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ecb7b No.10956[Reply]

Anyone got good birth denial story reccomendations?
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37f38 No.10962

The Heir on DeviantArt is one of my favorites. It's written by someone this site hates for some reason so I won't link it

37f38 No.10963

8ddfb No.10964

What's the writer's name on DA? I can't seem to find that specific story

690cf No.10965

its this one, and people hate muchbirth because hes a sockpuppeting faggot trying to prove a point that doesnt exist

690cf No.10966

posting thread cuz i cant post image

7dea4 No.10601[Reply]

Hello, just someone trying to get into writing pregnancy stories. Any tips on writing stories would be welcome, from basic stuff like how to describe characters and environments to stuff like describing pregnancy feelings, fetal movement, contractions, etc.
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4d380 No.10610

Yeah, I guess I wouldn't really know how well things go until I post it. Still wish I had someone to look it over first to make sure I didn't make any obviously stupid mistakes though. Maybe I could ask one of the more prolific writers on DA to give it a quick read before posting it.

45954 No.10668

>Any tips on writing stories would be welcome

There is thousands of real stories. If you want to create a new one, try to find, what are they is about. Do not look at the "reality". Rememba, colours are not exist, there is no sounds, all, that you can perceive, it is you. There is no point, how can you describe a story. A masterpiece always represents meeting with yourself. Your reader must not face with some kind of art. If you want to impress him, represent your inner world with unique way (sry 4 my broken english).

>to stuff like describing pregnancy feelings, fetal movement, contractions, etc

We all perceive reality almost the same way. Except some points. What do you feel, when you r watching someone, who was born with opposite sex? I think you r man, so you can find a women some kind of cute, sexy, or something else. But, she cant have this kind of feature. Only you can. All the features, that you can perceive is belongs to you. So, all that you can do is describe that you see. Dont find any doubds on it, cause that is all you can do with your intention. (eng is not my native, feel free to ask anything. I dont think my thoughts was explained clearely)

8f6cb No.10926

I've been intending to respond to this thread for several weeks now. One thing about writing, as with other creative endeavour, is that it can stay in the mind waiting for a burst like this. Even then, my response is an amalgamation of other conversations I've had, so in a way I've written much of this post months or years ago. Now I'm writing it over the course of just hours and I'll just have to make more posts as I realize things I've forgotten to note. My paragraphs are grouped appropriately, although the ordering thereof may be suboptimal.

I predominantly use Pregchan to host my stories, so I'm going to link to the two relevant threads, and then the posts containing the stories. I'd be grateful for any thoughts on them being posted in the second thread:


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

536ed No.10927

Here is my advice
-Be short and concise
-Dont use more than five words when two can do the trick
-Tell a story first
-do research first or consult medical professionals before writing a story about pregnant mothers

dc708 No.10960

I recalled something I'd forgotten to mention until now. We're familiar with the use of camera angles and other mechanisms in film to hide information from the viewer and, done well, the audience won't notice it until after what was being hidden becomes apparent.

It's very easy to do this with writing, as I did in my latest story, and I highly recommend keeping it in mind. It's a useful tool, to introduce an ambiguity or elide seemingly superfluous details, and to allow the mental image of the reader to be subtly shifted from the reality of the story.

b6542 No.10882[Reply]

cf703 No.10907

Hi! Your email, published on deviantart, doesn't work. Can't mail to you.

004e1 No.10885[Reply]

Is it just me or did late '90s and early 2000s sci-fi shows, in particular, have a strange habit of portraying weird, alien, or supernatural pregnancies on a near-regular basis throughout their runs?

To me, it really seems like this was a trend for early 2000s sci-fi shows and then it kinda just vanished from the genre and medium in around 2005 to 2010.

If this was indeed a peculiar trend and not just me overthinking this. I would like to clarify that this was a nice trend and I think Farscape and the X Files made a major contribution to my pregnancy fetish.

Does anyone else feel that this was a trend? Thoughts?

8ba76 No.10879[Reply]

I'm looking to do some labor and birth RPs. I don't care much for a longer story leading up to it. I like starting a few days before labor or right as labor is beginning. Please be literate and no oneliners. I also prefer to write third person.

My likes:
Difficult Births

I'm also willing to try anything but the things I won't do are:

If interested add me up on Discord at pregvixen#8737

cb300 No.10881

I don't do Discord, but if you have a DeviantArt account, we could chat there.

44dfd No.9701[Reply]

I apologize in advance if its the wrong place to ask.

Hi dear maiesophiliacs. A short brief intro: I'm looking into writing short stories related to pregnancy. More specifically, genres I'm looking at are your average fluff and late teens. No over the top tentacles and rapid births….so I'm looking for the females out there who have been pregnant before.

With that clear, I'd like to know how exactly does being pregnant feel? Is there any difference with pregnancy cravings/nausea as compared with normal cravings/nausea? How did it feel just before a nausea comes? Around how many weeks before it begins to feel heavy? And how did it feel when a water break?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my extensive word wall

b9ef2 No.9730

Hello, you can email me at asgindiv@gmail.com! I'm not the best at replies speed but I'll happily answer your questions

44dfd No.9754


Thanks so much! I'm using the handle name friedmacarons so you know when its me.

be67b No.10878

1f1ca No.10875[Reply]

Greetings fellow anons,

On this fair eve I am seeking tech support for loading a number of maiesiophile-relevant links via the Internet Archive. Namely, snapshots of Bastion Works' Miss Mars gallery:


Across 71 snapshots, I keep invariably running up against the same exact problem:

The galleries are formatted in such a way that a new page was created whenever it hosted more than 12 images. There is and never was an option to change this.

