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bd553 No.8281[Reply]

She is taking the contraceptive pills but i want to get her pregnant. How can i get her pregnant without leaving the pills? is there a way to increase chances?
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70716 No.8315

Would that be the same SpookyDice that posted two Youtube videos about how Pregchan "fell for it"?

4d2c1 No.8316

No, that would be the same SpookyDice having two videos made in her name by the same jagoff who harrassed her.

That whiny-ass man-child had a serious vendetta against her because she didn't provide him the only thing close enough to female interaction in his life.

70716 No.8317


Ah OK. I was only peripherally aware of the whole saga.

f5226 No.8420

Replace pills with suitable placebo.
Ignore jealous feminists.
Fuck girlfriend.
Impregnate, hopefully.
Failing that, get a better girlfriend who isn't a dyke.

63633 No.8430

It saddens me reading shit like that. I mean, yeah, i love looking at womens pregnant bellies as much as any other anon here. It's a fetish site after all. I always love to read/hear the girl's perspective that are into this kind of stuff.

But reaching a point where people take things way too seriously that start creeping women all around, its just plain wrong. Ruins the fun for both sides and for everyone.

74853 No.8417[Reply]

Hello. This my first time posting on this site so please bear with me. I'm a female who enjoys roleplaying birth and is looking for roleplay partners.
If interested feel free to contact my Kik: jssxox I'm over twenty-one if age is a concern.

5204b No.8418

just sent a msg your way. hope to hear from you soon :)

e9694 No.8419

There's a thread for this already. Don't be surprised if an admin deletes this post.

ec516 No.8413[Reply]

SCP-006161: The Fornicube, A.K.A 'Breeding-box' (Class: SAFE)

Its hypothesized this object spontaneously appeared in Dr. Goodkinds's office, specifically resting on a desk.

Its specific physical description is simple; its an acrylic cube 8x8cm square - made from optically transparent
resin. The resin is nearly perfectly clear - except for a tiny speck or particle of what appears to be charcoal embedded
into the center of the cube. The materials appear to have no special properties - its ordinary optical grade acrylic
this assertion been tested by our materials scientists. The object however as a whole does NOT appear to be fully bound by the laws of physics in our time-space manifold, specifically it is phase or tide locked to a single spatial coordinate.
It cannot be moved by any means, without destroying the acrylic casing - or indeed if that is even possible a few microns below the surface. Extensive analysis with non-invasive means has determined the core or char component - isn't an inert
lump of pyrolized plant matter - about 1mm cubed ~ but a fragment of exotic matter or a rift in space-time (see Doc#N3986539) for details.

The foundation only inadvertently became aware of the this objects unusual properties when hearing of extensive rumors about events surrounding Dr.Goodkinds office and surrounding administrative area. Specifically of the rumors of multiple
trysts of a sexual nature and constant mentions of infidelities and affairs conducted in and around the Dr's office, the exact origin of these events isn't clearly known - all reports about the first event(s) are from second hand sources or unsubstantiated rumors (see Doc#Q863709833) - for a collected codex.

Dr.Goodkind went missing on the 30th of September ######## (Date Redacted), about 4 weeks after the estimated arrival date of the object - the Doctors reasons and method of disappearance is still the subject of an ongoing investigation.
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bee6f No.8414

So it's viagra?

43e08 No.8415

basicaly, yes

7be80 No.8408[Reply]

I'm writing a pregnant-theme story: https://chyoa.com/story/The-Impregnator.17523
And I hardly find any picture suitable for illustrating.
If you find any suitable picture, please post it here.
Thank you in advance.

22b6b No.8347[Reply]

Kinda specific but I have this kink where people give birth to dragons and I was wondering if anyone else here would be interested in reading something like that? If yes I might post it here.

d83be No.8348

I think so. I do love reading the kinky ideas of others. you never know what you are going to get ^^

873b4 No.8387

Sounds cool!

2fa95 No.7651[Reply]

I made an mpreg discord chat server thingie! Anyone 18 and up who likes mpreg is free to join.

