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49617 No.8492[Reply]

When indulging your pregnancy fetish during sex, either by yourself or with a partner.

What object(s) do you find makes the best pregnant belly when roleplaying?

7beec No.8478[Reply]

Hey all….

So I found a clip from a movie, but I dont know what the movie is. 100 internet points to whoever identifies it!!



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bacde No.8469[Reply]

Hey all! I’m new to the site but have been on others. I’ve always had a labor and birth kink and have tried to do some live roleplay with a kik cam in the past. I’m into anything that involves labor and birth, past that I’m not too picky. If anyone would want to give it a try my kik is Lushlaborgirl and my email is Lushlaborgirl54@gmail.com. If you’re not on those I’m sure I could find another way to hook up :)

9c401 No.7205[Reply]

So I'm starting to make a Hunger games custom simulator over on BrantSteele but instead of having the winner be the last one to be alive, the winner is the last one to give birth. I'm making write-ups of these simulations as if "The Birthing Games" is a game show as I do them and plan on posting them here.

The link below is the first simulation. Tell me what you guys think of it, what any suggestions are for any scenario's, edit them as you please, and feel free to post up other images of these women pregnant/giving birth in a unassisted way. Help is always appreciated. Thanks!

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e0e94 No.7384

Bellabellabell I really enjoy your interactive stories and hope you keep writing them.

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540c6 No.7399

Thank you very much! I've also started posting regular writing on a DeviantArt account under the name BellyBellyBelle. Check that stuff out. I have commissions open there as well!

3dd4a No.7404

So im trying to modify your pics in the pregnant celeb story why wont it like anyother link other then deviantart?

bd9ab No.8466

Hmm, bump?

37a5a No.8438[Reply]

Mr.Bump has gone missing!


not posted in months, anyone know anything?

c9f01 No.8443

I heard he has some pretty bad depression and last I heard he was going through some shit. I hope he’s alright.

bd553 No.8281[Reply]

She is taking the contraceptive pills but i want to get her pregnant. How can i get her pregnant without leaving the pills? is there a way to increase chances?
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70716 No.8315

Would that be the same SpookyDice that posted two Youtube videos about how Pregchan "fell for it"?

4d2c1 No.8316

No, that would be the same SpookyDice having two videos made in her name by the same jagoff who harrassed her.

That whiny-ass man-child had a serious vendetta against her because she didn't provide him the only thing close enough to female interaction in his life.

70716 No.8317


Ah OK. I was only peripherally aware of the whole saga.

f5226 No.8420

Replace pills with suitable placebo.
Ignore jealous feminists.
Fuck girlfriend.
Impregnate, hopefully.
Failing that, get a better girlfriend who isn't a dyke.

63633 No.8430

It saddens me reading shit like that. I mean, yeah, i love looking at womens pregnant bellies as much as any other anon here. It's a fetish site after all. I always love to read/hear the girl's perspective that are into this kind of stuff.

But reaching a point where people take things way too seriously that start creeping women all around, its just plain wrong. Ruins the fun for both sides and for everyone.

74853 No.8417[Reply]

Hello. This my first time posting on this site so please bear with me. I'm a female who enjoys roleplaying birth and is looking for roleplay partners.
If interested feel free to contact my Kik: jssxox I'm over twenty-one if age is a concern.

5204b No.8418

just sent a msg your way. hope to hear from you soon :)

e9694 No.8419

There's a thread for this already. Don't be surprised if an admin deletes this post.

ec516 No.8413[Reply]

SCP-006161: The Fornicube, A.K.A 'Breeding-box' (Class: SAFE)

Its hypothesized this object spontaneously appeared in Dr. Goodkinds's office, specifically resting on a desk.

Its specific physical description is simple; its an acrylic cube 8x8cm square - made from optically transparent
resin. The resin is nearly perfectly clear - except for a tiny speck or particle of what appears to be charcoal embedded
into the center of the cube. The materials appear to have no special properties - its ordinary optical grade acrylic
this assertion been tested by our materials scientists. The object however as a whole does NOT appear to be fully bound by the laws of physics in our time-space manifold, specifically it is phase or tide locked to a single spatial coordinate.
It cannot be moved by any means, without destroying the acrylic casing - or indeed if that is even possible a few microns below the surface. Extensive analysis with non-invasive means has determined the core or char component - isn't an inert
lump of pyrolized plant matter - about 1mm cubed ~ but a fragment of exotic matter or a rift in space-time (see Doc#N3986539) for details.

The foundation only inadvertently became aware of the this objects unusual properties when hearing of extensive rumors about events surrounding Dr.Goodkinds office and surrounding administrative area. Specifically of the rumors of multiple
trysts of a sexual nature and constant mentions of infidelities and affairs conducted in and around the Dr's office, the exact origin of these events isn't clearly known - all reports about the first event(s) are from second hand sources or unsubstantiated rumors (see Doc#Q863709833) - for a collected codex.

Dr.Goodkind went missing on the 30th of September ######## (Date Redacted), about 4 weeks after the estimated arrival date of the object - the Doctors reasons and method of disappearance is still the subject of an ongoing investigation.
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bee6f No.8414

So it's viagra?

43e08 No.8415

basicaly, yes

7be80 No.8408[Reply]

I'm writing a pregnant-theme story: https://chyoa.com/story/The-Impregnator.17523
And I hardly find any picture suitable for illustrating.
If you find any suitable picture, please post it here.
Thank you in advance.

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