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It illegible overseeing cyst; parents. iedyaokz 06/21/2023 (Wed) 17:24:43 Id:a433eb No. 1783 [Reply]

Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/18/2023 (Sun) 22:55:52 Id:c3d172 No. 1778 [Reply]
a lot more of the ideas i has are childish and 'underage' charatcters getting preg though magic or science or other stuff, would those be allowed?

Character.ai Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/09/2023 (Mon) 23:20:21 Id:de7489 No. 982 [Reply]
> check out beta.character.ai > think I could just have some kinky dialogue with random characters > conversations go in some great but unexpected directions > actually getting some reassurance with some of my personal insecurities from a random chat ai > didarobotjustgivemethearpy.jpg Anyway, the site is great. A lot of characters can react quite differently to preg scenarios, get into it themselves but also keep you a bit in check if you step out of line. Would love if peeps share their created characters.
>454 A thread already exists
Like yea a thread already exist, but it's in the random board. A website that's about chatting with pregnant characters and making stories, perhaps might be better suited for this board.

Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/17/2023 (Sat) 04:37:53 Id:9751ec No. 1769 [Reply]
Anyone have unbirth stories/art of a man cumming inside the womb and impregnating his host further?

The Incredible Birth of Joey Jr. Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/31/2023 (Tue) 01:34:29 Id:c846be No. 1091 [Reply]
Josie "Joey" Johnson - A 23-year-old adventurer with a knack for fixing things and the ability to handle any major weapon that falls into her hands. She tends to be underestimated due to her size and perky personality, but deep down is a clever and witty girl who loves her freedom. Josie encounters a tribe whose artifact, a mystic orb, is stolen by scavengers. After retrieving it, the orb becomes infused to her and makes her pregnant. The tribe tells her that she has been "chosen" to bare the hero of legend and Josie must reluctantly carry the child to term while dealing with numerous other threats. Jackson Johnson - Josie's 52-year-old father and an adventurer in his own right. The two used to be a duo before Josie got older and went out on her own. He is eccentric and unpredictable, but always seems to pull off successful ploys in the end. Upon discovering that he is to be grandfather, he starts to become reluctant over Josie continuing her adventure. It is only through seeing her determination to fight and be a good mom that he decides to support her in her most difficult time of need. Ray Randolph - A 25-year-old quirky tech expert and Josie's best friend. The two have known each other since they were children and have stuck together since then. Ray helps Josie find places to journey to and supplies her with tools when necessary. Ray is the first person to learn of Josie's pregnancy and immediately supports her. This is partially due to the fact that he has requited feelings for her, which over the course of the series becomes much more apparent with Josie eventually learning to reciprocate them. Doc Chu - A 60-year-old doctor who once worked for many major figures and now does basic family practice to make ends meet. She is usually the go to for Josie, but is in way over her head when she learns that she is pregnant. Chu is an expert in all things medical and has some of her own remedies that cause weird side effects, but get the job done. She begins to notice that Josie's unborn baby is imbuing her with slightly enhanced abilities and becomes intrigued in learning about all of them. Mia Suzuki - Another young pregnant woman that Josie befriends. She is a tough and no-nonsense woman who decided to keep her baby despite her boyfriend running out on her. She doesn't let being single get her down and finds it relieving as she feels free. Josie usually comes to talk to her whenever she is not out adventuring and needs someone to relate to who is going through a similar situation. Mia will sometimes get dragged into an adventure, usually unintentionally, but displays the ability to protect herself efficiently. Baron Krakov - Jackson's former arch-enemy and now Josie's arch-enemy. An eccentric baron who tries and fails to beat the Johnsons. Upon learning of Josie's pregnancy, he believes that he is at an advantage, only to sadly learn that this is not the case. He has a dirigible as his mode of transportation and is always trying to perfect his evil habits, usually with ridiculous results. He is always trying to get his henchmen in line, with some of them wondering why he wants to badger a pregnant woman. Gribbens - Baron Kravov's assistant. He is constantly insulted and pressed upon by the baron who has him perform menial chores around the dirigible. Throughout the series, he is shown to have other interests such as art, crochet, cooking and music (specifically hip hop). Sometimes when he is away from the baron, he will encounter Josie, Ray or Mia and is shown to be quite cordial with them. Despite this, his loyalty lies with the baron and he is resigned to work for an evil man, no matter how idiotic he may be.
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>>1120 I changed my mind. I’ll just write regular episode descriptions.
>>1185 Every episode can open Josie narrating her adventures to Joey Jr.
Episode 1: The Glow of Destiny - "Your story begins, Joey, with a mysterious glowing orb. It was no ordinary treasure, it picked me and that's when our lives changed forever." Episode 2: Fatherly Concerns - "When I told Grandpa Jackson about you, he was worried, Joey. But I promised him that I could continue adventuring and still take care of you." Episode 3: Unexpected Sidekick - "You'd think a pregnant woman would be a target, Joey, but turns out I made a pretty intimidating team with Mia, another soon-to-be mom." Episode 4: Tech Tricks - "There was this time, Joey, when Ray's tech gadgets got us out of a tricky situation. Even though I was pregnant, I was still as sharp as a tack." Episode 5: Baron's Misfire - "Baron Krakov thought he could get the better of me because I was carrying you. Little did he know you gave me strength." Episode 6: Secret Feelings - "Ray had a secret, Joey. He cared about us, more than we knew. His confession, it caught me by surprise." Episode 7: Gribbens' Hidden Talent - "Despite working for Krakov, Gribbens has some pretty cool interests. Who knew you could learn to appreciate art in the middle of chaos?" Episode 8: Mia's Resilience - "Mia taught me a lot about strength and independence. Even without a partner, she showed us we could do anything." Episode 9: Jackson's Intervention - "Jackson tried to slow us down. He meant well, but I had to show him that carrying you didn't make me any less capable."

