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285d0 No.7424[Reply]

Does anyone know where I could find some birth art where it has a superhero giving birth while chasing a villan? It had a real good story with it and I'm dying that I can't find it

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1c648 No.7507

Reusing this thread:
I've heard of a video of Yelizaveta Pantueva's labour somewhere. I don't want to see it myself, mind you, but I do want to know if anyone can confirm it exists. I'm honestly curious.

61f72 No.7485[Reply]

Has anyone seen any stories that feature the idea of the pregnancy pact. No news stories but like short fiction.

14c34 No.7411[Reply]

I have ideas, but don’t have much talent in writing. Writers, please help me to make this become full, long story. Thank you very much.


Girls made deals with the devil. If they passed the challenge, they would get what they want. If they didn’t, they would give birth to demon spawn.

- Pinball: A poor girl wanted to make money. The rule: She played a pinball game (she had to sit at the end of the playfield, her vagina was placed between two flippers) The ball was a demon embryo. If she let it goes down the drain, it would be directly planted on her womb. If she hold it for 30 minutes, she won and got the money in $ equal to her score. The devil trick: Bumpers contained demon’s sperm. When the ball hit, the transparent demon cum was released and flow towards the drain, impregnated her.

- Musical Chair: Seven girls competed, who won would become CEO of a large company. The rule: Each one of them was impregnated with a demon embryo that grow rapidly. They would walk over and sit on the chair before they gave birth (some girls tried to ran, so their water broke and they gave birth before could sat on the chair). When sat on the chair, the embryo was reverted to orginal state (obiviously, each round created a new mother). The devil trick: In last round, the last two girls tried to sat on the chair at the same time. Their heavy weight broke the chair and both gave birth.

- Choose The Right Hole: A woman wanted her dead husband back to life again. The rule: Her husband must find her vagina among many vaginas. He could have sex with any vagina in the dark room, but which vagina he cum in, that was his choice. If he chose right, he would be ressurected. If he chose wrong, a demon would impregnate his wife. The devil trick: The wife’s vagina had unique traits that no other woman have, so when the husband got that familiar feeling, he thrust hard and released his load. But the girl, in fact, was his daughter who inherited her mother’s traits. So the wife was impreagated with demon spawn. The daughter was pregnant with a ghost and from incest, so her child become demon spawn too.

- Dartboard: A female doctor wanted to have her own hospital. The rule: If the dart hit the bulleyes, she won. If the dart hit inside the triple ring, nothing happened. If the dart hit outside the triple ring, she must chose a masked man among X men and let him put his loads of cum inside her (X was the number in the sePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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f8029 No.7416

I /might/ pick up one of these for practice, on the condition of receiving criticism, but at the same time, I wouldn't normally write these kinds of stories either. Thus, if I did, it might not be what you're after, or the length you're looking for.

f8029 No.7417

I might be more interested in other prompts, if people wanted to throw some out there.

8398d No.7447

I like it. You're my kind of pervert :D

58a74 No.7462

Rearrange a bit:
Once upon a time, a large kingdom suffered inheritance crisis. The Queen died in childbirth, left behind only one princess.
The King was afraid that if the princess married a prince from another kingdom, the royal bloodline would be ended. The princess loved her father deeply, so she suggested they must have a child. The King agreed and made his daughter the new Queen.
The King died suddenly when the new Queen was pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter. In desperate, the Queen prayed to Goddess of Creation and Fertility. The Goddess heard the pray and gave a miracle: her clitoris grew to a dick and she became futanari. Now she hard the unique organ of men, nobody could question her authority.
When the princess grew up, the Queen married her daughter. But before the Queen gave her the throne, the princess had the same fate as her grandmother: died in childbirth, left behind only one futanari daughter.
The Goddess told The Queen that this is the side effect of the miracle: breeding with futanari was fatal for normal women. To avoid such tragedy happened again, the Queen made a new rule: The current queen can only marry her own daughter. She must impregnated her daughter in the new queen's coronation day.
She set her granddaughter the heir and applied the rule. 9 months after the new Queen was coronated, she gave birth to a new heir.
After many generations, another problem arised: the Queen gave birth to twin.
When both princess reached adulthood, the way to decide the new Queen was chose: "Impregnation Duel" - Two princesses will take turn to have sex with each other, who be impregnated first will lose.
The second princess won the duel. Due to her fertile time has passed, she had to wait another month to be coronated.
The first princess didn't satify with the result. She had a plan to take back what she thought should be hers.
After giving birth to her daughter, she prepared for a month. In her ovulation day, she snatched into the royal palace and tried to rape her twin sister, the new Queen, in the sleep. Since she still was the first in succession line, if she manage to get herself be impregnated, she could take the crown.
The plan was just a hair breath away from success: The sex was so intense that the new Queen went to labor and gave birth one second before she reached orgarsm and released her load inside her rapist.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2e4ef No.7472

I just came up with the first names appeared in my mind.

