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99c54 No.8558[Reply]

Hi all, apologies if this is in the wrong section.

My partner and I are looking to buy a fake belly but before dropping the money I have a couple of questions. Unfortunately being a bit of a niche product, I'm having a hard time finding any decent reviews.

Firstly, size. My partner is 1.75m and a fairly average build, and we're looking for a pretty huge belly - think overdue with twins kind of thing. A lot of the reviews for silicone bellies suggest they're a lot smaller than people were expecting, and a lot of the pictures seem to confirm that. This (https://bit.ly/2P8EXh2) belly is about the largest I've found, and it certainly seems pretty heavy at 6kg, but I'm worried it won't actually look that huge. Unfortunately most of the pictures posted are really unhelpful - a lot of them are clearly photos of a different size, and the angles make it difficult to judge just how big the belly looks.

Does anyone have any experience with a silicone belly of a specific size that can tell me how large it looks on them? I've read a few reviews of people with 4kg bellies that were disappointed by the size, but nobody ever mentions their height or build!

My second question is how squishy is the silicone? The plan was to wear the belly under a maternity dress, but if the material is too 'jelly-like' and elastic, I'm concerned that it won't feel very realistic. Again, I'd be super grateful if anyone with experience could let me know.

Thanks so much to anyone who can help with these questions! :)

454c1 No.6514[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

First off, kudos to Moe and the Four Horsemen for keeping the game going. It's still entertaining to see everyone collaborating to get the best results.

Secondly, that most recent battle scene? Very creative. Next time there's a fight like that, I need to sell tickets and make popcorn.

Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.

In conclusion, good job, guys. Keep it up.
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1741a No.8530

what a terrifying tale of HalloWeiner.

344c7 No.8531

This is why cats are better: they get out of the way.

And good luck on your Nanowrimo!

7259d No.8532

It's not the fall that frightens, it's the rugburn from the landing that does.

b21ed No.8533

Lol maybe in Bizarroworld. My cats seem to flop in high-traffic areas on purpose.

b21ed No.8534

Also, I know I'm double-posting again, but I started writing my own quest on Fiction.live. It's a quest about a guy starting his career as a swordsmith. His world plays effectively by JRPG rules. And a fortune-teller gives him the chance to determine if he wants to be some super-awesome adventure guy who goes down in history (maybe) or not!
It's called "Badass Blacksmith Quest", or BBQ for short!
So far, we have the Loud Childhood Friend Waifu who's kinda brilliant at inventions and likes things to be empirical; the Elegant Fortune-Teller Waifu who says spooky stuff and gives our MC-kun a goal and the determination to reach it; and (because I screwed up my own damn mechanics) the Personal Trainer Waifu who kinda lacks personal space, hates big business, and just barely manages to fill the sorely needed onee-san-type position (also I totally did not rip her design off from Dragalia Lost you guys.)
And our MC is Ross Roberts, who calls himself Vulcan because there are no mistakes, only happy little accidents like having the first name Ross.

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0938c No.8506[Reply]

I’m in the mood to write some birthing stories so go ahead and suggest anything that isn’t incestual or involving children! I’ll be doing all that interest me. Free!
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86796 No.8513

Trinity giving birth in the Matrix only to come out and go into labor immediately in the real world as well

7204a No.8516

I know nothing about that so I’m afraid I have to decline

2dcf8 No.8517

3eb47 No.8518

Quiet is on misson with big and falls into a dick pit and gets filled with eggs and births them and then is captured by the skulls and use the DNA of the dick pit to force quiet to birth skull units

5b3ed No.8519

Can you do a MCU story like this: Thanos is the ruler of universe. To control the over-population, he make the Infinity Gauntlet which gave him the authority over childbirth (no human child can be born without permission). So the Earth is full of over-term pregnant woman.
Wanda is pregnant with Vision's child. Since he's a hybrid, Thanos can't control his birth. Thanos lead the army to attack Wankada to kill Wanda before she gives birth, but fail. His authority over childbirth is broken and women over the world go into labor.

20dfe No.8450[Reply]

So, on a recent visit to Writing.com, I found an interactive fic called "Monster Girl Book of Impregnation", which is about a character finding a magical book they can use to impregnate women with baby versions of the creatures from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. It's an interesting concept, but not very well written for the most part - plus, it bans mpreg, unlike Pregnancy Drink of Life or Pregnancy: Heads or Tails. So, I've been stewing over doing my own take on the concept, either as a solid fic or as an interactive story there myself. Anyone interested in discussing the "mechanics" for how the MG Pregnomicon might work, and perhaps the different MGs it can produce?
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aca7a No.8462

Also Its fine. You don't needed to feel like a asshole.

81a0d No.8496

(Please shoot me some feedback on writing.com if/when anyone gets a chance)

72170 No.8498

I forgot what your email is on writing.com.

664e2 No.8504

You can just click the mail icon beside any chapter someone’s written.

72170 No.8505

Ah ok

28e54 No.8500[Reply]

Can’t seem to find much material on this particular niche. Something about the thought of a woman trying to hold back contractions long enough to get off one more time is absurdly hot.

Is anyone aware of some material on this subject?

4fabb No.8501


If you like visual novels, I think that Emiko's pregnant shower sex scene in Mamankyoushitsu (https://vndb.org/c5326) counts as this. I think SwanEye left it open to interpretation whether or not she was already in labor at the start of the scene.

4fabb No.8502

If you just want to see the static CG images, https://e-hentai.org/s/8351e9569a/275098-446 is the first part of the scene.

