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7dd81 No.8595[Reply]

Hi all,

Can people point me to any and all discord servers tailored to pregnancy and/or roleplay? Would be greatly appreciated!

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86994 No.8698

I know of three discord servers that could be to your interest.

First, there's Chounyuu, which is great if you like hyperpreg (as well as huge breasts and other such things)


Then there's 'The Nation', which is based of the site impreg-nation. More focused on pregnancy in particular.


Finally, if Furry Pregnancy is your thing, there's the WISWRP discord server run by the site's original owner.


86994 No.8700

Just realized I did Chounyuu twice. Here's a link for The Nation


1706b No.8750

RP you say?
Here's my growing server: https://discord.gg/RJg2AzA

There's not really a theme to my RP server other than pregnancy being the tie of it all, so come on in and get comfy :3

0ad85 No.8743[Reply]

The old RP thread is apparently filled up now. I know, I'm shook too.

In any case, as Doombeez said in the old thread:
"Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!"

0ad85 No.8744

So I have a lot of people wanting or interested in RP-ing, either with me or one my friends. So much so I made an RP hub for these people: https://discord.gg/RJg2AzA

Don't worry, we ain't gonna bite, just come here and get things going!

d9255 No.8746

Hi I'm Asthanad and always love rping with others.

Like/Love: Preg with animals, birth, multiples, sex while pregnant/in labor/giving birth, mpreg (if feeling up to it)

Dislikes: Bursting, Gore, Death, Abuse, etc.

I'm not the best at writing due to a learning delay of mine but I try my best. I usually rp on discord but can rp elsewhere.

My discord is Asthanad#9874 if interested. Can't wait to rp with some of you!

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Hope to see you soon!

44316 No.8742

Is this still a thing?

338e4 No.8737[Reply]

Check this out…lots of pregnant women and their bellies. We're gonna love this alright.


35486 No.8724[Reply]

I wasn't quite sure if this belonged here or in /c/, but here it goes.


tldr: Baby was positioned weird, girl got belly after a midwife adjusted the baby.

987e9 No.8725

Fake news - but still hot.

2ac34 No.8440[Reply]

ITT you find out that your favorite anime character actually exists but you find this out after having just woken up in bed with her, you don't remember a thing due to how drunk you were the previous night but she certainly does and the first words out of her mouth are "you didn't use a condom". What thoughts go through your mind and what do you think the baby will look like?
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2ac34 No.8472

Link me a picture of this character 🤔

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a714c No.8495

Half-Usagi, Half-Meh…maybe an intersex child with the powers of sailor scouts, and manly in nature.

81e6b No.8720

Wow I forgot all about this thread.

225c5 No.8716[Reply]

A couple years ago, someone suggested a writing prompt that was about a woman who got pregnant and broke almost every pregnancy world record all in one pregnancy.

These were the records:
Largest Baby: 23.12 lb (10.8 kg)
Most Children born to one woman in a lifetime: 69
Most (surviving) Children born in one Pregnancy: 8
Most identical babies born in one pregnancy: 4
Longest Pregnancy: 375 days (12 months 10 days)
Longest time in Labor: 75 Days

So in theory she had to have atleast 70 identical babies that each weigh around 24 lb a each, with a 13 month gestation, resulting in a labor that takes almost 3 months (meaning it cannot be a c-section). The babies have to survive and so does the mother for the records to be broken. This doesn't take into account records that would be contrary to the ones listed like smallest baby born, shortest gestation, and quickest labor to birth. We are going big in this story as the opposite isn't nearly as interesting.

If anyone still has the story people were working on they can post it here, or if they feel like it would be best to start over with the story we can start here as well. let me know what you guys think?

7a1dc No.8713[Reply]

When you're writing about how big pregnant bellies are, how do you like to describe them? By month? Diameter counts? General descriptors? "Overdue with ____"? Objects? I like to use objects myself, but I'm stuck on large, round things that aren't just "watermelon", "beach ball", and "boulder".

eb2dc No.8714

I tend to use all of the above, except diameter counts, as that's kinda hard for a reader to visualize. Using spherical objects is easy enough, but it does tend to get a little stale. Sometimes I try to shake it up by describing it as 'being large enough to fit X inside', or how its wide enough to easily be seen from behind.

I tend to write more about hyprepreg though, so it's kinda necessary. You can say 'overdue with a dozen kids', but as nobody has actually done that, its harder to visualize and so I try to avoid that, too.

f8148 No.8715

I tend to use relational comparisons. Whether or not she or someone else can reach around it. Whether or not she can reach objects, get in a car, etc. Something written into the story. Unless the character themselves says the month.

I can't imagine measurements or sports analogies well but I can at least hold my own arms out in front of me.

ff097 No.8653[Reply]

Does anyone remember a YouTube channel that had Custom 3D or something birth videos? There were some real golden content on there until the creator started removing the videos and ultimately deleted the channel. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

9dda9 No.8657

It was "pregnant virtuel". I remember when they did expansions, which led to the births and fashion channel.

c88b1 No.8658

Don’t suppose anyone saved any of those videos?

14714 No.8712

I remember that channel, I loved it. Does anybody have any of the videos saved, or know if the creator moved to a different platform or something?

e7135 No.8689[Reply]

Title says it all, does anyone have that old Outlaw Star story by Darien-Shields involving Suzuka and Aisha being knocked up by magical bullets and a preggo Melfina being railed by Gene?

I forget the title, but do know that it was inspired by an old Axel-rosered piece.

d3acb No.8690


If I recall, it was titled "An Outlaw Star Thing".

I used to have it, but after so many external HD failures and new OS's, the file became completely unreadable.

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