The baby was named Xita and be raised as the second princess (The child of the current Queen and the previous Queen, Elsa, was the first princess). Since her older sister, Anna, was conceived when the current Queen was still a princess, she wasn't acknowledges as a princess and a rightful heir. She had to work as a servant in the palace.
Elsa was a nice girl. She take her 'illegal' sister Anna as her personal maid, so Anna didn't have to do a heavy work anymore. The two loved each other deeply.
Xita, on the other hand, didn't care about her 'daughter' since she couldn't inherit the throne. For her, Anna didn't have any use and couldn't make a threat.
The night before "Impregnation Duel", Xita put her plan to work: She drugged the first princess with a very strong aphrodisac.
When Anna brought the new dress for the duel, Elsa forced on her before she was able to reach.
Anna knew that today was the ovulation day of Elsa and if she released her load now, she would impregnate Elsa for sure. But the cunt was extremely tight so she couldn't pull out.
Still carry Elsa, she ran to the palace as fast as she could. She prayed that she can hold her cum long enough.
At that time, in the palace: since the first princess wasn't arrived in time, the second princess was decleared as the winner. The coronation took place the moment right after. After feeling that the sperm had met her egg, the new Queen told the (now 'former') Queen who she really is and made an evil laugh.
Drowned in victory, she didn't reliaze someone has sneaked behind her and pushed her down. Anna told the new Queen that if she really was her 'mother', then as her biggest daughter, Anna now was the first in succession line.
Then Anna raped her 'mother'. After being impregnated, she finally released her load inside her lover's cunt, fetilized her. The crown has come back to the one deserved it.
The Goddess suddenly appeared. She told Xita that she had got her wish, now she must return the life she owe her daughter. Right after this, Xita's belly expanded rapidly. The fetus drained all of her and she died when giving birth, like it should be many years ago.
Then The Goddess turned to Anna and she would make an offering since her pray was granted too: She must impregnated Elsa for the rest of her life. But a Queen couldn't rule a country if she spent most of the time Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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dd800 No.7406[Reply]

I had a story from a while back, but lost it when my hd died.
It was called something like "Exploited and ready to explode" (?) I know it had "Exploited" in its name.

It was about a fox girl who was close to delivering a large litter and was staying at a hotel, and two men (dragons?) decide to pursue her. She ends up getting inflated with both cum and water and nearly explodes.

Anyone got this who have any clues to where to find it?

(sorry if this belongs in /f/, but I figured its text-based nature would take priority)

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dd800 No.7422


dude, way to come through!

9c401 No.7205[Reply]

So I'm starting to make a Hunger games custom simulator over on BrantSteele but instead of having the winner be the last one to be alive, the winner is the last one to give birth. I'm making write-ups of these simulations as if "The Birthing Games" is a game show as I do them and plan on posting them here.

The link below is the first simulation. Tell me what you guys think of it, what any suggestions are for any scenario's, edit them as you please, and feel free to post up other images of these women pregnant/giving birth in a unassisted way. Help is always appreciated. Thanks!

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717bb No.7231

Here is the base of the interactive with a few characters that you can jump off from. Just follow them there roles and you should be all set to go. :)


e0e94 No.7384

Bellabellabell I really enjoy your interactive stories and hope you keep writing them.

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540c6 No.7399

Thank you very much! I've also started posting regular writing on a DeviantArt account under the name BellyBellyBelle. Check that stuff out. I have commissions open there as well!

3dd4a No.7404

So im trying to modify your pics in the pregnant celeb story why wont it like anyother link other then deviantart?

ae55a No.7381[Reply]

Like the subreddit, but with pregnancy.
Got an idea? Throw it out there, see what people come up with!

1. Must have pregnancy as a prominent theme.
2. This isn't a request thread, contribute SOMETHING.
3. Does not have to be sexual at all

714d2 No.7379[Reply]

Does anyone remember Dropster and his birth fetish stories? That was some hot stuff right there! So anyway, I'm looking for some old Dropster stories (at least I think he was the author) involving a pregnant spy. Anyone know where I could find some of those? Or really any other stories involving bad ass pregnant chicks? Just trying to get my creative juices flowing there and all, you know.

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388ca No.7366[Reply]

What's your guys' thoughts on birth play a la sheilastretch? Personally, I find the idea pretty hot but would it be worth it if it also comes with the stretched out pussy?

No I don't have a partner, I'm just thinking for the future and want to know if anyone here has engaged in such a thing.

d7f6d No.7368

I'm not familiar with sheilastretch but I am a female who has done some birth play in the past. I have never used anything too large because it doesn't take much for my body to reach it's limits, and for me to feel full and stretched! I do not feel that it has stretched me out in the long run, but if you're worried about it you can do kegel exercises to tighten things up and also gain better muscle control in the process.

6893d No.7365[Reply]

M, 7-8.5 inch cock, into impreg and creampies or anything really. Kid @ jeff696568

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