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51103 No.7662

Makes sense. I've noticed most mpreg themed works also lean heavily into the boys love genre.

Since my mpreg interest is generally limited to traps, I'm glad that genre isn't dominated by pregnant muscle men stories.

059c3 No.7663

kind of new to Mpreg myself but i also found a lot of trans people interested bc it helped with their dysphoric thoughts or to deal with them in a healthier way or that's what my ex did

2fa95 No.8262

Gonna go ahead and bump this a little.

059c3 No.8327

It says the link is expired

5836d No.8369

This one should last longer: https://discord.gg/AVr3hVE

e2e89 No.6607[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

As promised, I present you what is hopefully going to be a worthy successor to FF.
Before you guys dive in, I do have one thing I'd like to note.
please do note that while I am not a stranger to writing erotic stories, I'm also not a professional writer or a native English speaker.
So don't be surprised if you come across a minor spelling error once in a while, all I can ask is please do be gentle.

Lastly, because I still have no idea if the Twine passages I made work for you guys, I will first present the mechanics to the game and in the second post I will put the actual story.
If Twine does work for you please do tell, otherwise I will have to find another way for you guys to keep track.

As the story progresses Zahlia will have to eat and drink to stay alive and feed the young she's gestating.
Food and drinks can be found all over the world, but be warned, some might have additional effects on Zahlia's body and/or mind.

Sometimes Zahlia will come across dangerous creatures, if handled poorly these might wound her.
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aa427 No.7265

When I got the Fertile Faerie notes from you, I had some intentions of continuing on or starting something new, but I have doubts regarding my writing ability and posting consistency in the project. Maybe I'd try for something biweekly or monthly, like some of the other quests on this site.

While I can't guarantee any action being taken, I'd still like to see the notes if you'd be willing to share.

e2e89 No.7268


I realize you haven't asked me about this and that is fine by me since I've handed over the project to Lucifer and have given him full control.
But I want to let you know, that I would totally fine with you taking over instead.

If you are doubting you writing ability then this is a great way to improve.
I personally write a lot of stories that come to mind and I always use them to experiment with new vocabulary or writing styles.

As for the consitency, you can't be much worse than me or Lucifer ;P

Anyways, it is completely up to Lucifer.
However, if he goes completely dark then hit me up in a week or 2, I can probably get you the files you need.

69d5c No.7269

I was referencing when FF went under months ago. That was SD gave free reign and when I considered continuing or restarting. No permission was needed because SuperDeformed opened it up and then fell off the edge of the Earth.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. If I intended to continue this thread, I would've asked the author's permission first.

e2e89 No.7286

Looks like you've misunderstood me as well.
I just wanted to express my support if you did want to continue.
I'm not writing Lucifer up just yet, but it seems he won't be able to do so.
Therefore, I simply offered the files later on it time in case Lucifer also disappears and is unable to help you out with that regard.

a707b No.8346

Dang. After a year of not checking this thread and I come to find out the story is dead

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823fb No.7724[Reply]

I am looking for a story on DeviantArt that involves a Jedi being impregnated by a sith lord and her belly expanding rapidly. Cannot recall the name!

Any help is greatly appreciated.

717d3 No.7725

823fb No.7727

That doesnt seem like its it, but still a nice read. Thank you.

2bb50 No.7777

…and that is my fetish

0a9b1 No.8345

4002d No.5641[Reply]

Okay, I suppose I should probably first apologize for the pretentious title. With that said, let me explain myself.

I have a deep and long-abiding love for non-human humanoid females - and, in more recent years, futanari of both the hermaphrodite and the shemale type. However, as my presence on this board indicates, I also have a particularly long-lasting and deep love of pregnancy.

However, I've been made to confront that my pregnancy fetishism does encompass some of the more /d/ aspects of the fetish. Unbirthing, hyper-gestation, hyper-pregnancy, male pregnancy (when the male is suitably effeminate, at least), recursive pregnancy, breast pregnancy and testicle pregnancy.

