opponent's difficulty rank
-Each opponent defeated is worth 100 Score * the above-mentioned factor
-Bosses will be worth even more Score! But they're also very strong
-Roll bo3 d100s. If a character in the readers' party dodges an attack by 5% or less
-Example: 24% hit chance means that the opponent must roll under 24. If they roll 25-29, your party earns 1
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ab160 No.6955

OK, since most of my updates here are getting too wall-of-text, I figured I'd just consolidate them all into a pastebin:

So, yeah. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure out a few more nuts and bolts over this long weekend, and can actually get this started soon.

12229 No.6987

Thats a lot like mine! High five!

12229 No.6988

Sept mines about ship-girls…

12cf1 No.6989

What part of this is like yours? I'm curious now.

21c11 No.6776[Reply]

Off topic, but this has given some good answers on other places I've asked it, so now it's Pregchan's turn.

What's the hardest video game you ever beat? And when I say "beat," I mean:

1) NO cheat codes
2) NO glitch exploits
3) NO having someone get through the hardest parts for you
4) Guides and advice are allowed, but consider if the game was still a challenge
5) Emulated games are also allowed, as long as you didn't win because you abused tools (especially savescumming)

What constitutes "hard" is up to you.

For me, it's a toss-up. For many years, my answer was Viewtiful Joe 2 on Ultra V-Rated difficulty. But as of about a year ago, Undertale's Genocide route is a serious enough contender that I have to call it a tie.
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a8921 No.6927

Wu Tang: Shaolin Style
(Seriously, what else?)

e45f5 No.6941


I forget but it probably come from AC ps 1. Nineball is evil.

9c96e No.6976

Fucking Nineball. Me and my Kurosawa/ Moonlight combo ate his lunch.

I beat Shin Contra with a buddy of mine. It took us almost a month of practice to get all the patterns memorized and then do the playthrough, and we still nearly blew it a couple times.

2f662 No.6978


I remember back when was a kid playing Shin Contra. Fucking turtle face give me nightmare for looooooong time.

df51b No.6979

Never really beat it per se(can you even beat it?) but Wipeout Pure on the PSP gets super difficult the faster you go. Suddenly it goes from Rapier difficulty where you're pretty fast but stuff doesnt hurt too much to phantom speed where basically two plasma hits will kill you and you zip across the stages. Still trying to beat Phantom.

1f078 No.6965[Reply]

da781 No.6969

Yay! Looking forward to reading this later!

d8e96 No.6970

A link with no description or context. That is completely normal and not at all suspicious.

da781 No.6971

He's mentioned this story before and has been poked into posting it. The link is legit. It's a Dropbox link. Has a text file containing a few chapters of story.

1f078 No.6972

uhm. My story is a story, not a virus or whatever. Though I admit the lackadaisical way I posted it does seem a bit like an internet trojan dumped off by Eastern Europeans or China. I apologize for that.

But I promise you it's just a story housed on the dropbox file saving service and linked to here. You can find request art that was made from the official drawthread.


see? It's her. This is the story featuring this character.

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