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f8702 No.10165[Reply]

One thing I like to do now and then is edit in belly grumbles and similar alien sounds to "contraction" preg videos to give the impression of something inhuman within.

I'm looking to edit sounds into one of Kinky Kristi videos but need to expand my library and would like some help find some suitable belly sounds?

As a reward for your assistance I'll post a link to both the edited and original video on my google drive on Pregchan. It's important the sounds have very little or preferably no background noises.

Thank you. :)

35e37 No.10149[Reply]

I consider myself straight, but I've had a thing for mpreg since I discovered the story about Loki and the horse when I was a teenager.

It's funny for me to watch Preggophilia because increasingly these are dudes trying to impress and/or satisfy other dudes, and they are very insistent on not interacting with the pregnant women ultimately providing the content. One funny example for me was a guy who had a beautiful pregnant wife who started giving out his kik username for others if they wanted to get more pics from him. Why not just upload all the pics to a central location? Somehow he wanted the gratification of getting attention — from other guys.

All of this puts a bit of a spin on mpreg for me at this particular time, making me wonder: if a Preggophilia "guru" got pregnant and subsequently developed huge breasts and a sick, overdue belly, would he livestream videos of himself rubbing lotion on his belly or share pics of his "progression"? If it makes it more palatable for you, imagine he transforms into a woman and everything. Maybe it's too transgressive right now, but it seems like that's where we're headed in the next few years (except for the whole magically getting pregnant part).

This leads me to a scenario I find really hot (straight or not):

Cole is a (straight) pregnant fetishist that makes some money on Patreon writing erotic stories about pregnancy (fpreg only). One day he wakes up transformed: EE breasts, thick thighs, wide hips, a big butt, and a belly that looks like it's easily 42 weeks pregnant.

What does he make of his predicament? Among other things, he starts providing content of himself online, including videos and photos. Sucking his own tits, rubbing lotion on his belly, if it's "innocent," you name it.

Meanwhile, Cole's (straight) roommate Mike happens to also be a pregnancy fetishist. They've discussed the fetish before and Mike is a fan of Cole's stories. Mike finds himself fascinated by Cole's new body and situation.

Of course, Cole understands how Mike is feeling (after all, Cole is doing some weird stuff himself) so they arrange for Mike to meet Cole in Cole's bedroom one night for a belly rubbing session. Mike is a bit floored to find Cole sitting on his bed wearing only a bra and panties, looking a bit like a pregnant milf with such a curvy body.
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db097 No.10152

hrm, what if they switch places after, the next day mike wakes up with a steadily growing belly and a need for relief?

82a72 No.10155

From where I sit, the scenario is hot because Cole basically becomes a woman, even as he experiences pregnancy from the point of view of a man. Mike has to remain a man to represent "us" (i.e. "straight" preg fetishists) enjoying Cole's "sacrifice." (It's a sacrifice because, in principle, pregnancy is a laborious and painful process.) If Mike becomes pregnant, then it's like we're all susceptible and, for me, that's not a turn-on.

9435b No.10153[Reply]

Is there any new pregnant hentai with birth? Or just bellies?

0337d No.9989[Reply]

So, I'm thinking of writing a fantasy series heavily centred around impregnation and pregnancy fetish themes; and I want to put it on the internet. For FREEEEEEEE!

What's the best site to share something like this on? Ideally I'd like to post to a site that doesn't have too many restrictions

26f34 No.10088

can post to ImagineYourPregnant on tumblr if you really want


they take submissions and post regularlyly

b6ce9 No.10150

Did you end up starting on that series?
Did you post it?
How was it received?

c025f No.10142[Reply]

