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d2b56 No.9731[Reply]

Juno might not have been shot through a very erotic lens but I've always had such a crush on Ellen Page and the pregnancy dialogue is very fun.

In sexual terms, the german movie Off Beat from 2004 has imo the holy grail- a sex scene with a pregnant woman with a man whom she has met while pregnant! I just love pregnancy romance, and it's hard to find later in the pregnancy, and she is so big and lovely.

26ba2 No.9738

Old movie, 'gingerale afternoon' is quite lovely, even if pregnancy isn't the main focus as it is in Juno.

155e4 No.9745

>>9731 I think Neon Bull, a Brazilian movie, has a pretty good and pretty long pregnant sex scene

e904d No.9689[Reply]

Saw a meme about Padme and now I'm horny, does anyone have any shots of Padme from Revenge of the Sith where she's visibly pregnant?

eb0fd No.9702

She was never visibly pregnant, on the day she gave birth to TWINS she just had the tiniest hint of a swell when she was lying flat. It was fucking pathetic.

f0fab No.9703

She was at her biggest when she was already dead

7e4a5 No.9704


God forbid they show a realistically sized pregnant belly. To inappropriate for American audiences.

7e4a5 No.9705


Not a scene from Revenge of the Sith but I have this.


9e0f5 No.9627[Reply]

Found this post on reddit, but there wasn't much discussion so I thought I'd bring it here. I think it sounds both interesting and beneficial to people like us.

>Okay I know this sounds random and weird, but I read a while back that the reason human babies are so useless compared to, say, foals or pups, is because (due to the sizes of their heads) they are born early, and they only reach the usual development level when they're a year old. Regardless of this is true, it at least interested me, so what if somehow, humans were, and had always been, able to carry their offspring for that year and then* give birth? How would this effect societal development or, for a question more up this sub's alley, how would those later parts of the pregnancy function? What effects would that have on newborn/infantile development, or on human biology as a whole (or I guess moreso female biology, I doubt males would be terribly effected).

19086 No.9629

I would very much like this. Also, might greatly slow down overpopulation and make each life more relevant because of the long gestation period and lesser ability for women to get pregnant. At 90 weeks that's almost 2 pregnancy (back to back) and the larger child being carried would be much more of a strain on the mother making time between pregnancies most likely longer.

We should put our top scientists on this.

4c49d No.9639

Update, a comment on the thread:

>Hmm. You'd have to get around the heads-so-big-everyone-dies-in-childbirth problem.

>Coneheads? Tube-brains? Basically the fetal head enlarges by lengthening rather than simply swelling… allowing it to still pass through the birth canal after growing to the volume of a 1yo head…
>OR the species becomes entirely dependent on surgical birth, meaning any woman who is caught away from medical services when going into labor is served an automatic death sentence…
>OR women evolve (somehow, mumble mumble selection pressure mumble plausible incremental pathway) to become non-ambulatory in the last phase of pregnancy, and their pelvis completely deforms or detaches, allowing the birth canal to stretch to absurd sizes to allow the giant head to pass through… presumably the changes would have to be reversed, as it seems non-adaptive to have a woman become permanently immobile after her first pregnancy, even in the modern world.
>I wonder if this would even be adaptive for the infant? Is there any advantage, in a species as highly social as ours, to spending that additional time in the womb becoming more physically developed, when that same 50 weeks could be spent bonding to family members, learning faces, laying down the foundations of social behavior? I don't know. Interesting question.

8d8a7 No.9653

Another comment:

>There would probably be some physiological changes like wider hips to for allow the larger fetus. Also babies might be able to walk or at least crawl from day 0, like horses and elephants.

>However, it could also be possible that if humans had this extended gestation period the fetus would simply grow at a slower rate, in this case that slower rate of development might mean an extended life span with adolescence lasting into your 40s.

>Your question has got me thinking, how correlated is a species' metabolism to their gestation period? Additionally how correlated is body mass?

The threads never really took off so this is all I got. I still love this idea though, a shame that no discussion really seems to be forming around it.

2d2ad No.9649[Reply]

So yea I'm looking for partners for pregnancy and birth rps and the last one shut down because it reached maxiumin posts

you can find me @Nezzie#1826 on Discord.

2d2ad No.9651

This forum is now closed

4e7f9 No.9631[Reply]

Danganronpa is my current hyperfix and I can't find much if any pregnancy content for it so. Would anyone know of anything, and/or be interested in seeing my stuff/talking about it?

2bb00 No.9635

I'd like to see your stuff.

4e7f9 No.9638

I’ll be sure to post more soon then but here’s most of my stuff currently:


a4658 No.9641

Perhaps you should've gone to /d/ if you wanted pics?
Still I really wish there was more DR preg content

4e7f9 No.9643

Well I was actually looking for written stuff, sorry if that was unclear lol

4708f No.9640[Reply]

I have an idea to speed up the morph process for photos, but can't code.

The post is here https://pregchan.com/r/res/7976.html#13393

Anyone willing to help an ideas guy out?

ae55a No.7381[Reply]

Like the subreddit, but with pregnancy.
Got an idea? Throw it out there, see what people come up with!

1. Must have pregnancy as a prominent theme.
2. This isn't a request thread, contribute SOMETHING.
3. Does not have to be sexual at all
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

2aa03 No.9613

I didn't even know that such a story existed when I came up with the prompt.

I'd love to read it.

f242f No.9614

I figured it would go there or he has a cute friend who just learned she's into pregnant boys

f242f No.9624

more mpreg

A man finds a cute genie, his first wish is to have a child so she makes him pregnant, his second wish is for her to be pregnant too.

A pregnant livesteamer is spammed with questions about his pregnancy and his baby mama when he wanted to talk about his recent championship victory

A pregnant boy struggles buying maternity clothes and other things for the baby a hot milf decides to help him, in more ways than one

78630 No.9630

If I remembered the title or the author I'd tell you, but sadly I don't

b95bd No.9637

It's an alternate world where there is only one fertile woman on Earth at a time, and she is perpetually pregnant with hundreds of thousands of babies. Hundreds of men come from around the world daily to climb up her colossal belly and fuck her, every man's cum fertilizing a few more constantly-ovulating eggs and adding a few more babies to her brood.

c45cc No.9621[Reply]

I want to make a website for birth hentai, pregnant hentai, etc. I want it to be like Tumblr and Facebook and Pregchan and maybe even Pregfur. How can I do this? HALP

c45cc No.9622

Like tumblr + facebook +pregchan + pregfur = ?? Some social media hentai website

39f11 No.9620[Reply]

Shameless plug of my Patreon.


Enjoy…or don't. :)

89704 No.9589[Reply]

Does anybody here live in Virginia?
I'd like to meet up with peeps or at least chat here?

6daa6 No.9601

Im near by in maryland,do you kik?

89704 No.9602

No I don't (I'm Jallaine)

89704 No.9604

ill make one though give me one sec

89704 No.9605

I made one: Zorgara

89704 No.9619

I'm in Stafford if anyone wants to meet?

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