448bb No.6157[Reply]

What triggered it? How did you respond to it? When did your interest turn from fascination to lust?
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79028 No.8484

I don't know if it's my fetish exactly, but if my internet history is anything to go by…sigh, I may as well post here.

So uh I don't really know what started it, but for context, I am a 29 year old female. I grew up in a religious environment so stifling that I didn't even dare to attempt masturbating until I was 26, and even then I saw it as mostly stress relief.

So for whatever reason, back when I was still in elementary school, my mom would watch those baby stories on TLC, where women like give birth on TV. I'd always NOPED outta the room whenever it was on, but she always kept watching them??? Like several episodes in a row?? And it always featured women screaming, and screaming women is already pretty traumatic for me (in addition to being religious, my mom also has thyroid problems that turn her into a total psycho) so it kinda gave me tocophobia.

But I guess, the fact that she could watch them (willingly) gave me a morbid fascination.

And then the Brady Bunch movie happened.

I guess one of the boys grew up and became a obstetrician, and they'd always show a woman doing her breathing exercises. For some reason, I don't know if it was sympathy pains or what, but I began to feel kind of funny in my pants, so I would squeeze and relax my muscles down there in some kind of rhythm and it felt nice. At one point in the movie, so-and-so's wife starts going into labor during a wedding or something? Idk it's been a while since I've seen it.

Plus there were a lot of sit coms and TV shows that would just have "Uh-oh the baby's coming!!" moments and it…it was always kind of exciting??

You can sort of imagine what it must be like to be the center of attention while everyone is trying to comfort you, cheering you on, telling you what a great job you're doing, and…thinking back on it, I guess I never really had that growing up. Middle children usually get ignored, and I sort of sucked at everything I did.
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eab78 No.8488

I'd say a good part of it for me is pregnant bellies are a bit of an extension of my love of navels and nicely shaped stomachs. I started slow with my first adventure into lactation being "Katie's breast milk" which I grabbed way back in the limewire days. I explored a few otehr lactation videos but nothing else really stuck out for me.
The first good pregnant video I stumbled upon around 11 years ago was "The Drop Zone - Dara" which I think I got from the now dead Boco(?)'s Hetero Handjobs "forum".
Outside of that I just find the occasional good pregnant work, drawn or otherwise that gets me off. I find a lot of it overlaps with what I love in chubby works like bellyjobs. The only thing I dislike in drawn works is the popped navel to separate it from weight gain or inflation but I've just never been into outies in general. I make it an exception especially for the real videos because its a natural occurrence but its a real shame inflation has forced it to be the differentiation.

e1f34 No.8490

I used to make my Sims in the Sims 2 pregnant over and over again. My brother just thought I liked having large families in that game (and I guess I did, it made the games interesting at least) but secretly I was really into it. But I was only like 8, so I didn't think it was a fetish for a while. At a similar age I looked up pictures of pregnant women because I just really liked the pictures for some reason. I wasn't specifically looking for naked women or anything, but when one did pop up I felt kinda grossed out (because I was a kid) but also kind of curious about it. (I don't think I cleared the desktop's history either. I hope my mom didn't think anything too weird of it, lol)

I was older when The Sims 3 came out. By this point I actually admitted my pregnancy fetish (looking up pregnancy porn made it hard to deny), and let's just say playing The Sims 3 was fun in more ways than one.

For a while I thought I was turned on by the thought of being pregnant, but that wasn't quite it. Being pregnant myself actually scares the shit out of me, I'm pretty sure I'm infertile anyway. Even if I wasn't, let's just say I like various "activities" that aren't good to do when you're pregnant, lmao.

Turns out I'm a lesbian and I'm actually into pregnant women. Like, super into them. I love the idea of submitting to a pregnant woman even though I'm usually more dominant. I kinda hope I can hook up with a pregnant woman at least once in my life, but it's kinda hard to find. A lot of pregnant women are straight because of the whole, y'know, process of getting pregnant, and as someone not into guys, a MFF threesome would not be my thing either. Maybe someday. At this point I just love seeing lesbian preggo porn (be it with one preggo or better yet, two) but it's sadly rare

9ea04 No.8493


I was 11, I had come across the DK's Woman's Body book which had a huge selection of nude photographs for every chapter.

But the one I took the most interest in was the Pregnancy chapter, seeing the woman progress through each month. The flushed faces in the childbirth section.

I was sold! :)

bce36 No.8494

I don't really remember when, but I think it was when I was 7 or 8 years old. At that time, I watched an old movie The Haunting (1999) and at one scene a lady gets a hallucination on a mirror showing her belly suddenly inflate indicating a pregnancy (I don't know if I describe it correctly, I believe you all know what movie I mean). When I saw that scene, I got a boner. A boner I didn't even have when I saw boobs or pussy. But I didn't know that this is something different, something unique, a preference that only some people has. I thought at that time that this is normal. Skip a few years, when I was 13 or 14 I learned internet and the bliss it could provide, porn. That's when I realized, that my preference was unique and not provided in the normal porn (not that I can search google at that time since I just learned internet). But then I got introduced to hentai by friends and strangely enough, I got hooked up in hentai more than real life porn. Then I realized something. If I can't find a source for my preferences, I can just make one. I can edit an image to my liking. And since hentai is basically just a glorified colored picture, it won't feel strange if I add a few colored lines here and there. That's how I satisfy my desire at that time. After that is history of how I came here.

49617 No.8492[Reply]

When indulging your pregnancy fetish during sex, either by yourself or with a partner.

What object(s) do you find makes the best pregnant belly when roleplaying?

7beec No.8478[Reply]

Hey all….

So I found a clip from a movie, but I dont know what the movie is. 100 internet points to whoever identifies it!!



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