“Well Sue I hope you don't mind, but mark will be home soon and i’ll need to feed him his after school snack” Catherine said grinning. Sue knew Catherine from volunteering at the public library. Both moms had husbands who paid the bills, but spent several days a week as part time librarians. Sue had always been impressed by Catherine's flirtatious confidence with men in general, and perhaps coincidentally her firm hand with her son. Mark was a high achiever in school, good grades, sports star etcetera, never in trouble.
“Catherine, I don’t know how you do it, your Mark is such a good boy, every time I come over he is mowing the lawn or doing dishes, my son is such a slob compared to him”. Catherine Gave a throaty laugh, “I just spoiled him sue. I just spoil him rotten, he knows he has to behave to keep on my good side.”
Sue thought it was strange that catharine stayed on the couch drinking tea, after she had said she would have to interrupt their social time to feed her son. Wasn’t she going to fix him a snack? Sue had always been jealous of Cathrine for her smouldering confidence and her robust figure.
Shortly Mark bounded in the front door, still wearing his soccer uniform and covered in sweat dirt and grass. “Hi Missus O'Neil” the polite teen said to his mother's friend.
the strapping lad leaned in to give hug his loving mother, Catherine kissed her boy, first pecking his checks and then a rather unmotherly lingering kiss on the lips. “Did you work up an appetite at soccer practice baby?” the middle aged domestic cooed.

Mark grinned. Sue thought his eyes would pop out of his skull the way the teenager was staring at his mother's cleavage. Sue was startled, she couldn’t imagine how awkward and strange she would feel if her son ever looked at her like that. Sue's boy Dennis was about the same age as mark.
Catherine unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her lacy bra cup up to expose her milky breast. Sue couldn’t believe her eyes, as she stared at her friends' veiny white mammary, and her puffy dark nipple. Sue was shocked at this wanton display, but also surprised at how dark and long her friends' nipples were. while one breast was exposed, the areola and nipple itself were a dark almost purple red and as big as cherries. without removing her bra catherine began massaging the top of her breasts, her long manicured nails leaving white lines along her fair skin.
“Uh, Should I leave?” Sue asked, blushing. She cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

21241 No.10134[Reply]

Do you do it? Why or why not?

f2b1b No.10135

Just patreons.

08ffd No.10116[Reply]

f5e99 No.10119


>My very first one, not great


>Shantae as your very own sex slave


>A man transforms into a pregnant woman


>Loli vampire's lust for cocks makes her pregnant


>Pregnant student gives birth during a lunch break, started from someone's scenario

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

f5e99 No.10120

Alright, I completed the last one.

41fc3 No.10121

I wanted to start a "normal" game but got distracted in the middle. First half is just drama stuffs, second half is the lewd part, with difficult birth at the end.

41fc3 No.10123

>You are a young teenage girl. You are pregnant. You will be giving birth soon. You are on a stage at a tavern. People are paying to watch you giving birth. Better put a good show!

b7c27 No.10128

Here's one I just made. A cute little story of a pregnant woman with triplets, having sex and giving birth. https://play.aidungeon.io/adventure/b14947a0-070b-41ba-af1a-1ae229241458

dae0c No.10127[Reply]

Looking for someone to RP birth with tonight on discord.


96c98 No.10106[Reply]

Hey fellas. Looking to play Birth Story by Arkone but I can't get a DL link. If somebody could provide one, i'd be very appreciative. Thanks!

dc43e No.10112

f73bf No.10113

The question is, how do I watch Dia's secret scene?

fa3fe No.10102[Reply]

If you used to follow me on tumblr, I'm back on it: pregnantprayer7.tumblr.com
I hope I reach 7000 followers again. I won't delete this blog I promise. But I'm taking it easy.

Come follow :)

fa3fe No.10105

unfortunately my adult content has been flagged and is apparently not visible to others.

if you can see my latest post though let me know

this is the image in the post: https://66.media.tumblr.com/c7d171d33c0141d80c090b27eda7d81e/281cdb4f3ab15598-6f/s2048x3072/ebf271ffac34d9ea270575efc679ab8c2b5d48d9.jpg

if you don't see it let me know too

813ae No.10107

could i chat with you on maybe telegram ?

fa3fe No.10109

Whats telegram

fa3fe No.10110

new post that's not flagged

fa3fe No.10111

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