I was actually browsing the "breast pregnancy" topic over on the Drawn board and contemplating their expressed desire for more such content, when I began to think about how to provide such content and… well, long story short, I think I have in my head the seeds of a "dark hentai fantasy" setting, the basis for a world full of monstergirls & monsterfutas with a basis in pregnancy & impregnation related fetishism.

I wanted to know if I would be allowed to post my work on building such a setting here? And if folks would be interested in critiquing, commenting upon, or otherwise offering input/advice/opinions to help the setting grow?

I am interested in making such a setting work, but I wanted to be certain I wouldn't be breaking any rules of Pregchan by showing it off here.
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a39e7 No.5770

I looking for the stories!

Are they coming yet?

e0ce8 No.5813

Alright, so you wanted some ideas, right?

Perhaps there could be a very proud, pride ridden, judgemental species, that consider it a competition to not only mate, but to see who can gestate more babies at once, and in more areas? So a hermaphroditic member of that group that was pregnant in the womb, breasts, balls, and rear, with, say, 15 young per womb, would be considered to be pretty much the champion breeder? Could be a really competitive species. Don't have anything on the mind for them, though.

Also, what about a larger species of more draconic appearance, maybe with individuals varying from 15-25 feet tall? Rather hermitic in that they're scarce, and tend to live in far away, hard to reach places? They could be more gentle giants, that usually just keep to themselves, and tend to keep hoards of valuable materials (not essentially treasure: Some subspecies or certain individuals could be drawn to other valuable things: Weapons, electronic devices, machinery, magic relics, fossils, even collections of living creatures that they don't do anything but take care of (like an aquarium, for example)? Of course, like ordinary dragons, a hoard size is respect for you. Elemental abilities, subspecial dimorphism, sizes, and age can be decided, but I'd imagine that these things can live for centuries, if not millennia, and that generally, the bigger they are, the older.

Now, for the part about them that you'd want to know more about: Their breeding. It'd be a strictly male race, but they have one problem: They're all sterile… …But they're immensely fertile. The only way they can reproduce is by getting their balls knocked up. They can either kidnap some people, or persuade them to join (through love, since these guys are actually really kind and tolerable for the most part), or any other methods possible (including buying people). They usually either promise a good amount of their loot, a good place to live, or the ability to be their lover for those that stay and help to tend to the ever growing collections (and they'd even have people out to hunt for items for them). They'd gestate VERY slowly (taking 5-10 years to gestate), BUT are incredibly stretchy, and have no upper limit to how pregnant they can get. They'd also have the ability to control if and when they give birth, usually only deciding to do it if they have to, or they feel like having their young. Even a practically barren human male can put at least twins iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6bc2b No.6261

Does this need a bump?

9ee5a No.7712

This is probably way beyond bumping, but I'll try it anyway.

0dd78 No.8325

Bump from the grave! What about something based on Eusocial insects? A race of more or less barren females that traditionally serve a larger, hyperfertile Queen. Typically a Queen will give birth to more workers and the occasional drone that will set out in search for other Queens, but if anyone in the colony finds a human, they’ll do their level best to get them back to the Queen or one of her drone sons for a generation of strong children. Workers are sometimes known to abandon their colonies and try to find a solution to their infertility.

920ee No.8322[Reply]

(Enter, Erma the Barbarianess and Wochim, Wizardly-dude)

Erma; Damm I'd better find some good loot *smashes pot against wall*
(out tumbles a few rusty copper coins and a strange brass bottle)

Wochim; Your skill at precision thievery astounds me.
Erma; Here magiker look at this! (thrusts brass container at wizardly-dude)

Wochim; A moment, *waves hand* well whatever it contains isn't POISON. *squints at inscription*

Wochim; My ancient druidian is rusty but its just a ever-full water bottle.

Erma; Good I was thirsty *pops cork and imbibes* *Glug Glug Glug* AH.

Wochim; I did say it was safe to drink.
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