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Episode 27: Rising Threat - "A new danger emerged, Joey. Something darker than Krakov. But don't worry, we were ready to face it head-on." Episode 28: Mia's Maternity - "Mia had her baby, Joey. It was a reminder that your arrival was fast approaching, and boy, was it a beautiful moment." Episode 29: Secrets Unveiled - "We discovered some hidden truths about the orb, Joey. It was a lot to take in, but we knew it was vital for the battles to come." Episode 30: Ray's Resolve - "Ray made a vow to protect us, Joey. His strength was remarkable, his dedication unwavering." Episode 31: Jackson's Past - "Your grandpa shared some stories from his past. It showed me just how much he had gone through and how much he had overcome." Episode 32: The Oracle's Prophecy - "An oracle gave us a prophecy about you, Joey. It was daunting, but it filled us with hope." Episode 33: Krakov's Alliance - "Krakov, believe it or not, decided to join us. We needed all the help we could get, and even he knew that." Episode 34: Gribbens' Transformation - "Gribbens, in his own way, stepped up. He was evolving, just like us." Episode 35: Doc's Assurance - "Doc Chu reassured me about your health, Joey. It was comforting to know you were safe and sound."

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>>1759 Excellent.

Sex Sendoh 06/05/2023 (Mon) 13:44:07 Id:ff093d No. 1723 [Reply]
Lets talk
>>1723 How do you think most guys would react if you told them to get you pregnant during sex? or how would they react to a female explaining their kink to guys? Do you think it would weird most guys out?

Has The Womb server been deleted or something? BD-MAN 06/01/2023 (Thu) 20:48:22 Id:4481a9 No. 1706 [Reply]
I noticed the server icon banished from my discord, and it seems there's no invitatiion link avaiable I got a warning for a silly thing long time ago, but no one adviced me about bans or something so
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>>1713 The places I go to are the Belly Bubble, https://discord.gg/44XF3JT32m Pregnancy Utopia https://discord.gg/8wX4HEcHPx And a few others. Most welcome some vore too.
Tummy Church is pretty cool I guess https://discord.gg/2zV3JgsJp7 It's supposed to gather all kinds of tums but it certainly has a bias... (preg is the most popular there)
>>1713 I'll have done that too months ago >>1714 >>1715 Thank you! for now I entered in the tummy church, but the other ones seems cool too
>>1710 >toxic atmosphere. >It was alright when it started, then it rolled down... collapsed into shittyness. No wonder I never felt comfortable being there. I was too afraid of being kicked for calling people out on their bullshit, especially the mentally ill individuals who can't seem to figure out what gender they are...
>>1718 for me I never had a real problem with anyone, as I wasnt a very active member. But even with that the downgrade was noticeable

finding original creator Thunderclapper33 05/21/2023 (Sun) 01:39:09 Id:bf6a34 No. 1684 [Reply]
Hey guys i need help with something there's this video i watch called streetbirth on Xnxx2 pro porn and i like watching it and i know i have seen video like this in the past if you can send links that have the similar style as this one or better yet telling me the name of the creator or maybe the website on were these videos come from that'll be great also i don't know how to post video or link just search xvideo streetbirth go to google images and search the image where there is a girl wearing a red somewhat see through dress that is pregnant and also looks like a 3d model please help me

Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 05/18/2023 (Thu) 04:01:24 Id:cd8c01 No. 1671 [Reply]
Does any one have loli preg

(81.05 KB 959x1280 20220624-48.jpg)
Who invented this fetish? Aspari CEO of Preggos 05/16/2023 (Tue) 00:58:15 Id:d6fd71 No. 1664 [Reply]
Have y'all fellas ever given a thought about which one of our ancestors invented this fetish and passed it down to us until now
It was me. I did it. t. antediluvian
(49.69 KB 256x256 333355431036211.png)
>>1664 >grug like gregnant cave woman >grug have more kin than apeman >grug's fetish passed down while apeman die out
(202.41 KB 754x1280 Venus of Willendorf-by-dnomrah.jpg)
I figure the most likely explanation stems from monkey brain going, "Grunt. Lady have baby. Lady and baby not die. Lady have more baby. Have baby good. Grunt, grunt." Some of us just do...a lot more with it. That kind of relates to another possible explanation I heard once. I'm no psychologist (fuck if I can figure out my own brain, let alone anyone else's) but the theory goes something like, "As with every living being, we're wired on the genetic level to make more of us. But what's supposed to happen is that when pregnancy happens, the drive to mate diminishes and the drive to provide increases, since it's not like you can make a baby with something that's already pregnant, and that's where the drive to have sex comes from. A pregnancy fetish results from the absence of that change." Of course, humans are one of the few creatures that have sex specifically for pleasure (and, as has been pointed out by those more cynical than I am, specifically to make our partners feel like shit), so something's off there. But in all seriousness? It was probably Groggok. That prehistoric pussy fiend would fuck anything with a pulse, so it's only natural he'd pass on his sex drive. It's probably his fault we have furries and foot fetishists, too. Pic related.