Virtually every gallery entry listed on the first page of any given subfolder is still accessible. But whenever I click onto the 2nd page of a gallery with more than 12 submissions - be it by the "2", "Next", or "Last" buttons - the page loads normally, but every single gallery piece re-directs to a dead or irrelevant webpage.

This is clearly an issue with the way that the Internet Archive retrieves links, as I refuse to believe that virtually every submission on a "first" page was preserved while those on "second" pages were lost to the sands of time.

I am trying to complete my personal archive of the now-defunct Miss Mars gallery, and this has seriously gotten in my way. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

28960 No.10876

You may be better off trying to appeal to a pregnancy porn "dragon" who hoards everything to post their collection. A lot of instances of people who think images are "lost" because the artist since took them down get recovered this way. The internet archive is finicky and saves what it wants to save.

5a1bc No.9966[Reply]

Just discovered fake Realistic-Silicone-Pregnancy bellies on Ebay.
Look awesome but a prices are in the hundreds so I doubt I'll be buying one! Oo

Still I'd love to try and imagine I'm pregnant with a big belly maybe even have fun with a partner.

But it's hard to find something that feels "right" and not just a rolled up pillow or balloon.

Has anyone else done this or have any suggestions on what the best item to use to simulate a preg belly is?

5a1bc No.9967

9c2a5 No.10868

Long time lurker here.
I’ve been looking for the best fake belly that is available online for my partner.

Do you people have any recommendations besides the IVITA listings on eBay ?

6a34a No.10869


This is probably the best choice overall. The 7900g 8-10 months twin size is the biggest belly currently made, I believe: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000056016204.html

It's pure silicone, a bit on the firmer side compared to older ones. Heavy, but with strong velcro that keeps it in place.

Let me know if you have any questions.

542a6 No.10871

Do you have any additional pictures ? These look better but it’s hard to judge with what’s shown on the listing.
I’ll probably aim for the regular 8-10 months.

6a34a No.10874


I don't own that size, so I can't provide any pictures sadly. The smaller sizes get kind of murky since several different varieties are all sold as 3500g. I'd just message the seller directly and ask for pictures.

From what I've heard from others, the non-twin sizes are made of a much softer, squishier silicone. Same basic shape though.

d41a1 No.10807[Reply]

Hello all!
We are one and a half painters from nowhere, and we want to draw a series of porn comics, not in exactly japanese/hentai style, but no less perverted.
There will be copulating with monsters, pregnancy, birth, toddlercon, lolicon, mpreg/shota mpreg, bestiality, and all of this in fantasy/mythical setting (but nothing offensive - scat, guro, rape or any forcing isn't our fetishes).
Can anybody tell us, which hentai sites (except pregchan, of course) accepts this kind of comics? (Most require "no lolicon" or "japanese style only" for uploading series).
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6f62a No.10862

Sup again, anon. Can't achieve access to exhentai at all. No picture of a sad panda, only blank page. I tried to clear cookies and get there through Tor, but no results. What am I doing wrong?

b5e98 No.10863

Are you logged into an e-hentai account?

6f62a No.10865

Oh, it looks like I figured out what's wrong. It's not enough time since my registration at e-hentai (before attempt to publish our comix I fapped there without registering.)
Anyway, thank you!

c2bae No.10866

What are you posting over there, please, and what name do you go by?

381a7 No.10867


Do Anne Frank

1824b No.10736[Reply]

As discussed in the Impregnator Kings chat thread, this is a new experimental story I'm writing. Here, the "you" of the story is not any character. The "you" is a vague undefined force that compels the character.

Impregnator Kings is, and will, remain the real focus of mine. To use a metaphor, Impregnator Kings is like an intricate scale model. Made up of many small parts put together over a long period of time, adjusted and fine-tuned so that it can be appreciated and enjoyed by all. This story will be more like a lego set: put together for fun that can easily be set aside or even knocked down until a new one comes along or it's rebuilt.

The main rule of Impregnator Kings applies here: all characters depicted in sexual situations are of age. That means 18+.

However, unlike Impregnator Kings, there may be nonconsensual elements in the story. (The concept of 'urges' imposed from without may in itself be noncensual from a certain point of view. Everyone is warned.)

I begin by posting this in /c/, but if I think it could benefit from visuals, I could move it to /b/. I don't intend to work hard on it enough or keep it consistent enough to put it in /d/.

That all said, let's begin.
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712ad No.10770

Tribal/Feral girl all the way. 3.

2101f No.10771

Option 1, Yaereene

76094 No.10772

Going with contestant #3, Marjaana, for this choice here.

e9233 No.10773

Option 2.

1824b No.10774

>3 votes for Yaereene.
>4 votes for Katrina.
>3 votes for Marjaana.

We have a winner.

The story will focus on Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Katrina Morgan. A biologist on-board a human exploration and colony starship. Sci-fi theme.

I will save these other concepts for potential use later because I also like them and support was so evenly split.

I will make an entirely new thread for the start of Katrina Morgan's struggles within the influence of the Maternal Urge.

Thank you all for voting.

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